Just out of interest,

this website has an idea for a way to legally make it uneconomic for the TV licence to continue.

Meanwhile Biased-BBC blogger Toby Blyth has his own new blog at Bilious Young Fogey.

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  1. john b says:

    I know that the syllogism “single-page endlessly scrolling political campaign website with appalling spelling, grammar and design => raving moonbat who’s best ignored” isn’t universally valid, but I’ve always found it quite a good rule of thumb.

    Meanwhile, Toby’s blog is rather good. But given the extent to which at least half his posts are deliberately provocative for the sake of it, he -really- ought to enable comments. It’d be fun (and I would make this comment on the relevant site, but, err…)


  2. Patrick B says:

    In a BBC Newsworld story 8 January ’04 on US campaign finance, the following even-handed (!) comment:

    “And the money is coming from the left as well as the right. Billionaire financier George Soros has given $5m to MoveOn.org, a liberal activist group working to defeat George Bush.

    And in the 2004 elections, these groups are engaged in a political shouting match with duelling attack ads.

    The Republican Party has angrily called on MoveOn.org to renounce an ad that ran briefly on its website that compared George Bush to Hitler.

    And with less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses, the Club for Growth has just launched an ad attacking Democratic front-runner Howard Dean.

    In the ad, a couple is asked what do they think of Mr Dean’s plan to raise taxes on families by $1,900, based on his pledge to roll back President Bush’s tax cuts.

    The man says, “I think Howard Dean should take his tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving


  3. Susan says:

    Well, the “Have Your Say” team has found a way to turn a discourse about international exchange rates into a forum for yet another anti-American hate-fest. The ostensible subject, “the falling dollar,” is really just another excuse for Bush and America-bashing. If the dollar was historically high they would be screaming different but equally anti-American and anti-Bush things. The “Have Your Say” team is almost ingenious in its ability to make even the most mundane subjects serve their ultimate agenda.


  4. PJF says:

    Off Topic:

    Here’s an example of amazingly crass, racist bias from a BBC person – and from an unusual angle for BBCdom:

    Kilroy-Silk investigated for anti-Arab comments

    Kilroy-Silk should be sacked for this as soon as it is established that he wrote those words (I suspect he must be expecting to be sacked, he surely can’t be that stupid.

    And the BBC should stop this whole nonsense of its staff moonlighting in this way – immediately (and sod the contracts, that’s a problem for the moonlighters). It is unacceptable for the public figures of a public service organisation to use their public notoriety to promote personal agendas – of any variety.

    Easiest solution – ditch the BBC. Then these racist tossers can be free to write for any rag that takes them.


  5. g wiz says:


    Check out the BBC’s Have Your Say page about the manned mission to Mars. As usual it’s full of America bashing responses about how it’s such a stupid idea.

    But the poll question on the news story page about Bush’s proposal to send a man to Mars show 81% approval for the idea.

    Further proof of the anti-American bias of the Have Your Say editors?


  6. Susan says:

    g wiz, I looked at it and submitted comments that won’t be printed as usual. What can I say? The “Have Your Say” team found a way to make a poll about whether or not “The Return of the King” should win the Best Picture Oscar into an anti-American hatefest.

    These people are very, very sick.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Apologies if this is the wrong area, but have you considered why Kilroy had his show taken off the air immediately, but the vile Tom Paulin retains his spot on the late night review show?


  8. PJF says:

    Why, that’s because of the BBC bias from the usual direction of leftist anti-Semitism. I doubt there is anyone writing for this blog that is unaware of the irony.

    Even Rod Liddle thinks Tom Paulin is a repulsive character:
    yet Paulin remains a BBC regular.

    No doubt the BBC will argue that Paulin is a guest rather than a presenter. Perhaps, now, they can have Kilroy join the Newsnight Review panel and the two idiots can cancel each other out in a little burst of mediocrity.