Midweek Thread 15 January 2020

The biased BBC is going through the motions of box ticking on Operation Augusta – the failed inquiry by Greater Manchester Police into the sexual exploitation of young girls by Pakistani Muslim Paedophile Rape gangs .The report will be forgotten in a day , lessons won’t be learnt even after a report on it. The fear is that in forgotten towns in Britain vile sexual crime against young girls is … Continue reading

Start the Week Thread 13 January 2020

18 days until the UK leaves the EU. Last week the legislation finalising our leaving passed through the Commons with barely a mention by the Biased pro EU BBC; and at the moment it is busy with royal issues . Perhaps it is at a stage of organisational grief combined with a feeling of hopelessness that the General Election didn’t go the way the BBC wanted .

Weekend Thread 11 January 2020

The Far Left BBC is in a tricky position with regard to the non ‘cooperation ‘ of government ministers going forward to be harangued by BBC employee ‘journalists . Their bias has destroyed their ability to present fair views to the public which pays for them . The BBC is not accountable to the diminishing number of people who still pay for it . That’s got to change .

Christmas Thread 23 December 2019

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads or writes on this site a very happy Christmas from our very small admin crew. Thank you for your contributions throughout the year as the Biased BBC has spread its’poisonous propaganda across the airways – for which people have to pay . Perhaps that is going to change .

Start the week Thread 16 December 2019

As the post Election euphoria continues the Far Left Biased BBC is in its period of post Election mourning. Therefore we need to closely monitor the editorial narrative it will adopt to convince the electorate that their vote was wrong – because the BBC is never wrong is it ? – as we see from responses to formal complaints often published by people on this site .


By Up2snuff When Bojo heads to his desk this Monday morning I hope he has spent the weekend reading some history. Not the (recent) history of the General Election campaign just fought and won, covered in the weekend papers. Not Classical history, either, but about the first few months of a Conservative Government in 1979. Why? He needs to avoid making the same major mistakes. Margaret Thatcher leading the Conservative … Continue reading