Shocking! Bush Is Running For Prez!

Shocking! Bush is running for Prez! Imagine the chagrin of the BBC (and many other big media outlets) to have President Bush actually talking about the defining event of his presidency, the Septemer 11 terror attacks. After this story was fed to some major TV and newspapers in the last couple of days here in the USA, the BBC dutifully tells the anti-Bush side of the story. There are plenty of 9/11 relatives to be found who agree with the “tastefully done” TV ad. Could the Beeb manage to locate them? Not a chance. Now that there has been such an outcry, the Bushies have decided to run the ad in even more media markets. What’s disturbing about this BBC Online article is its failure to mention that the good ole’ International Association of Firefighters president quoted in the article has publicly endorsed John Kerry for president. It shamelessly features easily identifiable ‘attack dog’ talking points fed to it like the most obedient of hounds.

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4 Responses to Shocking! Bush Is Running For Prez!

  1. Kerry says:

    This is what I have just sent to the (Don’t) Have Your Say feature. I don’t expect it to be selected by the Beeb.

    “How unfair of the BBC to report only those families who disagree with the ad. I used to think you reported news fairly and objectively, but that was a long time ago.”


  2. Kerry says:

    Another link on the ‘objective’ firefighter mentioned above–


  3. Kerry says:

    OK, one more link on this one-sided 9-11 enraged family stuff. You lefties should not be put off by the name of the site. Facts are facts.


  4. billg says:

    My guess is that this biased BBC report, apparently like so many others, represents not a single iota of original reporting. Aside from the indirect quote attributed to the BBC Washington correspondent, everything in the sotry could have been taken from secondary sources. We will never know, because the Beeb didn’t bother to attribute the story or the quotes (deliberately, I’m sure, encouraging the impression that every quote was was given exclusively to an intrepid BBC reporter.)