Oh Kay

  Katty Kay, always worth a watch.  Today she reported on Republican Roy Moore and looked like someone had just shoved a pineapple up her backside and she was desperately trying not to let on as she tried to control the pained surprise with tightly shut eyes, puffed out cheeks,  a strangely immobile face, speaking through a mouth shut tight giving us her impression of a white person acting as … Continue reading

Hyping inflation

  Listening to the BBC news and you’d think a 0.1 rise in inflation was the great crash of 2008 all over again.  Ever get the feeling that the BBC is so desperate to do away with Brexit that it would be very happy to see the economy crash?  Odd that for all the warnings about the supposed effects of Brexit on the economy the BBC doesn’t get anywhere near as … Continue reading

Last month’s news today

On October 17th I wrote that in November or December this year, inflation would pass the 3% threshold needed to trigger a letter from Bank of England chief Mark Carney, predicting: Carney’s letter will be deeply pessimistic about Brexit, so the BBC will report it as the top story with two or three articles of “analysis” where they cherry pick some other statistics to mislead the nation once again. Several … Continue reading

BBC will have to start earlier than 6am to trick me!

Yes it’s 6am on Monday morning and the propaganda machine is in full swing. This time it’s a BBC survey which tells us that Two in five women in the UK say they have experienced unwanted sexual behaviour at work. Excellent news. This marks a huge drop since they reported a BBC survey several weeks ago: ‘Half of women’ sexually harassed at work. Or maybe the survey data is just total … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  Apparently, according to the BBC, Nichola Sturgeon is very worried that some parts of the UK might be treated differently in any Brexit deal.  No, no BBC, she’s cock-a-hoop…she couldn’t wait to demand that Scotland be given special status when she heard that NI was to be ‘aligned’ with the EU.  Just the usual hopeless ‘analysis’ from the BBC which doesn’t want you to know that May’s stitch-up was … Continue reading

One side to every story

  Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is shameful and discriminatory. It stokes hatred and violates essential human rights. https://t.co/eb45gnbkdX — Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) December 4, 2017   We noted the irony of the BBC warning us about fake news in reports that were themselves fake news. Here they are telling us that Trump tweeted out some fake videos as they report the BBC’s Orwellian propaganda drive in schools…. The issue surfaced … Continue reading

Lord Hall Hall….corrupting young minds

  Interesting explanation from the BBC of the BBC’s sinister and machiavellian attempt to brainwash schoolkids……note this is just another way to peddle the BBC’s own toxic messages about Trump whom they declare is falsely claiming the media is ‘fake news’ and is weaponising the term for his own illegitimate purposes, about ‘ fake news spikes around big news events, such as plebiscites that are too close to call.’.…ie Brexit … Continue reading


      To hear that the BBC will be sending teams of their own journalists into schools to teach children how to spot fake news is somewhat amusing if not just a little terrifying…it’s like sending Jimmy Savile into schools to teach the children how to spot a paedophile. It’s not difficult kids…if it has ‘BBC’ on it then it’s a good chance of being fake news. BBC to … Continue reading

BBC allows Pro-Palestine reporters to cover Jerusalem

The BBC live blog on the Jerusalem story is currently being run by Becky Branford (who is a revolutionary marxist) and Mal Siret. Yes, that’s the same Becky Branford who opposed Israeli plans in East Jerusalem, and the same Mal Siret who celebrated as “a stunning victory” the news that Jeremy Corbyn supported the Palestinian right of return. Two completely biased Pro-Palestine/Anti-Israel reporters. Typical of the BBC. Edit: Now they are also posting … Continue reading

They don’t offer opinions…just verdicts

BBC News itself is impartial and does not offer opinions How then can they have an article which is entitled Prime Minister’s Questions: The verdict, featuring videos of BBC presenters giving their opinions verdicts? "It was a time for forensic questioning" says @afneil on #pmqs but Mr Corbyn gave "a series of rather short speeches, a couple of which did not ended in any kind of question at all" #bbcdp pic.twitter.com/ZXj9kbBNJo … Continue reading


I’m thoroughly disgusted that the BBC’s idea of education and entertainment almost always includes an underlying political element. The latest attempt is Invasion! with Sam Willis which combats “the idea that we Britons are somehow unique”; they barely try to hide the support for mass immigration here. The argument is basically: “Britain historically had a lot of immigration, so you shouldn’t oppose further immigration” which is about as valid an … Continue reading


    The BBC has stated in its news bulletins that the Manchester bomb attack could have been stopped.  In the web report they quote from a report saying that the attack coud have been stopped if… “the cards fallen differently.” Could MI5 have stopped 2017’s attacks? A major review of whether MI5 could have stopped any of 2017’s terrorism attacks has revealed details of opportunities that, had they been … Continue reading