The Manchester Effect

  Looks like the police are taking some action against Muslim extremists who all too often get away with it….of course it’s not just the police who look down on the white, working class like Tommy Robinson…the BBC does as well….he has the same views as many more well spoken anti-Sharia campaigners, such as Peter Tatchell, but gets nowhere near the respect….even Polly Toynbee is a supporter of ‘One Law … Continue reading

Lawfare and Media Jihad

    It has often been pointed out that the real threat to the West is not Islamic violence, the Hoy War ‘Jihad’,  but the cultural Jihad in which Islam slowly builds a dominant position through a process of demographic change, population increase, the cultural cringe of those afraid to ‘offend’ and not stand up for their own values and culture, a fear of the ‘native’ Establishment of being called … Continue reading

May versus The High Sparrow

    ‘You are the few, we are the many’   Corbyn is extremely sinister…anyone who adopts that quiet, steady, repressed tone of voice, that way of speaking. is hiding a lot…’s a mask…..curious how many people fall for it and believe Corbyn is a ‘nice’ person…..(H/T Sue at Is the BBC biased? for the video)…..     My recommendation?……      

Islam is the problem…said Boris Johnson

  Boris told us that terrorism in the UK was due to Islam…he said this in the same article that Corbyn’s fans use to defend Corbyn’s policy of outsourcing Britain’s foreign policy to Al Qaeda or its branch office IS…naturally that part of the article does not get quoted.   Corbyn and his supporters, the BBC as well, claim the Iraq War was the catalyst for British Muslims to become … Continue reading

On the Bandwagons

  What magic is this?  So glamorous…the new Jacqui Smith……       Apart from the BBC not seeming to get enough of Jacqui Smith at the moment what else was on Marr? Marr’s paper review had the above mentioned Smith, and the Trump hating BBC journo Jon Sopel, and ex-BBC PR guru for the liberal ‘Tory’ pro-EU Cameron, Craig Oliver….so none likely to be onside for May…and indeed not…and of … Continue reading

Making Fake News

  So desperate are the BBC to mock and malign Trump they get it wrong yet again… A short clip that sums up this G7 summit: look who has chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host's speech #G6 — James Landale (@BBCJLandale) May 27, 2017 You can see the small earpiece behind the glass…    

Faking ‘Fake News’

    Emma Barnett is name-checked in this video but her attitude is endemic and institutional throughout the BBC in regard towards ‘Fake news’.  The BBC has a huge vested interest in generating the impression that ‘fake news’ is a massive problem…..the BBC is trying to consolidate and reinforce its position as the dominant news provider suggesting only it can be trusted as the disseminator of accurate, trusted and impartial … Continue reading

Blond and Bland

  Perhaps because Emma Barnett is Jewish she feels she cannot criticise any element of Islam especially when events as happened in Manchester this week unfold.  Or, perhaps it is because she has imbibed the BBC ethos not to criticise Islam unduly. Laughably she held court over a discussion this week on her programme that suggested what we need is action….and indeed she has doubled up on that by writing … Continue reading

Who was right? Who is the real ‘enemy of the State’?

  Who was right…The EDL’s Tommy Robinson who argued we had to combat Islamic extremism or Lord Hall whose organisation worked relentlessly to cover up and excuse that extremism and present it as a ‘normal’ British way of life whilst vilifying and demonising Robinson?   Nothing ‘normal’ about this attack on the British way of life….. These are some of the Muslim practices that the ‘moderate’ and most representative Muslim … Continue reading

Now is the time for every good man to come to the aid of the party

Nick Robinson hears from the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith about politicians and decision-making on security; discusses the political power of the press with the editor of the London Evening Standard, George Osborne; and talks to Mark Damazer (former Radio 4 Controller) and Stewart Wood (former adviser to Ed Miliband) about the week’s big campaign interviews.   Treachery, treachery…what to make of a man who not only sells out his … Continue reading

BBCorbyn….terrorist sympathiser, terrorist apologist, liar

“It certainly appears to be the case that the British only sit up and take notice when they are bombed into it” Corbyn gave his speech today re-opening the election campaign with a promise to change British foreign policy at the ‘request’ of some ‘non-Muslim’ Muslim terrorists and linking it to home grown terrorism. Corbyn has done an enormous u-turn after decades of cosying up to terrorists, along with McDonnell, … Continue reading

Burnham in 2015…cut police budget by another 10%

The BBC’s Emma Barnett to Tory James Cleverly on the subject of police cuts and the blame for terrorist attacks… ‘I want you to accept that cuts to the police led to terrorism.’ Barnett also tried to promote the Labour lie that soldiers on the streets were a result of cuts to Bobbies on the beat…failing to understand that the soldiers were there, not to replace beat bobbies, but to … Continue reading