6 Responses to Kudos To BBC Again Over Dunkirk

  1. JohninLondon says:

    Yes, the 3 Dunkirk programmes gave a solid and moving account. And on BBC4 the follow-up programme, talking about the background and speaking to some of the survivors – French as well as British – was solid too. John Keagan’s praise in the Telegraph this week was correct.

    With its massive budget, the BBC should be capable of this sort of standard for much more of its schedule.


  2. Andrew Bowman says:

    Here we go again:

    Iran conservatives in the lead

    is the link on the front page of BBC Views Online, linking to:


    which has the same heading, this time with scare quotes around ‘in the lead’.

    Yesterday on the news they spoke about ‘religious conservatives’ which is marginally better than just ‘conservatives’ – but good old News Online, the home of cub lefty wannabe journos isn’t quite so restrained in tarring British Conservatives by implication.

    And yet the Beeb’s lefties are so sensitive about calling terrorists ‘militants’ and ‘insurgents’ rather than just plain old terrorists. Maybe it’s because the terrorists have guns.


  3. danS says:

    well i guess things are changing after all

    kinda off topic
    in this report : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3506907.stm

    ex-propagandist paul reynolds surprises with an even sided reporting.
    he actually put scare quotes on the palestinian definition as well and even explains that ther are two sides to this conflict..a big wow.
    a good word when its due indeed.


  4. danS says:

    on the other hand

    this rising star with the bizzarre name Imogen Foulkes bases her story on the word of one Peter ‘the jenin chainsaw massacre’ Hansen.
    This proven liar and neo nazi disguised as a peace loving humanitarian gets a free plarform to spread his propaganda.
    not a word on his dubious past of course.
    no comment on the unrwa camps being freely misused for terrorist activity, for real.
    and of course “Malnutrition is, the agency says, a certainty.” no hint for the reason for that (not that it’s true), someone should ask sewage arafat. what? metal jackets are’nt nutritious?

    as i said in the previous post, changing the ways one reports is possible, that is if one has the will to do so.


  5. Barry Meislin says:

    Iranian Conservatives in the lead.

    Now that is rather funny. (The BBC, whatever is is guilty of, cannot be accused of lacking a sense of humour.)

    Akin perhaps to “Saddam surges ahead in the polling” (in Iraq’s previous “elections”)?


  6. Thomas Egan says:

    Did anyone else hear Hezbollah described as a respectable political party by the BBC interviewer talking about Terry Waite on last Monday’s Today programme?