To Hell With You!

    When Nigel Farage asked ‘”How many millions does Europe want to take? That really is the question.”  Sarah Montague on the Today programme snapped back ‘Forget that’, her narrative being there should be no limit to immigration as there was a ‘moral obligation’ to help these refugees ‘from Syria’. It’s remarkable how BBC employees, unelected but rather enamoured wth their job in the BBC which they seem to … Continue reading

Bordering On Dishonest

      The Telegraph headlines with this: EU may bring back border controls, Angela Merkel suggests Surely a major, major story especially considering Cameron’s attempts, alleged atytempts, to renegotiate in particular the free movement of people within Europe. The BBC ignores it in its own news..preferring to give us two front page stories…here the heroic efforts as ‘Migrants breach Hungary razor wire fence‘  and ‘Migrants welcomed at German rail … Continue reading

Spooky Spock

  The Mail tells us that: Even Cameron often finds Obama too rational and considered. Obama loves the emotionless, logical Mr Spock from Star Trek and there is more than a passing resemblance between the two. His nickname at the Foreign Office has been Spock for years. And it’s all true…Obama is an alien….   Nowhere on the BBC!!!! Once again the BBC censors astonishing and chilling news about their … Continue reading

“I feel I owe the EU my professional life”

    Craig at Is the BBC BIased? (seems to be ever-increasingly so) is writing up the EU’s spendthrift proclivities: The Great European Disaster Movie Part II …noting that the film was in part funded by the EU…such a fact having been denied by the BBC…which of course raises many questions as Craig lays out in further posts. But the EU’s desire to fund a bit of propaganda doesn’t stop … Continue reading

‘Is That It Paul Mason?’ ‘Really?’

    Paul Mason left the BBC for pastures new…perhaps the BBC finally saw the light about his trotskyist tendencies or whatever they maybe…..this is amusing…Mason, and his utopian dream, is slam-dunked, very gently by BBC Trustee (and Migration Advisory Committee member…strangely the BBC’s Fraser Steel is on the board of Immigration Service UK Ltd….funny what these BBC types get into) Diane Coyle: PostCapitalism dreams big – but its theories … Continue reading

Stories That Go AWOL

  Remember when they found that fragment of the Koran in a Birmingham library and the BBC was straight in there reporting it as if this was the discovery of the century….well it turns out it may be even better than that, a really dramatic story that would rock the foundations of Islam (as the BBC puts it when ‘revealing’ something controversial about Christianity)…rather than just being an everyday copy … Continue reading

Burke And Hair-Brained Ideas

  Burke and Hare used to murder people to peddle their corpses to medical schools in Edinburgh. The BBC’s favourite Burke, Jason Burke, their go-to expert on Islamic terrorism, merely disinters dodgy old conspiracy theories, as we looked at in the last post, and flogs them to a credulous BBC. One comment he made in his latest imaginings is this: Media in the US reported a network of Isis “sleeper … Continue reading

ISIS Schmisis

  The BBC memo about the West’s foreign policy creating the terrorism threat, always a BBC theme but now linked to the immigration crisis in order to create a sense of responsibility and hence an obligation towards the immigrants, has gone viral and is now getting fed into the narrative on many BBC shows. The truth is that it is the BBC’s own anti-war narrative has helped feed the Jihadist … Continue reading

The Blame Game

  The last post ended with this thought about the BBC’s coverage of the migrant crisis…‘Nothing like massaging the truth to cover up your own part in the tragedy of the refugee crisis.’ and it is clear from recent BBC broadcasts that this is a policy that has moved up a gear as the BBC tries to start blaming British foreign policy for the crisis, the point of which is, … Continue reading

Shaking The World’s Conscience…But Not The BBC’s

  We had a passing look at the BBC’s role in creating the immigrant crisis the other day. One thing we missed out was the fact that the immigration policy we are forced to adhere to by Europe, and cheerleaded by the BBC, is in fact the reason we cannot take in many genuine refugees.  If we are taking in 330,000 immigrants (379,000 net foreign migrants) we have no resources … Continue reading

Bring Back Colonialism

      A couple of facts that the BBC doesn’t trumpet in its tidal wave of ‘sympathetic’ coverage about migrants, in fact it seems to hide that truth under a flurry of untruths about ‘refugees’ whilst shroudwaving about the perilous journeys migrants are ‘forced’ to make. We keep being told that the UK isn’t doing anything to help Syrian refugees and that we should allow in many more, number … Continue reading

Lord And Lady Moat

    Curious how fast the BBC latched onto the story about Tory ‘Lord Moat’, Douglas Hogg.  This is the same BBC that stubbornly resisted the tidal wave of censure for Jeremy Corbyn due to his close links to those very dubious friends and honoured citizens.  It was only when the coverage from those other sources became embarrassingly widespread and relentless that the BBC realised it couldn’t sit this out … Continue reading

Guardians Of Our Morality

    Should you ever feel that your sense of moral self was being eroded by the distractions and temptations of everyday life the new priesthood of the BBC, and its acolytes at the Guardian, are here to stiffen the moral fibres and instil a bit of virtuous virtue into you godless, heathen, brutish infidels. You may be morally lacking, backsliding in your duty to the global humanity as you … Continue reading