The BBC were working themselves into quite a state of euphoria over that handshake between IRA godfather Gerry Adams and Prince Charles in Galway yesterday. What sickened me MOST about a pretty revolting situation was the way in which the BBC coyly referenced Adams as leader of ..cough…”the Republican movement” without making it clear that he commanded the IRA terrorist campaign and would assuredly have been involved in the signoff of the murder of Lord Mountbatten all those years ago. The BBC is an agent for appeasement and for sanitising the bloody heritage of Adams and his vile cohorts. It sickens me.


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I am always disappointed but not surprised to read this sort of idiocy.


B-BBC reader Dave Ward responds…

“I am about to send a letter to the editor, but from past experience, this probably won’t get printed!

Dear Editor,

I assume that Steve Downes is trying his hand at comedy writing (EDP Opinion & Comment, 16th May), as I can’t believe his defence of the BBC is meant to be serious. He claims to “Know full well if I’m on the receiving end of biased, skewed reporting” and “Never for a moment have I suspected the BBC of such a crime”. I can only suggest he removes the welding goggles coving his rose tinted spectacles, and looks further. For a start, their daily “The Papers” TV programme – the backdrop for this features a number of titles, and right at the top is the only UK example, The Guardian. If that isn’t more than a little biased to the left, I don’t know what is. The BBC fought a long battle against a FOI request enquiring about the “experts” advising them on climate issues. When this effort failed it soon became apparent why: The BBC does indeed produce some wonderful specialist programmes, but their news and current affairs output can no longer be trusted, and the 1,000’s of viewers cancelling TV licences shows I’m not alone in that view. Mr Downes might also focus on what they don’t cover, as well as what they do. It is high time the organisation was given a shake-up.

At one time the EDP was fairly right wing, on account of its circulation area, but since a “night of the long knives” clear out of editorial staff it is now just as left wing as sister paper the Norwich Evening News. Both are part of the Archant publishing group, which we know contains a number of Common Purpose “graduates”, and clearly sucks up to the UEA which has many more. ”

Good to confront those who grovel to the BBC.

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Oh my aching sides. And it was ALL going so well with the BBC relentlessly focusing on UKIP conflicts when suddenly, the “British Obama” Chuka Umunna decides he is stepping down from the Labour leadership race, having announced he was entering on Tuesday! BBC in tears…..

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This is initially encouraging;

The Conservative MP appointed by David Cameron to oversee the future of the BBC believes the licence fee is “unsustainable” and “worse than a poll tax”. John Whittingdale, who has been appointed as Culture Secretary, said in October that the compulsory charge to fund the BBC should be eventually ended.

“It’s actually worse than a poll tax because under the poll tax, if you were on a very low income you would get a considerable subsidy,” he said. “The BBC licence fee, there is no means-tested element whatsoever; it doesn’t matter how poor you are, you pay £145.50 and go to prison if you don’t pay it. “I think in the longer term we are potentially looking at reducing at least a proportion of the licence fee that is compulsory and offering choice …”

And then he goes and spoils it by saying…

When I say it’s unsustainable I am talking about over 20-50 years.”

It’s unsustainable RIGHT now! The BBC is already campaigning for the return of Labour in 2020 and NOW is the time for the Conservatives to strike.

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Anyone else listened to BBC 5 Live today? It sounded to me like they were having a collective emotional breakdown following the trouncing of Labour. There was a stream of Labour and SNP mouthpieces on to assure us that whilst Cameron has a “thin” majority, in-fighting over the EU will destroy this. The SNP rabble were allowed to spout about “forcing” the UK Government to accept their “anti-austerity” agenda. It’s amazing to witness all this turmoil within the BBC. I also listened to the BBC Nolan Show and Stephen Nolan was leading the revolt against “Tory cuts that will affect the ..cough..most vulnerable”. The truth is that the BBC was a cheerleader for Labour and like Labour, it has been confounded by the voice of the people. Great to see and hear.

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Anyone else seen Chuka Umunna interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning? I was amazed at the easy ride he was given by Marr and how he was even able to get away with saying that Labour had NOT mismanaged the economy the last time they were in power! London-based liberal elitists such as Umunna appeal to the BBC – even better that he is black. Whether the trade unions are quite as indulgent we will see. It was touching to see Umunna and Mandelson unite around the vital need for the UK to stay in the EU  – with Andrew Marr’s smiling agreement.

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I see the BBC leads its new bulletin the day before the General Election with an anti-UKIP story. It’s been quite remarkable to see how the State Broadcaster has done everything possible to marginalise the Party that won the European poll just last year. Anyway, here’s an Open Thread for you.

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