The News Huddlines (Radio 2) was one of the BBC’s last old-style comedy shows, with fine roots that could be traced back back to the great days of shows like ITMA and Beyond the Fringe. Despite being hugely popular with its audience, it was axed unceremoniously at the end of 2001. Roy Hudd, its presenter, has just revealed why. He was taken to lunch by an (unnamed) BBC senior executive … Continue reading


Lord Stern, a self-appointed expert on ‘climate change’ who in reality is nothing but a jumped-up economist wrote, back in 2006, a deeply flawed report that contained a tissue of extremist political untruths – dressed up as scientific ‘truth’ – about what he claimed were the threats facing mankind. His work was comprehensively debunked at the time by the doughty economist Ruth Lea, who rightly observed that like all the … Continue reading


The boy David Miliband has been revealing the real post-Lisbon EU agenda today; that he and the rest of his rotten party want Tony Blair to become president of Europe, and the UK itself to be a vassal state in the pursuit of EU goals. As usual, the BBC gives him acres of space to push his federalist views, both on the website and on most major news programmes such … Continue reading

Dynamite! BBC Fails to Notice.

Several of you have pointed out that the BBC hasn’t much to say about the Andrew Neather story. It’s a pity because it’s regarded as explosive. The Nick Griffin furore inspired Mr. Neather to admit that mass immigration was deliberately engineered by the labour government who wanted to:a) rub the right’s nose in diversity, and b) to fill skills shortages. Now that things have gone awry Andrew Neather still wishes … Continue reading


One of the main BBC stories this Monday morning is that efforts are being made to create a new ‘anti-slavery’ law in the UK. Surprise, surprise, it is supported by the BBC favourite harridan-in-chief, the ubiquitous Shami Chakrabati, as well as Anti-Slavery, described as ‘the only British charity to fight slavery’. The concern among some sections of the political classes who have sanctioned the influx of millions of immigrants is … Continue reading

Victim or Villain?

Did anyone hear Saturday Live R4 yesterday? The bit about Uday Hussein’s body-double, Latif Yahia. The poor fellow was forced, on pain of death to him and his family, to impersonate the evil Uday. Fi “How did that make you feel” Glover was sympathetic, as you would be. But hang on. When Uday himself decided to take a potshot at poor Latif, all obstacles must have evaporated because he somehow … Continue reading


James Forsythe, in the Telegraph, hits the nail squarely on the head when he says the the BNP can be dismissed – but their constituency can not. Unfortunately almost all politicians and vast swathes of the media, the BBC above all, have consistently failed to make any serious analysis of why the party has grown in membership and electoral support over the last fifteen years despite the seedy nature of … Continue reading


Nick Griffin reverberations continue loudly, but meanwhile our friends at the BBC are pushing as hard as ever this weekend in their climate change nonsense. The corporation desperately wants agreement in Copenhagen, and is leaping at every opportunity to support moves which will have only one real effect: to condemn millions in Britain and throughout the world to fuel poverty. Posted this morning was a story which, as usual, has … Continue reading

One in Five?

Are one in five really considering voting for the BNP?If so, and Nick’s appearance on QT was the catalyst, some thoughts belatedly occurred to me. It’s generally accepted that QT exposed him as a holocaust denier and racist. Yet despite that, and despite the fact that being a racist is perceived as the ultimate wickedness, one in five have somehow managed to push Nick’s racism to the back of their … Continue reading

The Day After the Night Before

The aftermath of Question Time on the interweb is riveting, unlike the show itself.The hooha does reveal the extent of everyone’s awareness of the BBC’s agenda.The BBC reduces it all to : Griffin Attacks Islam on BBC Show! Nick Griffin said he thought the sight of two men kissing on telly was creepy. The BBC spun that into “Nick Griffin says gays are creepy.” The villain. As the unremitting attack … Continue reading

Today’s Forecast Wrong Again

Today programme news bulletins this morning: 6am – “Figures to be released this morning could show that the UK economy grew slightly in the third quarter of this year. If confirmed it would be the first quarterly growth since early 2008 and would mean that the recession is technically over.” 7am and 8am – “Many analysts expect figures out today will show that the British economy has started growing again…” … Continue reading

Another F-Bombgate Update

It’s getting a bit ridiculous now: The special BBC unit investigating the 5 Live sabotaging of a pre-recorded sports item with obscene material have finally interviewed alleged prime suspect Ben Jacobs three weeks after the incident.Yet it’s understood that Jacobs, who denies involvement, was only asked general questions such as how long he’s worked for the Beeb.These could easily been researched during the 25 days in which this BBC probe … Continue reading