Close but no cigar

    Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency said “I would lose all respect for a whole bunch of foreign intelligence agencies if they weren’t sitting back, paging through the emails.“     The Guardian is convinced Trump was elected with Russian help…. Russian hackers were able to access thousands of emails from a top-ranking Democrat after an aide typed the word “legitimate” … Continue reading

BBC Breaking: Official: ‘Obama Russian Agent’ says Washington Post

  The BBC is reporting a Washingon Post breaking story that President Obama is a Russian agent…the Presidency has been hacked… From the Washington Post: The Washington Post can reveal that US government officials have announced that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is under investigation as astounding information has come to light that he has been working for the Russian intelligence services for at least two decades … Continue reading

Liberal Gangsterism

    Leave Voters, the new Jews of Europe? Who are the Fascists, who are the Gangsters? Farage wants to control immigration.  He is denounced by the BBC as a Fascist, a Nazi even.  But is he the Fascist? Or, are those who want to control what you say, what you think, how you behave, who want to control every aspect of your life, the real Fascists?’  We have been … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  The BBC continues to press ahead with its promotion of the liberal’s mythical utopian project that, as with Corbyn, fails to reflect reality and the facts.  Whether Brexit or Trump the BBC buries its head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge reality and why it happened. They keep talking about Brexit solely through an economic lens and, despite the evidence, try to paint a picture of doom and … Continue reading

Just Desserts

        Nothing to do with BBC bias but it is such an important issue that I think it needs addressing. Richard Hammond, of The Grand Tour, Neé Top Gear, is getting a spanking from the Gay fraternity for suggesting ice cream is ‘gay’….check out the outrage here. Hammond must have read this piece from the Daily Stormer… Then the trend became clear: gay and lesbian couples are … Continue reading

Boxing Day Open Thread

  Hope you all got the socks you wanted from Santa and may the baby Jesus guide you  to the best bargains in the sales.  However back to business here and a new year is fast approaching…a new year but same old bias…..The BBC’s new year revolution?  No more bias?  Guess that’ll be broken day one.  If so you know the drill…..

Mail on the ball

  Damn, the Mail’s fast this morning.  Heard Kuenssberg on Today this morning say she was told that the Queen said she backed Brexit but didn’t report it as only one source…of course such high ethical and professional standards never stopped her ‘reporting’, or printing the legend as fact, that Boris was only backing Leave as a cunning ploy to snatch the Tory leadership…however the ease and readiness with which … Continue reading

Christmas Crackers

Contemporary anti-Semitism has been particularly prevalent on British university campuses since 2001 when the UN Conference against Racism in Durban accused Israel of the five cardinal sins against human rights: racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide, and crimes against humanity. Since then campus anti-Semitism has been cloaked in the language of human rights and promulgated in the so-called fight for Palestine; and student supporters of Israel have consequently been labelled … Continue reading


  Oh look…. UK third quarter GDP growth revised up to 0.6% The UK economy grew by 0.6% in the third quarter, according to official figures, faster than previous estimates. Oh and look… “ONS statistician Darren Morgan said: “Robust consumer demand continued to help the UK economy grow steadily in the third quarter of 2016.  Growth was slightly stronger than first thought, though, due to greater output in the financial … Continue reading

Mark Easton Does a Nick Clegg

    Mark Easton has always been extremely biased and not worth his salt as a journalist.  His ‘journalism’ consists mostly of telling us a very one-sided narrative about immigration….sitting on the BBC breakfast couch one morning a few years ago he treated us to his opinion, presented as ‘fact’ of course, that immigration is good, unstoppable and we’d better just get used to it and learn to like it. … Continue reading

Merry BBC ‘Holidays’ to one and all….just not Jews

  Astonishing no?  A very serious statement that Jews are being driven out of universities by anti-Semitism and it is not being dealt with for fear of upsetting Muslim benefactors to the universities isn’t reported by the BBC….only mentioned in passing in the ‘What the papers say’….not on the front page, not on the UK page, not even on the education page…just a note in passing….. The BBC is massively … Continue reading

Muslim First

  Today has shown perfectly why you should despair if you think ‘radical’ Islam is a problem for Europe. A Muslim drives a truck into a Christmas [Christian] market killing 14, injuring many in a deliberate attack. What is the response from the BBC, the intelligence community, Royalty towards a radical Islam that is at war with the West?  Not the real threat. Instead blame the Right, warn of the … Continue reading

The BBC’s Media Jihad

The BBC and the Great and the Good bemoan the rise of the Far-Right, the Right itself, of ‘Populism’, that voice of the People so long suppressed and silenced by the BBC and the Great and the Good, now exercising their democratic rights. They tell us the great Liberal project is under attack, from the Right, and that we are in great danger, the Thirties loom over us again….why?  Take … Continue reading