Weekend Open Thread


The BBC is very excited about what is a bit of a non-story as Mueller tries to dignify his witch-hunt with a few Russian small-fry…let’s face it, should there be any surprise that Russia tries to interfere in a US election?  Hardly a new tactic for them.  And after all the BBC does it, the Guardian tried it and got slapped down.  And the US isn’t known for its lack of intervention in other countries’ internal affairs…such the small matter of Brexit.  Wasn’t it Reagan and Thatcher who toppled the Soviet Empire?  Bet old comrade Corbyn was gutted.

Speaking of which…Comrade Cob-Nut’s alleged dalliance with Commie spymasters hasn’t hit the BBC headlines yet…it’s top story in the Telegraph, it’s in the Mail, not the Guardian of course, it’s in the Times…but for some reason a story about the leader of the Opposition, whom the BBC keeps on insisting is the next, and soon-to-be, PM, hasn’t made it onto their own pages.  The BBC seems more concerned about Russian interference in US politics than the fact that a terrorist cheerleader who has close ties to Russia and Iran is so close to the top job in the UK…a man who wants to disband the Army, do away with MI5, trash Trident and neuter NATO….and of course destabilise society and crash the economy.    Just how does the BBC manage to ignore this story….can it ride it out hoping it will blow over quickly or will it have to dust off the cover stories that show Corbyn was a flag-flying model figure of the British Establishment?

List the bias here….




Funny is as Funny does…or not.

    How the Tories can avoid ridicule: Typical BBC bias, always knocking the Tories with their jokes about Brexit and Boris. Well Nish Kumar, host of the Mash Report, has a solution to that: “People always say why don’t you do jokes about Labour,” he tells the Red Box podcast. “But Labour are not really doing much at the moment. We feed off the news. “The reality is the … Continue reading

No pox on the Labour Cox

People are surprised Andrew Marr defends @MrBrendanCox… pic.twitter.com/DEAdgm6qFd — Harry (@brixham1982) February 18, 2018 H/T Stewgreen for the links. Sheer hypocrisy….just this one example will do to show the absolute two-faced tribal circling of the wagons to protect one of their own…. How times change when it is one of your own….taking responsibility just as the news breaks hard….always denied it before and even now says it’s all about nothing … Continue reading

The Campbell’s are coming!

  Looks like betrayal is in the Campbell blood as the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ author tries to betray the Brexit voters and urges the Remain troops on….as he did with the British army in Iraq….which Labour then hung out to dry putting them on trial for ‘war crimes’…ably assisted by the BBC….. Your energy and passion is much needed. Get those uni campuses stirred up. We need resistance and rebellion from … Continue reading

Playing possum

Kamal Ahmed: Thanks Molly. Headline has been changed. It was not meant to be taken as literal, but as an historic reference that was out of date. Kamal Ahmed: It’s been pretty torrid on here since @Andrew_Adonis raised the issue. The headline has been changed and I have deleted the original tweet. Journalism has to be read in context – headline and article. I felt meaning was clear. I hope we … Continue reading

Petty Tyrannies

  Tommy Robinson thought the BBC maybe having a petty little dig at him by promising to provide transport to bring him to a BBC interview and then the car fails to turn up [1 min 56 s in the video]. Paranoia or BBC games with the hated Tommy Robinson? Just reading in the Sunday Times that Ann Coulter, someone the BBC ranks alongside Tommy Robinson as a ‘Far-Right’ rabble-rouser, … Continue reading


      Brendan Cox is headlining on the BBC at the moment…must be a big news story….which begs the question why the BBC pretty much ignored the story when it was headlining in the Mail and on Guido as well as in other papers a while back….one BBC employee admitting he deliberately chose not to highlight those stories…..and note his alleged sexual assaults were carried out when he was … Continue reading

Is ‘Fake News’ Fake News?

  The Guardian wants to know what it can do to promote accurate, unbiased, accountable journalism, and the Social Media, saints or sinners?…it has a conference to discuss the issues…sorry, a ‘summit’….far more important than a mere conference…. The Guardian’s flagship summit returns on 7 March 2018 to look at responsibility against a backdrop of rapid change, and discuss how publishers and brands can best serve their audience and consumers. … Continue reading

Money Talks

    The Establishment shakedown continues as Brexit and the Trump victory are incessantly ‘stopped and searched’ by th self-appointed thought-police who aim to close down the wild west of the free speech internet.  It’s a well known fact, if you believe the BBC, that Clinton lost and Brexit succeeded due to Russian interference and the Social Media companies not doing their job….filtering out those whose opinions don’t align with … Continue reading

Alternate Tracks

  Do you want tracts or tracks?  Quentin Letts has gone for the tracks and Radio 3’s politician-free zone detoxing from the Today show’s politicised take on everything from sliced bread to bent bananas. Letts tells us in the Mail: Virtuous teetotallers boast about going on a ‘detox’ for a month. Well, bully for them. Mind you, I just did something similar and truly feel a lot better for it. … Continue reading

Nick Bryant ‘Reporting’

  Another day on the BBC and another idiotic smear story about Trump.  The ‘Footlights’ used to churn out comic genius like Monty Python, Beyond the Fringe and the Goodies…now all we get from our universities are tragic clowns who end up as BBC reporters trying their best to combine satire with hard edged news and failing miserably at both and of course english graduates who think they are scientists. … Continue reading

Right Up The BBC’s Alley

    Russell Brand is the BBC world view, their mindset, brought into being in a perfect, eloquacious, silver-tongued articulate glibness and quite barmy life form…well, life, perhaps not as we know it.  If you have two hours to spare….go and walk the dog or wash the car….anything but watch this video.  Surprised Sam Harris doesn’t run him through with a chair leg or something. Islam?  All about the peace, … Continue reading

Mid-Week Open Thread

Apart from John Humphrys noting that Lord Malloch-Brown was ‘subverting democracy’ as he collaborates with a foreign billionaire to sell-out Britain to a foreign power, the EU, the BBC seems to have pretty much ignored Soros’ ‘cash for collaboration’ plot to buy influence over British politicians.  If it was Murdoch?  Did enjoy MB’s assertion that his treachery was ’empowering democracy’ and giving a voice to those whose vote for Brexit was … Continue reading

Capitalism is so yesterday…Magic Money Trees are so now

  The BBC has long pandered to the idea that Capitalism is finished and that a great new idea must replace it, a great leap forward in the way mankind provides the necessities, and luxuries, of life for itself.  It’s complete rubbish of course, Capitalism, like Democracy, maybe the worst form of running our affairs, except for all the others.  It does need reining in naturally but it has lifted … Continue reading

Something Different

  The good Bishop in the interview below says they can’t get rid of Jesus from Europe.   Some might say Christians, Christianity, Christian culture, Western culture are being erased from Europe.  Slowly but surely.  Time for a bit of that muscular christianity or liberalism we keep hearing about?  Of course it would help if people could remember what liberalism was about.  The BBC et al seem to have forgotten and … Continue reading