Start the Week Open Thread 18 June 2018

The BBC in full anti brexit mode in the run up to more votes in parliament to overturn Lords’ votes .So called conservative backbenchers plot to derail brexit too . The current government celebrates the 70th anniversary of the inter- National Health Service  by throwing more borrowed money at it . Crucifixes are torn from peoples’ homes by muslim delivery drivers and they get a ‘ chat’ with the police. … Continue reading

World Cup Thread

I thought it might be an idea to put a separate thread up for venting during the footy cup – and we can include ITV in the coming bias. I calculate that the thread will be open until Eng er land get knocked out / win the Cup . I respectfully ask that we concentrate comment on biased coverage as opposed to to footy itself but I know how it … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread 11 June 2018

President Trump meets the Rocket Man today and its possible that the 1950 Korean War will officially end . Britain lost over 1000 dead in that war .So how will al beeb cover this historic meeting ? We can but guess. This week marks a year since a fire in a tower block. There might be no better week  to abstain from Al Beeb…but for those witnessing the bias here … Continue reading

George Orwell, the professor and the BBC

I’m indebted to Guest Who for posting this bizarre tweet by Nick Robinson about Orwell. I was stunned by it, struggling to absorb the fact that the BBC could put a statue of Orwell up at its headquarters, complete with the following quote: If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear Once I’d recovered sufficiently to ask Google … Continue reading

BBC won’t headline this abuse of your money. Why not? You’re funding Arsenal FC.

  BBC have not, as far as I am aware, publicised another recent  abuse of your money from the Foreign Aid budget. I was listenening to LBC the other day and discovered that this year, we gave Rwanda Sixty-Four million pounds, taxpayer pounds, your money for which you have worked in Foreign Aid. Now then, what did Rwanda do with that gift. I expect they duly said thank you as … Continue reading

Start the Week 28th May 2018

Thought I’d give FedUp2,TrueToo and Rufus a helping hand. They keep this important site going. So lets get stuck into BBC and how they misreport events. This week the emerging news will probably be the Italian elections which I think is going very well indeed, Tommy Robinson which the BBC won’t report, Brexit of course and the pressure on Northern Ireland to have a similar referendum to that in Eire. … Continue reading

What hope is there for Tommy Robinson under this ‘right wing’ party’?

I have for a long while now had the power to head a post, but I have resisted as I prefer to be just ‘one of the gang’ so to speak, but the arrest of Tommy Robinson has tipped me over edge. Here is someone who speaks his mind in a country that purports to have freedom of speech, yet contradicts its implementation with legalised criminality under  the term ‘hate … Continue reading