Ireland, Ireland

The BBC gave the Irish sex abuse cases top billing They even made a Vatican-driven reorganisation of the Irish Catholic Church the main item on Radio Four news a fortnight later. Yesterday the resignation of a bishop made the PM news, with interviews and a correspondent report. Three online news items. You’d almost think Ireland hadn’t been an independent nation for the past 90-odd years. Yet coverage of the Irish … Continue reading


On the web, it’s everywhere. The Russian Institute of Economic Analysis yesterday released a report suggesting that the ‘climate change’ mob at East Anglia’s CRU deliberately and massively rigged Russian climate records, ignoring stations covering 40% of the landmass and choosing only those sites which showed evidence of warming. On the BBC, it’s nowhere. Step by step, the ‘climate change’ scam is disintegrating. But you won’t hear about it on … Continue reading

Those Hindu Terrorists Again

… attacking the Muslim community. Dickie tells Harry Pearce and Ros Myers that he has been running an asset who has infiltrated a group of Hindu nationalists, led by Harish Dhillon. Dhillon’s group is planning an attack targeting Muslims and, with tensions between the Hindu and Muslim communities riding high, a furious Harry demands that Dickie hand over his asset … Once again Spooks reflects the real issues facing contemporary … Continue reading


Hurrah! Most Russians don’t give a monkeys about climate change. And who can blame them? If I lived in Siberia, I’d be pretty keen to see a bit more sun, especially at this time of year. But for the BBC correspondent Katia Moskvich, evidently as right-on in her political views as her London comrades, it’s a bit of a problem. She’s thought very hard about it and come to the … Continue reading

Johnny Ball booed from Robin Ince gig

Johnny Ball was booed off stage last night after questioning man made climate change during his part in a Christmas show celebrating atheism and science. The crowd for ‘Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People’, organised by BBC regular Robin Ince, was too close-minded to hear him out. Ince has criticised Ball’s views on Twitter and Ball says he won’t be doing the climate change stuff in future shows. More … Continue reading

Copenhagen Guest Blogger

(This is a guest blog from BBC environment correspondent Richard Blackbin in Copenhagen.) Why can’t more people be just like me? The question first came to mind on the plane to Copenhagen as I caressed my cheek with my Guardian COP15 84-page pull-out supplement. If more people were like BBC environment correspondents, I reflected, then the world would be a better place because people like me understand things so much … Continue reading


Anyone catch wee Douglas Alexander being interviewed on Today this morning @ 7.12am? It seems that the ideal way to assist our soldiers is to send in 1000 UK civilians including “a number of economists” – and that’s what Dougie announced. This nonsense was taken by Sarah Montague without comment. What next- a legion of aromatherapists? Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Group Fisk

Richard Black asks ‘Why are virtually all climate “sceptics” men?‘ I don’t have time to give this the fisking it deserves but I’ll get the ball rolling by noting that the question occurred to him while reading the Guardian on a plane to Copenhagen. [Hat tips to Rachel Miller (funny name for a climate sceptic) and Roland Deschain in the comments.] Update. Also, feel free to add your own Richard … Continue reading

A Great Deal of Murdering

What are things coming to? ‘CoJo’ aka BBC College of Journalism. Where? Who has to attend?Not ‘JoGo’ and ‘PaRo’, the hosts of BBC radio London, obviously. We’re all used to the Guardian’s overwhelming disdain for Israel. Michael White, their political editor knows a thing or two, and he doesn’t care who hears him say it. If you trained as an actress and played Carol Sands in Crossroads as well as … Continue reading

Today Again

I’m not the biggest fan of the Cameron-led Conservative Party, but even I was forced to wonder where the Today programme gets balls big enough to follow yesterday’s double-team attack on Tory spokesman Phil Hammond with another one-sided assault on Tory policy this morning. Daniel “Danny” Dorling, a socialist professor of human geography, was given the prime-time slot following Thought For The Day to promote the idea of expanding public … Continue reading


As if things weren’t bad enough…. “The public will be able to gain online access to masterclasses delivered by some of the BBC‘s best-known journalists, including John Simpson and John Humphrys, under plans to be announced later today. BBC executives plan to let licence-fee payers use the corporation’s internal training website, which includes thousands of hours of material, as part of a range of partnership agreements. Rival news organisations and … Continue reading


Interesting to reflect on the news the BBC reports that Gordon Brown is to provide extra equipment for our Armed Forces in Afghanistan to the tune of £150m (over 10 years, natch). This £150m is not new money, however, and must be found from the existing MOD budget. Last week, the BBC reported Brown committing an extra £300m to a Climate Change Fund for chirpy third world kleptocracies and since … Continue reading


I initially missed the 7.32am item on Today this morning but it concerns the demise of the Celtic Tiger and the response of the Irish Government. In fairness to the Irish Government they have tried to grasp the nettle of the ballooning costs of the State sector, unlike our delusional Brown and Darling. Naturally the BBC are very alarmed at the prospect of a shrunken State sector and so, as … Continue reading