I’m angry

Convulsed even. I’ve been watching Channel 4’s “News”. I know, it’s not the BBC but it’s all part of the same thing: the cancer of bent and twisted journalism. Bastards. I want these people to feel pain. I mean real pain. The sort of thing only a professional torturer can dole out. It’s the only thing I think that will ever wake them up to reality and the responsibilities of their offices.

Because it’s not going to be reality itself. Having watched the coverage of the Madrid Atrocity I realise that there is no outrage so great, no atrocity so appalling that they will ever be shaken out of the “blame capitalism” “blame whitey” “blame the government” “blame the victim” “sympathise with the terrorist” mentality.

It is one of the great ironies that it is precisely those who are most involved in news who are the most cocooned from it.

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51 Responses to I’m angry

  1. annelise says:

    At least two people on this blog want to torture and maim journalists, while another thinks that journalists will be “celebrating” over a suicide bombing in Israel.

    You people are truly sick.