Looks like the BBC has found itself a new political hero in the unlikely shape of George Papakonstantinou, who speaks for opposition party the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. George was given a generous airing on PM last night and he is back again on Today this morning. I’m sure you notice how gently the BBC treats those such as George who advocate the ongoing ..ahem ..”peaceful resistance” to the government, along … Continue reading

Is it just me … ?

Imagine it’s December 2000, and that Texas Republicans stand accused of auctioning off newly elected President George Bush’s recently-vacated governorship to the highest bidder. I can’t help thinking that would be the number one BBC news story for days if not weeks. There’s no way it would be squeezed out of the headlines by more euthanasia plugs or the government’s latest series of welfare reforms. Of course, during the campaign, … Continue reading

“crud is always crud”

The Head of Acquisitions at the BBC outlined the Corporation’s policy in a recent radio programme. She told us: “The children of today are more used to the up-market, faster-moving things” and that “in today’s hugely competitive schedule we are up against about another twelve to fourteen children’s channels and we have got to stand out.” As a policy that is, in my considered view, almost criminally preposterous. Some accuse … Continue reading


Hey – who would have guessed but the recession is over! Well, maybe not quite but the BBC has been busy this morning assiduously pushing the line that retail sales are only marginally down year on year, that employers are simply “holding off” on recruitment for a few months, and, of course, that more and more people are putting their trust in the Great Leader. Amazing Alice in wonderland stuff, … Continue reading


Listening to the BBC “Today” this morning was quite the experience. It was a full-on left-wing fest with many of their shibboleths on full display disguised as “news” It kicked off just after 7am with an item on the EU’s current attempts to broker “a deal” with the Eastern European nations on reducing carbon emissions. BBC “Analyst” and climate change cheer-leader Roger Harrabin was almost breathless in his excitement that … Continue reading


I happened to tune in to Radio 5 just after 9pm and caught John Piennar interviewing some liberal US journalist on just how wonderful a job President-Elect Obama is doing. It was a five minute tribute to Obama with Piennar joining in the adoration of The One. Honestly, now the BBC have their man in the White House the very notion of criticising the US President will desist. Makes a … Continue reading

General BBC-related comment thread!

Please use this thread for comments about the BBC’s current programming and activities. This post will remain at or near the top of the blog – scroll down for new topic-specific posts. N.B. This is not an invitation for general off-topic comments, rants or chit-chat. Thoughtful comments are encouraged. Comments may also be moderated. Any suggestions for stories that you might like covered would be appreciated! It’s your space, use … Continue reading


Have you noticed the shameless shilling for Prudence Brown the BBC has engaged in today? It has been leading with Prudence’s exhortation “to the world” no less to do something about the situation in Zimbabwe. Brown is full of hot air on Zimbabwe and for eleven years he has sat complacently at the heart of a government which has impassively watched Mugabe systematically destroy his own country. Yet the BBC … Continue reading

‘Cos Doctor says.

A BBC report, Patients going ‘private’ on NHS by Nick Triggle, says: Thousands of patients a month in England are using a government reform to get what is effectively private treatment paid for by the taxpayer. Patients have the right to opt for any NHS hospital or private unit that can offer the care at NHS cost. In little over 12 months, the number opting for private hospitals has risen … Continue reading


Wee Dougie Alexander was on the BBC this morning talking about the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe. He was boasting about the £10m of UK tax-payers money that he has given to various NGO’s and the UN to help bring relief in Zimbabwe. My question is why are we giving so much as one penny to Zimbabwe? The issues that afflict it all have a political origin in the shape of … Continue reading


It’s Thursday night and for all you who take a perverse pleasure in watching the bias that is such a distinguishing feature of Question Time, let the fun begin. Tonight the programme comes from here in Northern Ireland – although I was not given an invite for some reason. The good news is that they do have an IRA gunman on the panel, so the scent of cordite should hang … Continue reading


Nice to see that the BBC are maintaining the high standards set by Mr Ross and Mr Brand. Chris Moyle, “the saviour of Radio One” reckons that Polish women make good prostitutes. Nice to see the license tax being put to such good use. Moyles, who earns a mere £650,000 a year for presenting his breakfast show, told those tuning in on November 19: ‘I’ve always found in my experience … Continue reading


In all the BBC’s extensive coverage of what should prove to be another cut in UK interest rates today, why is the impact this has on those people who SAVE never mentioned? It strikes me that media focus is relentlessly on the plight of those who borrow – often beyond their means – whilst those people who wisely make provision for their future by saving their money are all but … Continue reading