If there were an award

for Beebwatcher of the week, then Scott Burgess would have won it on the basis of recent postings. He put together a pretty much purple patch of posts, giving the Beeb (and us) the special honour of sharing in his Daily Ablutions. So go and wash your ears out with this excellent addition to the Blogosphere, if you haven’t already followed Glenn Reynold’s recent tip that is. There’s plenty about the Kilroy-Silk affair, and a few nice lines on Andrew ‘ninety percent right’ Gilligan. This is my favourite post, where you will find out how the BBC [Licensers] are making unusual use of condoms, among other things. I look forward to other intimate ablutionary revelations about the Beeb from Scott in the future.

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2 Responses to If there were an award

  1. Scott Burgess says:

    Wow … to say I’m flattered would be an understatement. Thanks very much for the kind words!


  2. rob says:

    Off Topic

    Ceefax reports on 7 Iraqis shot dead by the US forces when straling oil from a pipeline.

    The report includes –

    “The alleged bandits were said to have shot first at the soldiers. No Iraqi version of events was available.”

    Oh so even handed are the BBC!

    Perhaps they wanted a quote from the so called bandit leader, say – Our children are starving whilst all our oil is going to line the pockets of Dick Cheney & his Halliburton cronies.