The BBC acts as an echo chamber for gay rights activists, Stonewall and this time around football is “institutionally homophobic.” Have a read of this pro gay rights propaganda. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


I suppose it is one of those “silly season” stories that all the media loves but it was given quite a positive hearing on the PM programme this evening and I had to stop and double check to hearing that I was really hearing the proposition that….pubs should be opened to children for lunch…. as a way of fighting the recession. Eddie Mair seemed quite taken by Prue Leith’s lunacy. … Continue reading


Do yourself a favour and have a read of this gloriously biased article on climate change by BBC journo Richard Black. Throughout the article is the assumption that there is NO DEBATE to be had on the merits of Kyoto and for that matter what follows it. For the BBC, the science is “settled” – Al Gore would be so proud of them. Just a pity we have to fund … Continue reading


Have you read this piece of pro-Obama garbage churned out by our entirely neutral State Broadcaster? It’s been fun watching The One flounder on this topic as he tries to socialise healthcare but the BBC is determined to present him as master of all he surveys. Isn’t it also nice to read there were no “angry scenes” at the meeting. Nice touch BBC.

It’s All About No Oil …

Just giving the garage its summer clean and sort, when the following idiocy was aired on the PM program about ten minutes ago. They were discussing the Burmese sentence on the noble Aung San Suu Kyi. I paraphrase : “… and we’ve just had a mail come in on the subject of Burma, which says ‘Isn’t it a tragedy that Burma hasn’t got any oil ? Otherwise the resolutions would … Continue reading


Wonder can you help me this BBC report. You see it concerns the Scottish badminton team who it seems now feel like “prisoners” in India because the English team has left that land. Why has the English team legged it from the World Championships being held there , you ask? Well, we have to do a little work to find out why! In paragraph three we learn off a “terrorist … Continue reading

Open thread

It seems that this is the time for a new reposted open thread to cater for your latest observations and thoughts on the BBC and its content. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Thought I would share with you those words that the BBC attack you for daring to use on-air. I’m not talking about vulgarity – that’s the job of Jonathan Ross and so many of the BBC “Comedians” and they are well paid for debasing our language. No, I’m talking about the political vocabulary and the things that must not be aired. A few years ago, I took part in a … Continue reading


In essence, the BBC meme is that in the aftermath of Islamistan murdering THOUSANDS of people in the USA, British security and intelligence services should have realised that their immediate priority was to ensure the UK did..not get involved in rendition or become complicit in any way with the “torture” of alleged Jihadists. They’ve been dragging this theme out all morning, culminating in Universal Shami getting a canter through the … Continue reading

Dirigism rules, ok!

Well, maybe not that exactly, but something close to the BBC’s heart- the idea that Government should intervene as much as possible in the economy. In this article the BBC gives us a tale of two factories, one in Wales, one in England. One helped by the Welsh Assembly, one not helped by Westminster, you see where this is going? It would be a neat little comparison were they not … Continue reading


Wonder what you make of the news that Gary Rogers, who previously edited BBC One’s Six O’Clock News, set up GR Media in 2006, and it won a contract with the Corporation just months later. The contract awarded to GR Media in 2006 involved setting up an Arabic service for the BBC. Nice money, eh? A self perpetuating hypocrisy. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Wondered if you caught the debate on Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” concerning whether one should be willing to die for your faith? It is was set up by liberal Nicky be comparing the faith imperative behind Taliban homicide-bombers with Christians butchered for their faith (by Muslims, but Nicky didn’t go there) So, no real difference between the value systems of Islam and Christianity – right? Meanwhile, another big question was … Continue reading


Had to laugh at the wriggling of Andrew Lansley on Marr this morning. We have to be honest here and acknowledge that assuming the Conservatives come to power next June, we WILL be hit with an instant increase in VAT, we will be stung with income tax rises, and Cameron will continue to shovel cash into the gaping maw of the NHS. All good reasons NOT to support such a … Continue reading


Just off the BBC and what was the usual very short period of debate with both the opening words and last words being handed to my opponent (natch) as well as the host attacking me for the use of the words “race hustler” in connection to the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton! Talk about pricking a balloon. We talk here about BBC bias here but when you are … Continue reading


I see that Al Beeb has been giving much publicity to the comment from Gen Sir David Richards the incoming head of the Army that “nation-building” in Afghanistan could last decades. Now, I am not sure why Gen Richards is pontificating on matters political (The BBC does not ask) nor am I clear on why the BBC could not find any commutator who might take issue with this interpretation of … Continue reading