How do the Lebanese themselves feel?

In the comments to the previous post reader Lee Moore said this:

A beautifully balanced tale of how the Lebanese have returned to the barbarity of the death penalty:


We hear about protestors, we hear about the former Prime Minister who refused to approve executions, we hear about Amnesty’s objections, we hear about other “human rights” groups’ objections, we even hear about the EU’s objections. Nothing is omitted, except…..

surprisingly we hear nothing about the views of other Lebanese people, either the people who did approve the sentences or about public opinion. Nor do we hear that Amnesty and friends are, on this subject, a minority opinion in this country.

I wonder why. Oh, all right, I don’t really.

The Lebanese government ought to hire some terrorists, sorry “militants” to burst in and blow up the three condemned men in the name of Free Palestine. Then the Beeb would bend over backwards to understand the killers.

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4 Responses to How do the Lebanese themselves feel?

  1. Joe says:

    I’m lebanese in origin. Of all the Lebanese i’ve known, i have never heard anyone break into a sweat over the death penalty. I have quite often heard about the need for firm and forceful justice.

    Don’t forget that during the civil war, justice basically meant “getting whacked”.

    Compare that to today’s tizzy over a US soldier sent home over the technicality of cowardice, telling us that it is a big issue here in the US. They lie. I have never heard about this piece, even in the left cheeky papers (NYT, Washington Post, Boston Globe.)

    Brits: demand honesty from these overgrown university politicians. Even if they werent to go to great pains to deposit various flavours of political vision, they seem to spend fully a third of their radio broadcasting on the WS, Radio 4, etc, attempting to de-humanize the US and make it an enemy – even in their promos for everything from news programming to music shows.

    Case in point:
    Some kind of “America is an Empire” wallow-fest


  2. nelson ascher says:

    Are there reliable polls about what the Brits and the Europeans in general, not their “enlightened” elites, think about capital punishment. Were there to be a referendum, what would its result be?
    Sunday’s Times have some interesting stuff on the contrasting views of justice in the UK:
    “Cover story: No justice
    Charles Murray, the celebrated American sociologist, challenges the British legal establishment to stop being kind to criminals”,,2092-967260,00.html

    In the end, maybe the Euro elites’ attitude towards terror is nothing but the logical consequence of their tolerance of crime in general.


  3. rob says:

    Quite so, Nelson. We are led to believe that terrorists & tyrants have been created by the West.

    Black Triangle’s blog has a telling paragraph about the “liberal” condemnation of Saddam’s humiliating medical examination. –

    “Some of the contributions from non-Iraqis have the air of typical post-modern Westerners, who skip over atrocities like they are abstract constructs, then over-moralise about complete trivia.”


  4. Alan says:


    I followed the link in the main post and was intrigued to see links to the BBC’s pages written in Arabic. I’d love to know what the content of their Arabic site is. Of course we have to trust that the pages are even-handed, balanced reports of the news around the world and not given any bias or spin don’t we???

    Apologies if this has been noted and commented on before.