BBC Reporting by numbers #1

(it’s like painting by numbers, but less intelligent): If an Islamic group commits a terrorist attack, run a story about how the particular ethnic group is ‘oppressed’.

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (20th March) carried a story from their Spanish ‘correspondent’ about the plight of the Moroccan community in Spain.

Let’s start with a Moroccan restaurateur. We are informed about a feeling of suspicion, and

business after the Madrid bombings was down on the Sunday, with fewer customers than usual.

The implication was that the Spanish are boycotting the restaurant out of pique, or are afraid to go anywhere near a Moroccan. We are not reminded that the Sunday in question was election day in Spain, and was three days after the Madrid bombings. These things may have had some affect on restaurant business generally.

So much for the Spanish people, time for the police, who are

inspecting the papers of immigrants in the main square

The police aren’t rounding people up and locking them in cells, just inspecting papers. If felt listening to this that I was meant to see this as oppressive, or sinister, or both. I just saw it as sensible – 200+ people dead, I expect Spain to be in a state of heightened security.

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3 Responses to BBC Reporting by numbers #1

  1. mark adams says:

    OFF TOPIC (from Guardian):

    Kelvin MacKenzie Chairman and chief executive of The Wireless Group

    Question: In a multi-channel world why on earth should viewers be forced, under the threat of jail, to pay £10 a month licence fee for two dreary light entertainment channels?

    Reason: The answer I expect I would receive would be to keep 26,000 rather untalented left of centre turds in a job.


  2. infideldogma says:

    off topic, but can you sense the pre-ejaculatory fluid seeping from the BBC now re: the 9/11 commission?
    Titles such as

    “Hearings threaten Bush”
    “Analysis: Political dynamite”

    Somebody should send the BBC a box of tissues for tomorrow when Clark testifies.


  3. Zevilyn says:

    BOTH Clinton and Bush Admins deserve alot of criticism over 9/11.

    Strangely, much of the criticism of Saint Clinton was excised from BBC reports. Of course, under Clinton it was glad, confident, morning.

    That said, the Bush Admin seems to be driven by ideology rather than civic duty. The accusation that Bush was obsessed with Iraq is a valid one.
    But the BBC should not state accusations as fact.

    Personally, I feel that both Bush and Clinton put their supporters interests before those of the US people.

    Condoleeza Rice’s no-show is pretty disgraceful, it must be said.