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, LGF are running a Robert Fisk Idiotarian of the Year Award, and the good news is that the BBC have made the cut for nominations! The bad news is that they are trailing rather shamefully in the voting. There is still time though, and if you feel like it you can go along and vote here if you haven’t already. Thanks to ‘Opinions are like’ for pointing this out. I also like this little poem I found at LGF by Humbert Wolfe which applies almost as neatly to the BBC as to Robert Fisk:

You cannot hope

to bribe or twist,

Thank God! the British journalist.

But, seeing what

the man will do

unbribed, there’s no occasion to.

Update. Tim Blair is rounding up the Kilroy-Silk affair which Natalie discusses above- giving yet more reasons to vote for the Beeb at LGF, where time is running out and, although gaining ground, we haven’t yet put the BBC in any kind of respectable finishing place.

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One Response to Also out of interest

  1. Susan says:

    I voted for the BBC at least!