Fake News Groupies

  You couldn’t make it up.  Who does the BBC have as a guest presenter on the Today show today? CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour was a guest presenter on the Today programme this morning. So the Trump hating BBC brings on a journalist from the Trump hating CNN to interview an Obama wonk about Trump… Jake Sullivan, former director of policy planning for Obama says we are in … Continue reading

‘Little Finger’ gives us the finger

  The Today show once again gave the prime-time slot to a Remainer, New Labour’s very own Little Finger, Peter Mandelson.  He came on and told the most blatant of lies, lies that have been exposed again and again…even on the BBC itself…and yet Justin Webb allowed him to make these totally false claims building a case for Parliament to take over the final decision on Brexit….the People were just … Continue reading

Glass 50% empty

  You may have heard the BBC making sensationalist and alarmist claims that NHS performance had ‘crashed’. No, no it hasn’t.  It’s nothing more than a statistical distortion. Performance for treating patients in A&E have fallen below target…thus the BBC states the NHS has ‘crashed’.  Funny sort of crash when in fact the NHS is treating more patients than ever.  The problem is that there are more patients than ever … Continue reading

The Brexit Express

  The BBC is always consistent….it doesn’t matter if it says one thing one day and the complete opposite the next or a combination of the two the day after, the narrative is the same, the message the same, the intent the same….to attack May and to attack Brexit. During the election May wanted to run with Brexit as her main vote winner but this never happened…it was the economy, … Continue reading

The EU’s ‘Useful Ideologues’

  Normally the BBC is the very compliant mouthpiece for the EU, whatever anyone from the EU says is reported with reverence and respect….the statements given weight, credibility and authority by the BBC and treated as if the only possible and reasonable way of looking at things.  Statements from the British government on the other hand are treated with contempt and disbelief. This changed, at least for a while, on … Continue reading

Nobbling Boris

    The BBC, Knights of the Long Knives.  Very adept at political and character assassination or they try to be.  Their heavy handed attacks on Trump and Farage failed miserably despite massive resources thrown at them, Tommy Robinson succumbed to the intense scrutiny and extremely hostile BBC reporting about him and quit the EDL but has since seen the light and bounced back.  Andrea Leadsom might be added to … Continue reading

BBC Transparency is a joke

As a public body the BBC has a responsibility to operate as transparently as possible. The Trust takes this duty seriously and has tasked the BBC with setting new standards in openness and transparency. If they really took it seriously, articles would look like this. As it is, we are lucky if they even reveal which people worked on an article. What’s the big secret?

‘Britain, please don’t Vote Leave!’ – BBC journalist

Sofia Bettiza is a video journalist at the BBC. Here she is pictured with BBC Europe editor Katya Adler in Strasbourg. Before the referendum she exclaimed, “Britain, please don’t Vote Leave!”, and afterwards, she joined the group ‘Remain in the European Union – Exit from Brexit!’. Solid remainer, through and through. This didn’t stop her from being sent to work on Brexit related stories by the BBC. None of this … Continue reading

Next month’s news today

The governor of the Bank of England has to write a letter of explanation to the chancellor if the inflation rate is more than 1% either side of the 2% target. On Tuesday, Mr Carney told MPs on the Treasury Committee that “inflation rising potentially above the 3% level in the coming months is something we have anticipated.” UK inflation at highest since April 2012 If the Bank of England … Continue reading

Fall Girl

  Great shame…poor old Hillary couldn’t make it onto the fawning media circuit today as she had another fall….how would she have coped with the strains and stresses of being President?  She seems completely unable to cope with defeat and the reality of who is to blame…one Hillary Clinton. The BBC has been glorifying her and promoting her as the great lost opportunity, the solution that a dangerous and uncertain … Continue reading

Er….that’s not why we booked you!

  Highly amused….The Today show announced this morning…. Having been released from his position of National Security Adviser, Sir Mark Lyall Grant is now warning about the complexity of setting up new defence and security arrangements with the EU after Brexit. Just a shame the good Sir Mark didn’t get the memo and was going wildly off message telling us Brexit didn’t really pose any threat to security as we … Continue reading

Contemptuous and a little barmy

  Remarkable…prime time on the Today show and it’s another Remainder making his case to stop Brexit in its tracks…naturally he doesn’t want that, merely the right to properly oversee the process and uphold democracy.  Ken Clarke grabbed the 08:10 spot and was his usual contemptuous, patronising, louche self as he dispensed his wisdom and arrogantly laid down the law declaring that Parliament must have the ability to veto a … Continue reading

Becky Branford’s Agitprop

Yesterday we revealed how a revolutionary marxist is working as a reporter at BBC News. Now let’s look at just one of her articles, the merest tip of the iceberg: Is populism a threat to Europe’s economies? After putting forward the view of the ECB, she then devotes the rest of the article to criticising it, “Has the ECB got its analysis the wrong way about?”.  This concluding segment heavily quotes Olivier … Continue reading