No Questions for ANSWER?

Where are those highly-skilled investigative Beebots when there is news? Sleeping it seems. First, this postwar anti-war demo was a mere sliver of pre-war and mid-war moonbat confabs. That should be reported, not spun.

The march was thought to be smaller than the mass demonstrations before and during the war. But the BBC’s Jon Leyne, who was at the Washington rally, said it was probably more in tune with the mood of Americans, who are increasingly concerned at the president’s policy in Iraq. (Emphasis added)

Secondly, the sponsoring organisation, International ANSWER, is Stalinofascist to the core. The Beeb cannot resist the urge to describe a counter demonstration as having been sponsored by “the conservative Washington chapter of Free Republic.” Why is there NO curiosity about International ANSWER? Why no simple description of its left-leaning (nearly horizontal) position? I can only conclude that the BBC will put no questions to ANSWER. How else, then, could it remain in the most favourable light?

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5 Responses to No Questions for ANSWER?

  1. Barry Rab says:

    This may be a bit off topic but having just read the following article :

    PASSIA’S job was made easy for them. As the booklet continues into chapter 6, a “discussion” is recounted. The participants are moderators Dr. Khatib and Rami Khouri of Jordanian television, Tudor Lomas and two Western journalists: Eric Weiner, of National Public Radio (NPR) – another U.S. taxpayer funded enterprise – and Lyse Doucete of the BBC.

    I was wondering if the BBC collects 10%?


  2. Barry Rab says:

    Oops, forgot to include this quote by Ms. Doucete :

    Ms. Doucete, who refers to homicide bombers as “honor” killers, believes “her job is to translate” rather than simply report the news, because “Israel is led by a Prime Minister who believes that it is not Israel’s policy that is wrong, just that they have to explain it better.”


  3. Edmund Burke says:

    An Irish Sunday newspaper had the crowd at at least 100,000, “according to the organisers”. There was no countervailing estimate from the police, as is normal in these circumstances.
    My understanding is they could scrape up all of 10,000 from rent-a-mob.


  4. Jim Miller says:

    For what it’s worth, the US media gave the “peace” demonstrations almost identical coverage. Of those I saw or heard, NPR, as usual, was the worst.


  5. Joe says:

    I saw it, there were fewer than 5000 people there. Roughly as many as the daily visitorship the Smithsonian museum of dusty old bugs…

    NEWS organizations, even if they spin madly need to AT LEAST report what THEY SEE.