Here’s a great guest post by a Biased BBC regular. I think it illuminates the essential point that the BBC’s bias is dangerous. Give this a read, well worth your time.
“The BBC’s contemporary battle for hearts, minds and souls extends far beyond the purile petulance of its news outlets. Such is the BBC’s eagerness to produce the next generation of politically correct, self-loathing social justice dhimmis that they are now indoctrinating school children via the BBC Bitesize guide to National Curriculum.
Al-Beeb’s sinister agenda is evident in Key Stage 3 resources, such as “The Islamic World in the Middle Ages”. The licence fee is helping fund a programme of propaganda that is telling children as young as 11 that Allah really is the greatest. Indeed, you will notice that they openly refer to the “Prophet Muhammad”. Does that mean that the BBC officially believes that Mo WAS a prophet of God?

Our children are told that Muslims were going to beauty parlours, using deodorants and drinking from glasses, at a time when the English were telling children not to pick their nose over their food, spit on the table, or throw uneaten food onto the floor (hereand the city of Cordoba in Spain (omitting the fact that Muslims had invaded and conquered Spain) was a city of over half a million inhabitants with street lighting and running water while, at the same time 10,000 Londoners lived in timber-framed houses and used the river as their sewer (here).

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I had to laugh. In the 6.30-7am slot reserved each morning for full on BBC regressive leftist nonsense on the Today programme on Radio 4, we were treated this morning to a paean to Marx! How the BBC love to show their communist roots.

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Let’s see.

He was a “Frenchman”.

His name was Smail Ayad.

He shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he stabbed Mia Ayliffe-Chung to death.

The BBC does everything it can NOT to say the word that must not be said. He was a Muslim.

It’s pathetic how the BBC dance on the head of a pin and refuse to give us the full picture. So those stabbing American tourists to death in London are “Norwegian” All we get is odious obfuscation.


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I know, I know, I SHOULD know better but I tuned into the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning, between 6.30am and 7am. There were basically 3 items to concern early morning Comrades.

  1. Islamophobia in France. It’s a real concern, apparently.
  2. Homophobia in the NHS. They won’t hand out PrEP.
  3. Gender Pay inequality. More male oppression of women.

That was 30minutes of one long sustained liberal MOAN.

I have to be honest and say that I have been doing media on Russia Today and when I  compare a/ How I am treated and b/ The balance shown then RT Today beats the rancid BBC hands down.

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The BBC and Labour? The same thing, redux.

“Former Labour Cabinet minister James Purnell is being lined up to run BBC radio – in a move that critics said ‘makes a mockery’ of the BBC’s duty to be impartial.

BBC sources said the former culture secretary, who served under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, is set to be handed one of the corporation’s most sensitive editorial roles despite his high-flying political career.

Mr Purnell, who quit parliament in 2010, is currently the BBC’s £295,000-a-year director of strategy.

In a further twist it emerged that his role was recently expanded to education and children’s programming following an interview conducted by BBC grandees, including Alice Perkins, wife of Mr Purnell’s former Cabinet colleague Jack Straw.

The BBC last night said Mr Purnell’s career in politics should not bar him from senior roles.”

I bet.

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I was on BBC London a few days ago to “debate” the story concerning Oxford City Council seeking to potentially erase “Mr, Mrs and Miss” (which could offends transgenders of gay people, allegedly) and replace it with Mx. Failing that, this Council might follow Brighton Council and simply add “Mx” as the gender identifier for those who aren’t happy with Mr, Mrs, Miss. I tried to point out this sort of navel gazing is one reason why Labour are unelectable as a Government, and secondly that this sort of neo-Marxism alteration of gender is abhorrent and an assault on the family unit. Well, it went down like a lead balloon. I had a transgender person on the debate and whilst he/she was fine, I was subjected to constant interruption and hostility by the interviewer, Eddie Nestor, whereas he/she was given the soft soap treatment. Strikes me that the BBC instantly sympathises with the tiny minority of people with sexual identity problems and rather than accept they have a form of mental illness, it wants the rest of us to change our ways and “Mx” it up.

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islam-640x480Breibart here echoes something I tweeted earlier today.

“The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – a public broadcaster funded by a “TV licence” fee forced on UK television owners – has declared that resistance to Shariah law is “Islamophobic”. According to a news clip, BBC online coverage, and the comments of its reporter Catrin Nye, a man called “Paul” approached a BBC film crew while recording an interview with Islam campaigner Ruqaiya Haris. Ms. Haris, a Muslim activist and student at the School of Oriental and African Studies, is told by Paul, “There’s no Sharia law here”. Her and Ms. Nye’s reactions to the statement made freely in a public place are nothing short of hysterical.

In essence, the BBC thinks it “Islamophobic” to oppose Sharia Law in the UK and will tarnish the reputation of anyone who dares say otherwise. It’s another reason why the BBC is such a danger. It shills for a dark ages ideology.

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Two stories, both linked to Brexit. Guess which one the BBC leads with and which one the BBC completely ignores?

UK to avoid recession and world economy to ‘stabilise’ as Brexit shock passes

Ethnic minorities face ‘entrenched’ racial inequality – watchdog

Naturally, the later race baiting from the Orwellian “Equalities and Human Rights Commission” makes the media running, with the claim from this quango that Britain’s Black and Ethnic Minorities have suffered terrible “hate crime” post Brexit. Strikes me that the BBC relishes the idea that Britain’s white working class community is deeply racist and will use any excuse to persecute ethnic minorities. The truth is we are far too tolerant in respect of unelected unrepresentative quangos out to sow race hatred. The BBC just cannot accept that we voted to BREXIT because we thought it best for the Nation and so they choose to exaggerate unwelcome economic news to talk our economy down and, as in this case, hype race baiting by professional grievance mongers.

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The BBC can’t help it, they are still weeping post Brexit tears and continue to seize on everything and anything to do the UK economy down. UK inflation rose by 0.1% yesterday and the BBC were all over it, explaining the ominous portents.

Rising fuel prices helped to push the UK’s inflation rate higher last month, according to official figures. The annual inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose to 0.6% in July from 0.5% in June, the Office for National Statistics said.

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