More Brainwashing Needed!

  Interesting reaction to this BBC Tweet……Not the one the BBC hoped for I imagine…… BBC News (UK)Verified account ‏@BBCNews Fears grow for ‘Syria-bound’ girls  9:24 pm – 20 Feb 2015 Paddy Opedobom ‏@Paddy0pedobom Feb 20 No. No fears. The more the merrier. Let everyone who hates this country fuck off and never come back here. @BBCNews Salga Union Europa ‏@apostolouc Feb 20 “@BBCNews: Fears grow for ‘Syria-bound’ girls … Continue reading

Fears Grow For Paris Bound Chelsea Supporters

Relatives of the three missing London boys believed to be heading to Paris have pleaded for them to come home. The boys travelled to Paris on Tuesday. It is feared they may be planning to join Front National extremists in Paris. One of the boy’s family said they understood he wanted to help those suffering attacks from Islamist fanatics in Paris but said Paris was “a dangerous place”. The family … Continue reading

Muhammed The Librarian

      I’m sure you are all familiar with the BBC narrative that promotes the ‘Golden Age of Islamic Science’  and tells us the West owes all of its progress to Islam. It is a constant refrain, one that the BBC wants to impress upon us, the idea being that once we realise that Muslims were once very clever we will change our perceptions about Islam as a backward, … Continue reading

Race relations

We’re now well into day 5 of the BBC’s intensive coverage of the racist Chelsea fans story. In the past week a number of other race-related stories have emerged, none of which you’ll find reported on the BBC website. On Tuesday police released video of a black man dragging a white guy from a bus and beating him with a belt in an unprovoked attack. You won’t find that story … Continue reading

Check Your Privilege

    If you want to commit a crime and not be hung out to dry by the thought police make sure you have some ‘ethnic’ authenticity and credibility in the bank. If you’re white and push a person of colour off a train you’re big news. If you’re a Muslim who stabs someone for not being a Muslim then you’re probably justified in doing that by virtue of undoubtedly … Continue reading

Oborne…BBC Biased And With Falling Standards

    Rather than representing the nation as a whole, the BBC has become a vital resource – and sometimes attack weapon – for a narrow, arrogant Left-Liberal elite.   Awkward…..Did the BBC and Guardian splash this on their front pages day after day in 2011?  I am guessing Peter Oborne wasn’t such a hero then.   From Peter Oborne in 2011:   Coming to the BBC, an everyday story … Continue reading

Oh No!!!! £9 Billion in tax receipts. Tragedy!

    The BBC are outraged, and not a little gutted… order to pay for their election campaign the government has plundered the incomes of some of the most vulnerable people in society who were callously, cruelly,  forced out of their jobs by the savage and brutal austerity imposed upon the economy and made to fend for themselves.  Stripped of their dignity and all the trappings of success in this … Continue reading

BBC Watch?

  Roy Greenslade in his support for Peter Oborne in the Telegraph uses ‘research’ by the Media Standards Trust to back up claims about the lack of reporting by the Telegraph on HSBC’s woes… An analysis by the Media Standards Trust has found that the Telegraph published “far fewer articles” on the recent HSBC tax avoidance scandal than rival papers. This also requires explanation from TMG.   The BBC’s Robert … Continue reading

‘The BBC deals a blow to investigative journalism’

The BBC criticises the Telegraph for allegedly shaping its editorial to suit HSBC when HSBC were unhappy with the Telegraph’s reporting about it….similarly the BBC is unhappy about the Telegraph exposing the BBC’s own failings and bias in its journalism and rather than accept that criticism the BBC set out to attack the Telegraph using its own news platform as a weapon….are they any different in effect to HSBC in … Continue reading

Corrupting the democratic process

    This is a screengrab of the Labour Party using a Telegraph report into the HSBC scandal from 2010 to back  up its attack on the Telegraph and the Tories…go figure!!!     The Sunday Telegraph reports that HMRC is investigating more than 200 “extremely wealthy” British taxpayers suspected of tax evasion totalling “many millions of pounds”. It adds that they are “believed to have failed to declare huge … Continue reading

Ed’s Media Stooge

  Back in 2010 the Mail ran this report about the man who is still Miliband’s head spin doctor, Tom Baldwin.  Baldwin originally worked for the Times where he was in essence a Labour Party stooge placing stories damaging to the Tories and beneficial to Labour. Considering Baldwin’s vital role in Labour’s election campaign and Miliband’s pious statements about the Telegraph and compromised journalism should the BBC be asking questions … Continue reading

The Telegraph Responds

      Abridged from the Daily Telegraph:   This newspaper makes no apology for the way in which it has covered the HSBC group and the allegations of wrongdoing by its Swiss subsidiary, allegations that have been so enthusiastically promoted by the BBC, the Guardian and their ideological soulmates in the Labour Party. We have covered this matter as we do all others, according to our editorial judgment and … Continue reading

Frankie ‘Heineken’ Boyle

    Frankie Boyle isn’t impressed with the Guardian’s commercial interests  (H/T  Guess Who)….of course the personalised adverts within the text are shaped   to your own activities on the web….block the advertisers with ‘Ghostery’ and they don’t come up…The Guardian has a vast number of commercial ‘trackers’ that watch your every move…so much for its war on the ‘spy’s’…..commercial interests trump such principles…..looks like Boyle likes Heineken…     … Continue reading

Never Mind The Principles Give Me The Cash

  “As independent as resources permit”     The BBC is going all out on the Telegraph/Oborne story and remarkably shows no interest at all in widening its investigation to explore the likelihood of similar practises at other news organisations. A familiar pattern of behaviour from the BBC which you may remember from the time of the phone hacking saga when the sole target was Murdoch and the BBC was … Continue reading