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of “professional journalists” you might be interested to visit the website of one Greg Palast, producer of documentaries for the BBC. Don’t fail to notice the fair, evenhanded approach Mr Palast takes. No axes to grind here, I’m sure. Tomorrow the BBC will broadcast the latest version of its ‘Bush lied’ mantra on Newsnight, a production Greg Palast unabashedly flogs on his site. Feel free to visit PowerLine too, to have their take on continuing BBC decline.

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  1. Gawain says:

    Off Topic
    You might be interested in this

    and this


    And that is just today on the BBC website


  2. Natalie Solent says:

    I did like Palast’s line “Investigative reporting is nearly a crime in the USA.”


  3. Angie Schultz says:

    Another Terrance Coyle post to check out is the one before the one that Gawain points to. Gawain mentions the 6:09 am post, there’s also one at 6:00am worth looking at. Quite the early bird, our Terrance.


  4. John Hensley says:

    I ran that line by a friend and he had a good comeback: “The way Palast does it, it is nearly a crime: fraud.”


  5. james murray says:

    Palast?.Clown.I have no problem,as a Scot/Brit,with him investigating Bush.What I do have a problem with is his arrogance and style…..He slags off the US on the BBC,then lo and behold,the minute he is back in the States,he is bad-mouthing the UK and the British people.A mealy mouthed parasite with loyalty only to himself.He turns up on BBC4,and ruins an excellent Bush bio with that ridiculous get-up(yeah a hat and raincoat,we get it,how subtle,now get it off for the remainder of the programme)and an over-the top delivery…….


  6. Cobalt says:

    Palast 1: “I care deeply about US soldiers, I’m appalled that they are being so mistreated by nasty Bush”.

    Palast 2: “HAHA! Jessica Lynch is a car crash victim, and a thick Hillbilly. But I won’t criticise my feminist friends, because they are lovely”.

    Palast, like many of his ilk, filters out anything that disrupts his worldview.