Civil War, Little Hitlers and Little Europeans


Youth unemployment in the UK?  13.4%

Youth unemployment in Europe..…from 6.9% in Germany, 24.6% in France, to 48.9% in Greece….mostly nearer the latter figure.

So just how is the EU good for the Young?

Or for anyone……

The Times quotes a senior EU diplomat on the imploding French economy…..

“The beating heart of European integration is the Franco-German [not British?] relationship, but the situation in Paris raises the spectre of a cardiac arrest.”

Where is the BBC explanation of all this to the ‘angry youth’ in the UK?  Where is the explanation of what staying in the ever expanding, ever more constrictive, EU would mean as Britain was forced into the Euro and a closer political and economic union?  Where is the explanation that the undemocratic EU will self-destruct if it keeps on going the way it does ignoring the wishes of the increasingly discontented populations across Europe and that this will result in far more terrible things than having to do a bit of paperwork to get that job in Berlin?

No explanation.  Just BBC journalists encouraging the ‘youth’ to feel betrayed and angry when what we have had is one of the most democratic votes in UK history which has resulted in a vote to leave the EU.  This was a vote far more democratic than the last general election.  The referendum had a 75% turn out with over 50% of the voters in favour of Brexit whereas the government is in power on the basis of 36.9% of the vote on a turn out of 66.1%  And yet we are told Brexit is undemocratic.  Since 1945 no party has had over 50% of the vote.

Another paradox is that the jumped up Scottish National Socialist leader tells us that because so many in Scotland voted to remain in the EU Scotland must go its separate way…and yet conversely she says that, despite the majority, in this non-party, non-national vote, for Brexit, she will undemocratically block it.  Democracy eh?  Only when it suits….and let’s note that the National Socialists in Scotland took a mere 4.7% of the British vote…UKIP 12.6%.  Who has more legitimacy across the UK?  UKIP.

Of course the BBC has been happily cheering on the SNP and the terrorist mouthpiece, Sinn Fein, as they try to destroy the United Kingdom. Have you ever heard the BBC seriously challenge the logic or legitimacy of their rhetoric?

Have you heard the BBC challenge the rhetoric of the young Remain voters which it floods the airwaves with?  We have looked at this earlier and David has pointed out another article on it but it needs emphasising even more.

What the BBC is up to is nothing less than an attempt to overturn the democratic vote by stirring up hate and anger in the hope that if enough discontent and street fighting can be incited that will force politicians to ‘rethink’ Brexit ‘in the interests of peace and stability’.  A peace and stability destroyed by the BBC itself as it backs the tearing apart of the United Kingdom and the rise of civil strife.

We already have Labour’s David Lammy demanding that the Brexit vote be cast aside….which goes to show just how out of touch Labour is with its voters….and note this quote from a Labour MP, Julie Elliott, in Sunderland which voted to leave….“We need to be out there talking to people to understand what’s going on in the northeast.”  Bit late eh?

As I have always said the greatest danger to democracy is the BBC itself as it supports the Islamist terrorists and their causes and now, as always, the violent forces of leftwing political sabotage….just as they gave such fulsome support to Occupy.

Ignore or brush Brexit aside and carry on as if it never happened and I can see a very violent reaction to take back a democracy denied.  So much for the BBC’s supposed obligation to promote civil society and seems to do everything it can to do the exact opposite and create divison, fear, hatred and violence.

Clearly the BBC, those politicans who want to pretend there was no vote, the ‘young’ who think this is all about them, the commentators who tell us the Leave voters were racists, bigots and fools who didn’t understand what they were voting for, have no idea, or bury their heads in the sand, as to the reason for the vote…people are fed up with being ignored, their beliefs and values demeaned and mocked.  What is the BBC’s et al’s reaction?  To ignore, demean and mock those who voted for Brexit.

You couldn’t make it up.

Jon Pienaar was onto the subject of the ‘youth anger’ (around 11:50)….David Starkey up against George Parker.  Pienaar argued against Starkey but never once contradicted Parker who told us that his kids cried on hearing the result of the vote…he said they may not actually understand what the EU was but it was all about a ‘state of mind’…that lovey-dovey hippy feeling that the EU engenders apparently with its human rights and the heart of democracy that it is….whilst the Leave campaign ran a campaign based on hate, an ugly campaign…Pienaar stop him there?  No.  Oh, and apparently it is a terrible imposition to expect the young to actually attempt to learn about the democratic system…they must be spoonfed it….Parker thinks it is shockingly patronising to say that if they couldn’t be arsed to vote it’s their own fault they didn’t get the result they wanted…it is society that has failed them by not educating them on how to vote.  The ‘Old’ have stitched them up, the bastards.

Hmmm…the UK parliament is the ‘mother of Parliaments’.  The democratic nations around the world owe it to Britain for their democracy and human rights.  The EU did not invent those rights and values….perhaps Parker should teach his kids a bit of history instead of feeding them leftwing fairytales.  Starkey said Parker was patronising [He was], Parker’s response was to blame Starkey for having driven him to it..says it all really….classic ‘never my fault…I’m a victim’.  No wonder his kids were in tears…they think life owes them a living.

The BBC followed up Pienaar with a programme based around that ‘youth anger’ but did nothing to actually educate that youth and challenge their perceptions.  We had a musician come on to tell us how the youth have been abandoned and their futures destroyed……but no explanation as to exactly how that comes about. Then the BBC wheeled on an apparently regretful leave voter, Barbara, who we were told only voted leave as a protest vote, but not what she was protesting about, and that she hadn’t understood what she was voting for…and if she had realised the terrible consequences of a Brexit vote she would have voted differently.  No proof of course that she was genuine…but she apparently was there to represent all Brexit voters in a long clip that the BBC decided was important to reveal to us.

So here we have the BBC narrative, a young generation betrayed, a generation whose lives have been destroyed…by voters who were fooled and misled by the liars and bigots of the leave campaign, and who didn’t understand what they were voting for.

Is the BBC trying to generate the idea that the vote was illegitimate, a fraud based upon lies and stupidity?  That it should be cast aside or rerun?

We also heard that banks are ‘possibly’ going to shed jobs ‘due to Brexit’.  Again ‘hmmmm’.  The banks have been shedding jobs for years and will happily use Brexit as the excuse rather than the more ruthless, capitalist motive of saving money which the BBC would normally be aghast at….now they are in cahoots with the banks blaming Brexit for everything…never mind all these reports about job losses around the world…

Deutsche Bank to cut up to 35,000 jobs

Italy’s biggest bank to cut roughly 1,000 jobs in Germany

Barclays to shed 30,000 jobs

JPMorgan to cut up to 17,000 jobs by end of 2014

HSBC to Close Half of India Branches in Digital Banking Push

The BBC rents its clothes and gnashes its teeth in anguished pain at bankers losing their jobs and yet not so when it is as a result of ‘good’ government policy, policy that the BBC and the Left supports...such as bank levies and increased capital reserves…

HSBC is cutting up to 8,000 jobs in Britain and slashing the number of branches as part of huge global restructuring plans.

The banking giant – which employs around 48,000 of its 258,000 global staff in the UK – revealed it is axing 25,000 jobs worldwide in a bombshell announcement this morning.

The head office of HSBC’s UK retail bank is being relocated from London to Birmingham by 2019 amid the new ring-fencing rules and HSBC is said to be considering a sale of the business.

It added that it wanted to return the global banking and markets division to profitability – an area which has become more expensive for banks in the tougher regulatory environment since the financial crisis.

The HSBC strategy update comes a day ahead of George Osborne’s Mansion House speech, with reports suggesting the Chancellor will signal a review of the bank levy in an attempt to prevent major banking players such as HSBC from relocating their headquarters away from Britain.

The BBC seems to be trying to incite a civil war and the overturning of democracy.  Careful what you wish for is my advice.  Broadcasters are always the first victims as the peddlers of propaganda.






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Well then, if you wondered where I have been since Thursday night, the answer is – RELISHING the sour faces of the BBC and the rest of our supine pro EU media. I sat up all night to watch the results in the Referendum come flowing. Much wine was consumed! What joy. At first the BBC were determined to suggest that Newcastle and Sunderland were “outlier” results, and that the Remain vote would be better elsewhere. And the hours went by and their mood got gloomier! It was delicious to see them get sadder and sadder and even London could not safe the cause. And all the pro Remain shills they rolled in were in glorious denial until the point where it became obvious even to them that they had LOST and the UK had won. Superb.

Since then, the BBC is now leading the charge against “older people” for betraying the “yoof”! They are also hyping up the petulance from Brussels. It has been a fantastic 48 hours to watch these rabid Europhile shills having to face the fact that we are leaving their precious EU.

On a separate note, this will be my last post for three weeks. I am off to California tomorrow and will not be in a position to write for the subsequent three weeks. I am delighted to say that we have a few new moderators to cover things and help Alan in my absence. I wish them and you all the very best and for goodness sake let’s keep holding the BBC to account. They took a big blow on Thursday night and I predict much venom from them in the weeks ahead.

Until we next meet, BYE!

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BBC stirs the pot

Country Ranking 2014 Ranking 2013 Ranking 2012 Ranking 2011 Ranking 2010 Ranking 2009 Ranking 2008
Australia 1 1 2 3 1 3 n/a
Canada 2 2 1 2 2 1 1
UAE 3 3 9 10 6 10 6
Singapore 4 7 10 10 9 11 9
China 5 11 12 12 11 10 n/a
New Zealand 6 5 3 2 3 1 2
South Africa 7 4 4 5 8 8 n/a
Hong Kong 8 12 11 11 12 12 n/a
USA 9 6 5 8 5 9 n/a
France 10 8 7 4 4 4 n/a
Spain 11 9 8 7 7 7 7
Portugal 12 10 9 6 6 5 3




The BBC tried its hardest, along with the electoral commission, to martial the troops and get the young and the expats out to vote…..both being pro-Remain according to legend….even now the BBC are stirring the pot….thanks to Denton for this…

‘What have we done’ – teenage anger over Brexit vote

Apparently the young have been deprived of their future by the leave vote….they are going to be angry and disenfranchised for a generation I’ve just heard from a BBC presenter.  What future was that then?  The ability to travel or work in Europe?   Is that now an impossible dream?  Should it be the dream?

Odd that 1.2 million Brits have managed to export themselves to Oz, 250,000 to New Zealand, 800,000 in the US and nearly 700,000 in Canada and do you know what…the top destinations for Brits are not in Europe at all….the Far East, including China, are top of the tables….the world is open for business and life….stop being little Europeans!

The NatWest Quality of Life Index, carried out by the Centre for Future Studies, also revealed a seven-year shift in the best expat destinations, with a rise in the East and decline of the West.

China, Singapore and Hong Kong have soared up the league table, while European countries have been shifted to the bottom.

The BBC is not encouraging a modern, adventurous, outward looking youth…instead they seem, for political reasons, to be inciting the young to be insular, inward looking ‘Europeans’ whose only reference and ambition is a job in Berlin or a holiday on a Spanish beach.  Clearly getting a job and a new life in another, non-European country is just impossible,  right?..shame the BBC seems reluctant to highlight the possibilities in this debate.

Of course you might suspect that the youth whose opinions the BBC so assiduously courts are not the ones in Australia, China and Singapore who might have a different view on the brave new world of Brexit and the possibilities of that world unencumbered by the EU apron strings.

Not saying the BBC rigs its vox pops…but it does….simplistic Vox pops that Roger Mosey complains about…

This fetish for the vox pop too often squeezes out the space for analysis.

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Classic ‘The little people know not what they do’ from the BBC



Roger Mosey, now ex-BBC so can speak out, tells us that the Broadcasters must take the blame for the poor standard of debate as they essentially tabloidised their reporting and failed to do the proper analysis going for the headline-making trivia of the insults and alarmism instead.  A classic example of this comes out today…from the ‘let ’em all in’ Mark Easton whose ‘analysis’ is completely wrongheaded and shaped by his own prejudices with this entirely patronising and sneering look at who voted ‘Leave’ and why they did so….

He starts with what is now becoming the highly political BBC narrative of a broken United Kingdom, but that is a narrative that only suits IRA terrorists and the SNP…and the EU itself of course….the BBC seems keen to encourage and incite the break up of the UK and see parts slip off back to the EU…divide and conquer……

The EU referendum has revealed an ancient, jagged fault line across the United Kingdom. It is a scar that has sliced through conventional politics and traditional social structures, and it is far from clear whether the kingdom can still call itself united.

He then comes up with this patronising gem…

The referendum was ostensibly about membership of the European Union. But voters took it to be asking a different question: what kind of country do you want Britain to be?

Yesterday seemed to offer a fork in the road: one path (Remain) promised it would lead to a modern world of opportunity based on interdependence; the other (Leave) was advertised as a route to an independent land that would respect tradition and heritage.

Actually it was about membership of the EU and taking back control, it is membership of the EU that shapes our country, therefore in or out shapes our’s not some esoteric, philosophical question…it’s simple.  People who voted for Leave are not stuck in some nostalgic hark back to a golden age of the past, they are looking to engage with the world and make innovative and exciting new relations with the rest of the world that the EU stymied.

It is in fact the Remainers, clue in the name, who seek the comfort and ‘safety’ of  ‘interdependence’ and EU ‘heritage’…Interdependence which actually meant Germany and the UK coughing up large sums of money to keep other EU countries on the road with large amounts siphoned off to keep the EU bureaucrats in the style to which they still desperately want to be kept in.  Here’s a question for Sturgeon….will the German public want to pay for your economic failures as the oil price tumbles and eventually the black gold dries up and Japanese whiskey outsells the homebrew?  The irony of Germans paying for ‘British welfare’?  Nein.

Have you ever heard anything more patronising than this?…

City dwellers are generally more comfortable with globalisation and diversity. Country dwellers are more traditional in their outlook.

Successful cities are places in flux, constantly evolving to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. A city without cranes is a city that is moribund.

But in market towns and rural villages, it is the opposite, with a focus on protecting heritage and celebrating history. It is a more conservative outlook that can see modern life as a threat, often nostalgic for a simpler, bucolic order.

That’ll be why Birmingham voted Out….and why all the race riots are in cities.

Mosey said that we need more analysis that sheds light on the issues….

A senior presenter is despairing about the daily agenda: “Balance has too often been taken to mean broadcasting televised press releases . . . Instead of standing back and assessing arguments, we have been broadcasting he says/she says campaign pieces, which rarely shed any light on anything.”

But when you look at the analysis that the likes of Easton provide you have to be rather grateful that you are left to your own devices and resources to do the analysis yourself.  BBC ‘analysis’ comes in only one flavour…an intolerant liberal progressiveness, pro-Europe, pro-immigration, anti-Israel, anti-Trump, pro-Muslim, pro-Marx.



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Seeing but not believing…or caring



From the Mail…

We’re out of touch with ordinary, ‘ghastly’ Britons, says ex-BBC chief: Leaked email says it ‘ignores and despises’ millions because they do not embrace liberal views

The BBC ‘ignores and despises’ millions of Britons because they do not embrace the liberal views of a metropolitan elite, a leaked memo has revealed.

The Corporation was said to be ‘completely bewildered’ about how to respond to the concerns of ‘ghastly’ ordinary people.

There would be no end to the issues facing the broadcaster until the ‘London bubble’ had burst, said a report by David Cowling, former head of the BBC’s political research unit.

Sensitive subjects that worried households were barely acknowledged by the political class, his analysis claimed.

Although he did not name specific issues, Mr Cowling would almost certainly have in mind mass immigration – routinely among the biggest fears of voters – and the way foreign arrivals have changed communities in the UK.

For decades, politicians and the BBC have been accused of censoring debate, branding as ‘racist’ those who voiced concerns about the perceived erosion of our national identity or the pressure on jobs, housing, schools and healthcare. Fury at being overlooked for so long has led to vast numbers of Britons – many casting a ballot for the first time – to vote to quit the EU in a howl of frustration at the political elite.

Mr Cowling, a former special adviser to a Labour Cabinet minister in the 1970s, made the withering assessment in an internal memo that was leaked on the internet.

His words are damning because the BBC’s political research unit provides extensive background briefings for journalists and programme-makers.

But his findings appear to have been dismissed amid fears at the Corporation that it may be perceived as a Right-wing political agenda.

Mr Cowling, who is now a visiting senior research fellow at King’s College London, wrote: ‘It seems to me that the London bubble has to burst if there is to be any prospect of addressing the issues that have brought us to our current situation.

The article goes on later to suggest some thought the BBC’s coverage of the referendum was even-handed…have to say I disagree…certainly there were many balanced reports…but there was a definite undercurrent of pro-Remain comments from presenters, guests who were encouraged to tell us what they thought about the referendum, the BBC knowing full well that they supported Remain, so much targeting of known Remain voters such as ex-pats and the young, one sided interviews from Remain supporting companies susch as Siemens and whenever a Leaver came up with their reasons the BBC would instantly counter that with something they hoped would prove the Leave case was nonsense.  Cameron was allowed to wriggle out of the difficult questions…his first interview way back when with Humphrys was like water off a duck’s back for him whereas Gove was roasted, the last one on Wednesday started well with Humphrys grilling him on immigration but Cameron bluffed and intimidated Humphrys into backing off and Humphrys failed to challenge the stats used by Cameron…such as two thirds of new jobs went to Brits…not true, and that the EU economy is bouncing back.  Then there was the BBC’s Reality Check….little reality and certainly not a check on Remain’s case….their economic projections, guesses, were apparently slightly exaggerated but otherwise sound economics.  No, they were just guesswork.  Where is the BBC reality check on what remaining in the EU will mean?  The BBC dismissed all concerns yesterday…no Turkey won’t join the EU, trade will fall, regulations don’t come from the EU, Cameron’s negotiations have dealt with immigration.  And on ‘More or Less’ they wheeled in Andrew Lilico from the Leave camp to talk about immigration…why him?  Because he is a well known advocate not for less immigraation but for more….why did the BBC pick the person who must be one of the very few in the Leave camp to want more immigation to represent Leave on this subject?  The also had on Peter North who damned Leave….no surprise there…he is strongly opposed to Leave despite being a Europsceptic….so of all the Eurosceptics the BBC could choose they picked the two who would damage Leave’s case…and yet the BBC didn’t tell us about Lilico’s and North’s personal positions.  Why not?

The BBC countered Leave’s claim that we couldn’t deport criminals with a claim that we were extraditing foreign criminals back to their own countires…but that was a false argument, extradition has nothing to do with deporting people from our shores…extradition is a response to requests from other countries to send to them people who have committed crimes in those countries not in the UK.  Deporting them is the British government’s decision on our own national security grounds.

The BBC dismissed claims that the EU is responsible for making large numbers of our laws….telling us that many were minor, trivial laws…such as regulating the curvature of bananas…which is curious as the BBC has spent years trying to dismiss that ‘myth’ as nonsense and on the other hand has been telling us that we just can’t leave the EU because it is responsible for so much or our health and safety laws, worker’s rights and human rights, climate change and enviromental laws and so on……it seems the BBC wants it both ways.

The BBC, as you might expect, has in no way been impartial….an amount of impartial interviews and reports along with an underlying pro-EU narrative that doesn’t argue strongly against Remain’s case but forensically examine’s Leave’s case does not mean the BBC is balanced and impartial.  It’s still biased.

I imagine the BBC thought process was that in the last week if they pushed hard but subtly for Remain and the result went in their favour it was job done and there would be no going back even if the BBC could be proven to have been pro-Remain.  There wouldn’t be another vote so a smack on the wrist for the BBC would be worth the risk to keep Britain in the EU.

Reputation wise they probably think the Leavers are all anti-BBC anyway and those who vote Remain will cheer them on…so life goes on as normal, no damage done.

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Up Yours Delors

Brexit door opens with EU referendum set to deliver a Leave vote


Happy Independence Day. [Still some results to come in]

A day of infamy says Keith Vaz, a catastrophe for Britain…we must respect the wishes of the people but……

Do politicians really understand the feeling in the country?  The BBC asks.  LOL. Perhaps the politicians have been telling the people what to think about Europe not listening to the people? The BBC asks.  LOL.  Not just the politicians eh?

We’re out of touch with ordinary, ‘ghastly’ Britons, says ex-BBC chief: Leaked email says it ‘ignores and despises’ millions because they do not embrace liberal views

Have to say was surprised at the initial ‘exit polls’ that said it was a done job for Remain as everyone I knew wanted to leave.

Champagne on ice at the BBC once again.

Trump for President anyone?







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Referendum Live Chat All Nighter!

No Question Time this week, but instead, on the night of the most important vote of the past 50 years, we have an all night chat (for those with the stamina anyway). David Dimbleby anchors the coverage of the results, assisted by a predictably leftist menagerie of Remainiacs. If it all gets too sickening there will be the option to switch to ITV’s live coverage instead.

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 9.55 pm

Chat here, register here if necessary.

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A B-BBC reader writes to me and observes;

“Breakfast at BBC spinning again. Reporting last nights debate on brexit the disgraceful tirades and endless interjections by Remain were reported as “Leave lacked passion” whilst the aggressive ibehavior of Remain was called “passion” Even today Remain is given the last word Boris 7.10 Cameron 7.40″

I agree. In fact what really irritated me was the shameful way Dan Hanaan was asked if he agreed with Nicola Sturgeon that the death of Jo Cox may well influence the Vote tomorrow. He was very diplomatic in his response but he felt it was ‘inappropriate” and so it was. Except the BBC are hell bent to use the tragic death of this MP to advance the REMAIN narrative.

See this as a further wolf whistle.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 18.44.09

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Choking on their skinny lattes



This must make the no-borders, hate-the flag, hug-an-Islamist BBC choke on its own sanctimonious humbug…



We’ll have none of that at the BBC thankyou…we have several concerns about such rampant nationalism….we don’t want to upset those who hate the flag and England…ironically the same people we always tell you love Britain the most…more than the natives (if we can use that word)…….so…..

Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?

We think so here at the BBC.  The not-so-British Broadcasting Corporation.

Viva the EU!







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Mad about the boy


I imagine there was quite a bit of disappointed cheering in the corridors of the BBC and Guardian as news came out that someone had tried but failed to kill Donald Trump.

Note the utterly different tone of the reporting from that which engulfed us after the death of Jo Cox…and we can be pretty sure that the tone would have been just as different had Trump been killed.

Where are the outraged cries that this is an attack on democracy, where are the cries of anguish about politicians being demonised and not recognised for all the wonderful work they do, where are the alarming claims that this is a sign of our slide from civilisation to barbarism…a violent crime that taints the ideal of an orderly society and which  when that crime is committed against the people who are peacefully selected to write the rules, then the affront is that much more profound?  As the Guardian might say.

The BBC hints that it is all Trump’s own fault…

The US presidential election campaign of 2016 has been fringed with violence. Almost everywhere Donald Trump goes he attracts protests.

The tycoon often mocks the demonstrators and there have been clashes with his supporters, both inside and outside of his packed, emotionally charged rallies.

Where are those introspective angry blasts against those who whip up hate and division with their rhetoric against politicians?  Oh that would be the BBC and the Guardian, and indeed our own PM, who have all relentlessly hounded Trump and demonised him, misreported him and deliberately twisted everything he says…creating the hate that incites people to try and kill him.  Let’s close the BBC and Guardian down in the interests of democracy.

And note the difference between how the BBC reported Jo Cox’s killer, Thomas Mair, and how they define Sandford, the Brit who tried to kill Trump.

Mair had an established mental health issue and the night before the murder he tried to get help and was told to come back the next day.  The BBC makes no mention of this…not a word on its radio reports.  What did they make sure we did know?  That he was alleged to have shouted ‘Britain first’ or some such.  This was added to every bulletin.

Not a mention in this web report on the 18th and even today when Mair appears at the Old Bailey the BBC fails to mention his mental health.

Contrast that with Sandford…immediately the BBC are reporting that Sandford was mentally ill and that he had tried suicide….so says his defence lawyer…whereas Mair’s issues were proven fact.

After Orlando the BBC reported continuously that the killer’s wife said he was mentally unstable.

Spot the difference?  A Muslim terrorist and another ‘terrorist’ aiming to kill the BBC’s bogeyman….the BBC always has the excuses ready for that sort.  Why does the BBC not mention Mair’s mental health condition?  Is it because they are determined to exploit the death of Jo Cox to promote the Remain campaign and smear by association the  Brexit campaign with a Far Right killer?….Mentioning Mair’s illness might undermine that narrative.

The BBC once again taking sides against the Leave camp.

You can trust the BBC, just ask Cliff Richard.



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With just a few days to until Polling Day, the BBC is doing its utmost to ensure that any awkward stories that could sway voters to VOTING LEAVE are muted. So it was in Calais last night. I started to get messages from people in that area who could see illegal migrants attacking cars, firing stones and presenting danger to life. And HOW, you might ask, did the BBC choose to cover this in the teeth of the riot last night? Well, it was a “power cut” 

Today it is now clear exactly what was going on – a full-scale riot by the same immigrants that the Remain camp are insisting are so vulnerable and in need of our country for “sanctuary” What a scam.

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