As polling day approaches, it strikes me that the BBC has dropped any pretence of balance. It wants Miliband into 10 Downing Street and the propaganda machine is pumping out as much Pro Ed material as possible. It has sought to blame down the #Milistone farce from yesterday – even though The Guardian itself expressed disbelief in the limestone folly – and instead has led the news today with the Clegg attack line that Cameron told him in a private conversation that he did not belief that the Conservatives can win a majority. Meanwhile, Miliband keeps pretending that he CAN win a majority and Andrew Neill apart, the BBC complies with the fantasy. Until Friday.

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New month, new Open Thread. So, what was your view of BBC’s Question Time and Ask Nigel Farage programmes last evening? I get the impression this morning that the comrades seem a bit disappointed that Miliband gave the appearance of being less than enthusiastic for a pact with the SNP. Thoughts on this and any other issue of bias welcome here!

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I notice that the main BBC news portal has been augmented. There is usually a link at the top to each of the four home nations. But this has now been augmented and we now have an ALBA and a CYMRU.  Now, some may see this is the BBC simply providing Welsh and Scottish language enthusiasts with the opportunity to read the news in their language of choice? But where does it end? Should it also be in Polish, Irish, Bangladeshi? This strikes me as pandering to minority language obsessives. If you want to find out what is happening in England, Scotland Wales and N.Ireland how about you go on a website that tells you this in the language overwhelmingly spoken in this part of the UK?

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So, the BBC reports on the Conservative promise to curb tax rises during the duration of the next Parliament and the BBC dutifully reports the Labour accusation that this is “a gimmick”. The BBC reports on the meeting between Ed Miliband and Russell Brand and suggests it was ‘interesting” – no criticism reported so I guess everyone agrees with Ed? I suspect the BBC is just excited at the idea of these two socialist millionaires chilling out together to allow any scathing criticism of this stunt.

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A Biased BBC reader writes…

“There’s one hell of a story regarding BBC bias developing over at BBC Radio Nottingham.

The Nottingham area is the only place in the country (or entire western world) with a party seeking election who speak out to advance the human rights of men and boys. 2015 marks the political debut of the political party “Justice for men and Boys” and they have 2 candidates standing – Mike Buchanan and Ray Barry.

The BBC’s response to this historic political event has been shocking even by their standards. Firstly the only recent TV appearance of either Ray or Mike involved the former briefly debating a radical feminist which the BBC heavily edited.

Roughly a week after this appearance the BBC organised hustings debate on Radio Nottingham. Mike was invited to appear but was shocked to find out that the BBC had banned men from the audience and made women’s’issues the focus of the entire discussion, with the BBC even using a female host for the event! To compound matters further still, the BBC didn’t even invite Ray Barry to the hustings debate in his constituency.

Needless to say there is considerable outrage at what the BBC have done and Mike used the debate to attack the BBC’s blatant breaches of its charter. Their conduct amounts to very clear interference in the political process and they’ve quite blatantly sabotaged the J4M&B campaign by denying them the opportunity to discuss their manifesto nor engage with the vast majority of voters who they are targeting. The BBC’s behaviour has resulted in a situation whereby the party has not had a single second in which they have been able to discuss any male issue or engage with a single male voter! I guess a parallel for you part of the world would to be to put a Protestant candidate in front of an all-Catholic audience.

You can listen to the “discussion” here:
There’s some extremely biased coverage of the scandal by the Mirror, but the comments below the piece are well worth a read, with 67 condemning the BBC and one in support!
Further analysis in this video:

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My friend Jon Gaunt was on Newsnight last night discussing immigration and he has made a very revealing and interesting podcast on the experience here. Having done so many BBC “Interviews” myself over the years, I totally relate to the points Jon makes. It’s the contrivance, the clear imbalance and the horror when you say something that resonates with normal people but not their elitist view. Jon frequently talks about the institutional bias of the BBC and I would commend that you subscribe to his podcast.

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The Today programme in BBC Radio 4 excels itself each morning, launching attack after attack on the Conservatives. In essence it is reduced to an echo chamber for Labour talking points. I listened earlier to the BBC talk up Miliband’s ludicrous assertion that David Cameron is “partly” to blame for the masses exiting from Libya to European shores. The sneering logic is that because Cameron played a role in removing Ghadaffi then he is responsible for people smuggling in North Africa. On that basis, given that Labour presided over the invasions that led to chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq, can we reasonable assert that they are “partly” responsible for the deaths of millions? Can’t wait for the BBC to bring up this point…

The other point is that not all illegal immigrants (or “migrants” as the BBC chooses to call them) departing Libyan shores HAIL from Libya.  In fact it is documented that the come from a range of African countries. So why does the BBC never ask what the African Union is doing about this unfolding drama?

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I happened to watch Newsnight on BBC2 last night. It’s been a while and with good reason. The entire programme was one long extenuated assault on the Conservative Party. We had geo-political analysts such as “White Dee” (from Benefits Street) there to explain why Welfare reform is an evil. It is clear that the BBC has decided it must be EVERYTHING possible to help get Ed into Downing Street and with around two weeks to go, it is throwing ALL it can to ensure Cameron is “locked out” of Downing Street for the next five years as the Left run amok with their glove puppet Miliband installed as glorious leader.

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The displaced people should be thankful!

Guest post by Robin

“As an aside to the Hopkins and other immigration threads .

Calamities happen in the world , and movement of people’s is one of the consequences .

It could be a huge global catastrophe, or so localised it happens just  to you .
Now imagine your neighbours house burns down , so you offer his family succour for a period .
You think this is a temporary accommodation, until insurance or whatever sorts it out .
But your new intake gets permanent , and divides your house into separate quarters , or even — takes over your ( the )house and you have to move into the garage .
An implausible situation , but not on a global scale for many people in the world in times past , as Romans would testify  Where are the Romans today ?
The Britons had the same , but they are still with us , as they kept a toe hold in Cornwall , Brittany and God’s own country ; Wales . Much as a Welshman reveres the place , it cannot be disputed that they were forced to be there .
This was because the low lying areas where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes were living were being flooded and waves of invasions (or migratory) pressures from the East meant there was no land to settle in mainland Europe, so they invaded Britain .
This wasn’t welcomed . The Romano British didn’t say” Oh you’ve come to take over , no problem we’ll just move westward until your satisfied with the land grab you got .” There was resistance .
And thus it’s been throughout history , and the latest long running saga is with the Palestinians , who feel they have been replaced by Jews. A people who migrated for worse reasons than sea levels encroaching upon land .
The main point is what the Gramscis and BBC omit , that the mass movement of humanity from one part of the globe to another – apart from the USA for a limited period – is not a peaceful event .”

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