So President Trump talks about cutting a really good trade deal with the UK ANNNNND….the BBC wants to talk about chlorinated Chickens. Yup, that bad.  So BMW announce a major investment in Mini plant in Oxford and the BBC wheels along an academic hack to tell us that the batteries for said vehicle will be made in Germany! No agenda there folks, no way! Anywhere this is where you detail the BIAS!

No man is an island….but may be a ‘Titanic’

    Whatever happened to the über wet Matthew Parris?  Brexit seems to have driven him to the brink but he’s back, disinterred like Salvadore Dali and he’s in fighting fettle as he sees Brexit on the ropes, his mind may have gone but like Dali’s famed moustache Parris’ arsehole is in perfect working order pumping out the same old bile that it always did as he sees HMS ‘Transition’ … Continue reading

We’re all gonna die #duetobrexit

  We are warned today that over-cooked potatoes are dangerous to our health, however what they don’t warn us about are the threats posed to our democracy by the half-baked thoughts of half-witted BBC presenters. Ignorance is an excuse     A short while ago it was cancer #duetobrexit now the BBC is back with the lies about chlorine washed chicken from the good ol’ USA….we’re all gonna die and … Continue reading

What’s Missing?

  An horrific kidnapping, rape and murder….#duetobrexit or some other cause?…… The BBC version: A man has appeared in court charged with the kidnap, rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman in London. Mujahid Arshid, 33, is also accused of the kidnap, rape, and attempted murder of a woman in her 20s. Vincent Tappu, 28, from Acton, west London, is charged with the kidnap of both women. The men appeared … Continue reading

Girls allowance

  Oh dear, the BBC has been caught out in a sexist pay scam and it doesn’t like it one bit.  Already a rapid counter move is under way, Operation Muddy Water, intended to downplay, distract and disrupt criticism and unwanted attention.  The BBC really, really wants to talk about the gender pay gap….in other companies….and then to proclaim that well, yes, the BBC was at minor fault, but it … Continue reading

The Guilty Men

    Always worth a reminder of what the BBC, Guardian et al do behind our backs as Brexit moves up a gear:   George Orwell The general weakening of the whole British morale that took place during the nineteen-thirties, was the work mostly of the left-wing intelligentsia. The mentality of the left-wing intelligentsia can be studied in half a dozen weekly and monthly papers. The immediately striking thing about … Continue reading

Up the People….if they vote for Brexit or Trump

    ‘Stand up, all victims of oppression For the tyrants fear your might Don’t cling so hard to your possessions For you have nothing, if you have no rights .’   The BBC’s man of the people The journalist Paul Mason is dead chuffed by a nice review of his book Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere, a study of the Occupy movements, by the American historian Paul Le Blanc. … Continue reading

Canary Canards

  Where is the BBC’s fake news rapid rebuttal service? The BBC’s new favourite radical, Corbyn supporting online rag [which according to the BBC is set to counter the right-wing Red Top attack dogs…like the Mirror?], The Canary, has been pumping out fake news….. Jeremy Hunt should be ashamed of this despicable attack on NHS staff On Friday 14 July, a court handed down a judgement summing up the state … Continue reading

The BBC’s stealth on Health…good news is no news

Per person spending on health care in 2016, a comparison: The US: $9,364 The UK: $4,094 https://t.co/JCHNisFqT9 #HealthSpending pic.twitter.com/EQwHg94FPs — Commonwealth Fund (@commonwealthfnd) July 17, 2017     Over the past week I’ve heard on the BBC that the NHS is failing and that we are lagging desperately behind the rest of the world…hmmm…what I hadn’t heard were the results of the latest Commonwealth Fund survey on health systems from … Continue reading


      On Friday R4 broadcast Labour’s manifesto pledges on the NHS but in a comic voice…though why I don’t know as it was pretty comic to begin with.  I thank you! ‘Polyoaks’, written by a doctor, Phil Hammond, described by the Guardian as “One of the most entertainingly subversive people on the planet.”, was a scathingly political blast on behalf of the NHS….I’m guessing Dr Hammond doesn’t think the … Continue reading

Towering injustice

  Jonathan Freedland and the BBC like to use historical events to understand and inform the present….using their own interpretation naturally.  This week we were treated to a comparison of a fire in Glasgow to the one at Grenfell Tower.…Freedland told us this was a story about those with power and those with too little….in other words we don’t actually neeed an inquiry because Freedland has already passed judgement…it was … Continue reading

Trigger-happy triggered ‘liberals’

    The good news 2007: Ideological conflicts are likely to occur and extremist groups may use violence to achieve political objectives. There may be a resurgence of anti-capitalist ideologies, such as Marxism. Diaspora communities are likely to increase in size and influence and many will bring economic benefits to their host states. However, those that fail to integrate are likely to remain reservoirs for resentment. Some of these groups … Continue reading