The Guardian’s Guardian Guardian

Is the Guardian acting as the Guardian of the media guardian Ofcom or is it actually being critical of it? Whichever, it comes to something when even the Guardian notices that Ofcom is jampacked to the gills with BBC types which kind of makes a mockery of Government plans to use Ofcom as the BBC’s new independent regulator…. For what is this monster, as the scales drop from tabloid eyes? … Continue reading

A Government for ‘All the Media’

  Good to see that Theresa May is putting her principles into action and is making sure that it is not just the elitist, entitled, self-aggrandising BBC that gets the opportunity to broadcast and print the breaking stories which previously ensured its inherited status as the news broadcaster of choice….government media releases for all the Media. Perhaps we are seeing a new world where the BBC is quietly sidelined and … Continue reading

Russia’s ‘Investigation’ into Clinton’s email scandal

    It is now clear that Russia has been viciously maligned and defamed by claims that it hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails in order to influence the US election.  Russia was merely carrying out an ‘investigation’ using skilled outside investigators in the interests of truth and honesty that it believes should be part of the electoral process. The same way that Qatar used its Muslim propaganda ‘news’ organisation, Al Jazeera, … Continue reading

Little Nothings

Some examples of the BBC’s reporting that clearly demonstrate its political inclinations…. Here the EU is the blameless victim as terrorists move freely around Europe…it’s not the EU’s open border policy but a failure of the selfish nation states that is a problem…we need to change the culture and have more co-operation and information sharing…ie give the EU more control….[oh…and having effective border controls will be hugely expensive…so let’s not … Continue reading

Whipped Dog

    The squeaky wheel gets the most grease, a lesson that Muslim agitators learnt a long time ago as a few bombs, vigorous and cynical use of the race/Islamophobia card and cries of victimhood saw the Establishment blackmailed and bullied into handing out favoured group status to Muslims in the UK….Warsi is the prime example….Chair of the Tory Party because of her talent and skill?  Or because she was … Continue reading

No News Is Good News

  The BBC is flooding the airwaves with pessimistic ‘analysis’ of the supposed Brexit fallout as it seeks to create a mood of despair and looming disaster #DuetoBrexit. It’s not just what it reports, most of it false, but what it omits from its news bulletins that is designed to mislead the viewer and keep up the charade that Brexit is leading to armageddon of all  kinds be it economic, … Continue reading

Booking the cooks

    Remain are so desperate to keep Operation #Brexitdisastrousfailure in the headlines that they are sacrificing their leading lights… Sir Ivan Rogers has fallen on his sword and gone down making as much noise as possible, the BBC reporting with reverence his death rattle as wisdom to be passed on to future generations and now Jamie Oliver has made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause and closed his Italian … Continue reading

Truth and Consequences

  It must be an enormously frustrating time for BBC journalists…the Scots didn’t vote for independence and split the UK making it easy meat for an EU Empire annexation, the British people voted to leave the EU and Donald Trump was elected in the US…and ‘racist white police’ in the US shooting ‘unarmed black youths’ turned out to be just as much ethnic minority officers…so another one of those BBC … Continue reading

No Minister

  So you’re a BBC news editor faced with a choice…the pro-EU mandarin, Ivan Rogers, has gone all Kamikazi, and you’re reporting the aftermath of his suicide attack on the Brexiteers.  Do you report his critics’ or his defenders’ words?  You being a BBC employee naturally know what’s in our best interest and shape the news to present Rogers as the telling-truth-to-power victim of the Brexit thought-police.  The reality?  A … Continue reading


A Biased BBC reader writes; “The BBC has gone all Buzzfeed: Foreigners and refugees are intelligent, articulate and amazing individuals, answering strawman questions posted by (fictional?) ignorant, idiotic and bigoted indigenous Brits. To emphasise the message thet Brits are inferior, the tone from the interviewees ranges from mildly humorous to condescension to arrogance to ungratefulness to even nastiness.  In fact, the sneering sarcasm towards us putrid plebs is so spot … Continue reading


And so the utterly useless feverishly pro EU Sir Ivan Rogers resigns from his position as UK Ambassador to the the EU in what can best be described as an extended hissy fit and the BBC is right there – rallying to his side. The Today programme has been to the fore today in painting the loss of this ..coughs …wise old cove.. as a body blow to the UK … Continue reading

#DespiteBrexit…Again..and Again…and Again

    The BBC isn’t trumpeting this for some reason…from Reuters… UK manufacturing growth unexpectedly hits 2-1/2-year high – PMI British manufacturing growth climbed to a two-and-a-half-year high last month, fuelled by new orders from both home and abroad and adding to signs the economy ended 2016 strongly, a survey showed on Tuesday. The Markit/CIPS UK Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rose to 56.1, the strongest reading since June 2014, … Continue reading