Learn About Diversity And Tolerance…Visit A Mosque

Ofsted has downgraded a school …..for limiting pupils’ “first-hand experience” of modern society and….pupils’ cultural development was limited by a “lack of first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British society”.   Nicky Campbell was on the case this morning: A primary school in rural Lincolnshire didn’t get an “outstanding” status from Ofsted partly because its pupils’ lacked first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British … Continue reading


Remarkable, even by the BBC’s lousy standards. A report on the investigation of 10 South Yorkshire Police officers over the handling of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham without once mentioning that the victims of this sexual exploitation were all white girls and the culprits were all Asian and Muslim. Not deemed ‘relevant”?????

We Don’t Want To See

    BBC had wall to wall images of Palestinian casualties in Gaza, they even had a special slide show of them…so keen were they to show the Palestinian’s suffering they even made it up…this actually being a picture from Syria.…..   …..and yet they don’t want too many  images of Israeli casualties on the Television….   A BBC interviewer refused to allow Economy Minister Naftali Bennett to show a … Continue reading

Klass Act

        When you consider how ready the BBC is to plaster the thoughts of Chairman Brand all over the airwaves when he really hasn’t got anything of any originality or coherence to say it is surprising that when the Labour leader and his mansion tax policy is pretty much destroyed by another ‘celebrity’ we don’t hear a thing about it on the BBC….all the more surprising as … Continue reading

Bomb ‘Em, Bomb ‘Em All

  Yesterday the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner treated us to his big hope….he thought that the West and its allies may consider ISIS to be such a threat that they decide to put boots on the ground… Frank said ‘I really hope that’s not the case.’ Thanks Frank for your personal opinion. Today he continued the theme informing us that military actions just don’t work and that good policing … Continue reading


Well then, one can argue as to whether Kim Kardashian’s posterior “broke the internet” but last week saw our server “break” and cause a lot of hassle. My thanks to Rob and Geoff for fixing things but as you can see some posts vanished along with the comment threads which is VERY annoying. Anyway, let’s hope for a pain free week. And whilst I am at it, I had asked … Continue reading

Pre-emptive Strike

    This is from the Telegraph…so far the BBC has refrained from being drawn in…. 2014 on track to be one of the wettest years on record Unusually rainy November and December could make 2014 the wettest year since records began   The Telegraph is quoting the Met. Office and that old fraud Bob Ward (who isn’t a scientist) who tells us….. Mr Ward said the trend for wetter … Continue reading

The BBC Going Walkabout And Stepping On Toes

  We have looked at the BBC’s ever growing commercial empire and massive influence in the media world that distorts the market for the genuinely commercial operators who haven’t got a tax payer funded safety net to cushion them in bad times and which allows the BBC to experiment and fail without penalty. The Guardian is complaining bitterly about the BBC moving in on its territory in Australia…it shouldn’t worry … Continue reading

Panorama Vs Rupert Murdoch

  I don’t know the truth about this but it wouldn’t be the first time the BBC’s Panorama programme has cobbled together some very dodgy ‘evidence’ related to Murdoch and his businesses and using very suspect sources to beef up their story…… Mazher Mahmood speaks out about BBC: ‘Deeply misleading… sources not credible… hell bent on broadcasting’ Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood has accused the BBC of giving “deeply misleading reasons” … Continue reading

Aqil Airhead

    Must be something in the air…Is The BBC Biased notes that Muslim Aaqil Ahmed, in charge of the BBC’s religious programming, has decided to broaden the appeal of Songs of Praise and spread the joy around, broadcasting from many places of worship and denomination…but definitely will not be heading Mosqueward…until of course we hear of a lovely, joyous coming together of Christians and Muslims, evidence of the tolerance, … Continue reading

Fatboy Slim

  A little earlier listening to 5Live I was urged to keep listening as I would be treated to an investigation into the hidden child hunger epidemic sweeping the land. Who knew? It must have been very well hidden as I have always been led to believe that the problem was one of an epidemic of child obesity….sweeping the land….from the Telegraph… Schoolchildren refused second helpings at lunch in obesity … Continue reading

FIFA, Ho Hum, I Smell The Blood Of An Englishman

  The BBC’s coverage of the FIFA world cup scandal has been woeful. FIFA released a report that exonerated Russia and Qatar from accusations of corruption in the bidding process for the World Cup…however England and Australia were singled out for special attention. The BBC failed completely to question FIFA’s decision and concentrated almost solely on England’s claimed abuses. Now that might seem extraordinary considering the background to the story … Continue reading

Another Day, Same Old Bias

  Yesterday the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) proclaimed that there was far too much hype by government ministers in favour of Fracking…the BBC was happy to oblige in giving them plenty of sympathetic coverage. Jim Naughtie told us that the UKERC was completely independent and had no axe to grind. That’ll be the UKERC, along with the pro-climate change propaganda organisation, the Grantham Institute, and the UEA’s CRU, that … Continue reading

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

    The BBC is spreading its influence… Local papers cautious as BBC courts them with free content They are traditionally the bitterest of rivals but now a BBC olive branch to regional newspapers has been given a cautious welcome by an industry whose sales have been in dizzying decline. James Harding, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, has looked to build bridges with beleaguered editors with the offer … Continue reading