BBC coverage of all things Israel is always cutting edge bias! I am aware that a rally had been organised to PROTEST against this but I understand thus has been moved. See below.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us about our rally to protest media bias against Israel. This is an incredibly important issue, especially in the wake of Operation Protective Edge.

Unfortunately, the date proposed for the rally coincides with that of the Scottish referendum, one of the biggest news stories of the year. As we have approached the date, many of our supporters have contacted us with their concerns that our rally would therefore not have the impact it deserves.

In light of this, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the rally until after the referendum. We will be releasing details of the new date shortly.”

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I’m just catching up on some emails and I thought this was one you may wish to engage with and help out on please.

“This petition to the BBC and BBC Trust could really be quite significant if gains momentum.  I’m hoping for 10,000 signatures which will really make an impact even if the BBC doesn’t make the relatively small changes demanded/requested.

‘Change BBC boilerplate on Gaza casualties to reflect disputed figures’ http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/change-bbc-boilerplate-on-gaza-casualties-to

A big thanks to  “Five Minutes for Israel” about reasoning for the petition.
‘… and the majority were not civilian’ 


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Did you see that BBC stalwart Nick Robinson has been at the receiving end of Chairman Salmond’s tongue? I feel a bit sorry for Robinson but then again the BBC pander too much to demagogues like Salmond little realising that he will devour them just as easily as anyone else who dares question his ways,

Alex Salmond has backed yes campaigners who staged an angry protest outside the BBC’s Scottish headquarters over perceived bias shown by the corporation’s political editor, Nick Robinson. The National Union of Journalists condemned attempts to intimidate journalists after Sunday’s protesters, objecting to what they regard as the BBC’s pro-union bias, said Robinson was a liar and called for him to be fired.

Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, said he did not want Robinson to be sacked and did not believe he was a liar. But he said the BBC had been unfair and unreasonable in the way it edited a tense exchange between Salmond and Robinson at a press conference on Thursday. Robinson was accused by the first minister of “heckling” after he pressed Salmond to answer further questions about the threat of Scotland-based banks to move their registered offices to London.”

In Alex Salmond’s brave new world, anyone asking any questions he deems unacceptable will be harassed and bullied and intimidated so on this occasion, I stand WITH the BBC. Forgive me!

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Hi all! Well, it’s good to be BACK! As you may have gathered, the server that hosts this (and other) sites has experienced some nasty technical problems which has put us off-air! Thanks to the behind the scenes hard work of All Seeing Eye and Rob, we seem to back up and running. So, where to start? How about ROTHERHAM? BBC (along with much of the rest of the UK MSM) have been quick to condemn the dangers of Political Correctness whilst breathlessly informing us about “men of Pakistani origin”…the irony is cosmic.

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Tough one for the BBC.

Hamas sources in Gaza say 18 people suspected of collaborating with Israel have been executed. The killings came after an Israeli air strike killed three senior Hamas leaders on Thursday. Two more Palestinians died in overnight strikes.

Ah, that all important “context” and of course can one REALLY blame Hamas for MURDERING 18 Gazans when those Joooos are being beastly to Hamas? Note the use of the word “executed”

Oh, and I also note that a 4 year old Israeli boy has been killed by a mortar fired from beside a UNRWA school. I am sure the BBC will be enraged about this terrible abuse of this alleged “humanitarian” resource. The day after hell freezes over.

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The decapitation of US journalist James Foley has caused a stirring at the BBC. I was on BBC London this morning and asked if I though the fact that the man who murdered Mr Foley spoke with a London accent was shocking. I said no, and am surprised anyone could be surprised at this. Last year, in LONDON, we saw the virtual decapitation of Lee Rigby by two “British” Muslims so why are we shocked when they travel abroad and do the same thing? It’s a bit like ISIL. The BBC are now rowing in behind the new US position that this Jihad cancer has to be tackled in Syria AS WELL as Iraq. Obama continues to lead from behind and yet the BBC compliantly present this as ground breaking initiatives from President Narcissus. Look, of COURSE ISIL need tackled in Syria but the West was too busy arming them to do that. Of course the UK exports Jihad.  No one can be shocked at these things although we can be disgusted and angered and outraged. But in the salons of the chattering classes, it seems to cause at least a murmur that Islamists can be savage. Did they sleep through 9/11 and every subsequent year?

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