Apologies For The Downtime

We’ve had some problems with the hosting company and they shut the server down for about an hour today (as well as a few days ago).   I’ll be looking to move the website to a different hosting company hopefully in the next few days so there will be a bit more downtime while that happens.   I’ll update this with more info closer to the migration time.

Start the Week Thread 15th February 2021

Deep gloom for the Far Left Biased BBC as the government target of 15 million vaccine injections is achieved. The failure narrative has failed. So it will have to find another target to run Britain down . Meanwhile the political show trial in America – which received wall to wall coverage on the BBC – has also ended in failure -in BBC eyes .what next ? Oh – and a … Continue reading

Midweek Thread 10th February 2021

The Far Left Biased BBC is doing its traditional job of undermining British morale . This time it is putting doubts in minds about the effectiveness of vaccines . Meanwhile it has announced that the licence is to increase by £1.50 to £159 per year . But the good news is – tv licence tax evasion is going up – its currently at an estimated 8% – according the BBCs … Continue reading