The BBC is running stories sympathetic to transexuals on a virtually daily basis.

“When lifelong Republican Jennifer Williams arrived at the party’s National Convention in Cleveland this summer, she felt nervous. Although she was excited to be an honorary delegate for New Jersey, she was worried about how others would respond to her.

She had attended many political events before this, including both of President George W Bush’s inaugurations, but this was to be her first party convention – and one of the first political gatherings she would attend as Jennifer.

As the sole transgender delegate at the event, so far as she could tell, she knew there was a possibility some would not welcome her with open arms.

“I was wary of my surroundings” she says.  “But I did allow myself extra time to find a less crowded bathroom whenever I could and always made sure to confidently smile and chat.”

This elevation of these poor mentally conflicted people is now a daily part of the BBC agenda.

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The BBC coverage of last evening’s first US presidential debate was as pro-Clinton as I expected. It reminds me so much of the run up to the EU referendum, the BBC is smugly confident that their side will win. I will delight when Trump prevails and they are forced to go into another bout if sustained denial. Your thoughts?

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Rarely does a day go by without the BBC running one if its strange freak family stories. Take this one currently in the limelight.

The transgender family where the father gave birth. (He didn’t – “he” is a she despite the BBC running with the nonsense. DV)

Meet one of South America’s most high-profile transgender families. “We don’t have a name yet – or rather we do – we are just waiting to announce it,” Diane tells me, not looking up from tapping at her mobile phone with her perfectly manicured false nails. The choice will be controversial and she and her partner want to wait until everything has calmed down.

It’s Pride Week in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. I’m driving Diane Rodriguez, her partner Fernando and their six-week-old baby – known affectionately for now only as Caraote – which means “the snail”. Tomorrow is the big march and they are whizzing around town finalising paperwork for their float.  Diane and Fernando are South America’s most high-profile transgender couple. For many, they are a symbol of growing tolerance in the region.”

Why does the BBC obsess over these poor mentally disturbed people? Why are they on mission to laud every form of family unit but one man and one woman? Why do they approve of a family when it is not a heterosexual one? I believe the BBC is marinated in anti nuclear-family rhetoric and so it embraces these “gender fluid” and Trans free shows.

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You have to laugh at the shining bias of the BBC’s Norman Lamb. He was on the Today programme this morning to tell us all about that divided and strife torn political party. Labour? Oh no – the Conservatives! He was doing his level best to big up the allegations in the book by Tim Shipman that Theresa May she was “lily livered” over immigration. Meanwhile the all too obvious rancour and despair at the Labour party conference was casually swept under the carpet as all “unite” under the dear leader Comrade Corbyn. Lamb stuck the boot into May and her Party at every opportunity. One assumes that THIS poll must drive Lamb and his associates to despair! The BBC seethe against May and are rallying under Corbyn’s Red Flag.


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So predictable. Ever since June 23rd the BBC have been PRAYING (to Allah?) for some grim economic news that they can hang on the Brexit decision. Entertainly, economic conditions continue to be positive which clearly annoys the BBC. So their new position is that whilst Economic Armageddon did not happen in the way so many of their “experts” warned us, it still could. Hence the way they downgrade  good news and add a future warning. They are so desperate for the UK economy to grind to a halt. Instead it keeps on moving forward!

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Another great joining-the-dots insight by a B_BBC reader…

“A very interesting development in terms of the BBC’s transparancy on trans (and bias in general).  The BBC website is running the to-be-expected formulaic propaganda story about how amazing transgenderism is. I won’t bother deconstructing the whole article (although I have to cite the hilarious line: “She is a trans person who has scorned societal labels by refusing gender reassignment…”) but it is written by Olivia Crellin, who states she works for the BBC.  After trawling through the piece, there is something at the foot of the article that caught my eye: “This article was made possible through a grant to the author from the One World Media foundation.” A BBC employee is being PAID by a third-party special interest entity to write a blatantly biased material (that was pitched to them: 2016 Production Fund | One World Media) to push a specific social agenda…

At last, the Beeb finally admits it.”

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It’s almost as if with the EU referendum out of the way, the BBC has decided that it can blatantly show it’s slavish pro EU bias. Last week saw BBC Question Time having FOUR our of FIVE panelists who were pro-Remain. Last night saw Question Time having THREE out of FIVE PANELISTS being pro-EU. It’s as if they just can’t bring themselves to accept that the majority of Brits said GOODBYE to an EU future and so they comfort themselves by weighting their “experts” to ensure that the bitter weeping butt hurt Remainers always are in the majority.

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Very instructive observation here from an eagle eyed B-BBC reader.

“If you check the credits for the BBC2 propaganda piece on brexit, you’ll see that the executive producer is Nick Kent. That would be the same Nick Kent who made a public anti-brexit diatribe on his facebook page 2 days after the referendum. You can easily confirm the identity for this profile by looking through his friends list at the other BBC and TV elite that he is friends with, as well as the fact that he likes the page for the  Oxford Film and Television company.

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The BBC is to the fore in propagandising for the UK to take as many of those “poor vulnerable Syrians” in the Calais Jungle as possible. There is hardly a day goes by without the BBC spinning this story any way it can think of to engender our sympathy for those in that camp. So, isn’t it a bit peculiar the world class journalists at the BBC (Coughs) seem to have overlooked this social networl allegation nugget?

“According to French sources today the Calais Jungle is 43% Sudanese, 33% Afghan, 9% Eritrean, 7% Pakistani and just 1% Syrian.”

Now this may or may not be the case but surely a fundamental piece of research would be to accurately look at the make up of those illegal migrants in this camp?

The BBC also seems to have gone cold on this line of enquiry and it’s in the left wing media!!!

Volunteers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees and even child migrants. The Independent has discovered a serious row has broken out among some unpaid charity workers at the camp in northern France, with some believing forging sexual relationships with adult refugees is natural in such circumstances, while others say it breaches all usual codes of conduct. One man who raised the alarm was later subjected to a barrage of online abuse.

So, basically the leftist volunteers are shagging the immigrants because it is “natural”

Can’t wait for the BBC to cover!

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The BBC is so BIASED against Donald Trump and in favour of Hillary Clinton that is now way beyond parody. It virtually ignores the fact that Clinton is either sleeping or fainting and jumps on every possible opportunity to attack Trump. Today it is the skittles comparison of “Syrian” immigrants his son made here. Trump Junior might have added imagine that half the skittles aren’t skittles in the first place and that the ingredients in these skittles are specifically designed to poison you. It was the same over the New York bombing of the past few days – the BBC ignored the zombie like Clinton quality of her response to the bombings and instead portrayed Trump as a an extremist. Clinton used it to reiterate her view Islam is warm and cuddly – a line the BBC likes to run with despite all the evidence – whereas Trump pointed out it proved immigration process does NOT work. Trump can do no RIGHT and Clinton no wrong. I sincerely hope Trump wins so they all have a nervous breakdown.

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