More BBC Trump Tripe

The Today show managed a whole segment without mentioning Trump by name [08:24], though he loomed large over the discussion….the unnamed boogeyman disrupting the civilised party who must be exorcised. A discussion about a female SOE operative in WWII made a massive leap of association by connecting her heroics in her fight against the Nazi’s fascism to the battle against the new fascist world order…Trumpism. The world needs role models … Continue reading

Hungary for the Truth

  Remarkable….the BBC has become the seeker of Truth, a warrior cutting down falsehood and lies in order to protect us from the evil doers. Once, not so long ago, the much fêted Victoria Derbyshire would sit in mute silence as obvious Muslim radicals used her programme to spread their propaganda, Derbyshire herself often backing what they said and indeed on one occasion, Phil Shiner-like, told us that British troops … Continue reading

‘Since the referendum’…

  Remember that ‘cabinet’ memo, you know the one that said we’re all doomed because of Brexit and which said May was not in control?  Remember how the BBC splashed it over their news for days, insisting that the ‘cabinet’ memo was very important…telling us…‘the document does matter because it underlines what we have reported and others have written about many times.’? Of course it didn’t matter one jot…it wasn’t … Continue reading


If you visit the BBC Home news portal, it’s just one anti-Trump story after another. The hysteria from the BBC is a joy to behold. They cannot bring themselves to accept that all he is doing s enacting the will of those who ELECTED him. So instead they use every possible angle to undermine him. What a bunch of deplorables they are.

Lord Hall Must Aplogise

    Way back in December 2014 we posted the below about the BBC and Phil Shiner…I see no reason to change anything… more than stands the test of time which is more than Shiner and the BBC do…..Time for Lord Hall to apologise for all the slurs and traumas he has helped put British troops through.       If like me you have been listening or watching the … Continue reading

The BBC’s Fake Fake News Stories

In sum, they conclude that the role of social media was overstated, with television remaining by far the primary vehicle for consuming political news….Television remains more important by a large margin.   A study of fake news in the US during the election has completely undermined the BBC narrative that Trump stole the election due to fake news on social media sites fooling people into voting for him. The BBC … Continue reading

The BBC Licence…A Licence To Spread hate and Violence

  What does the BBC do with your licence money?  Apart from skimming off massive sums to pay itself and its ‘Stars’ a huge amount of that money to live lives that most licence fee payers could never aspire to, and then, because they are ‘celebrities’, abuse that privileged position to tell those licence fee payers how ignorant, stupid, bigoted and racist they are.  Not just the BBC of course … Continue reading

When in doubt…blame Brexit

  Funny thing…guess some people just attract attention.  Gina Miller was quite vocal about the abuse and threats she said she had received due to the court case concerning Article 50.  She told us she has had death threats and we saw her dramatically flanked by over-sized bodyguards as she made her way to court.  What’s odd is that her QC, Lord Pannick, an extremely high profile barrister in this … Continue reading

Not So Enhanced Interrogation Methods

  Torture may or may not work but one crucial part of any interrogation is to actually ask the questions to which you want an answer.  If you don’t ask the question it doesn’t matter whether you waterboard them or treat them with kidgloves, kindness and respect…you won’t get an answer. This morning we had Nick Robinson, one of the BBC’s most senior and experienced journalists, on one of the … Continue reading

Democracy is much over-rated…online petitions on the other hand….

  John Humphrys was telling the world that there was huge concern in many quarters about Trump’s policies, Laura Kuenssberg reckoned, rather grandly, that she was speaking on behalf of the British people as she slandered Trump,  and of course this assumption is a common thread throughout BBC coverage…occasionally qualified with a grudging  ‘well there may be some who support Trump of course’. Well…guess again suckers….In the US Trump has … Continue reading

Just love Hamas, Hezbollah, Mao…whoever next? Trump? OMG Safe place, safe place

  I have some advice for the BBC…wait, wait until we can ascertain the good that Trump does…because his legacy maybe that on balance, he does more good than harm.   Trump has set the running dogs of the extremist liberal elite running.  There’s wild panic and headless chickens on the continent of Europe as their comfortable existences are threatened much as the Communist Dacha loving elites saw their easy, … Continue reading

Ein Europa…Europaische Wirtschaftgesellschaft

The BBC is happy to propagate a massive and alarmist  falsehood using its new series, SS-GB, as a vehicle to push a message that Brexit is leading back to the 1930s. Less keen I imagine to countenance historical fact…that Hitler was, of course, a fan of a united Europe as a united free market… Let us begin with a conference in Berlin in 1942, attended by economists and politicians, including … Continue reading