Burger Off!! Poetic Justice

    A Brazilian illegal immigrant who came to this country and got a job at Byron Burgers using false documents and a forged National Insurance card complains on the Today programme (0840) that Byron Burgers used and abused him.  Not sure why the BBC felt the need to give him a platform to air his nonsense…it was he who abused Byron Burgers taking a job using deception putting them … Continue reading

The BBC’s Northern Brexit Blights

    The Today programme had an astonishingly dishonest report from Manchester this morning (0819) ostensibly looking at the effect of Brexit upon the city….the city that is wonderfully cosmopolitan and so European the BBC announces as it headed for a pavement cafe table full of foreigners to ask if they had noticed a difference in how they were now treated.  The report was entirely one-sided and aggressively anti-Brexit, painting … Continue reading


The BBC’s coverage of the disruption of access to Heathrow Airport today by a bunch of narcissistic thugs from the ludicrous #BlackLivesMatter group has been cloying. Read this. Across in the States, this advocacy group has encouraged people to kill Police Officers. Maybe that gives the BBC some sort of perverse thrill from the idea that such thuggery based around race could take a grip in the UK? In a civilised … Continue reading


From first thing yesterday, the UK media in general, and the BBC in particular, were out to sanitise the frenzied knifing rampage by a Somalian immigrant in central London. It appears the MET have unforeseen powers of psychiatric evaluation, and the BBC instantly grabbed and ran with the “mental illness” distraction. Then, it turns it the killer was “a Norwegian of Somali origin” … namely a Somalian who had gotten … Continue reading

Alarming alarmism

  The media have an important role to play creating this future; they are not just disinterested bystanders. Whether they like it or not, journalists are not just reporting a financial crisis, they are performing it.     The BBC’s new favourite goto expert voice, IHS Markit, the people who bring us the PMI figures that the BBC insisted showed we were definitely heading for recession, has released some figures … Continue reading


Here is today’s BBC onslaught. Donald Trump’s top aide denies reports of campaign turmoil Meanwhile, and nowhere to be seen on the ‘world class BBC news” Obama paid $400M ‘ransom’ to Iran I see. BBC swooning over Obama and Clinton, no longer any pretence of impartiality  -just pure bias.  


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Well the BBC have been exultantly pushing this one today; The High Court has told the NHS in England it can fund a drug that can prevent HIV – after health bosses argued it was not their responsibility. NHS England previously said councils should provide the pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) drug as they are in charge of preventative health. This stance was successfully challenged by the National Aids Trust (NAT). The elephant in … Continue reading

Practise to deceive

  The BBC made a lot of noise about this when two Muslims killed a Catholic priest in France: ‘Muslims across France have attended Catholic mass in a gesture of solidarity’ Trouble is, as Douglas Murray points out in the Spectator, most of those ‘Muslims’ were Ahmadis….‘stories of the Muslims of Europe attending church in their dozens as a gesture of solidarity was clearly an Ahmadiyya initiative.’ So the truth … Continue reading


I wonder why the BBC thinks it can influence the outcome of the US Presidential race? It wasn’t able to influence the outcome of the Brexit debate, despite best efforts. It’s currently doing a CNN style assault on Donald Trump. This may delight those in the upper echelons of the BBC but I doubt it will change the minds of any floating US voters. Whilst the BBC has discarded any … Continue reading