Normal service resumed

  The BBC absolutely tore into Andrea Leadsom for her comments about being a mother after a hatchet job by the Times on her. The BBC seems remarkably less keen to look at the comments of one of its own former employees who wants to be Labour Leader and has made remarks in the same vein as Leadsom’s…he tells us he’s married, with three kids and is ‘normal’ whereas his … Continue reading

Less and less the truth

  ‘More or Less’ is one of those BBC flagship programmes that supposedly provide us with a ‘reality check’ on the world, casting a quizzically cynical eye over the world in numbers so that we can get to the truth about events and discover what others seek to hide by blinding and baffling us with stats. Or that is what ‘More or Less’ promises to do.  Others might think that … Continue reading

Lord Hall…blood on his hands?

    The racist cop who shot Delrawn Small in a road rage incident?  Apparently this is him…..   Any wonder the BBC has quietly changed the narrative from racist white cops to protraying the shooting of black men as a ‘police issue’ now….they knew that many of the cops were not white…and yet the BBC didn’t report that fact. Why not? Dangerous games the BBC plays as ever more … Continue reading

Lemon Squashed

  An interview that could so easily be on the BBC with its smug, patronising presenters telling us that US cops are all racist…the interviewer showed no interest in the awkward truths that the police officer was stating…he even told him he could leave the studio if he didn’t let the presenter speak…thought it was the guest who was the one meant to speak and who we should be hearing…why … Continue reading

Start The Week Open Thread

  A couple of days ago ….Mickey Clark on Wake up to Money…‘We should remember how quick we were to forget just how big our economy is and that other countries will always want to trade with us.’ Yeah…funny how quick the BBC was to forget that….seems they’ve forgotten it all over again…. Another week and more doom and gloom from the BBC as it continues to gleefully report Brexit … Continue reading

Les Soldats

  “You can either wage Jihad by the tongue and by the mouth – that is ideological jihad – or by the hand and the sword. Those are the official categories of jihad.”  BBC   Throughout the day the BBC has been referring to the Jihadist who murdered 84 men, women and children in Nice as an Islamic State ‘Soldier’.  As Victoria Derbyshire told us that British soldiers in Afghanistan … Continue reading


  Listening to much of the BBC’s reporting on the attack in Nice you may have noticed a peculiar omission as they seek to investigate the attack, the methods used and the motivation….. Before Nice, Palestinian terrorists used cars as lethal weapon The BBC for some reason fails to mention that vehicles being used to attack pedestrians, Jews,  is a favoured method used by Palestinians.  Does the BBC not want … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  Operation ‘Get Boris’, a long term BBC mission, moved into top gear yesterday as the state broadcaster did its level best to undermine and vilify our new Foreign Secretary around the world at a time when it should be fairly apparent that such toxic rhetoric is the last thing this country needs as it tries to break away from the EU straitjacket and heads out to do business with … Continue reading

Bricking it

After the BBC’s faux outrage at the killing of Jo Cox and its attempts to exploit her death by linking her murder to the Brexit campaign telling us that Leave’s rhetoric had whipped up a storm of hatred it seems odd that the BBC is now so silent about this…from the Telegraph… Half of the female shadow cabinet ministers who resigned over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership have faced death threats or … Continue reading


  Another Islamist attack in France and immediately you have the problem spelt out to you by those in charge….the problem is their own refusal to accept what the problem is….. ‘A tragic paradox’ European Council president Donald Tusk says it is a “tragic paradox” that the victims of the attack in Nice were celebrating “liberty, equality and fraternity” – France’s motto – on the country’s national day. No, it’s … Continue reading

Ho Hum

    Dylan Noble, white male, unarmed, shot by US police.  The BBC doesn’t seem to have reported it at all…it’s on every other news outlet as the police video is released…just not on the BBC.  The shooting is as controversial as any of the shootings of black men that the BBC fills the airwaves with.  The difference of course is that the victim is white and therefore doesn’t provide … Continue reading

Brickbats and Red Rosettes

  A brick is sent flying through the window of the challenger to Corbyn’s marxist mob-rule and what?  Who’s to blame, why’d it happen?  Is it of any importance? The BBC has decided that nobody knows who chucked the brick nor why.  Not a clue.  If it had been through the window of a Polish shop the BBC would know exactly who to blame, and why. Peter Allen just dismissed … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

  The BBC likes to use a Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times’, to describe the effects of the allegedly lamentable Brexit vote…personally I’d prefer another Chinese proverb….‘Out of chaos comes opportunity’. So far not much chaos other than in the Labour Party (if it still exists)…looks like the Brexiteers are getting some prime, influential, jobs….and what to make of May and Hammond?  Both sceptics who, reluctantly?, plumped … Continue reading

Chiles’s Got Issues

    A plea to the Tory Party….Please, please, please don’t release news of a highly significant and important nature at a time when the BBC’s main anchor on the radio is Adrian Chiles.  This is the podcast of his reaction and analysis on hearing Andrea Leadsom quit the leadership race……..   What’s that Adrian?  It’s so, sooo unfair that we don’t have a say in who is going to … Continue reading

Start The Week Open Thread

  What an utter insensitive b*****d that Andy Murray is….cold, heartless and calculating, doesn’t he have any feelings for those tennis players who don’t have kids…do they not also have a stake in succeeding in the tennis world as well? “The last thing I looked at before I went on court today was a picture of my daughter,” Murray said. “I feel like that’s what I’m playing for now, so … Continue reading