Happiest Days of Your Life

The Happiest Days of Your Life. Kudos to the BBC for reporting this tale of happy days at Guantanamo Bay. Perhaps they might consider rethinking the kneejerk headline slot that’s been given to groups of professional worriers like Human Rights Watch? Among other lovely ‘think again’ passages:

‘You might think he (detainee’s father) would be angry with the Americans. Actually he thinks they have done Naqibullah a favour. ‘

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2 Responses to Happiest Days of Your Life

  1. Nigel Holland says:


    The Beeb are at it again, all things evil are right-wing/conservative http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3488941.stm

    ‘Another 2,500 would-be candidates have been disqualified by the right-wing vetting body, the Guardian Council.’

    ‘Conservatives are now almost certain to regain control of the assembly which they lost to reformist President Mohammad Khatami’s allies in the 2000 elections.’

    I wish the Beeb would call them by what they are ‘radical islamic socialists’.


  2. Anonymous says:

    So the knee-jerk reaction is what exactly? If the detention is in contravention of the Geneva Conventions then the detention and the Conventiona need to be looked at publically and, for the sake of the individuals, urgently.

    As to bbc bias; the words “reported” and “alleged” were liberally used.

    And I am glad that one young detainee was treated well, and glad this was reported, but it makes me no less angry about the uncertainty about the conditions of some other detainees.