Classic ‘The little people know not what they do’ from the BBC

    Roger Mosey, now ex-BBC so can speak out, tells us that the Broadcasters must take the blame for the poor standard of debate as they essentially tabloidised their reporting and failed to do the proper analysis going for the headline-making trivia of the insults and alarmism instead.  A classic example of this comes out today…from the ‘let ’em all in’ Mark Easton whose ‘analysis’ is completely wrongheaded and … Continue reading

Seeing but not believing…or caring

    From the Mail… We’re out of touch with ordinary, ‘ghastly’ Britons, says ex-BBC chief: Leaked email says it ‘ignores and despises’ millions because they do not embrace liberal views The BBC ‘ignores and despises’ millions of Britons because they do not embrace the liberal views of a metropolitan elite, a leaked memo has revealed. The Corporation was said to be ‘completely bewildered’ about how to respond to the … Continue reading

Up Yours Delors

  Happy Independence Day. [Still some results to come in] A day of infamy says Keith Vaz, a catastrophe for Britain…we must respect the wishes of the people but…… Do politicians really understand the feeling in the country?  The BBC asks.  LOL. Perhaps the politicians have been telling the people what to think about Europe not listening to the people? The BBC asks.  LOL.  Not just the politicians eh? We’re … Continue reading

Referendum Live Chat All Nighter!

No Question Time this week, but instead, on the night of the most important vote of the past 50 years, we have an all night chat (for those with the stamina anyway). David Dimbleby anchors the coverage of the results, assisted by a predictably leftist menagerie of Remainiacs. If it all gets too sickening there will be the option to switch to ITV’s live coverage instead.

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 9.55 pm

Chat here, register here if necessary.


A B-BBC reader writes to me and observes; “Breakfast at BBC spinning again. Reporting last nights debate on brexit the disgraceful tirades and endless interjections by Remain were reported as “Leave lacked passion” whilst the aggressive ibehavior of Remain was called “passion” Even today Remain is given the last word Boris 7.10 Cameron 7.40″ I agree. In fact what really irritated me was the shameful way Dan Hanaan was asked … Continue reading

Choking on their skinny lattes

#Beleave   This must make the no-borders, hate-the flag, hug-an-Islamist BBC choke on its own sanctimonious humbug…     We’ll have none of that at the BBC thankyou…we have several concerns about such rampant nationalism….we don’t want to upset those who hate the flag and England…ironically the same people we always tell you love Britain the most…more than the natives (if we can use that word)…….so….. Is it wrong to … Continue reading

Mad about the boy

  I imagine there was quite a bit of disappointed cheering in the corridors of the BBC and Guardian as news came out that someone had tried but failed to kill Donald Trump. Note the utterly different tone of the reporting from that which engulfed us after the death of Jo Cox…and we can be pretty sure that the tone would have been just as different had Trump been killed. … Continue reading


With just a few days to until Polling Day, the BBC is doing its utmost to ensure that any awkward stories that could sway voters to VOTING LEAVE are muted. So it was in Calais last night. I started to get messages from people in that area who could see illegal migrants attacking cars, firing stones and presenting danger to life. And HOW, you might ask, did the BBC choose … Continue reading

Kat Napping

    I knew there must be a use for Katty Kay….she has gone off-message and laid out the reasons for Brexit.….naturally she can’t quite throw off her BBC training and imprinting and concludes it’s all about the dreaded populism and simple messages appealing to emotion not brain….yep…all the Leave voters are simpletons with no mind of their own……. Angry electorate Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, the leader of the … Continue reading

Who are you calling a Fascist Cameron? Look in the mirror.

      We bring you the analysis that the BBC has decided to conceal as Cameron and Osborne use the race-card and claims of fascism to suppress debate on immigration. When MP Jo Cox was murdered the BBC’s immediate reaction was to claim this was a consequence of the febrile anti-politics atmosphere that was being whipped up by….the Leave campaign.  Never mind that Cameron has led a vitriolic, poisonous … Continue reading