Guest article – Roger Harrabin to the rescue!

“It’s not often you get a top BBC journalist pooh-poohing the corporation’s top news programme, but that is what we saw a couple of days ago. The story begins with Monday’s Today programme, which told listeners in no uncertain terms that “there could be no insects left on Earth in a hundred years”. This story is based, of course, on the recently published scientific review of papers on insect populations … Continue reading

A questionable amount of time….

….spent watching Question Time I think people here who believe that the BBC reads this blog are correct. I think Fiona Bruce has come across comments on her lack of clarity of speech and has decided not to take criticism from right-wing Neanderthals at Biased BBC. Indeed, she appears to have doubled down on her diction and is now swallowing every sixth or seventh word. And whoever is responsible for … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread 6 February 2019

The public consultation on ending free TV licences for over 75s concludes on 12 February . I have put the link here ; now I know ‘ many’ think consultations are a waste of time because the high and mighty will do what they want any way – but anything which undermines the biased far left  state broadcaster could be worth it.

Start the Week Open Thread 4 February 2019

Another week of Biased BBC Project Fear to stop democracy . They must be starting repeats soon as theyre running out of ideas .Why not just ‘crash out’over the ‘cliff edge’ and have a ‘ hard brexit ‘ just like not one single beeboid wants.. Meanwhile up goes the TV licence tax . No justification. No explanation from the Far Left State Broadcaster . In a ‘ normal ‘ country … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread 30 January 2019

If the first ‘sitting ‘ MP in 30 years gets sent to prison one might have thought an objective news organisation might have fully reported it . But as we know the Far Left BBC is anything but objective and the Lady MP isn’t the subject of much criticism by the MSM. As an aside – she is making the traditional ‘appeal’ noises but might realise that to get 3 … Continue reading