From this morning’s Today programme (06.30-ish), here’s BBC political correspondent Norman Smith commenting on the Tories’ claims that government money has gone to schools run by Hizb Ut-Tahrir activists: “It does seem to me to raise questions, too, about judgement and tone. Judgement as to whether it is appropriate to make such very serious allegations in this way, and although the Tories say that if they hadn’t raised it in … Continue reading


One day, the story of how climate change hysteria took over the BBC will be told. Just like CRU, they have disgracefully refused FoI requests to reveal how they shadily arrived at the outrageous political decision to back the scam with every sinew and every resource at their disposal. Meanwhile, their journalists continue to act like bigoted charlatans when they discuss anything to do with the topic. This morning, Today … Continue reading

Question Time 26th November

Another Thursday, another BBC Question Time. Tonight it is broadcast from Edinburgh and the panel will feature the Labour peer “Lord” Falconer, the former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, and the columnist Melanie Phillips. The and-somebody-else mouthbreathing spot this week goes to Marcus Brigstocke who is supposed to be a comedian. But isn’t. As usual we will be following the occasion with a live-chat which will … Continue reading


Amusing Biased BBC mention on Damian Thompson’s blog at the Telegraph. Update. Just watched Rowlatt’s “Can Obama Save The Planet?” Greg Palast would be proud of such a film. Yes, that bad. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


The BBC has been a loud voice in hailing the imagined “triumph” of Labour’s wretched devolution plans which have resulted in a much weakened UK. This morning, on Today, during an item on the Calman Commission’s report which suggests that Scotland should now be provided with tax raising powers. former communist and now Labour Minister Jim Murphy got to claim that “everyone” agreed that devolution was a success. No. That … Continue reading


The BBC reports that the UK economy shrunk less than thought! (Less than who thought?) Yes, economic output shrunk by only 0.3% in Q3, not the 0.4% originally suggested. Ring out the bells. Maybe the BBC could provide us with some insight into why it is that ONLY the UK of ALL the major global economies remains firmly in recession, given that our Prime Minister is on record stating the … Continue reading


Biased BBC contributor Chris Hartnett writes.. Heard the BBC Today programme this morning! Two separate universities were peddling terrible science-Durham and Bristol no less! 1.Durham tell me that monkeys smell the genes of suitable mates! This is clearly due to (and therefore confirmation of) natural selection. WE don`t know HOW they do this but we can say that they do it deliberately! This confirms the famous “smelly T-shirt tests” of … Continue reading


Yesterday, I said that remarkable things seemed to be happening at the BBC in terms of reporting that there were problems in the global warming/climate change scam. I spoke far too soon. Roger Harrabin and his fanatical, deeply politicised lefty chums have clearly been fighting behind the scenes to push warming up the agenda to blitz levels. Today on the website are at least four stories all of which illustrate … Continue reading

World Have Your Say

Last week I noted that the producers of the BBC’s World Service programme WHYS were complaining that they couldn’t generate any interest in Copenhagen and climate change. Well there’s plenty of interest now, and last night the programme actually had three sceptics on: the great Christopher Booker, Patrick Michaels from the Cato Institute, and Prof Richard Lindzen from MIT (who hung up the phone in despair at the quality of … Continue reading

Re : Sarah Palin (and Barack Obama)

Don’t expect to see these polls featuring on the Today programme tomorrow. Not that it matters politically because obviously she’s a female Republican dunce and he’s obviously a male Democratic genius. But Sarah Palin’s poll numbers are strengthening. And President Obama’s are sliding. Guess what? They’re about to meet in the 40s. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Excellent article here by George Pitcher on the arrogance that defines the leadership of the BBC. “There is now a Versailles mentality among the BBC aristocracy. On being told in their plush parlours that we peasants are being starved of decent broadcasting, the response is less “let them eat cake” as “let them watch cack”. But we peasants are revolting. I’m sure BBC execs would smirk in ironic agreement at … Continue reading


Familiar BBC meme – the Police are racist. This morning the BBC has covered concerns raised over routine DNA tests which seem to suggest that some groups featured disproportionately on the database – with young black men “very highly over-represented.” I guess that means one of two things – either our Police are indeed racist or young black men commit more crime than the population average. I notice that the … Continue reading


And just when it seemed like the BBC might be having second thoughts on the validity of the AGW agenda is has pursued with such vigour! “Three UK groups studying climate change have issued an unprecedented statement about the dangers of failing to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. The Royal Society, Met Office, and Natural Environment Research Council say the science underpinning climate change is more alarming than ever. They … Continue reading


Truly astonishing things are beginning to happen at the BBC over the CRU emails. First, Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics yesterday posed some decent questions about what had gone on at CRU and about the climate change record generally. Second, a genuine climate change sceptic (Professor Fred Singer) was allowed to speak, only the second time in recent history that I’ve seen this happen. Thirdly, Neil worked hard to … Continue reading

Same Old Same Old …

The BBC’s Matt Frei is surely a worthy successor to Justin Webb. Take a listen to Sunday’s “Americana” on Radio Four – although I must warn you that you will never get those 30 minutes of your life back (fortunately I had a long drive to do on Sunday). “As Sarah Palin kicks off her book tour around the nation this week, Americana takes time to learn more about the … Continue reading