Robert Hinkley writes


On 27 September: this link says:

“North Korea has called for economic aid and a non-aggression pact with America in return for surrendering its nuclear ambitions, but Washington has consistently refused.”

Urm, that would be a bit like the economic aid that was provided by America in the 90s and up to November last year in return for North Korea surrendering its nuclear ambitions but then North Korea turned round and said “Haha, we’ve been building nuclear weapons all along you fools!” then “Oh no we haven’t, oh yes we have, no we haven’t but we want to, we have

them already, no we don’t. Now you don’t know *what* to think, you yankee dogs!”

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2 Responses to Robert Hinkley writes

  1. Andy Whittles says:

    To be fair to the BBC, I think that this is more a case of shoddy & lazy journalism (not that this excuses them of course). The point made about North Korea and the nuclear programme is made elsewhere on the BBC website, on a link from the referenced page.

    I seldom visit the BBC website now (it’s too left of centre for me), but certainly when I last looked it seemed to be where cub reporters worked while waiting to turn into full-grown BBC hacks. Standards of editing seem to be non existent.


  2. chinditz says:

    shoddy & lazy journalism

    i agree,but i would like to ad that there is quite a lot of arrogance in the media today.And plain and simple stupidity.And a lot of confusing op-eds and news.