Cooke’s Tour And The Cocksure

      Whatever the BBC’s roving reporter Jon Donnison is it’s not the renowned Alistair Cooke….Donnison doesn’t seem to know which continent he’s on, I’m not sure what planet he’s on. Despite the BBC spending a large wodge of licence fee dosh on sending Donnison to Australia it seems he is still having flashbacks to Gaza, and can’t help telling the world…no doubt two weeks in Gaza without latte … Continue reading

Big Brother Clams Up

  The BBC is strangely reluctant to respond to freedom of information requests, even ones that are seemingly quite uncontroversial and straightforward…a request to reveal whether journalists had gone through a recrutiment process were met stonewalling…the BBC claiming that  ‘The ICO’s guidance ‘Determining what is personal data’ explains that in many cases, data may be personal data simply because its content is such that it is ‘obviously about’ an individual.’ … Continue reading

Birds of a Feather

  Whilst the BBC doesn’t allow on measured, sane and reasonable commentators like Lord Lawson any more, extremist, frothing at the mouth, swivel eyed loons like George Galloway get the red carpet treatment, given a platform by the Islamist’s very own Trojan Horse within the ‘Establishment’, Peter Oborne. Oborne is never happier than when ‘Dispelling myths about British Muslims’,   asking ‘Is post-war Britain anti-Muslim?’.   He tells us that ‘Many … Continue reading


      Newsnight, it’s redundant.  Who said so?  Ian Katz, the editor of Newsnight.   Well, sort of.  He tells us that the political interview is dead, has been for nearly 30 years. Thatcher killed it, of course, oh and Kinnock.  But Kinnock doesn’t count politically, he’s a never was, so Guardianista Katz can rag him without upsetting the fellow travellers. Oh hang on, news of the political interview’s … Continue reading

Still Liberal, Still Biased

  BBC had ‘deep liberal bias’ over immigration, says former news chief   Nothing’s changed since 2004. Here’s the BBC explaining, or rather explaining away, the immigration problem: Q&A: Calais migrant crisis explained   Immigrants are just wonderful the BBC tells us…they all want to work, they speak English better than the natives…and they don’t want any welfare handouts at all….. Why is the UK seen as a target? It’s … Continue reading

Data Mining

Last week sometime, somewhere on the BBC I heard them tell us that 95% of scientific research data was still unanalysed, lying in drawers and filing cabinets, on computer hard drives, waiting to be checked out. Who knows what they will find.  It makes you wonder about the stuff they claim they have found…..if their conclusions are only based on 5% of the data.   As an example of this … Continue reading

The Price For a Nation

    Harry’s Place records that Anti-semitic incidents reach record level in July 2014   One anti-Semitic incident was missing from those statistics. At a time in history when the Middle East is in flames and running with blood and the Israel/Palestine conflict is oft cited as the catalyst for all other conflicts you might think it was an incendiary move by the BBC when it decided this was the … Continue reading

Courageous Restraint

‘What is important is not what the creator of an idea of genius may mean, but what this idea becomes in the mouth of whomever transmits it.’ Adolf Hitler   The BBC has allowed Will Self to go freerange on ‘A Point of View’ yet again…. a questionable deceit from the BBC which uses such platforms to push ideas it cannot openly endorse in its own right under the ‘impartial’ … Continue reading

Look Back In Anger

    Scuttlebuck pointed this article in the Independent to us: Rotherham child sex abuse scandal: Labour Home Office to be probed over what Tony Blair’s government knew – and when The Independent on Sunday can reveal that a House of Commons committee is to investigate what Tony Blair’s Home Office knew about the Rotherham scandal as far back as 2001 after more evidence emerged about his government’s efforts to … Continue reading

Wilful Ignorance

  This was mentioned by Klingon in the comments and noted by Craig at ‘Is the BBC biased?‘ and I think it goes to the heart of everything the BBC does and why it gets it so wrong, so it is worth emphasisng again and again. Writer Kay Mellor is interviewed in the Guardian about her career when she makes an astonishing comment about the BBC’s attitude…. Kay Mellor: ‘Steven … Continue reading

Donnison’s Addiction To ‘Atrocity Porn’

            Despite having left Gaza three weeks ago Donnison is still banging the drum for Hamas and looking to undermine the Israelis:                 Curiously he doesn’t link to this: Abbas blames Hamas for prolonged battle with Israel Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Hamas of needlessly extending the fighting in the Gaza Strip over the past two months, … Continue reading