Had to laugh at this pathetic bit of reporting from the BBC on the topic of the National ID card unveiled by Alan “Postie” Johnson today. Buried away in the linked BBC report (scan down to 11th paragraph) is the Home Office line that the absence of the Union Flag from the National ID card has nothing to do with offending Northern Ireland’s nationalist minority community. That’s not what is … Continue reading


Hi all. Been away all day so a quick catch up a number of stories. Did you catch the Today programme shilling for the liberal idea that the Police should give up the fight against the drugs barons and concentrate instead on helping the “victims”. This idea that illegal narcotics should be tolerated, if not fully accepted, is a recurrent theme on the Today programme and a BBC meme. One … Continue reading

Worlds Apart

For many years the BBC has been engaging in a two pronged campaign, on one front familiarising the British public with The Islamic World, and on the other steadily demonising Israel. This is, after all, the British Broadcasting Corporation, so this flying in the face of Judeo-Christian tradition defies logic. The current BBC has been able to pull off a mass suspension of disbelief by taking liberties with the ‘old’ … Continue reading

Sunhats off

Yes, sunhats off to Tyler at Burning our Money who draws something to my attention: the reason the BBC are biased on the “climate change” issue is because they decided to be two years ago. This decision may be rather more controversial now than then, as sceptics are more organised and data more negative for the AGW hypothesis. DV mentioned a related study last week. I can’t have been reading … Continue reading


Wonder what you make of the comments by one of the BBC’s top black executives who reckons that senior TV bosses should be sacked if they fail to meet diversity targets? Pat Younge, set to take over as head of the BBC’s in-house programme-making, claimed there was not enough ‘internal pressure’ for change. He has said that diversity targets should be treated like financial aims, suggesting that if people fail … Continue reading


I was interested in this report on what a group of Islamic thugs known as Nigeria’s “Taliban”. The bit that caught my eye was the assertion by BBC correspodent Caroline Duffy that “The idea of radical Islamist militants gaining a serious foothold in Nigeria is usually dismissed, because of the strength of local identities and traditions.” Oh really? Dismissed by whom, exactly? “More importantly, religious uprising occurs because Northern Nigeria … Continue reading


My colleague over on A Tangled Web, Mike Cunningham, posted this earlier and I thought I might share it with you. This is the BBC at six o’clock. News item Number Three, The return journey of four dead British soldiers, all killed in Afghanistan, with the town of Wooton Basset at standstill showing homage to the fallen. Total time on air some forty-five / fifty seconds. News item number Seven,The … Continue reading

An inconvenient vote

Graham Dines of East Anglia Times weighs in on on the BBC’s (lack of) coverage of UKIP in the Norwich North by-election. Out of fairness to the BBC, I can see how they are straining to accommodate the unpalatable rise of the Conservative opposition. They need some solace and we can’t expect them to reflect the full range of sentiment opposed to theirs, can we? Can we? “Just why the … Continue reading


The agenda is pretty clear. Our caring sharing Chancellor Alistair Darling is calling in the Banks later today to find out why they are not lending to the degree he expects. On Today, BBC favourite John McFall was brought in to reiterate the main talking points with Angela Knight, chief executive of the British Bankers’ Association. The interview was set up with the story of a small businessman who owns … Continue reading


As Obama shows his pro-Arabist credentials by pushing Israel to give up its own territory, the BBC has an interesting take on these matters. This morning BBC correspondent Katja Alder referred to East Jerusalem as “occupied” territory as is “the rest of the West Bank” – under “International law”. Her point was that unless Israel can accept East Jerusalem as a future capital of a Palestinian State there may not … Continue reading


I see that class warrior Lord Peter Mandelson is to call on our Universities to become “engines of social mobility” later today. The BBC covered this here, with an interview with Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group which represents the 20 top universities. Sarah Montague was relentlessly pushing the patronising idea that Universities should accept a lower set of “A” level results from those from a “disadvantaged” … Continue reading


Like a latter day Dr Doolittle (and he really does do very little) Foreign Secretary David Miliband is to announce today that UK strategy on Afghanistan should now revolve around getting the Afghan government to speak to the “moderate” Taliban. The BBC interview wee Dougie Alexander about this and the usual references to the Northern Ireland peace process are thrown around to approving murmurs from the BBC. Let me put … Continue reading


Have a look at this slideshow from the BBC marking Sarah Palin’s exit from Alaskan office. The commentary under each slide is interesting. The BBC did nothing but mock Palin and it seems to me that their snobbery remains to the end. I like the line being peddled that she “may” have contributed to McCain’s defeat. I hope Palin stays in US politics if for no other reason to annoy … Continue reading