Can you imagine the BBC making a story like this

if the gun-control lobby had a plan which “backfired”?

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4 Responses to Can you imagine the BBC making a story like this

  1. Ed Thomas says:

    I just read that article, and found it quite funny. Not because I laugh at gun enthusiasts but because the calibre of Hollywood ‘stars’ is so laughable. Personally I’d rather ban (or rather, tax into dispersal) big budget Hollywood films and ‘sex symbols’ on account of the danger they pose to mental health, and I’m sure much of America would agree with me. Just one more instance where the Beeb thinks it’s being rather clever and witty whereas actually its ignorance is naked to see.


  2. Random Numbers says:

    What’s really fascinating about that list is the fact that most, if not all, of the people on that list either has a carry licence or is protected by ARMED bodyguards. It seems that armed protection is only for the elite, not the peasentry.


  3. Alene Berk says:

    And, like 90% of journalists everywhere (hidden meme) they don’t know the difference between a semi-automatic and an assault weapon.


  4. Ben says:

    I think that’s a fair story. It has everything a story requires: crushing irony and a bunch of Right Wing zealots ending up with egg on their faces.

    It’s posts like this one that prove that this site is nothing more than another front for the rabid Right.

    Up the BBC. At £116 per year an absolute bargain.