I Was Blind An’ Now I Can See…There’s F**k All For Me

  For those with delicate sensibilities be aware that this post contains some robust language.   The BBC have followed the fortunes of the small but growing sporting business of Insane Championship Wrestling…. Insane Fight Club A group of friends have created a brand new subculture that is taking over the streets of Glasgow. They’ve established their very own fight club, but this is no ordinary wrestling event – this … Continue reading

Careless Whispers

This Morning Robert Peston on the Today show (08:10) made a highly political statement on behalf of the Yes campaign in Scotland….and considering the fact that Peston admits that not having a currency union would be ‘the greatest blow to Mr Salmond’s separatist ambitions‘ you have to wonder at the careless, or not  so careless choice of phrase. He told us that the reason RBS and Lloyds might relocate their … Continue reading

Shambling Backstabbers Of The BBC

    From The Evening Standard:   Rona Fairhead looks set to be the new BBC Trust Chair and the Evening Standard has rounded up some advice for her from BBC veterans. Westminster’s North House was filled to the rafters last night with great and grey-haired BBC grandees — from Melvyn Bragg to Terry Wogan — toasting former Beeb chairman Sir Christopher Bland’s debut novel, Irish historical drama Ashes in … Continue reading

‘Israeli Kills Girl’s Dog!’”

  H/T to Teddy Bear for the title…it sums up this post in one line…how the BBC can misrepresent the facts by spinning and contorting cause and effect so that the guilty are innocent and the innocent are guilty. A point in case, which came first, the Islamic desire for a Caliphate or Muslim anger at Western ‘interference’?  Upon that question lies the West’s response to the likes of Al … Continue reading


  IS…that’s Independent Scotland rather than Islamic State..however a cynic, a realist, might conclude that the Tartan Mussolini might well take Scotland to the edge of respectability with his promises of a free-for-all Scotland and a brave new socialist republic.  Of course when the NHS puts up the shutters and there’s no more BBC it will be free…because if there’s nothing to ‘buy’ you won’t need money…so that’s the currency … Continue reading

Why Bother?

        Why does the BBC go to the bother of recruiting a new chair of the BBC Trust when in reality, it is apparent, they are just figureheads spouting the corporate line?  Have they still got that tub of lard in the props department from HIGNFY? In her hearing with the Culture, Media and Sport Committee the latest recruit, Rona Fairhead,  comes over pretty much as you … Continue reading

Donnison Still Bonkers

    Donnison is still desperately trying to back up his claim that Hamas had no part in the kidnapping of Israeli teens despite a Hamas spokesman saying they did:   Our goal was to ignite an intifada in the West Bank and Jerusalem as well as within the 1948 borders [Israel]. The activity of the people has broadened to include all the occupied land, reaching its peak in the … Continue reading

The Media And The Middle East

  The BBC is going to take a look at how the Media reports events in the Middle East…or at least investigate why so much attention is paid to the Middle East…a different take altogether really. Media and the Middle East The rockets and missiles fly, from Israel into Gaza, from Gaza into Israel. It’s the latest iteration of the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours which has flared … Continue reading

Is David Mitchell Funny?

    A frothy little post nailing Victoria Coren’s ‘feminist’ hypocrisy which she berates us with courtesy of her privileged platform on the BBC, but it has a serious undertow….the usual BBC bias…as demonstrated year in year out by its approach to reporting on UKIP…originally trying hard to ignore UKIP even as it  wiped the board in local elections, then trying to ridicule it or denounce it as the nearest … Continue reading

Cooke’s Tour And The Cocksure

      Whatever the BBC’s roving reporter Jon Donnison is it’s not the renowned Alistair Cooke….Donnison doesn’t seem to know which continent he’s on, I’m not sure what planet he’s on. Despite the BBC spending a large wodge of licence fee dosh on sending Donnison to Australia it seems he is still having flashbacks to Gaza, and can’t help telling the world…no doubt two weeks in Gaza without latte … Continue reading

Big Brother Clams Up

  The BBC is strangely reluctant to respond to freedom of information requests, even ones that are seemingly quite uncontroversial and straightforward…a request to reveal whether journalists had gone through a recrutiment process were met stonewalling…the BBC claiming that  ‘The ICO’s guidance ‘Determining what is personal data’ explains that in many cases, data may be personal data simply because its content is such that it is ‘obviously about’ an individual.’ … Continue reading

Birds of a Feather

  Whilst the BBC doesn’t allow on measured, sane and reasonable commentators like Lord Lawson any more, extremist, frothing at the mouth, swivel eyed loons like George Galloway get the red carpet treatment, given a platform by the Islamist’s very own Trojan Horse within the ‘Establishment’, Peter Oborne. Oborne is never happier than when ‘Dispelling myths about British Muslims’,   asking ‘Is post-war Britain anti-Muslim?’.   He tells us that ‘Many … Continue reading