Notable fatuous Beebism

about the Iraqi elections:

‘But there is no getting away from the fact that this is not the outcome President Bush would have wanted in an ideal world.’

No, that’s right. Rather than have a significant few Sunnis vote (btw what happened that the intimidation of all that terrible chaos and violence they- most of the media in point of fact- wallowed in previously became a simple boycott by Sunnis?) in a reasonable democratic election for the first time ever, he’d have had that lamb Saddam grant his people- all of his people- such a right for decades on end. In an ideal world, of course.

Since the US Government has appeared happy and satisfied with the elections (or has it merely ‘presented itself’ that way?), like a man basking after a good meal, the Beeb responds by presenting it like some kind of anxious mother hen, helplessly watching the progress of her chicks. ‘Nervous’, ‘anxious’, ‘worried’, about his ‘fledgling’ Iraq, the Beeb says that Pres. Bush is ‘keeping a lid on his anxieties.’

No, no, no. Grow up! The Beeb’s fantasy of a man with a juvenile grin who needs to hold someone’s hand at all times is just that. The only question for GWB is how much more vindication he can take before he bursts with quiet pride.

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