I see the BBC has been wallowing in an anti-UKIP frenzy all day. I don’t condone wrong doing on ANY front but I can’t help but wonder if the comrades are not doing their cutting edge “Get UKIP” routine hoping this will weaken General Election pledges.

Question Time Live Chat

Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna MP, Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, Dia Chakravarty of the TaxPayers’ Alliance and alleged novelist Will Self join Dimbo for this week’s proceedings set in deepest Croydon. Will you be joining us to vent your frustrations or will you be one of the silent seething millions?

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Missionary Men

          The  Parliamentary Education Committee released a report on the inquiries into the Trojan Horse plot. The BBC reported this… MPs have criticised a “worrying lack of coordination” between five overlapping official inquiries into the so-called Trojan Horse affair. It was alleged last year extremists had tried to take over several schools in Birmingham to advance radical interpretations of Islam. A series of official investigations found … Continue reading

Ancient Britons

  The BBC, Mark Easton in particular, likes to dispel any idea that British people are British, that there is any such thing as a British identity….they tell us that we are a nation of immigrants…because of course it suits their narrative on immigration now, somehow, not sure how though, even if we were a nation of immigrants how could the UK carry on absorbing 300,000 new immigrants every year? … Continue reading

Bowen Attacks Israel

    Funny how the BBC has lost interest in the Israeli election now that the Left has been crushed….oh..not quite lost interest…this is the story on the front page… US concern over Israel poll rhetoric The White House expresses “deep concern” over “divisive rhetoric” in Israel’s election, and reiterates US support for Palestinian statehood.   Those terrible ‘Nazi’ Israelis….and can’t go without a mention of the Palestinians. And elsewhere…from … Continue reading

Muslims? Bosnian Muslims? Or Just Bosnians?

  The BBC on the news and on its web report refer to Bosnians killed at Sebrenica as ‘Muslims’. Serbian police have arrested seven men accused of taking part in the slaughter of over 1,000 Muslims at a warehouse on the outskirts of Srebrenica. The seven are among the first to be arrested by Serbia for carrying out the Srebrenica massacre in July 1995, Serbian and Bosnian prosecutors say.   … Continue reading

A Warning From History

  Here is something of interest from the now departed Stephanie Flanders in 2010 in one of her more impartial moments when she wasn’t urging Osborne to borrow and spend more as ‘interest rates are at a record low’ and pressing the virtues of ‘Plan B’ upon him….why do we have so much debt?…one reason is that Labour increased government spending [but not income] by 26% in 6 years……and to … Continue reading

Pienaar’s Politics

  Didn’t hold out much hope for a balanced view of the budget from Pienaar when he said this last night… ‘They don’t come any craftier than Osborne’   A fairly derogatory way of describing Osborne from the BBC’s finest… just a touch ‘loaded’. Pienaar has consistently claimed that Osborne is the most ‘political’ of Chancellor’s…..on what basis I don’t know as all Chancellors are political. Even today after the … Continue reading


Well then, I am sure you will have noticed the BBC have been desperately hoping for the defeat of Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israel elections. Up until the very last moment, those such as Jeremy Bowen were spinning like mad for his opponents and in a sense this was in synch with the international liberal elite, from Obama down, who ALL wanted to see BiBi fall. But hush – oh … Continue reading


Well then, yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and didn’t you know it if you have the misfortune to watch or listen to BBC Northern Ireland. They spent yesterday assiduously pushing the laughable line that St Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland is a wonderful beacon for “cross community” co-operation and multicultural tolerance of all people and traditions. Here is an image of some lovely Irish fans in Belfast yesterday showing their … Continue reading


Well, it’s Budget Day and I noticed the BBC telling us that Osborne will use this for electoral purposes, targeting key groups of voters. Gosh. How fortunate that Brown and Darling never played such low politics during THEIR Budgets. Anyway, here’s a new much needed Open Thread for your completion.

The BBC’s Magna Charter

Curiously we’ve had two articles today, one from AA Gill and one from Janet Daley, both questioning the BBC’s right, self-appointed or otherwise, to use the news, current affairs and entertainment programmes as vehicles to manipulate the audience’s opinions and behaviour. Gill’s words have already been looked at here…but I reproduce them below for comparison…. Gill targets Danny Cohen as ‘a man of committed, right-on, social interventionist, politically precise principles.’ … Continue reading