Floods of crocodile tears

Another massive flood in Louisiana and a missing President.  The difference this time?  This time the BBC isn’t indulging in a huge moral grandstanding exercise as it did when it launched relentless attacks on Bush for not visiting the disaster areas. At present Obama is too busy to visit Louisiana…busy on vacation playing golf. The BBC’s Gavin Hewitt trembled with rage as he ranted about Bush.  Not a peep from … Continue reading


I was on BBC London a few days ago to “debate” the story concerning Oxford City Council seeking to potentially erase “Mr, Mrs and Miss” (which could offends transgenders of gay people, allegedly) and replace it with Mx. Failing that, this Council might follow Brighton Council and simply add “Mx” as the gender identifier for those who aren’t happy with Mr, Mrs, Miss. I tried to point out this sort … Continue reading


Breibart here echoes something I tweeted earlier today. “The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – a public broadcaster funded by a “TV licence” fee forced on UK television owners – has declared that resistance to Shariah law is “Islamophobic”. According to a news clip, BBC online coverage, and the comments of its reporter Catrin Nye, a man called “Paul” approached a BBC film crew while recording an interview with Islam campaigner Ruqaiya Haris. Ms. Haris, … Continue reading


We should reject and denounce this behaviour with “extreme prejudice ” People need to understand that if you behave in this manner you will have a high price to pay. As the lefty think tank Demos sanctimoniously denounces Britain as ‘racist’ and Islamophobic the only comment on its page is this….note the threat to use ‘extreme prejudice’ extracting a high price from the West…that’s a threat to use violence….’terminate with … Continue reading

It’s good to talk

  Interesting how the BBC completely ignored Owen Smith saying he would negotiate with ISIS…Derbyshire just swept on despite the remarkable statement and the BBC made no mention of it in its news bulletin summarys of the interview until the Tories started to attack Smith.  Corbyn dodged the question by saying he wouldn’t hold talks….openly…suggesting he would have a cosy chat with what will no doubt be his ‘friends’ in … Continue reading

Pretty little liars

  The BBC is blitzing us with ‘Islamophobia’ today in the wake of a Demos report on what it says is a wave of Islamophobia on Twitter.…but the Tweets were from across the world not just in the UK.  And you have to ask what is Islamophobia in Demos’s and the BBC’s eyes?  You may get an idea from this report today: BBC Islamophobia discussion interrupted by Islamophobia An interview … Continue reading


Two stories, both linked to Brexit. Guess which one the BBC leads with and which one the BBC completely ignores? UK to avoid recession and world economy to ‘stabilise’ as Brexit shock passes Ethnic minorities face ‘entrenched’ racial inequality – watchdog Naturally, the later race baiting from the Orwellian “Equalities and Human Rights Commission” makes the media running, with the claim from this quango that Britain’s Black and Ethnic Minorities have … Continue reading


The BBC can’t help it, they are still weeping post Brexit tears and continue to seize on everything and anything to do the UK economy down. UK inflation rose by 0.1% yesterday and the BBC were all over it, explaining the ominous portents. Rising fuel prices helped to push the UK’s inflation rate higher last month, according to official figures. The annual inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Prices Index … Continue reading


I’m guessing BBC’s Mark Easton must be feeling low this morning with the news that vile Islamist Anjem Choudary is behind bars. Remember how Easton lionised Choudary last year? Following a lengthy report on BBC News at Ten about Choudary’s ‘radicalising force’, Mark Easton appeared to question whether there were similarities between Britain’s most famous extremist and two of history’s greatest civil rights campaigners. Referring to Theresa May’s pledge to clamp … Continue reading


Busy morning for the comrades on the TODAY programme on BBC Radio 4. Even before 7am we were treated to a sneering assault on Donald Trump’s speech on protecting the US from radical Islamists, we were afforded mockery of the idea that Boris Johnson is “running the country” with Theresa May on holiday, and finally those reliable stooges at the Resolution Foundation were brought on to dampen the idea that … Continue reading