#stopfundinghate….don’t buy a BBC TV licence

Daily Mail trying to do what it does best, trying to silence those that challenge racism & sexism #StopFundingHate https://t.co/Yp40CBD7WJ — Naz Shah MP (@NazShahBfd) August 18, 2017   Nazty Naz Shah [so very in line with the BBC’s own values] has been trying to silence the free Press or at least intimidate and bully them into publishing only pro-Muslim material, apparently they are not allowed to print anything critical … Continue reading

Nazty Naz

    The anti-Semitic [though you wouldn’t know it now listening to the BBC…fully rehabilitated there] Naz Shah demonstrates not just her own hypocrisy as she ‘challenges the Daily Mail’ claiming it is trying to silence those who challenge racism and sexism [hmm…Daily Mail has been at forefront of the campaign to expose Rotherham etc] but also shows she is of like-minds with the BBC as they try to, er, … Continue reading

Psycho Activist?

  The first thing the BBC likes to mention in any report on Islamic terrorism is that the perpetrators may be mentally ill. Have you heard the BBC say a word about the car driver who drove into the counter-protestors…has the BBC ever mentioned in its bulletins that he was psychotic?  Or that we should have sympathy for him as he was rejected by the army…for his psychotic medical history? … Continue reading

Dulce et decorum

  The BBC have nowt to say about Scottish ‘Nationalism’, it supports [as does Corbyn] IRA nationalist terrorism as well as Muslim supremacist terror, it is also remarkably accommodating when reporting on Catalonian asperations towards independence…you won’t find any sly allusions to Fascism, the Far-Right, or Nazis in this report unlike any the BBC files on UKIP…and not a murmur about concentration camps or ethnic cleansing that the BBC so … Continue reading


  The BBC’s Sarah Brett labelled Breitbart a Far-Right organisation saying its main followers were white supremacists.  Whilst this may be the orthodox BBC liberal’s view, not only is it not true but even the BBC probably thinks Brett went too far in openly expressing such views as its usual description now is that Breitbart is ‘ultra-conservative’.  Oddly dubious Muslim groups like the MCB, Cage, Mend or MPACUK are never … Continue reading

Acid Test

  No irony that on the day we had the Islamic terror attacks in Spain the BBC were trying to tell us that Islamic extremists were ‘brainwashed’ victims and that we should be welcoming them into Europe…and they say Trump is a supporter of extremism!? The Brainwashed teens fleeing to Europe Identifying the worst affected is difficult enough. Treating them, stopping the nightmares and repairing the trauma will be costly … Continue reading

Big Ben Silenced

  When it was announced Big Ben was being silenced for four years I thought it was a story about James Chapman…perhaps he’d been neutered until Brexit was over and his madness suppressed.  Apparently though Big Ben is a big clock not a big cock.  Just why does the BBC give him so much airtime and his ravings so much coverage and credence?  Instead of telling us the very, very … Continue reading

When did you stop beating your wife?

    If there’s one cliché question that people associate with media training, it’s this one: “When did you stop beating your wife?” It’s offered as an example of an (almost) impossible question to answer well, since most people will look guilty when they deny the charge. Imagine, for example, that Senator Smith answers the question by saying: “I’m offended by that. I never beat my wife, and how dare … Continue reading

Cyrus the Virus in your head and home

Big Brother wants to know all about you…..the BBC’s collection of personal information as you register for the iPlayers was passed off as a an attractive positive that meant they could personalise and tailor their service to you and your watching habits.  Of course it was mainly a means to try and force you to sign up to the licence fee had you not done so but it does have … Continue reading

Could Well Be Right

  The Left’s intention is to destroy the Western world and remake it as utopian multicultural paradise.  What the Left seems to miss is that the West is, for all its faults, the best of all possible worlds and that when they destroy it the world doesn’t get better it gets much, much worse and descends into third world squalor, poverty and violence as those wonderful multicultural Western paradises turn … Continue reading

Fools Rush In

  Sarah Brett on 5 Live asserted as fact that Breitbart was a Far-Right publication and that its readership was mainly white supremacists.  Perhaps Breitbart should get the lawyers in. The BBC has also been snearing at Trump all day for his latest comments about the destruction or removal of Confederate statues… US President Donald Trump has denounced the removal of “beautiful” Confederate statues amid a heated national debate about … Continue reading

Nazis are socialists…and Socialists killed millions upon millions of people

The German reaction is particularly strong – they know what they're talking about. https://t.co/OlySc6mhCs — Katty Kay (@KattyKayBBC) August 16, 2017 Shouldn’t the Far-Left also be confronted?…surely Germany knows all about them as well having been under the communist jackboot for half a century, never mind all those millions imprisoned, tortured and killed by Socialists across the world.  Maybe that’s just too sophisticated an argument for poor old Katty Kay … Continue reading