Well then, it’s been a big 24 hours for UKIP. Clacton was EVEN more of an impressive win than “the pundits” were suggesting and then there was UKIP coming within just over 600 votes of unseating Labour in Heywood and Middleton. As regards the latter, I notice the BBC parrot the Labour spin that they “increased their share of the vote”. Yes, but they also LOST 9000 voters from last … Continue reading

*Does the BBC think that most immigrants are Noble Prize winners & scientists?

I received this thoughtful piece from a Biased BBC reader and wanted to share.“On Monday (7th of October) the BBC informed us – or at least James Gallagher did – that “Nobel Prize winner John O’Keefe” has a big problem with the the government’s rules on immigration. More precisely, O’Keefe “has warned the UK government [that its] polices on immigration” are “risking Britain’s scientific standing”. The BBC – or at least … Continue reading


Sorry for the delay in this – been away on business straightaway after being away on holiday! Phew.  Anyway, a few things to update you on. The site has been moved to a faster server so it should not take so long to load. Second, were you as touched as I was at seeing the BBC portray Moazzam Begg as the hero of Iraq? New open thread open for business..

England’s Pietersenloo

  Can’t help thinking the BBC sides with Pietersen in relation to his claims about the England team. Adrian Chiles said he loved Pietersen’s book and then gave him an easy interview…later admitting he probably was too much influenced by his excitement for the book. George Riley told us he didn’t care about the facts just the effect the revelations had on England’s reputation…but surely that would rest upon whether … Continue reading

Victoria Derbyshire…..IED

    You used to know where you were with Victoria Derbyshire ensconced on her 5Live show, it was safe to surf the airwaves knowing that you wouldn’t come upon her unexpectedly. That’s all over now she has gone free range.  Nowhere is safe.  Like a Taliban IED she is out there somewhere buried in the schedules just waiting for the unwary listener to tune in and be not so … Continue reading

Well, It’s a Start

    The Now Show has either had a word of advice about the meaning of impartiality in the run up to the general election next year or it has seen that Ed Miliband is so atrociously bad as leader of Labour that they could remain silent no longer. For the last two weeks The Now Show has put the boot into Miliband. It was especially unimpressed by his failure … Continue reading

Deklein And Fall Of The West

  The BBC’s Start The Week had a look at how we should respond to climate change…starting from the position that climate change is happening, it is man made and it is the West that has caused it. There was much talk of climate justice, changing the moral economy and compensation for the third world, those innocent victims suffering the consequences of the industrial world’s pillaging, exploitation and destruction of … Continue reading

George Riley…From Oop North

    Amused to hear that 5Live sports presenter, George Riley, wasn’t wanted at a ‘posh’ BBC radio station (presumably Radio 4) because his accent wasn’t good enough.(10:09) ‘When I first started here someone from another station, another BBC network, which has a number slightly lower than 5, said I didn’t sound right so they wouldn’t have me on their station.’ So much for celebrating diversity. Though not all found … Continue reading

The Latteratti

    The BBC sets out to defend its Latte drinking acolytes: Why are lattes associated with liberals?   It comes to a conclusion…. ‘At a time when there is seemingly a Starbucks on every street corner and latte is sold in truck stops, there is something rather archaic about representing latte as the beverage of the elite. Instead, the reality is that “it’s a form of industrially produced, high-calorie, … Continue reading

Bearing The Brunt

I was listening to Tony Livesey castigating Sky News journalist Martin Brunt and explaining that the internet troll, Brenda Leyland, who has killed herself after being investigated by the police and interviewed by Brunt for Sky News, was in fact merely expressing an opinion in her Tweets and Livesey asks are we now unable to express opinions without the Press doorstepping, hounding and exposing us? An interesting take on ‘opinion’ … Continue reading

The BBC Dances With The Devil…Yet Again

  ‘A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when a great organisation must ask: if it lies to itself, can it demand the truth of others?’     The BBC has a long history of pandering to Islamist extremists and presenting them to an unsuspecting audience as credible, authoritative and moderate Muslims whose words and beliefs are given all the more weight by the unquestioning platform afforded them … Continue reading