3 Responses to Sexuality initiatives & shoe fetishism at the BBC

  1. dan says:


    I get the impression that the BBC are big Democrat supporters & are ready to get behind Dean.

    Reports on Bush’s steel tarrifs were condemnatory in tone.

    I wonder why the BBC seem not to notice the anti-free trade stance of some Democratic candidates, Dean included

    (e.g. http://www.ncrlc.com/NY-Times-article.html)

    A fact not mentioned at all in the BBC Online profile of Dean


    Is anti-Bush, anti-Iraq more important to the BBC? Is the promotion of free trade only relevent when Bush can be kicked? Who will be at fault for WTO talk breakdowns under a Dean presidency?


  2. rob says:

    As one would expect the BBC position is matched by the Guardian. Their leader (17/1/04) expects the following from a Democratic president –
    “But a readiness to pursue a more collective, more respectful, less confrontational, less obviously self-interested approach to global issues”
    How does ending free trade fit with the BBC’s & Guardian’s hopes?


  3. Joe says:

    They will find no such thing in Howard Dean – a “president Dean” would be an enormous international embarrassment for the US. No languages, isolationist, hot-tempered, unable to control his ego in a press conference, and he shows no sign of knowing anything about people in general, or the world outside of Vermont or the salons of his friends.