There must be great consternation at the BBC as the Corbyn “led” Labour party falls into absolute chaos. We all saw Shadow Chancellor McDonnell screw up his response to the Autumn Statement by quoting Chairman Mao. Now I see there is clip of Diane Abbott saying “on balance Mao did more good than bad”. Meanwhile Ken Livingstone excuses the 7/7 bombers by saying “they gave their lives” to stop the Iraq war. And of course the dear Leader himself is causing a massive fracture in the PLP by insisting he will not support any military action against Islamic State. It’s a horror of a week and the BBC must be aghast that the brave new world of principled socialism promised by the Corbynistas is just one more myth that even the BBC can’t keep peddling.

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Well then, the BBC and Labour have been completely wrong footed by Osborne in his Autumn Statement. BOTH have been predicting an apocalypse if the Tax Credit changes and Policing budget cuts were implemented today. The comrades in the BBC seem shattered at Osborne’s unexpected nimble footedness and it fell to John McDonnell to respond and he did. In aces! He produced a copy (His personal copy?) of Mao’s little Red Book and quoted from it. The BBC may approve of this but the rest of the country is in convulsions. Corby and McDonnell are destroying Labour as a serious political opposition and that’s why Osborne keeps moving slightly more to the Left. I wonder if the BBC see this? The Corbynistas are blind to it but comes 2020, I suggest Labour will meltdown and I wonder where THAT will leave its broadcasting arm, the BBC?CUqZ-pcWIAAIwJU

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The BBC faithfully reports;

A boy who was arrested for taking a homemade clock to class is seeking $15m (£10m) from his city and school.  Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was held by police and suspended from his school in Texas because his teacher mistook the clock for a bomb. His lawyer said in a letter that the incident, which made global headlines, sparked threats against the teenager and left him deeply traumatised.

The entire tone of the BBC is biased TOWARDS Mohamed (sic) so I will allow Richard Dawkins to posit a voice the BBC will not tolerate;

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Got to love the way the BBC lobbies for “change” on the basis there must be no change.

Licence fee payers should be given a vote on any attempt by ministers to cut the BBC down to size, the corporation’s director-general will say today.

Oh really? Gosh, that’s a very brave thing to say. Except….

In a speech to business leaders, Lord Hall will propose any major changes to the broadcaster must be approved by a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament, plus an online public poll, in a “dual lock” to prevent fundamental changes to the BBC taking place without public consent.

So, in other words, Lord Hall is seeking to construct multiple levels of defence for his bloated biased organisation. It then gets worse…

Lord Hall will call for an 11-year charter, so that discussions no longer coincide with general elections, “stopping the corporation from planning or investing in any long-term, sustainable way”. He will warn the BBC’s independence has suffered “20 years of gradual erosion” and add: “We can still offer our audiences a better BBC for less. But not if we are bound down. Not if, having cut our money, the Charter also cuts our creative freedom.”

What Lord Hall wants is immunity from any sense of responsibility and the chance for the broadcasting arm of Labour to freely agitate with impunity against this and the next Conservative government at OUR expense. I’ll be chatting to Jon Gaunt about all of this later this morning and my point is that the BBC has been protected for far too long, it remains a bloated monstrosity that needs forcibly detached from the drug of the license tax it imposes on us.

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The Labour Party may be totally ineffective against the Conservatives but it still has assets and none greater than the Junior Doctors in the NHS. The BBC has gleefully been pushing their narrative that the “evil” Jeremy Hunt is slashing their wages and making things dangerous to patients. As you will know, the reverse is true. Junior Doctors are in the top 10% of earners in the UL, they have been offered a double digit base salary increase so long as they accept a reduction in the dangerous and vast overtime hours they work. Their union, the BMA, rejects this and so a strike now looms.

I am sure you will have seen this story also…

“The actors that play the doctors in Holby City have offered their full support in the row over new contracts for medics.   Several big names from the BBC hospital drama have already spoken out in support of action including Rosie Marcel, who has played the surgeon Jac Naylor since 2005.”

It was Von Clausewitz who observed that “War is a mere continuation of politics by other means”  My contention that the NHS is Labour by other means and the BBC knows exactly what it is doing. The NHS is vast bloated monolith and far too many within it are Labour partisans. They are quite happy to emotionally blackmail us with the withdrawal of their services and the BBC is happy to assist.

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You MIGHT have thought that when a senior Labour figure who aspires to be Chancellor of the Exchequer signs up to an agenda calling for MI5 to be disbanded and the Police disarmed, it might merit some serious time on the main BBC news. Forget it. John McDonnell has been caught again – in quite spectacular fashion and yet apart from the Daily Politics, the main BBC news deems this is not really a story. Quite REMARKABLE.

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Ok – the weekend beckons and time for a new one of these Open Threads for you to complete. I wrote something very similar one week ago and then watched the horrific events unfold in Paris. One week on, the BBC have reverted to the hateful but predictable mantra that Islam is the victim and that we can only defeat it by ..doing nothing. Anyway, the floor is yours….

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Man dies in male prison.

Sad to hear, suicide always is, but the BBC chooses this headline for another reason.

A transgender woman who told her friends she would kill herself if she was sent to a male prison has been found dead in jail. Vicky Thompson, 21, was being held at Armley, Leeds, where she was pronounced dead on Friday. Friends of Thompson, who was born male but had identified as female since her mid-teens, said she had asked to be sent to a female prison.

Well for starters,  he could “identify” as a Martian if he wanted, but he was biologically a male. The BBC is to the fore in suggesting that just because someone “identifies” as something then they ARE it! I recall taking part in a BBC discussion about the ludicrous claims from Rachel Dolezal that she “identified” as being Black, when  she was white. I felt great hostility for pointing out the simple truth that it doesn’t matter she she thinks, it only matters what she IS. Same in this case. The prison authorities are not to blame.

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I think many readers of this site may agree with me that the BBC Question Time that was broadcast a few days AFTER 9/11 was perhaps one of the most shameful examples ever of BBC bias. As what remained of the bodies were still lying in the ruins of the Twin Towers, the howls of anger AGAINST America from the BBC “selected” audience virtually reduced that US ambassador to Britain, who was on the panel, to tears.

Well, I watched Question Time last night, and was disgusted with the Panel and the vile audience. Given that it was once more from Londonistan, Islamic State were assured an easy ride and so it proved. There seemed to be a consensus that Assad, NOT Islamic State, was the pressing problem. So insisted a lady wearing a muslim veil in the audience. Mehdi Hasan’s dissembling was met with roaring applause, and Anna Soubry was anaemic at best. There was no voice that strongly called Islamic State for the murdering Islamic killers they are. There were NUMEROUS voices telling us that Muslims suffer the most after these events. Incredible stuff from the BBC.

The ONLY thing that cheered was up was the first one and half minutes of THIS WEEK and Andrew Neil’s bravura performance. Had he said it on Question Time, I am sure it would have been met with…silence.

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