Gaza Casualties As Of Sunday

    Pounce originally came up with these figures in the comments and I was reminded of them by Is the BBC biased?: Analysis Of Gazans Killed So Far In Operation Protective Edge   From their figures, and I haven’t looked at the source myself, it looks like the Palestinian casualties are 14% male under fighting age (up to 17), 18% women, 6% male over age (over 60) and the … Continue reading

Soundbite Advice

  Judge for yourselves how much attention BBC journalists have paid to Hamas’ media guidance to its own supporters…whom, if you were of a cynical bent, might say included the BBC, or elements thereof: Via Harry’s Place/Memri: The Hamas guide to social media MEMRI provides some excerpts: “Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or … Continue reading

Paxman Replaced By The Tax Man

      Evan Davis, the BBC’s economics goto guy, is in the Newsnight hotseat: Evan Davis to replace Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight “Evan is an outstanding journalist,” said BBC director general Tony Hall. “I think he is an extraordinary, clever and intelligent interviewer. He has a wonderful presence on TV and I’ve got no doubt he’ll be a really great presenter of Newsnight,”   Wonder if he will get … Continue reading

Ginger Gash, Chocolate Benjamin, Heebs, Durkas and ‘Tards…..A Guardian Guide To PC Lingo

        When Premier League supremo Richard Scudamore found himself at the centre of a Media storm when the contents of some private emails were leaked by a disgruntled ex-employee the BBC was there joining in with the witch hunt, Victoria Derbyshire expressing her shock at the language used and especially the  use of the word ‘gash’ to describe a woman. The Guardian was at the front of … Continue reading


I was somewhat surprised to hear an item on the Today programme this morning discussing a current (pointless) Government PR campaign to try and stop young British muslims going to Syria. Remarkably, the suggestion was put about that many go there on a “humanitarian” impulse. This is nonsense. They go there to fight and KILL. That is the aim of the Jihad. The BBC seeks to sanitise this evil inn … Continue reading


It’s really quite dreadful turning the BBC News on at the moment. Their sheer hatred of Israel is just oozing through and frankly the State broadcaster is little more than an echo chamber for the Hamas publicity machine. From its refusal to call HAMAS terrorists – it much prefers “fighters” – through to its sly suggestion that Israel only kills women and children – the BBC stands indicted. I listened … Continue reading

One of the BBC’s “impartial” journalists…

BBC World Service journalist Naziru Mikail: Whenever I see Netanyahu I remember what happened to ex-PM Sharon! There's GOD wooo! #Gaza #Israel — Naziru Mikail (@nazirumikailu) July 20, 2014 (Ariel Sharon died after 8 years in a coma following a stroke) It’s OK, though, because his Twitter profle says: “Views here are personal!” He does like to use an exclamation mark! Update. The same BBC journalist was impressed by a … Continue reading

Cheerleading For Hamas

  We get bombarded with casualty figures from Gaza by the BBC in every other sentence it seems…initially their preferred source was ‘Palestinian medics’, then the ‘Health department’ in Gaza’, and now the one they opt for is figures given by the UN.   But you might ask, where does the UN get its figures?….from Palestinians, as BBC Watch details: Documenting the BBC contribution to political warfare against Israel Readers no … Continue reading


Have a read of this item from the BBC on ex-Gitmo detainee Moazzam Begg. Note how it finishes by letting us know that Moazzam “has never previously been charged with an offence.” Beggs is one of their poster boys. I recall doing a BBC interview with him some years ago and he was afforded the kid gloves treatment even as I was attacked. You can bet your bottom dollar the … Continue reading


Anyone else catch the second episode of “Too much Immigration” featuring Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford “exploring the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together, pairing Brits opposed to immigration with immigrants.” on BBC 1 last night? It ended with the several cynical Brits all converting to the idea that immigration is a good thing for the UK. Even Mohammad, a Somali man living … Continue reading


And so a five hour ceasefire is agreed between Israel and Gaza. The BBC breathlessly informs is this will provide the people of Gaza with at least a little respite. As for what it does for the Jews? Well. F*** them seems to be the BBC editorial line. What a loathsome broadcaster.


The BBC reports that a British computer expert who admitted supporting terrorism through the internet has been sentenced in a US court to 12-and-a-half years in prison. Babar Ahmad, of Tooting, south London, had admitted conspiracy and providing material to support the Taliban. Yet on the Today programme this morning, again in the 6.30-7am slot, we had a BBC correspondent giving us a VERY sympathetic piece on Ahmad. He was allowed to tell … Continue reading


Hamas must be so pleased that they have embedded Jeremy Al Bowen and Lyce Doucet in the BBC. The latter’s venom towards Israel was visceral on the Today programme this morning  - just after 6.30am. She trotted out what Israel said with regard to the accidental killing of the 4 young boys on the beach in Gaza and then immediately cast doubt on the veracity of it herself. I appreciate … Continue reading