Did you see that BBC stalwart Nick Robinson has been at the receiving end of Chairman Salmond’s tongue? I feel a bit sorry for Robinson but then again the BBC pander too much to demagogues like Salmond little realising that he will devour them just as easily as anyone else who dares question his ways, Alex Salmond has backed yes campaigners who staged an angry protest outside the BBC’s Scottish … Continue reading

Bowen’s ‘Moderate’ Hamas Mentors Curbed

  The Telegraph reports curbs will be imposed on the Muslim Brotherhood due to its ties with armed groups and extremists…one of which of course is Hamas…. Britain to curb Muslim Brotherhood operations in London Britain set to curtail Muslim Brotherhood activities and block activists coming to London after report finds ties with armed groups and extremists in Middle East and elsewhere Britain is set to impose curbs on Muslim … Continue reading


          Has Katz & Co ever been in a pub?  Maybe he was thinking wine bar…. From the Telegraph: Evan Davis has now been appointed to the newsnight role, to assemble what Katz has called the “smartest, most interesting (and entertaining) group of people”. He hinted Russell Brand could play a future role in the programme, though not as a presenter, after Paxman’s interview with him … Continue reading

Ian Paisley 1926-2014

      Former DUP leader Ian Paisley has died aged 88 Listening to 5Live, Dominic Laurie I think, the most pressing issue was to ask, and keep asking, if the ‘intransigent’ Ian Paisley prevented the peace process from being successfully implemented much earlier….was it his fault the conflict kept going? Might of course have had something to do with the IRA….I don’t know, but it’s possible.       … Continue reading

All Women Hate Men

    Women are born and raised to hate men.  It’s basic misandry and there has to be a zero tolerance of it says Lord Ahmed speaking to Victoria Derbyshire….we ignore this problem at our peril!  It stems from the Christian religion and the Genesis story which enshrines the myth of masculine evil as a justification for male oppression. Actually, no.  The BBC never broadcast any such thing.  Except it … Continue reading

Ever get The Feeling You’ve Been Had?

  You have probably all seen those old war films set in the Stalag Lufts where the POWs set up a fight to distract the guards whilst others dig their way to freedom. The thought entered my mind, cynic that I am, that the fisticuffs between Jean-Claude Juncker in the EU’s corner and David Cameron in the UKIP-lite corner were similarly somewhat staged, in this case for the benefit of … Continue reading


    The BBC reports…. Arab states back US push against Islamic state   Look though I may I can find no mention of the obvious….such support from so many ‘Arab’ countries must surely mean the ‘foreign policy’ must be kosher and will not result in ‘angry’ Muslims on home soil. Considering how constant and prominent the BBC’s warnings are that those angry Muslims will be on the march if … Continue reading

I Was Blind An’ Now I Can See…There’s F**k All For Me

  For those with delicate sensibilities be aware that this post contains some robust language.   The BBC have followed the fortunes of the small but growing sporting business of Insane Championship Wrestling…. Insane Fight Club A group of friends have created a brand new subculture that is taking over the streets of Glasgow. They’ve established their very own fight club, but this is no ordinary wrestling event – this … Continue reading

Careless Whispers

This Morning Robert Peston on the Today show (08:10) made a highly political statement on behalf of the Yes campaign in Scotland….and considering the fact that Peston admits that not having a currency union would be ‘the greatest blow to Mr Salmond’s separatist ambitions‘ you have to wonder at the careless, or not  so careless choice of phrase. He told us that the reason RBS and Lloyds might relocate their … Continue reading

Shambling Backstabbers Of The BBC

    From The Evening Standard:   Rona Fairhead looks set to be the new BBC Trust Chair and the Evening Standard has rounded up some advice for her from BBC veterans. Westminster’s North House was filled to the rafters last night with great and grey-haired BBC grandees — from Melvyn Bragg to Terry Wogan — toasting former Beeb chairman Sir Christopher Bland’s debut novel, Irish historical drama Ashes in … Continue reading

‘Israeli Kills Girl’s Dog!’”

  H/T to Teddy Bear for the title…it sums up this post in one line…how the BBC can misrepresent the facts by spinning and contorting cause and effect so that the guilty are innocent and the innocent are guilty. A point in case, which came first, the Islamic desire for a Caliphate or Muslim anger at Western ‘interference’?  Upon that question lies the West’s response to the likes of Al … Continue reading