Alright then, Here’s a new Open Thread for you to detail the bias. I was on with Jon Gaunt this morning and we were discussing how the BBC emotes its coverage of “Syrian refugees”. They are using their massive media reach to convey THEIR opinion that we must “do” something to help Syrians. That’s not their job and its time we stopped seeing this alleged reporters hamming it up as third rate actors.

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Why did the BBC think it was a good idea to devote an entire episode of The Big Questions to the question “Do we need a British Islam”? The location was Bradford and the audience was overwhelmingly Muslim. Did you see it? How about we have an entire programme devoted to the question “Do we need Islam in Britain” and have an overwhelmingly non-muslim audience debate it? Here were just a few screenshots of the multiculti delights on offer yesterday…


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The BBC wants to see Hillary Clinton become the next POTUS. That much is obvious from their kid glove handling of her run to gain the Democrat nomination. The BBC wants ANY Republican other than Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination so they can lose nobly to Clinton, just as in 2008 and 2012. Hence the prominence given to this sort of nonsense…

US election 2016: Republican rivals mock Trump over no-show

The BBC might want to reflect on this…

Donald Trump dominates GOP field at 41%

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The BBC have been to the fore in cheerleading for the UK to accept many more refugee ‘children” from the tsunami that has fanned across Europe. Here’s an item they ran earlier….

The government has stopped short of accepting Labour and the Liberal Democrat’s proposal of resettling 3,000 refugee children in the UK from mainland Europe, although the government will now resettle more under 18s from the war torn areas around Syria. Speaking live in the studio is Kirsty McNeill, Campaigns Director at Save the Children.

Note the biased way in which this is written. How DARE the elected government “stop short” of accepting what the Opposition demand? And as for the immigrant hustling Save the Children “Campaigns Director” – when she speaks of all these poor “Syrian’ “Children” I wonder could she clarify if that group includes the 15 year old “Syrian” “refugee” “child” who stabbed the 22 year old Swedish woman to death a few days ago? (He was a Somali, unsurprisingly, but then again so are so many of these “Syrians”)

The BBC has blatantly colluded with those rabidly pro-Immigrant groups for some time now – determined to populate the UK with as many third world economic migrants as possible. It’s the BBC that is the menace.

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The Today programme was particularly vile this morning. It ran TWO items between 7am and 7.30am. The first was with EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager and she there to tell us how the well intentioned EU could investigate how companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple conduct their tax affairs in the UK. The BBC continually play this “tax avoidance” angle up for all it is with – forgetting that these large corporations simply comply with the tax code the politicians put in place. The message was the EU was a force for good – defending us from the robber barons of these big companies.

The BBC also ran an interview with thew Chief Exec of Diageo. Lots of chat about how their brands are performing in different global markets and then…the BBC casually ask him whether he thinks the UK should stay in the EU. Absolutely – he responds. It would be madness for us to BREXIT. Gotta love how the BBC sets this pro-EU agenda up, don’t you?

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75 NOT OUT….

Well, the BBC is making headlines itself today.

“People over 75 may be asked to give up their free TV licence or make a voluntary contribution to it, under plans being considered by the BBC.  The corporation must absorb the loss of £650m worth of licences for over-75s from 2020 as part of a funding deal agreed with ministers last year. A report on ways to appeal for voluntary contributions is due in 2016. The BBC has refused to comment on suggestions that older celebrities might front a publicity campaign.  The Times reported that such a campaign could be run by personalities such as Sir Michael Parkinson and actress Dame Helen Mirren.”

I was on BBC5Live this morning discussing this with Nicky Campbell. My contention remains the same. The BBC funding model is bankrupt, morally and financially. It’s not just over 75 year olds that should be offered a choice as to whether they should pay the BBC poll tax, we ALL should. Using millionaire oldies to try and flog us the idea is an indication as to how detached from reality the BBC has become.

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It’s a rotating door between the left wing press and the BBC.  The Spectator reports;

The Guardian set tongues wagging across Westminster in December when its editor Katharine Viner appointed two women to share the role of political editor. Although the paper’s chief political correspondent Nicholas Watt had been seen as the favourite to succeed Patrick Wintour, Sky News‘s Anushka Asthana and Observer economics editor Heather Stewart were offered the role as a job-share, after applying together.

Happily Watt appeared to be gracious in defeat. While he tweeted that he was ‘disappointed’ to miss out on the role, he said he was looking forward to working with the ‘formidable duo’.

Alas word reaches Steerpike that Watt may not have much time working for Asthana and Stewart after all. Mr S understands that Watt is being lined up to join Newsnight as the show’s new political editor. He would fill the vacancy left by Allegra Stratton — who is also a former Guardian employee — after she stepped down as political editor to join ITV News as their National Editor this month.

Strikes me, and I know many of you share this view, that the BBC is the broadcast version of The Guardian,

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Seen this?

“Lancashire Police have “condemned” a “misleading” report by the BBC, claiming a ten-year-old Muslim boy’s family had been investigated after he accidentally wrote that he lived in a “terrorist” house in his homework, when he meant “terraced”.

The police said there were genuine concerns about the boys “safety”, which “the reporter was fully aware of this before she wrote her story”, however the BBC’s version of events was picked up by every mainstream news outlet in the UK, and seized upon by Islamists and opponents of the government’s new anti-terror laws.

“The level of debate about this story today is not warranted given the facts and misrepresents the role of all the agencies involved”, the police said.

The original report by BBC Asian Network claimed that police “over reacted to an innocent mistake”. It was based around a brief statement from police, simply stating they had investigated, and lengthy interviews with sympathetic family members.The family denied all wrongdoing, claimed that incident had arisen from a spelling error in a boy’s  homework, and that the unfortunate incident had left the boy “traumatised”. The BBC did little to question this account.”

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