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  Record breaking weather? Monthly Outlook Summary Some midsummer heat for a time – fresher later on We’re half way through summer now, and so far for most places, the summer has been fairly underwhelming, with temperatures around average, limited amounts of sunshine, and quite a bit of rain. However, as we head towards the end of the month, things are starting to feel much more summer-like with a dose … Continue reading

Blind Prejudice

      The BBC’s reaction to the shootings in Germany by Ali Sonboly is fascinating….they absolutely avoided any mention of early reports that suggested an Islamic angle to the killings but did publish reports that he shouted he was German and that he also shouted racist abuse…failing to tell people of the context and that he wasn’t shouting racist abuse against foreigners….the BBC immediately going for the interpretation that … Continue reading


  Do any of the BBC’s Journo’s that get the plum job of reporting from the good ole US of A actually like America?  It seems doubtful. Katty Kay certainly has some reservations and Donald Trump is the lightning rod that draws her wrath.  Here she is slagging off the Trump and his supporters and declaiming their dislike for Clinton…all without a single mention of the siege that Clinton’s lefty … Continue reading

Motive unclear

    As with the axe attack in Germany the BBC is holding back on reporting eye-witness claims that the attacker shouted ‘Allah Akbar’….apparently, despite reports that ISIS have claimed the attack as one of theirs, the motive is still unclear. Remarkable how the BBC can hold back essential elements of a story…the Mail brings us the reality: ‘Boom boom boom – he’s killing the kids’: Iranian gunman, 18, shouting … Continue reading

BBC Brexit B******s

  The BBC is absolutely determined to blame all the ills of the world upon the Brexit vote. Today it descends to the gutter with a highly misleading claim in this report in which even the heading is politicised linking all hate crime to Brexit…. Hate crime ‘still far too high’ post-Brexit – police The opening paragraph is meant to deceive… More than 6,000 hate crimes have been reported to … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  Is Trump the only candidate for the Presidency?  Seems to be as Clinton rarely gets a mention on the BBC in comparison to Trump….Trump who is, according to Jim Naughtie, a joke, an idiot, and ego maniac…or possibly any number of other things which the BBC freely slanders him with such as he’s a crackpot, simplistic, phoney, a tragedy, a bar room blusterer…importantly though, serious, sensible and grown up … Continue reading

Apocalypse Tomorrow

From the Spectator… That Brexit apocalypse? It just isn’t happening   Mickey Clark on Wake up to Money this morning said that ‘People must be very confused.’ No, not the usual BBC snide dismissal of ‘The people’, the rather uneducated and stupid people who don’t do as they are told, but a comment on the fact that so far Brexit has not produced the much trumpeted meltdown…having said that the … Continue reading

The New Politics

  Listening to Nicky Campbell’s ‘Your Call’ today….about Corbyn’s ‘leadership’. Amazed to hear that Corbyn is the ‘new politics’…..isn’t he kind of old hat, a disinterred commie who hasn’t realised his form of state sponsored bullying, intimidation and corruption doesn’t work…not even at the point of a gun (or bricks through windows)?  Strange that not one mention was made by Campbell of UKIP in response…the party that took 4 million … Continue reading

Expert Opinion?

      Chris Mason ‏@ChrisMasonBBC Jul 14 Twitter is a remarkably efficient way of making an idiot of yourself. Twitter’s not the only way….as the BBC’s political correspondent, Chris Mason, uses the back of an envelope to draw up his reports…… Chris Mason put on the spot today as Peter Allen asks him about a hot topic currently hitting the headlines (31 mins)…… Peter Allen:  ‘I’m just reading something, … Continue reading

50 Shades of Black

    Rarely does the BBC let a day go by without a mention of Boris’ ‘racist’ comment about Obama, his Kenyan heritage and Britain’s ‘special relationship’…never mind that Boris was actually referencing this Guardian article as the BBC knows full well….Could Obama’s dual colonial heritage spell the end of the special relationship? The constant drip drip drip of comments labelling Boris as racist by the BBC’s finest naturally have … Continue reading

Mid-Week Open Thread

  Sarah Brett on 5Live talking about the NHS (31 mins)…her personal experience: ‘I know that it is incredibly frustrating when a family member is in hospital, particularly over a weekend when you think nothing is being done until Monday morning starts again…it happened to me very recently…’ Better have a 7 day service then….let’s talk about it…..or we could talk about BBC bias….floor’s yours….    

Copy That…Out

  Front page BBC news and headlining on the bulletins all day….Trump’s missus makes speech that has definite echoes of one made by Obama’s missus. I’m sure it is earth shattering and indicative of something important…or not.  Obama’s verdict on his own plagiarism? [See below] I really don’t think this is too big of a deal. The BBC is always keen to point out when certain people make slip ups, … Continue reading

Pegida Puppetmasters

HughSykes Retweeted Jafar Haand ‏@jafarhaand 3h3 hours ago If you hate #Muslims or #Islam, take this pills. @HashimHabibzada   Good old Hugh Sykes…retweeting Muslim Brotherhood Islamic propaganda. Anyway back to the real world…or rather planet Sykes…….what of that ‘peaceful coexistence? LOLLOLLOLLOL!!! Germany train axe attack: Live updates as 18 injured after teenage refugee shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and hacked passengers   An axe attack on passengers on a train in Germany….at … Continue reading

ARM Alarm

        Immediately the sale of tech giant ARM was announced the whispers began on the BBC…this was a ‘firesale’, Brexit had devalued the pound and ARM was being gobbled up at a bargain price…and therefore we shouldn’t look on this as a successful sign that the economy may well have a post-Brexit bright side after all. Curious that tucked away in the business pages we see that … Continue reading