The decapitation of US journalist James Foley has caused a stirring at the BBC. I was on BBC London this morning and asked if I though the fact that the man who murdered Mr Foley spoke with a London accent was shocking. I said no, and am surprised anyone could be surprised at this. Last year, in LONDON, we saw the virtual decapitation of Lee Rigby by two “British” Muslims so why are we shocked when they travel abroad and do the same thing? It’s a bit like ISIL. The BBC are now rowing in behind the new US position that this Jihad cancer has to be tackled in Syria AS WELL as Iraq. Obama continues to lead from behind and yet the BBC compliantly present this as ground breaking initiatives from President Narcissus. Look, of COURSE ISIL need tackled in Syria but the West was too busy arming them to do that. Of course the UK exports Jihad.  No one can be shocked at these things although we can be disgusted and angered and outraged. But in the salons of the chattering classes, it seems to cause at least a murmur that Islamists can be savage. Did they sleep through 9/11 and every subsequent year?

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Anyone catch Jesse Jackson on Today this morning? He was on at 7.17am. It’s amazing the way the BBC are portraying this outbreak of violence…they refer to it as being ‘almost a natural disaster”.  Along with other race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jackson was playing the “poor oppressed minority” that have no choice but to…..riot, vandalise, loot, fire at police. For some reason, the BBC chose not to ask Jackson about the 7 black people shot dead in Chicago over the weekend by…yes, other black people.  The spirit of Martin Luther King was invoked in one vox pop section!!!! Stunning. The BBC’s Justin Webb suggested that this rampage of violence was caused by slavery. How helpful.

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I rarely listen to the BBC “PM’ drive programme but had the misfortune to do so earlier this evening.

The BBC choose to repeat renewed violence in Gaza in the following way; “Israel has carried out attacks on Gaza after accusing Hamas of violating the cease-fire but Hamas denied firing them”…got it?  Cause and effect, eh BBC?

Next there was a remarkable item on the Ferguson riots in Illinois. There were two commentators invited on to discuss. Esther Armah  and Gabby Silverman. Ester was race hustling on a mega scale drawing connections all the way back to Slavery, damning white racism and painting Michael Brown as a latter day saint.  Listen here at 10minutes in. Quite incredible reverse racism from Armah. I noted that on the Today programme, slavery was also trotted out as the core reason for the riots. Nothing to do with opportunistic thugs seeking to loot and cause damage. No way.

Then, a heated debate on why David Cameron is on holiday. The big issues.

Fair and balanced, as ever.

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Hi everyone. Time for a new Open Thread to see us into the week. Please keep your comments on topic – BBC bias. Please keep your comments polite and do ensure that a  combination of civility, wit and perspicuity will ensure this remains THE premier site for detailing the appalling bias of the State Broadcaster. Clear? Off you go – the floor is yours!

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Just what have the BBC been getting up to with regard to the Cliff Richards story?

‘The BBC was plunged into a new crisis last night after it was publicly blasted by police over its role in the shock Sir Cliff Richard sex abuse investigation. In an extraordinary attack on the broadcaster’s standards, furious South Yorkshire Police accused the Corporation of breaking its own guidelines.

The force took the highly unusual step of announcing it had written an official letter of complaint to Director-General Lord Tony Hall over the Corporation’s controversial coverage of the case. The BBC caused a sensation with its coverage when the star’s Berkshire penthouse was searched for five hours last week.

The force revealed it had been contacted ‘weeks ago’ by a BBC reporter who had found out about their ongoing top-secret investigation into shock allegations that Sir Cliff had sexually assaulted a boy at a 1980s concert.  In an astonishing statement published late yesterday, police said they had been ‘reluctant’ to co-operate with the broadcaster but believed if they did not, the BBC would run the story anyway, potentially jeopardising the highly sensitive investigation.”

Now, someone is spinning here. Is it South Yorks, is it the BBC?

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Seen this?

BBC bosses have refused to apologise after a tribute story to paedophile Jimmy Savile appeared second on a list of ‘most popular’ stories on its website – below coverage of the death of Robin Williams.  Twitter users expressed outrage as the Savile story, filed hours after his death on October 29, 2011, suddenly appeared on the website and shot up the most read story list this morning. The BBC said it was because it had been shared through social media and was automatically added to the BBC’s most viewed story list as it rose up the charts.

I was discussing this with Jon Gaunt over on Fubarr Radio earlier and my point is that I really do believe that the BBC still don’t quite “get” the fact that for DECADES they sheltered one of the most notorious paedophiles this country has ever seen. Sure, they cannot be held responsible for whatever story from the past trends on social media – I get that – but they should still come out and express some contrition over THEIR star – the predatory monster Savile! Thoughts?

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I see that BBC continues to echo Hamas PR by stating “More than 1,900 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed in four weeks of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, the UN says” Where does the UN get these figures, BBC? Since you claim to be all about investigative journalism, I am sure you would seek to be sure of your sources. Or, is it just possible that along with the UN, you have a predetermined narrative that requires Israel being portrayed as the bully?

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