Only Themselves To Blame?

    Interesting that the BBC doesn’t mention Charlie Hebdo at all in this report about an atheist blogger being hacked to death by ‘Masked attackers’. The blogger, Ananta Bijoy Das , was a critic of ‘religious intolerance’…..eventually the BBC admits that an ‘Islamist’ has been arrested.  Is an ‘Islamist’ a Muslim or not in the BBC lexicon?  Did Ananta Bijoy Das provoke Muslims and insult their religion and so, … Continue reading

‘Is The BBC Biased?’

  Amusing to hear the BBC skirting the tricky subject of BBC bias this morning as John Whittingdale, BBC sceptic or is that licence fee ‘denier’, is appointed Culture Secretary.  They did manage to get out, without choking on their lattes and cinnamon buns, that the Tories might be upset about the BBC’s ‘supposed’ left leaning tendencies, but didn’t really put over the real anger that the Tories feel about … Continue reading


This is initially encouraging; The Conservative MP appointed by David Cameron to oversee the future of the BBC believes the licence fee is “unsustainable” and “worse than a poll tax”. John Whittingdale, who has been appointed as Culture Secretary, said in October that the compulsory charge to fund the BBC should be eventually ended. “It’s actually worse than a poll tax because under the poll tax, if you were on … Continue reading


Anyone else listened to BBC 5 Live today? It sounded to me like they were having a collective emotional breakdown following the trouncing of Labour. There was a stream of Labour and SNP mouthpieces on to assure us that whilst Cameron has a “thin” majority, in-fighting over the EU will destroy this. The SNP rabble were allowed to spout about “forcing” the UK Government to accept their “anti-austerity” agenda. It’s … Continue reading

Breaking The BBC’s Stranglehold On The Narrative

    The BBC has a pretty rigid set of social and political preconceptions that people, politicians, activists, commentators and Joe Public have to conform to or be cast out into the wilderness as ‘untouchables’.  The BBC is not a tolerant organisation, it does not accept difference despite its own grandiose self-proclaimed celebration of diversity. Janet Daley in the Telegraph expands on the Left’s intimidation and bullying tactics… In the … Continue reading

Those Burning Issues

‘Overall, television coverage of the whole election has not covered itself, or anything else, in glory.  Too often it has bought the line fed to it by pollsters and pundits on one hand and been childishly confrontational on the other. This should be the last time that Television attempts to force the political reality into a preassigned format. The BBC needs fewer gimmicks, more real journalists and a new helmsman; … Continue reading


Anyone else seen Chuka Umunna interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning? I was amazed at the easy ride he was given by Marr and how he was even able to get away with saying that Labour had NOT mismanaged the economy the last time they were in power! London-based liberal elitists such as Umunna appeal to the BBC – even better that he is black. Whether the trade unions are … Continue reading


  DB on this site (h/t Craig at Is the BBC Biased?) noticed that the BBC’s Hugh Sykes was in a frenzy of sefl-righteousness about the Times using the word ‘earthquake’ as Craig reveals… I hope the @thetimes will apologise to the relatives of the recently dead in #Nepal for describing the #UK #election2015 as an earthquake. — HughSykes (@HughSykes) May 9, 2015   I hope the BBC will apologise … Continue reading

You Didn’t Believe The Hype

  The Miliband future will not be televised….not by the BBC, not by anyone. That may come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the BBC’s election coverage and had been left with the impression that Miliband was a force to be reckoned with, one that was growing in popularity and stature as the momentum of his campaign grew and carried him inevitably into No10.     Nicola … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

A post-election special edition of Question Time is on tonight from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, and so there will be a live chat.

The panel includes Labour’s former director of communications Alastair Campbell, Conservative cabinet minister Francis Maude, former leader of the Liberal Democrats Paddy Ashdown, Scotland’s deputy first minister John Swinney MSP and broadcaster and columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Chat here

Register here if necessary.

The Orthodox Christian Trojan Horse

  The BBC has spent a good deal of time either downplaying or ignoring the Muslim Trojan Horse scandal in Birmingham schools, often resorting to saying that the claims of a Muslim takeover were merely the deluded ramblings of racists, Islamophobes and the paranoid…..before suggesting that if that is what Muslim parents wanted then perhaps that is what they should have in the interests of that old dangerous standby ‘community … Continue reading

That Sacred Democracy

    The sheer hypocrisy of the BBC’s Julia Macfarlane’s Tweet about democracy….    Julia Macfarlane ‏@juliamacfarlane 19 hrs19 hours ago Tomorrow I’ll have what people protest, bleed and die for across the Middle East, Asia, Africa. A vote. I hope everyone uses theirs. #GE201 So Bush and Blair were right then to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan and give the first chance to determine their own lives to … Continue reading