Earlier in the week, after Jewish Labour donor, Michael Foster, had denounced the cabal surrounding Corbyn as ‘storm troopers’ the BBC’s Jon Pienaar told us that of course Corbyn and Co were upset because ‘anyone would be upset at being called that’. Hmmm…this from the BBC that freely called UKIP Nazis and even now tries determinedly to associate Leave voters with racism and the ‘Far Right’ and one of … Continue reading

See no evil…when it suits

    The BBC filled the airwaves with the horrendous news that one of its journo’s had been called a ‘Paki’…and along with the left-wing press delightedly connected this hate attack to Brexit…. BBC Radio 4 has aired the moment its journalist Sima Kotecha was called a ‘P**i’ by a Brexit voter in her home town of Basingstoke. No such tidal wave of shock and disapproval when a BBC reporter … Continue reading

Hold the front page…Trump not quite fat!!

  Oh to be a BBC journo…at the top of your profession, respected and authoritative….which is why, during the presidential election to elect probably the world’s most powerful person, you, the BBC journo, spend your time writing about how tubby, or not, Trump is…. Should Donald Trump’s weight be an election issue? In a moment of pure daytime TV drama, he handed over a letter to host Dr Oz that … Continue reading


This is a guest article by a B-BBC reader. “It would seem that the reception of the UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia’s conversion to Islam is noted in British and Saudi society for the host’s exquisite taste that captivates its dhimmi guests… Al-Beeb gleefully gushes that British ambassador to Saudi Arabia has performed the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca after converting to Islam, complete with photos and praise from Saudi royalty … Continue reading

Fixing Brexit

  The BBC seems to have moved into overdrive to undermine Brexit with a complete disregard for impartiality, balance and accuracy. As DV notes the QT panel was almost to a man opposed to Brexit, on Thursday Peter Allen treated us to a programme with has-beens pro-EU types Alan Johnson, Shirley Williams and Ken Clark revealing their thoughts on Brexit…naturally all three thought it a terrible thing.  Peter Allen just … Continue reading


I was on BBC London yesterday morning at an ungodly hour discussing the Royal Charter for the BBC brought forward yesterday. In essence the only real surprise from the White Paper in May was that the Government is asking the BBC to reveal which of its “talent” earns more than the Prime Minister i.e. >£150,000. Turns that even this is a cop-out.. More than half of BBC stars paid more than … Continue reading


For my sins I DID watch BBC Question Time last night. In case you missed it this was the panel. Not ONE pro-Brexit politician. The best they could do was haul on the Mails “Theatre critic and political sketch writer” Quentin Letts. I know that Campbell and McDonnell did tear into each other, and even the waspish Soubry had a go at Corbyn’s number 2 BUT this was another panel … Continue reading

Cooking the books

  Interesting timing you might think as the BBC announced the loss of TGBBO to C4 due to its lack of money…just before the government announced its Charter renewal white paper…never mind that Bake Off generates millions and is licensed to many countries around the world for which the BBC gets a cut. The negotiations went on for a year or so and yet the BBC managed to time the … Continue reading

The BBC’s very own Fascism

    The BBC is continuing its campaign against Brexit with endless tales of racism and economic armageddon linked to it.  Its journalists seem to have been given carte blanche to say whatever they like to undermine the democratic process and impose the EU back upon us. They completely ignore the fact that HM Opposition is led by terrorist supporting Marxists with a phalanx of ‘storm troopers’ there to smash … Continue reading

Boating, emoting, voting

  The BBC’s Lucy Grey [a ‘senior’ BBC journalist no less she tells us] has spent the last two weeks emoting from a boat in the Med telling us of the ‘rescue’ of immigrants by MSF.  She greets the migrants as long lost relatives and is delighted they are being helped. Reporting or cheerleading?  This isn’t ‘rescue’, it’s a taxi service that encourages economic migrants to swarm towards Europe….another 250,000 … Continue reading


And so, just a few days after the 15th anniversary of 9/11, the BBC pounces on a story in New York that places a muslim as a victim. A British woman’s traditional Muslim clothing was set on fire on Fifth Avenue, New York police have said. The woman, who had been staying in a Manhattan hotel, was returning from sightseeing when she felt a warm spot on her arm, an officer … Continue reading