The ‘Cost of Living Peacefully’ Crisis

    Chickens coming home to roost…thanks to George R: The Frightened Arts In the new edition of Standpoint, out this week, NCF director Peter Whittle writes that far from being cutting-edge, the British cultural establishment ignores the biggest threat to artistic freedom: radical Islam   It is indeed the increasing presence of Islam, and a fear of Islamism, which more than anything else has exposed the claims of the arts apologists … Continue reading

That ‘Settled Science’…BBC’s Approach ‘Ignorant and Medieval’ To Debate

  The long pause in global warming is known to be caused by…..what?  No one knows. The recent floods….caused by a global warming that hasn’t happened for over 16 years?  No  one knows. Extreme weather is increasing…due to global warming?  Actually it’s not increasing. CO2 is driving global warming?  There’s absolutely no proof of that…the ‘proof’ in fact says any warming causes the release of CO2 rather than the other … Continue reading

Blessed Relief

  Happily we were spared the righteous sermons from the ‘Whispering Worthy’, Reverend Richard Coles,  this Saturday on ‘Saturday Live’.…in the hot seat instead were Anita Anand and Andrea Catherwood…..however not so different really in approach and values….plug and play, pop up priggishness and prurient prejudice. That is a bit of a problem for the BBC, and an audience force fed a diet of sanitised, sermonising,  earnest and pious do-gooders … Continue reading

‘Blood Art’

  The BBC loves the art world, the intelligentsia, the chatterati.  It loves especially garnering their views on the world, politics and everything and laps it all up with relish only to regurgitate their ruminations in the form of a ‘settled science’ for us lesser mortals to learn from,  just as they do with climate science…these guys are so intellgent, thoughtful, incisive, humane and caring that they just couldn’t be … Continue reading

Axelrod…In pay of Energy Firms

    When the Coalition held back on regulating cigarette packaging the BBC launched a broadside against the Tories with relentless suggestions that the Tory advisor, Lynton Crosby, was behind the reluctance to bring in plain packaging because he had links to tobacco firms. How different, and lacking, is the BBC’s rigour and investigative ardour when Miliband’s new advisor is known to have had links to energy companies creating adverts … Continue reading


Christopher Booker has a pretty sharp analysis here of the BBC cadre.. “When Jeremy Paxman joins the growing chorus of those who criticise the way the BBC has become a “smug”, dysfunctional, over-blown bureaucracy, run by overpaid unaccountable apparatchiks, one might think that they are describing the European Union, which is doubtless why the BBC loves it. We are familiar with the main reasons why the BBC, for all that … Continue reading


I was up early this morning and tuned into the SUNDAY programme on Radio 4 presented by my old pal William Crawley. There was a story about how ISLAM was the fastest growing religion in the UK,  a story about the terrible “poverty” facing the UK that requires Food Banks and the like and a story about the need for an amnesty for terrorists in Northern Ireland. That was in … Continue reading


A man was shot dead in republican west Belfast yesterday. He was an alleged “dissident terrorist” who had fallen out with other “dissident” terrorists. Dogs and fleas. This morning, on BBC Radio 4 today, I heard the most cringing interview possible with a Sinn Fein/IRA spokesperson on this topic. She was allied to claim that these dissident republican terrorists  are criminals with little support. The IRA were also criminals but … Continue reading


Did you catch this interview with the father of Abdullah Deghayes – the jihadist who met his death in Syria. It is amazing how gentle the softball questions are as Mr Deghayes dissembles for all he is worth on the subject of the jihad. Two of his other boys are out in Syria, also presumably fighting the Jihad. Great to see British exports going so well.

The Yanks Are Coming

      The wheels must be coming off Miliband’s election campaign already….he’s got himself a new axle…well, an Axelrod, imported from the US of A.   The BBC has noticed….telling us that: Mr Axelrod said he had been struck by the power of the Labour leader’s ideas [It's not the six figure payment his political spin company gets paid to do this type of work then...a commercial decision?] …….and … Continue reading


Can I take this moment to express my sincere thanks to ALL those very kind and generous Biased BBC readers who have contributed towards the costs of the server for this site. Following the recent appeal I can advise that we are sorted out financially and that all will continue as normal. As ever, you all prove one thing to me – YOU are the greatest asset this site has … Continue reading

The Trussell Hustle And the Mirror’s ‘Starving Child’ Fraud

  The Trussell Trust no doubt started off with good intentions when it began its food bank operations 12 years ago but it has now become a highly politicised campaigning organisation that seems no more than a Labour Party front….not helped of course by the fact that its Chair, Chris Mould, is in fact a Labour Party member….and one who receives a very good income from the Trust….we looked at … Continue reading