The BBC’s preferred narrative when reporting from Ferguson, a town they’d never heard of before but are now expert in its racial profile and dynamics, is that this  was a racially motivated killing by a white cop in a town divided by race with community tensions on a knife edge.  That is the thrust of their reporting on this event with little time given over to the police … Continue reading


Anyone catch Jesse Jackson on Today this morning? He was on at 7.17am. It’s amazing the way the BBC are portraying this outbreak of violence…they refer to it as being ‘almost a natural disaster”.  Along with other race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jackson was playing the “poor oppressed minority” that have no choice but to…..riot, vandalise, loot, fire at police. For some reason, the BBC chose not to ask Jackson … Continue reading


I rarely listen to the BBC “PM’ drive programme but had the misfortune to do so earlier this evening. The BBC choose to repeat renewed violence in Gaza in the following way; “Israel has carried out attacks on Gaza after accusing Hamas of violating the cease-fire but Hamas denied firing them”…got it?  Cause and effect, eh BBC? Next there was a remarkable item on the Ferguson riots in Illinois. There … Continue reading

BBC Scaremongers About Student Loans

    On Thursday Martin Lewis, financial guru, kicked off about the media’s scaremongering about student loans (12:22)…Victoria Derbyshire is particularly guilty of this….having camped out on several student protests on the issue without making any real  effort to detail the way the student loan system works nor to challenge the student’s claims about the system….and many, many politically motivated comments from guests go uncorrected on BBC programmes about this … Continue reading

Hamas Get Their Money’s Worth

  Jon Donnison has been shipped out of Gaza back to his new stomping ground in Oz.  Lucky them. Still, it hasn’t stopped him bothering us with his anti-Israel schmutter:         Donnison has many, many other fascinating insights about Gaza but oddly not much about Australia.   I won’t bore you with the complete run down but he also links to the other usual suspect, Kevin Connolly:   … Continue reading


Hi everyone. Time for a new Open Thread to see us into the week. Please keep your comments on topic – BBC bias. Please keep your comments polite and do ensure that a  combination of civility, wit and perspicuity will ensure this remains THE premier site for detailing the appalling bias of the State Broadcaster. Clear? Off you go – the floor is yours!


    The BBC isn’t interested in Muslims attacking stores selling Jewish goods, and Muslims don’t seem too interested in ISIS’ atrocities……and the BBC isn’t interested in that lack of interest.     “We will not stay silent!” Whilst thousands protest about the Jews there seems a distinct lack of interest in genuine atrocities committed by Muslims….. From Harry’s Place: Yesterday’s anti-ISIS demonstration About 400 people attended yesterday’s demonstration against … Continue reading

We’ve had the Race hustlers, now how about the truth?

Why the media reaction to events matters when they whip up a storm: Jayson Ross, who was leading the protesters toward the police before tear gas was fired, was quoted as saying by AP: “They got guns. We got guns. We are ready.” Local politician Antonio French, who was with the protesters, tweeted to say: “Too many young men talking about they’re ready to die tonight.”     H/T  TPO … Continue reading

Eyeless In Tescos

As many have noted in the comments the BBC, at least on the web,  has completely ignored the ransacking of a Tescos store by mostly Muslim ‘Asians’ in Birmingham….’a group of Asian men holding Palestinian flags came walking in and starting to push products over and getting aggressive with staff and shoppers.’ The BBC does however have this as their top story from Birmingham: Thousands at Eid Mela celebration Organisers … Continue reading

The Future Is Here

    Here’s some context to the immigration ‘debate’…..what will uncontrolled immigration and an open borders policy bring us?  What indeed has it brought us?     If we’d been able to select who to let into this country perhaps such an attack would never have happened. Politicians and the media who support mass immigration are to blame for such crimes.     The future…..a prediction from 2006: 2012 to … Continue reading

The Rejected

    On Friday Dominic Laurie was talking to the Bishop of Baghdad about the ISIS crisis (12:42) Laurie unwittingly revealed all that informs the BBC mindset when dealing with Islam and its sword waving followers……He stated that… ‘This isn’t though a battle between Christianity and hardcore Islam is it, because there are other areas of the Muslim faith, other peoples who are also Muslims, who are also being persecuted…it’s … Continue reading


Just what have the BBC been getting up to with regard to the Cliff Richards story? ‘The BBC was plunged into a new crisis last night after it was publicly blasted by police over its role in the shock Sir Cliff Richard sex abuse investigation. In an extraordinary attack on the broadcaster’s standards, furious South Yorkshire Police accused the Corporation of breaking its own guidelines. The force took the highly unusual … Continue reading

How To Hack Phones…Courtesy Of The BBC

  Bored with the BBC’s ‘The Honourable Woman’ and looking for something more credible and inventive I settled for Jonathan Creek, episode 1 of the first series.       23 minutes in and we are given instructions on how to hack phone messages. That was in 1997.   So why the outrage at Murdoch?   The War on Rupert Murdoch is the Real Story of the Hacking Saga. If … Continue reading

Did ‘Free Alan Johnson’ Become ‘Free Gaza’ At The BBC?

Free Alan Johnson   Gaza   H/T Is the BBC biased?:       DB on this site noted this from the FPA : Foreign Press Association blasts Hamas for threatening journalists The association said that several members of the foreign media in Gaza were harassed, threatened or questioned about stories they reported. In addition, the FPA vehemently opposed “a ‘vetting’ procedure that would, in effect, allow for the blacklisting … Continue reading