I thought it was interesting the way the BBC present the “news’ that the Conservative Party are considering options for scrapping several benefits, Department for Work and Pensions document.

The leaked files, to the BBC (SIC) commissioned by Tory officials, also suggest a regional benefits cap and taxing disability benefits as ways to help cut £12bn from the welfare budget by 2017/18. The Conservatives insisted the proposals were not party policy. Labour’s Rachel Reeves said the public had a “right to know” the plans. The shadow work and pensions secretary has written to the Conservatives demanding they explain what welfare cuts they intend to make.

Look at the image the BBC selected to lead the story…_81962478_carerhand,jpg

Cruel Tory bastards, right? Vote Labour, right?

At every turn, the BBC is trying to present sensible economics from the Conservatives in the worst possible light. In the face of excellent economic news on just about every front, Labour needs the BBC to do what it can to minimise the advantages to Mr Cameron.

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I was listening to the BBC just after 6.30am this morning, to the Today programme. The news item being reported was this;

The SNP would block a minority Conservative government by voting down its Queen’s Speech if it held the post-election balance of power, its former leader Alex Salmond has said. Mr Salmond said the move could bring down the government if Labour joined in, with David Cameron “locked out”.

This is the latest instance of anti-English bellicosity from Salmond but what irritated me was the relative insouciance this was reported by the BBC “analyst”. I can but imagine the BBC response to UKIP declaring it would “lock out” Labour from government. As we go through this election campaign I believe we will see the BBC contining to fawn over the SNP and Labour, whilst demonising UKIP and any vestige of authentic Conservatism from Mr Cameron’s party.

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Greg from Not Another Teaching Blog   sends this article for your consideration.

“How you see the BBC’s decision to remove the phenomenally popular presenter of its flagship worldwide show could very well depend on your view of the man in question. Those who support Clarkson see him as the last of dying breed of English TV personalities, the stubborn, old-school and humorous gentlemen who simply enjoys being himself while his detractors see him as obnoxious, offensive and unpleasant.

But let’s be clear: this was not a moral decision by the BBC management. To believe it was is to believe that a racial slur “slope” or a minor physical scuffle are greater crimes against humanity than covering up the sexual abuse of children committed by Jimmy Saville, for which nobody at the Beeb has been punished. The BBC’s firing of Clarkson was – or at least should have been – a business decision. That they have made the wrong one is a matter of delight for me, as it should be for anyone who admires Clarkson or appreciates a quality, politically neutral media service. Continue reading

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I see the BBC has been wallowing in an anti-UKIP frenzy all day. I don’t condone wrong doing on ANY front but I can’t help but wonder if the comrades are not doing their cutting edge “Get UKIP” routine hoping this will weaken General Election pledges.

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Well then, I am sure you will have noticed the BBC have been desperately hoping for the defeat of Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israel elections. Up until the very last moment, those such as Jeremy Bowen were spinning like mad for his opponents and in a sense this was in synch with the international liberal elite, from Obama down, who ALL wanted to see BiBi fall. But hush – oh no – he has WON! Cue black armbands and solemn music and …surprise...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud Party has won a surprise victory in Israel’s election.

Exit polls had forecast a dead heat but with almost all votes counted, results give Likud a clear lead over its main rival, the centre-left Zionist Union.

The outcome gives Mr Netanyahu a strong chance of forming a right-wing coalition government. It puts the incumbent on course to clinch a fourth term and become Israel’s longest-serving prime minster.

You could tell this morning that the BBC were in mourning. They had soooo wanted Netanyahu to fall and their “surprise” reminds of the quote many decades ago from New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael : “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.” Through the anti Netanyahu prism of the BBC that surprise is understandable, but still a disgrace.

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Well then, yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and didn’t you know it if you have the misfortune to watch or listen to BBC Northern Ireland. They spent yesterday assiduously pushing the laughable line that St Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland is a wonderful beacon for “cross community” co-operation and multicultural tolerance of all people and traditions. Here is an image of some lovely Irish fans in Belfast yesterday showing their love of the British tradition. For some reason, the world class talent at the BBC seem to have missed it. Oh well, look the other way and start singing when Irish eyes are smiling…



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Well, it’s Budget Day and I noticed the BBC telling us that Osborne will use this for electoral purposes, targeting key groups of voters. Gosh. How fortunate that Brown and Darling never played such low politics during THEIR Budgets. Anyway, here’s a new much needed Open Thread for your completion.

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I was just having a look at the BBC Scotland news portal and noticed that the decision by SNP leader Nichola Sturgeon to stay away from the Afghanistan Memorial service in St Paul’s yesterday does not merit a mention. Thank god for the Daily Mail then. Given the number of brave Scottish soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in Afghanistan fighting the savages in the Taliban, it does seem to me to be newsworthy that the Scottish First Minister chose to snub them, But the BBC seems disinterested. All about priorities I guess, which is why this sort of story DOES merit BBC Scotland coverage…

“Rangers director Chris Graham resigns over Mohammed tweet…”

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It’s relentless. 

The first of four missing London schoolgirls who have travelled to Syria has been named as Sharmeena Begum.  The 15-year-old, from Bethnal Green, is thought to have left the UK in December to join Islamic State (IS) militants. A picture of Sharmeena was given to the Daily Mail by her father, Mohammad Uddin. Three of her friends from Bethnal Green Academy, Amira Abase, 15, Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, are now believed to have joined her. All four teenagers are thought to be in Raqqa – the headquarters of IS.

I would ask you to contrast the sustained BBC coverage concerning these three Islamic State collaborators with their studied indifference to the 1400 teenage girls abused by predatory Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham. Why IS it that the BBC instinctively like to play the “Muslims are always the victim” card when they simultaneously ignore the victims of Muslims? Dhimmified from within.

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