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… don’t know what your position is on the whole Israel/Palestinian conflict, but anyway, this is a copy of a something I just sent to the BBC’s “feedback” section of their site. It’s regarding a factual inequality in TV reporting on the conflict.

Here is what Jon said to the BBC:

The last 2 nights (25 and 26 Feb, GMT+4) every BBC World News TV bulletin featured Orla Guerin’s reports from the West Bank of clashes between anti-wall protesters and Isreali troops. (By the way, checking the transcripts will show that both reports were inappropriately emotive and opinionated, and presented only the Palestinian point of view).

But today, 2 Isrealis in their car were shot dead by Palestinians

while travelling on the edge of the West Bank. I have yet to see a single TV report of this incident on BBC World, although it’s recorded on your website.

What makes the clashes between protesters and Israeli troops worthy of your TV news, and the fatal shooting of 2 Israelis in the same area, not worthy of your TV news?

Your own BBC World promo says “Demand a broader view”. Yes, a broader view would be nice. Or is this a case of “a little information going a long way”?

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