Little Black lies

  The BBC continues to try and suggest the shooting of Philando Castile by a US police officer was a cop shooting a man because he was black…never mind that the cop must have plenty of ‘black’ or other non-white heritage himself [photo above]…as with so many other shootings the police officer is not white and the BBC had to rapidly change its own racist narrative about ‘racist’ white police … Continue reading

Seriously? Keep it under your hat.

    The BBC is desperate….frontpage news…. Queen’s Speech: Is the Queen wearing an EU hat? The Queen has opened parliament to lay out the government’s plans for the next two years. At the top of the agenda was Brexit, and as the monarch proposed new laws to prepare the UK for its departure from the European Union (EU), some social users couldn’t help noticing the Queen’s choice of headwear. … Continue reading

The BBC’s dangerous lie…The ‘Bullshit’

What is Islamophobia? Following recent events in the news you might have been hearing a lot about Islam and maybe the term ‘Islamophobia’ – but what does this mean? The UK is full of people who follow lots of different faiths and religions. Most of the time they all get along and people are free to live the way they want to. However, some groups are targeted because of their … Continue reading

Only Left Lives Matter

  Last week we had the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox.  Naturally the BBC gave up plenty of airtime to talking about this and Brendan Cox is the new goto fixture at the BBC for any comment on terrorism and Far-Right hate.  Jo Cox’s actual murder was of course headline news for days, if not weeks and is still a pivotal point of reference when the BBC wants … Continue reading

‘Can’t tell the difference between the fire and the firefighters’

  Does Sadiq Khan think terrorism is ‘part and parcel’ of living in London now?  Bet he’d like a few kufir ‘uncle toms’ to shop any white supremacist they think is ‘radical’…maybe he has also changed his tune about Muslims who want to work with the government to prevent terrorism and won’t be labelling them ‘uncle toms’ as he has in the past.    Who radicalised the Finsbury Park attacker?  … Continue reading

Identity Politics

  Maybe I’m going soft but sometimes think that I might be being too quick to criticise the BBC when they refuse to report eye-witness claims that a terrorist shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ as he launched his attack…maybe the BBC is being diligent and responsible…checking the facts and getting the story 100% right. If that though ever crosses my mind again I will just have to remind myself about today and … Continue reading

Flame and Blame

  Labour are going into overdrive blaming the government and the local Tory council for the fire at Grenfell Tower…isn’t there a missing layer of government there?  Where is Labour’s London Mayor?  Why didn’t he leap in to assist Kensington and Chelsea instead of criticising them as he does now…. Mr Khan echoed their point, saying: “People are angry, not simply at the poor response in the days afterwards from … Continue reading

Et Tu Brute

  The knives are out for May and not just the usual suspects that want Corbyn to occupy No10 but also those whose loyalty to Party and country is superceded by their loyalty to the unelected, undemocratic EU. The BBC gave a lot of publicity to the treacherous words of Portillo and Matthew Parris without bothering to reveal that these two turncoats are, as well as being Tory wets, in … Continue reading

Lily the Pinko Limpet

  Our blessed ‘Saviour of the Human race’…Lily the Pinko Limpet Allen….her ‘medicinal compound’?  A concentration camp, a compound, for the Rich probably.   Is there any cause too fashionable for Lily ‘The Limpet’ Allen not to attach her name to?  Refugees, wicked capitalists and now the victims of a towering inferno caused by neo-liberal greed and class discrimination.  Guess her record sales are in decline….93 in the charts last … Continue reading

Looting the Bodies

Corbyn lies to Peston once again, and again and again…people not being found accomodation? As of this morning we have housed 109 households in hotels in west London, if people are still in need please contact Housing 020 7361 3008 — RBKC (@RBKC) June 16, 2017   After the Battle of Waterloo the thousands of bodies that littered the battlefield were variously stripped of their clothing, their possessions, their valuables … Continue reading