Lord And Lady Moat

    Curious how fast the BBC latched onto the story about Tory ‘Lord Moat’, Douglas Hogg.  This is the same BBC that stubbornly resisted the tidal wave of censure for Jeremy Corbyn due to his close links to those very dubious friends and honoured citizens.  It was only when the coverage from those other sources became embarrassingly widespread and relentless that the BBC realised it couldn’t sit this out … Continue reading

Guardians Of Our Morality

    Should you ever feel that your sense of moral self was being eroded by the distractions and temptations of everyday life the new priesthood of the BBC, and its acolytes at the Guardian, are here to stiffen the moral fibres and instil a bit of virtuous virtue into you godless, heathen, brutish infidels. You may be morally lacking, backsliding in your duty to the global humanity as you … Continue reading

Necessary Murders

    There was  great rejoicing at BBC Towers yesterday as the bodies of dead migrants were removed from the back of a lorry in Austria.  The timing was exquisite, perfection…what better example could there be to illustrate the start of the BBC’s two day exploration of the perilous journeys that desperate migrants take to break into Europe?…and to top that yet more migrants were found to have died on … Continue reading

Not Us Guv

  The BBC’s total lack of self-awareness is always amusing as it always manages to de-link itself from any reports it makes on ‘The Media’…the BBC not including itself as part of ‘The Media’ when it suits. Today it asks: Did French media put lives at risk? How far can broadcast journalists go in live coverage of terrorist incidents when their reports might influence the course of events or even … Continue reading

Net Foreign Migration Is 379,000

    Remember the sneers and gloating from various parties when the first planes and buses from Bulgaria and Romania didn’t bring in swarms of migrants in a first mad rush?  Seems they were wrong…as most people knew they were…and Migration Watch, which predictied a probable 50,000 immigrants a year from these two countries was spot on, as always… 53,000 Romanian and Bulgarian (EU2) citizens immigrated to the UK in … Continue reading

What’s a Boy To Do?!!

  Once upon-a-time, we are assured, there was a young lad in Spain, of Moroccan descent, hardworking, nice, never violent and never spoke of politics. He travelled to France to work but having found a job was ‘let go’ after two months.  All alone and jobless in a strange foreign country what’s a boy to do? Apparently what you do is get yourself an assault rifle, a pistol, a knife … Continue reading

Bryce Williams…Terrorist?

    “As for Dylann Roof? You —-! You want a race war —-? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE —-!!!”   The BBC is getting into its stride..it’s now found an angle to twist the narrative on the killing of two unarmed white TV reporters by a black man….he was angry about the Dylann Roof murder of nine black people in Charleston earlier this year….the BBC now seem to think, … Continue reading

OOOH….That’s Awkward

      Rupert Murdoch Verified account ‏@rupertmurdoch Corbyn increasingly likely Labor winner. Seems only candidate who believes anything, right or wrong. An endorsement of Corbyn by that Australian Devil incarnate, Rupert Murdoch…..Just as he supported New Labour is he now coming out for New Old Labour? An evil mindf**k for the Lefties!


The question is why such a senior BBC figure as Alan Yentob was engaging in such OVERT politicking whilst feigning neutrality in his day job? Alan Yentob warned ministers that parts of Britain would ‘descend into savagery’ unless they gave Kids Company £3million, it was claimed last night. An email he allegedly signed also said there was a ‘high risk of arson attacks’ on government buildings if the grant was not approved. The … Continue reading

Stop The Presses!

‘   Stop the presses!’   The BBC would love to do that wouldn’t they?  Perhaps they should hold their own Frontpage instead of stuffing it full of self-promotional guff from TV-land luvvies. Anyway…frontpage news on the BBC…is the BBC….. Armando Iannucci: Britain needs strong TV industry Comedy writer Armando Iannucci has called for an industry-wide defence of the BBC and British programme-makers. However it does seem that Iannucci considers himself … Continue reading


The BBC gives every appearance of outrage because the Ulster Unionist Party is walking OUT of the Stormont Executive now that is has been confirmed the IRA remains intact and still murdering. The BBC, ageing the Government and PSNI line, suggests that murder is not the same as terrorism so technically all is well. In this way, the UUP are being portrayed as the villains of the peace because they … Continue reading


Biased BBC reader Robin writes… What’s the Point of Britain’s existence? Tell a BBC type and liberal/left person that the Foreign Office should be reduced by 95% and Britain should give up its Security Council seat at the UN ( India as a replacement ?) and see them be speechless for a minute . It does work I can vouch for that . For what you are doing is advocating … Continue reading

Dumbing Down

  The normal process for a news story as it develops is that we get more information about events, the causes of them and the people involved in them. The BBC seems to have reversed that process and looks to be removing relevant information from the news. In the US a ‘disgruntled’, to say the least, ex-employee of a TV news station kills two other employees and claims that one … Continue reading