With apologies to the Ramones for the title of this piece, I wanted to draw your attention to more FAKE NEWS put out by the BBC today. First this….

Donald Trump has nominated his close conservative ally Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general. How interesting, let’s see what the BBC tells us about him…

Mr Sessions, a former prosecutor, was turned down for a federal judgeship in 1986 because of alleged racist remarks. Conservative Republican Mike Pompeo has been nominated as CIA director and retired Lt-Gen Michael Flynn has been appointed national security adviser.

And what else does the BBC throw into the mix?

Mr Trump’s latest picks were praised on Twitter by David Duke, former leader of the white supremacist KKK group.

Listen, BBC, your cringeworthy race-baiting doesn’t work anymore. For the past year you have thrown endless mud at President Elect Trump and it didn’t work. He still won. And what YOU have to do is stop the pathetic bleating and KKK references and all the rest of your childish attempts to smear the man who will shortly occupy the White House.

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A Biased BBC reader contributes..

“Children see ‘worrying’ amount of hate speech online, squeals the BBC. Our children are being bombarded with online putrid anger directed at people based on their gender, religion, disability, sexuality and gender identity.
The only trouble is that, according to the stats, they ain’t! Ofcom says that 62 per cent of children have, er, never seen hate speech online thus totally discrediting the Beeb’s agenda. This is impressive, considering all the trolls and hatemongers out there. In fact, factoring in the 27 per cent that “sometimes” see hate speech and the four per cent who don’t know, just seven per cent of children regularly see hate speech and 93 per cent don’t.
Total and shameless bias and misreporting to push the victim narrative. The Beeb can’t even bring itself to report the facts; most children polled have NEVER seen hate speech online as it flies in the face of their fairytale of an evil, hate-filled, facsist Britain.
Also, notice the hate speech question: “In the past year, have you seen anything hateful on the internet that has been directed at a particular group of people, based on, for instance, their gender, religion, disability, sexuality or gender identity?”
These kids can’t be reading the BBC regularly as otherwise their answer would have been a resounding “yes” at the volume of hate speech against people based on gender (men), religion (non-Muslims), disability (anyone not disabled), sexuality (heterosexual) or gender identity (so-called “cisgender”)?” Combine all of the identities and you have the most wicked, wretched and warped sub-human scum on the planet…the average white man.”
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The BBC milked this story for all it has been worth as part of its nauseating “The Government doesn’t know what to do about Brexit”…..and then this arrived later in the day

Downing Street has “wholeheartedly” rejected comments in a memorandum leaked to the press describing cabinet “divisions” over Brexit.

The document, compiled by consultancy firm Deloitte and obtained by the Times newspaper, says Whitehall is working on 500 Brexit-related projects and could need 30,000 extra staff. But the prime minister’s spokeswoman said the work had been “unsolicited”. And Deloitte said there had been no “access” to Number 10 for the report. No “input from any other government departments” had been received, the company added.

And then I should remind you of this...

David Sproul, Deloitte’s UK chief executive, is in favour of the UK remaining part of the European Union, while the rest of the Big Four keep their cards close to their chest

Deloitte – one more embittered Remain organisation being used by the BBC in pursuance of its Remain agenda.

Will they EVER stop weeping?

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A Biased BBC reader writes…

“The News at Ten carried a rather gratuitous and grizzly feature last night where Ian Pannell prances around with the drug cartels, ghoulishly watching people inject heroin and dishevelled child drug mules, to show what an amazing journalist he is. The images of squalor, desperation, jacking up and overdosing were framed against Donald Trump’s “build a wall” policy.  

We know that, for the BBC, exposure to facts and genuine information does not matter anymore. If you can stomach the vulgarity and exploitation of the report – and if only the BBC could look beyond its bias and rhetoric – then facts and genuine information would suggest that improved border security – like a wall – is vital to stop the spread a heroin plague sweeping America, leaving countless people dead in its wake. 

Shame then that the BBC has spent the last 18 months stating that “build a wall” policy is vile and racist, born from hate speech and intolerance.  I wonder what would have happened if they ran this report when Trump announced the policy…”

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Seen this delight? The BBC hates the fact that this country is STILL at least a nominally Christian country and it is out to use our TV license tax to do something about it.

 The BBC will reportedly increase its coverage of more religions and could broadcast Muslim Friday prayers after critics moaned coverage is biased towards Christianity.

Lord Hall of Birkenhead, head of the taxpayer-funded corporation, is reportedly inviting religious leaders to join discussions about multi-faith coverage.

Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain said the BBC could cover Friday prayers from a mosque, cover Eid, or children attending Koranic lessons.

The controversial move is in response to criticism the taxpayer-funded corporation delivered a disproportionate amount of programming on Christianity compared with other religions.

Can we expect the Friday Call to prayer to boom out of our Radio care of the BBC? How long before we have Hijab clad BBC presenters providing the ‘news” it spews out?

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A B-BBC reader writes
“In 1265 Simon De Montfort formed the first parliament in England . Six hundred years later the common man still did not have the right to vote . The Chartist Movement was formed in 1808 , and the Reform Act 1867 , nearly sixty years later , brought in most of their demands . But still not everyone had the vote ; women were left out . It wasn’t until 1928 that we finally had universal suffrage for everyone . A worthy ideal one would have thought .
Not it seems for many of the BBC liberal/left self proclaimed intelligentsia . The workers in the north voted for Brexit , the ordinary Joe in America voted for Trump . They were in the D and E social strata , they didn’t go to college , they earned less than $ 33 000 , they were over 40 , they yearned for a time long ago , they had no union , they didn’t understand the complexities of the issue(s) , they were easily manipulated .
Basically , they are too stupid for the right to vote .
So these “progressives ” actually are talking about changing the voting systems or even if there is a post democracy age ! No wonder the term Populist is such an anathema to them . When you’re a bossy sort of person you need the power so you can hector and curtail other people’s activities without their comeback .
These BBC liberal/ left workers champions aren’t alone in their thinking though . The Apartheid regime had the same mindset , that there were some people who were just too stupid to vote . In the Boers case it was Black Africans . We thought  in Britain that we had got over that in 1928 but it now seems the One Man , One Vote is out of favour with the elite .
It’s not just what you voted for that upsets the BBC , but who you voted with . It seems if you are white and voted for Trump , that is terrible , but if you are black , Latino or Muslim and voted for Clinton , that is laudable . How you’re supposed to vote for Trump if you are white without being part of a bloc and not an individual with preferences is beyond me . It must also be galling to a black American to feel he is pigeonholed about his preferences , that he voted for X because he/she is black , not because of any individualism . Again the BBC has more in common with apartheid than democracy .
If only awkward people from the ranks hadn’t pushed such notions as All Men Are Born Equal and Government Of The People then the liberal / left BBC would have its ideal – rule by The Now Show .”
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President Elect Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Stephen Shannon to the position of Chief Strategist has triggered the snowflakes in the BBC.

Mr Bannon stepped aside as executive chairman of Breitbart – a combative conservative site with an anti-establishment agenda that critics accuse of xenophobia and misogyny – to act as Mr Trump’s campaign chief.

The BBC are in full despair. Having done all they could to demonise Trump they now demonise all around him. Amusingly, they are now working on the premise that of ONLY Trump doesn’t do any of the things he promised he would do then all might be ok. What a pathetic bunch of sore losers they are, unhinged, unbalanced and out of time.

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I have been live tweeting BBC Question Time for some years now. However last night, I gave up in disgust after about half an hour. The BIAS against the election of Donald Trump was incredible. A panel was selected – four women and one man (no transgenders though) that was plainly there to put the boot into Trump. Yvette Cooper kept blurting out “misogynistic” as if she had Tourettes. A shouty Clinton supporter Sarah Churchill was almost crying as reality damned. The utterly execrable Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh was allowed to make outrageous allegations against the President Elect. Dominic Raab was subdued in his support for Trump and the token Republican on the panel, Jan Halper-Hayes, is on record opposing Trump. The audience were even worse.

This was the BBC having a hissy fit but using their broadcasting power to force us all to watch it. This programme had no balance – it was a hate fest. And for the first time ever, I turned it off.

The BBC is still reeling from Brexit and NOW…Trump. They are unhinged.

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Well then. The morning after. I have never enjoyed watching the BBC more as it chokes on the news that Donald Trump has won convincingly and is President Elect. Their coverage of the Election has been SO one-sided, SO pro-Clinton and SO anti-Trump that watching their smug faces coming to terms with the fact that they completely mis-read it has been fantastic to behold. Even Andrew Neil, the one BBC political presenter who I respect, has been snide as can be about Trump and so he too had to choke on his words and his insults and his smugness. What a night. Ok – NEW Open Thread so over to you! Thoughts?

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