Well, it FINALLY happened. That ancient tyrant, Fidel Castro, finally died. And HAVEN’T the comrades at the BBC gone into mourning for their fallen hero? All that is missing is the solemn music on the hour and the mandatory black armbands. I thought this was the quote of the day but of course you would never see it on the BBC…

“When I die, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like Fidel Castro, not screaming in terror, like his victims.”

Instead they turn their fire on President Elect Trump because HE said this;



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I have to admit I am listening less and less to the BBC for the simple reason it is simply an echo chamber for sore loser Remainers. In the past few days it has been assiduously pumping out the anti-Brexit doom and gloom from the pro Remain OBR and IFS. It managed to shovel THREE Remain MPs on Question Time last night – and as for the South London audience…!!!  It has amplified the outrageous pro Remain demands of Tony Blair and John Major and at every turn seeks to subvert the will of those 17.4m who voted to Leave. Each day is the same. It resents that the majority who voted did not do what it wanted and like a wounded animal it is increasingly dangerous!

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I’m going to be on holidays from Monday 28th Nov returning Thursday 8th December and that means no blogging! However, I have set up all the necessary Open Threads which I know you all engage with very well. I would like to also invite those of you who want to open up on a particular issue to put together a short post on it and send it to the site contact email and I will ensure these get published for you. All you need do is advise if you want attribution or not and hey bingo, you’re in print and helping to keep the site rocking and rolling whilst I …erm…sunbathe!

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How and Why I ditched the BBC TV Licence…

Biased BBC reader and writer David Sedgwick has an interesting post here that I commend to you. Give it a read and say hello to him please!


“Well I finally did it, after months – nay years of prevarication – I’ve finally gone and dumped the BBC. And it feels good, very, very good. I can only describe the feeling as that of when, after years of giving second, third and fourth chances, you finally rid yourself of that toxic girl/boyfriend.”


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The site received this email and I am sure the author would like me to share. He is The typos and grammar are not mine, btw 🙂

“So now that it has been established beyond a shadow of a doubt that Thomas Mair was ‘politically’ motivated, and the full details of her horrendous murder made clear. Along with his refusal to give evidence.

Are you going to apologise for your and your ‘audiences’ grostesque comments back when it happened?

Ive rarely seen people so despicable and so willing to try and justify and cover up their prejudices.

Its clear on some level you are deeply ashamed of yourself, elst you wouldnt be justifying it, but that you dont have the moral courage to admit it.

However awhile along when the history of this era is assesed your website and the record of your bigotry will be accounted for.

Shame on you, you utterly revolt me.”

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A Biased BBC reader writes..
“I like the BBC’s attempts to brainwash our children; it is a fun as it is fascist. All their ideological indoctrination is fantastically exposed in this video about re-educating children over the “sexist” Cinderella. 
After receiving a beginner’s guide to political correctness, patriarchy and sexism, the kids are tasked with rewriting Cinderella. The end result? Well, it is pretty much the same story of servitude and relying on a man to rescue her but they: 
·         Rename “Cinderella” as “Cindy”;
·         Remove the Fairy Godmother (not sure if that counts as vile sexist, matriarch that she is);
·         Change a glass slipper to a trainer;
·         She doesn’t marry the prince but goes exploring the world instead.
Perhaps this next generation is not beyond saving…”
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A Biased BBC reader writes…

“We hear that Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has withdrawn a bill that pardons men convicted of sex with underage girls if they have married them.  There were lots of protests across Turkey which, in fairness, has been one of the more progressive Muslim-dominated societies (they even banned the burqa, which I guess makes them Islamaphobes).

As per usual, the BBC skips around and deliberately ignores the Islam angle, suggesting instead this is some weird quirk of Turkish culture. They even soften the horror by using sinister terms such as “statutory rape” rather than “rape” to imply that these children are all somehow consensual (imagine if they used that term with Jimmy Savile) in the process and “taking child brides”, making it sound almost romantic. “I married a 12-year old girl; she just really gets me on an emotional level…”

You will notice that the article has no mention of the history and rationale for this abhorrent practice of child rape and marriage. Where does it come from and why? The Beeb, of course, won’t tell us because it exposes the truth about the founder of Islam. To ironically misquote a popular acronym, WWMD? 

Muhammed married his child bride Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage/raped her when she was nine. And he is meant to be the perfect human. This is the reason behind the proposed legislation – and many like it – but the BBC ignores that, mainly because it is probably just bigoted hate-speech (aka the truth).. 

I am glad to see al-Beeb is now expanding and fine-tuning its knowledge of lies and misinformation under sharia. We are used to their Taqiyya (the blatant lies) and now are seeing them learn the more refined aspects, such as Kitman techniques (lying by omission) as well as Tawriya (intentionally creating a false impression)”

As the Qur’an says to believe in the Gospel, perhaps John 8.44 is worth quoting: “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

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