Blood Libel?

  The Telegraph tells us [The BBC website doesn’t]: Survey shows anti-Semitic views are common among Britons Antisemitic views have been shown to be rampant among British people according to the results of a new polls.   Of course it doesn’t say which ‘British People’ are the ones who predominantly hold such views. Of course one of the factors in generating antipathy towards the Jews in those surveyed must be … Continue reading

The Far Right Blitzkreig Or Far Fetched Bull***t?

  The BBC has been warning us for years of the huge threat posed by the ‘Far Right’, battalions of whom were ready to strike at any moment with panzers rolling down the Mall and stormtroopers rounding up undocumented citizens for deportation. Seems it was all a bit far fetched.   Far right in UK ‘weakest for 20 years’   Interesting to note how they conflate the BNP, the EDL … Continue reading


  Tim Wilcox is feeling the heat:     The Daily Mail explains: BBC reporter faces calls to resign after he tells daughter of Holocaust survivors after Paris attacks: ‘Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well’   Not badly chosen words at all…just the usual BBC mantra that the Jews in Europe somehow bring retribution upon themselves by Israel’s policy of defending itself when under attack. That’s one ‘backlash’ … Continue reading

Insult or Fair Criticism?

    Christopher Hitchens gives a very measured and scholarly take down of Islam… it ‘insulting’ or respectable, intelligent and ‘acceptable’ comment?       The BBC is already mounting its counter punch to the ‘defiant’  Charlie Hebdo cartoon published in reaction to the murders of its staff.  The Today programme (07:36) brought on someone from the Muslim Association of Britain…an extremist outfit and the British offshoot of the Muslim … Continue reading


    #JeSuisAhmed was a hashtag started by Islamist Dyab Abou Jahja  and taken up by Muslim activists such as Mehdi Hasan and Myriam Francois-Cerrah.  He initiated it with this tweet…. Just so we know…Dyab Abou Jahjah…Muslim activist and opponent of ‘integration’ who stated after 9/11: “Most of us … felt that day something that can not be described as joy, or as happiness, but rather as that sweet revenge … Continue reading


What is this plight to which Europe has been reduced? The vast quivering mass of tormented, bewildered  human beings Who wait in their cities and their homes And scan the dark horizons for the approach of some new form of Tyranny or terror with the sullen silence of despair. But for the Great Republic across the Atlantic Ocean saving Europe from ruin and enslavement The Dark Ages would have Returned … Continue reading


As tens of thousands of Germans take to the streets to protest the Islamification of their Country, the BBC does all it can to downplay this movement and tar it with a Nazi type image. The BBC has a problem with any Nation showing patriotism and has been quick to support Merkel’s demonisation of the Pegida movement.


Here is the latest Charlie Hebdo cover. On BBC Today, they stated that the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail were not running with it. I was contacted by a DT Journalist who said that the web version of the Telegraph ran it at 11pm last night. She also pointed out the BBC did not appear to be wanting to show it. So, has the BBC the courage to PUBLICLY run … Continue reading

Panorama And Islam

    I have now watched the Panorama programme, The Battle For British Islam,  and I will admit to having been astonished.  The programme could have been written by this site and is an utter condemnation of the BBC’s approach to Islam and how they report it day in day out….most notably over the last few days. There are many points to note…one that Muslims who don’t toe the conservative … Continue reading


  Craig at Is the BBC Biased has watched Panorama and is praising it for its honesty in discussing Islam in the UK…. Panorama: The Battle for British Islam Credit where credit’s due. Tonight’s Panorama by John Ware was an outstanding piece of reporting. It fully faced up to the fact that Islam is the problem, and that a radical reformation of Islam is needed   I haven’t watched it yet but I … Continue reading

La Plume de Ma Taunt

    The BBC has been repeatedly inviting the same guests onto its programmes….notably ones who voice opinions that are diametrically opposed to the narrative that supports ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and free expression. Naturally any such dissenting voices should be heard…but what if they are making claims that are just plain wrong and are doing so in an attempt to possibly justify the killing of the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo? Their … Continue reading