Who are you calling a Fascist Cameron? Look in the mirror.

      We bring you the analysis that the BBC has decided to conceal as Cameron and Osborne use the race-card and claims of fascism to suppress debate on immigration. When MP Jo Cox was murdered the BBC’s immediate reaction was to claim this was a consequence of the febrile anti-politics atmosphere that was being whipped up by….the Leave campaign.  Never mind that Cameron has led a vitriolic, poisonous … Continue reading

Turkeys voting for Christmas

British Embassy Ankara Location: Turkey Our network of posts in Turkey, including the British Embassy in Ankara and our Consulate General in Istanbul, develop and maintain relations between the UK and Turkey. We work on a wide range of issues including Turkey’s bid to join the European Union, the economy, energy policy and international security. We have a dedicated team working on projects to improve Turkey’s prospects of joining the … Continue reading

Cameron’s shameless graverobbing

    David Cameron Verified account ‏@David_Cameron Jo Cox’s strong voice in the campaign to remain in the EU will be badly missed. Her final article, published today: https://www.facebook.com/StrongerInCampaign/posts/1196877127019276 …   David Cameron has hijacked the murder of Jo Cox to buttress his campaign for the EU and talks of her as if she represented the very same values that he does. She does not. You have to ask if Cameron … Continue reading

Immigration…The EU’s Weapon of Choice?

    Birth of superstate: Frederick Forsyth on how UNELECTED Brussels bureaucrats SEIZED power Our democracy was not presented last week on a plate. It took centuries of struggle to create and from 1940 to 1945 terrible sacrifices to defend and preserve. It was bequeathed to us by giants, it has been signed away by midgets. Now we have a chance, one last, foolishly offered chance to tell those fat … Continue reading


Well then, the BBC has excelled itself in the past 24 hours since the tragic murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. All decent people will have been shocked by her very public and very brutal killing. The alleged killer is a man with a history of mental illness, Thomas Mair. The exact circumstances seem unclear and we don’t know why he shot and stabbed her. But the BBC is a … Continue reading

The Guardian in the Gutter

    Labour MP Jo Cox has been murdered and just hours later the Guardian has passed judgement in its editorial which actually compares those who criticise Islamist extremism with the Islamist extremists of the Islamic State and of course blames the mild and sensible Nigel Farage for Jo Cox’s death….. The rhetoric of western racism and Islamophobia is the mirror of the ideology with which Isis and al-Qaida secure … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from York. On the panel are former Conservative MP Louise Mensch, economist Ruth Lea, ‘Conservative’ cameronian stooge and education secretary Nicky Morgan MP, Leave campaigner and former Labour minister Tom Harris, Labour’s former home secretary Alan Johnson MP and has been musician and foreign Remain campaigner Bob Geldof. Not that it’s any of his business.

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“No. No. No”

“No. No. No”   Thatcher signed up to the Single Market but her speech in Bruges in 1988 sets out her stall…a stall that sounds remarkably like the Brexit one……a reformed, decentralised EU of independent sovereign states celebrating their Christian heritage… My first guiding principle is this: willing and active cooperation between independent sovereign states is the best way to build a successful European Community. To try to suppress nationhood … Continue reading

Ecce Homo

  Why does the BBC keep pushing the lies?  This might give us a clue as to the thinking behind it… People in MI5 tell me that denying the connection between Islamism and terrorism derives from the belief that if you accept it, there’s no hope for a multicultural society in Britain: we would just have to recognise that part of the population is permanently liable to become terrorists. The … Continue reading


This is quite interesting. Here is a tweet that is quite clearly taking a side in the EU referendum. The Remain side, of course. Many brilliant lines in this Washington Post piece on the ‘insanity’ of voting Leave https://t.co/kgDrGJKxPD#Brexitpic.twitter.com/ihxAUU92bU — Dan Worth (@danworthV3) June 15, 2016 And look who has retweeted it…. James Menendez @jamesmenendez Presenter on @BBCNewshour and @BBCWorld TV. Aaron HeslehurstVerified account @bbcaaron News Anchor/Presenter BBC World News – Biz Presenter on World Business … Continue reading


Touching to see the BBC weigh in seeking our sympathy for the latest radical Islamist killer. The former girlfriend of the man who murdered a police couple at their home has spoken of his “isolation” after spending two-and-a-half years in jail. Oh no – felt lonely so I guess he was almost obliged to go out and kill? The woman, who did not want to give her full name, told … Continue reading