Now for something completely different…

Well not exactly – but not Hutton anyway. Jim Miller on State of the Union.

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2 Responses to Now for something completely different…

  1. JayJ says:

    well how very ridiculous. the entire sou address represents the views of the administration and republicans or if you must, “the right”. to balance the views expressed you get commentary from the rest of the political spectrum, pretty much from a group similar to that gathered by the bbc… duh!


  2. PJF says:

    JayJ, the supposed purpose of the BBC article is to look at what “pundits” in the USA said about the President’s State of the Union address (it even mentions “most American media pundits” in the first paragraph). It does not purport to be an opportunity for politically opposing views to be aired as a ‘balance’ to the address.

    A BBC review of the output of “pundit” response to the speech should (to fulfil the requirements of impartiality) look at the views from pundits across the political spectrum.

    If you are able to move beyond your misconception of what the BBC article is supposed to be about, you might want to ask yourself why the BBC chooses to ignore the views of pundits who spoke in support of the President.