BBC executive proposes “desanitising the presentation of the war.”

Denis Boyles wonders if the BBC might want to spew its newslurry in other direstions.

A report in the Guardian isn’t very encouraging: “Today, a senior BBC news executive will make a controversial case for desanitising the presentation of war on British television. In a speech to a conference of broadcasters in Budapest, Mark Damazer, deputy director of BBC News, will say the current position is a ‘disservice to democracy’.” The problem? Not enough dead people — and, of course, not enough bias. Dear Deputy Director: How about desanitizing the presentation of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism? Or “a certain type of late-term abortion”? Or the effects of hypertaxation on the entrepreneurial spirit? Or how about sanitizing the way the BBC is funded and managed?

Mr Boyles makes an instructive point here. If TV news is to be desanitised, let us hear more about the driving philosophy of islamofascists just as thoroughly as the BBC pursues those “radical republicans” advising President Bush. Just let the truth be told.

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One Response to BBC executive proposes “desanitising the presentation of the war.”

  1. Barry Rab says:

    They could start by showing all that footage from the start of the intifada. The ambulances arriving with baskets and cartons of stones for the children to use; and also being used to give “lifts” to those armed with automatic weapons.
    Show the adults using loud hailers to direct the “kiddie” stone throwers and top it off with the scenes of the armed “activists” firing from behind the kiddies.
    Show the ambulances being used to transport explosives, hidden in a variety of ways such as underneath the stretcher carrying a sick child.

    To be truly honest start by having a daily segment of actual emissions from the Arab media not translated according to the BBC’s agenda.
    The following quote from an article :
    Your Taxes for PLO Propaganda
    By David Bedein | October 29, 2003

    Ms. Doucete, who refers to homicide bombers as “honor” killers, believes “her job is to translate” rather than simply report the news, because “Israel is led by a Prime Minister who believes that it is not Israel’s policy that is wrong, just that they have to explain it better.