Just to be clear

  So a Labour MP tweets Labour’s narrative on the budget and what is more surprising, perhaps, is that the BBC comes up with exactly the same narrative almost word for word. I had the misfortune to catch the first 5 minutes of Emma Barnett’s show.  It was more than eough, she’s always good value for money….this blog could run on her nonsense alone or what she calls ‘original journalism … Continue reading


A seat at the top table and those other silly meaningless metaphors about losing “global influence”. What gibberish. Now WE, yes you and I, have lost OUR seat at the International Court of Justice. Gosh how will I recover from this? They deal with such important matters as Alleged Violations of Sovereign Rights and Maritime Spaces in the Caribbean Sea (Nicaragua v. Colombia). “This is a failure of UK diplomacy“, says … Continue reading

Turning a drama into a crisis

    Talk about ‘Fake News’!  The BBC’s most prestigious flagship current affairs programme, Today, broadcasts a piece of fictional tripe as ‘news’…. What appear to be the last diary entries of Jim Hacker, of Yes Prime Minister fame, have been unearthed. Sarah Montague spoke to Jonathan Lynn, the co-creator of the series. Just blatant, contemptuous propaganda from the Remainders…apparently the voters just didn’t listen…to their betters…and so we must … Continue reading

Cultural Compounds

          Poor old Benedict Allen.  Thought he was off to meet some old chums in Papua New Guinea and comes back to the UK branded a racist, colonialist, imperialist white man by the Guardian.  Which you might think an irony as the Guardian must be the archetypal ‘white man’s burden’ model with its patronage of every ethnic, anti-white cause under the sun…..Don’t worry you little Black … Continue reading

Project fear strikes again!

Sky News has just reported on a new paper which claims households are more than £400-a-year worse off as a result of inflation caused by the Brexit vote. It may well be true, who knows. The BBC hasn’t actually reported on this yet, but it seems almost inevitable with a finding like that, so let’s see how long it takes them to plaster it on the front page of the BBC … Continue reading

Exit from Brexit

  The Remainders keep telling us that they are defending democracy and doing it for Britain and are not at all trying to stop Brexit and return us to the crushing embrace of the EU…..this of course tells the lie of that…   The time has come for Theresa May to tell the nation: Brexit can’t be done Alistair Campbell You can hear this classic line from Alistair Campbell as … Continue reading

That ‘Golden Age of Islam’

'If we want peace we need one thing – less Islam'. New, in today's Sun: https://t.co/kN03199KAr — Douglas Murray (@DouglasKMurray) June 4, 2017   ‘Out thought and undereducated.  We have lost the ability to think, to acquire knowledge, to advance intellectually and then we wonder why our community is in such decay.’   ‘Islam choked in the vicelike grip of orthodoxy….It was the end of tolerance, intellect, and science in … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread

  Britain’s standing in the world has been reduced [BBC fact] and we may lose our place on the International Court of Justice the BBC informs us….the unspoken term?  #duetoBrexit.  Note in the video Dimbleby once again denying that the BBC uses the term ‘inspite of Brexit’ or other forms of implying that.  Charles Moore also got similar treatment….and Guido has helpfully listed many examples where Moore and JRM are … Continue reading

Employing dirty tricks

  “Full employment never meant zero unemployment,” says Christopher Pissarides, professor of economics at the London School of Economics.   Philip Hammond said there was ‘no unemployment’….naturally, with 1.4 million people without jobs, the usual suspects jumped all over him in politically motivated attacks…. Philip Hammond says there are ‘no unemployed people’ Speaking to Andrew Marr, the chancellor says “there are no unemployed people”, when asked about the threat to … Continue reading

“The BBC is not biased” – BBC

  If you have been following the Rohingya story, you will have heard how the Myanmar army cleared itself of wrongdoing this week. Jonathan Head, BBC South East Asia correspondent tells us: To no one’s surprise, the army has exonerated itself of pretty much all blame. But its findings lack credibility, both because the inquiry was solely carried out by the very institution accused of committing the abuses, and because of … Continue reading

BBC reporting has a right wing bias

One of the worst and most ridiculous arguments goes like this: “the right say the BBC is too left wing, but the left say the BBC has a right wing bias, so it’s probably quite balanced in reality”. You’ve heard variations of this argument no doubt. The BBC has many presenters, journalists, employees. Not all of them have the exact same opinion. Andrew Neil is clearly more right wing than … Continue reading

All the world’s a stage….now Brexit has opened their eyes

H/T StewGreen The BBC is screening a new programme today…a play from the National Theatre.  In the days following the Brexit vote, a team from the National Theatre of Great Britain spoke to people nationwide, aged 9 to 97, to hear their views on the country we call home. In a series of deeply personal interviews, they heard opinions that were honest, emotional, funny and sometimes extreme. The writers?   Carol … Continue reading

Exodus Exit Left

  ‘Exodus’…the BBC’s name for its new programmes about the flight of Muslim immigrants to Europe…. Exodus: Our Journey In 2015, we gave cameras to some of the people who smuggled themselves into Europe, to record where no-one else can go. The result is a terrifying, intimate, epic portrait of the migration crisis. Across the whole of Europe, the rhetoric of the right is increasingly influential. The ‘rhetoric of the … Continue reading