I’m not a Roman Catholic but I am sure that any RC who is currently listening to the Nicky Campbell “Big Question” on BBC1 will be outraged at the deliberate manner in which the Church is being demonised following the revelations of abuse carried out by priests in Ireland. The child abuse in the Irish Republic is, of course, utterly appalling but let’s be clear about it – the BBC … Continue reading


Just spotted he who was Cat Stevens now Yusef Islam on the Andrew Marr show, giving us a song for a Sunday morn. Wonder if Andrew asked Yusef if he is still a profound anti-Semite and Hamas enthusiast? The BBC has never met a Jew-hater they didn’t like. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


I read the BBC coverage of Druid Williams and Sentamu urging people NOT to vote for the BNP. This is presented as a moral intervention in national politics but I wondered why the BBC’s highly paid theological correspondents have not enquired why the holy duo did not take similar action to stop people voting for the pro-Jihad Respect Party or the pro-IRA Sinn Fein Party? Could it be that this … Continue reading


Well, it saddens me to say this but Conservative charmer Nadine Dorries was appalling on BBC5 live this morning. She came across as a drama queen trougher apologist and whoever advised that this would be a good move is crazy. For once, just for once, the BBC interviewer Victoria Derbyshire, actually made some good points as Nadine dug herself into a hole six foot deep. Did you hear this – … Continue reading


Did you share my misfortune in listening to this item on the BBC this morning? Dhimmi David Miliband was in full flow as he explained how we don’t show enough respect to the Muslim world and that the modernisation afoot in Islam is not being given due recognition. Really? The bit that sickened me MOST was when Miliband got to insert the usual “There’ll never be peace until Israel and … Continue reading


Anyone else catch this paean to Cuba on Today this morning? The BBC just loves doing everything possible to big up the kind and charitable priorities of the Castro gulag of our times. Wonder if BBC reporter Michael Voss ever wonders why so many Cubans risk their very lives trying to escape this veritable nirvana on Earth? The bottom line is the BBC is shilling for Obama to restores diplomatic … Continue reading

"typical urban dwellers"

From the Socialist Unity blog yesterday : Can anyone explain why Jeremy Vine’s show on Radio 2 this afternoon ended up interviewing John Rees, former SWP big cheese, as a studio guest representing typical urban dwellers, in a debate contrasting city life with rural living ? Among the comments : As National Secretary of Respect, John Rees appeared on the show many times, presumably the producers & Vine liked his … Continue reading

Film Festival Fiasco

See how the BBC reports the fiasco at the Edinburgh Film Festival. How dumbed down this is, and how casually they recount Ken Loach’s boycotting blackmail, – (Loach) urged pro Palestinians to “stay away” – and how little they are making of Ginnie Atkinson’s astonishing U-turn. The item has been running at Harry’s place since 15th May, and updated on 19th, and today Melanie P has taken it up. The … Continue reading


QUESTION TIME LIVE!The panel will include Health Minister Ben Bradshaw, Conservative shadow foreign secretary William Hague, Lib Dem chief economic spokesman Vince Cable, former independent MP Martin Bell, treasurer of UKIP Marta Andreasen, and columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. It kicks off at 9pm – much earlier than normal. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

It’s not the jokes, it’s how you tell ’em

(NB: This post is not by Natalie, but by occasional B-BBC poster Niall Kilmartin.) It’s not the jokes, it’s how you tell ’em: BBC red-button news this morning reported the arrests in the US. The final sentence of the report was: New York has been on alert for a new terror assault since the 9/11 attack claimed by Al Quaida militants (no emphasis in original) Al Quaida do indeed claim … Continue reading

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Honest Reporting links to JJ Goldberg’s article in Columbia Journalism Review where he analyses and compares coverage of the “debunked allegations” of IDF abuses in Gaza. (I use the quotes because I’m quoting.)He is interested in how the story is framed, and notes differences in the way the American and British press present the subject. JJ Goldberg acknowledges that the US ‘Jewish lobby’ is a factor that both affects and … Continue reading


Hi All. Am going to be away from the site most of today but aim to be back for Question Time live tonight so please come along for our weekly entertainment! On daily matters, Today was in fine form today. Did you catch the item about Trade Unions putting forward candidates for election because the current government is morally bankrupt Obviously the Public Sector trade unions are paragons of virtue! … Continue reading


Look, it’s been a big blow to the BBC and they need our understanding. I refer to the “victory” of the Sri Lankan government over the Tamil Tiger “fighters”. So, which terror group to shill for now? The Taliban, of course. Today has been active this morning with this report and a further discussion on whether the US can win the war in Afghanistan. The BBC meme is that terrorism … Continue reading