Up the Khyber without a clue

A review into Muslim integration, lack of, was under discussion….you might praise the BBC for broaching the subject.  Or not.  Who did they get on to tell us why the review was so wrong?  MPACUK.  MPACUK that many in the know say is an anti-semitic, pro-Jihad Islamist group that has very little support, if any, amongst Muslims.  The BBC seems to have a love of the wrong uns….the MCB for … Continue reading

Drop The Dead Donkeys

    The new, and laughable, narrative from the Establishment anti-Brexit cabal is that they are now the insurgents…that’s right…all those senior politicians, the most powerful media organisations, billionaires, lawyers and academics….the new insurgents.  All routed it might be said by one bloke with a pint pot, a fag and a great disrespect for that unruly mob of the High and Mighty. I might also suggest that rather than being … Continue reading

Is Castro really dead or is it an Alt-Right Fake News Joke?

          ‘The Guardian has admitted that a rogue reporter fabricated interviews in articles for the newspaper and falsely claimed to have been present at events he wrote about. Joseph Mayton, a freelance who has been writing for the Guardian since 2009, has been accused of making up quotes in some of his stories, even filing interviews with people who later said they had never spoken to him.’ … Continue reading

Pulling the tarpaulin over our eyes

Another day and another sneak attack on our consciences trying to make us think of the terrible plight of refugees, to open our hearts and open the borders. The Tarpaulin…A biography Historian Dina Gusejnova tells the story of tarpaulin from 17th century mariners to today’s refugee camps and those living on the periphery of society. In the process, Dina shines a light on statelessness, protest, heroism and transgression. The tarpaulin … Continue reading

Onward Christian Soldiers

  Listening to R4 this morning and a programme about Jewish humour [not Muslim humour?  Wonder why] and the presenter came up with a joke…the punchline of which was ‘Why would I tell you I’m Jewish when I’m surrounded by all these well armed Christians?’  The presenter no doubt rather smugly thought she was being very right-on, edgy and telling it as it is….except of course that’s just not what … Continue reading

Country Girl and City Slickers

    I think we’ve all seen how the BBC has reacted to the death of Castro, with reverence, regret and rank hypocrisy.  How different was the BBC’s reaction on the death of Margaret Thatcher, or indeed to the life of Donald Trump…Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize before he’d set foot in the White House just about, yesterday the BBC was telling us Trump was about to cause … Continue reading

Muslim Lawfare Muzzles the Press

    Here is a classic example of the way that the Left and Islamist activists combine to attack the Right-leaning Press in order to pressure them into silence and to create a narrative that it is the Right-wing Press that drives ‘Islamophobia’ and anti-immigrant hate crime. A train crash in Paddington during the period when Muslims practice Ramadan, the driver a Muslim….the Sun links the crash to Ramadan and … Continue reading

The Candyman

    In a tongue-in-cheek article, Washington Post journalist Philip Bump did some calculations around Donald Jr’s statement, using data showing that the annual chance that an American would be murdered by a refugee was 1 in 3.64 billion. The BBC hated this….     Just how unlucky are those 11 Americans who were knifed by a Somali refugee? Ohio State attack: Suspect with butcher’s knife, reportedly student and refugee, … Continue reading

Cheese eating surrender monkey surrenders to Putin?

  Odd, very odd.  I read the BBC write up on Francois Fillon and I’m thinking so very Trump.  And yet Trump doesn’t get a mention anywhere…not even when the BBC reports that Fillon wants better relations with Russia and opposes abortion…..two things, amongst so many, that the BBC castigated Trump for.  Now apparently …not so bad things. Guess the BBC doesn’t want to admit that Trump isn’t the crazed, … Continue reading

Queen Trumps Maggie

  The Spectator thinks the BBC has got a bad case of the sour grapes as its place as producer of illustrious ‘crown jewel’ programmes is threatened by an upstart commercial company, and one on that bloody independent, free thinking, interwebby thing as well….Netflix…. BBC attacks ‘lavish’ Netflix for propagating ‘myths’ about the royal family It wasn’t long ago that Lord Hall Hall was telling us that the world would … Continue reading

‘Wake Up Christian Britain’

    Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York and Britain’s second most senior cleric, has described the targeting of Christains as ”an affront to decency”. Calling on the silent majority of Christians to defend their beliefs, Sentamu said: ”For those who despair at the treatment meted out to these Christian women the message is clear: wake-up Christian England.”   The Trojan Horse plot was real, the group behind it, … Continue reading