What a bit of luck the BBC can slide its hand into our wallets and extract that license tax. Just imagine if it had to finance THIS sort of indulgence itself… The BBC has spent more than £220,000 on iPhone lessons for staff. Figures have revealed the corporation spent licence fee payers’ money teaching 783 employees how to properly use the gadget over a period of three years. This works out at … Continue reading

Chinless Wonders and Chinese Blunders

    The Today programme investigated ‘Chinaphobia’(08:20) and brought us Sir Christopher Frayling, art historian, and Trannia Brannigan from the Guardian, in to enlighten us. Frayling thinks Chinaphobia is alive and kicking and has informed all our perceptions and actions towards China and made us reach conclusions about China that are undeserved and prejudiced. Remarkably perhaps, Trannia, from the Guardian, actually took issue with him and undermined his argument. Personally … Continue reading

That Old Green Hush

    There’s this from the Telegraph: Scrap the Climate Change Act to keep the lights on, says Owen Paterson   And this from the Mail: Britain will run out of electricity unless it axes green target, warns ex-Minister   And then there is this from the BBC:             …a big fat nothing.   Still when they get round to it here’s the format….a quick … Continue reading

Turkey Voting For Christmas

    Interesting take on the world from the BBC. It has been telling us recently that Turkey is in a dilemma concerning ISIS.  On the one hand it doesn’t want a terrorist state on its borders, on the other it doesn’t want to see the Kurds becoming more established and powerful. So Turkey has plumped to support ISIS…probably not too hard a decision for the Islamist Erdogan who no … Continue reading

Peston’s Megalomania

    Robert Peston wants to take over the world…the BBC has spent years railing against the ‘world’s policeman’ role taken on by the West but all change now, apparently it is a vital part of a healthy and wealthy world….and it gives the BBC another stick to beat ‘The West’ with as, for example,  Ebola is declared all the fault of ‘The West’ by the BBC… The West’s failure … Continue reading

The Left Stuff….’strangling our ability to talk to ourselves and to the world’.

Douglas Carswell in his victory speech in Clacton denounced the ‘cosy consensus, corporate politics’ that believes the only place to be is in the ‘centre’ of the political spectrum and which creates what is in effect a ‘one party state’ where the electorate don’t get a real choice and their views on subjects such as immigration or Europe could be safely ignored because a politician would know that no other … Continue reading

Carswell Vs Orwell

  UKIP romped home in Clacton and put the frighteners on Labour in Heywood and Middleton. The BBC are not happy. The Today programme dragged in Matthew Parris (08:53), a man they know has a visceral, almost psychotic, hatred of UKIP and anyone who wants to limit immigration.  The BBC no doubt expected some bile and were not disappointed as Parris pronounced UKIP’s, and right wing Tories’, immigration and Europe … Continue reading


Well then, it’s been a big 24 hours for UKIP. Clacton was EVEN more of an impressive win than “the pundits” were suggesting and then there was UKIP coming within just over 600 votes of unseating Labour in Heywood and Middleton. As regards the latter, I notice the BBC parrot the Labour spin that they “increased their share of the vote”. Yes, but they also LOST 9000 voters from last … Continue reading

*Does the BBC think that most immigrants are Noble Prize winners & scientists?

I received this thoughtful piece from a Biased BBC reader and wanted to share.“On Monday (7th of October) the BBC informed us – or at least James Gallagher did – that “Nobel Prize winner John O’Keefe” has a big problem with the the government’s rules on immigration. More precisely, O’Keefe “has warned the UK government [that its] polices on immigration” are “risking Britain’s scientific standing”. The BBC – or at least … Continue reading


Sorry for the delay in this – been away on business straightaway after being away on holiday! Phew.  Anyway, a few things to update you on. The site has been moved to a faster server so it should not take so long to load. Second, were you as touched as I was at seeing the BBC portray Moazzam Begg as the hero of Iraq? New open thread open for business..

England’s Pietersenloo

  Can’t help thinking the BBC sides with Pietersen in relation to his claims about the England team. Adrian Chiles said he loved Pietersen’s book and then gave him an easy interview…later admitting he probably was too much influenced by his excitement for the book. George Riley told us he didn’t care about the facts just the effect the revelations had on England’s reputation…but surely that would rest upon whether … Continue reading