Major post from Scott Burgess

comparing the grilling of the acting Israeli ambassador to the UK to the slight warming of the Palestinian chief negotiator when both appeared on Today this morning.

Also, check out the two posts below about the methodology of the BBC poll that put “the power of the US and large corporations” as the biggest threat to the world.

In particular, I questioned the methodology – which wasn’t revealed in the web article – and the fact that ” the power of the US and large corporations” were concatenated as a single issue. The latter would obviously skew the results, combining as it does the response of someone concerned with, say, US military power with that of a respondent worried about globalised agriculture.

In my view, this virtually guaranteed the result – and the leap from that to the headline seems immoderate, to say the least.

UPDATE: more on this story from Scott Burgess here. PJF, whose regular comments here anyone who follows this blog will have seen, spotted some changes to the wording of the headline.

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