Enjoying Condi’s pain.

What a wonderful so-called picture of Condoleeza Rice in this so-called ‘White House U-turn on 9/11 inquiry’ story. As Andrew Sullivan notes, inquiries are not always so much fun when journalists are in the hotseat.

Senior BBC staff are threatening to take some flagship programmes off the air rather than face criticisms from an internal inquiry launched in the aftermath of Hutton. A remarkable series of internal battles, which has pitched some of Britain’s most senior broadcasting figures against one another, has led to the threats. The inquiry, chaired by the BBC’s director of policy, Caroline Thomson, has been described as a ‘kangaroo court’. Executives and presenters complained that the inquiry went against natural justice, was trying to find scapegoats for the Hutton debacle and had poisoned relations. The strength of feeling among senior BBC figures comes at a difficult time for Acting Director-General Mark Byford, who has been attacked for agreeing to the inquiry.

Hmmm. They seem a bit thin-skinned over at the “so-called BBC”.

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10 Responses to Enjoying Condi’s pain.

  1. Johathan Pearce says:

    BTW, I am currently watching ITN’s coverage of the decision by Dubya to get Rice to testify in public on what the administration did, or did not, do prior to 9/11. The coverage was pretty biased, I thought. No mention made whatsoever of the various inconsistencies with the evidence given by Richard Clark.


  2. JohninLondon says:

    I really hope the named BBC employees carry out their threat to walk. Cut them out and you cut out a lot of bias. Shut down the programmes completely and you simply complete the job.


  3. Bellymanne says:

    Unfortunately, there is little if any chance these BBC “identities” will toss their toys out of the cot; though “tossers” they certainly are.


  4. S. Morris says:

    Politics over principles

    So-called “analysis”. Commnenting on Kerry being behind in the polls:

    “Perhaps these figures reflect the fact that for many people Mr Clarke’s allegations have been drowned out by millions of dollars that the Bush campaign has started to spend on advertising.”

    It’s amazing how so-called ‘journalists’ can imprint their prejudices and wishful thinking on the things they report.


  5. Sandy P. says:

    They really will go over the cliff if W wins.

    Reason #3 to vote for him. Drive the Euros bonkers!


  6. StinKerr says:

    That’s the worst picture of Dr. Rice that I have ever seen. They also don’t seem to have a grasp of the separation of powers issue because it was never mentioned. Executive branch advisers do NOT testify before Congress. This has always been the case. Cabinet members testify as they must be approved by the Senate and are therefore subject to Congress, advisers are not subject to Senate approval.

    Also not mentioned is the fact that Dr. Rice testified for more than four hours in closed session before the commission or that only 5 of the 10 commission members showed up for her testimony.

    Condi will eat their lunch and put Richard Clarke in his place. Let’s see the Beeb spin that.


  7. Alan Massey says:

    “Condi will eat their lunch and put Richard Clarke in his place. Let’s see the Beeb spin that.”

    No need for them to spin it, they just won’t bother mentioning it.


  8. StinKerr says:

    “No need for them to spin it, they just won’t bother mentioning it.”

    Alas, you are right, Alan. I lost my head for a moment.


  9. Zevilyn says:

    All Condi has to do is say it’s because she’s black, and there will be a controversy over that.

    I dislike the Bush Admin, but I find the Left’s rabid hostility to it rather hypocritical, especially considering Clinton’s dubious record.


  10. es1061 says:

    Condi Rice would never try that kind of crap, she’s got too much self respect. Remember Harry Belafonte’s disgusting “house-nigger” accusations against her? You may not like the guy she works for, but she’s got talent, intelligence, and class far beyond any of her critics.