Now Linux gets the treatment.

This is somewhat off our usual beat, and I am the last person to come to for for an opinion on computer stuff – but here’s an email I received, which I shall reproduce for reader interest.


I’d like to draw your attention to a remarkably ill-conceived article on the current “MyDoom” virus at

this link.

Almost every paragraph contains either errors or gross distortions of fact, and the presentation of personal opinion as fact. Not to mention

an extremely one-sided view of SCO’s lawsuit against IBM.

Some facts:

The MyDoom virus has nothing to do with Linux. It is a Windows virus that exploits the general lack of security on Windows machines. It is true that it is designed to launch a denial of service attack on SCO (in version “A” of the virus) or Microsoft (in the less-common version “B”), but its main function is to turn the victim’s computer into an “open relay” to be used for sending spam. In fact, this seems to be the purpose behind a number of recent and widespread Windows viruses.

SCO, despite all its bluster, and despite court deadlines, has so far

presented no evidence whatsoever that backs up its claims. Two supposed examples that became public were quickly shown to be code that SCO had no claims to.

A discussion of the article is taking place on Slashdot right now.


Andrew Maizels

(Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony)

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3 Responses to Now Linux gets the treatment.

  1. Barry says:

    From what I have seen of BBC reporting in general I would not expect anything better when treating technical matters.
    In my daily surfing I came across a criticism of Britain’s Chief Rabbi who devoted his “Thought for Today” on BBC radio to eulogizing Greg Dyke and extolling the virtues of his (ex?) organisation.
    No mention of the previous day’s bus bombing in Jerusalem.
    This has brought me to the conclusion that whatever the BBC emits has all to do with posturing and nothing to do with integrity, fairness, honesty, balance or FACTS.
    And maybe for some conspiracy ( 🙂 ) to end off: Maybe Microsoft is behind the “blame Linuxers” stories? They have been pushing a conserted campaign on why they believe they are better than Linux.


  2. ThE D()od says:

    The bbc response:


  3. GH says:

    This is the most amazing tosh. And the slashdot lot as well.

    The BBC report is accurate IN EVERY RESPECT.

    Grow up nitpickers