Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny)

I’ve got some analysis of Nik Gowing’s claims at Blithering Bunny. Needless to say, he adduces virtually very little evidence to support them.

If the BBC won’t sack him (as I expect they won’t – he’s more likely to be promoted than sacked), then I look forward to many years of fun at Mr Gowing’s expense.

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4 Responses to Scott Campbell

  1. Ken Kautsky says:

    Related story:

    “The BBC is guaranteed the licence fee for another 10 years, according to Whitehall sources who have seen the draft green paper on the future of the corporation.

    The licence fee settlement will be one of the two central elements in the new royal charter which begins in 2007.”
    – The Guardian

    Nick Gowing and Co., running wild and unsupervised, for another 10 years.

    More lies. More distortion. And a non-stop suppression of information and viewpoints.

    It seems like some sci-fi cum horror- movie nightmare. But, unbelievably, it might really be happening.


  2. Burt says:

    Here is something for which the bbc should lose its licence immediately, even if they did apologise, which they won’t.
    ‘Thought for the Day, 10 February 2005 John Bell’
    This comment was about an Arab-Israeli who was conscripted into the IDF! Impossible, since Arabs can serve only if they volunteer. He was supposed to be 19 years old, and was encountered by Bell working as a waiter in Vancouver. That would make him 16 when he entered the army, and some kind of a whiz kid to get a visa for Canada so quickly after discharge. Next he was said to have been punished for refusing to shoot unarmed children, and then he was supposed to have been a hero by killing a suicide bomber on a bus. Such blatant Israel-bashing has now infected even the god spot. Oh, what’s that? It was the biased broadcasting crap. Doh!


  3. James says:

    Such blatant Israel-bashing has now infected even the god spot.

    I don’t think it’s limited to just the BBC’s god spot. I went to a Christmas carol service at the CofE church around the corner. They were collecting money for a christian primary school in Palestine. “Fair enough”, I said to myself; nothing controversial there.

    Until they started showing slides of the school and then one slide entitled: “A nearby Israeli checkpoint.” Had nothing to do with the school in question, but hey, what do I know? Can’t a church just be a church instead of being “right on”?


  4. Burt says:

    What about some of the charities? Think of christian aid and oxfam for starters. If they’re so interested in helping people, fine, let them do just that without making political statements about it. They have been referred countless times to the paper tiger Charity Commission.
    I suppose there must be a similar paper tiger for the bbc because in spite of this web site and other avenues of constant complaint, the crap just keeps spewing out.