I’m angry

Convulsed even. I’ve been watching Channel 4’s “News”. I know, it’s not the BBC but it’s all part of the same thing: the cancer of bent and twisted journalism. Bastards. I want these people to feel pain. I mean real pain. The sort of thing only a professional torturer can dole out. It’s the only thing I think that will ever wake them up to reality and the responsibilities of their offices.

Because it’s not going to be reality itself. Having watched the coverage of the Madrid Atrocity I realise that there is no outrage so great, no atrocity so appalling that they will ever be shaken out of the “blame capitalism” “blame whitey” “blame the government” “blame the victim” “sympathise with the terrorist” mentality.

It is one of the great ironies that it is precisely those who are most involved in news who are the most cocooned from it.

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  1. rob says:

    I didn’t see Channel 4, but of course the BBC have a similar view.
    Peter Sissons on News 24 put leading questions to a Spanish journalist.
    He suggests that the Spanish government will avoid releasing any information that implicated al-Qaeda, rather than ETA, until after tomorrows elections.
    He suggests that the Spanish electorate will punish Aznar if the bombing was carried out by al-Qaeda.
    His implication is that the Spanish people would wish to appease Bin Laden, they would apolgise for attacking Saddam.
    No wonder Bin Laden considers the west to be decadent. That one atrocity, however despicable, should cause us to lose all resolve.
    How on earth can the BBC continue its poll tax funding with so biased a foreign policy stance?


  2. luke says:


    The implication is that if it was by Muslem fundamentalists rather than Basque seperatists then Spain’s involvement in the war would have been a reason for Spain being targetted.

    The implication is that Spanish people might think that the removal of Saddam is not a good enough reason to lose almost 200 lives and potentially more. If I was a Spaniard I would be thinking that further action in Iraq, or against any other Muslim country, would increase the risk of further terrorist attacks on their country and wanting to know what the respective candidates would do about it.

    Like it or not, any responsible journalist needs to look at ALL possibilities and asking whether politicians may wish to fudge the truth at the time of an election is not in my eyes biased.


  3. ade says:

    A reporter on Radio 5 Live (I didn’t catch her name), while speculating on the possible perpetrators said that “Prime Minister Aznar, who ‘notoriously’ stood shoulder to shoulder with Bush and Blair during the Iraq war…”


  4. rob says:

    “any responsible journalist needs to look at ALL possibilities ”

    Sisson’s didn’t. It was his thesis that the Spanish government were keeping quiet and that it would be bad for Aznar at the polls.
    This view did not originate from his interviewee & Sissons looked at no other possibilities.
    The BBC1 10 O’clock News made a point of showing about 50 protestors outside Aznar’s office – not many out of the 8 million, but the most important element for the BBC.
    Still the polls will reveal all tomorrow.
    (PS Why does ceefax state that the arrested Indians are of Hindu origin? How do they know their religion?)


  5. Matthew says:

    Perhaps because Rob, quoting an Australian news source;

    The other two people under arrest were “Hindus”, minister Acebes said.


  6. Matthew says:

    Incidentally it took me less than one minute, using a google news search of ‘Spain madrid hindu’, to check that. Perhaps you could do that before making such comments?


  7. rob says:

    So sorry to have annoyed & inconvenienced you, Matthew


  8. Peter Bocking says:

    Hindus and Muslims,India and Pakistan,Yer Wot? More likely the word Indian hasn’t translated properly from the Spanish.

    Besides journalists really don’t know very much,just test what they say and write against an area that you have expertise in,they spout absolute tosh.I held a straw poll amongst a number of people with great expertise in a wide variety of disciplines,the unanimous verdict was that journalists got it badly wrong.


  9. ken Kautsky says:

    No Patrick – It is the BBC.
    Specifically, 2.5 billion of taxpayers’ money – appropriated each year – to work against the very interests of those that fund it.


  10. danS says:

    I’m volunteering to inflict that pain.


  11. Matthew says:

    Oh you didn’t inconvenience me Rob, so apology welcome but not necessary. It was you I was thinking about.


  12. D says:

    Rob and Matthew,

    Dan Darling answers the “Hindu” question on his blog, regnumcrucis.blogspot.com.
    ### Begin quote #####
    Media reports citing the Indians being referred to as “Hindus” should be discounted – “Hindu” is a generic Spanish term for Indians and can refer to actual Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, or any of the subcontinent’s other religious groups.
    ### End quote #####



  13. danS says:

    The bias coming from bbc is ongoing like nothing ever happened.
    check this.
    check the phrases:
    “The Spanish government backed the US-led invasion of Iraq last year despite widespread popular uncertainty about the war.”
    “BBC correspondents in Madrid say the protesters – mainly anti-war campaigners – feel Spanish leaders were too swift to blame the Basque separatist group Eta ”
    “Mr Aznar became known for his outspoken support for the US-led war in Iraq despite polls showing 90% opposition to it from the Spanish public.
    Now, take a look at those “mainly anti war 90% popular opposition” :

    the same kind of moral disability the bbc has.


  14. Matthew says:


    Are you saying 90% of the Spanish population are morally disabled?

    In this week, of all weeks. How terrible.


  15. Matthew says:

    It’s getting worse — Con Coughlin in the Sunday Telegraph today has an article ‘Aznar really hoped Eta were the ones to blame’.


  16. danS says:

    And this is UNBELIEVABLE:
    It can’t get more elusive than this:
    “Syria Kurd protests hit Belgium.”

    I read the “article” and then i thought what would be the headline if Israel was the country where those killings took place in, goes something like this:
    “Israeli troops storm stadium gun dead 14 civillians, including 3 children, protests rock international citys”

    i liked the “thought to be children” bit, please explain to me what ‘thought to be’ means, dwarves? legs amputees?
    If you think of it, the so called “journalists” don’t report the actual incident but the damage to the Syrian embassy first.

    more neat headlines:
    “Israel shuns concessions” them radicals
    “Four US soldiers die in Baghdad” they felt a little sick, woke up the next morning dead.


  17. danS says:


    Absolutley not, and you know it just fine.
    What i’m saying is that the bbc news are moraly rotten. that the 90% poll is cynically put in that article.That the ‘anti-war’ excuses are pathetic, otherwise please explain 9-11, kenya bombings, french tanker bombing etc.
    That the two protestors in the picure which was taken in 2002 raise a sign with ‘no war’ written on it while strapped to explosives, palestinian style, to say: no war, but terrorism against jews is fine with us, which says plenty about this movement, and there are many more examples.
    That i hope the Spanish people will overcome this tragedy and oversee the propaganda of the biased/propagandistic/politically motivated media.


  18. danS says:

    Did I say bbc news was rotten?
    CBBC has gotten the virus as well:



  19. Matthew says:


    Well someone posting under the name danS’ stated that the 90% of Spaniards opposed to Spain’s participation in Iraq could be summarised by that picture on LGF.

    That person then said they had the same moral disability has the two people in the picture.

    The only get out would be if you were disputing the 90% figure, but it’s accurate I’m afraid.


  20. Hazel says:

    I think we are entering uncharted territory in Europe, and places like the BBC are desperately holding on to their illusions. After the result of the election in Spain is known, and it won’t be long, then people will know how one European population responds to this sort of terrorism. NB: the BBC website desperately trying not to use the T word – seems they will only use it when quoting someone. They’re despicable.


  21. docob says:

    Jebus, Matthew, get off yer high horse already.


  22. Susan says:

    I feel like we are all reliving 1938 all over again. A massive, unspeakable evil is targeted at us and our children, and all we hear is complacent babble about how we do not have to worry because the Maginot Line will never fail.


  23. Matthew says:


    This is a site dedicated to getting on one’s high horse (e.g. ‘the bbc are despicable’), at least when it’s not calling for the torture of journalists (I remember one government that used to do that…)

    I can’t help it if three days after the tragedy danS thinks he’s justified in insulting 90% of the Spanish people. I can merely point it out, and hope others share my disgust.


  24. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    To quote a catchy song from the program “America’s Most wanted” “whatcha gona do when they come for you” I can’t help humming that song whenever I read or hear comments by the Luny Leftie press and their KumByYa singing zombie followers. She> “Oh honey does this Burka make me look fat?” He>”It doesn’t matter you’re not allowed out on the street anyway”
    What happens if the filthy Americans and the Spanish 10% get beaten or give up? Whatcha gona do when they come for you?


  25. Susan says:

    Suicide bombing in Israel kills 11. Wonder if the BBC is celebrating? Maybe Orla Guerin is handing out “sweets” to her neighbors.


  26. Susan says:

    (Don’t) Have Your Say has printed a number of disgusting comments about the Spanish attack, including one that “hints” all too broadly that Israel was responsible.

    Just sickening.


  27. Peter Bocking says:

    “The Spanish government backed the US-led invasion of Iraq last year despite widespread popular uncertainty about the war”
    So the terrorists, who according to received wisdom, had nothing to do with Iraq, even being antipathetic towards it because Iraq was a secular and Sunni governed state,are now attacking the West for involvement in Iraq.Bombed if you do, bombed if you don’t.


  28. Andrew Zalotocky says:

    Patrick, although I agree with you about what is wrong with Channel 4 news, that article should not have been posted on this web site. Not because it’s about Channel 4, but because it contains no quotes or other evidence to back up any of your assertions. As I understand it the goal of Biased BBC is to demonstrate the reality of the BBC’s bias by analysing its output. Posting a rant that contains no serious argument and no evidence does not advance that goal, and only provides your opponents with some useful quotes with which to attack the site’s credibility.


  29. danS says:

    let me make it simple for you:
    1. Polls depends on who ask the questions and how the questions are laid down.
    2. I was quoting the bbc.
    3. I never claimed the poll to be true
    4. The bbc implies that the massacre occured because of Spain’s involvement with Iraq, or at least that the Spaniards think that.
    5. No other possibility or commentary in bbc reports show otherwise.
    6. This implication (that this terror attack) was caused by Spain’s stance regarding the war is in my opinion outrageous and moraly bankrupt. for instance how can the shiite slaughter in Iraq be explained? go ahead.
    7. The ‘anti-war’ movement (be it 90% or 100%)and not only in spain along with the bbc are sickening.
    8. I am the last person to insult victims of terror, having experienced 2! murderous attacks by palestinian ‘commandos’ in my home town haifa, 10 meters from my home. i’ve seen things i can’t describe here.


  30. danS says:

    9. you canshove your semantic ‘i got him by his word, i’m so superior’ wordplays up your exit hole.
    Like docob said, move along, don’t tell me how to respect dead people, and if you have a different perspective, shoot.
    10. i still volunteer to torture bbc reporters.


  31. Actually says:

    Matthew is a troll. Don’t feed him.


  32. Matthew says:

    danS — I’ve only pointed out the absurdity of the things you say. Understandable, given its in response to a post that fantasises about the torture of British journalists (and you can shout ‘troll’ all you like ‘Actually’ but that’s what the post says).

    I would note that many of these journalists, far from being cacooned, actualy spend much more time on the front line than many (though not you danS); indeed the BBC was bombed by terrorists a few years’ ago.


  33. Andrew Bowman says:

    Ah yes, the BBC called them terrorists when they bombed the BBC (they being an IRA splinter group in that case), but when they bomb trains in Spain or Pizza Restaurants in Israel they’re separatists or militants.

    Stupid two-faced BBC tosh that we’re criminalised into paying for. Ban the Beeb Tax! It’s the only language the tossers will understand.


  34. danS says:

    Call me when the time is right, i’ve just bought a piano and a plyer.


  35. ken says:

    The Spanish people have voted and proven once and for all they are truly derived from the European gene pool – a genetic predispostion for passive resignation in the face of tyranny. Cowardace in the face of oppression.

    The US is unilateralist by necessity, not by choice.


  36. peter says:

    Did someone tell the Spanish that AQ is a Baathist remnant movement seeking revenge for their ousting? Cowardly and shortsighted.


  37. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    It’s said that the courageous die but once while cowards die a thousand deaths. There is a built in punishment for this hasty retreat – more of the same. “Whatcha gona do when they come for you??”
    Regards Suckers,


  38. Susan says:

    I cannot bear to log on to the Biased Bullshit Company’s online site to read their undoubtedly gloating, sneering, preening coverage of the Spanish election. I simply cannot do it.

    I am glad I live in the US and do not have to listen to their drivel on the radio or the TV.


  39. PJF says:

    I find it very disturbing that someone with official posting access to this blog has made a suggestion that journalists should be tortured. In fact, I find it absolutely fucking outrageous and shameful!

    I suggest this posting is removed – with an appropriate explanation and apology.


  40. carnell says:

    I agree 100% with you Patrick !
    This is paper terrorism. we had with 911 and now 311.
    The Idea is based on the assumption the terrorists mete out attrocities for “REASONS”. There are no “REASONS”. Journalists need reasons but not the terrorists. Every country in the World can be singled out as all have committed “DARK DEEDS”.
    Do they kill us because we are pro american? No- they kill anti americans too.
    Do they kill us because we are not Islamic ? NO they kill their own more often tnan westerners.
    Do they kill us as a precursor to negotiation? No they tell us we must all die and they will not bargain.
    Looking for reasons when there are none only serves to diminsh and excuse the Horror.


  41. tripal says:

    evenif its true that two of five arrested are of hindu origin ..at what length it is right to mention it..three are moroccans ( not muslim or from whatever faith are they) two are hindu ..why not say indian.Unfortunately lot of other media outlets did run the same lines.

    i dont know if readers of this blog is aware but as an indian and hindu i have seen pretty good degree of bias towards india and hindu on bbc.
    I did found this site during iraq war when i felt there is real bias in bbc news and looked on web for it, Since than i m regular reader of the site.


  42. Pedro says:

    Watched Channel Five news for the first time on sunday and was mightily impressed. Chief factor was the coverage of the suicide bombings in Isreal yesterday. The BBC covered the story but claimed that the palestinians responded through provocation by Isreal killing some palestinians last week. It was only on Channel Five that it emerged that these palestinians had been planting mines along the side of an isreali road. This changed things greatly.


  43. Andrew Bowman says:

    Oh well, sorry to disappoint you Pedro, but it was announced last week that Channel Five’s News, which is currently provided by ITN, will be provided by Sky News from the start of next year.

    I remain disappointed by the stupidity of ITV Execs for moving News at Ten and at the craven opportunism of the BBC (a so called public service broadcaster) in usurping the News at Ten slot as quickly as they could, thus destroying any chance for the return of News at Ten when ITV realised what a mistake they had made. Since then ITN News has gone downhill in my opinion, but is still much more objective than BBC News.

    As for Sky News, good though their service generally is, I’m noticing a distinctly BBC-ish tendency to call terrorists ‘militants’ (except of course on the Littlejohn show!).


  44. David says:

    The response of the spanish electorate is a sickening victory for Al Quaeda and the appeasers both seem to be happy that one of their staunchest enemies(aznar)is out of the equation.
    Now they have the BBC to thank for helping to sow seeds of doubt over here.On the One o clock news today a reporter in Madrid said that the result was a direct result of Aznar’s support for Bush/Blair— going on she gloated that perhaps now Blair might be thinking about how he too might have to worry about the coming election, no words of support in this time of extreme crisis for all of us in the west for a politician prepared to stand up to terrorism, perhaps the BBC might soon tout for votes for the Lib Dems in the coming election


  45. danS says:

    it turned out not to be hindus, what a shock:


  46. foreigner says:

    Basically europe came out much worse out of this whole sad business. Had the spaniards (who are somewhat understandibly in a state of shock) sent a message that they would have no truck with terrorists it would have been better. Now the terrorist groups know that they can get “excellent” results with their tactics (at least in Europe) – all the more reason for them to commit more attacks (I have a nasty feeling that Italy is in the line of fire – domestic situation is very similar to that in Spain).
    Ho hum, sooner or later maybe europe will get wise to what is happening – can’t see it happening in a hurry though.


  47. Cobalt says:

    Jon Snow sent a notorious “snow mail” last year in which he sneered that Jessica Lynch had been awarded the Purple Heart “for surviving a car crash”.

    How you get anal injuries from a “car crash” is something I think Mr. Snow should explain. Why someone would say “Daddy, the Iraqi man broke my arm” if it was just a “car crash”?
    Perhaps Mr. Snow could explian that.

    Curious how the Beeb and other leftists have effectively colluded with a US Army cover-up of War Crimes against US troops, eh?

    I can’t imagine Snow saying that about a UK soldier.

    A few months later, Channel 4 News claimed that Jessica had “denied being raped”, yet did not cite any evidence of this…why? Because there was none…JL had said no such thing, the leftist media made it up.

    If Bush said “it doesn’t matter” on the revelation of a US soldier being tortured, I doubt he would have been let off, as the feminists (who did indeed say “it doesn’t matter” and “it’s her business”) have


  48. Cobalt says:

    Another thing…

    It’s very, very true that journalists ignorance is most visible when they report on something on which you have expertise.

    The BBC’s coverage of the videogame industry (of which I know alot) has and is very, very biased towards Sony.

    3 years ago, the Beeb made a “Money Programme” documentary on videogames.

    Nintendo (a “toy company” apparently)and Sega (then still in the hardware biz)got about 2 seconds mention. The rest of the programme was about Sony and Microsoft.

    The BBC declared the PS2 to be the first online console, when anyone with any knowledge knows Sega’s Dreamcast was the first to have online games.

    The BBC also made a 10minute advert for the PS2 (supposedly a short about videogames).


  49. dead journalist says:

    ‘…journalism. Bastards. I want these people to feel pain. I mean real pain. The sort of thing only a professional torturer can dole out. It’s the only thing I think that will ever wake them up to reality and the responsibilities of their offices.’

    thank christ you don’t have anything to do with free speech, democracy, etc?

    Sadaam would have just _loved_you, sir.


  50. Zevilyn says:

    They said “Hundu’s” initially because they didn’t want to be percieved as “Islamophobic”.

    Q: Why did the media not question the notion of Hindu’s planting the Madrid bombs?
    A: Political Correctness.