BBC having a breakdown over the fact that the DUP and the Conservatives have announced an arrangement that keeps Corbyn OUT of Downing Street. It also ensures that the triple lock and winter fuel allowance for pensioners is maintained. Oddly enough the BBC cheered Corbyn when he wanted that but when the DUP actually achieve it…silence.

The BBC’s immigration extremism

    If you don’t want to read the full post let me sum it up for you…..if you want to control immigration you are somehow morally deficient, lacking in compassion, honesty and intelligence and you are a racist.  There should be no difference between economic migrants and asylum seekers and even confirmed terrorists should be allowed sanctuary here.  Hislop’s whole argument is based upon his intepretation of the Victorian … Continue reading

Camden Lockout

  Amazing, I wonder what the difference is. A Tory council is absolutely smashed for its apparently terrible and slow response to the Grenfell Tower fire, criticised for a chaotic reaction with no one being accommodated, people not able to find relatives, no instant database of everyone in the tower and where they were, no coordination of relief services and people apparently just couldn’t find those relief centres even when … Continue reading

Roughing it

  Sarah Montague was gushing all over Billy Bragg as they talked excitedly about Corbyn appearing at Glastonbury in yet another of his down-with-the-kids PR stunts.  Tory MPs were apparently choking on their full english as they listened in disgust to the BBC pro-Corbyn hype which they declared would, with one more little push, see Corbyn in No10 .  Can’t say they are wrong as Corbyn gets a free ride … Continue reading

Towering Injustice

  1984 documentary that predicted #GrenfellTower — The Agitator (@UKDemockery) June 20, 2017   Who knew?  Who’d-a-thunk eh? Grenfell Tower. You might have thought it was a no-brainer, a 23 storey tower block to be clad in insulation and rain-proof cladding…it’d have to be fire proof, surely?  You wouldn’t wrap a building in flammable material would you when non-combustible materials were available, materials that not only didn’t burn but … Continue reading

What ’caused’ the Finsbury Park attack?

    What caused the Finsbury Park attack?  Was it somehow the Mail and The Sun? No. This is what caused Finsbury Park…..No Muslim terrorism…no ‘blowback’…..and who helped ‘radicalise’ Muslims and thus in turn ‘radicalised’ the Finsbury Park terrorist?  The BBC and Guardian. Blood on their hands. This is not ‘rhetoric’, this is not an inappropriate tone, this is not Islamophobia…this is death, this is terrorism, this is the bloody … Continue reading

The BBC and Guardian…as read by Jihadis everywhere

  The Guardian produced a cartoon image of the van used by the Finsbury Park attacker blaming the Sun and  the Mail for ‘radicalising’ the driver…   Just the usual anti-Mail and Sun slurs that we come to expect….not just from the Guardian but the BBC also which never lets a day go by without some snide passing comment about the Mail and of course blaming the tone of the … Continue reading

Cop Out

    In the last post we had a reminder of the BBC’s extremely partisan reporting on Blacks killed by US police officers…the BBC wrongly claiming that Blacks are more likely than whites to be shot…not true…whites are in fact more likely to be shot…and note that a good proportion of the cops when they do shoot Blacks are in fact Black or other non-white ethnicity. When a black person … Continue reading

Little Black lies

  The BBC continues to try and suggest the shooting of Philando Castile by a US police officer was a cop shooting a man because he was black…never mind that the cop must have plenty of ‘black’ or other non-white heritage himself [photo above]…as with so many other shootings the police officer is not white and the BBC had to rapidly change its own racist narrative about ‘racist’ white police … Continue reading

Seriously? Keep it under your hat.

    The BBC is desperate….frontpage news…. Queen’s Speech: Is the Queen wearing an EU hat? The Queen has opened parliament to lay out the government’s plans for the next two years. At the top of the agenda was Brexit, and as the monarch proposed new laws to prepare the UK for its departure from the European Union (EU), some social users couldn’t help noticing the Queen’s choice of headwear. … Continue reading

The BBC’s dangerous lie…The ‘Bullshit’

What is Islamophobia? Following recent events in the news you might have been hearing a lot about Islam and maybe the term ‘Islamophobia’ – but what does this mean? The UK is full of people who follow lots of different faiths and religions. Most of the time they all get along and people are free to live the way they want to. However, some groups are targeted because of their … Continue reading

Only Left Lives Matter

  Last week we had the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox.  Naturally the BBC gave up plenty of airtime to talking about this and Brendan Cox is the new goto fixture at the BBC for any comment on terrorism and Far-Right hate.  Jo Cox’s actual murder was of course headline news for days, if not weeks and is still a pivotal point of reference when the BBC wants … Continue reading