Attack ads.

A reader writes:

I found this article as I was surfing the BBC website. The BBC tells its readers that the right wing group Citizens United has started to launch attack ads portraying John Kerry as a liberal elitist from massachusetts. These attack ads started to run throughout the United States only on Monday. Clearly the BBC wants to give its readers the impression that poor little John Kerry, from good old liberal New England, is being attacked by vicious right-wing ideologues backed by Bush. I found it rather odd that the BBC never ran a story about the left leaning group and their vicious attacks on Bush. Their ads have been running for quite sometome throughout the United States and have proven to be much more provocative. I remember one ad a few months ago in which they compared Bush to Hitler and the invasion of Iraq to Hitler’s conquest of Europe. The ad caused so much outrage that it was yanked pretty quickly. There are also many other attack ads that have been created by and are running throughout the country. My point is that the BBC would happily mention an attack ad created by right leaning group Citizens United, but struggles to mention the ridiculous attack ads by that are far worse. What’s even funnier is that CNN talked about the new ads by Citizens United as well, but they also mentioned!

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