Pro-Immigration Fanaticism…Ignoring The Truth

77% of the British population think that immigration is too high and should be controlled and reduced. A small liberal, metropolitan elite think otherwise and are intent on importing as many immigrants as possible regardless of the consequences….and they are ready to denounce you as racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic in order to try and silence you and any criticism of them that you may have. The pro-immigration lobby, of which … Continue reading

Tone Deaf

      Evan Davis interviewed Nigel Farage and it went pretty much as you might expect, Davis not focussing on policy but instead intent on painting Farage as some sort of racist rabble rouser who uses unnecessarily inflammatory language. The BBC website’s follow up was equally determined to paint a similar picture and uses a snearing tone to undermine and discredit Farage as incompetent or ‘angry’.  The headline of … Continue reading

Another One Of ‘Those’BBC Audiences

  From the Telegraph: BBC accused of left-wing ambush on David Cameron over hostile Radio 1 interview The BBC has been accused of launching a left-wing ambush on David Cameron after a deeply hostile Radio 1 interview in which the presenter bet the Prime Minister £1,000 he could not win a majority. Appearing on Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Mr Cameron was repeatedly interrupted by audience members and presenter Chris Smith, … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

Join us for The Night of the Deputies, live from West Brom.
Deputy Dimbleby is accompanied by former Leader of the Conservative Party William Hague, Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney of the SNP, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall and Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett.

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NicK Griffin Wins BBC Lifetime Achievement Award.

    H/T Guido…       The BBC has given a lifetime ahievement award to a man who expressed the desire to execute Salman Rushdie.….. endorsed by Sharia law…but only in an Islamic State Yusuf Islam assured us….though I’m sure the BBC thinks it has nothing to do with Islam. This year’s Lifetime Achievement awards will be given to legendary musician Yusuf / Cat Stevens and Grammy Award-winning artist … Continue reading

Wiki lies

  This morning the BBC filled the airwaves with tall tales about Tory Grant Shapps and Wikipedia edits. The BBC told us that the administrator who had made the claims about Shapps had said that he ‘couldn’t be sure who had edited the account’….so the question is did the BBC know the identity of that administrator and if so why did they not report it?  Was the story about Shapps … Continue reading


I happened to watch Newsnight on BBC2 last night. It’s been a while and with good reason. The entire programme was one long extenuated assault on the Conservative Party. We had geo-political analysts such as “White Dee” (from Benefits Street) there to explain why Welfare reform is an evil. It is clear that the BBC has decided it must be EVERYTHING possible to help get Ed into Downing Street and … Continue reading

The displaced people should be thankful!

Guest post by Robin “As an aside to the Hopkins and other immigration threads . Calamities happen in the world , and movement of people’s is one of the consequences . It could be a huge global catastrophe, or so localised it happens just  to you . Now imagine your neighbours house burns down , so you offer his family succour for a period . You think this is a … Continue reading

Shapps Sticks And Stones

Good start to day on R4…BBC journo’s all asking what should the ‘new governement’, the ‘next government’ and the ‘new Prime Minister’ do to resolve current issues…all rather suggestive that Cameron and Tories are going to be out. Why not just say ‘What do you want the government to do?’ We also hear that rural life is in meltdown with communities rapidly collapsing with all services such as shops, pubs, … Continue reading


  It’s an odd thing isn’t it?  Muslims flock to the infidel and despised West to take advantage of the benefits provided by that infidel and despised Western society, including the ability to practise their religion more freely than when back in their ‘Islamic’ homelands, and yet the West is not allowed to go to Muslim lands to depose secular dictators hated by those same Muslims and to bring religious … Continue reading

Trust Busters

  LibDem Peer, Lord Palumbo, thinks that politicians are making promises that they can’t possibly fulfill and it’s bad for democracy…but who’s to blame? Wild election promises, funded with Monopoly money – is it any wonder nobody trusts politicians? I don’t entirely blame politicians for behaving in this way. Our short-term cyclical political process seems designed to generate this auction of electoral bribery and reality avoidance. Honesty doesn’t win seats, … Continue reading

Headline Billing For Labour

  Having watched the BBC website over the last 3 or so weeks I think I can agree with this from Guido… BBC Website ‘Balance’ is a Joke Everytime you look there is a Labour policy announcement being headlined or if the Tories make an announcement the headline can often be ‘Labour criticises Tory policy’ rather than a positive one for the Tories. It isn’t just the website, the Radio news … Continue reading

Mary Poppins She Ain’t…But She Could Well Be Right

    Fascinating watching the Left turn themselves in knots in reaction to comments by Katie Hopkins about the migrant surge that is resulting in so much tragedy….as the Spectator says it’s the greatest game in town for the Lefties.. Hating Katie has become the speediest shortcut to the moral highground in this slacktivist age, when people prefer to make a virtual advert of their moral correctness than to do … Continue reading