Muslim Media Jihad

  I’m sure you’ve all seen this….a Muslim is removed from a plane because he spoke Arabic…. A YouTube star’s video about his removal from a Delta Air Lines flight has gone viral across social media. Adam Saleh told the BBC he was asked to get off the London-New York flight on Wednesday after speaking to his mother in Arabic on the phone. He said a fellow passenger had expressed … Continue reading


Guest post here from a B-BBC reader.. “The BBC – and the whole MSM – can’t help but create a total paradox when it comes to the representation of Islam. When an Islamic terrorist attacks, the line is quickly wheeled out that jihadists do not represent the clear majority of Muslims. This may well be true but there are plenty of surveys that a small (but significant) number of Muslims do support … Continue reading

Mid-Week Open Thread

Is it Friday that 5Live is inviting you to confess your sins and to recant? You voted Brexit but you now realise the error of your ways [having been wisely guided by the new priesthood of the BBC] and you wish to wash away those sins and vote again and again and again…until the the Good Lord Juncker is pleased with what he sees. Perhaps we better save a bit … Continue reading


  This is why people hate the slippery, lying politicians and vote for Trump or Brexit….Brendan Cox yesterday…. Nigel Farage has sparked outrage among Labour politicians after linking the widower of murdered MP Jo Cox to “extremists”. The former UKIP leader criticised Brendan Cox after he questioned the politician’s claim that the Berlin lorry attack was “Merkel’s legacy”. Mr Cox said “blaming politicians for the actions of extremists” was a … Continue reading

10 Little Muslims

  I finally managed to watch the BBC’s little bit of pro-Muslim propaganda, ‘Muslims Like Us’, which was a programme targeted at non-Muslims and intended to alter their perceptions of Muslims.  We are supposed to learn that there is no stereotypical Muslim, no one ‘Islam’ and if we only get to know Muslims we will learn to love them and their foibles.  A huge lie of course…there is only one … Continue reading

Why the BBC hates the internet

  The BBC reports that Nigel Farage may be sued by the far-left  activist group Hate Not Hope for calling them extremists….oh and he’s upset Mr Jo Cox who likes to exploit the death of his wife and yet doesn’t like it when others object. Curiously the BBC seems to have forgotten all about this from 2014… Ukip leader Nigel Farage has accused anti-fascist campaign groups connected to members of … Continue reading

Hype Not Debate

  Hope Not Hate has been caught out telling lies about hate crimes…and of course the BBC has been suckered into peddling their lies…because they have a need to believe so journalism and asking a few questions about the supposed data gets kicked into the long grass…but not at The Economist. A supposed outpouring of online hatred against Jo Cox, a murdered MP, was exaggerated HOPE NOT HATE, a charity … Continue reading

Research and Preparation

Just listening to Chiles interviewing a survivor from a ship that sunk when he was 3 years old. Chiles wants to know if he now has any hangups about water, any fear of water. The answer?  ‘No, I’m a scuba diver now’. Quality research and prep by the BBC. Chiles more than adequately fills Peter Allen’s boots as he goes through life with the same child-like wonder as the world … Continue reading

Blind Fury

  I wish I was an academic pyschologist or some such….boy the books you could write just now as the Left goes into melt-down.  A study of the post Brexit, post-Trump fevered ravings would occupy you for a lifetime. Nicola Sturgeon is like a wild-eyed Hitler trapped in his Bunker in the last days, her ever more desperate attempts to cobble together a sly mechanism to achieve Independence by whatever … Continue reading

Deus Vult

  The BBC were quick to report some graffiti on a mosque but seem less keen to report the full words of the man who killed the Russian ambassador in Turkey. [Note the raised single finger…one God, one faith, one mosque] The BBC version: The camera pulls back to show a smartly dressed gunman, wearing a suit and tie, waving a pistol and shouting in Arabic and Turkish. He can … Continue reading

Yet more BBC fake news

BBC Fake News kills Jews? The BBC has been one of the prime providers of fake news about the Palestinian’s 70 year war against the Jews of Israel, this fake news creating a febrile atmosphere that generates massive hatred towards Israel, Israelis and Jews.  Jews die as a result of this across the world.  The BBC’s Tim Wilcox admitted as much when he suggested that Jews should expect to be … Continue reading

More BBC Fake News

  The BBC has spent months suggesting Bradley Wiggins could be a drugs cheat, Gary Richardson was at it again yesterday as he insinuated guilt. No doubt this dubious and baseless claim can be linked to the BBC’s continuous assault on Sky/Murdoch by any means possible such as via Leveson or attacks on the funding of the Premier League. Now it turns out that the ‘secret’ package that was at … Continue reading

Enabling Hitler

  We have looked at this video of a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos a talk in which he slams the Left’s attempts to stifle free speech, one of their tactics is to ‘erode the difference between words and actions’.  They conflate, say, suggestions that immigration needs to be controlled with racist attacks on immigrants…as the BBC is so often guilty of doing [I heard this morning on the Today show … Continue reading