Harrabin’s Horror Story

  Roger Harrabin.  What to make of him?  Liar, fraud, dishonest, untrustworthy, propagandist, in the pay of the climate lobby?  You decide. Harrabin has just broadcast the first of his alarmist tracts on climate change designed to soften the listener up to accept, if not demand, action on climate change from politicians at the Paris climate talks.  The tone of the programme was every bit as insidious, malignant and dishonest … Continue reading


Well, no real surprise. The BBC have adopted their default mode and sought to distance Islam from the acts of Islamic terror that defaced the City of Lights on Friday evening. Instead we get lots of nice images of International landmarks to show how the “international community” is showing solidarity. I’m surprised the BBC have not been able to find a pic of a MOSQUE draped in the French colours. … Continue reading

Ed’s Rock

  Why did Miliband lose the election?  Possibly because he didn’t have the right man on side…Nick Robinson for instance, unfortunately put out of action during the election by ill health. Robinson, starting on the Today programme tomorrow, was a young Conservative but that might have been hard to ascertain if you listened to his BBC outpourings which, to me at least, seemed to lean towards favouring Labour. It seems … Continue reading

The BBC’s counter narrative

Switched on the radio, first thing I heard was Anna Foster  (around 07:55) worrying that many people believe the Front National in France will get more support.  She didn’t define who those ‘many people’ were of course….let me do it for her….BBC journalists, the Guardian and Muslim agitators.  Why is the BBC completely unconcerned about the ‘worries’ of those who might vote for the Front National….the BBC dismisses them as … Continue reading


  Listening to Nolan and a caller says the killers were not Muslim….silence from Nolan, silence, silence, then he tells us… ‘That’s the most poignant thing you can say…that they are not Muslim’   Trouble is that isn’t true is it Stephen Nolan?  That’s a lie.  A lie that is intended to prevent a particular course of action….such as that suggested by Hollande’s declaration that this attack was an act … Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo’s response

  From the Independent:   Here’s what a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist drew after the second Paris terror attack in a year…         ‘The people who died tonight were out living, drinking, singing. They didn’t know they had declared war.’   ‘Terrorism is not the enemy. Terrorism is a mode of operation. Repeating ‘we are at war’ without finding the courage to name our enemies leads nowhere. Our … Continue reading

Open Border Terror

    The Mail reports in a big headline…. Jihadis sneaked into France as fake Syrian refugees: Fresh security concerns over Europe’s borders as authorities reveal killers including a 15-year-old prowled streets in three coordinated teams   Stephen Nolan on 5Live on other hand tells us that we must treat such knowledge with restraint…in other words hide the truth in order not to put a dent in the BBC’s narrative … Continue reading

What the BBC censors

    Spot the difference between how the BBC reports Jeremy Corbyn’s intended, and now cancelled, speech….   The BBC… The Labour leader was set to say: “For the past 14 years, Britain has been at the centre of a succession of disastrous wars that have brought devastation to large parts of the wider Middle East. “They have increased, not diminished, the threats to our own national security in the … Continue reading

Hmmmm….dice loaded?

    ‘Join us for a Spectator debate on 18 November at Church House, Westminster – Is the BBC really a national treasure? Speakers include Melvyn Bragg and James Purnell, director of strategy and digital at the BBC. Chaired by Andrew Neil. Click here for more information and to book tickets.’ Is the BBC really a national treasure? Spectator Events Wednesday, 18 November 2015 from 19:30 to 20:45 (GMT) London, United … Continue reading

Unlucky for some

    The BBC continues its support for the Islamist cause giving a platform to a group that the BBC knows is an Islamist front…. Initially dubbed “Jihadi John” by the media, he was subsequently named as Emwazi, from west London, in February. Advocacy group Cage, which previously suggested MI5 harassment may have contributed to Emwazi’s radicalisation, said he “should have been tried as a war criminal”. Mohammed Emwazi 1988: … Continue reading


Well then. looks like “Jihadi John” aka Mohammad Emwazi, has been evaporated. Naturally, Jeremy Corbyn has expressed his deep unhappiness at this event, wishing instead that the decapitating thug had been “arrested”. It will be interesting to see how the BBC tackles this but given their opposition to us doing ANYTHING against Islamic State, we can expect them lining up behind Corbyn’s specious tripe.