More Wagging Tonge

More Wagging Tonge– this time ‘at the invitation of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme’ . Please feel free to make observations. (Thanks to Eamonn for pointing to this).

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  1. Nadine Carroll says:

    Off Topic:

    This morning I heard the start of the BBC News on the radio on NPR. They started off the hour with coverage of the current major European conference on the re-emergence of anti-Semitism. I thought, well, that’s good, they’re not burying it. Then they found their lead, top-of-the-hour quote: “As a member of the Jewish community, I do think that we are too quick to confuse criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.”

    Good old BBC. Nothing if not &%#@&!! predictable. Explain to us how young Muslims are torching synagogues in France as a critique of Ariel Sharon.