Mind the credibility gap

  Jonathan Dimbleby summoned up an alarming vision of Western Civilisation under threat as the dark shadow of a Tory government looms across the land intent on turning back the clock, if not to the ravages and poverty of the 1930’s then at least to 1984, a Western Civilisation under threat from the commercial Vandals and the predations of Rupert Murdoch and his cronies in Westminster, under threat from the … Continue reading

The Voice

  If you hoped he’d seek truth and spread a little enlightenment you’d be disappointed, if you believed in his integrity you’d be disillusioned, if you thought he’d bring balance and the judgement of Solomon using wisdom gleaned through decades of mingling with Kings and commoners you’d be disabused of that soon enough. It is an unfortunate fact that Jonathan Dimbleby is as corrupt, as deceitful, as stupid, as intolerant, … Continue reading

Move on, nothing to see here

  As perfect example of the BBC mindset as you’ll find anywhere surfaced today on 5 Live Daily today(11:15 ish).  Discussing migration a UKIP representative, an MEP, said that a major problem was that freedom of movement within the EU meant that as 100s of thousands of EU citizens came to the UK there was less and less room for refugees and asylum seekers who may be in genuine need. … Continue reading

Israelis to behead and crucify Palestinian clockboy

  The BBC clears the ariwaves to report that a Palestinian schoolboy in Israel who, with creative genius, built an electronic clock and took it into school one day where teachers mistook  it for a bomb and called the police. The boy was arrested, charged, found guilty and sentenced to be beheaded and crucified by the Israeli authorities for intention to commit terrorist acts.  The BBC are all over this … Continue reading

BBC stokes Black grievance industry, discontent and anger

  Sarah Montague interviewed Ta-Nehisi Coates on Today (08:50) concerning a letter he wrote to his son preparing him for life in ‘racist’ America, a land in which the Blacks are still oppressed.  Never mind having a black President and all that.  A rare form of oppression one might think.  The letter came out in July and Coates has a long history of such racist whimpering.  You may suspect that … Continue reading

Migrant Crisis Solved?

  The BBC keeps telling us that the migrant crisis could be solved if the European countries could only come up with a unified plan to parcel out the migrants equitably. Of course what the BBC means by ‘migrant crisis’ is probably entirely different to what most people’s understanding of the term might be.  The BBC’s interpretation is that the millions of people heading towards Europe are not a migrant … Continue reading

Import Duty

  As Syrian refugees flood into Europe what baggage may some bring with them? This clip from Memri isn’t encouraging…certainly not if you’re Jewish… Following is an interview with Syrian actress Amal ‘Arafa, which aired on Al-Hiwar TV on October 4, 2008: Interviewer: If political circumstances change, what will happen? Amal ‘Arafa: Policies may change, but there is something that is already in my genes. We’ve been brought up to … Continue reading

The unavoidable man-made hell-hole reached by denial and silencing of truth

  From Nicky Campbell’s good mate….     As Jews are once again being purged from Europe just for being Jewish, and the BBC looks on apparently with the feeling that they get what was coming to them, many people point out a few problems arising from mass immigration that the BBC is all too often not just reluctant to debate but actively seeks to hide and dismiss….denying and silencing … Continue reading

Demographics Demolishing Democracies

    From the Guardian: Europe’s risky experiment Martin Woollacott assesses the effects of immigration Immigration on the scale that Europe has experienced constitutes a risky experiment to which we need not have submitted ourselves, and of which the final result is not yet clear. He is right that we frequently talk about it in stupid and dishonest ways. If his book sharpens a so far sluggish debate, it will … Continue reading

Not loving Jeremy

  Not long ago we suggested that the BBC’s use of the modest descriptive term of ‘leftwing’ to describe Jeremy Corbyn was doing him a favour as he is to the left, far to the left, of most in the Labour Party.  If there were a Tory MP in a similar position with similarly extreme views he would be described as Far Right….and of course UKIP are usually dismissed as … Continue reading


Anyone else bored senseless with the nightly reports filed on the BBC News at Ten by Fergal Keen which are little more than pro-immigrant propaganda? He churns out the same cliches night after night – with the constant narrative that these swarming economic immigrants are lovely people out to make Europe a more vibrant and successful place. Dar Al Islam.


Well then, Labour’s John McDonnell used his appearance on BBC “Question Time” to offer a fulsome apology for his pro-IRA comments back in 2003. The BBC seem satisfied with this, honour has been restored and we can all now move on. Except, of course, McDonnell has simply resorted to lying and the BBC let him away with it. His explanation for his comments, made in 2003, was that he (along … Continue reading