Poop Scoop

      The BBC has been blowing its own trumpet today with its ‘scoop’ about Assange, yet another of the BBC’s heroes along with the traitor and spy, Edward Snowden, and the self-admitted terror trained Moazzam Begg. It’s been telling us all day about the ‘arbitrary detention’ of Assange….and yet he hasn’t been detained, he has voluntarily chosen to remain in the Ecuadorian embassy as he hides from the … Continue reading


Alright then, Here’s a new Open Thread for you to detail the bias. I was on with Jon Gaunt this morning and we were discussing how the BBC emotes its coverage of “Syrian refugees”. They are using their massive media reach to convey THEIR opinion that we must “do” something to help Syrians. That’s not their job and its time we stopped seeing this alleged reporters hamming it up as … Continue reading

Hush it all up

  When Fox News announced that Birmingham was a Muslim only city [can’t be long now] the Left went into overdrive to deride and vilify the comments…how different their approach to Labour MP, Jess Phillips, who claimed that Birmingham’s Broad Street was subject to roaming gangs of native Brummie sex abusers and criminals on a scale similar to Cologne. Phillips was naturally called out on that nonsense  by most people … Continue reading


    5Live spoke to Bryan Cranston, (14:07) Breaking Bad actor and lead in ‘Trumbo‘, a film about McCarthyism. Trumbo was blacklisted and silenced as a Hollywood screenwriter for being a member of the American Communist Party.  The Left, and the BBC as here, has always been outraged at this example of ‘Gestapo’ tactics. After having gone through that ritual outrage the BBC presenter, Colin Paterson, moved on to the … Continue reading

Prevent Prevent

  ‘Our grandfathers smashed fascism – outlawed it, executed its leaders, suppressed its ideas – because they knew how seductive that stiff-armed salute can be to idiots with a grievance, once all the illusions start to burn.’  Paul Mason     There is a war being fought and it’s not just with guns, bullets and bombs.  The Media, far from being prejudiced against Muslims, is the weapon of choice for … Continue reading


Why did the BBC think it was a good idea to devote an entire episode of The Big Questions to the question “Do we need a British Islam”? The location was Bradford and the audience was overwhelmingly Muslim. Did you see it? How about we have an entire programme devoted to the question “Do we need Islam in Britain” and have an overwhelmingly non-muslim audience debate it? Here were just … Continue reading

Muslim Terrorists…..’Kind, clever, angry and idealistic… victims of the British State’

      Jihadi John was a ‘beautiful person’…so said the extremists of Cage. Apparently they were right.  Muslim extremists (when not being Churchill, Ghandi or Mandela) are, according to the BBC….kind, clever, angry and idealistic….and of course victims themselves of a tyrannical British state. Kind of think the BBC has totally lost the plot….more so than ever I should add. How would you persuade a young Muslim from becoming … Continue reading

Islam’s ‘Dirty little secret’?

    Remember when Islamist Mehdi Hasan tried to curry favour and win credibility with those who could further his inflitration of the media and grow his influence by admitting in a series of articles that Islam wasn’t perfect?  One such article delcared that ‘It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any … Continue reading

Google Is Magic

    Rich Hall appeared on the News Quiz on Saturday.  It’s probably the last time he will ever be invited on. For some reason this troop of comedy greats were described as the ‘piranhas of satire’….more like goldfish….at least the lefties were…round and round they go, the same old stuff being trotted out time after time with no recall that they’d played that tune a thousand times…with one exception…Rich … Continue reading

A Trusted Brand

      Why oh why is A&E struggling? asks the BBC. Winters are always busy in the NHS and there are always difficult weeks. This one is unusual because of the scale of the increase in demand. So what’s going on? Nobody, it seems, has a very clear answer. Nobody except the BBC of course….it’s all down to a surge of elderly patients…and oh yes….people have such  trust in … Continue reading


The BBC wants to see Hillary Clinton become the next POTUS. That much is obvious from their kid glove handling of her run to gain the Democrat nomination. The BBC wants ANY Republican other than Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination so they can lose nobly to Clinton, just as in 2008 and 2012. Hence the prominence given to this sort of nonsense… US election 2016: Republican rivals mock … Continue reading

Not seen and not heard

  The BBC has been filling the airwaves with sad tales of asylum seeking children, well almost filling the airwaves, some stories the BBC is reluctant to tell. If you are a regular listener or viewer of the BBC news you may recall many, many anguished reports condemning the government or the authorities because hospital patients, or people needing care or even prisoners were forced to travel long distances away … Continue reading