Isn’t it remarkable that despite the extensive coverage the BBC affords those who squat on the northern French coast awaiting their first berth into land of hope and welfare, there is never any proper consideration as to WHY they cross vast land masses in order to get into the UK? The BBC meme is that the United Kingdom should welcome all who decide to come here and this permeates every … Continue reading


So, it’s quite early in the morning, and I turned on the BBC Word Service just after 5am. Talk about bias! A charming female presenter, with a decidedly non-British accent, read out in the space of 15 minutes a litany of one-sided BBC liberal bias. We were told about the very important UN meeting on climate change and “fears” that it might not succeed (whose fears?); we were told about … Continue reading

Bad Vibrations

Jeremy Bowen has written another article summarising the conflict in the middle east in which he refers authoritatively to the fundamental differences between the two sides. With signs of strain palpably peeping through the prose, he fulfills his obligation to present Israel’s case, as all impartial journalists must. To set the scene, he describes some tacky, militaristic fripperies tourists can purchase at Tel Aviv airport. Inflatable helium balloons shaped like … Continue reading


Earlier this month the BBC’s Director of Global News Richard Sambrook admitted that the BBC should have given more coverage to the story about Obama’s wacky green jobs czar Van Jones. Since then, another scandal embarrassing to the president – this time concerning the Obama-supporting community activist group ACORN – has registered little more than a tiny blip on the BBC news radar. Today revelations have emerged about the National … Continue reading

The BBC and Afghanistan – Every Little Helps..

• US in Afghanistan failure warning • Italians mourn Afghanistan dead • UK army ‘rotten’, Iraq probe told Full marks for BBC News today – three of the top online headlines fitted neatly into one of the key items on the Corporation’s agenda which appears to be to do everything possible to build up the Taliban as the genuine voice of the Afghan people and to undermine the NATO mission … Continue reading


As a Biased BBC reader for at least five years, I know that its essence is variety. My second post as a new contributor, therefore, was going to be about something other than the wretched BBC obsession with climate change. However, that was before I heard the unspeakable John Prescott lecturing me on R4’s World at One this lunchtime. He, a jumped-up, thuggish shop steward with no scientific training whatsoever, … Continue reading


“Sometimes you look at countries like China and you think, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to be an autocracy in times like these?’” Matt Frei, Americana, September 20, 2009 Three weeks after Obama’s election victory, Matt Frei was filled with the spirit of hope’n’change and was looking forward to the prospect of “America’s brightest people” once again having the chance to put the country on the correct path: Thanks to the … Continue reading

B-BBC – the new team!

I simply wanted to thank all those new posters who have joined the site in recent days. As you will have noticed, Robin Horbury, DB, David Riddick and the All Seeing Eye now join with Ed, Natalie, Sue, Laban and yours truly to bring you a rollicking good daily read. The cast has grown and it will help me get the time required to get the BBC book completed. Please … Continue reading


Current BBC North America editor Mark Mardell on Obama: His conclusion was that “the easiest way of getting 15 minutes of fame is to be rude”. Previous BBC North America editor Justin Webb on himself: “I’m rude about quite a lot of people, I was very rude about Sarah Palin which upset some people.” Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


In his book on BBC bias, Robin Aitken states that the default BBC political mode is more Lib-Dem than Labour. It’s a view that I largely agree with and it was on display this morning in the TODAY interview that took place with Nick Clegg by Sarah Montague. Cleggy’s big idea is…gasp surprise..to soak the rich, or as he puts it, to spread “fairness”. (Wealth redistribution is so passe se … Continue reading


BBC bias is a curious beast, spotted this morning lurking in “the jungle” near Calais. Listen to the report here by Andrew Hosken. It is entirely from the perspective of those illegals trying to get into the UK, by hook or crook. Where is the perspective of the local French people, how do they feel? What about the people in the UK who will be forking out benefit to these … Continue reading

Mardell OBNs Obama

The President of cool, calm and thoughtful If there was a message, it was about tone. Opinion polls seem to show that whatever people think of his policies, people like the president. His calm and thoughtful manner, the impression that he will look at a picture in the round, rather than make a knee-jerk judgement, seems to go down well. This interview showed him as almost professorial, like a distinguished … Continue reading


Hi all! Just to let you know that after our summer break (what summer?) we will be returning with the LIVEBLOG of BBC Question Time. I will flag it closer to the time, on Thursday coming but wanted to give you a heads-up! Marking 30 years on air, Question Time returns on Thursday 24th September and will be in Bournemouth as the party conference season kicks off. The panel will … Continue reading


BBC taking a Sympathetic view concerning the softening of the law on assisted suicide. BBC via Mark Mardell giving thumbs up to the Obama leftist media blitz Stateside (‘Bama ignored Fox, of course. None so brave, eh?) BBC giving us Ed Balls truly ludicrous “cuts” strategy positive spin. News? No. Liberal propaganda? You betcha! Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.