Another BBC Twitter “lesson learned”

Further to this post (also picked up by BBC Watch and Is The BBC Biased?, Naziru Mikail took to Twitter earlier today: I sincerely apologised for making partisan comments on the situation in #Gaza – it was against my employer's guidelines. Lessons learned! — Naziru Mikail (@nazirumikailu) July 23, 2014 So he apologised to someone, but who it is we don’t know. Still, “lessons learned” exclamation mark!

The BBC….What’s It For Exactly?

      There are two main issues about the future of the BBC that are under discussion…what is the purpose of the BBC and how should it be funded? The BBC believes the two are inseparable…only the licence fee funding structure can maintain the unique service that the BBC tells us the BBC provides….and that no other funding structure could. Personally I don’t see that…it provides nothing that a … Continue reading


Did you see this report on the BBC? The former head of Haringey children’s services Sharon Shoesmith has been awarded £679,452 following her unfair dismissal claim. Ms Shoesmith was sacked after a damning report into the 2007 death of Peter Connelly, known as Baby P, who was subjected to months of abuse. The payments, previously been rumoured to be a six-figure sum, emerged in the London council’s accounts. Now, I do hope the … Continue reading

Sex, Lies and Video Tape

    Sorry there’s no sex….but lies and videotape there’s aplenty of.   The probable Pallywood video we looked at earlier has been going viral, not just on the internet but on mainstream the papers and apparently on C4. The BBC has ignored the video completely, commendably not reporting it as genuine, but incredibly, in light of its massive presence on the web and in the MSM, they have … Continue reading

Not All Palestinians Support Hamas…’Merchants of War’

  The BBC splash this: Gaza conflict: Abbas backs Hamas ceasefire demands   But has the BBC reported this?…I don’t think so:   In an interview on 11 July with Al Mayadeen satellite channel, the PA President Mahmoud Abbas accused Hamas of being “merchants of war” and called on them to accept the Egyptian ceasefire initiative and proceed with political negotiations later.  Five days later, Tayeb Abdel Rahim, director-general of … Continue reading

War Crimes? As Judged By The UNHRC Whose Bias Against Israel “cannot be doubted.”

    The BBC has gone frontpage with the UN’s suggestion that Israel ‘may have committed war crimes’: UN’s Navi Pillay warns of Israel Gaza ‘war crimes’     Curiously no mention of the UN’s own war crime on the BBC….the hiding of Hamas weapons in one of their schools…for the second time…at least: For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza   Also where are all those … Continue reading


    Don’t know about you but I’d drop my phone if I’d been shot and fallen to the ground….especially if I’d been shot not once but three times, apparently.  Having said that her indoors probably would cling on to hers hell or high water.   The BBC has remarkably played it cool with this video which claims to be of a Palestinian out looking for his lost family when … Continue reading

What? No Concrete?

    The BBC has often opined that Gaza is destitute and failing, lacking resources to build its infrastructure…indeed it highlights Ban Ki-Moon trying to blame the Israeli blockade for the rocket attacks on Israel: Mr Ban is due to travel to Israel for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and meetings with Palestinian officials in the West Bank. Mr Ban said he appreciated Israel’s right to defend itself, but … Continue reading

Choose Your Words Carefully

  The BBC has decided not to report all the words of John Kerry…just the ones that suit its apparent anti-Israel agenda. John Kerry is the US Secretary of State and is leading the effort to agree a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.  You might think his words would be worthy of some note by the BBC.  But no. Or rather, not all of them.   He said … Continue reading


Listening to Lyse Douchet parrot the propaganda lines put forward by Hamas, one can be forgiven for thinking that there are in fact no Hamas terrorists in Gaza and that Israel only ever gives innocent people. When it comes to reporting what goes on in Gaza, the BBC show a level of bias that is so spectacular that it amazes.

What Would You Do?

      Let’s think……. Hamburg/Dresden   D-Day     Nagasaki/Hiroshima   Vietnam   Afghanistan   Iraq     Guess we’d know what ‘you’d’ do. The same as the Israelis when it comes to defeating terror and a merciless and ruthless enemy which seeks to eliminate you……’never again’ is the Israeli response…and who can blame them.          

Gaza Casualties As Of Sunday

    Pounce originally came up with these figures in the comments and I was reminded of them by Is the BBC biased?: Analysis Of Gazans Killed So Far In Operation Protective Edge   From their figures, and I haven’t looked at the source myself, it looks like the Palestinian casualties are 14% male under fighting age (up to 17), 18% women, 6% male over age (over 60) and the … Continue reading