Going bananas about racism in sport

“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”   Try chucking a banana onto the pitch at a football match when a  black player appears and see the BBC’s reaction….just a laugh, just a bit o’banter?  Think not. Try putting on an anti-English advert for the Six Nations and the BBC thinks that’s all just a bit of a laugh, so much … Continue reading


“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”     The problem with Leave voters, and there is a problem, is that they just don’t understand.  It’s not their fault of course, it’s just that they haven’t the mental capacity to understand the world around them, what’s good for them,  they just aren’t educated enough…they’re dumb f**ks really. So says the BBC… … Continue reading

Gutter Drivel

  “Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”   Thanks to Guest Who and DB…Samira Ahmed, the BBC’s impartiality watchdog, must give herself good talking to surely?….     Samira Ahmed Verified account ‏@SamiraAhmedUK Proof of #endofdays? Donald Trump was carved as a gargoyle in Southwell Minster 700 years ago…       Perhaps this is the proof of #endlessBBCbias?…..Samira Ahmed … Continue reading

Pass The Smelling Salts Quick

“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”     I don’t know if any of you caught the several BBC interviews with Denzel Washington last week…the main concern, naturally, was that the Oscars were too ‘white’…aren’t they? Amusingly Washington completely dismissed that line of thought pointing out that he has been nominated 8 times and has won two Oscars.  He said … Continue reading

Do You Fund Terrorism?

  The BBC asks…How do fake news sites make money? Curiously no mention of the licence fee that the BBC extorts from us. The BBC was also reporting this week that our money, that is supposed to go to charities, is being used to fund terrorism as their advertising goes to ‘radical’ websites. So does your money go to fund terrorism, or to fund Muslim religious bigotry, or to fund … Continue reading

Bercow: I Can’t Be Biased; I Read The Guardian

Some satire for you. Or is it…?  This via The Codpiece, a friend of Biased BBC. John Bercow insists it’s “literally impossible” for him to be politically partial because he reads The Guardian and watches BBC news. Speaker of the House Bercow is expected to be politically neutral. But a series of massively partial outbursts have brought his position into disrepute, prompting calls for his sacking. Mr Bercow believes the attacks are … Continue reading

The BBC…The Fourth Emergency Service

‘When Labour is on the defensive, as now, the NHS is a powerful instrument of attack.’   When you’re in dire political trouble, your party is tearing itself apart, your own position is in doubt and the polls show you are heading the way of the LibDems call the BBC. They can help. Labour is in melt down, internally and in the polls as the looney left took over the … Continue reading

The BBC’s Hounding of British Troops

  I listened with amazement, but no surprise, to John Humphrys attempting to blame the government for the witch-hunt against British troops by the likes of Phil Shiner.  Humphrys sententiously told us that ‘something had gone badly wrong‘ and that the government was surely complicit in this hounding of the troops. The government certainly set up the inquiries but why?  The only reason such inquiries are deemed necessary is because … Continue reading


I’ve noticed a regular theme with Labour MPs allowed to canter around BBC studios. Take little Owen Smith, who was on BBC Question Time last night. He stated that “Trump is a proven racist and misogynist”. He isn’t alone in repeating this libel as if it were a fact. In truth I doubt Trump is remotely bothered about what this insect thinks but if I appeared on the BBC and … Continue reading

Creative Writhing

  Funny old world as the BBC twists and turns and contorts itself in a desperate attempt to maintain its grip on the news agenda. Fake news is big news these days and the BBC is at the forefront of  peddling it whilst at the same time presenting itself as the defender of truth and accuracy…as James Purnell so helpfully informs us… When there is so much information and misinformation, … Continue reading

The BBC’s Dirty Little Secret

    Mehdi Hasan admitted that the Muslim community’s ‘dirty little secret’ was anti-Semitism, the BBC’s dirty little secret is it’s anti-England racism.  Naturally it isn’t actually much of a secret.  Its constant attempts to undermine ‘Britain’ is part of the long march to trample over English history intended to diminish or demonise England’s past achievements so that people start to feel guilt or even disgust at being English.  All … Continue reading


It’s so transparent, isn’t it? I’m talking about the BBC’s desperation to try and prop up Comrade Corbyn. Labour is melting down around Brexit, with feverish talk of rebellion and resignations, and the BBC prefers to run on the crunch issue of….a Council tax rise or lack of! This non event is being given maximum publicity by the Comrades even as Labour burns. Delightful