A heartwarming tale about the BBC’s tellytax goons from The Swansea Evening Post:

A Grieving widow has been hit with a £180 fine after her dead husband was summoned to court. Maureen Davies was stunned to be told her husband had been hit with the fine for failing to appear in court – despite the fact he died five months ago…. Following a six-week stay in hospital, the 47-year-old returned home to find that Swansea magistrates had fined husband Leonard, even though he … Continue reading

Yesterday we had Reluctant Criticism of the BBC from Sky News.

Today, Jon Craig, late of the BBC, asks How many BBC men…? On the day the BBC announced cuts and job losses, even the Prime Minister’s mild-mannered and quietly-spoken press spokesman, Mike Ellam, couldn’t resist a little dig at the number of the corporation’s senior correspondents attending the EU summit in Lisbon. At a briefing about Gordon Brown’s so-called “red lines” in the controversial new EU treaty, Mr Ellam was … Continue reading

Current BBC comment thread:

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Last night’s Newsnight had some interesting coverage of the angst

about proposed BBC budget savings, including a filmed report by Liz McKean, Paxman interviewing Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the BBC Trust and the best bit, a studio discussion with Stuart Murphy, former Controller of BBC3, Jeff Randall, former BBC Business Editor and Paxman. Liz McKean’s package started off informing us that “[The BBC is] having to do so with less, £2 billion pounds less of the public’s money”, then … Continue reading

Glen Oglaza of Sky News, blogging at Boulton & Co.:

Although I really hate to say this on the week that the BBC bosses will announce job losses in news and current affairs (why don’t they merge BBC3 and BBC4 instead of cutting the very heart of what the BBC should be about?), there was yet another example of massive over-staffing today. When Chris Huhne launched his Lib Dem leadership bid, our cameraman took the trouble to count the number … Continue reading

Tuesday’s BBC Ten O’Clock News was a good example of the BBC at work

– the usual mush of dumbed down right-on BBC output. Highlights included, in no particular order: a report on the appearance of Northern Rock executives before parliament, including mention of criticism of the BBC for their part in precipitating the run on the bank, followed by a fairly lengthy studio discussion with Robert Peston justifying the BBC’s role. Naturally enough, this was countered by someone with an opposing view, er, … Continue reading

Changing minds at the BBC, a few words at a time…

A vvvery humble Devil has done some fact-checking on the BBC’s reporting of the venerable Al Gore, and guess what? They’ve overstated his credentials as a climate change “expert”. Well, go and read all about it, but what is noticeable for me is the tone of forced gratitude on the part of the BBC journalist, Roger Harrabin, and the inadequate way a partial correction is made. The question is whether … Continue reading

Compare and Contrast

From the BBC News Search engine (which has lost a lot of functionality in the last couple of months. Gone is the ability to search by date range or by news area. It didn’t always work properly, but the current search is pretty minimalistic) – Eid has just passed, Navratri is still with us, so compare : Your 7 pages for Lent. Your 23 pages for Ramadan. Your 1 page … Continue reading

Catching up on some summer posts that I didn’t quite finish at the time

Catching up on some summer posts that I didn’t quite finish at the time, there was an interesting article in Private Eye no. 1191, 17-30 Aug. 2007, giving “the full story of Channel 4, the CPS and the lies told by West Midlands Police” about the recent to-do over Channel 4′s Undercover Mosque programme broadcast in January. Although Undercover Mosque was a Channel 4 programme it is pertinent to Biased … Continue reading

Compare & contrast:

courtesy of Youtube, here are excerpts from last night’s BBC Ten O’Clock News and Sky News at Ten programmes, their respective headlines and their coverage of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize jointly to Al Gore and the UN climate change panel:   BBC Ten O’Clock News headlines, followed by Al Gore, lead story. Sky News at Ten headlines, cutting to Al Gore, the third story. Unfortunately I don’t … Continue reading

Open thread – for comments of general Biased BBC interest:

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Media bias is in the eye of the beholder

according to Guardian blogger and media commentator Roy Greenslade, blogging about a new broadcast monitoring service called Newswatch that: has emerged from a research body founded in 1999 that famously carried out an analysis of the BBC’s coverage of the European Union and found it unduly biased in favour of the EU. …and undertakes to: use a range of robust analytical tools to study the British broadcast media. Our methodology … Continue reading

Rather Unfortunate, That

In the days before 7/7, when the BBC were still worrying about a post-9/11 backlash, someone had the idea of a programme depicting ordinary Muslims coping with other people’s prejudices. “Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic“, went out on 12th June 2005, to mixed reaction. What must the odds be against the footage inadvertantly including alleged British jihadists? Mohammed Hamid, 50, who called himself “Osama bin London” and ran a religious book … Continue reading

Barney Jones, editor of The Andrew Marr Show responds

on the BBC Editors Blog to recent criticism here and elsewhere of Andrew Marr’s “the election is off” interview of Gordon Brown last Saturday. What Barney labels the ‘fourth charge’, that Marr and the BBC were used by Brown and co. as part of their spin operation, comes closest to my own view, that Marr and the BBC were used by the Brownies as the least painful (as distinct from … Continue reading

Your BBC tellytax pounds in action:

at the end of Stephen Fry’s second HIV & Me programme on Tuesday viewers were directed to a new BBC website, G.I. Jonny (caution: not safe for work or children), “a viral information campaign produced by the BBC to raise awareness about HIV in the UK”, aimed at 16-24 year olds, running from October 1st until World AIDS day on December 1st 2007. Advising people about the risks of HIV … Continue reading