Christopher Booker has a pretty sharp analysis here of the BBC cadre..

“When Jeremy Paxman joins the growing chorus of those who criticise the way the BBC has become a “smug”, dysfunctional, over-blown bureaucracy, run by overpaid unaccountable apparatchiks, one might think that they are describing the European Union, which is doubtless why the BBC loves it. We are familiar with the main reasons why the BBC, for all that it continues here and there to make much-appreciated contributions to our lives, has come to inspire such hostility (“loathsome” was Paxman’s word for it)”


I was up early this morning and tuned into the SUNDAY programme on Radio 4 presented by my old pal William Crawley. There was a story about how ISLAM was the fastest growing religion in the UK,  a story about the terrible “poverty” facing the UK that requires Food Banks and the like and a story about the need for an amnesty for terrorists in Northern Ireland. That was in about 30 minutes. The bias is so easy, so institutionalised, that it just flows out naturally.


A man was shot dead in republican west Belfast yesterday. He was an alleged “dissident terrorist” who had fallen out with other “dissident” terrorists. Dogs and fleas. This morning, on BBC Radio 4 today, I heard the most cringing interview possible with a Sinn Fein/IRA spokesperson on this topic. She was allied to claim that these dissident republican terrorists  are criminals with little support. The IRA were also criminals but she was out to rewrite THAT bit of history. She went on to whinge about lack of “equality” and political progress, inferring Godfather style that unless some “progress” is made (meaning accommodating Sinn Fein agenda) why “dissidents” are almost forced to kill the odd person. At NO point was there any challenge made to the Sinn Fein/IRA history agenda and we are presented with the IRA’s proxies being given a platform on this major news station so they can present themselves as the voice of moderation and reason. Repulsive.


Did you catch this interview with the father of Abdullah Deghayes – the jihadist who met his death in Syria. It is amazing how gentle the softball questions are as Mr Deghayes dissembles for all he is worth on the subject of the jihad. Two of his other boys are out in Syria, also presumably fighting the Jihad. Great to see British exports going so well.


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Well, hasn’t the BBC been swooning at the visits by Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness to a few events with Her Majesty this past week? And the BBC now even comes out with the line that McGuinness WAS indeed  a “former IRA commander”. The curious bit is this; these world class journalists NEVER think to ask just what did he command when he was in a senior position with this terror group. How odd. Almost as if….


It’s not that long ago since Comrade Ed Miliband was pushing the Co-Op bank as the template for all banks. Naturally time has proven him to be disastrously wrong and this morning comes the news that the Co-op Bank has lost £1.3 billion. It has also paid its CEO £2.9m pay package and £1.2m bonus.  And yet, had you tuned into the TODAY programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning just after 7am. you would have heard a surreal attempt to play this catastrophic state of affairs down. Evan Davies (I think) repeated the idea that this scale of loss “had been pretty much as expected” and that the CEO’s massive payout can’t be attacked because he was not in charge when the losses were made. It was an incredible sanitisation of Miliband’s preferred banking model which contrasts so strongly with how the BBC deal with banks such as Barclays. Bias? You can bank on it.


Here’s an interesting instance of clear BBC editorial bias. Hat tip to George R..

“This decision is good for Martin McGuinness, peace and for Sinn Féin.” says BBC Political Editor Martina Purdy
-from -
“Martin McGuinness to attend banquet with Queen when President Higgins visits UK”
‘Daily Mail’ has:-
“Ex-IRA commander Martin McGuinness WILL be a guest of the Queen at Windsor Castle banquet”

Why is it as if Martina is a cheerleader for Butcher Boy McGuinness….