Token of a Changing Tide?

These two reports- one from the BBC and one from the Telegraph– have different ways of describing a change in the TV rights’ ownership of the University Boat Race. Reminds me of one or two of my breakups in fact. One thing’s sure: the Boat Race was an audience drawing event that has been a fixture in the sporting calendar in this country for many years, and the BBC will no longer be involved after 2004.

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2 Responses to Token of a Changing Tide?

  1. john b says:

    At last, a story that unites pro- and anti-BBC types: whether or not you believe the Beeb should be showing anything at all, there’s certainly no reason for it to show sports events that other channels are willing to pay top dollar for.

    This is why football and Formula 1 are – quite rightly – now on commercial TV.


  2. Mr Free Market says:

    Whether you care about the boat race or not (I don’t) its interesting that the BBC will maintain that it still provides full sport coverage.

    Yes it does, if you include snooker & darts – this is where our TV Tax is spent