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Time for a fresh open thread……a Tory conference in full swing, mass Muslim immigration, a war in the Middle East with the Turks and Russians curiously bombing everyone except the one target they should be hitting…the Islamic State, Europe in turmoil and Peston’s hair….the BBC newsroom must be working full-steam ahead, all hands to the pumps, to keep up with all that and shape it into a narrative that pleases the left-wing sensibilities….

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Bye Bye Bias?



John Whittingdale confirms that the BBC is to lose its power to judge whether the BBC is biased.  Good.  About time.

From the Guardian:

John Whittingdale, the UK culture secretary, has confirmed that the BBC will be stripped of its power to adjudicate on allegations of political bias in its coverage. 

Speaking at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, he said the public should have confidence that complaints are examined independently and carefully. He said it must no longer be the case “that if you make a complaint against the BBC, the decision on whether it is justified is taken by the BBC”.

Whittingdale first signalled such a move in an interview with the Telegraph in June, in which he said he wanted to think about the way questions of impartiality were judged by the BBC Trust.

In his address to Tory conference, Whittingdale said the BBC was the finest broadcaster in the world at its best, but claimed many people feel it had “not always been as fair and impartial as it should [be]”. He said this was one of the key issues being considered in his review of the future of the corporation, which has already had 80,000 responses.

In a green paper published in July, Whittingdale’s department said the BBC Trust model needed to be reformed, with its regulatory functions given either to a unitary board, a new standalone oversight body, or a third party regulatory body such as Ofcom.

It is of interest that there are 80,000 or so responses to the Charter Review from the Public so far…..the BBC and its hangers on constantly claim that the Review Panel is anti-BBC (it is definitely not that….some worked for the BBC and one is from the the Voice of the Listeners and Viewers group of which David Attenborough is a supporter…”If you want to help ensure its quality, please join me in supporting VLV which is doing so much to protect the principle of public service in broadcasting”  and which has many ex-BBC types on its board).  So apart from much support on the Review Panel itself, the BBC and BBC Trust have a huge voice in the Review along with many, many other interested parties….and here we see evidence that the Public also get a chance to voice their opinions.

The BBC has been extremely dishonest in attacking the Review Panel and trying to suggest the Panel is anything but impartial and that it is the sole arbiter of what happens to the BBC when that is far, far from the truth.


It is interesting also to note that the BBC’s seeming biggest fan, Tory Lord Fowler, who is one of those who maligned the Review Panel so mendaciously, pops up in the Sunday Times letters page to attack the Government’s proposal to subject the BBC Charter to review every five years instead of ten…this he says will increase the control of government.  He doesn’t like the Royal Charter in itself saying it is ‘a cover for political meddling…..thoroughly undemocratic and hands power to whatever government is in power at the time’….paradoxically suggesting that the answer might be that huge changes to the BBC should be subject to parliamentary scrutiny and  approval….not sure how that isn’t a BBC still under a level of political control.  Not sure though how he thinks the current review process is undemocratic and unaccountable as it seems open to anyone to have a say and for Parliament to speak up for or against as the members wish.  Lord Fowler’s ability to comment doesn’t seem to be too constrained by the ‘undemocratic process’.  It’s not as if the BBC itself isn’t political, apart from its proven left-wing bias, it wields enormous power of its own over politicians…as Fowler admitted in 2012…’Surely the corporation has a massive political influence, for why else would cabinet and shadow cabinet ministers queue up to be interviewed on Today or Andrew Marr’s Sunday programme?’

No link to the Times article but essentially Fowler only repeated what he said in the Lords last month…

The Government, in their consultation on the BBC royal charter, skirt around the most basic question, the 20th question: do we need a royal charter at all? The noble Baroness touched on that. It all sounds very grand. It sounds as if it is a defensive mechanism against political interference—the kind of recognition that should be given to an organisation as important and venerable as the BBC. In fact, the royal charter means that the BBC is the plaything of any Government who happen to be in power as the 10-year renewal comes around. It is not just Conservative Governments, but Labour Governments as well.



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Racist ‘Britain’

“Europe You’ll Come Crawling When Mujahedeen Come Roaring”


The BBC is indulging in a very dangerous and dishonest attack on British society and in particular white British people, pushing the narrative that they are all racist based purely on the fact that they are white and that other races, and the BBC inlcudes Islam as a race for some reason, are always victims of white peoples’ prejudice thus sowing the seeds of increasing ethnic anger, dissent and ultimately open conflict…note Darcus Howe’s threats in the programme discussed below (8 mins in).

The BBC is highly irresponsible and dangerous, not only stirring up race conflict but religious based terrorism as well as it continually jusitifies and excuses Muslim terrorism and radicalisation.

Perhaps it is about time someone in ‘authority’ started looking at just what the BBC and its employees are doing as they whip up race hate and incite radicalisation.


The BBC thinks ‘Britain’ is racist.  But just what do they mean by ‘Britain’?  Or rather, we know they mean ‘White’ Britain, the question is why is the BBC pushing that racist, stereotyping conclusion about white, British, people?

Sian Williams tells us that there is a 20% leap in race crimes in London….but fails to tell us the truth about who is committing those crimes letting us think they are being committed by white people….the Independent gives us the figures that count…

Overall, the number of hate crimes reported in the capital rose by more than 20 per cent since last October, to a total of 11,400.

The majority of hate crime victims are male, and are aged between 20 and 49. Meanwhile, most offenders are male and aged between 20 and 29, around 45 per cent of who are white and British.

45% of offenders are white British.  Hmmm….that means 55% are not white.  So just who is being racist?

And what about this…a Ukrainian migrant, in the UK only a week attacks a Mosque and stabs a Muslim…..

A Ukrainian student has admitted murdering an 82-year-old man who was walking home from a Birmingham mosque.

Mohammed Saleem was stabbed by Pavlo Lapshyn in Small Heath on 29 April, less than a week after Lapshyn had arrived in the UK.

The attacker was a migrant, not British.  Are all migrants racist now then using BBC logic?  Why does the BBC usually underplay migrant crimes and the downsides to immigration in the UK whilst on the other hand always telling us of the supposed benefits of immigration?

The BBC are basing their programme on a speech by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who thinks that ‘Fear of Muslims has stirred up division between neighbours in Britain in a way not seen in living memory, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.’  The Telegraph reports…

The Most Rev Justin Welby said tensions had “seeped into our society” threatening to fracture multiculturalism by widening “cracks” between different communities into seemingly insurmountable barriers. Britain, he said, is now “living in a time of time of tension and fear” in which extremists try to marginalise the mainstream while secularists wish to turn religion itself into an activity like sex, which should be “between consenting adults in private”. He told a gathering organised by Muslim leaders in Cardiff that mainstream elements in all major religions must make their message more “exciting and beautiful” to drown out extremists.

Bizarrely Welby compares Christianity to Islam….

He insisted that many faiths, not just Islam, have a problem with radicalisation.

And, significantly, he said Christians should not deny “accountability” for the role of their faith in “many atrocities” over the centuries including recent decades.

Saying Christians should be accountable for past crimes rather misses the point…certainly Christians have done things ‘in the name of Christianity’ but no-where in Jesus’ teachings does he say kill people, oppress them and force them to adopt his religion….unlike in the Koran.

The BBC also misses the point in claiming that Britain is racist and basing that upon a rise in ‘Islamophobia’, a meaningless word used to silence debate.  Most hate crimes against Muslims came in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder, you remember that?  The hate crime where two Muslims hacked to death a British soldier on a British street?

Much of the increase in race and religious hate crime is likely to be due to a rise in offences in the months immediately following the murder of Lee Rigby in May 2013. Additionally, the police may have improved their recording of crime and the identification of motivating factors in an offence over the last year.

How about Muslims blowing up trains and buses, attacking airports, tryng to blow up night clubs, raping white girls, endless plots to carry out terror attacks in the UK, endless attacks on British society and culture often led by mainstream Muslim groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain, how about Muslim teachers telling their pupils that white women are prostitutes, or trying to take over schools to force them to become Islamic, or Muslims carrying out ‘false flag’ attacks on Muslim properties in order to make it look like they are under ‘Islamophobic’ attack, or the ‘Muslim Patrols’, or the Muslim hate preachers that are welcomed into Mosques and university Islamic societies up and down the country…and let’s not forget the Sunni Muslim attacks on Ahmadi Muslims which the BBC seems to want to downplay.

Did I miss any Muslim inspired ‘racism’?  Oh yes, let’s not forget that Islam is not a race, it’s an ideology just like Fascism and Communism, a lot like Fascism and Communism…and therefore open to criticism.

The BBC’s curious notion that ‘Britain’ is racist, ie white Britain, is highly prejudicial and inaccurate, an inaccuracy made all the worse because we know that it is a deliberate choice by the BBC to present the ‘facts’ in a way that makes white Britons out to be racist purely on the basis of their skin colour…you’re white therefore you must be racist.

The BBC is deliberately stirring up race hate against white, British people as it falsely accuses them of being some sort of white supremacists.

The BBC narrative is intended to influence politicians and any other organisations in positions of power so that white people become ‘suspect’ and in need of control and oversight with the policing of their thoughts and perceptions, and of course a necessary increase in the resources and power of non-white communities to help them combat and overcome such prejudice.

The fact is that Welby is right about rising tensions, but who and what is at the centre of that? The starting point for any investigation should be Islam itself. Welby doesn’t start from the right place, blaming people’s reaction to Islam rather than blaming Islam to start with.  People are increasingly and jusitifiably concerned about Islam and the beliefs and actions of Muslims in this country, and that will only increase as Muslim migrants force their way into Europe and those at Calais, who are mostly Muslim, actually attempt to ‘invade’ Britain.

Samira Ahmed, in The Big Issue not on the BBC, tells us we should be concerned about the influx of Muslim men….

Polling here shows a large number of Britons, the majority even, are at best cautious about taking in refugees from Syria because of the fear of conservative Islamic attitudes. Some readers might want to dismiss this as a cover for racism, just as in the 1930s the Daily Mail warned of the “threat” of so many Jews coming from Hitler’s Germany.

But just as in East Germany, looking at gender opens up a legitimate question about how you build a strong and stable society.

The BBC is being entirely dishonest in this programme in not revealing why people have concerns about Islam and the fact that Muslims themselves are the perpetrators of much of the hate crime…not as if the BBC doesn’t know as this BBC report from last week illustrates...The ex-Muslim Britons who are persecuted [by Muslims] for being atheists…

It sounds like a crime from a medieval history book. Apostasy is the decision to renounce a faith and/or convert to another religion. Among some of Britain’s urban Muslims – nearly half of whom were born in the UK and are under 24 – there’s a belief that leaving Islam is a sin and can even be punished by death.

An investigation for the BBC has found evidence of young people suffering threats, intimidation, being ostracised by their communities and, in some cases, encountering serious physical abuse when they told their families they were no longer Muslims.

The Mail from two days ago reports that  ‘Muslim family are driven from their home… after they converted to Christianity: Neighbours vandalise car and call them ‘blasphemers’…

An Asian family who converted to Christianity claim they are being driven out of their home for the second time by Muslim persecutors.  Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children said they have suffered an appalling ordeal at the hands of neighbours who regard them as blasphemers.

They claim they are effectively prisoners in their own home after being attacked in the street, having their car windscreens repeatedly smashed and eggs thrown at their windows. Mr Hussain, 49, has even given up his career as a nurse due to the effect on his health.

Police have been called numerous times to deal with the trouble but are said to be reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime. 

The BBC is reluctant to tell us the truth about Muslims and the effect they have on society….where are the BBC reports on the migrants who attack Christians in Germany or the plea by German police to separate Muslims from Christian migrants as the Muslims attack the Christians?  And very reluctant to mention threats like this….

Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows: ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing’


Welby’s conclusion, that we need more Islam, is the typical weak, cowardly and intellectually dishonest and ill-conceived response we expect from the wishy-washy Church….Islam is irrefutably opposed to Christianity and it uses the beloved inter-faith dialogue merely as a trojan horse to further its own aims until it is the dominant religion and suddenly that interfaith dialogue is no longer so attractive to them.  Perhaps Welby would be wiser to practise a bit of muscular Christianity if he doesn’t want to find himself marginalised and out of a job in the coming years.

People like Welby need to understand that critiscim of Islam is not racism and that it is built upon very real concerns about the teachings and practise of Islam in relation to a Western democratic, liberal, progressive society and the growth of that religion, the growing power and influence of that religion…an influence curiously and paradoxically arising from Muslim terrorism against the West and subsequent claims that Muslims are the real victims of those attacks leading to politicians and the likes of the BBC falling over themselves to reassure Muslims by handing over more and more power, influence and resources to them.

The Mirror may think that the BBC has succumbed to the Muslim grievance industry and is giving into ‘blackmail’…ie the answer to Muslim ‘problems’ is more Islam in Britain…if only we had more Islam the youth wouldn’t be radicalised…those same Radicals who demand what?  er…more Islam….the ‘Radicals’ win then……


AS the country vexes itself over how to deal with the radicalisation of British-born Muslim youths, it’s revealing to know some of their leaders believe they have the answer.

The introduction of Sharia Law in Britain along with important religious days in the Muslim calendar becoming public holidays for followers of the faith should do the trick, or so claims the secretary general of the Union of Muslim Organisations in the UK and Ireland.

As Dr Syed Aziz Pasha says: “If you give us religious rights we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.”

This sounds perilously close to blackmail. Thus far the British people have shown exemplary tolerance in the face of terrorist threats.

There has been no widespread backlash against the Muslim community. Quite rightly, the majority of us can only extend sympathy to those who must feel mortified that, within their vast numbers, lurks a bunch of lunatics with one shared ambition – to bring about the destruction of our democracy.

Except, of course, that many Muslims are in an even greater state of denial than the rest of us about terrorism: “It’s hyped up”, “The government hates Muslims and so does Tony Blair” and “Muslims feel like there is an underlying agenda against us,” are a selection of comments from Walthamstow in East London, the neighbourhood targeted by anti-terror raids last week.

Anyone would think they’d forgotten the banners at a demo, just a few miles down the road, last February which read: “Europe You’ll Come Crawling When Mujahedeen Come Roaring”.


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New Labour…Old Danger


Interesting to see someone thinks as I do about New Labour.  I constantly hear on the BBC and elsewhere that Blair and Co were right-wing whilst I was always of the opinion that Blair was in fact extremely left-wing and smashed those left-wing  policies into the British Establishment, culture and society…yes he cosied up to the banks but even Lenin told us that Capitalism was a necessary part of establishing Communism…it needed the funds Capitalism provided in order to fund the revolution…and of course we had the massive expansion in tax/borrow and spend…so very old socialist Labour.  Blair turned democratic government upside down with his sofa powered cabinet, the evisceration of the civil service, the attempts to undermine just about every national institution and the infiltration of those institutions with Labour placemen and women…never mind the huge project to ethnically cleanse the British population and change not only its physical makeup and identity but also the political views and outlook that the population would then hold..for example importing millions of Europeans would probably ensure any referendum on Europe keeps us in Europe, whilst Labour’s open door to world immigration meant that grateful immigrants were likely to vote for Labour.  Blair’s apparent centrist politics were a means to an end.  The reality can be judged by what he actually did.

Peter Hitchens thinks Blair’s New Labour was as much a menace as Corbyn’s brand of far-left politics….

The hard-Left menace we ignored

The continued rage about Jeremy Corbyn’s rather dated Leftism baffles me. Most British journalists weren’t (as I was) members of the Labour Party in the 1980s. In the months before I quit, I used to be angrily called to order by the chairwoman of my local party. She was cross with me for (as she put it) provoking too much heckling from noisily pro-IRA, ban-the-bomb types.

Meanwhile, the real Left worked by stealth. That is why our political media never understood that the Blairites were in fact far more Left wing than Jeremy Corbyn. The Blair faction’s ideas came from a communist magazine called Marxism Today. The magazine, in turn, got the ideas from a clever Italian revolutionary called Antonio Gramsci. He wanted a cultural revolution, a Leftist takeover of schools, universities, media, police and courts (and of conservative political parties too). That is exactly what New Labour did.

An astonishing number of senior New Labour people, from Peter Mandelson to Alan Milburn, are former Marxist comrades who have never been subjected to the sort of in-depth digging into their pasts that Jeremy Corbyn faces. Why is this? Is one kind of Marxism OK, and the other sort not? Or is it just that most political writers are clueless about politics?



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Subscription or Conscription?


The BBC has always opposed a change to the licence fee funding model on the grounds that subscription would be technically too difficult and would cost too much…..not to mention of course that the licence fee is easy money at the moment and a guaranteed source of income regardless of what they produce and who watches.

On the other hand it has decided that it is technically feasible and presumably financially sound to make viewers of the iPlayer abroad sign in with a special code….how then is that model not transferable to British viewers in the UK who can choose to pay a lump sum up front or pay on a subscription basis daily/weekly/monthly or per programme?

From the Mail:

The BBC is planning to allow licence-fee payers to access its iPlayer abroad, it has emerged.

This would enable British holidaymakers to watch award-winning programmes – including The Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, and Match Of The Day – on sunny, foreign beaches.

At present, the licence-fee-funded iPlayer is supposed to be watched by only UK TV viewers.

Under the proposal, licence-fee payers could be given a secret code to log on to the iPlayer while abroad – but this code would be designed to expire within several weeks, according to The Times.

This would prevent non-licence-fee-paying expats from illegally using the code, it is reported.

A BBC spokesman told MailOnline in a statement: ‘While there are a range of technical and legal complexities, this is an area where we’ve already started work and agree with the idea of licence fee payers being able to access programmes on BBC iPlayer when they’re on holiday overseas. 

‘We’ll carry on considering how this can be made to work.’ 

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Bleeding Heart Sunday


The BBC’s ‘Sunday’ carries on as usual with its unusual world view that is at so odds with everyday folk.

We had a piece on the pages of the Koran found at Birmingham University.  The BBC did ask some very awkward questions for Muslims that these Koran pages raise…such as the carbon dating may show that this Koran may show that ‘Islam’ may have been in existence before Muhammed, the man who allegedly ‘invented’ the Koran…which is kind of awkward.  However the carbon dating was only done on the paper used for the Koran, and there was no control reference material to compare the dating process results with….so there could be few genuine conclusions about this Koran either way really.   Anyway all that was dismissed by someone expert from Birmingham who said, in his opinion, that he didn’t think that any of that was true….the Koran couldn’t predate Muhammed.  Yes…‘in my opinon’ or ‘I think’.…..a valuable ‘expert’ insight.

We then had a Muslim councillor from Birmingham tell us that this showed the Koran was unchanged for 1400 years…’unlike’, he slipped in, ‘other religions’.  Now that is kind of aggressive isn’t it, a bit unnecessary.  Why mention that?  If I was a Jew (Though I believe the Torah is itself unchanged and considerably older than the Koran) or Christian living in Birmingham I would be thinking that this councillor clearly has no respect for other religions and looks upon them as false….therefore what does he think of ‘us’?    Curiously the BBC didn’t ask, or didn’t broadcast the question and answer, about the questions raised of the authenticity of the Islamic narrative about Muahmmed and the Koran.  Possibly the answer was somewhat detrimental to the tolerant image of ‘Islam’..much as the ‘unlike other relgions’ is.

We also had a piece that portrayed East Germans as prejudiced, backward hill-billies who hated religion and immigration…and hating immigration and religion was a bad thing, not allowed in the BBC’s view (an irony really when the BBC has spent so much time and effort trying to smash and discredit Christianity despite the lip service of Songs of Praise).  Who did the BBC have on to discuss the issues, and it all related to immigration of course, a Christian and a Muslim, Rev Dr Christophe Tylermann and Dr Riem Spielhaus, no other voices appeared to put any view other than the one that said East Germans were essentially racist,  atheist barbarians….unmentioned went Hungary, which I suspect was the real target.  Curious how you are not allowed to have anti-immigration views.

We also had on Alister McGrath, an extremely aggressive Christian (a fanatical convert from Atheism justifying his own personal journey?) who steamrollered Atheism, shouting it down in effect, ironic in that he attacks Dawkins for being an ‘extremist’.  The presenter seemed to be in happy agreement with him as he claimed and wished for the end of Atheism….the presenter suggesting Atheism perhaps, as a ‘movement’, was a ‘busted flush‘ and asking when we might expect the ‘funeral of the new Atheism’.  Colourful eh?

McGrath said that Atheism was a ‘hopelessly outdated way of looking at things’….unlike the 2000 year old Christian world view?  No explanation of what Atheism actually represents and why it critiques religion, and no reasons why religion is good for the world, better than Atheism.  We also heard that there was no contradiction between science and religion.  Somehow that doesn’t seem to be the real picture does it?

No voices putting the other side here which would have been fascinating given the aggressive, bombastic nature of McGrath.  Christopher Hitchens is well missed.


The BBC also looked at this  ‘Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, expresses his concerns on the latest stage of the government’s plans for ‘countering extremism’ which will be discussed at the Conservative Party Conference this week’  which I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of as it is a narrative that the BBC seems all too ready to follow…that it is the government’s anti-extremism programme that is driving radicalism itself….a BBC narrative that we have just looked at.









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Chopperboy…..Victim of an uncaring society


The BBC was sure that Clockboy was the victim of  injustice, prejudice and misperceptions perpetrated by a society that has been polluted by an Islamophobic narrative driven by the right-wing press.  It seems that ‘Chopperboy’ in the UK may also be a victim of similar prejudice, his threats to behead and murder so many people merely an articulation of his rage against a society that doesn’t value or accept  him.

The BBC’s Domininc Cascianni tells us the boy was angry with his teachers and that the threats to kill were merely a negotiation tactic to pressure them to allow him to phone his mum.  Sweet.

“I felt angry, very angry with all of them,” the boy has since said of his school, according to defence submissions.

“I just wanted to get excluded. You couldn’t run away, it was secure with locked doors. The best way to get out and go home was to threaten staff with beheadings.

“I found the more I did this the more free time I had and I could get home on my phone.”

Of course family circumstances meant he was ‘vulnerable’ to exploitation….and he took up a deep interest in ‘foreign affairs’.  Really, he was a scholar? Does Casciani really mean he was watching beheading videos on the internet and soaking up the anti-Western propaganda that pours out from Muslim sources, and not just the recognised ‘extremist’ ones, propaganda that pumped out images of Muslims being killed…though not who really kills them…as it is usually other Muslims, the same people pumping out that propaganda ironically….of course he could just have been watching the BBC’s coverage of the Middle East, that would warp anyone’s understanding of the world….

A boy who attempted to incite a man in Australia to carry out an Anzac Day “massacre” has become the the youngest person in the UK to be convicted of a terrorism offence.

But could more have been done to challenge and stop the development of his violent mindset?

The boy’s slide into extremism began more than two years ago, at a crucial period in his development.

His parents had separated, he changed schools, and he was developing a deep interest in world affairs.

It’s always someone else’s fault….there doesn’t seem to be any recognition from Casciani that it might well just be that the boy was so disposed as to want to do these things and follow that path willingly and that his perceptions of the world have been long shaped by a narrative he has been brought up with all his life…Islam.  It is remarkable that there is no mention by Casciani of the role of Islam in his ‘indepth’ exploration of the issues….surely that is at the heart of this…the explicit Islamic obligation to fight for the religion.  To fight for the religion against those who allegedly attack it.  So you have to ask is Islam under attack?  Unfortunately if you watch news from organisations like the BBC which give credibility to the Jihadi narrative, such as Iraq was an illegal war against Muslims, a ‘crusade’ as the BBC often called it, and that Mulsims in the UK are under an Islamophobic assault, then the narrative of an Islam under attack is all too easy to believe and then act upon especially when reinforced by bloody videos purporting to show Western forces slaughtering Muslims.

The major factor in the boy’s extremism is his religion.  It’s an unavoidable conclusion…only Muslims are fighting in the name of Allah.  The connection is undeniable.  Which is why the BBC presumably avoids that connection.

Casciani scripts a long tract explaining away the boys behaviour blaming the anti-radicalisation programme for its ‘failure’ and then disingenuously asks…

Did Channel make mistakes? Could it have done more or were its officials simply confronted with someone they could not turn around?

He has the grace to add this get out clause after having spent the majority of the piece blaming Channel and the authorities….

Well, we don’t really know.

Casciani could ask ‘What did the Muslim community do to change its own anti-Western narrative, to change the Muslim grievance narrative about Islamophobia, to change the Islamic religion itself and its extreme teachings all of which fed the boy’s mindset?’  But no.  That’s not open for discussion.  Casciani knows who is at fault and its not Chopperboy himself that’s for sure.  He’s the real victim here.  In reality the only thing he is a victim of is a theology that predisposed him, primed him, to be a martyr for the cause.





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Just a note to the BBC that seems entirely unaware that Corbyn is not Churchill……


Jeremy Corbyn suffered a fresh blow today after seeing his poll rating slump to a record low for a new leader following this week's tumultuous party conference


Massed cheerleading from the hard-core believers is not the same as mass popularity.



On another note…try replacing Black Cabs (BC) with BBC in the narrative in this video and see if the sentiments are the same….a group that doesn’t want competition ...’it’s just protectionism…the last closed shop’…and ‘is it not always going to be the way that the ones who had the monoploy in the past are the ones who are going to resist…there’s never going to be a moment when you’d welcome [change and competition]?’

Sounds familiar.  Roll on Charter Review.




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The Lost Boys




Obama not also claiming these lost boys for his virtual family then?

Photo of Chris Harper-Mercer holding a gun from his Myspace page


The BBC is in a bit of a quandary….a mixed race killer who likes the IRA (one of the BBC’s favoured terror groups)…..they can’t avoid mentioning the IRA but perhaps, as with the Hispanic George Zimmerman, they can pass Harper off as purely white and settle for rolling their eyes in disgust at the white race…never mind that the mass killer Chris Harper Mercer is mixed race…half black…this is his aunt apparently…

chris harper mercera aunt

In fact the BBC manage to avoid mentioning his race at all, which is unusual for the BBC…..if he’d been white/white you can guarantee it would have been mentioned, repeatedly…they had to settle for ‘conservative/Republican’ to try and damn him.

Though the BBC mentions that and his penchant for the IRA they don’t mention his link on his MySpace page to this fellow Mahmoud Ali Ehsani who has some interesting photos, and captions to go with them…one being ‘“my brave soldiers keep on fighting for the liberation of Palestine against Israel. fuck Israel. Kill the Jews. jews are the only infidels.”  The rest all tag the ‘brave’ Mujahadeen…should add Mercer says he’s not himself religious…..



Now Harper isn’t a Muslim so why avoid mentioning the link whilst mentioning all the other interesting connections on his Myspace page?

I’m wondering where the campaigns are to call this man a terrorist as with the white supremacist Dylann Roof?


Today also brought another BBC sleight of hand where they duck an inconvenient fact.  Remember ‘Clockboy’ and the BBC’s endless reports on him?

It looks like they are less keen on another 14 year old Muslim schoolboy’s talents…the BBC merely reported on the news bulletins that he had been discovered due to his behaviour at school but didn’t expand on that.  They slipped in this less than expansive and informative comment buried deep, deep in their web article…

The court previously heard the teenager had been referred to the authorities by his school on several occasions for threatening behaviour, including telling one teacher he would “cut his throat and watch him bleed to death”.

The BBC then tries to explain away his actions…

The youth had found an online jihadist community through his first smartphone which “filled a void” caused by problems he was having at school and at home as well as a degenerative eye condition.

Poor lad…I’m sure the teacher would have had a Robert Fisk moment as their throat was being cut and think...’I deserve this, I’m white, privileged and have the blood of countless natives on my hands due to Western colonialism’….

“It doesn’t excuse them for beating me up so badly but there was a real reason why they should hate Westerners so much.

“I don’t want this to be seen as a Muslim mob attacking a Westerner for no reason. They had every reason to be angry – I’ve been an outspoken critic of the US actions myself. If I had been them, I would have attacked me.”


The Telegraph is more thorough and revealing about his threats…the boy had threatened far more than just slitting the throat of one teacher….

A two-day sentencing hearing was told on Thursday that the youngster, who had a troubled family life, had frequently threatened to kill his teachers, including one who he told he would “cut the throat”.

He told another “you are on my beheading list” and said he had moved “above” another teacher.

He threatened a teaching assistant with a pair of scissors and told another “your time has come”.


Why totally ignore that in news bulletins and minimise it to the extreme in the web report?

Perhaps the BBC thinks people might make a connection between how they reported so sympathetically on the ‘clock’ that looked like a bomb and the claims of injustice and islamophobia that must have inspired the reaction to it and the BBC’s latest reports as they look and see a 14 year old Muslim boy in the UK threatening to behead teachers and the BBC downplaying his threats.  It would then be obvious that even 14 year olds cannot be so easily dismissed as potential ‘Jihadis’ and therefore the reaction to ‘Clockboy’ could be seen as entirely justified and wise… his clock did after all look like a bomb…..



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‘After years of trying to make sense of extremism, I want to understand the lives of ordinary Muslims, to go behind the walls and dispel the mystery and suspicion felt by non-Muslims on the outside’

The BBC has just broadcast what can only be described as a very provocative piece of pro-Muslim propaganda for the East London Mosque which has a well deserved reputation for extremist teachings (any search on Harry’s Place will confirm that…or Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph).  The BBC programme by Robb Leech was deliberately naive, shallow and very restrictive in its scope as to what it investigated in an attempt to avoid and downplay ‘Muslim’ issues.  As said the ELM is well known for its extremist associations and it looks like the BBC has set out to whitewash those concerns and paint a picture of brave British Muslims under siege from both government and the media….Leech repeatedly suggesting that the racism of the 70’s was back in the form of ‘Islamophobia’….and yet he made little, no, attempt to delve into the most controversial aspects of Islam that give rise to very serious and credible concerns about its teachings preferring instead to concentrate on how Islam segregates women….an issue but hardly the one that is relevant to radicalisation and joining ISIL.

Rather astonishingly even Mishal Husain on the Today programme (08:47) found Leech’s narrative of Muslims under siege not credible saying, when Leech and a Muslim guest from the Mosque suggested that Muslims were being unfairly targeted, besieged, as likely subjects of radicalisation, that that was because most terrorists were Muslims.  Leech jumped in to say his brother had been radicalised proving that it’s not just Muslims being radicalised…Husain pointed out the obvious flaw in his argument…his brother, the Jihadi, had converted to Islam and then been radicalised.

Leech is always keen to claim that his brother converted to ‘an extreme form of Islam’…he ‘hastens to add’.  However there is no moderate or extreme Islam, there is just Islam….as any Muslim would have told him.  However Islam, everyday, conservative Islam, is extreme in relation to a Western society….something Leech was trying to hide.

Leech’s programme was simply a long, disingenuous piece of highly misleading film that gave a very one-sided view of the Mosque and Islam.  Where were the critics of the Mosque, where were the claims about what the Mosque had been doing, where were the indepth explorations of Islamic teachings?  Nowhere to be seen.

Leech gave us a film that said Muslims are lovely people, just like you and me, yes they may have ‘conservative’ values but you know what, live and let live, we must ignore such alien and scary beliefs and values being fostered in our midst.

Here’s a taste of Leech’s thoughts…

The general reaction in Britain to Islam…it’s another form of racism comparable to what happened in the 70’s….it makes Muslims feel different….hmmm…the whole film showed them to be different…because their religion taught them to be that way… Imam in the programme said if not submit to God, the teachings of the Koran and Hadith, then Islam is compromised….so to be a good Muslim you must be fundamentalist….that seemed to pass Leech by.

We heard that the families of the three ‘Jihadi Brides’ were ‘just normal East London families’ and that Leech was ‘just as puzzled as the families as to why the girls were radicalised’…he was ‘struck by how ordinary the families were’.


Unfortunately we know that at least one girl’s father was a radical himself…Leech slipped round to his house for an explanation….apparently the father knew nothing about it, he had no idea the protest was radical…despite all the flags, banners and chants of death to America and no’s to democracy.

Leech tells us that ‘It’s not hard to see how a man like [the father] might feel lost and seek identity and empowerment in a protest whether extremist or not.’  WTF! Really?  Is Leech really saying that for some reason the father is ‘lost’ and that that is an understandable reason to become a ‘radical’?  Does Leech really believe that the man had no idea what he was doing at that protest?

We then heard from Leech’s mosque guide that ‘Young people are MADE to feel not part of Western society so of course there is an attraction to something which welcomes them, invites them to join and makes them feel valued’   OK…except it is Islam that tells them they are not part of Western society, and why is an ELM official justifying and almost endorsing radicalisation?

We then had an Imam come on to tell us that the ELM was progressive, it is the media that is wrongly portraying it as extreme, that Muslim values were the same as British values…Leech declaring that he didn’t even know what British values were…thereby trying to suggest perhaps that they didn’t exist and therefore Muslim ones can’t be ‘alien’ to British society.

Leech says ‘I can see how Muslims can feel victimised by government policy and besieged by the media.’  The Imam prefers ‘moral clarity’ to ‘interference from government’  i.e he wants Muslims to be left to follow their religion whatever form that may take…without ‘draconian‘ laws restricting their fundamental beliefs.

Leech again sympathises uncritically with Muslims saying ‘I understand the predicament that Muslims find themselves in, under constant siege they lack the confidence to have a loud and clear voice.’  That is just complete rubbish…there is no more vocal and aggressively loud and demanding group than the Muslim community and government is constantly pandering to those demands with money, influence and political positions handed out to placate them.

When Ofsted visits the school at the mosque Leech is shocked that they ask the pupils how they felt about the Islamic state and if they support its views and actions….Leech thinks this is only being asked because they are Muslim…and therefore is unjustifiable…hmmm…yes it is being asked because they are Muslim, because, as Mishal Husain pointed out, most of the terrorists are Muslim.  Leech thinks this is forcing Muslims to ‘prove they are British’…and that’s ‘not a good thing’.  Curiously, paradoxically, at the end of the film he asks exactly the same question to some young Muslims…and they all denounce ISIL….have they proved to him they are British?

Leech concludes that any radicalisation, such as with the three Jihadi Brides, was purely a social media phenomenon and nothing to do with the Mosque…or indeed Islam….we are told the girls didn’t even go to the ELM and yet that’s not true and the first port of call for the families is….the ELM.

Leech is constantly confronted by evidence of fundamentalist, conservative Islam, especially amongst the young, and yet he manages to dismiss the importance of that and suggests that it has nothing to do with ‘radicalisation’ or that it may pose a problem for a Western, democratic, liberal society.

He talks to three youths who are part of their college Islamic society and are devout Muslims….we know that such societies are ‘hotbeds’ of Islamic fundamentalism and yet Leech doesn’t have any recognition of that….he makes absolutely no connection between the strong conservative Islamic values held by the young Muslims and potential radicalisation.

Finally he concludes that the level of conservativism on display at the Mosque maybe ‘alien and scary‘ to non-Muslims but these are normal British people with British values….so he seems to know what British values are when it suits his narrative…apparently they come from the Koran.

He tells us that (I paraphrase) ‘What I’ve seen is a community under siege, the younger generation suffers racism because of their faith just as their parents did for the colour of their skin.  I don’t believe the mosque is a hotbed of radicalisation.  The people here are British with British values, values which mean accepting and celebrating our differences together’.

Lovely sentiments….pity Islam doesn’t teach that. Pity Leech doesn’t actually do a proper investigation of the mosque, its activities and its associates and the real meaning and teachings of Islam.

This whole programme was badly misconceived….firstly we have a film maker who is unable to separate his own feelings from the reality and instead of analysing that reality gives us his own naive, sentimental and overly sympathetic interpretation of events.  The film didn’t get anywhere near a genuine investigation of the claims about the ELM’s association with extremists, nor did it explore Islam and why its teachings alienate its followers from a Western society and may lead to radicalisation.  Instead we had an uninformed, misleading rant against the government, the media and non-Muslim society putting the blame for alienation and radicalisation squarely at their door.

The BBC is highly irresponsible in producing such a one-sided and deliberately misleading programme that paints Muslims as victims of a racist society and thus incites radicalisation by encouraging that feeling of alienation and ‘disenfranchisement’ we are so often told they suffer from….which the BBC ‘proves’ that they do.


Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately, says German police chief

As attacks on Christians in asylum seeker centres increase and religious groups clash, Jörg Radek says refugees should be separately accommodated based on their faith


Muslim migrants threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths because they were not praying to Allah when they asked God for help when their dinghy suffered a puncture





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Sinister Sinister


‘As a man he suffers from a fatal incoherence of the intellectual pretensions.  He has wonderful dramatic ideas, but doesn’t have the drive or grasp to make a team of them.  His politics seems to me to be founded in a real imagination, sinister and very odd…too much smiling insinuation….and a continuous impersonation of reality out of illusion and fantasy combines with dark sideswipes at the ‘evil’ Press in a pseudo display of critical integrity.  What a dim muddy glow there is lighting this goldfish bowl of the English intelligentsia…they are a damply steaming compost of bile, saliva, & disntegrated copies of the Communist Manifesto…the pustulence of their own canker, the fungi that sits & swells & sweats & stinks wherever Socialism is gathered together.’  Ted Hughes on Jeremy Corbyn and his grandiose mewlings.  Or that’s what I believe Ted Hughes would say if he were still with us.


Corbyn and McDonnell.  What to make of them?  We are assured, and they work hard to present themselves as such, that they are hail fellows well met…and yet, that’s not true is it? Even as you watch or listen to the faux bonhomie, the reassuring tones and little quips intended to prove they are human you get an uncomfortable feeling that all is not just so, that something else lurks beneath.  Both Corbyn and McDonnell come across to me as rather sinister, their attempts at grooming us with their pleasant spiel reminds me of the German soldier in Saving Private Ryan as he spoke quietly and reassuringly to the American soldier he was killing by slowly pushing a bayonet into his chest…



Listen to the BBC and you’d have an entirely wrong perspective on these two.  The BBC downplays or ignores their radicalism and their unpopularity.  Listen to the BBC and you’d think they really were the face of a ‘new politics’ with a groundswell of popular support from around the country.  And yet, that’s not true.  Corbyn has nothing new to offer in the content of his politics nor in the way that he serves that politics up.  His support comes from a very vocal, very active group of militant supporters who hijacked the leadership election…even the Labour supporting New Statesman acknowledges Corbyn and his policies are not popular amongst the majority of Labour voters and even less so amongst potential Labour voters…so much for Corbyn himself claiming he has the support of the majority of people in the UK….

Embedded image permalink


Corbyn claims his is a new politics, a line that the BBC seems all to happy to echo rather uncritically despite curiously also acknowledging the new politics seemed to have little substance….

In an era of growing disillusion towards politics, voters might like Mr Corbyn’s attempt at straight-talking, honest politics. But voters also like to know what politicians and parties believe in. At some point, the Labour leader’s policy blossom will have to bear fruit. And that is when the reckoning will be had.

‘Straight-talking, honest politics’?  You have to be kidding.  It’s all spin, it’s all theatrics..starting with PMQs last week.  The BBC just doesn’t seem to have noticed….in fact the BBC goes along with Corbyn that his image problems are all a result of the nasty right wing press…

For example, many voters – if they have read anything about Mr Corbyn’s economic policy from his opponents in the press – might think that all he wants to do is raise taxes and print money. Unless the Labour leader acts to challenge that impression soon, it might prove harder to dispel in later months.

Why  for instance has the BBC completely ignored the fact that a good proportion of Corbyn’s speech was lifted from something written in the 80’s and rejected by Labour leaders for decades as the Spectator, amongst many others (not the BBC), spells out?

Revealed: ‘unspun’ Jeremy Corbyn used a four-year old reject speech for Miliband

An off-the-peg speech then, regurgitated from the reject pile of history.  New politics?  Same old same old and the same old politics of spin.

What was the one factor that made Corbyn so attractive in this era of jaded voters according to the BBC?  It was that he had remained unchanged for decades, his ideology and politics and the causes he championed stayed the same for 30 years.   This was the man of conviction who spoke the unvarnished truth as he saw it and the voters had been crying out for such a man who would break the mould and bring in a new age of principled, straight-talking, honest politics.

Except that’s not true is it?  Immediately upon taking office all that conviction and honesty went out the window in an attempt to ‘fool’ the voters that he was not the Marxist ogre he had always proclaimed he was.  He dumped his ‘straight-talking honest politics’ and presented us with a ‘moderate’ face designed to reassure us that the 30 years of championing Communism can be brushed aside, he didn’t really mean it, or rather he did but he doesn’t want you to know he did….honest.  He now gets upset when reminded of his past utterances and blames the dark forces of the right-wing press for any mis-apprenhensions the Public might have about him and his ideas…never mind that they are his ideas.  The New Statesman recognises the deceit…..

In the short term, Corbyn will doubtless compromise on his policy agenda, in order to prevent an immediate revolt by more moderate Labour MPs. We should not be fooled. He is a principled socialist. His long-term aims remain. He is a leopard whose spots have never changed, and never will. In a way, that is to Corbyn’s credit….However, that is not remotely what most of Labour’s other leading MPs want. They believe in capitalism. 

How exactly is such a dishonest stance to Corbyn’s credit if he intends later to implement his extreme policies to the full along with presumably having ‘dealt’ with recalcitrant MPs who oppose him?

The BBC takes a similar stance…it’s clever politics……

Now on one level this is smart politics. If this week is designed to reassure voters frightened by what they read in the papers, why should Mr Corbyn rush his fences? Why establish positions in the early flush of electoral success that he might come to regret?

So Corbyn should not mention his long held politics of conviction in case he comes to regret it later….and yet he was voted in on the basis of that politics…like Syriza….is he now selling out…like Syriza?   Note once again the BBC is spinning its own anti-Press line, the same one that Corbyn uses….’voters frightened by what they read in the papers.’  So we shouldn’t believe 30 years of Corbyn ‘honest’ rhetoric then?  It was all an act?

Here is an issue that the BBC has conveniently decided not to explore which reflects upon Corbyn’s honesty…the issue of the asteroid…..Corbyn started his speech by dismissing this as the rabid anti-Corbyn Press making stuff up about him,…and yet it was true……both Corbyn and McDonnell signed up to a Parliamentary motion that welcomed the destruction of the earth and mankind by an asteroid….


  • Session: 2003-04
  • Date tabled: 21.05.2004
  • Primary sponsor: Banks, Tony
  • Sponsors:That this House is appalled, but barely surprised, at the revelations in M15 files regarding the bizarre and inhumane proposals to use pigeons as flying bombs; recognises the important and live-saving role of carrier pigeons in two world wars and wonders at the lack of gratitude towards these gentle creatures; and believes that humans represent the most obscene, perverted, cruel, uncivilised and lethal species ever to inhabit the planet and looks forward to the day when the inevitable asteroid slams into the earth and wipes them out thus giving nature the opportunity to start again.
  • Total number of signatures: 3 Showing 3 out of 3
    Name Party Constituency Date Signed
    Banks, Tony Labour Party West Ham 21.05.2004
    Corbyn, Jeremy Labour Party Islington North 25.05.2004
    McDonnell, John Labour Party Hayes and Harlington 16.09.2004


Why would Corbyn be suddenly so embarrassed about his past, a past that he has kept alive right up until he had to put it into action in the real world?

“No, sorry commentariat: this is grown up, real politics where real people debate real issues.”

Not so much.  Why would he be embarrassed about such as this?….

“Our job is not to reform capitalism; it’s to overthrow it.” No wonder he has appointed a shadow chancellor whose Who’s Who entry declares his ambition as “fermenting the overthrow of capitalism”.

Corbyn continually attacks the right wing press and blames them for his image problems and yet, as the Spectator shows, the Press is waning and it is the left wing BBC that has enormous dominance of the news narrative….and that last quote came from the lefty New Statesman.

The BBC has been all too ready to accept the narrative that Corbyn is the face of a new politics, a man with integrity, compassion and conscience who has tapped into a widespread feeling across the country and who is attracting voters of all persuasions.

On Monday it was pretty much a Labour love-in on the BBC with hardly a critic in sight….Polly Toynbee and someone from the left wing Demos in one interview and then a whole programme devoted to what Labour thinks of itself..naturally there wasn’t much dissent on open display…..the only bit of reality came when a vox pop showed that the vast majority of voters questioned thought Corbyn was hopeless….the BBC news then picked out the pro-comments and an equal number of anti to give the impression that there was some kind of balance in Corbyn’s support.  Is this Miliband all over again with the Public hating him but the BBC insisting they all love him really?  The Telegraph notes….

One Labour MP ruefully told me that her party “failed to win the last election because we had a joke of a leader, and now we’ve elected an even bigger joke.”

Sure the BBC asks Labour: Straight talking or old politics? but they suggest, as mentioned, Corbyn is the victim of the right-wing press and not his own failings, his own extreme positioning, or his own compromising of that position.

The BBC is somewhat comfused as to who the speech was aimed at…his core support or the country…Jeremy Corbyn: Speaking to the hall not the nation  and yet he talked more of values than politics clearly aiming at the whole country not just the activists or Labour MPs….

“It’s because I am driven by these British majority values, because I love this country, that I want to rid it of injustice, to make it fairer, more decent, more equal.

“And I want all of our citizens to benefit from prosperity and success.”

Shadow education secretary Lucy Powell told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Mr Corbyn wanted to show that “people have nothing to fear from him” as he shares their values, which he will set out in his speech.

“I know that is a bit boring for people because we always want to see the rabbit out of the hat on the new policies, but that is exactly the kind of new approach to politics that I welcome,” she said.

After all why talk to those clearly already convinced about your radical brand of politics?  He was out to reassure us that he wasn’t so radical really.


And why has the BBC failed to challenge this claim?…..

And he attacked the “commentariat” for reporting “splits” in his top team, saying “this is grown-up, real politics where real people debate real issues”.

To a standing ovation, he added: “Cut out the personal abuse, cut out the cyber bullying, and especially cut out the misogynistic abuse.

“Let’s get on with bringing real values back into politics.”

It’s all about the values… why did he hug this speaker immediately after she abused the Tories as Nazis?..


And what of Unite leader, Len McCluskey’s comments in a similar vein, Unite being a big backer of Corbyn?…

Union chief Len McCluskey compares Tory strike laws to ‘wearing red triangles at Dachau’ under the NAZIS in furious rant at Cameron’s ‘fascist dictatorship’

Mr McCluskey said: ‘Whatever the law says, I’ll be on the picket line when Unite members are on strike and I will not be wearing the armbands with the red triangle, like the trade union prisoners.

‘Remember that’s what the Nazis did to trade unionists in the concentration camps at Dachau.’


A new, more respectful, value-led politics?

The BBC is not getting its hands dirty, it is standing back and offering up warmed-over pap that presumably is intended not to raise any hackles at Labour HQ.  The analysis is pretty anodyne and dodges the real dirt that would show Corbyn to be a complete fraud who has abandoned his principles for short term gain and who far from being straight and honest is spinning the politics in a way that Alastair Campbell would be proud of.


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Mollycoddling the Precious Ones.

Student union blocks speech by ‘inflammatory’ anti-sharia activist

A human rights campaigner has been barred from speaking at Warwick University after organisers were told she was “highly inflammatory and could incite hatred”.

Maryam Namazie, an Iranian-born campaigner against religious laws, had been invited to speak to the Warwick Atheists, Secularists and Humanists Society next month. But the student union blocked the event, telling the society that Namazie’s appearance could violate its external speaker policy.

“We have a duty of care to conduct a risk assessment for each speaker who wishes to come to campus. There a number of articles written both by the speaker and by others about the speaker that indicate that she is highly inflammatory, and could incite hatred on campus.”

The student union’s policy says external speakers are “not permitted to encourage, glorify or promote any acts of terrorism” or “spread hatred and intolerance in the community” and “must seek to avoid insulting other faiths or groups”.

Namazie said she hoped to go ahead with the event if Warwick changed its mind. “The student union seems to lack an understanding of the difference between criticising religion, an idea or a far-right political movement on the one hand and attacking and inciting hate against people on the other,” she wrote on her blog. “Inciting hatred is what the Islamists do; I and my organisation challenge them and defend the rights of ex-Muslims, Muslims and others to dissent.”

Namazie, who has written for the Guardian, is the spokesperson for One Law for All, a group that campaigns against sharia and religious laws, and a member of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and the Worker-Communist party of Iran.

In 2005 she won the National Secularist Society’s prize for secularist of the year, presented by the Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee.




Some thought-provoking articles that reflect on how the left/liberal agenda has undermined society and commonsense leaving people unable to cope with the real world and which silences free speech and honest debate…


Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges

Students are increasingly seeking help for, and apparently having emotional crises over, problems of everyday life. Recent examples mentioned included a student who felt traumatized because her roommate had called her a “bitch” and two students who had sought counseling because they had seen a mouse in their off-campus apartment. The latter two also called the police, who kindly arrived and set a mousetrap for them.

Faculty at the meetings noted that students’ emotional fragility has become a serious problem when in comes to grading. Some said they had grown afraid to give low grades for poor performance, because of the subsequent emotional crises they would have to deal with in their offices.



Obama: P.C. Culture on Campus Leads to “Coddled” Students

President Barack Obama on Monday waded into the debate on political correctness saturating American colleges, forcefully rejecting the idea of tailoring curriculum or cutting funding based on the sensitivities of students.

During a town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, Obama described liberal college students—the kind of students who ban speakers from campus due to their political beliefs, at least—as “coddled.”

“I’ve heard of some college campuses where they don’t want to have a guest speaker who is too conservative. Or they don’t want to read a book if it has language that is offensive to African Americans, or somehow sends a demeaning signal towards women,” he said, according to The Hill.

“I’ve got to tell you, I don’t agree with that either. I don’t agree that you, when you become students at colleges, have to be coddled and protected from different points of views.”

The culture of political correctness itself has generated a massive reaction, from liberal journalists, comedians, and researchers.




The Coddling of the American Mind

In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. Here’s why that’s disastrous for education—and mental health.

Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense. Last December, Jeannie Suk wrote in an online article for The New Yorker about law students asking her fellow professors at Harvard not to teach rape law—or, in one case, even use the word violate (as in “that violates the law”) lest it cause students distress.

Political correctness is killing freedom of speech

Ladies, gentlemen, people of indeterminate gender.

There are two reasons you should be freaked out by political correctness.

The first is that it prevents people from saying what they want to say, from expressing what they believe to be true. And it is fundamentally illiberal to stop people from expressing their beliefs and their ideas.

And the second is that it prevents the rest of us from hearing those ideas and deciding for ourselves if they are good or bad. It infantilises all of us through denying us the right to weigh things up, to argue over them, to be the arbiters of what is right and what is wrong.

Instead it gives that role to a dictatorship of do-gooders, who decide on our behalf what words and thoughts are fit for public consumption.


Political correctness: How censorship defeats itself

On its own terms, political correctness is self-defeating. It drives away potential supporters, and substitutes linguistic change for social change. It replaces the desire to reform society with the desire to reform manners, and fails to understand that practised hypocrites and seasoned manipulators can meet the demand to observe correct form with ease. Indeed, they will welcome political correctness because it gives them new opportunities to intimidate and control…..Spastic too was once a euphemism that became an insult. In 1994, the Spastics’ Society changed its name to ‘Scope’ because children were ‘shouting you big spastic’ at each other in the playground. No good did the substitution do. As current dictionaries of slang report ‘scopey’  is now ‘a byword for spaz’.






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Samira Ahmed: Most refugees are men – we should be asking why



The BBC’s Samira Ahmed asks a fundamental question about the migrant crisis...but in The Big Issue magazine and not on the BBC….

Most refugees are men – we should be asking why

“Just as in East Germany, looking at gender opens up a legitimate question about how you build a strong and stable society”

One of the most intriguing anecdotal demographic phenomena of the 1990s was what happened to East Germany’s young women; how many upped sticks and headed west in search of opportunity. It was, Germans told me, overwhelmingly men who stayed put when their obsolete industrial jobs disappeared, and in some cases nursed a grievance against foreigners. The rise of far-right extremists in the East seemed correlated with that demographic change.

Polling here shows a large number of Britons, the majority even, are at best cautious about taking in refugees from Syria because of the fear of conservative Islamic attitudes. Some readers might want to dismiss this as a cover for racism, just as in the 1930s the Daily Mail warned of the “threat” of so many Jews coming from Hitler’s Germany.

But just as in East Germany, looking at gender opens up a legitimate question about how you build a strong and stable society. Where are all the women refugees? According to the latest UNHCR figures, 72 per cent of the numbers arriving in western Europe so far in 2015 are men, 15 per cent children and only 13 per cent women. A BBC World Service reporter a few days ago described on air the unease he and female colleagues felt when they tried to interview women refugees, only to be uniformly refused permission by their men.

So where ARE the women refugees? Some men will have planned to establish themselves and then bring families over safely. But talking to lawyers dealing with the influx of young male Afghan migrants here a decade earlier, it seems in many cases families spend money on the people they value most. And that’s not the women.

When we talk of compassion and doing the right thing in these humanitarian crises, perhaps we ignore gender at our peril.

Interesting that Samira Ahmed, a Muslim woman, should think this is an issue that is important enough to raise questions about …but….she does so not at the BBC but in ‘The Big Issue’ magazine.  Why?  Why not the BBC?  Is it just that she had the opportunity to write this in the Big Issue, perhaps somebody there asked her to do it, or is it an issue that is close to her heart but which the BBC has decided is one that isn’t to be aired by them due to its ‘inflammatory’ nature in that it raises serious questions about, not just immigration, but Islam itself and its respect or otherwise for women (as we looked at yesterday)?

Has the BBC explored this issue?, I haven’t seen it, or is this just another example of the BBC hiding uncomfortable truths because they would make people even less inclined to support immigration which the BBC is a powerful cheerleader for?

An interesting and very relevant consideration that is coming into focus very quickly is that Turkey is possibly heading towards civil war (and where are the cries of outrage, ala Israel, about Turkey’s massive military strikes against the PKK?) and yet the EU, itself heading towards a split, is trying to bribe the Turks to stop the flow of migrants by allowing Turks much freer access to Europe…all 75 million of them…..and note Islamist Turkey is helping the Islamic State because it is the enemy of the Kurds……the same Islamic State that is driving migrants towards Europe.

And here’s something from the Commentator, written by ex-ambassador Charles Crawford, to chew on and consider when listening to all those BBC journos wittering on about open borders, the horrors of the nation state and the joys of mass immigration of people who follow the religion of peace:

Open Borders? Meet national Identity

Migration crisis? Not good. Rapidly getting worse. Maybe World War Three starts not because one country grabs another’s land, but because in too many places simultaneously international borders just start to melt?

The dramas of fences and quotas and agonising personal stories now playing out in different parts of Europe and along other international borders raise existential questions at the heart of human identity. Do national and cultural identities exist? If so, how to defend them if they come under challenge?

Let’s look at another question. Do the lights in your home go on or off when you flick a switch? Yes, there’s electricity. But that electricity supply (and the fact that your house has a switch) comes from the fact of a reliable and identifiable legal order.

Everything you see around you has been invented and created somewhere in the world thanks to myriad contracts enforceable under local laws and supporting international agreements.

Those legal systems exist only because they are attached to a territorial jurisdiction. England’s laws apply in England. Cross into Scotland or hop over to France, and different laws apply. This is often overlooked when people talk about an EU without internal borders.

Yes, an EU citizen and a non-EU citizen with a Schengen visa can drive to and fro across continental Europe without producing a passport. But the EU member states’ respective invisible legal jurisdictions remain 100 percent in place.

If tens or hundreds of thousands of young Arab Muslims are unwilling to fight for their own country but instead demand to live in (say) Germany or Sweden or the UK or USA, what assurances of loyalty to their new host country and its values can and should be asked of them as part of the admission process?

How then to respond if they then form tightly-knit and ideologically extreme communities and start to resist their generous hosts’ hospitality?

As the modern democratic state’s control over its own vital rules frays, our smug political elites stare aghast at the philosophical and practical confusion their fecklessness has created.

And in one country after another, angry populists start to win leadership positions by playing on legitimate public concerns that if the state under current management is unable to do its most basic job — to protect its own borders, and choose and enforce its own values — the law-abiding citizens of that state need to look at more drastic solutions.

Not good. Rapidly getting worse.

Maybe World War Three starts not because one country grabs another’s land, but because in too many places simultaneously international borders just start to melt?



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Clockboy’s Sister Act



  • Orla Guerin retweeted President Obama

    Ahmed’s clock gets the reaction it should have got at school…..



A quick update on Clockboy’s story….his sister was suspended from the same school for allegedly saying she wanted to blow the school up….though she denies saying any such thing...from Breitbart:

The sister of the boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to his Texas high school said she was suspended from a school in a prior bomb scare. Her suspension occurred in 2009 while she was attending middle school in the same district.

Lesley Weaver, a spokeswoman for the district, said school officials can’t release any information about the 18-year-old sister’s episode because the Sudanese parents won’t sign the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The school has already sent the form to the immigrant Sudanese parents, but they won’t sign it, she said.

The sister is named Eyman Mohamed.

“I wish we could…. provide more information to the media,” said Weaver, whose school district and local police force are now facing worldwide claims that they unfairly targeted the sister’s brother — 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed — after he was detained Sept. 14 on the suspicion that he had brought a hoax bomb into the school.

The boy brought his device — a dismantled, 120-volt clock packed inside a school box — to show off to his teachers.

The sister claimed after the arrest that she had been suspended from a school for several days.  “I got suspended from school for three days from this stupid same district, from this girl saying I wanted to blow up the school, something I had nothing to do with,” she said, without providing evidence or proof.



And on a similar note…the fire at an Ahmadiya mosque in London…...The Telegraph tells us:

Two boys aged 14 and 16 have been arrested on suspicion of arson, both of whom remain in custody at a south London police station.  Police are not currently treating the attack as motivated by Islamophobia, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.  But the spokesman refused to rule out racism as a possible factor in the teenagers’ alleged actions.

A quote not reported by the BBC....but why’s it important?  Because this may well turn out to be Sunni Muslims attacking an Ahmadiya Mosque…Ahmadis not being considered ‘Muslim’ by Sunnis….can’t be ‘Islamophobia’ I suppose if Ahmadis are not Muslim.

There has been a spate of such attacks recently, all of them ignored by the BBC though widely reported elsewhere and commented on here.

And what to make of this……Far Left anarchists attack a small business in London because it represents a certain social demographic that the anarchists don’t think should be allowed to live in that part of London…they want to burn them out it seems….and chase them with pig heads…can you imagine the outrage and shouts of racism if this was a Far Right group attacking a Muslim shop in the same way?  What’s the difference?

Hipster-hating mob of 200 attacks trendy cafe that sells £4.50 bowls of cereal while staff and customers are trapped inside as East London ‘anti-gentrification’ protests turn violent

Cereal Killer Cafe attacked by mob as 'anti-gentrification' protests turns violent


The BBC gives the anarchists a nice write up and no doubt we will be having their ‘representatives’ being rigorously grilled by Sarah Montague who will tell us of that they are ‘polluting’ the public discourse with their hate crimes and ‘racist’ rhetoric and that they represent a deeply unpleasant and backward regression to the politics and violent prejudices of less enlightened times.  Oh no, that was the BBC’s take on the EDL and Christianity.

Will the Today programme be asking serious questions tomorrow about Labour’s new Leader and his cronies in light of this Far Left attack?

Labour’s hard-left shadow chancellor backed ‘insurrection’ and praised student rioters who ‘kicked the s***’ out of London

‘There’s three ways in which we change society. 

‘One is through the ballot box, the democratic process and into Parliament. The second is trade union action, industrial action. The third is basically insurrection, but we now call it direct action.

‘Don’t expect that change [to society] coming from Parliament…we have an elected dictatorship, so I think we have a democratic right to use whatever means to bring this government down. The real fight now is in our communities, it’s on the picket lines, it’s in the streets.’

In a speech in 2011 to a Right-to-Protest rally, he praised rioters who had ‘kicked the s***’ out of the Conservative Party’s headquarters at Millbank Tower in Westminster.

Unite Union’s leader, Len McCluskey (Who supports Corbyn….Blairism is dead and buried. Jeremy Corbyn is the future)…. is totally on board with this sort of behaviour and approach to ‘politics’ but in BBC interviews in the run up to the election he was never challenged on these well known views…..

When McCluskey gave the Ralph Miliband Lecture  he said some notable things and laid out his political philosophy…..he wanted to follow the vision of Ralph Miliband…..

So let me start on my subject, working-class politics in the contemporary world, with a quote from Ralph Miliband:

All concepts of politics, of whatever kind, are about conflict──how to contain it, or abolish it.”

So if we are on a march towards “one nation” and ultimately “one world”, it is a road that leads through struggle and conflict.

We are taught to believe that democracy is the cornerstone of a modern civilised society; but our Lords and Masters want to define democracy, limiting us to an ‘X’ on a Ballot Paper every 5 years.

This is not my definition of democracy.

They tell us strike action, civil disobedience, direct action and protest are all somehow unpatriotic.

Our history tells us they are not.

Whatever the upshot of electoral politics, working-class politics must grow and develop, based on the socialist education Ralph Miliband called for.

In the midst of an unending economic crisis, with what Ralph would have called a discredited ruling class at the helm, it is past time for the working class to step forward with its own vision and alternative.


So McDonnell calls for ‘direct action’..’The third is basically insurrection, but we now call it direct action.‘ and McCluskey also thinks that ‘direct action’, or ‘insurrection’, is an acceptable form of politics….as in perhaps attacking the gentlemen who run a small business selling cereal?

Will the BBC be on their case?  I somehow doubt it. If Cameron suggested that ‘direct action’ on the streets be taken by ‘concerned citizens’ to stem the spread of fundamentalist Islam in Britain would he be met with silence by the BBC?

Let’s hear the BBC ask McCluskey if attacks on cereal bars run by the ‘gentry’ are part and parcel of his new vision and alternative to old Britain?  Does he want a ‘French Revolutionary’ type reshaping of Britain?…

That is indeed a new kind of politics. The age of the conviction politician willing to offer socialist alternatives to the status quo, and confident enough to say we don’t have to take our broken society as an immutable given, is breaking. It may not be the French revolution, but it is a blissful dawn to greet.

A blissful dawn where you can have your breakfast to the sound of breaking glass lit by the fires of  poltical anarchy on the march….bliss indeed.










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