I was listening to BBC Today this morning on Radio 4 for my sins and around 6.40am on came Lyse Douchet with a fulsome tribute to Obama’s horrific deal with the Mad Mullahs in Iran. Her take on it was that because Obama had willed it,  and because the likes of the UN Security Council and the EU had also piled in, the fact that it has NOT gained approval from the US Congress is a pesky detail that will surely be resolved.

Gosh – I remember the BBC taking issue with George W Bush anytime he tried to go it alone with out Congress approval  but when it’s Obama….ah…different story. Lovely Lyse went on to inform us listeners “it is good to be back in Iran”. Let’s hope she was wearing her veil.

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Noticed how coke-snorting prostitute loving Lord Sewel seems to have arrived in the House of Lords without any political assignation? Or at least that’s what BBC headlines would lead you to believe. Rather than point out that Sewel is a LABOUR peer, instead the comrades try to turn this into a moral victory for Labour by running the line “Labour MP John Mann said the 69-year-old should resign from the Lords voluntarily before he was expelled.” Put it this way. Imagine for a moment that Sewel was a UKIP Peer – the headline from the BBC would scream his political roots but when it comes to Labour……

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The BBC’s admiration from Obama continues with its slabbering reports on his Kenyan tour. The BBC were bigging up Obama’s determination to push the gay rights agenda to Kenya – this seems a matter of great importance to the BBC hacks for some odd reason. When Kenyan President Kenyetta responds by tweeting “There are some things that we must admit we don’t share. It’s very difficult for us to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept. This is why I say for Kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a non-issue” the BBC responds by relegating this to one bland sentence at the end of the report.

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Mike Cunningham, one of my fellow writers on A Tangled Web posted this review of the BBC Today programme this morning and I wanted to share.

“This morning, courtesy of the BBC’s Toady (sorry) Today Programme; we were treated, if that is the appropriate term, to selective segments of propaganda disguised as news items; I term them ‘propaganda’ because only one side of an argument is given or portrayed; with absolutely no chance of a considered discussion, especially from opponents of whatever subject is being discussed. They ranged from an impassioned critique of an EU Commission proposal to harmonise Wildlife protection measures; to the maundering pronunciations of a Lame-duck US President on why the United Kingdom must remain wedded to the European Union.

  • A five minute report on the evils of gambling in Australia, and how awful it was, and all that compulsion, ‘n everything: innit?
  • We heard how Prez. Barack Hussein Obama is heading back to his (Partly) ancestral homeland of Kenya, and how excited he was to speak of the ‘entrepeneurs’ who were enlivening the Kenyan business culture: and we then heard from two of Kenya’s ‘business elite’ about how successful they were, and it was all due to capitalism; or sleight of hand, or something ( No mention of the billions stolen by the larcenous Kenyan governments; but thats all because ‘boys will be boys’, and that).
  • Some RSPB woman commenced  an impassioned critique of an EU Commission proposal to harmonise Wildlife protection measures; and how it was all wrong, and the birds were all doomed, and it was just terrible!
  • A Sutton Trust spokeswoman declared that ‘social mobility’ was at risk because Academy schools in England were unable to improve the results of their ‘disadvantaged’ students. No mention was made of two facts which may impinge on those same results: it was possible that the whole idea of ‘Comprehensive education’ was actually ‘shit’ and; the other possibility was that the kids were either uninterested, or just plain thick!
  • We were told that Chris Froome, a cyclist, was believed to be loading up with high-performance chemicals and drugs during the ‘Tour de France’, which I discovered was a form of mental torture for millions of fat Frenchmen who just could not get over the fact that yet another Englishman was beating the crap out of their fellow countrymen.
  • Glaxo SmithKline informed us all that they had discovered a vaccine for malaria, but it would only be suitable for kids over one year old. It was also implied that, because the African countries where malaria was endemic were very, very, poor; lots of liberal idiots believed that GSK should give this vaccine away, despite this medication costing literally tens of millions to invent and produce, and GSK should not be allowed, under any circumstances, to actually make a profit!
  • Obama featured once more, in an interview in the White House (oh how they must hate that name) and stated that Great Britain must stay in the European Union, becozz its such a good place, and becozz of ‘trade’, and becozz of the UK’s former lap-dog approach to America’s military adventures; spoiled only by our blunt refusal to bomb Syria’s Assad.
  • We were then told of the dicovery of a planet named ‘Kepler-452b’ and how it was just possible that life may exist outside our Solar System, and how exciting this was, and how squillions more money was needed for more ‘research’, and telescopes, and things like that!
  • Some bloke then was interviewed about some snake, or it may have been a lizard, which had lived some hundred million years ago, which had been re-discovered in some museum in Germany; which was ‘dead interesting’ and also exciting; or something.
  • The NHS also featured, and we were told how Emergency Care  stuff and things were gonna’ get better, but not, unfortunately; for a long, long time; probably about the same length of time as the snake’s remains had been in the museum!


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Is anyone surprised that Obama – the lame duck inhabitant of the White House – should choose the BBC to give his edict to the British people that we should stay mired in the EU? I was on BBC London this morning and pointed out that it was a disgrace that Obama used a willing BBC to subvert the likely outcome of the EU referendum in 2017 – when he will not even be President. I am sure that Cameron was aware Obama was going to use the power of the BBC to get this pro-EU message out – and this is the sort of instance where the BBC can suit the PM as he angles to keep us locked IN the failing bankrupt inept EU.

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For as long as I can remember, the BBC has been to the fore in questioning the Bible, the authenticity of the New Testament etc. But when it comes to the Koran, why it’s a different story as Robert Spencer addresses here.

“The BBC announced enthusiastically Wednesday that “what may be the world’s oldest fragments of the Koran have been found by the University of Birmingham.” This news is not only of interest to scholars and Muslim intellectuals; it appears to buttress the Islamic claim that the Qur’an’s text has remained unchanged for 1,400 years – which is purported to be proof of its divine origin.

There is only one problem with all this: the BBC article raises more questions than it answers, and reveals more about the wishful thinking of the academic and media establishments than it does about the Qur’an.”

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I’m talking about the Labour leadership contest and the increasingly fractious tone of the competition. It must be so tough for the BBC. Comrade Corbyn is making the headlines and IF polls are to to be believed (and that is one huge caveat) may actually be in the lead. Remarkably HIS supporters on the social networks are claiming the BBC is biased against the Dear Leader. Do you agree? We’ve seen Blair saying his piece, we’ve now had Prescott rebuff that, and the latest suggestion is that Kendall MUST step down to allow Burnham or Cooper to overhaul Corbyn. The BBC seem perplexed about the whole issue and it’s clear that they, like Labour, don’t know what to do. Do they go along with the farcical Corbyn roadshow, and if not, who can they nudge along? It’s certainly NOT Kendall, the BBC are clear that Labour in 2015 is a cold house for anyone with even a vestige of Blairism about them. As Labour thrash about like a fish out of water, these must be tough times for the BBC. With no real meaningful opposition to Cameron (apart from that which sits on his back benches) and Labour looking to lose again in 2020, can the BBC survive a decade of Conservative type government?

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Hi all. As you will have seen, we’ve been making a few changes. The purpose of this change is to make this site a better place. We seek to provide a forum for all kinds of views on BBC bias. We seek to allow beat between those who come here. And for clarity, I am quite happy if people seek to take issue with points raised here, to defend the BBC. What is not tolerable is allowing trolls to infest the site, post under various names, and indulge in ad hominem. That time is over and I would suggest trolls and stalkers go elsewhere as they are not welcome here. Hope you all approve. One of the things that struck me last week during the BBC license national debate was the sheer number of BBC people and political pundits who visit our site. I also welcome them here! This site has influence, I want to increase that influence further, and make Biased BBC a great daily visit.

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I notice the BBC reporting that  South Yorkshire Police child protection ‘needs improvement’ I doubt that many of us would take exception to this and it seems fair and reasonable that the BBC ask probing questions of what continues to go on in Rotherham and elsewhere in this region. However, I am surprised that the beady eye of the Beeb does not quite extend to the Council and whether it has managed to step up to the plate – given it’s utterly disgraceful failure to stand up for defenceless young girls being exploited by muslim rape gangs. Might this be anything to do with the fact this is a Labour heartland and thus beyond critical examination?  I think we should be told…!

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It must be tough for the BBC. With Labour in sustained meltdown after their trouncing at the General Election, it’s clear that the BBC needs to find another conduit to conduct its biased onslaught against the Conservative Government and the left-leaning IFS provides such. This morning we read the BBC trumpeting the “news” that… “Poorest graduates ‘will owe £53,000′ after grants cut” The source of this claim, the IFS, is treated as if it were the oracle of Delphi by the BBC and never once as there any acknowledgement by the BBC that the IFS carries a left leaning bias. Contrast how they salivate and accept the findings of an IFS study with how they caveat the findings of any study by Migration Watch! Had the BBC the integrity it claims to have then it would ensure that IFS reports are caveated with the statement that it is a LEFT leaning body. Instead, they increasingly hysterical claims of the IFS are treated as Holy Writ.

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BBC TV and Radio stations will be busy today as selected “British Muslims” are invited in to comment on Cameron’s to plan to tackle Islamist extremism, It will be interesting to observe how many VICTIMS of Islamic extremism the BBC chooses to invite. (In the interests of balance, naturally.) For more than a few years the BBC has colluded in the farcical notion that it is somehow “Islamophobic” to dare to criticise an ideology which has brought carnage to our streets at home and to those abroad. Cameron is raising this issue now – better late than never – but I suggest you will see the “Islamophibia” card being played as the day goes on.

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