Backed Off?

Sluff April 17, 2016 at 6:53 pm (Edit) Hacked off. The ultimate in cynical ploys. On the back of some pretty dodgy press activity and a small number of high profile cases, a bunch of celebrities see the big chance to bury their personal behaviour while continuing to cash in on their image. Normally if a product is shown not to be what it is claimed to be, it is … Continue reading

William The Conqueror wanted a European Union

        “be[ing] a Nazi province” was preferable to becoming a British dominion. Philippe Pétain, a leader of the pro-armistice group, called union “fusion with a corpse”.   Craig at Is the BBC Biased? reports on a David Keighley News-Watch piece  on Nick Robinson’s claim that Churchill was the father of the European Union  which give us a lot more detail about what went on in 1940….David Keighley … Continue reading

A Jukes A Joke an all that…

    The Hacked Off gang are up in arms…they don’t like it up ’em as the Telegraph and the Mail expose them. Byline and its Peter Jukes [very well embedded at the BBC also] are upset….. Byline ‏@Byline_Media 33m33 minutes ago .@buchanan17 @SJHemus The Telegraph is completely incorrect about investors and there’s no funding from Hacked off.     Peter Jukes ‏@peterjukes Remarkable EVERY sentence of that Gilligan piece … Continue reading

Snow Trial

    Don’t you find it odd that the BBC should ignore the very striking words of one of its once, very senior, executives, Danny Cohen, who says ‘Jews voting for Corbyn’s Labour would be like a Muslim backing Trump’ Cohen told The Times: ‘If you are Jewish how can you vote for them? How could you? For me it would like being a Muslim and voting for Donald Trump, … Continue reading

One for Panorama

  Why is the BBC not ‘fact checking’ the claims about Whittingdale from the likes of Byline and Hacked Off, and let’s not forget Private Eye of course?  Why are they not checking on the motivations of Byline and Hacked Off and if there are any connections between them? Or indeed asking what the BBC itself knew in 2014. Judging by some fact checking by others it would seem there … Continue reading

Who pays the piper calls the tune

    Have I not got news for you….Did Ian Hislop cover up for the BBC to keep the HIGNFY pay-cheques rolling in…along with all the other work he does for the BBC or what?   Hislop appears as normal on HIGNFY and the first story is the obvious…Whittingdale…which story Ian claims his magazine broke.  Which, it didn’t.  Byline broke the story ‘officially’ [No doubt encouraged to do so by … Continue reading

Hopey Dopey Popey

  The Pope’s compassion is plain to see…all the more so as the BBC has made it headline news on its frontpage…. You are not alone, Pope tells migrants   Amusingly though the BBC effectively summed it all up, and  the BBC’s own lack of answers, with this final thought on the Pope’s narrative…. The Pope is coming with a strong moral message – but no solutions. That’s the trouble….open … Continue reading


Jordan Human Rights Human Rights Concerns Amnesty International continues to be concerned about torture and ill-treatment in detention in Jordan, as well as the link between torture, unfair trials, and the death penalty. Amnesty International has particular concerns about the application of the death penalty in Jordan because there is a pattern of death sentences, and sometimes executions, occurring as a result of unfair trials where confessions extracted under torture … Continue reading

Obtuse news

    The gloves seem to have come off now the EU campaign is rolling officially.  For sure the BBC reports the Leave campaign’s side of the story but it is all too often with a sneer, a mocking tone and a snide comment slipped in for effect. Nick Robinson laid into the Brexit side the other day and rounded off with a comment that back in 1975 the voters … Continue reading

Left Wrong, Wrong wrong Left, Left behind

    Remember this?… Teachers reject ‘Army propaganda’ Paul McGarr, a teacher from east London, said only when recruiting materials gave a true picture of war would he welcome them into his school. ‘Shoot and possibly torture’ These would have to say: “Join the Army and we will send you to carry out the imperialist occupation of other people’s countries,” Mr McGarr said. “Join the Army and we will send … Continue reading

Hitler wanted a European Union too

    I was having a look at this earlier in the week but couldn’t see a smoking gun….it seems I may have been wrong or maybe not…you decide this one.  Churchill’s not here to guide us as to what he would think today but great men do change their minds…Jeremy Corbyn of course springs immediately to mind. The BBC has always been prone to rewriting history to suit itself, … Continue reading


  Natalie Rowe ‏@RealNatalieRowe 1st page of a Chapter on #Whittingdale in my book written in 2015. If Cameron didn’t read the book his advisers did Did the BBC read the book?  Of course they did. I had to try and check the claim  that it’s in the book [self-published on Amazon] but not having a copy best I can find is this comment from 2015 referring to Whittingdale on … Continue reading

Hacking the News

    Thanks to Stewgreen [and Craig at Is the BBC biased?  Is there any doubt?] for pointing this out to us… How could you help people take collective action on climate change? For this year’s #EditorsLab Final at the Global Editors Network conference in Barcelona, the teams were set the challenge of coming up with new ways to report on the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our BBC team … Continue reading