A Plague on Stealth Editors

A Plague on Stealth Editors. Well, that’s what I could wish, given the number of times the BBC have squirmed out of an insupportable first version of a story. The trouble for the BBC is that more and more people are noticing. How can a so-called reliable News gatherer require so many reverse gears? This time it’s a story about the Kerry ‘whatsit’ by Paul Reynolds that’s caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh. It’s slightly unusual for what was essentially a commentary that stealthy editing should occur, which makes Rush’s observations all the more telling. (via Instapundit)

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5 Responses to A Plague on Stealth Editors

  1. Paul says:

    Off topic:

    I liked this …


    Interesting how a light-hearted ‘magazine’ piece on ‘cynicism’ turns into an anti-globalisation, anti-war rant.


  2. danS says:

    well, i hear all the time all over about the blow der bbc had gotten following the Hutton report, how it will never be the same, need for a change..blahblahblah.
    however nothing has changed, the same old bias, the same old pushing of a political agenda, as if nothing had happened.
    the stealth editing is still there, the sneer quotes still there, the one sided coverage of the middle east is still there..
    just some recent examples:

    the headline reads ‘smugglers’ with sneer quotes despite the fact that everything in the story body suggests no such quotes are needed..habbit maybe?


  3. dasS says:

    2. i like this one:

    in this ‘story’ der bbc claims: “The ICRC, a neutral, Swiss-based organisation, has been observing construction of the security fence.”

    neutral as in banning just two symbols from being put on red cross ambulances 1.swastika 2. star of david.
    another hint of neutrality can be found in the proven evidence of red cross ambulances carrying homicide bombers and explosives to their destination under their neutral cover of ‘humanitarian work’.
    great reporting, very independent.
    (of reality).


  4. dasS says:

    continued..sorry for flooding
    3. aminor point iv’e noticed over time.

    in the last part of this article, an israeli person is quoted..well i’ve seen it before and correct me if i’m wrong but when an israeli is quoted der bbc leaves the quote as is, with all its english grammer mistakes..while when quoting a palestinian the english is perfect..and who knows how many words are inserted in the speaker’s mouth..
    of course there are many good english speakers on both sides..but all the same..it looks a little odd.
    another investigation maybe?..he he only joking


  5. Ricky Vandal says:

    It’s like everything is becoming pop nowadays. Even news and journalists wanna be hip, beautiful and rich. Fast if possible. It’s just another sign of our deteriorating social culture. Cash is king.