A B-BBC reader observes…

“The thing with the BBC is that their bias is always implicit rather than explicit. It isn’t easy to detect from close up, you have to look at the wider pattern in things and the hidden depths of bias that they aren’t even aware of themselves. The things people tweet are very revealing for instance. Now one tweet can be dismissed, but when people are tweeting thousands of things, patterns are there waiting to be discovered. I thought I’d start out by investigating Catrin Nye, famous for her Islamophobia debacle earlier this year.  I searched through all of her tweets and well, take a look at the image I created. A very clear pattern emerges of which newspapers she reads most often.screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-16-02-08

DV adds…

The Guardian and the BBC. Mirroring profound institutional leftism and biased to the core. One we have a choice as to whether we get it – the other forces itself upon us.

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A Biased BBC reader notes…cvnhltdxyaa3b1r

“Check out the five top stories on the BBC website as of right now (screen grab attached). Each one belittling, mocking and dismissing Trump.  You may as well be reading Clinton’s own website it is so skewed and biased. “Independent BBBC journalism” at its very worst”

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The BBC cannot help itself. Each day, it cries its Remainer Brexit tears and looks for consolation, anywhere it can find it. So the pro-EU pro Remain Sunday Telegraph is a friendly source on this occasion;

Boris Johnson has defended his writing of a pro-EU article days before he publicly backed Brexit, saying the article was “semi-parodic” and the UK’s decision to leave was right. In a newspaper column drafted in February, and now published by the Sunday Times, he suggested staying in the EU would be a “boon for the world”. Mr Johnson says he was “wrestling with the issue” at the time and was merely trying to make the “alternative case”.

Now then, Boris being two faced is perhaps a story (or not) but the BBC in their infinite wisdom elevate to the lead story in their news feed. Along with them propagating the whole fantasy “Soft Brexit vs Hard Brexit” the BBC continues to show contempt for the will of the British people.

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BBC leading their news this morning with the contention that Brexit means no Marmite in Tesco. They deliberately conflate a trade cost price conflict between Unilever and Tesco with the direct consequence of the Brexit vote. I wonder why the BBC didn’t ponder why when the Pound was rising Unilever prices did not fall? Too obvious?

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I don’t know if anyone else listened to the Today programme this morning? It was dreadful and this programme has now adopted a daily regime of “stories” that basically all pirouette around the following narratives.

  1. Why Brexit was wrong and we now all must pay for the folly of daring to vote LEAVE.
  2. Why Donald Trump is unfit to be President and Hillary Clinton is the safe pair of hands
  3. Why Labour under Corbyn is holding the Government to account and uniting Labour
  4. Why the NHS needs more cash
  5. Why we need to let in those inhabiting the Jungle in France

I am sick of it. The bias is stunning and blatant.

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If there is anything worse in the world than the BBC it is Ofcom, which seeks to help regulate the BBC! I was talking to James Whale about this story last night…

The BBC is “falling short” on serving older women and minority communities, the head of Ofcom has said. Media watchdog chief Sharon White said the corporation is “not doing as good a job as it should be” in these areas. “There is a gap there and it is a gap I would like to see closed over time,” she told the Financial Times.

A BBC spokesman said: “We don’t think any broadcaster does better in representing older women than the BBC.”

Here we have Ofcom actually encouraging the BBC to discriminate in favour of preferred groups, in this case older women and ethnic groups. As if the BBC does not already overly pander to these areas. Surely the person to get the job should be the best person based on their ability to do the job? I oppose discrimination on any grounds but it appears Ofcom, and now the BBC, will happily discriminate to ensure that Ms White’s wish is granted. Pathetic.

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From Guido…

“The BBC has guidelines about journalists mouthing off their left-wing views on Twitter, guidelines ignored by Danny Carpenter of BBC Look North, who has rip on Facebook about the government in a comment on a post by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party:”


Is there any doubt that Mr Carpenter speaks on behalf of more than a few of his BBC pals? Sack him.

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Here’s an interesting perspective on the whole “victim narrative” so central to the BBC provided by a Biased BBC reader.
“The Left-leaning media, led so  ably by the BBC, has been vocal pushing the victim narrative. It may start with good intentions – trying to overcome PERCEIVED societal injustices of a specific demographic – but the delusion is that these hacks and lobbyists are the next generation of suffragettes or civil rights pioneers. The modern take is not about changing the law, whether voting rights or civil rights, but increasingly about attaining a privileged ideological, social and societal status and, perhaps ultimately, power without democratic mandate.
This has been the agenda of third-way feminism, social justice warriors, Islamaphilia and, more recently, Black Lives Matters. To fuel this, media needs to paint a subgroup as oppressed. The Islamaphilia story is by far the most worrying.
One rule for one…
While Muslim undertak terrorist attacks or grope women or groom thousands of children for sexual assault or subjagate women, the media are quick to point out that this is not representative of Islam or it sources and #notallmuslims. The second point may be accurate but notice the focus is less on the primary problem, which is the much more serious issue of horrific violence and abuse and pushed onto the secondary issue of the Islamaphobic backlash. The victims are actually the innocent Muslims rather than the corpses or vulnuerable girls being abused. 
Now, contrast the output when innocent Muslims face a wrongdoing, perceived or genuine. In that instance, the incidents are totally representative and has everything to do with Islamaphobia. 
In the case of the BBC, it downplays, ignores or misreports genuine atrocities – see Rotherham rape gangs, terrorist attacks, Cologne sex attacks et al – to remove the Islam angle while, conversely, hysterically overblowing the Islam angle with any minor problems of mild to trivial prejudice, such as name calling, jokes or throwing a pig’s head at a mosque. None of these are nice but they are much less serious than rape, suicide bombings and murder, yet the Beeb seems to report every single incident as an example of Islamaphobia.

Continue reading

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Well, for once I really quite enjoyed listening to the BBC Today programme on Radio 4 this morning. Having ensured I watched the 2nd Presidential debate first, and knowing that Trump had steam rollered Clinton, I was ready to observe how the BBC would report this.

US presidential debate: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons

Oh wow, how very dare he!!! You could tell instantly that he had done well as the BBC kept wondering why he had not actually stood down from the Presidential race? According to the BBC, Clinton had not “landed a killer blow” on Trump and he was “down but not out” When you translate this it means…Trump won.

But the pussified BBC can’t bring themselves to say this so instead they continue their busted narrative. Meanwhile, here’s a great Trump quip to enjoy…

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Having spent the past few days hysterically joining in the mainstream media assault on Donald Trump, the BBC has been relentless in its bias. It seems that what was said in a private conversation nine years before he entered the political race is so bad, so repulsive, that the BBC has decided he must step down. Meanwhile it conveniently ignores this…

“Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt ‘f***ing ree-tards’ and referred to Jews as ‘stupid k***s’ while Bill called Jesse Jackson a ‘damned n****r,’ claims Bill’s former lover Dolly Kyle”

And if it’s “pussy” that is the issue try this….


Now, I find all this crudity distasteful BUT the fact is there is plenty on both sides to consider. The BBC only talks about the Trump side. That is my case against them, they are the pussified cuck media.


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