Stewart Lee…Comic?

  Top Gear seems to hit a raw nerve in the Guardianista Bunker…apparently it is a toxic orifice… a vast, gaping inter-dimensional sphincter, the size of a gothic cathedral rose window, has throbbed and dilated silently at the heart of the BBC buildings on Upper Regent Street, belching fossil fumes and foul thoughts from a dark realm of negative space.  Personally I think Stewart Lee    is the biggest arse … Continue reading

Love Me, Love MY Dog II

  The little private chat some Muslim activists had with James Harding worked a treat….the BBC is now filling the airwaves with pro-Muslim propaganda aimed at making us non-believers realise what lovely chaps Muslims really are and what a beautiful religion Islam is. Love my comedy, love Islam.  Die laughing….a joke….a joke!!! What!!!! British Muslim Comedy Five comedy shorts, written and starring British Muslim comedians, exploring the highs and lows … Continue reading

Love Me, Love My Dog

  Nick Robinson, a somewhat unreliable witness during the election, has tried to smear David Cameron with a claim that Cameron had ‘threatened to close down the BBC’. Robinson tries to escape the charge that he is engaging in some black propaganda on behalf of the BBC in the run up to its charter negotiations by saying that it was hard to know if the comments, which colleagues who were … Continue reading

British Values Not Valued By The British Broadcasting Corporation

  The BBC undermining British values and culture in misplaced deference to “multiculturalism” and the implacable rise of Islamic radicalism.  A connection?   From the Telegraph: Everyone now recognises the global importance of soft power. The World Service and the TV news output could be useful in the struggle against Islamic extremism. Internationally, the BBC still enjoys a high reputation. Although that may owe more to past glories than to … Continue reading

Open Thread Friday

  The BBC never changes….never misses a chance to put the boot in….here’s a minor classic of the genre… Everything Everything: ‘Our album is a horror bible’ Ebola, missing airplanes, beheadings, the rise of UKIP. They’re not the usual topics for a top 40 chart act, but that’s exactly what alt-pop band Everything Everything have been writing about over the past year. “After we’d finished the record, I read the … Continue reading

A Senseless Tragedy

        The Today programme (09:50) altered its running order and slotted in a clip of Jon Stewart talking about the murder of 9 black people in church by a white man. Stewart told us that there was a ‘disparity of response’ towards this attack and an unwillingness to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. Is that true?  This is how the BBC, which is scrupulous in … Continue reading

Aiding The Enemy

  Toby Young was on 5Live  (13:20) the other day talking about Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and telling us of his very far left credentials, he rattled off the identifiers….support for Hamas and Hezbollah, a Stop The War fanatic, someone who wants to hand the Falklands to the Argies….and let’s not forget an end to austerity. I thought hang on….that’s pretty much a run down of much of what the BBC … Continue reading

Invisible In A Burka

    Every other news outlet is running this story about a bomb scare which closed off much of Watford…   But there is one glaring exception…the BBC.  Why? The BBC is however bringing us.. Ramadan 2015: What do I need to know?   My Ramadan: How will I cope as a working mother?   I am guessing that that secret little chat Harding had with Muslim activists is paying … Continue reading

Open Thread….Mid-Weekish

  If you are not yet on your way to Syria having been demonised, marginalised and disenfranchised by a BBC which has failed to ‘engage’ with you, you’ve still got time to have your say on the Biased BBC Open Thread….perhaps a much better option than taking out your frustrations by going on an anti-Liberal jihad, cutting off people’s heads, crucifying people, slaughtering non-believers and enslaving women…..though it seems to … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

Dimbo hosts from High Wycombe with David Davis MP, columnist Melanie Phillips, Financial Times editor Lionel Barber, Labour MP Caroline Flint and for the second week in succession, some person from a party which is an irrelevance in England. No Ukip representation though. Chat here Register here if necessary.

The BBC At War With The British Public

    The BBC gets it wrong again and again.  Instead of reporting the news it takes a ‘line’ and presents us wth a story that is pre-packaged in such a way that we are supposed to absorb the ‘message’ the BBC wishes to impart…and it nearly always has a ‘message’. The BBC’s own prejudices, beliefs and values colour everything it does and this means it gets things spectacularly, and … Continue reading

Open Thread…..Monday

  We all know that any suggestion that there is a streak of bias coursing through the BBC’s corridors is ludicrous, or so says the BBC’s top newshound, James Harding.  However, should you happen to come across any vestigial bias lurking in the darkest corners of the BBC please feel free to list it here so that the BBC can immediately rectify the unfortunate lapse in standards…..a new open thread….

Self-Serving Or What?

  The BBC has launched a fevered campaign against any interference in its business and has brought out the big guns to fend off its ‘enemies’ as it calls them. One of those is David Dimbleby who has not only been given room in the Radio Times to grace us with his views on how important the BBC is to us all but has also been sent into battle on … Continue reading

Labour ‘Decimated’ The Coal Industry…says NUM

  The National Union of Miner’s own website says: Throughout the 1960s, with a Labour Government in office from 1964, the pit closure programme accelerated; it decimated the industry. During this period, nearly 300 more pits were closed, and the total workforce slumped from over 750,000 in the late 1950s down to 320,000 by 1968. In many parts of Britain, miners now became known as industrial gypsies as pit closures … Continue reading