A Tongue In Cheek Remark

A tongue-in-cheek remark
, from Peter, directed at the Beeb in the next post-but-one below, had me chuckling. He said

‘I guess that we’re simply not up the rarified air (waves) of Britain where they’ve got no need for data because they know better. In fact, why even file a report or visit these farms. Just tell us what is good and bad in the world and we’ll follow. ‘

Well, Peter, that’s just how it works over here. You’re obviously backward in your education, education, education- but you’re learning! Truly though, there are two more instances I need to pass on where Aunty (as we little children often refer to our elders and betters) knows best. One is where Aunty slapped down naughty Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance for taking advantage of her hospitality to make rude remarks about how he wasn’t happy about giving away money to immigrants. The other is an instance where Aunty quite properly turned the other cheek when she found out that the nice people against hunting were telling porky-pies (lies) about not shooting deer on their own estate. When oh when will people just learn that they can rely on Aunty to know best? (thanks to Samizdata and Bob- and check out the many Samizdata comments- there should be some good ones.)

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