Despite Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, suggesting the NHS is Labour’s “comfort zone” at a speech in London on Saturday, 43 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: “Theresa May and the Conservatives would do a better job than Jeremy Corbyn and Labour managing the NHS this winter”. Around 30 per cent agreed that Mr Corbyn and Labour would do a better job than the Tories, while 26 per cent … Continue reading

Demeanising Boris

  Boris is in the BBC’s bad books, as usual…he’s insulted and demeaned poor old mugwump Corbyn…have to say his humorous description was perfectly apt describing Corbyn’s naive and gormless operating style to a T.  The BBC of course would never stoop to such mockery…..despite having spent years abusing Boris, and indeed once calling him a ‘nasty piece of work’…not much humour there….and of course spending the last two years … Continue reading

Double Trouble

    The BBC is up to its usual tricks doubling up on ‘disaster’.  The GDP figures were out yesterday and showed a slight slow down….this ‘disaster’ the BBC has been trumpeting all day in every bulletin is because of inflation, due to the pound falling, due to Brexit.  They topped off the narrative, just in case you hadn’t got the message, with a clip of Sturgeon telling us we’re … Continue reading

Loading the dice

  Interesting how some very political stories are being given a very high prominence by the BBC….of course they make no mention of the election but you know that the reason they are running these stories is because they want to promote Corbyn [well, Labour] and damn the government.  Many interest groups know this and are queuing up to get some airtime with their tales of woe. A couple of … Continue reading

The Pitts

  A supposed journalist, Jack Pitts from WalesOnline, who doesn’t want to talk to one of the most controversial figures in the UK even though he is happy to write stories about him behind his back and libelling him as being ‘Far Right’……astonishing…a story turns up on your doorstep and you turn it down.  Journalist or gossip columnist? Definitely one for IPSO if not the courts….thanks to Mice Height for … Continue reading

BBC Journalists are pro-immigration extremists and racists

  Who are the extremists, those who want to allow immigration but also to control it in order to make it manageable so as to ensure better integration and that services are not overwhelmed, or those who work to smash national borders, loyalties, ethnicity and cohesion by throwing open the borders to allow in absolutely anyone and everyone who wants to come here? The BBC, and the EU, are the … Continue reading


Seen this? The number of senior BBC managers paid more than £150,000 has risen, despite assurances the figure would fall. A National Audit Office report said there were 98 people on that salary level last year, up from 89 in 2012. The BBC said reductions in the overall number of senior managers mean some staff now have more responsibilities, which has been reflected in their pay. It’s the “special funding model” which … Continue reading

They’re not laughing now

  The celebs who packed out the audience and were laughing so hard in 1997 aren’t laughing so loud now as the joke becomes reality, Littlejohn aside…let’s build that wall!!!…       Shame coz they need something to laugh about as their richly diverse and cosmopolitan lives are being devastated as one of their fave ethnic foods is being sabotaged and is off the shelves… Houmous crisis hits supermarkets … Continue reading

Red Widgets for Deliverance

  The Red Wedge celebs are out in force for Corbyn, all the usual suspects and no doubt there will be many a comedian amongst them…some aiming to be funny, some not. It’s just as Billy Bragg once admitted, that when a Tory government comes along its like putting lard balls out for the birds…they all come flocking…the birds being the lefty right-on bunch who get gainful employment from the … Continue reading

Minority Report

  It’s, we’re told, a brave man who predicts the political future…but the BBC give it a go anyway. On Saturday Jim Naughtie signed off his report on the French election with the thought that it was ‘rather scary’…meaning of course the possibility that Le Pen may surprise everyone.  Today we had Hugh Schofield telling us that we ‘shouldn’t be fearful of a Le Pen victory…because she won’t win.’  Any … Continue reading

Corbyn Chaos?

  In a prevous post we noted that Corbyn was spouting a new line on nuclear weapons, that he wouldn’t use a ‘first strike’.  This gives the impression, no doubt intended, that he may use nuclear weapons in response to an attack…when everything he has said in the past has suggested he would not, under any circumstances, use nuclear weapons.  This new position by him was completely accepted by Marr … Continue reading


The BBC’s fake news agenda is in full flow during the French Presidential election. Last night, the BBC chose to run with poll forecasts showing Macron in the lead even as the actual results showed Le Pen in the actual lead. Then, when Paris – that most enriched of French cities – came in for Macron, the BBC switched to actual results! Lamentable pro Macron bias. This morning it has … Continue reading