An enraged Biased BBC reader sent me this regarding the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning;

27/7/16 BBC Today programme. Discussing the murder of Father Jacques Hamel.

“John Humphries played back a recorded interview he did with a French philosopher who blamed Israel for creating the motivation for the cowardly murder. Humphries had editorial discretion on airing this pre-recorded interview and by his doing so reinforced the deliberate political correctness narrative of ‘terrorists are the victims’. Never once in 10 minutes of his broadcast did Humphries mention the word Islam let alone its teachings as a motivator of the murders. [Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”]

Humphries went onto challenge, in the same interview, a French government minister about the banning of face coverings in public places in France as being in part responsible for the terrorism.

The BBC yet again is putting our lives in danger with their left wing denial of terrorist cause and motivation.”

I agree with this entirely. The BBC are pushing the bizarre narrative that when Hollande “declared war on Islamic extremism” he has triggered Islamic extremism. Only the BBC could find this a logical conclusion but then again, and as I repeatedly point out, they really are Islam’s little helpers. Agree?

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I suppose this item on the BBC was inevitable. From the TODAY schedule earlier..

“The right wing German party Alternatif fur Deutschland says the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is responsible for bringing terror to Germany through her open door refugee policy. But most other German politicians have stopped short of linking the recent attacks to the Middle East. Dr Peter Ammon is the German Ambassador to the UK.”

It’s really amazing to watch the European political establishment and the media, including the BBC of course, deny reality. We see the German Police twist in the wind as they think up all kinds of ludicrous excuses to cover the simple fact that Merkel’s Open Borders policy has been a catastrophic disaster that may engulf Germany into Germanistan.

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Well then, last week saw the BBC sneer it’s way through the GOP conference in Cleveland. The Comrades were all over the event, seeking to emphasise division, flag up plagiarism and above all seek to damage Trump. This week sees the Democrat convention in Philly and the coronation of Hillary Clinton, the BBC’s preferred Presidential candidate. The problem is that she is PROFOUNDLY mired in scandal and loathed by those Bernie Sanders radical leftists so  -what to do? The BBC wheels in that loathsome long time Clinton apologist Sidney Blumenthal on BBC Radio 4 Today at 6.55am to inform us that Hillary is the candidate who does not come from privilege (She’s filthy rich) and that she is beating Trump in most of the polls. (She isn’t, he leads her in several, including Ohio) and that everyone will rally behind her when they finally get to see the “real” Hillary on stage. Classic Clintonian denialism and fully embraced by an uncritical cheerleading BBC. In my opinion. If you think the BBC had a melt down when we voted to BREXIT can you imagine their horror at a President Trump?

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Well, this is a tricky one for Al Beeb.

A failed Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up and injured 12 other people with a backpack bomb near a festival in the south German town of Ansbach.

How to sanitise?

The state of Bavaria’s interior minister said the 27-year-old man had detonated the device after being refused entry to the music festival.

If only he had been let it, right? Also, if only he not been turned down for Asylum. The sheer frequency of these acts of violence by Muslim immigrants is getting the BBC to the point where it can no longer cover for them. The Lone Wolf explanation is wearing very thin.

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Kelvin McKenzie got himself into a lot of trouble in recent times by writing an eminently sensible column on the utter crassness of Channel 4 using a Hijab wearing news presenter to cover the slaughter of 84 innocents by a Jihadist on the promenade in Nice.


The BBC has picked up on this and is running with the notion this is somehow “hate speech” because a bunch of bed wetting snowflakes have had their feelings hurt. I have been on BBC London twice in the past few days to a/ Defend freedom of expression b/Suggest that Channel 4 are professional media provocateurs and c/ The Hijab is arguably a political as well as a religious expression and has NO place in a publicly funded broadcaster such as the BBC. I went on to add that so many of those who bleat about the need for “diversity” seem to have  a nervous breakdown when that is extended to diversity of opinion! I bet the BBC would love to emulate Channel 4!

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The BBC really is wretched. In the past few days, Germany has been at the receiving end of two terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims. The BBC’s treatment of these attacks has appalled me.

The Munich shopping centre massacre posed a few problems so initially the BBC postulated that the attacks was most likely carried out by some “far right neo Nazi” type, enraged about the wonderful multiculturalism Merkel has visited upon the country. That balloon popped when it became apparent the killer was a Muslim, or a “German-Iranian” as the BBC prefers. His name was Ali Dawed Sombol or “David Somboly” as the dhimmfied BBC prefer to call him. Nine lives lost. BBC narrative morphed from him being initially a “far right neo Nazi” to instead being a sort of bizarre “Anders Breivik” tribute act. God forbid he is described as JUST another angry murderous Muslim. I spotted this earlier, NOT on the MSM.

“Investigators are now discounting previous statements the shooter had researched the massacre by A. Breivik”

Gosh, I never seen that coming. So, the new media narrative is the poor fellow was bullied and had a keen interest in massacres. I see. He was also a lone wolf. Until….

Munich police arrest 16-year-old friend of the attacker who killed nine people in the city on Friday

Two lone wolves?

Then came the news that a pregnant woman was hacked to death and two others injured in the German town of Reutlingen by a  …Syrian “refugee”. The BBC chose NOT to cover this story in ANY way on its 6.30pam and 10.00pm TV News . This cartoon sums the whole damn thing up well.


The BBC does everything possible to sanitise Islamic Jihad across Europe. In that regard it IS part of the problem we face. Agree?

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Well then, if you wondered where I have been since Thursday night, the answer is – RELISHING the sour faces of the BBC and the rest of our supine pro EU media. I sat up all night to watch the results in the Referendum come flowing. Much wine was consumed! What joy. At first the BBC were determined to suggest that Newcastle and Sunderland were “outlier” results, and that the Remain vote would be better elsewhere. And the hours went by and their mood got gloomier! It was delicious to see them get sadder and sadder and even London could not safe the cause. And all the pro Remain shills they rolled in were in glorious denial until the point where it became obvious even to them that they had LOST and the UK had won. Superb.

Since then, the BBC is now leading the charge against “older people” for betraying the “yoof”! They are also hyping up the petulance from Brussels. It has been a fantastic 48 hours to watch these rabid Europhile shills having to face the fact that we are leaving their precious EU.

On a separate note, this will be my last post for three weeks. I am off to California tomorrow and will not be in a position to write for the subsequent three weeks. I am delighted to say that we have a few new moderators to cover things and help Alan in my absence. I wish them and you all the very best and for goodness sake let’s keep holding the BBC to account. They took a big blow on Thursday night and I predict much venom from them in the weeks ahead.

Until we next meet, BYE!

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A B-BBC reader writes to me and observes;

“Breakfast at BBC spinning again. Reporting last nights debate on brexit the disgraceful tirades and endless interjections by Remain were reported as “Leave lacked passion” whilst the aggressive ibehavior of Remain was called “passion” Even today Remain is given the last word Boris 7.10 Cameron 7.40″

I agree. In fact what really irritated me was the shameful way Dan Hanaan was asked if he agreed with Nicola Sturgeon that the death of Jo Cox may well influence the Vote tomorrow. He was very diplomatic in his response but he felt it was ‘inappropriate” and so it was. Except the BBC are hell bent to use the tragic death of this MP to advance the REMAIN narrative.

See this as a further wolf whistle.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 18.44.09

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With just a few days to until Polling Day, the BBC is doing its utmost to ensure that any awkward stories that could sway voters to VOTING LEAVE are muted. So it was in Calais last night. I started to get messages from people in that area who could see illegal migrants attacking cars, firing stones and presenting danger to life. And HOW, you might ask, did the BBC choose to cover this in the teeth of the riot last night? Well, it was a “power cut” 

Today it is now clear exactly what was going on – a full-scale riot by the same immigrants that the Remain camp are insisting are so vulnerable and in need of our country for “sanctuary” What a scam.

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