In the mock soup

We’ll mock Jesus but not Mohammed, says BBC boss   Gymnast Louis Smith is being intimidated, bullied and made the subject of serious hate crimes as Muslims make death threats to him every day and the BBC decides it is appropriate to join in and suggest he is racist and ‘Islamophobic’. In an interview with Emma Barnett on 5Live he was hung out to dry.  When asked if he was … Continue reading

Stop the War Coalition, the BBC…spot the difference

Con Coughlin in the Telegraph tells us… If anyone is to blame for the appalling suffering of Aleppo, it is the Stop The War Coalition. For its relentless propaganda campaign – and downright lies – relating to the recent military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan has achieved its goal of turning public opinion and parliament against initiating any further military interventions. I think he is being very kind to the … Continue reading


BBC leading their news this morning with the contention that Brexit means no Marmite in Tesco. They deliberately conflate a trade cost price conflict between Unilever and Tesco with the direct consequence of the Brexit vote. I wonder why the BBC didn’t ponder why when the Pound was rising Unilever prices did not fall? Too obvious?


I don’t know if anyone else listened to the Today programme this morning? It was dreadful and this programme has now adopted a daily regime of “stories” that basically all pirouette around the following narratives. Why Brexit was wrong and we now all must pay for the folly of daring to vote LEAVE. Why Donald Trump is unfit to be President and Hillary Clinton is the safe pair of hands … Continue reading

The BBC wakes from its slumber?

  The BBC notes all is not well in Sweden…but who is to blame? How Sweden became an exporter of jihad Sweden is a peaceful democratic state that has long been a safe haven for those fleeing conflict. Yet many young people whose families took refuge there are now turning their back on the country. More than 300 people have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq, making Sweden per … Continue reading

Lord Hall, Mass Murder and Media Pressure

            The Today programme interviewed the former head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, today. What is the only thing of interest the website has taken from that interview and indeed the Today programme itself as it headlines the interview…Ex-MI6 boss rebuffs Johnson demo call…?  That Sawers criticises Boris Johnson for suggesting people protest outside of the Russian embassy about Syria. He’d be better having them … Continue reading


If there is anything worse in the world than the BBC it is Ofcom, which seeks to help regulate the BBC! I was talking to James Whale about this story last night… The BBC is “falling short” on serving older women and minority communities, the head of Ofcom has said. Media watchdog chief Sharon White said the corporation is “not doing as good a job as it should be” in these … Continue reading


From Guido… “The BBC has guidelines about journalists mouthing off their left-wing views on Twitter, guidelines ignored by Danny Carpenter of BBC Look North, who has rip on Facebook about the government in a comment on a post by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party:” Is there any doubt that Mr Carpenter speaks on behalf of more than a few of his BBC pals? Sack him.


Here’s an interesting perspective on the whole “victim narrative” so central to the BBC provided by a Biased BBC reader. “The Left-leaning media, led so  ably by the BBC, has been vocal pushing the victim narrative. It may start with good intentions – trying to overcome PERCEIVED societal injustices of a specific demographic – but the delusion is that these hacks and lobbyists are the next generation of suffragettes or … Continue reading

Jews on the run if Clinton gets in?

  It is increasingly difficult to distinguish this strife from a war of religions or a conflict of civilizations.   Interesting what informs and interests Clinton’s foreign policy [much the same as what informs BBC journalism in fact]….not Israel friendly at all…and Islamophobia is apparently a plot by a ‘cabal’…have a look at this email sent by her referencing a piece by Max Blumenthal….. Erupting so many years after the … Continue reading

Grab a granny and sack her

  Have to laugh at the BBC’s massive hypocrisy.  Trump makes one of his brash, crude statements that after age 35 it’s ‘check out time’ for women and the BBC are shocked by this sexism and ageism.  The same BBC that is renowned for its own sexism and ageism as it dumps older women for the dolly bird presenters….and by coincidence today Ofcom criticises that BBC for the very same…. … Continue reading

Trump Triumph?

    Just to add a bit more to DV’s piece on Trump. Wikileaks pounds Clinton…the BBC isn’t interested and admits it… In some alternate universe, the Clinton Wikileaks story would be dominating the news this weekend. In a race for the presidency the BBC doesn’t think these leaks relevant?  Only in some other alternate universe?  Bizarre…or deliberately dodging difficult material for the Clinton campaign.  Oh they’ve reported them but … Continue reading


Well, for once I really quite enjoyed listening to the BBC Today programme on Radio 4 this morning. Having ensured I watched the 2nd Presidential debate first, and knowing that Trump had steam rollered Clinton, I was ready to observe how the BBC would report this. US presidential debate: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons Oh wow, how very dare he!!! You could tell instantly that he had done well … Continue reading