Don’t Tell MAMA

  Why no mention of this part of Cameron’s Easter Message on the BBC?: As we celebrate Easter, let’s also think of those who are unable to do so, the Christians around the world who are ostracised, abused — even murdered — simply for the faith they follow. Religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right. Britain is committed to protecting and promoting that right, by standing up for Christians … Continue reading

Can’t Get The Kids Into Primary School? Why’s That Then?

  The BBC give Labour a free pass as they propagate their ‘research’: School places: Labour warns of primary school ‘crisis’ in England One in four councils believe there is a “real crisis in primary school places” looming for this September in England, according to Labour’s shadow education secretary.     But why is there this ‘crisis’?   Could it be that it is Labour who created it by flinging … Continue reading

Trawling ‘Feedback’

  Having a mooch through the Feedback site I see Roger Bolton has a few thoughts on the internal workings of the BBC such as this about Woman’s Hour: As you well know BBC programmes are supposed to be impartial but I’m not sure if that can be said of Woman’s Hour, at least when it comes to feminism. Woman’s Hour is in fact a powerful advocate for women’s empowerment. … Continue reading

The BooBC

  Just heard the BBC’s David Jordan, Director of Editorial Policy and Standards, (getting around a lot these days) telling Feedback on R4 that the BBC is ‘eternally grateful’ for audience feedback and complaints…it helps them make better programmes. Away you go!   Also on Feedback complaints about the smutty or downright obscene nature of a comedy programme, Down the line, broadcast at 18:30 Apparently mentions of gay sex, slags … Continue reading

The BBC’s Dualist Approach To News

  ‘ …a sobering and disturbing tale, and a reminder that intelligence and a lifelong devotion to “truth” is no protection whatever against believing that the most brutal, stupid, dangerous and unethical ideology is the greatest achievement of mankind.’  Philosophy’s shameful love     Three examples of where the BBC reports something in a different way depending on what ‘narrative’ it is trying to push…..   Firstly…. The BBC’s Matt McGrath … Continue reading


Well, hasn’t the BBC been swooning at the visits by Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness to a few events with Her Majesty this past week? And the BBC now even comes out with the line that McGuinness WAS indeed  a “former IRA commander”. The curious bit is this; these world class journalists NEVER think to ask just what did he command when he was in a senior position with this … Continue reading


It’s not that long ago since Comrade Ed Miliband was pushing the Co-Op bank as the template for all banks. Naturally time has proven him to be disastrously wrong and this morning comes the news that the Co-op Bank has lost £1.3 billion. It has also paid its CEO £2.9m pay package and £1.2m bonus.  And yet, had you tuned into the TODAY programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning … Continue reading

On The Shoulders of Pygmies

    Been looking at Jo Nova’s site and read her thankyou to the likes of Roger Harrabin for their part in her success after winning the ‘Bloggies’ Lifetime Achievement award:   She said: I’d like to thank especially, the Mainstream Media, without which I would have hardly any traffic. I dedicate this win today to the science journalists in the ABC, BBC, CBC, CBS or CNN, and to Roger … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cake

  More evidence of the baleful effect of the BBC upon our world……using research gathered by the BBC politicians are out to ban the humble baked bean from the world. Yet another attack on the working man’s pleasure by the champagne socialists of the BBC liberali….whilst it’s left to the ‘out of touch’ Tories to support the bingo playing, beer drinking, baked bean feasting working man.   A hereditary peer … Continue reading

Campaigning For A Particular View Or Ideology…That’s Against The Law

  via Bishop Hill The GWPF has done a report examining the teaching of climate in schools….. The report also describes how activist teachers try to make children become the footsoldiers of the green movement, encouraging them to harass their schoolmates and pester their parents to bring about “behaviour change”. The use of fear of climate change to alter children’s behaviour is also highlighted. The report quotes one child as … Continue reading

The Olden Golden Days Of Yore

    Ian Hislop has a new BBC programme (tonight BBC2 21:00)….Ian Hislop’s Olden Days…. Ian Hislop’s Olden Days, The Power of the Past in Britain, explores a cultural history of Britain’s idealised past and our fondness for yesterday.   You can see why the BBC likes that…..destroying the ‘myths’ that surround the Nation…you’re not really who you think…’re not as good as you think…your national identity is a fraud … Continue reading

Windy Miller

    Maria Miller has resigned. The various factions are lining up to exploit it, or downplay it, for their own political ends.  The BBC is not above such things.   Humphrys was having  a bash at Gove this morning laying out the case against Cameron…..he’s out of touch and his judgment is flawed…it’s ok to be compassionate and to defend your people but you have to take hard decisions … Continue reading

The IPCC Rabid Rebuttal Service

  If you are onboard with the climate consensus you can say what you like to alarm the public: The costs of inaction on climate change will be “catastrophic”, according to US Secretary of State John Kerry. Mr Kerry was responding to a major report by the UN which described the impacts of global warming as “severe, pervasive and irreversible”. He said dramatic and swift action was required to tackle … Continue reading