The Devotees

    Amused to hear Peter Allen saying he was going to devote the last part of his programme to the Labour Party….sure he didn’t mean that. They were of course talking  about the ‘car crash’ Labour leadership election and one subject came up was the #toriesforcorbyn windup.  A Tory voting caller told Allen that he was going to vote for Corbyn…Allen said that he strongly disapproved and that this … Continue reading


For as long as I can remember, the BBC has been to the fore in questioning the Bible, the authenticity of the New Testament etc. But when it comes to the Koran, why it’s a different story as Robert Spencer addresses here. “The BBC announced enthusiastically Wednesday that “what may be the world’s oldest fragments of the Koran have been found by the University of Birmingham.” This news is not only of … Continue reading


I’m talking about the Labour leadership contest and the increasingly fractious tone of the competition. It must be so tough for the BBC. Comrade Corbyn is making the headlines and IF polls are to to be believed (and that is one huge caveat) may actually be in the lead. Remarkably HIS supporters on the social networks are claiming the BBC is biased against the Dear Leader. Do you agree? We’ve … Continue reading


Hi all. As you will have seen, we’ve been making a few changes. The purpose of this change is to make this site a better place. We seek to provide a forum for all kinds of views on BBC bias. We seek to allow beat between those who come here. And for clarity, I am quite happy if people seek to take issue with points raised here, to defend the … Continue reading

Comic Vapours About The Charter Review

    The BBC are pushing hard to make sure that criticism of the BBC and any projected change is seen as dangerous meddling by vested interests both political and commercial. This BBC article gives us chapter and verse on those who voice support for the BBC…BBC facing ‘root-and-branch’ review…and though published after the revelations of media manipulation by the BBC there’s no mention of Danny Cohen organising that Luvvie … Continue reading


I notice the BBC reporting that  South Yorkshire Police child protection ‘needs improvement’ I doubt that many of us would take exception to this and it seems fair and reasonable that the BBC ask probing questions of what continues to go on in Rotherham and elsewhere in this region. However, I am surprised that the beady eye of the Beeb does not quite extend to the Council and whether it … Continue reading


It must be tough for the BBC. With Labour in sustained meltdown after their trouncing at the General Election, it’s clear that the BBC needs to find another conduit to conduct its biased onslaught against the Conservative Government and the left-leaning IFS provides such. This morning we read the BBC trumpeting the “news” that… “Poorest graduates ‘will owe £53,000′ after grants cut” The source of this claim, the IFS, is treated … Continue reading


BBC TV and Radio stations will be busy today as selected “British Muslims” are invited in to comment on Cameron’s to plan to tackle Islamist extremism, It will be interesting to observe how many VICTIMS of Islamic extremism the BBC chooses to invite. (In the interests of balance, naturally.) For more than a few years the BBC has colluded in the farcical notion that it is somehow “Islamophobic” to dare to criticise … Continue reading


BBC Radio Four Today doesn’t like the idea that Donald Trump may become a contender for the GOP nomination in the US Presidential race. So, around 6.45am this morning, Jon Sopel tried to do a demolition piece on Trump based on the fact that he had  – deep intake of breath – DARED to criticise Saint John McCain. Now McCain is the sort of Republican that the BBC like – … Continue reading

Quantity Has A Quality All Of Its Own

    Jonathan Dimbleby is worried….the family inheritance, the hand-me down job at the BBC, is under threat…what will the young Dimblebys do to earn a crust? He urges a public revolt, an uprising to save the BBC….to save it from what I’m not sure… Jonathan Dimbleby urges public to rise up in support of embattled BBC ‘The veteran political broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has attacked the commercial enemies of the … Continue reading

Time And Motion Waits For No Man

    Paul Mason is back, in the Guardian, and as daft as ever, more so in fact, having the constraints of the BBC removed seems to have completely unhinged him.  He’s offering us up for consideration a seemingly endless stream of socialist consciousness, or just an extreme of socialism. Having got joyously over-excited about the Arab Spring and ‘The New Global Revolution’ that was kicking off everywhere, hence the … Continue reading

Running, Running, Running…And Not Just For Office

  Jeremy Corbyn is running for the Labour leadership and at the moment looks like having a chance to take on the mantle….much as one Ed Miliband did when he stabbed his brother in the back and stole the leadership from him.   That turned out well. However we know he isn’t too keen on interviews, or at least ones in which anybody actually asks any questions. After his debacle on … Continue reading

Rebuilding Trust In Journalism….. One Lie At A Time

    I laughed when I read Craig at Is the BBC biased? (Yes it is) saying he didn’t trust the cherry-picking Cardiff Uni-style mass of distorting quirks…..I had just been reading some of their work and one of the august journals that gives them a platform to spread their particular brand of bunk….The Conversation. This is what ‘The Conversation’ says about itself…. The Conversation is an independent source of … Continue reading