Did you read that Peter Hain is to make a formal complaint to the BBC Trust over the appearance of the British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, on BBC1’s Question Time? This follows what insiders described as a “robust” meeting between the Secretary of State for Wales and the show’s executive producer, Ric Bailey, during the Labour Party conference. “Mr Hain said yesterday: “I fundamentally disagree with the BBC’s decision. … Continue reading


Here is Peter Hitchens on BBC bias.. “Here, I believe, is proof that the BBC is institutionally biased against male conservatives. Not long ago, I received a call from a BBC Radio 4 person. It was not very flattering. They were having a big debate about Afghanistan. And, as they were having great difficulty in finding anyone else to support Britain’s immediate withdrawal, would I please, please, please take part? … Continue reading


Nicky Campbell on “The Big Question” asks “Should Christians be Socialists”. First few guests assert Jesus was a lefty. Andrew Marr virtually hugs Alan Johnson on his programme. BBC World Service declares “Heart and Soul – the 99 beautiful names for God in Islam” Not biased. Naturally. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Tactical change of climate

The above video shows what could be called the power of nightmares- a form of Governmental abuse. The BBC yesterday published an article questioning the reality of global warming. One of the sickening things about the BBC is its ability both to change the climate of opinion, and use its journalistic license and political antennae to change course and retain its reputation. When will we get the apology for the … Continue reading

Obama Beat These To The Prize….

From Ace – who else was up for the Nobel Peace Prize? Chinese Human Rights Activist Hu Jia – imprisoned for campaigning for human rights in the PRC, not as worthy as Barack Hussein Obama. Wei Jingsheng, who spent 17 years in Chinese prisons for urging reforms of China’s communist system. — not as worthy as Barack Hussein Obama. (Not to mention the symbolic value of awarding a Chinese dissident … Continue reading


So, Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Price. The BBC coverage here is interesting insofar as even the BBC is forced to fess up that of the thousands of those who have contacted the BBC, 75% have expressed “surprise”. (Though “world leaders” welcome it) I’ll say. My small point is that the BBC makes reference to this award being surprising after his “less than a year in power” period. … Continue reading

They’re only Republicans…

This comment was left on the blog of Radio 4’s PM programme (click image for larger version): I responded in kind: As I expected my message was removed very quickly (within ten minutes): The comment from “alanparker” hoping for the death of “racist Republicans” Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin is still there. Update. Somebody at the Beeb must be reading this blog – the “alanparker” comment has now … Continue reading


Did you catch this item on Today this morning? Christine Odone vs Harriet Harman on the issue of whether a minority of women in government are steering women’s policy towards “macho” values. Naughtie seemed keen to ensure that La Harman got as much time as possible not that there’s any bias here….heaven forbid. Perhaps letting Harman talk on and on is not a bad idea since whether she knows it … Continue reading


The reason I ask is the BBC driven faux outrage over the fact that a senior soldier should seek to serve his country amongst the ranks of the Conservative Party. Today has been making mischief on this one all week and Sarah Montague had another go this morning. It strikes me that the BBC was determined to make this week as uncomfortable as possible for Cameron and so getting an … Continue reading


Anyone catch the BBC 10 O Clock News just now? They ran coverage of the Cameron speech at the Conservative conference. Then, they cut to a small vox pop in Bolton and would you believe it but the people they found couldn’t quite bring themselves to support the Conservatives. Peter Mandelson will be pleased! Good old Auntie. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


When he died, the BBC paid fulsome tribute to him. Why even living saint Tony Benn declared him “one of the finest men I have ever met.” I refer to Trades Union baron Jack Jones. Then, a week ago, the BBC informed us that “he was briefly considered by the Soviet KGB as one of their agents, according to an official history of MI5.” Panic not, dear reader, because ” … Continue reading

Good Beeb/Bad Beeb

I was delighted to hear two items on radio 4 this morning in which neither Israel nor Jews were shown in a bad light. 1. Israel has the moral high ground in this unusual report by Christian Fraser, and on Today R4 0.42.23 (too early for Listen Again.) The antisemitism of Egyptian intellectuals who are virulently opposed to any normalisation of cultural relations with Israel has prevented little if any … Continue reading


Well, Question Time is back this evening and there is an interesting panel of pundits in the form of Yvette Cooper, George Osborne, Sarah Teather, Sir Stuart Rose and Ian Hislop for us to discuss. I imagine the boot will be put into Osborne so I trust he is well prepared. Hope you can join the liveblog at 10.35pm!QUESTION TIME LIVE Click through to read and contribute comments on this … Continue reading


Stephen Fry is never off the BBC, much favoured luvvie and yet he has come out with some comments that if made by others would see them labelled as hate-mongers and banned from the BBC. However it all depends on who the targets of such offensive comments are, of course; Stephen Fry has delivered an insulting attack on Catholics and Poles which grotesquely misrepresents historical fact and which, if levelled … Continue reading

F-Bombgate – Director General Intervenes

I can tell you’re all itching to know the latest on F-Bombgate, so here it is: The Five Live sports news sabotage case, in which a Saturday morning pre-recorded interview with Wigan manager Roberto Martinez had an obscene blooper out-take inserted, has reached the level of the BBC Director General Mark Thompson.Thompson has ordered all unused studios at Television Centre to be locked as part of his investigation and the … Continue reading