Anyone catch posh Ed Stourton’s travelogue on that charming resort of Gaza this morning? (7.39am). I was touched hearing his all too evident admiration for the tunnelling skills of those fine Hamastan inhabitants although angered at the way in which the evil Jews have wrought all of this due to their “Operation Cast Lead” a year ago. Good old BBC – ALWAYS fair and balanced on this topic. Click through … Continue reading


The Sunday Times reports today that the IPCC 2007 report perpetuated a massive untruth about global warming, that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035. It’s a truly astonishing story of how a supposedly scientific body that preaches unassailable ‘facts’ will take any alarmist titbit and magnify it to the nth degree. Guess who was foremost in reporting this nonsense? The BBC of course. To be fair, it has reported … Continue reading


Kevin Marsh is probably not a well-known name outside the rarified corridors of the BBC. But as head of the BBC’s College of Journalism and also a former editor of Radio 4’s Today, he’s one of the corporation’s top news wallahs, shortly due to retire on an obscenely fat pension. So how does he practise his trade? As a scion of public service broadcasting, with its binding principles of fairness … Continue reading


I asked, last week, how long it would be before the intrepid Roger Harrabin came up with a defence of the Met office, after his Yorkshire-based colleague, Paul Hudson, dared to suggest that Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi (among others) was more accurate with his weather-forecasting than the Met and its £170m global warming lying machine (aka a supercomputer). Well, it’s taken him all week. And if you can understand his back-flipping, … Continue reading

Younge Americans

In September, when US-based left-wing Guardian columnist Gary Younge popped up as a bona fide voice of the BBC on From Our Own Correspondent, I pointed out that he had recently described followers of the Tea Party movement as “(a)nnoying, bizarre, incoherent, divisive, intolerant, small-minded, misinformed, ill informed and disinformed…” In other words, just the sort of prejudice against the American right which finds favour at the Beeb. I noted … Continue reading


I never thought I would write this, but three cheers for a Labour peer. Their lordships debated ‘climate change’on Thursday. Predictably, in the most part, it was an alarmfest about the need for more taxes, laced with endless religious warnings that the end of the world is nigh; the idiotic peddling of moonshine. But there was one ray of sunshine. Step forward Bernard Donoghue, the former policy adviser to Harold … Continue reading


Writing here, Mary Ellen Synon documents another BBC smear.. “The EU’s new foreign secretary, Baroness Ashton, was at the European Parliament today, being questioned by MEPs. Since she will also be a new vice-president of the Commission as well as ‘High Representative for Foreign Affairs,’ (no, I still can’t believe it either) she had to submit to questioning like all the other members of the new Commission. The BBC on-line … Continue reading


In the Daily Telegraph’s interview with Michael Parkinson, towards the end of the item we pick up this gem; A senior BBC source said: “We’re desperate for anyone that isn’t white and male. It’s difficult in entertainment because the options are so limited. Diversity is a big issue and they’ve over-relied on men for a long time.” Claudia Winkleman and Shappi Khorsandi, the comedian, have been tipped as potential rising … Continue reading


A concerned B_BBC reader writes…. “In next week’s Radio Times (16-22 Jan 2010) there is an interview with Dermot O’Leary. A quote from the interview is printed over his photo. The quote says: “I’ve probably got more in common with a liberal Muslim than a conservative Catholic” In the interview he actually says: “I don’t like evangelism and I’ve probably got more in common with a liberal Jew or a … Continue reading

Obama Worship

The BBC’s creepy Obama obsession continues on Radio 4 with Obama’s Babies: In Swahili Obama means ‘blessed one’ and mothers across Africa were quick to bestow the name on their offspring. ‘Obama babies’ followed in America and across Europe as parents grasped at the hope that the President Elect’s magic could rub off on their children. But one year on and with the President’s dreams being tested by reality, how … Continue reading


When I worked at the BBC, many moons ago admittedly, the main justification for the licence fee was that people actually watched BBC shows. Peak time audience share for BBC1 regularly nudged the 40% mark, and over a week, most people actually tuned in to the channel for a significant amount of time. Latest official figures, however, show that BBC1’s overall audience share during December was down to 21.5%, and … Continue reading


This, on Bishop Hill, says it all about the BBC mindset. Note the worship of the greenie bible Since Silent Spring (which condemned millions of Africans to death in its total villification of DDT); the belief that the NASA warmist lunatic and eco-thug James Hansen is an authority worth consulting; and the idiotic, arrogant certainty that such an investigation on these terms is terribly important. Truly toxic! Click through to … Continue reading


I’ve said it before, but the BBC greenie fanatics are forever on the hunt for new scares, even when it’s so cold that global warming stories are scarce. Today’s alarmfest centres on the cuddly polar bear. Overpaid ecofreak scientists in Denmark have now decided that it’s not only melting polar ice that’s a threat to our ursine friend, but also nasty chemicals from industrial activity. There’s no such thing as … Continue reading