Luvvies for Adolf

    In the last post I noted the BBC’s failure to fully represent the true demographic make-up of the UK by not having a good many Fascist’s in the ranks of its presenters. What you cry…what about Gemma Arterton who channelled Hitler in a 5 Live interview as she compared refugees to Zombies and told us that her life philosophy was that of the survival of the fittest…She suggests … Continue reading

The BBC’s Racist Quota

  You may have noticed in the past few months the increasing number of BBC presenters who are non-white, a disproportionately large number of them obviously Muslim.  Apparently this is because the BBC’s output must reflect the ethnic make-up of Britain….BME people will supposedly only watch other BME people on the BBC.  The ever rising number of Muslims is of course the BBC’s attempt to normalise Islam.  Let’s have a … Continue reading

Zero Hours Contracted Out Bias

  Luckily for the BBC Chris Packham is considered a freelancer by the BBC Trust and anyway, he’s not involved in news programmes nor public policy-related output from the BBC….therefore he can say whatever he likes in BBC magazines….such as declaring that  hunting and shooting fans are the ‘nasty brigade’ as he campaigned to stop grouse shooting. The BBC gives us a short report of the Trust’s findings but fails … Continue reading

The myth of the Brexit racist ‘backlash’

  The BBC is at the forefront of the campaign to blacken the Brexit referendum as a ‘racist’ campaign, the Leave voters being dubbed as xenophobic little englanders which is all a bit of an irony as the BBC and the Left complain loud and long about an apparent rise in hate crimes…what they do themselves would be considered a hate crime as they drum up hate, anger and abuse … Continue reading

Gary Younge’s Big Book of Blacktivist Facts

  The BBC gets ever more disreputable if you are known by who you employ as presenters and commentators.  It is slowly sinking into the gutter as its activism matches the naked anti-white racism and fact free zone that the Guardian occupies…all too often Guardian or Observer journalists also being the goto voices that the BBC brings on for impartial comment on a story. The ridiculously prejudiced and bigoted James … Continue reading


So predictable. Ever since June 23rd the BBC have been PRAYING (to Allah?) for some grim economic news that they can hang on the Brexit decision. Entertainly, economic conditions continue to be positive which clearly annoys the BBC. So their new position is that whilst Economic Armageddon did not happen in the way so many of their “experts” warned us, it still could. Hence the way they downgrade  good news … Continue reading


Another great joining-the-dots insight by a B_BBC reader… “A very interesting development in terms of the BBC’s transparancy on trans (and bias in general).  The BBC website is running the to-be-expected formulaic propaganda story about how amazing transgenderism is. I won’t bother deconstructing the whole article (although I have to cite the hilarious line: “She is a trans person who has scorned societal labels by refusing gender reassignment…”) but it is written … Continue reading


It’s almost as if with the EU referendum out of the way, the BBC has decided that it can blatantly show it’s slavish pro EU bias. Last week saw BBC Question Time having FOUR our of FIVE panelists who were pro-Remain. Last night saw Question Time having THREE out of FIVE PANELISTS being pro-EU. It’s as if they just can’t bring themselves to accept that the majority of Brits said … Continue reading


Very instructive observation here from an eagle eyed B-BBC reader. “If you check the credits for the BBC2 propaganda piece on brexit, you’ll see that the executive producer is Nick Kent. That would be the same Nick Kent who made a public anti-brexit diatribe on his facebook page 2 days after the referendum. You can easily confirm the identity for this profile by looking through his friends list at the other … Continue reading


The BBC is to the fore in propagandising for the UK to take as many of those “poor vulnerable Syrians” in the Calais Jungle as possible. There is hardly a day goes by without the BBC spinning this story any way it can think of to engender our sympathy for those in that camp. So, isn’t it a bit peculiar the world class journalists at the BBC (Coughs) seem to … Continue reading


The BBC is so BIASED against Donald Trump and in favour of Hillary Clinton that is now way beyond parody. It virtually ignores the fact that Clinton is either sleeping or fainting and jumps on every possible opportunity to attack Trump. Today it is the skittles comparison of “Syrian” immigrants his son made here. Trump Junior might have added imagine that half the skittles aren’t skittles in the first place and … Continue reading

The extremely moderate Nick Clegg

Earlier we had George Osborne declare himself the voice of the liberal, mainstream, Remain voting majority, his arithmetic failing him as always…has he not noticed the actual majority, the right-wing mainstream, voted for Brexit?…and now we have Nick Clegg [remember him?] resurfacing to finish off the job he started…there used to be 57 libdem MPs in 2010, now there are 8….he obviously intends to get rid of them as well. … Continue reading