Going bananas about racism in sport

“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”


Try chucking a banana onto the pitch at a football match when a  black player appears and see the BBC’s reaction….just a laugh, just a bit o’banter?  Think not.

Try putting on an anti-English advert for the Six Nations and the BBC thinks that’s all just a bit of a laugh, so much of a laugh that Emma Barnett wheeled in not one, but two comedians to tell us how stupid we all are to get upset…just a bit of banter innit?! Poshboy Jack Whitehall told us it was all a joke and that people just love taking offence, especially if it is the BBC.  Welsh comedian [guess what he thinks] said he wasn’t offended [uhhh??…He’s Welsh, why would he be offended at insulting the English?]..the problem, he went on, was just some self-righteous do-gooder complaining…it was the lunatic fringe kicking in, but it was just great banter.

Emma Barnett thought maybe we are getting more easily offended now.  Maybe Barnett will have our national treasure, comedian Lenny Henry, telling us a bit of banana chucking is just  great banter…people are so easily offended these days.

I await with interest the BBC’s trailer for its next programme on Islam, sure to be in the pipeline [along with 21 other such programmes]…will we have Christians being asked ‘What’s good about Islam’ and looking bemused and lost for words?  Doubt that.

The problem with the advert is not the advert in itself but the BBC’s hypocrisy…and its usual default position of thinking it is OK to be racist to white people, or English people, or to attack Christianity, or to smear Leave voters as stupid whilst not applying the same standards to other races, religions or political groups.





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“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”



The problem with Leave voters, and there is a problem, is that they just don’t understand.  It’s not their fault of course, it’s just that they haven’t the mental capacity to understand the world around them, what’s good for them,  they just aren’t educated enough…they’re dumb f**ks really.

So says the BBC…

The BBC has obtained a more localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June.

This information provides much greater depth and detail in explaining the pattern of how the UK voted. The key findings are:

  • The data confirms previous indications that local results were strongly associated with the educational attainment of voters – populations with lower qualifications were significantly more likely to vote Leave.

  • The level of education had a higher correlation with the voting pattern than any other major demographic measure from the census


We have looked at this slur from the BBC before but Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times quotes the author of ‘The Black Swan’, Nicholas Taleb, on the subject of useful, if intelligent, idiots…

‘The IYI [Intellectual Yet Idiot] pathologises others for things he doesn’t understand without realising it is his understanding that may be limtied.  He thinks people should act according to their interests, and he knows their interests, particularly if they are…[the] English non-crisp-vowel class who voted for Brexit.  When plebeians do something that makes sense to them, but not to him, the IYI uses the term ‘uneducated’.

Lawson finishes….‘Dear BBC: award that man the Reith Lectures’

Of course it was the ‘intelligentsia’ who were most attracted to the delights of communism and Fascism….and now the EU and Islam.



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Gutter Drivel


“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”


Thanks to Guest Who and DB…Samira Ahmed, the BBC’s impartiality watchdog, must give herself good talking to surely?….


Proof of ? Donald Trump was carved as a gargoyle in Southwell Minster 700 years ago…




Perhaps this is the proof of #endlessBBCbias?…..Samira Ahmed carved as a Gargoyle on BBC House elegantly, and so true to life, caught in her normal pose as a presenter…..

Image result for cathedral gargoyles

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Pass The Smelling Salts Quick

“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”



I don’t know if any of you caught the several BBC interviews with Denzel Washington last week…the main concern, naturally, was that the Oscars were too ‘white’…aren’t they?

Amusingly Washington completely dismissed that line of thought pointing out that he has been nominated 8 times and has won two Oscars.  He said if it ain’t on the page it ain’t on the stage…meaning Black actors, writers and directors had to start producing, and producing good stuff,  not relying on reverse racism, positive discrimination, to get their work produced and seen.  He, and many others, is proof that if you’re good enough the awards and the money will come.  He said the fact that last year’s Oscars were so white was mere chance and not conspiracy.

BBC interviewers must have gone away very disappointed, no gold star from the boss after failing to tick that box.






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Do You Fund Terrorism?


The BBC asks...How do fake news sites make money?

Curiously no mention of the licence fee that the BBC extorts from us.

The BBC was also reporting this week that our money, that is supposed to go to charities, is being used to fund terrorism as their advertising goes to ‘radical’ websites.

So does your money go to fund terrorism, or to fund Muslim religious bigotry, or to fund anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist bigotry, or to fund pro-EU propaganda, or to fund the promotion of an extremist pro-mass immigration policy, or to fund the demonisation of Israel, or to fund the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe, or to fund the Labour Party, or to fund anti-Brexit reporting, or to fund anti-Trump prejudice, do you fund the Orwellian manufacture of fake news on an industrial scale?

If you pay the BBC licence fee then you may well be funding all those things.





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Bercow: I Can’t Be Biased; I Read The Guardian

Some satire for you. Or is it…?  This via The Codpiece, a friend of Biased BBC.

John Bercow insists it’s “literally impossible” for him to be politically partial because he reads The Guardian and watches BBC news.

Speaker of the House Bercow is expected to be politically neutral. But a series of massively partial outbursts have brought his position into disrepute, prompting calls for his sacking.

Mr Bercow believes the attacks are themselves politically motivated, instigated by “Daily Mail reading Tories”.

He said: “As an avid Guardian reader and BBC news consumer – TV, radio and digital – it’s literally impossible for me to be politically biased, so pure are my sources of information.

“My opponents, on the other hand, are clearly nothing more than rabble rousing, Daily Mail reading Tories who most definitely are motivated by rabid bias.”

Paraphrasing impartial Guardian and BBC narratives, Mr Bercow concluded: “Fuck Brexit. Fuck Trump. And Fuck you right-wing Conservative retards who are trying to oust me.”

Mr Bercow called rumours that he was once a Conservative MP himself “fake news”.

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The BBC…The Fourth Emergency Service

‘When Labour is on the defensive, as now, the NHS is a powerful instrument of attack.’


When you’re in dire political trouble, your party is tearing itself apart, your own position is in doubt and the polls show you are heading the way of the LibDems call the BBC. They can help.

Labour is in melt down, internally and in the polls as the looney left took over the asylum.   Corbyn has lost control, well he never had any really, and the firm smack of authority is just as much a fantasy to him as to Max Mosley.

But fear not, the BBC is here to help.  It has stepped in to plug Labour’s credibility gap and provide the ‘official opposition’ to the government that Labour fails to.  It is no mere chance that the BBC has chosen to bombard the government with ‘facts’ on the NHS’ performance recently…facts, facts, facts and yet not so much.  We get lots of stuff we already knew, lots of alarming reports of the ‘crisis’ in the NHS, lots of sensationalist reports of the meltdown of A&E and yet not so much on the causes, or the real causes I should say, and not so much on the solutions other than to constantly ask Ministers if they will be providing more money.  No coincidence that the BBC released its information just in time for Labour to use it in PMQs as their main attack theme.  The same BBC that refused to release the video of a school which was bombed with a chemical weapon in Syria just before the vote in Parliament as to whether military action could be authorised…..the BBC influencing the politics with its manipulation of the news?

The real problem is that A&E is vastly over used with millions more patients coming through its doors…Up to 2003 the number of patients calling into A&E was around 14 million, now it is around 23 million.

Even Sir Robert Francis, whom the BBC interviewed this week, told us that the problem was a growng populaton and more complex cases for elderly patients…the BBC chose to report that if the crisis goes on we are heading towards another ‘Stafford’….when the BBC reported on ‘Stafford’ originally they signally failed to mention Labour by name in so many of their reports as if to try and distance Labour from responsibility.

The Telegraph notes….

All week the BBC has been running special programmes and reports on the NHS. We have learnt that the system is “in crisis” with hospital accident and emergency wards overwhelmed and patients often left for hours before being seen.

Without wishing to denigrate the corporation’s journalism, what has this told us that we did not already know?

Anyone tuning in would imagine the system was on the verge of collapse. Yet the big story with the NHS is not that it struggles to keep its head above water because it needs more money to stay afloat; we know that. The real issue is that no one is prepared to recognise that it needs to be run differently if it is to survive.

To use a medical metaphor, the BBC has once again identified the symptoms but has shunned any serious diagnosis of the cause or the cure.

Pointing out the flaws in the health service is the easy bit.   Inevitably, the debate reignited by the BBC always ends up in the same place: how much more can be taken out of taxes for the NHS.

The Conservatives …. always risk political damage whenever the NHS becomes an issue. Not for nothing did Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader, want to “weaponise” the health service during the 2015 election campaign.

When Labour is on the defensive, as now, the NHS is a powerful instrument of attack.

There is something depressing about this cycle. A great national institution is being crucified on the altar of party politics.

The BBC of course has no problem exploiting the NHS as a ‘weapon’ as it tries to prop up its own ailing and elderly political relative just as it had no problem sacrificing so many Syrians on the altar of ‘Peace’…a peace that actually brings more war, thousands dead and millions of refugees…but that’s another BBC story for another time.


Also in the Telegraph…

Why won’t the BBC dare to look at the real causes of the NHS crisis? 

The former Chancellor Nigel Lawson once famously said that “the NHS is the nearest thing the English have to a religion.” Over recent days the BBC has taken on the self-appointed role of championing the faith.    

The chosen method of the Corporation to achieve this has been the traditional one of the evangelical preacher: to create a mood of terrifying, apocalyptic crisis where salvation can only be achieved through ever more fervent worship and ever greater devotion to the case.

As a result, the BBC news this week was completely dominated by NHS stories. Day and night the bulletins were filled with dire reports from the “front line”, as if the health service were a war zone. Viewers were bombarded with images of weeping nurses, stressed-out doctors, and patients lying on trolleys.  



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The BBC’s Hounding of British Troops


I listened with amazement, but no surprise, to John Humphrys attempting to blame the government for the witch-hunt against British troops by the likes of Phil Shiner.  Humphrys sententiously told us that ‘something had gone badly wrong‘ and that the government was surely complicit in this hounding of the troops.

The government certainly set up the inquiries but why?  The only reason such inquiries are deemed necessary is because of the likes of the BBC which puts enormous pressure on the government by its relentlessly negative reporting which always looks to find fault and blame and does so with a high moral tone demanding ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’.

But the real twist in the tale is of course that it is the BBC that is complicit in the witch-hunt and hounding of the troops that made them endure years of pressure and intense scrutiny and uncertainty.  For years the BBC reported Shiner’s claims as fact, as the truth, when they were a pack of lies.  This has had enormous consequences, not just on the lives of the troops, but on national security and on the radicalisation of Muslims as the BBC’s narrative that the war in Iraq was illegal, a war against Muslims and that ‘Britain’ has been committing war crimes against Muslims, fed into the Jihadists’ own narrative that they use to recruit more head chopping fanatics.  Thanks Lord Hall.

When the BBC hunts down British troops and does all it can to hinder a war effort whilst at the same time supporting and excusing Muslim terrorism something has gone badly wrong at the BBC.  Fix it or close it down.



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I’ve noticed a regular theme with Labour MPs allowed to canter around BBC studios. Take little Owen Smith, who was on BBC Question Time last night. He stated that “Trump is a proven racist and misogynist”. He isn’t alone in repeating this libel as if it were a fact. In truth I doubt Trump is remotely bothered about what this insect thinks but if I appeared on the BBC and suggested that Diane Abbott is a “proven racist” I suggest I would be given short thrift.

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Creative Writhing


Funny old world as the BBC twists and turns and contorts itself in a desperate attempt to maintain its grip on the news agenda.

Fake news is big news these days and the BBC is at the forefront of  peddling it whilst at the same time presenting itself as the defender of truth and accuracy…as James Purnell so helpfully informs us…

When there is so much information and misinformation, the BBC can be a trusted guide through that abundance.

That’ll be right.

You may have noticed recently a curious tic the BBC has…when the accusation of fake news is directed at itself or one of its friends it laughs the idea of fake news off as a fanciful invention of Trump…there is no such thing as fake news.  However when it suits the BBC Trump is the creator fake news and the father of the post truth age.  Last week we had Nick Robinson tell us that it wasn’t Putin who was spreading lies and and misinformation creating a post truth era it was Trump….a pretty astonishing statement from a puffed up, preening presenter about the President of the USA.  Later Robinson interviewed two experts on cyber security and information wars…they told us that there was ‘nothing fundamentally different happening now to what happened previously.’  In other words truth was always a commodity that could be bought and sold….ie we are not in a post truth era at all…the BBC is lying to us…as usual.

Such a revelation did not stop the trailer for Any Questions stating that we are in such a post truth, post fact, alternate fact era.  Isn’t it great that the supposedly impartial, accurate and trustworthy BBC is such a dishonest and corrupt peddler of misinformation?

The BBC has teemed up with Buzzfeed as you know…which is remarkable as Buzzfeed is possibly worse than the hated Mail being a click-bait site in essence.  The BBC held its nose in the search for the ‘youth’ audience and to have a useful idiot it could use to do the dirty work the BBC couldn’t be seen to be doing…such as the publishing of the fake and very dodgy dossier on Trump created by an anti-Trump snooper.

The so-called dossier was patently suspect as even Buzzfeed admitted..and now Buzzfeed is being sued for falsely naming someone in relation to the dossier...

A Russian-tied tech firm named in a controversial dossier containing uncorroborated allegations about President Donald Trump and the hacking of Democratic National Committee email accounts announced late Friday that it has filed defamation suits against the online news site BuzzFeed, its editor in chief and a former British intelligence agent.

The lawsuits were brought by XBT Holdings, a Cyprus-based company owned by Russian tech magnate Aleksej Gubarev. Lawyers for his firm filed complaints Friday in London against the former spy and his company, and against BuzzFeed and its editor in chief, Ben Smith, in Broward County Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where XBT’s subsidiary Webzilla is headquartered.

“The dossier included libelous, unverified and untrue allegations regarding XBT, Webzilla and Gubarev. The lawsuits seek yet undetermined compensation for the damages suffered by XBT, Webzilla and Gubarev as the result of the publication of the dossier,” a statement said.

Buzzfeed ironically, or sinisterly, was the frontman chosen by the BBC to create the narrative about fake news….the BBC wanting a bit of distance between itself and the data creation in case people started asking questions and pointing out that the BBC itself is one of the biggest generators of fake news and so might have a dog in this fight.

The notion of a post truth era is highly political and intended by the BBC to cast doubt on its opponents in the media, on the internet and in politics, with the aim of discrediting and silencing them.  The BBC’s ‘post-truth era’ is the biggest lie itself…a lie worthy of any Orwellian dystopian regime…one Stalin or Hitler would have been proud to take ownership of.

The BBC is extremely sinister as it manipulates the news and tries to influence politics and direct the social and cultural undercurrents towards the liberal conspiracy’s agenda.

The BBC is the real enemy of the people, the real danger to democracy and the instigator and inciter of racism and division in Britain as it sets races, nations and religions against one another.



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The BBC’s Dirty Little Secret



Mehdi Hasan admitted that the Muslim community’s ‘dirty little secret’ was anti-Semitism, the BBC’s dirty little secret is it’s anti-England racism.  Naturally it isn’t actually much of a secret.  Its constant attempts to undermine ‘Britain’ is part of the long march to trample over English history intended to diminish or demonise England’s past achievements so that people start to feel guilt or even disgust at being English.  All part of a campaign to destroy any feeling of loyalty or belonging to the nation state…paradoxically the BBC does this by encouraging nationalist feelings and fostering anti-English resentments in the other nations of Britain.  The end game is of course to break up the UK and serve us up on a plate to the EU…divide and rule….another reason they want mass immigration of people who have no loyalty or history of belonging to Britain….the same reason the EU forces freedom of  movement upon us…it’s not economic but political….the intention to create people not loyal to England or Poland or Germany but loyal, obedient citizens of the EU….an inverted kind of ethnic cleansing.

The BBC’s own racism is so often apparent…..think how it reacted after Brexit when it denounced ‘Britain’ as a nastier more racist place…of course it was pointing the finger not at all ‘Britons’ but solely at the white population..the hideously white population. The same BBC that is happy to demonise white males as ‘pale, male and stale’….how they laugh when they say it…only today we heard it in reference to the FA.

Then of course there is the NHS…run by different governments in the devolved nations….hard to find the BBC criticising their failures…indeed the BBC will do its best to hide the truth…not so long ago when attention was being drawn to the Labour run Welsh NHS’s failings the BBC told us that all was pretty wonderful and better than in England…when that was just not true…as current figures show on waiting times for A&E.

You may have noted the BBC’s little survey on A&E released just in time for Corbyn to use it in PMQ’s.  This survey was just of the English A&E…we are told that this is because Welsh and Scottish A&E figures are collated differently…that doesn’t stop the BBC at other times comparing them when it suits….and the government seems perfectly able to do such a comparison.  Any chance the BBC are intent on providing ammunition to Labour to attack May and the Tory ‘English’ government and are not really interested in the NHS’s performance at all really?

What is the real problem with the NHS?  The BBC pushes relentlessly the narrative that it is all about care in the communtiy blocking beds…but the real problem is at the other end, the vast increase in patients using A&E as well as more elderly patients with more complex needs….however the government says that the proportion of patients with complex needs has not increased…so it is not that there are more elderly patients by proportion as the BBC keeps telling us…just more because there are more patients in total…

The recent QualityWatch report on A&E found little evidence that the
complexity of cases in A&E has increased. The proportion of people with
one or more long-term conditions attending A&E has not changed

Up to 2003 the number of patients calling into A&E was around 14 million, now it is around 23 million…spot the difference?

The King’s Fund tells us that around 2/3rds of delayed discharges are due to internal NHS issues, the rest can be attributed to problems in finding places for patients in care homes….however look at this graph…it shows that the ‘bed-blocking’ was actually worse in 2008…consider that in 2008 there were fewer patients using A&E and you might think the government now is doing better than Labour….



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