By Hook Or By Crook….Just Don’t Mention The Textbook

  This is the Telegraph’s report on the OECD’s conclusions about the UK economy…   OECD head: Britain’s economic recovery ‘a text book example’ George Osborne’s handling of the economic recovery has been “remarkable” and Britain must now stick to his plans and “finish the job”, the head of the OECD has said. Angel Gurria, General Secretary of the international economic forecaster, congratulated George Osborne on the success of his … Continue reading

Feeling The Press-ure

  The BBC doesn’t like criticism, it likes to hand it out but doesn’t like it when the tables are turned. Last year it started to operate a new policy of attempting to charge down any criticism it received in the Press… Contact right! BBC’s rapid rebuttal unit goes into action against the Sun   The Guardian told us to… Dig your foxholes good and deep, people – it’s going … Continue reading

A Twitter conversation

It was reported over the weekend that a Labour councillor has claimed that aliens are influencing Vladimir Putin. The BBC didn’t find this newsworthy, which got me thinking that things would be different if the councillor had been a member of UKIP. Here’s the exchange I had on Twitter today with BBC politics reporter Giles Dilnot. You need to follow the links to fully understand what’s going on. Credit to … Continue reading

Train Engineer Resigns

    The Head of the IPCC, that highly influential and political climate change propaganda pressure group, has resigned.  It’s on the front page of the BBC’s website but way, way down the page in the Environment section. UN climate head Rajendra Pachauri resigns The head of the UN climate change panel (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, has resigned amid sexual harassment allegations. In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, … Continue reading

The Art Of Corruption

  ‘The bad news is that culture and creativity are being erased from the classroom, and that audiences for the arts are substantially white, middle class, affluent and well educated.’   Yesterday the BBC launched it’s ‘Get Creative’ campaign to encourage greater participation in the Arts of all kinds and broadcast a programme talking especially about the Arts, or lack of, in schools. Ostensibly very worthy ideals but is there … Continue reading

147,088,860 Hits Must Say Something Sista

      The Telegraph published this article about so-called cultural appropriation, the adoption of other races’ or culture’s art,  music and style…apparently it’s not allowed…at least for White people to ‘Black up’, metaphorically, culturally, speaking. Azealia Banks vs Iggy Azalea: ‘Privileged white people shouldn’t steal hip-hop’   It’s a minefield out there….cultural theft, cultural smudging, identity theft, reverse racism, bigotry, the ‘angry black woman syndrome’, minstrelsy, fetishized depictions of … Continue reading

A Peculiar Kind Of Racism

  The BBC, as with the 5 year old HSBC story that they disinterred to support Labour’s narrative on tax evasion, has timed to perfection a hatchet job on UKIP using the words of  UKIP councillor Rozanne Duncan to tar the whole party by association with what the BBC wants you to believe are racist beliefs of this woman……this ‘documentary’ has been held back for quite a while and only … Continue reading

More Brainwashing Needed!

  Interesting reaction to this BBC Tweet……Not the one the BBC hoped for I imagine…… BBC News (UK)Verified account ‏@BBCNews Fears grow for ‘Syria-bound’ girls  9:24 pm – 20 Feb 2015 Paddy Opedobom ‏@Paddy0pedobom Feb 20 No. No fears. The more the merrier. Let everyone who hates this country fuck off and never come back here. @BBCNews Salga Union Europa ‏@apostolouc Feb 20 “@BBCNews: Fears grow for ‘Syria-bound’ girls … Continue reading

Fears Grow For Paris Bound Chelsea Supporters

Relatives of the three missing London boys believed to be heading to Paris have pleaded for them to come home. The boys travelled to Paris on Tuesday. It is feared they may be planning to join Front National extremists in Paris. One of the boy’s family said they understood he wanted to help those suffering attacks from Islamist fanatics in Paris but said Paris was “a dangerous place”. The family … Continue reading

Muhammed The Librarian

      I’m sure you are all familiar with the BBC narrative that promotes the ‘Golden Age of Islamic Science’  and tells us the West owes all of its progress to Islam. It is a constant refrain, one that the BBC wants to impress upon us, the idea being that once we realise that Muslims were once very clever we will change our perceptions about Islam as a backward, … Continue reading

Race relations

We’re now well into day 5 of the BBC’s intensive coverage of the racist Chelsea fans story. In the past week a number of other race-related stories have emerged, none of which you’ll find reported on the BBC website. On Tuesday police released video of a black man dragging a white guy from a bus and beating him with a belt in an unprovoked attack. You won’t find that story … Continue reading

Check Your Privilege

    If you want to commit a crime and not be hung out to dry by the thought police make sure you have some ‘ethnic’ authenticity and credibility in the bank. If you’re white and push a person of colour off a train you’re big news. If you’re a Muslim who stabs someone for not being a Muslim then you’re probably justified in doing that by virtue of undoubtedly … Continue reading