I had the misfortune to tune in to the BBC Radio 4 Saturday live programme, presented by Aasmah Mir and Richard Coles this morning. Here is a flavour of the discussion..

“Sir Professor Geoff Palmer came to Britain from Jamaica aged 14. Described as educationally sub-normal is he now an expert in cereals and Professor Emeritus of brewing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He was the first black Professor in Scotland and is a prominent anti-racism campaigner.

We meet the former class mates who campaigned for a fairer deal for asylum seekers in the city (based on the case of a Kosova Roma Gypsy)…”

Get the drift? It’s all about fighting whitey’s racism and intolerance.




A Biased BBC reader writes;

“On 24 July 2014, the BBC website had a headline (together with a large picture) “Pro- Palestine Protest Halts Maccabi Haifa Match.”

The picture shows a “Pro- Palestinian” delivering a martial- art style kick into the chest of an Israeli soccer player. Unlike other news sources which described what happened as an attack, the BBC called it a “protest”. Nowhere in the report is the word attack used.

I would suggest that by downgrading what was clearly a violent assault into a mere protest, the BBC is very possibly legitimizing such actions in the eyes of those who would wish to carry out similar violent acts.

Surely this kind of biased and even incite-full reporting undermines the credibility of the BBC which is publicly funded and even possesses its own “heavy mob” in the form of the TV Licensing authority to bring in the “BBC tithe” from those who might very well just simply want to detoxify their minds from this kind of yellow journalism by receiving news and culture from other channels.”


Did you see this report on the BBC?

The former head of Haringey children’s services Sharon Shoesmith has been awarded £679,452 following her unfair dismissal claim. Ms Shoesmith was sacked after a damning report into the 2007 death of Peter Connelly, known as Baby P, who was subjected to months of abuse. The payments, previously been rumoured to be a six-figure sum, emerged in the London council’s accounts.

Now, I do hope the BBC will ensure we are reminded that it was  Ed Balls, who was let us all recall Children’s Secretary at the time of the Baby P scandal, and who fired Shoesmith from her £130,000-a-year post without giving her the right of reply . She learned of her sacking – and the name of he successor – while watching the TV news. Balls made his decision after a report by the regulator Ofsted found Haringey had failed to protect 17-month-old Peter, who died in 2007 following months of abuse.

Whilst we may all abhor the wretched performance of Haringay council, and whilst our sympathies must surely lie with the poor child, the fact is that the taxpayer has been forced to pay out due to the incompetency of Balls.


Listening to Lyse Douchet parrot the propaganda lines put forward by Hamas, one can be forgiven for thinking that there are in fact no Hamas terrorists in Gaza and that Israel only ever gives innocent people. When it comes to reporting what goes on in Gaza, the BBC show a level of bias that is so spectacular that it amazes.


I was somewhat surprised to hear an item on the Today programme this morning discussing a current (pointless) Government PR campaign to try and stop young British muslims going to Syria. Remarkably, the suggestion was put about that many go there on a “humanitarian” impulse. This is nonsense. They go there to fight and KILL. That is the aim of the Jihad. The BBC seeks to sanitise this evil inn everyday possible – whether it is blaming it on OUR foreign policy or in this case claiming that the Jihad is just a radical version of the Red Crescent.


It’s really quite dreadful turning the BBC News on at the moment. Their sheer hatred of Israel is just oozing through and frankly the State broadcaster is little more than an echo chamber for the Hamas publicity machine. From its refusal to call HAMAS terrorists – it much prefers “fighters” – through to its sly suggestion that Israel only kills women and children – the BBC stands indicted. I listened to TODAY at 7am and the first ten minutes were just sheer anti-Israeli propaganda – with the BBC delighting in playing John Kerry’s caustic comments against Israel. (It seems to surprise the BBC that the Obama regime is hostile to Israel). Lyse Douchet has rapidly become the new Jeremy Al Bowen, as she breathlessly trots around Gaza whilst never once finding Hamas terrorism in operation. i don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the BBC has firmly aligned itself with all the Jew-haters out there and is in this to ensure that Hamas win the propaganda war.


Have a read of this item from the BBC on ex-Gitmo detainee Moazzam Begg. Note how it finishes by letting us know that Moazzam “has never previously been charged with an offence.” Beggs is one of their poster boys. I recall doing a BBC interview with him some years ago and he was afforded the kid gloves treatment even as I was attacked. You can bet your bottom dollar the BBC will be in tears should he be convicted of these alleged crimes of terror.


Anyone else catch the second episode of “Too much Immigration” featuring Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford “exploring the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together, pairing Brits opposed to immigration with immigrants.” on BBC 1 last night? It ended with the several cynical Brits all converting to the idea that immigration is a good thing for the UK. Even Mohammad, a Somali man living here with 7 children, on benefits, and who refused to enter a Sikh temple and help out handing out food to the vulnerable was seen as a top chap. Pure propaganda from the BBC, using the populism of the hosts to placate the concerned.


And so a five hour ceasefire is agreed between Israel and Gaza. The BBC breathlessly informs is this will provide the people of Gaza with at least a little respite. As for what it does for the Jews? Well. F*** them seems to be the BBC editorial line. What a loathsome broadcaster.