A Biased BBC reader writes;

“The BBC has gone all Buzzfeed: https://www.facebook.com/bbcthree/videos/10154389975545787/

Foreigners and refugees are intelligent, articulate and amazing individuals, answering strawman questions posted by (fictional?) ignorant, idiotic and bigoted indigenous Brits. To emphasise the message thet Brits are inferior, the tone from the interviewees ranges from mildly humorous to condescension to arrogance to ungratefulness to even nastiness.  In fact, the sneering sarcasm towards us putrid plebs is so spot on I expect the BBC will offer them all a job as a Beeb journalist…. ”

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And so the utterly useless feverishly pro EU Sir Ivan Rogers resigns from his position as UK Ambassador to the the EU in what can best be described as an extended hissy fit and the BBC is right there – rallying to his side. The Today programme has been to the fore today in painting the loss of this ..coughs …wise old cove.. as a body blow to the UK government and proof that the Government has “no plan” for Brexit. The BBC is stuck in June 22nd land. It can’t accept that the UK voted to LEAVE and that the primary focus of the Government and the Civil Service is to get us OUT as quickly and efficiently as possible. The exit of Rogers is a blessing, he won’t be missed. The BBC chooses not to focus on his appalling record as Cameron’s point man in the 2015 “negotiations” with the EU. Nor have they been too concerned about Sir Ivan’s recent proclamation that it could take “ten years” to fully exit the EU. This man is symbolic of the BBC, it too has to go.

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Good to see that the BBC is dealing with all the BIG issues. Take this one…

“An internet search for black dolls will bring up about 20 million results in less than a second – but parents have discovered the toys to be increasingly hard to find on the shelves of High Street stores. Why is this?”

Yip, this is the sort of deranged SJW crap that the BBC specialises in. Next up, where are the transgender dolls?

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Wanting to take a moment to wish everyone at Biased BBC my very best wishes for 2017. I think 2016 was a landmark year when the influence of the BBC (and the rest of the fake news media) was both exposed and disregarded by many people. It FAILED to stop us voting for Brexit, it FAILED to stop the Trump train in the States, just like it FAILED to stop the Conservatives getting a majority in 2015. The reason it’s stranglehold has been broken is because of the rise of the new media. Whether you like it or not, the social networks have risen up to a point where they are the chosen method of communication by the US President Elect, for instance. I am very active on Twitter, on Gab, on Youtube, as well as on A Tangled Web and this site. In addition I am working on a new book. So my time here is not as great as it once was but THAT is because I can expose and help replace the likes of the BBC in other ways. The thing that irritates me most about the BBC is that it still manages to raid us for £3,5bn a year to sustain its bias. Unlike other failing leftwing media outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times, the BBC can still call on a steady steam of enforced revenue to sustain itself. This is plainly wrong and needs changed. Because all political parties are scared of the BBC, they all resile from plunging a financial dagger through its black heart. Yet until they find the strength to do this, the BBC remains a danger. For that reason, sites like this are important and are read by a large number of concerned people.

A special thank you to Alan for keeping the site rocking when I am not about, much appreciated. A further thank you to Rob, our tech genius who also keeps the show on the electronic road.

That’s IT from me for 2016, thank you all very much for supporting the site, and see you all in the New Year!

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When the news broke of the Berlin Christmas market attack, the BBC was right to the fore in initially presenting it as somehow a lorry had attacked the people enjoying the Market. I half expected them to release a photo line up of possible suspects. When they had to grudgingly admit that the suspect was an illegal immigrant, I thought they might cry. 2016 may not have given us that which many of us on this site want to see – namely the BBC detached from the mandatory £3.5bn a year license tax it uses to propagandise BUT it has shown that new media is now a serious rival to the Fake News BBC in terms of influence, speed and diversity. That please me. I find it painful to listen to much of the BBC output these days since the BIAS is so overt, the deceit is so obvious. But so is the worry – so is their concern that people can now click on Twitter, or Gab, or Facebook, or Youtube, and find analysis that blows the BBC bias apart!

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Guest post here from a B-BBC reader..

“The BBC – and the whole MSM – can’t help but create a total paradox when it comes to the representation of Islam.

When an Islamic terrorist attacks, the line is quickly wheeled out that jihadists do not represent the clear majority of Muslims. This may well be true but there are plenty of surveys that a small (but significant) number of Muslims do support or sympathise with such attacks.
So, the BBC finds it abhorrent that the plebs in the street should assume that the actions of a minority represent the total (at least when it comes to protected social groups). It is funny then we read “Berlin lorry attack: Muslim community holds vigil for victims”.
See, so this group must represent the majority of Muslims then?
Well, the Beeb does a nice bit of “kitman” of lying by omission. The “Muslim community” in this case is…you guessed it, the Ahmadiyya community.
Ahmadiyya are, of course, relatively progressive within the spectrum of Islam and seem to be some of the most engaged and respectful. Yet they only represent an estimated one per cent of the entire Muslim community. In fairness, the BBC has historically pointed out that Ahmadiyya Muslims called for peace after Nice, launched Remembrance Day poppy appeals and have been persecuted by Sunni and Shia branches for being blasphemers.
Even so, while a clear minority the BBC choses not to mention that most of the Muslim community, including the mainstream branches, despise them. Perhaps they can look at what they wrote in 2010 about their struggles for more info.
So Jihadists are not representative yet the other extreme one per cent IS representative of the other 99 per cent? A sect started 1889? Jesus WAS crucified AND rose again? Mohammed was not the final messanger of Allah but we can look at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad instead? The vast majority of Muslims believe this to be heresy but that doesn’t matter, the Ahmadiyya represents Islam.
It is lazy and insincere for the BBC to exclude the context, history and explanation of the Ahmadiyya and portray them as the mainstream just because that one per cent fits their ideal (and largely untrue) image of Islam. Just the other 99 per cent to convince…”
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Well then, I am just back from a 10 day break in Miami and the media contrast could not be greater. Over there, I watched FOX News and shared in the sense of National excitement as President Elect Trump prepares to make America great again. The misery gut sore losers at CNN, ABC, MSNBC etc are all too busy having a temper tantrum and blaming the Russians for the catastrophic Clinton loss, not worth watching. Meanwhile Fox backed the winner and Fox is winning. Compare that to the UK. The BBC opposed Brexit and continues to do everything to push any arrangement that is NOT Brexit. Disturbingly, I think this suits Theresa May and her “transitional Brexit” sell out. The BBC drains the life out of Brexit, May acts as the undertaker, and the people are denied. The power of the BBC is so dangerous and this is best seen from afar.

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A B-BBC reader writes…
“We all recall the BBC and the rest of the MSM ghoulish exploitation of the murder of Jo Cox to further their own political agenda. The conflation with Brexit, hate crime and white supremacism to tar millions of people as racist bigots was just too appealing to ignore at the expense of the poor woman’s ghastly murder.
So when I heard that a man had been arrested trying to stab people on a train in London, whilst shouting “he wanted to kill Muslims”, I expected a similar narrative to emerge. However, it hasn’t been forthcoming. The news was carried on BBC London’s Bulletin last night – with no mention of the M word – while the BBC website article is tucked way, way, way down.
This was strange as surely it was a blatant example of Islamaphobic hate crime (and probably the closest you could get to a real one). Yet the BBC report is sterile and straight.
“A 38-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and remains in police custody. Train services were temporarily stopped on the line. Police said they were not treating the attack as terrorism, but as a hate crime.”
But hate crime is all the rage at the moment? It must be yet another indication of the post-Brexit backlash against minorities?
“Shellby Curry, 24, from Forest Hill, said she saw a man “waving what looked to be a knife in his hand” near the station and screaming words like “Muslims… kill them all”. She described the attacker as a black man with short hair, who she thought appeared to be in his late 30s or early 40s.”
The attacker was black.

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