The Problem

That the strangle-hold which the middle-class liberal elite have over our culture and society — without having anything close to hegemony — will be tightened still further, and their [right-wingers] views marginalised or even criminalised. And the excuse given will be they are trying to stop us being blown up, or stabbed to death on London Bridge. That’s my worry too — that in order to placate the sensitivities of … Continue reading

What a pay day!

    So we know that the BBC pays women less than men…..what do they pay transgender employees?  Tricky one huh?   Gotta love old Lord Hall Hall, so full of horses**t.  His plea to the government not to publish the pay rates was based on his thought that if women found out they were paid less than the men the BBC would have to cough up more…therefore don’t reveal … Continue reading

BBC ‘Journalism’

  The BBC reveals… Dozens of residents of Grenfell Tower suffered electricity power surges so strong their appliances malfunctioned, overheated and emitted smoke a few years before the fire, it has emerged. Documents seen by the BBC reveal how 25 residents claimed compensation from the council following the surges in 2013. Some say electricity problems persisted into the months before June’s fire. Police say the blaze, in which at least … Continue reading

Out of the mouths of babes

    From Ian Katz….such truth… Few species can match the brutality of a teenage child appraising its parent. I was reminded of this the morning after last month’s election as I passed my 18-year-old daughter on the stairs. “I’m never going to believe another word you say about politics,” she announced matter-of-factly. “Because you’ve been wrong about EVERYTHING.” It was hard to argue….there’s a tendency to tune out evidence … Continue reading

Prom-oting the EU

Last night a BBC spokesman said: “The Proms is not a political platform and all artists are booked on the basis of their musical excellence.”   From The Sun: proms hijacked BBC accused of turning the Proms into a platform for anti-Brexit fanatics BBC bosses are under fire after the Proms classical music festival was hijacked by anti-Brexit stunts twice in one weekend. Renowned conductor Daniel Barenboim ranted against the … Continue reading

Pick a causation, any causation as long as it’s ‘Tory’

  ‘The Labour Party set up an independent inquiry to examine the issue soon after coming to power in 1997. Sir Michael was a member of that inquiry team’. And in 2015 Sir Michael Marmot was still there advising Labour on their new ’10 year plan’…. Though Labour’s new approach to public health reflects changing times, our historic mission remains the same: to break the link between health and wealth … Continue reading

Bursting their balloonacy

    Oh nooooo!!!!! Inflation is down. The BBC’s major narrative that the economy is tanking with rising inflation and consumer retreat #duetobrexit has been busted.  This morning we were assured that inflation would at least remain at the dramatic and sensational highest level it has been at for four years….2.9%….and we would all die miserable, poverty stricken deaths…saved only by the hard work and sacrifice of immigrant workers. Oh … Continue reading

Move along, nothing to see here

It has been suggested that if everyone on the planet consumed as much as the average US citizen, four Earths would be needed to sustain them. The average American, says GFN, uses seven global hectares, compared to a global average of 2.7, according to the most recent GFN figures (based on data from 2011). It’s this figure of seven global hectares that allows Wackernagel and his colleagues to calculate that … Continue reading

Health warning

The BBC broadcasts a ‘controversial’ point of view but unlike so many others this one comes with a health warning… Don’t get such warnings about other ‘controversial’ views that the BBC agrees with such as this very, very frothy mouthed, eyeball-rolling rant against Brexit…  

What would Jesus do?

    Have a look at these two videos from ‘Not a sheep’, the first showing what the BBC doesn’t want you to see and the second that closing down of the debate in action…     Nolan in the second video is having no truck with people who dare to ring his show and suggest we control immigration much more strictly.  When one guy suggested it was madness for … Continue reading