Midweek Open Thread 20 March 2019

Happy Equinox  . The political trial of Tommy Robinson has been put back to May .. So this is how to repress a dissenting individual . Even the Far Left State Broadcaster is unable to keep Project Fear nonsense up as remainers make Parliament look absurd every day . In view of all of this I would like to thank you for the restraint in your comments which is a … Continue reading

Tommy Robinson sues the police!

Update March 12: Ezra Levant is doing a fine job reporting from the trial on Twitter. Yesterday, March 11th, Ezra Levant got an urgent request from his friend Tommy to hop over from Canada to London and then Peterborough to report on his suit against the police in civil court. It’s probably unnecessary since there are so many fair and impartial UK media people keen to report honestly on anything … Continue reading

To John Sweeney Cc BBC Panorama

Update March 11: I messed the links up on the initial post, but all links are fixed now As a keen follower of Panodrama, I note you are suspected of being a bigot here and here, and a homophobe. I reserve judgement, because I think the remarks you made could be due simply to your rough Irish sense of humour rather than any real animosity towards these groups of people … Continue reading

Here’s hoping Panodrama…

…will make the BBC paranoid. Update 26/02: Here’s the good-quality original Panodrama from Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel with added subtitles. Update 27/02: From a comment by theisland below: Donations and sign up for free updates from Tommy Robinson is still working: here or here (on-off problems with the first link, but the second is working fine.) Update 27/02: So they’ve banned Tommy Robinson from Facebook – not through any wrongdoing, … Continue reading