Here’s an excellent take on the BBC’s coverage of the Hillsborough Inquest.

“Strange ‘bunch’ our old chums at the BBC. Having ignored South Yorkshire police’s many failings with regards to the Muslim paedophile grooming gangs in Rotherham, in the light of the Hillsborough inquest, they are now vilifying the force with something verging on glee.

For well over a decade, if you recall, South Yorks constabulary (and others) covered up the appalling sexual exploitation of some 1,500 under-age girls in and around the city of Rotherham.

As dereliction of duties go – leaving vulnerable girls to be sexually exploited by marauding gangs of Muslims – it takes some beating. Not according to the good old BBC. The astounding actions of South Yorkshire constabulary were quietly swept under the plush, BBC carpet. How strange.”

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Here’s an interesting comment from one of our regular readers;

“EU all sound bites and slogans but no facts.

When will the BBC and other media outlets start to put some facts either in graphical or diagrammatic form to back up opinions and statements ? Any presentation would be welcome

It would appear their elitism extends to the point whereupon they believe the electorate and general public ” cannot understand complex matters”. For example what does ” we are better in than out mean”
or ” we shall be able to govern ourselves” actually refer to ?
The debate homes in on the following areas: Sovereignty; Trade; Immigration; EU Economics and Financing including contributions and rebates.
To date I have not witnessed one rational, reasoned argument backed up by indisputable facts. Is it completely beyond the wit for BBC Journos to shed their inbuilt, personal agenda to open the debate we all want ? Soon as someone voices an opinion that rubs them up the wrong way, they interrupt constantly and then side line into personalties and opinions. Pathetic.

British Steel ;Watched John Humphrey using phrases such as ” Yesterdays production cannot be valid in the future” Since when was he ever an expert in steel production and manufacturing. Simple factual research will show that Nissan, and Vauxhall use 50% of Port Talbot output. The onerous business, and green taxes in the UK are far higher than Sweden Germany, USA or France. That is a main contributor to 1 Million a day losses in addition to China keeping their work force happy to avoid unrest by dumping cheap steel.

Why don’t we have referendum on the BBC to see how many people today agree with the licence fee ? Then we can watch the smugness and supercilious similes get wiped off their faces as they face mass redundancy without a hint of compassion.

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A B-BBC reader writes;

“On the BBC World Home page today. One of the ‘Most Popular’ news item in the list was apparently this one: “Hillsborough Justice hailed but not on front of Sun”. You go into look and yes that’s correct and not very sensible of The Sun. The Sun has a piece instead about an EU Cover Up/David Cameron.

BBC bias is getting ridiculous and as I am forced to pay for the privilege of the BBC, which I never watch, I am sick to death of having their (the Governments) bias shoved down my throat at every opportunity. This story is most popular because the BBC highlighted it in the list with an incitative tagline. Strange how their mention of the recent Dutch Referendum was barely mentioned but popular on all other news sites around the world.”

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Hi all. Monday morning comes early and this is a NEW Open thread for you to detail the bias. The BBC have spent the last few days salivating over the Obama visit so I took some pleasure when I was on BBC5 Live on Saturday night pointing out that no one with any sense would pay attention to this has-been Brit Hater, deployed by Cameron in a desperate effort to scare us into staying in the EU. I also think it interesting to read that Andrew Neil has discovered that there is NO queue of any Nations seeking to obtain a free trade deal with the US.

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The BBC have been so busy facilitating Osborne’s latest Project Fear wheeze that we will all be several thousands pounds worse off by 2030, that it seems to have missed this, as a Biased BBC reader draws to my eye;

Why has the BBC ignored this?

Banks in the eurozone have a £715billion black hole in their books, posing serious danger to the stability of the European and global economy. In a hard-hitting report, the International Monetary Fund accused the EU of failing to address the huge problems affecting European banks.

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A Biased BBC contributor shared this with me.

“I thought you might be interested in the email below which was just sent out to BBC News staff. Jasmine Williams is also known as Jasmine Lawrence, and these links show what she did ahead of the European and local elections in 2014. Interesting to see the BBC promoting her just before the EU referendum!

This email is being sent to everyone in BBC News on behalf of James Stephenson, News Editor

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce that Jasmine Williams has been appointed as Deputy News Editor on a year’s attachment. She is currently an Assistant Editor on the News Channel, where she has combined editing with a substantial planning role. Jasmine has a wealth of experience working across platforms as a news editor and deployment editor on the desk, planning editor and assignment editor.

Jasmine will be sharing the weekend news editor role and the planning editor role with Toby Castle, rotating between the two sides of the job each month. She will be taking up her new role in May.


What joy and not a hint of bias. No Sirree!

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Here is a guest post from Nibor…

“As the Battle of Brexit moves into higher and higher gear the selective reporting by the Beeb would be worthy of a Panorama, Cause For Concern , Analysis or even better a Crimewatch programme by itself.

Today there has been several ” luminaries ” on the BBC radio explaining why we should never leave the EU including a conceited woman who runs a large multinational who opines that she knows what they are thinking on the continent because she is important in some business dealings there .
She maybe right . She maybe half right . She maybe be totally wrong .
The trouble is one of perspective .

A She who speaks preponderantly to other luminaries in the multinational business world will gauge her outlook on that . Now I run up and down the country and abroad and and get a different perspective . In good old Blighty , I would declare that eight out of ten opinion owners who expressed a preference want out. Mind you I can be a bit forceful at times , and agreeing with me , signing the paperwork for loads delivered and expediting my egress from the premises means their break times are not missed . A trick that can be used by any marketing company or the BBC .
At least my vox poll is not tainted by direct reward for remaining in or leaving the EU . For sure there are the unquantifiable consequences of Brexit ; more or less taxes , more or less jobs , more or less “influence ” ( for that read civil servants and ministers ) , more or less security . These are debated by the two sides .What though , if you know the outcome has a definite effect on your wallet , like the first in a horse race you have bet on ?

Page 18 of the Sunday Times should be given prominence , which is an issue the BBC would omit . EU tax judgements could cost Britain £50bn . If you read the small article another way to headline it is ; Some companies will get money if Britain remains in the EU . Quite right and proper for the companies and their duties to shareholders , but why don’t we get such facts from the lefty BBC ?’

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