The BBC coverage of Brexit is dire. They still can’t handle the fact we voted OUT  and so they desperately hang on to any lifeline to keep their EU hopes alive. Take the way they cover this story…

Leaders of the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are to press for a greater role in Brexit negotiations when they hold talks with Theresa May in Cardiff. The Scottish and Welsh governments have produced plans that would allow them to keep full access to the single market. However, they say they have not seen any signs that the UK government is taking their proposals seriously.

Gosh – and WHY might that be, BBC?

Do you think it is because the UK voted to LEAVE the Single Market, the Customs Union and indeed every other facet of the EU. The delusionalists in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast may wish reality to be different but it isn’t. Yet the BBC does all it can to keep these delusional regional tinpot third rate politicians happy by bigging up their ludicrous agenda.

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Further to Alan’s post below, the BBC are in full on “Muslim victimhood” mongering mode. This morning, the utterly DIRE Today programme, was out to try and link together several stories.

First of all, they had Trump “rowing” back on his “Muslim Ban.”  In fact neither has happened. The detail in the legislation brought forward by the President makes it clear that this is a temporary travel restriction on people from seven specific countries. It does not apply to DOZENS of other Muslim countries. But the BBC is hellbent to see Islamophobia everywhere. Secondly, they went on to talk about the Petition to Ban the US President from the US. This bit driven on-line hissy fit is pathetic but the BBC treat it as if it had credence. And then, as the coup de grace, the BBC announces the murders in the Quebec mosque – a “terrorist” attack. The sly insinuation is that Trump is stoking up SUCH hatred against Muslims that some nutters have taken it upon themselves to kill Muslims. However, it is emerging that at least one of the two suspects is…Moroccan. There are reports of them shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they conducted the attack. There is a clear possibility that this is internecine Muslim killing, but that is contra to the BBC narrative.

The best laugh of there morning was the BBC reporting breathlessly on the need to crack down on “fake news” when they are a prime purveyor of such.

No shame, no balance and beyond salvation. Axe the license tax,

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It’s not just a BIASED broadcaster, it’s disreputable and a menace. BBC coverage of President Trump’s first week has been a scandal and as I write this it is foaming at the mouth about a non-existing ‘Muslim Ban”. Just about EVERY BBC presenter (including, lamentably Andrew Neil) is hostile to Trump and their studios are full of “experts” who come to damn Trump. There is NO pretence at balance, this is pure narrative and it sickens my stomach. You?

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Now You See Her: BBC Newsnight and The Vanishing Trump Advocate

A guest post by David Sedgwick, courtesy of

If you thought you had seen the worst of BBC petulance and spite in its coverage of the US election, then you’d be very wrong. On the day Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States, the state-funded broadcaster went into some kind of psychotic meltdown.

Denial has finally given way to rage. Until Trump delivered his inauguration acceptance speech the Liberal media had been deluding themselves into believing that the Trump administration would do as administrations are expected to do: follow the Liberal line.

That the Trump administration intend to implement the policies they successfully campaigned on has taken the Liberal media somewhat by surprise. And who can blame them? In the western world Liberalism reigns supreme. Sure, you vote left or right, Labour or Tory, but ultimately what you get is Liberal. And that’s just the way they like it.

BBC Two’s nightly Newsnight is one of many such programmes serving up a daily diet of anti-Trump propaganda. As reality sinks in – that the Liberal elite are not actually going to continue getting their way – the bitterness, bile and hatred has increased to levels bordering on paranoia and hysteria.

Wait a minute, isn’t the BBC compelled by its Royal Charter to be impartial? So what about the unremitting flow of negativity towards the incoming administration? Ah, impartiality…

In order to propagate their favoured ‘narrative’ while appearing to remain impartial, the crafty devils at the BBC employ a range of tricks to stack the odds in favour of their preferred ‘narrative.’

Often this entails simply stacking the cards against an opponent in terms of sheer weight of numbers. Thus, for every guest supporting say Brexit or Trump there will always be at least two guests propagating an anti-Brexit or anti-Trump message. Pretty transparent, but a perennial favourite at the BBC.

Further, whenever they can, BBC producers will ensure they engage the weakest Brexit or Trump proponent they can possibly find. Yet another transparent tactic the aim of which is to allow those propagating the BBC narrative the minimum of opposition.

During the run up to the US presidential election the BBC hit gold when they located a Trump-supporting Republican who seemed to be in a state of perpetual shock. Faced with carefully selected and very hostile audiences in programmes like Question Time, the poor man – hardly the most eloquent speaker at the best of times – soon crumbled.

The good old Beeb would never dare have engaged the services of a strong Trump supporter such as an Ann Coulter or a Kellyanne Conway, articulate, intelligent women neither of whom would fit the BBC’s ‘Trump hates women’ ‘narrative’ and moreover a couple of women certainly capable of giving as good as they get.

Observers of the organisation’s coverage of the EU referendum would have noticed pretty much the same tactics in use on a daily basis. Strong, articulate Brexit supporters such as George Galloway were purposely marginalised while soft Brexiteers such as (Guardian columnist!) Giles Fraser and the rather limp, ineffectual Chris Grayling MP were given air time a-plenty.

Interesting then to observe last night’s edition of Newsnight which, amid the anguish and drama-queen antics of its presenter Emily Maitlis, featured a debate between a pro-Trump and an anti-Trump commentator.

Perhaps Ms Maitlis had simply not expected the spirited defence of the Trump administration as outlined by Michelle Malkin. Where is that docile Republican when he’s needed? It certainly might help to explain why Maitlis – the impartial referee, note – jumped to the defence of the anti-Trump Danielle Allen at every opportunity.

Two against one. BBC ‘impartiality’ had lasted all of 30 seconds…

As the debate went on it became apparent that the BBC had uncovered, albeit inadvertently, a ferociously pro-Trump advocate. And female to boot! This could not be allowed to go on – people might actually start to work things out for themselves without the benefit of a BBC ‘narrative’ to guide them. What to do?

When Maitlis introduced the next segment of the programme, while Allen remained in situ, Ms Malkin was conspicuous by her absence. Having refused to be bullied and intimidated a la BBC-style, the broadcaster had simply got rid of this irritant.

Gone. Absent. Airbrushed away. And best of all, nobody even noticed.

Dissenting voices outlawed, Maitlis and Allen were later joined by Ben Smith of Buzzfeed – the disseminator of the fake Russian dossier – as well as Michael Wolff contributor to the virulently anti-Trump USA Today.

The Liberal Echo chamber was once again up and running. Only four more years to go.

In the mean-time I wonder if one of our elected representatives would care to inform licence fee payers just exactly how the state-funded hate campaign of our state-funded broadcaster will actually enhance US-UK relations?

We’re waiting.

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A Biased BBC reader writes;

“The BBC has gone all Buzzfeed:

Foreigners and refugees are intelligent, articulate and amazing individuals, answering strawman questions posted by (fictional?) ignorant, idiotic and bigoted indigenous Brits. To emphasise the message thet Brits are inferior, the tone from the interviewees ranges from mildly humorous to condescension to arrogance to ungratefulness to even nastiness.  In fact, the sneering sarcasm towards us putrid plebs is so spot on I expect the BBC will offer them all a job as a Beeb journalist…. ”

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And so the utterly useless feverishly pro EU Sir Ivan Rogers resigns from his position as UK Ambassador to the the EU in what can best be described as an extended hissy fit and the BBC is right there – rallying to his side. The Today programme has been to the fore today in painting the loss of this ..coughs …wise old cove.. as a body blow to the UK government and proof that the Government has “no plan” for Brexit. The BBC is stuck in June 22nd land. It can’t accept that the UK voted to LEAVE and that the primary focus of the Government and the Civil Service is to get us OUT as quickly and efficiently as possible. The exit of Rogers is a blessing, he won’t be missed. The BBC chooses not to focus on his appalling record as Cameron’s point man in the 2015 “negotiations” with the EU. Nor have they been too concerned about Sir Ivan’s recent proclamation that it could take “ten years” to fully exit the EU. This man is symbolic of the BBC, it too has to go.

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Good to see that the BBC is dealing with all the BIG issues. Take this one…

“An internet search for black dolls will bring up about 20 million results in less than a second – but parents have discovered the toys to be increasingly hard to find on the shelves of High Street stores. Why is this?”

Yip, this is the sort of deranged SJW crap that the BBC specialises in. Next up, where are the transgender dolls?

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Wanting to take a moment to wish everyone at Biased BBC my very best wishes for 2017. I think 2016 was a landmark year when the influence of the BBC (and the rest of the fake news media) was both exposed and disregarded by many people. It FAILED to stop us voting for Brexit, it FAILED to stop the Trump train in the States, just like it FAILED to stop the Conservatives getting a majority in 2015. The reason it’s stranglehold has been broken is because of the rise of the new media. Whether you like it or not, the social networks have risen up to a point where they are the chosen method of communication by the US President Elect, for instance. I am very active on Twitter, on Gab, on Youtube, as well as on A Tangled Web and this site. In addition I am working on a new book. So my time here is not as great as it once was but THAT is because I can expose and help replace the likes of the BBC in other ways. The thing that irritates me most about the BBC is that it still manages to raid us for £3,5bn a year to sustain its bias. Unlike other failing leftwing media outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times, the BBC can still call on a steady steam of enforced revenue to sustain itself. This is plainly wrong and needs changed. Because all political parties are scared of the BBC, they all resile from plunging a financial dagger through its black heart. Yet until they find the strength to do this, the BBC remains a danger. For that reason, sites like this are important and are read by a large number of concerned people.

A special thank you to Alan for keeping the site rocking when I am not about, much appreciated. A further thank you to Rob, our tech genius who also keeps the show on the electronic road.

That’s IT from me for 2016, thank you all very much for supporting the site, and see you all in the New Year!

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When the news broke of the Berlin Christmas market attack, the BBC was right to the fore in initially presenting it as somehow a lorry had attacked the people enjoying the Market. I half expected them to release a photo line up of possible suspects. When they had to grudgingly admit that the suspect was an illegal immigrant, I thought they might cry. 2016 may not have given us that which many of us on this site want to see – namely the BBC detached from the mandatory £3.5bn a year license tax it uses to propagandise BUT it has shown that new media is now a serious rival to the Fake News BBC in terms of influence, speed and diversity. That please me. I find it painful to listen to much of the BBC output these days since the BIAS is so overt, the deceit is so obvious. But so is the worry – so is their concern that people can now click on Twitter, or Gab, or Facebook, or Youtube, and find analysis that blows the BBC bias apart!

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Guest post here from a B-BBC reader..

“The BBC – and the whole MSM – can’t help but create a total paradox when it comes to the representation of Islam.

When an Islamic terrorist attacks, the line is quickly wheeled out that jihadists do not represent the clear majority of Muslims. This may well be true but there are plenty of surveys that a small (but significant) number of Muslims do support or sympathise with such attacks.
So, the BBC finds it abhorrent that the plebs in the street should assume that the actions of a minority represent the total (at least when it comes to protected social groups). It is funny then we read “Berlin lorry attack: Muslim community holds vigil for victims”.
See, so this group must represent the majority of Muslims then?
Well, the Beeb does a nice bit of “kitman” of lying by omission. The “Muslim community” in this case is…you guessed it, the Ahmadiyya community.
Ahmadiyya are, of course, relatively progressive within the spectrum of Islam and seem to be some of the most engaged and respectful. Yet they only represent an estimated one per cent of the entire Muslim community. In fairness, the BBC has historically pointed out that Ahmadiyya Muslims called for peace after Nice, launched Remembrance Day poppy appeals and have been persecuted by Sunni and Shia branches for being blasphemers.
Even so, while a clear minority the BBC choses not to mention that most of the Muslim community, including the mainstream branches, despise them. Perhaps they can look at what they wrote in 2010 about their struggles for more info.
So Jihadists are not representative yet the other extreme one per cent IS representative of the other 99 per cent? A sect started 1889? Jesus WAS crucified AND rose again? Mohammed was not the final messanger of Allah but we can look at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad instead? The vast majority of Muslims believe this to be heresy but that doesn’t matter, the Ahmadiyya represents Islam.
It is lazy and insincere for the BBC to exclude the context, history and explanation of the Ahmadiyya and portray them as the mainstream just because that one per cent fits their ideal (and largely untrue) image of Islam. Just the other 99 per cent to convince…”
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