Romancing the Romanians

  The BBC has always tried to downplay the amount of immigration to this country and has been far, far more intent on pushing supposed benefits of immigration than in exposing the problems….going so far as to commission a poll in Romania and Bulgaria to get some figures it could work with and told us that there was ‘No indication of huge Romanian-Bulgarian influx’…..unfortunately not many people believed the BBC’s … Continue reading


Well then, the BBC and Labour have been completely wrong footed by Osborne in his Autumn Statement. BOTH have been predicting an apocalypse if the Tax Credit changes and Policing budget cuts were implemented today. The comrades in the BBC seem shattered at Osborne’s unexpected nimble footedness and it fell to John McDonnell to respond and he did. In aces! He produced a copy (His personal copy?) of Mao’s little … Continue reading

Killing Capitalists

  The BBC is always very concerned about the possibility of the ‘Far Right’ on the march again…the BBC is however quite unconcerned about the Far Left despite the fact that the Far Left has a history as bad if not worse than, say, the National Socialists. Where were the BBC warnings from history about this?….. Athens on edge after explosion severely damages buildings A bomb has exploded outside the … Continue reading

Me, Myself, I

      Lord Hall Hall has spent much of the last year protecting the BBC’s very, very privileged and entrenched position when what he should have been doing is overseeing its news service and reining in the worst excesses of bias and foolishness that results in the BBC defending the mass murderers, killing in the name of Islam, in Paris. Lord Hall Hall betrays everything the BBC should stand … Continue reading


The BBC faithfully reports; A boy who was arrested for taking a homemade clock to class is seeking $15m (£10m) from his city and school.  Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was held by police and suspended from his school in Texas because his teacher mistook the clock for a bomb. His lawyer said in a letter that the incident, which made global headlines, sparked threats against the teenager and left him deeply traumatised. … Continue reading


In a way, I suppose London represents the BBC’s utopian version of society with a population mix totally unlike anywhere else in the UK, and the likes of Tower Hamlets as a jewel in the proverbial multiculti crown. So I suppose items like  “DNA study finds London was ethnically diverse from start” is simply reinforcement material to make them feel good.

Nil Desperandum

Always laugh at the BBC’s desperate attempts to malign and undermine the British identity…by Pallab Ghosh…. DNA study finds London was ethnically diverse from start Well yes…it was a city established by Roman Invaders with soldiers who came from all around Europe and beyond…as the BBC knows full well…. Who was in the Roman army? Only men could be in the Roman Army. No women. Every Roman soldier was a … Continue reading


Got to love the way the BBC lobbies for “change” on the basis there must be no change. Licence fee payers should be given a vote on any attempt by ministers to cut the BBC down to size, the corporation’s director-general will say today. Oh really? Gosh, that’s a very brave thing to say. Except…. In a speech to business leaders, Lord Hall will propose any major changes to the broadcaster must be approved … Continue reading

The Islamist ‘Not Wanted’ poster

Maajid Nawaz  You couldn’t make this shit up. Friday 13th nightmare, as all-male Islamist Rogues’ Gallery gathers in Bedford, UK. Maajid Nawaz Every single one of these speakers is a Caliphate-advocating Islamist, they believe in every core principle ISIS believes in, and they reject ISIS merely because they made their move for a Caliphate ‘too soon & too fast’.       If you have the time and energy…..   … Continue reading

What’s the real problem….mass murdering Islamist terrorists or ‘Islamophobes’?

    One hundred and twenty nine people slaughtered by Muslims in Paris and nearly 400 injured and the BBC thinks the real  problem is a few ‘Islamophobes’ who daub grafitti on Mosques.  The terrorists are the real victims here. Spot the different tone and narrative of these two contrasting BBC reports… Paris attacks turn spotlight on Saint Denis banlieue   Paris attacks: Mosques attacked in US and Canada   … Continue reading

How to defeat Islamic supremacism….more Islam

“Al-Islam will prevail over all other ways of life. Look at how [the] Muslim population is increasing in the UK.”  Deputy Head of Carlton Bolling school in Bradford, Akhmed Hussain   How do you deal with Islamic supremacism?  You import millions of Muslim migrants and allow Islamic values and laws to flourish. It is here already in the UK: ‘I could never have imagined, nine years on, that the Taliban … Continue reading

Shrouded in fear

    The BBC’s Graham Satchell is overcome with emotion for the victims of  the Paris terror attacks……   I might have had some respect for that if he didn’t work for an organisation that within hours of the Paris attack was trying to excuse the killers’ actions and blame them upon French society itself, and has subsequently kept up a relentless narrative of Muslim victims driven to become ‘radical’ … Continue reading