What a surprise! The BBC is flogging the allegations by the anti-Israel “human rights” group B’Tselem that many more Palestinian civilians were killed in the Israeli military’s campaign this year in Gaza than the Israeli army admits. B’Tselem said “detailed research” showed that out of 1,400 Palestinian deaths, 773 were civilians – many of them children. Shamnesty International claims of Israeli war crimes are thrown in for good measure! Now, … Continue reading


It would not be a normal week if the BBC was not pushing the idea that the recession is over and that green shoots of recovery are now being spotted everywhere. The Employment market is “starting to show signs of recovery” and the decline in vacancies and pay is easing. Looks like Captain Brown has steered us through the icy seas of recession and all is looking up. Rejoice, Vote … Continue reading


Having spent yesterday availing myself of the convenience of modern air travel, I tune in the BBC this morning to hear an all out attack on this necessity of everyday life. Just after 7am, there was someone on to claim that we should stop ALL domestic flights, this was balanced by further interviews with those who suggested that taxes on domestic and business would have to be scaled up IF … Continue reading


Wouldn’t the BBC be better off if it changed it’s name to the Palestianian Broadcasting Corporation such is the stream of relentless anti-Israeli propaganda disguised as “news” that it produces. It’s not just the irksome but repeated use of the biased “occupied West Bank” term but linked headings such as “Israeli troops “ill treat kids”, and “Breaking silence on Gaza abuse” (and yip, the abusers are Israelis, natch) and then … Continue reading


So,”three men” have been convicted of plotting to kill thousands of people by blowing up planes from London to North America with home-made liquid bombs. Home Secretary Alan Johnson says that “This case reaffirms that we face a real and serious threat from terrorism.” Interesting piece of analysis from the BBC but I think something is missing…. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Listened to an interview with Jason McCue, the lawyer for some of the NI victims of Libyan funded IRA terrorism just after 7.30am – within a minute he had a go at the Conservatives. He also pointed out that in his view Brown had not done a u-turn. What a canny Lawyer and how convenient for Prudence. Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam (Catchy name) is now painted as the bad guy, … Continue reading

Some Are More Equal Than Others …

I would love to be a fly on the wall at the conferences where the items for BBC television and radio news are decided – to try and work out why some stories make it and some don’t. Murders are a case in point – there are about a thousand a year over the United Kingdom – three a day. Yet not only do 90% of them not make the … Continue reading


I saw this on the BBC news and spotted you discussing it on the Open Thread and felt it deserved further attention. Gordon Brown has been exposed thanks to the Sunday Times as being the man who personally vetoed Libyan pay outs to the victims of IRA terrorism. Libya shipped Semtex and arms to the IRA for several years from 1985. Lawyers representing British victims have evidence that the Semtex … Continue reading


“Is Mary a good role model?“, asks Nicky Campbell. Most vocal contributors from the BBC audience were Muslims. The other view was mostly Roman Catholic. I thought the UK was (at least nominally) a Protestant country though no one on the audience was able to articulate that opinion. You couldn’t make it up. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Nicky Campbell asks whether the arms trade is a necessary evil. Nothing like a loaded question, right? Audience populated by moonbats, of course, comparing the Arms Trade to the Slave Trade. Even those who advocate the use of arms in the audience such as Col Bob Stewart agreed it was “intrinsically evil.” Nicky wanted to know in what way was an arms dealers different to a drugs dealer. A guy … Continue reading


Andrew Marr reckons that we are now moving out of the recession whilst interviewing George Osborne. BBC news suggests likewise. Rejoice, and to all the unemployed out there, chin up. Keynesian uber alles. They never saw the recession coming, they will not see it leaving. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Watching Sir Hugh Orde on the Marr Show. Orde is perhaps the most politicised Police Officer one could conceive but he was on to argue that is is wrong to politicise the police aka the suggestion that Police Chiefs should be elected. He also got a dig in at Boris Johnson. Orde is the guy, let us recall, whose proudest achievement is to brought IRA bombers and bank robbers onto … Continue reading


Excellent article by Chris Booker here. BBC viewers were treated last week to the bizarre spectacle of MrBan Ki-moon standing on an Arctic ice-floe making a series of statements so laughable that it was hard to believe such a man can be Secretary-General ofthe UN. Thanks to global warming, he claimed, “100 billion tons” of polarice are melting each year, so that within 30 years the Arctic could be “ice-free”. … Continue reading


So, despite Obama’s stimulus, US unemployment hits a 26 year high. Thank god the BBC managed to track down Nigel Gault, chief US economist at IHS Global Insight, who says that the rise in the jobless rate was not too discouraging. “The decline last month was too good to be true, really.” Fair enough. It’s an opinion- how about a counter-balancing one?