The BBC…Poisoning The Well Of Democracy?

    Guest Who (and H/T Dover Sentry) brought this to our attention…from the lefty Huffingtion Post: Jeremy Hunt’s Woolly Answers Over The Tory £8bn NHS Promise Aren’t Going Down Very Well Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has been accused of “making stuff up” after he seemed unable to explain how the Tory party would meet today’s commitment to invest at least an extra £8 billion a year into the NHS … Continue reading

Pienaar’s Politics?….Perhaps He Should Make Clear What They Are.

  Caught a bit of Pienaar today and, well, nothing’s changed.  He always seemed to have a soft spot for young Miliband and it’s rare that he will utter a critical word against him. Now today’s snippet (around 11:20) may not be at all representative of the programme as a whole, I’m sure that the rest of it was a Tory propaganda fest, however there was a distinct narrative to … Continue reading


I watched the Marr Show on BBC1 this morning and couldn’t help notice the contrast with the vigour with which he attacked George Osborne and the lethargy of his interview with Harman. As this interminable election campaign continues the BBC is more and more overt in its pro-Labour pro Leftist “pact” colours. It has no shame because it can afford to be biased.


PROGRAMME PITCH TO THE BBC A guest Contribution by Graeme Thompson who posts as hippiepooter Via the good offices of B-BBC, I’d like to make an open programme pitch to the BBC Documentary Commissioning Editors for a series on what those who have forged history have made of the world’s great religions. Let’s give it a working title, ‘RELIGION: THE HISTORYMAKERS’. A mini-treatment below for a pilot to kick off … Continue reading


Here is a guest post by Biased BBC reader Robin for your perusal. “In the election , the satirical shows on the BBC will have a profound influence adding a reinforced message to the news and current affairs programmes like Today , WATO and Panorama and the discussion programmes like Question Time . So as the Beeboid comedians poke fun at the political parties ,their leaders and policies there is one … Continue reading

Mr Miliband…Will You Fund The NHS?…..”Hell Yes!!!….Well…em…er Maybe….”

    Labour’s plans to fund the NHS are just as speculative and based upon guesswork, or ‘projections’, as the Tories and yet the BBC only targets the Tory plans and relentlessly insists that they are unfunded promises whilst Labour’s are models of financial probity….apparently ‘Labour is sticking to its £2.5bn plan which it says is fully and robustly funded.’ But is that true?  Miliband has said that he will … Continue reading

National Socialism At Work?

  When there was some alleged ‘islamophobic’ daubings on an Islamic building and a supposed arson attack (any charges for the mysterious 5 who were arrested by police?) after the murder of Lee Rigby by Muslim terrorists the BBC wasn’t shy about reporting that the EDL may have been involved and that Muslims were in essence ‘under siege’….though the suspicion must be that the ‘vandalism’and ‘arson’ were done by Muslim … Continue reading

Mystery ‘Man’

  The BBC reports… Man held over ‘US army base plot’ A 20-year-old US citizen has been charged with attempting to explode a car bomb at Fort Riley in Manhattan, Kansas. John T Booker Jr was making final preparations to carry out the suicide attack on behalf of the Islamic State (IS), the FBI said. Mr Booker previously had tried to join the US Army, but was denied entry because … Continue reading

Whitewashing Labour Racism

     The BBC is entirely corrupt…imagine if this were a UKIP candidate complaining about the number of ‘foreigners’ in his country……do you think the BBC would categorise it merely as a case of incitement to commit vandalism or would the UKIP candidate be hung out to dry as a ‘racist’?…..This isn’t from a BBC report…. ‘Chavs and their sickening England flags’ Words of Labour candidate who called for resignation … Continue reading

Backstabbers Anonymous

    ‘Personally I don’t know if I trust Ed Miliband one bit. This is a guy who ran for Labour leader against his own brother, and didn’t even tell him that he was doing it. If he can stab a member of his family in the back like that, what can he actually do for our country, if (when) Labour get back into power?’  A Labour voter.     … Continue reading

Peston Fully On Message For Miliband

  Peston’s latest is an out and out party political ‘broadcast’ for Labour, even going so far as to try and compare Miliband to Thatcher…somebody at the BBC really should start reading Peston’s stuff before they let it go to press. Miliband as Thatcher not Foot?   Yes…Miliband and Thatcher…soul mates….   Peston shows himself to be more the wide-eyed stagedoor johnny than a hard-nosed journalist with a handle on … Continue reading

Miliband Admits Labour Destroyed The Economy…But No One Has Noticed

  Miliband blamed the banks and ‘someone’ in his speech today for the lack of regulation and oversight on the banking world but it seems to have been forgotten, conveniently buried by Labour’s non-dom shambles… We are still paying – you are still paying – the British people are still paying – for what happened because of the global financial crisis. We were told that the wealth flowed from these … Continue reading

Taxing Times

Who said this in 2010?… I welcome this debate. It is an important contribution to the Government’s commitment to fairness in the tax treatment of non-domiciles. I hope that I have made clear the importance of the current non-domicile tax regime for the UK economy. Businesses see it as playing an important role in ensuring that the UK attracts skilled people from abroad to work, do business and invest. We … Continue reading

Loving Tony Blair

    Craig at ‘Is the BBC biased?’ gave us the low down on the latest (well not quite…more of which later) bit of bias from Peston favouring the Labour camp…he is relentless and quite blatant… Robert Peston gets carried away It seems he has been giving us some very dodgy statistics about the cost/benefits of leaving the EU whilst cheerleading for Blair…which reminded me that I forgot to add … Continue reading