Doom And Gloom On The Jobs Front



The rising employment figures have always been a mystery, and an issue, for the BBC, they have never been able to accept that they must be a sign that something, somewhere is going right in the economy and the BBC has always sought to find something negative to say on the subject trying deliberately to undermine the perceived success of the economy….a central plank of the Tories’ election strategy.

Self-employment has been rising and this has often been portrayed by the BBC as a negative…dismissing the jobs as of low value and low status and therefore not a sign of a recovering economy but a sign of desperation by people forced out of work by government Austerity.

However that’s not usually true…most interviews with self-employed people go against the presenter’s narrative that the self-employed were forced into that line of work and are living in a miserable penury….the self-employed more often than not claim to love their work and are enjoying a good measure of success.

An example came up yesterday after the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the RSA released a study into self-employment.  Not sure why they decided to do this study at this time just before an election in which jobs are an issue …especially as in 2003 the JRF released a study that said pretty much exactly the same things about self-employment.

They do admit that self-employment is in 2015…

  ….a trend that predates the crash: self-employment grew in nearly every year since the turn of the century. The implication is that self-employment has as much to do with long-term structural trends in our economy – new technologies, changing mindsets and shifting demographics – as with a short-term cyclical blip.


So not really a result of the economic crash or Coalition austerity policies but an increasing and already present trend…and one encouraged by Labour as noted by the JRF in 2003…

Policies to encourage entry into self-employment are increasingly linked to measures to combat social exclusion.


Listening to the BBC’s ‘Wake Up To Money’ and you get the idea that self-employment is a form of Coalition government imposed torture.  An interview with one business woman, Carla, (21 mins) painted a picture of a person held over a barrel, forced to carry on working even at death’s door…. Adam Parson’s exclaiming ‘Wow! …a pretty extreme example of the pressures to keep working.’  when Carla described how she battled on after having a car crash.

By coincidence I heard the same woman being interviewed later on by Peter Allen (10:41) in an interview that had an altogether different tone and painted an entirely different picture of her life and business….Allen asked her ‘How’s it been?’ [Her self-employed life]  She replied ‘Great!’

Allen asked ‘Has it made life better?’ [Being self-employed] She replied ‘Oh yes….I love what I do…it’s so much fun…the creativity you get to enjoy everyday is amazing!’

Sounds like she is enjoying self-employment despite the obvious pressures.

One good thing about Allen is that he often starts from the standard BBC world view but is happy to adjust his views when presented with facts that disprove it… when he was ‘shocked’ to hear that the richest in society actually pay a vast amount of tax…and a rising amount contrary to what we are often led to believe.

The ‘WUTM’ crew in contrast are averse to any change in narrative and plough on regardless of the facts or of what their expert guest commentators reveal when it goes against the doom and gloom line the comic duo of Clark and Parsons relentlessly peddle on the BBC…..such as low inflation apparently being a disaster waiting to happen or people starting to borrow more is a sign of desperation as they run out of money…rather than a sign of confidence in the future economy and rising wages.

Adam Parsons unfortunately doesn’t restrict himself to the death watch on WUTM but frequently pops up on other programmes giving us the benefit of his unique take on the world.

Today’s interviews with ‘Carla’ shows though how different things can be made to look by some in the Media when they have an axe to grind.



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The Tariq Squeak


Tariq Ramadan…the Muslim voice of reason, reform and renaissance, in the BBC’s, the Guardian’s and the Government’s eyes.

Where is Tariq Ramadan?  There has been a tragic plane crash in whihc 150 people have died and the news has been absolutely dominated by reports about this story.

When Muslim terrorists slaughtered cartoonists, Jews and police officers in Paris Ramadan and his ilk told us that it was ‘terrible’, no, really, but…and there’s always a but….Ramadan wanted to know why we were spending so much time on reporting such a trivial event…after all Muslims were being killed around the world and, he claimed, nobody cared…..

We condemn the violent extremism that is targeting westerners. But it is not only westerners. We are reacting emotionally because 12 people were killed in Paris, but there are hundreds being killed day in, day out in Syria and Iraq, and still we send more bombs. We have to look at the big picture. Lives matter, but it is important to be clear that the lives of Muslims in Muslim majority countries have as much value as our own lives in the west.


It seems that when the interests of European Muslims are not at stake, and the furtherance of Islam is not an issue, Ramadan is not concerned about what the Media reports and how much coverage they give to particular events.

If the plane’s pilot had been a Muslim with concerns about ‘Western’ foreign policy you can be certain Ramadan and Co would have mobilised and been filling the airwaves with assurances this had nothing to do with Islam and that more people die in Syria everyday…so what’s the problem with a little bit  of ‘terror’ in Europe?

The killings in Paris were important because they were not the ‘mere’ murder of a handful of people but represented a significant attack on the cultural  values , the whole society, of the West.  Ramadan and his other Muslim apologists who cried their crocodile tears over Charlie Hebdo are engaged in a war, a war of words, intent on undermining the West and imposing Islam.  Those who think Ramadan is a reformer are mistaken.

In Canada Ramadan was one of the founders of the Muslim organisation ‘Muslim Presence’… has some interesting views on Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons in 2012….

It is a declaration of war… a war of religion that no free expression in the world may be proud of.
No Charlie
If offending is the expression of your freedom, then admit that violence will be the expression of their freedom! It is a trade of bad practices.
No, do not say ‘but’! Assume [your choices]…



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It Never Ends


After the ‘Ted Talk’ mentioned in the last post I heard a trail for Thursdays ‘Crossing Continents’ in which we were told that we would hear the story of Gaza’s last remaining piano, the only one to survive ‘the bombing’ and which was being used to help traumatized Palestinian children….so it looked like Israel was in the frame again.

Curiously on looking at the actual blurb for the programme it gives a different slant altogether..

Saving Gaza’s Grand Piano

Hidden away in a dusty corner of an abandoned theatre, unplayed and almost forgotten – a magnificent instrument allowed to moulder away in a territory whose Islamist rulers banned public performances of music. But now Gaza’s only grand piano is getting a new lease of life. A small Brussels-based charity is restoring it to its former glory and at the same time is working to bring music back into schools. With Hamas control steadily weakening the charity has begun a unique project to train teachers in Gaza to re-introduce music into the curriculum – not through music classes but through subjects such as mathematics and geography. It’s helping disturbed children in this war torn territory to concentrate – and it’s exciting teachers. Tim Whewell gets exclusive access to the story of Gaza and its grand piano.


No doubt Israel will take a few hits on the programme but interesting to see the BBC admits that Hamas is ‘Islamist’ and that such an ideology leads to a few problems in any society that wants to enjoy life to the full….such as playing music.


This then caught my eye…the programme immediately following Crossing Continents is this….

 Inconspicuous Consumption

Jack Monroe delves into cupboards and kitchen cabinets to find out how we consume and care about our crockery.

This is no trivial matter.


Jack Monroe is an English writer, journalist and campaigner on poverty issues, particularly food and hunger relief.

Always amazing that a job at the BBC is always available if you say the right things…that is from a ‘leftward’ view of the world.

How many such people get their foot in the door when someone at the BBC gets excited about their burblings?  Giles Fraser, James O’Brien, Stacey Dooley, Michael Portillo, Jonathan Freedland, Alastair Campbell, Reginald.D.Hunter, Benjamin Zephaniah,  Michael Rosen etc etc.

When does the BBC ‘reach out’ in a similar way to people who express views that are ‘alternative’ to the BBC’s own world view, plucking them off the street and giving them a platform to vent their spleens?


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Thinking Organisations


Sunday night and the BBC brought us the ‘TED Radio Hour’ which had some thought provoking thoughts.

Let’s hope someone at the BBC was listening…here’s the concluding remarks (46 mins 20 secs)…


‘The fact is that some of the biggest catastrophes we have seen rarely come from information that is secret or hidden.  It comes from information that is freely available and ‘out there’ but we which are wilfullly blind to because we don’t want to handle, can’t handle,  the conflict that it provokes….but when we dare to break that silence, when we dare to see and we create conflict we enable ourselves and the people around us to do our very best thinking.

Open information is fantastic, open networks are esssential but the truth won’t set us free until we develop the skills, the habits and the talent and the moral courage to use it.

Openness isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.’


Today we were told that Islamism has no connection with the beautiful religion of Islam. We saw Nigel Farage and his family hounded because of his views on immigration.  We are not allowed to criticise that other religion called Climate Change.

All taboos or attitudes cheerfully backed by the BBC.

When will the BBC find that ‘moral courage’ to do the right thing and start to openly debate what the Koran really says, what 300,000 immigrants flocking to the UK each year really means, the possibility that in tackling CO2 we may be ‘curing’ the wrong thing?

The BBC has been wilfully blind, it has sought to avoid conflict that would arise when certain truths are spoken, it has sought to silence those who would dare to break that silence.

The BBC and its good intentions may be putting us on the road to Hell.


BBC ‘bias’ hinders immigration crackdown, says report

The BBC’s bias in favour of immigration has been a key block on the Government’s ability to tighten control on Britain’s borders, a report has claimed.

MigrationWatch UK, which campaigns for tougher migration rules, said the Corporation was guilty of a “strong bias” and even a reluctance to address issues raised by immigration.



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Interesting to hear the BBC constantly refer to the EDL in their reports about Afzal Amin as ‘Far Right’.

Not sure how they come to that definition as the EDL’s sole ‘policy’ is to control extremist Islam….why is that a ‘Far Right’policy?  Their opponents like to suggest this is a cover for underlying racism and anti-Muslim prejudice but that is not for the BBC to judge or to second guess their motivations…and yet they have.

All rather confusing when immediately after the report on Amin the BBC reported that the government was cracking down on Islamic extremism and Sharia courts… Islam being completely compatible with British values and society….Sharia law not being Islamic of course….and Islamic ‘extremism’ not having anything to do with the ‘real’, liberal, moderate Islam’ of BBC lore, it being a perverted desire to practise a pure, unadulterated version of Islam….a ‘conservative’Islam’….not Islam at all really.

Why does the BBC not refer to Theresa May as being of the  ‘Far Right’ when she seems to be proposing the same things that the EDL does?


Why does May refer to good and bad Muslims?…or rather claims the Islamists are not Islamic.

Don’t call me moderate…

The men and women I met told me they found it infuriating that they could be devout in their practice of their religion but they would only be considered “moderate” Muslims – since moderate was often taken to mean not hugely observant.

If they are fully practising Muslims then they should observe all the rules of Islam…..and in doing so are not ‘moderate’ in comparison to the values of a secular, liberal, democfratic society…they are ‘extremists’…the teachings of the Koran being decidedly unliberal.

If Muslims don’t want to be divided into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Muslims then they have to accept that the Islamists are just as ‘Muslim’ as the non-violent ones are….and yet they lie to themselves being….

….rather insulted when asked if they could shed any light on why anyone from this country would wish to travel to Syria. They disputed the suggestion that their Islam had anything in common with the ideology of the jihadis.

‘Their’ Islam……‘ it quickly became apparent that they held views that many would not consider moderate at all.’


Until people like May, and the BBC, agree on what constitutes an ‘extreme’ value and belief they will never be able to tackle Islamist extremism.   When I say ‘agree’ I mean come to the realisation about what Islam really says and demands of its followers…those who fully observe its teachings as ‘non-moderate’ Muslims.

Even Dan Hodges admits…

We are going to have to start to reassess what we mean by “moderate Islam”.

The BBC is wrong. Many Muslims have sympathy with the Charlie Hebdo killings. Far too many.








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Protest The Protestors




Nicky Campbell this morning ran his phone-in on the news that Nigel Farage and his family were attacked by anti-UKIP protestors who were doing much what the Brown Shirts did in the 1930’s.

Campbell didn’t challenge the constant claims by the protestors that Farage was a prejudiced racist peddling fear…Campbell dodged that preferring instead to suggest merely that many people support Farage and vote for UKIP…which is a different thing altogether….Campbell leaving the thought that Farage and UKIP are racists up in the air.

Campbell was asking if direct action protests were legitimate…curiously he didn’t mention the prominent reports that Ed Miliband’s paymaster, Len McCluskey, has recently stated that he intends to ignore the law of the land if the Tories are elected and will engage in such direct action as necessary to force his will upon the country…views he has expressed before…..

All concepts of politics, of whatever kind, are about conflict──how to contain it, or abolish it.”

So if we are on a march towards “one nation” and ultimately “one world”, it is a road that leads through struggle and conflict.

We are taught to believe that democracy is the cornerstone of a modern civilised society; but our Lords and Masters want to define democracy, limiting us to an ‘X’ on a Ballot Paper every 5 years.

This is not my definition of democracy.

They tell us strike action, civil disobedience, direct action and protest are all somehow unpatriotic.

Our history tells us they are not.

Whatever the upshot of electoral politics, working-class politics must grow and develop, based on the socialist education Ralph Miliband called for.

In the midst of an unending economic crisis, with what Ralph would have called a discredited ruling class at the helm, it is past time for the working class to step forward with its own vision and alternative.



One of Campbell’s main contributors was Charlie Kimber, National Secretary for the Socialist Workers Party…’s aim…

Workers create all the wealth under capitalism. A new society can only be constructed when they collectively seize control of that wealth and plan its production and distribution according to need.

For a party that demands respect for all sorts of people and claims to champion the downtrodden it might have been relevant to ask Kimber about the way the SWP handled rape allegations made against a senior member of the SWP… swept under the carpet by them…so much for respect. Then again Campbell could have asked about the many, many millions killed by Socialism including those under the National Socialist regime in Germany by those hoping to create the perfect Socialist society.

Or Campbell could have challenged Kimber about his allies….

SWP cosying up to Islamic fundamentalists…again


Thankfully Campbell was mostly irrelevant, most callers did his job for him and challenged the protestors, standing their ground and denouncing the protestors and their actions in a reasoned and measured way that completely undermined Kimber and his ilk.

Funny how Farage is allowed to be pilloried for his views but others, like Kimber, seem to get a pass for theirs on the BBC…..and on that… interesting that Theresa May mentions extremist Islamists and the Far Right as people with hateful beliefs in her speech today….again what about the Left?  The ‘leftwing’  UAF is the organisation that starts the violence at EDL marches.










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Typhoon frequency graphic



Bishop Hill details the lack of detail in the National Trust’s latest claims about climate change…

Dame Helen Ghosh, the former Whitehall bureaucrat who now runs the National Trust, was on the Today programme this morning explaining why climate change is the biggest threat to the Trust’s work.

Pressed to explain herself, Dame Helen had almost nothing to justify her position, apart from a suggestion that the Trust likes to address the issues of the day. This came across to me as saying “we just jump on any passing bandwagon, it’s good for business”.


The BBC reports indepth on Dame Helen’s ponderings and produces an alarming headline…

Climate change ‘biggest threat’ to National Trust land


However, despite the very concerning and alarming claim the BBC fails to actually find any substance to back up the headline, the report having a complete absence of evidence for that claim.

Still a lack of facts never stopped the BBC from making wild claims about the effects of climate change themselves.

Here’s Roger Harrabin, apparently being ‘sceptical’, but not really…

Cyclone Pam: Did climate change cause Vanuatu damage?


Harrabin makes the unproven claim that….

Globally, temperature has risen by 0.8C, mainly due to greenhouse gases. And that is affecting weather around the world.

But attributing individual tropical storms directly to our planes, cars and factories is a different matter.


Naturally he means greenhouse gases as made by man.

The BBC has no problem linking climate change to severe weather…Katrina, Haiyan, and now Pam.

Listeners to Radio 4’s Today programme were given an unmistakable but totally bogus message last week: that catastrophic storms such as Typhoon Haiyan are linked to global warming – and are set to increase.



He then admits….

The world authority, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, found no evidence of a link between the frequency of tropical storms and climate change.

The effect of climate change on precipitation is poorly understood.

Which is curious really because the BBC has always linked storms to climate change…and made claims that rainfall is directly effected by climate change ala Somerset Levels, Harrabin himself stating that rainfall will be more severe due to climate change.


Harrabin then claims that there is…

….an undisputed link between emissions and rising sea levels, which leaves poor low-lying Vanuatu increasingly vulnerable.


Which emissions would those be?  CO2?  No proof that CO2 is the main cause at all. Even if you believe that CO2 is the main cause of climate change the UN tells us that it only causes 50% of warming….so even if we spend billions reducing CO2 you’re still in trouble.


He then links that to this warning….

So when a storm strikes the islands in the year that heads of governments have promised to sign an over-arching deal to protect the climate, the president’s remarks are understandable.

He can’t be sure that the gusts of Pam were propelled by human hands.

But he can be very sure that, as greenhouse gases increase, it is his people who are among the most at risk.


So dressing up his report as being sceptical about the science but is in fact continuing down the path of a religious adherence to the ‘orthodxoy’ which is completely unproven…that CO2 is the cause of climate change…the conclusion which drives all government policy in this area at massive cost to everyone…..what if it is the wrong conclusion?  Not only will they have wasted billions upon billions of pounds but will also have utterly failed to find a solution to the problem which therefore continues unabated as they tackle the wrong cause.

Just another ‘pro-climate change’ report from Roger.










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Trojan Farce





Back in 2013 Afzal Amin told us, courtesy of the ever helpful BBC, that ‘Muslims “are an integral part of this country” and the murder of a solider in Woolwich should not be associated with the entire Islamic community.’

And indeed they are…so integrated in fact that they join forces with the EDL..or at least the good Mr Afzal Amin does…

Exposed: Star Tory candidate plotted with race thugs to stage fake EDL demo in cynical bid to win votes 

A key Tory Election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes.

Afzal Amin hatched a scheme to persuade the English Defence League to announce an inflammatory march against a new £18million ‘mega-mosque’. But – as he revealed in secretly filmed footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday – the plan was that the demonstration would never actually go ahead.

And when the phoney rally was called off, the fiercely ambitious Amin, a Muslim, intended to take credit for defusing the situation – winning over voters, and police, in the marginal seat of Dudley North. 

‘This is my fantasy. If I could demonstrate to the people in Dudley that I can be a positive voice for community cohesion, for development, for campaigning against the evils and the terrorism and the child grooming and all the rest of it, then that would help me a lot in the forthcoming Election.”


Curiously the BBC don’t seem to have caught up with his latest thinking….maybe if he was a UKIP candidate they would be pumping this out all the time on every channel and every medium….how slow were they to react to the news that a LibDem peer was involved in dodgy dealings?

Still, despite the BBC’s best efforts to crush local news, we’ve got the Midland’s Express and Star to tell us that:

Dudley Tory candidate Afzal Amin suspended over EDL video claims


They also tell us that…

Most of 29 arrests at Dudley march opposed EDL

Most of the people arrested after an English Defence League march in Dudley were counter protesters, it has emerged.

Not an angle that gets emphasised by the BBC…especially as the ‘opposition’ is in the form of the fascist UAF…a Unite Union organisation with links to Miliband and whose vice-chair is an extremist Muslim.


Ah look the BBC does report it….er sort of….

From other local news sites


Unusual for the BBC not to take the opportunity to promote a moderate Muslim speaking out against extremism to show how integrated ‘they’ are.



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Show Time And Tell


Perhaps you have watched or listened to the BBC news recently and thought that there’s a lot of clever presentation but not much substance, altogether too much opinion and ‘interpretation’ in the News.

You may not be alone…even the esteemed Guardian has its doubts about the ‘theatrical’ BBC and I was thinking along similar lines as I heard Jon Pienaar describe Osborne as the ‘craftiest’ of Chancellors and Peston attacking Osbornes’s budget by giving us his emotional interpretation of cuts to welfare…apparently ‘That’ll make the handouts even meaner…and he’s eager to use the OBR’s flippant description of the economy post election as a ‘roller coaster’ even though it won’t be….more of a hockey stick…a jolly one perhaps?

Peston says ‘ George Osborne has not given any clue about how which benefits recipients would feel the pain‘  and  asks ‘ Can the Chancellor go through a general election without spelling out in more detail precisely which welfare recipients he would make poorer?

So Osborne’s policies will be ‘even meaner’ than they are already apparently and full of ‘pain’ for the poor who will be made ‘poorer’.

And let’s not forget Norman Smith and his cry that the economy under the Tories would be ‘utterly terrible’ as it sank into 1930’s like spending levels….or those of the year 2000 when Labour spent at the same rate before going back to their socialist roots and spending all the money and then some.


All too much personal angst and opinion from the BBC employees…not even going to mention Donnison and Bowen!

The Guardian wants more facts and less theatre…the BBC being less careful with the ‘facts’, inclined to spin for an agenda and indulging in theatrics….and tends to use the news to advertise its own upcoming programmes…

The News at Ten: ITV v BBC – how do the channels compare?

You might expect the BBC news to be more analytical and internationalist, and ITV to be more popular and jolly. But, based on Thursday night’s broadcasts, you would be surprised.

Metaphorical flourishes – visually lavish but often simplistic in content – have become a BBC news signature, whereas you feel that, if the prime minister happens to mention Game of Thrones, ITN will still think hard before despatching Brady to a fancy dress shop to choose a costume to wear outside the House of Commons.

The BBC1 news also felt in some ways more populist than its ITN equivalent. While ITN correspondents deliver their reports fairly straight, the BBC’s aim more for operatic notes of tragedy (Keane) and comedy (Peston). The reporter as performer, which you might more logically expect from ITV, is more likely to be found on the other side.

An increasingly familiar aspect of the BBC news brand….A report that appeared to be an impressive exclusive – on a gang smuggling illegal immigrants out of the UK so that they can come back in as asylum seekers – proved to be a trail for a documentary immediately following the news. Like some movie trailers, the best bits had been filleted so efficiently that there seemed little point in watching the full documentary.




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Build It And They Will Come


There is that well known saying that if you ‘Build It And They Will Come’, either Kevin Costner or the Bible, take your pick.  Will Hutton has his own version….they are here, and they keep on coming, so build it.  But he’s a bit coy about just who ‘they’might be.

Hutton and another worthy Lefty on the Today show  (08:55) agreed that we must concrete over the Uk in order to meet our increasing housing needs.  What wasn’t said was exactly why our housing needs are rising.

Let’s do the maths.

The usual figure quoted for the required annual housebuild is around 250,000 per year.  In a remarkable coincidence this is near, well, quite a bit lower than, the figure for net immigration which is on an ever increasing surge….300,000 ‘flocking’ here last year.

Any possibility that the need for housing is related to the UK being swamped by immigrants?

Just who is going to pay for these houses and how are they going to pay for them, especially as Hutton thought it should be the Government….us and our taxes in other words?

The Today programme didn’t have time for the hard questions just the lovely touchy feely ‘let’s do something lovely’ narrative that is all the BBC comes up with these days.



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At Least One Not-So-Spineless Tory


Andrew Bridgen MP in the Telegraph:

Why I am going to war with the BBC

In its mission statement, the BBC says that it “exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.” It exists, therefore, to report the news in an impartial manner – not to make the news or to push a particular agenda.

I would contend that the BBC is now working outside its remit. Far from being an impartial spectator to events, it has become an active participant in our national debate, whose influence is unauthorised and unwelcome.

Current and former employees have acknowledged what you might call the “Guardianisation” of the BBC’s editorial line. You only have to consider a range of topics such as climate change, the EU and immigration to see that the BBC treats those who have concerns about such issues with an institutional disdain.

But its meddling with the news agenda has recently reached new heights, especially concerning the TV election debates. Even the BBC’s own former Chairman, Lord Grade – a man who recently brought about an amendment in the House of Lords to protect the corporation’s income stream – expressed outrage at the corporation’s threats to “empty chair” the Prime Minister if he did not cave to its demands.

Finally, and most importantly, there is the TV licence fee. This month we had a debate on the decriminalisation of non-payment of the fee in Parliament. This was due to the amendment put down in the House of Lords, which was then supported by five ex-BBC employees parroting the BBC PR machine’s line that this will cost millions of pounds of revenue should decriminalisation be legislated. The debate was riddled with dubious warnings that local radio stations and Cbeebies will have to close if the BBC did not retain the ability to send people to jail for being too poor to pay for their TV licence.

This month has also seen the suspension of the Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson for an alleged fracas with a producer. It has been speculated that the programme’s brand is worth tens of millions of pounds in annual income to the BBC. Should Jeremy Clarkson finally be forced out of the BBC, a reported aim of senior BBC executives, how will that revenue gap be filled?

Remember this: the BBC – thanks to its ex-employees in the Lords – has achieved a delay in possible decriminalisation of non-payment of the licence fee for another two years. On current trends, that will see 100 more people put in prison and over 300,000 citizens criminalised, simply because the BBC judges it to be a price worth paying for the maintenance of their revenue stream.

You really do have to question the moral approach of an organisation that applies such standards to the public they are supposed to be there to serve. It will also be revealing to see how Jeremy Clarkson is dealt with compared with Russell Brand, who in spite of his disgusting behaviour towards Andrew Sachs is now a leading presenter on Comic Relief. Perhaps this is because his extreme Left-leaning views are more palatable to BBC executives.

By leading the debate and setting the political agenda on the decriminalisation of the licence fee, I have set myself on a collision course with the might and influence of a £5 billion worldwide media organisation, which has attacked my family business, falsely reporting “facts” and attributing comments to me which I did not make.

I am fearful of retribution from the BBC after having been picked last week, out of a possible 46 East Midlands Seats, as a focus for the regional news programme in the upcoming election, effectively granting my opponents a disproportionate amount of prime BBC airtime to attack me.

The BBC has a budget more than double the size of the Foreign Office – and is an empire of an organisation. I believe serious questions must be put to the BBC at Charter Renewal about their agenda and their transparency.

This must be done without fear of its monolithic PR machine, which wields so much power. “Auntie”, as she was once affectionately known, is no longer with us. Instead we are faced with one of the last vestiges of corporatism, a leviathan that seeks to change our national culture and which holds even our highest elected representatives in contempt. The BBC has shown it is willing to ride roughshod over our democratic processes, so it must be tackled.

Andrew Bridgen is MP for North West Leicestershire



I laughed at that bit about the BBC supposed to be serving the Public…Craig at ‘Is the BBC biased?’ quotes this arrogant gem from a BBC correspondent:

A classic case of BBC bias:

Douglas Fraser used his blog to debate the statistics and the political context, and ended with the following very characteristic bit of BBC reporting – giving the appearance of impartially outlining alternative interpretations but actually strongly steering the reader towards a very particular view point:

‘So why the mismatch between public opinion and political consensus? Perhaps it is merely a desire for a point of difference.

Perhaps it is because it is a less salient issue for Scots: having less experience of ethnic minorities in their neighbourhoods, they care less about it than other issues.

You could argue that MSPs at Holyrood are out of touch, and in an elite which finds immigration useful in providing the low-price labour to support its lifestyle.

Or you could see MSPs as leading public opinion, setting out Scotland’s distinctive attitude to foreigners and incomers, on an evidence base about demographic change with which few others are familiar.

That version of Scotland’s outlook on the world may not be based on public opinion. But it’s a positive story to tell.’

Who needs the opinions of the ignorant and prejudiced ‘Public’ when you’ve got the intellectual and moral leadership of those who have the sacred BBC pay cheque every month to light the way for us, helpfully ‘guiding’ our opinions?

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Missionary Men






The  Parliamentary Education Committee released a report on the inquiries into the Trojan Horse plot.

The BBC reported this…

MPs have criticised a “worrying lack of coordination” between five overlapping official inquiries into the so-called Trojan Horse affair.

It was alleged last year extremists had tried to take over several schools in Birmingham to advance radical interpretations of Islam.

A series of official investigations found the claims to be groundless.


That last line is a complete lie.

The BBC has always attempted to portray the Trojan Horse letter as a hoax ( The MCB also takes that line…“a malicious fabrication and completely untrue”), Phil Mackie claiming it was a result of paranoia, racism and Islamophobia, with Mark Easton trying to claim that Islamists taking over and running a school was no different to Catholics running a Faith School and that the parents welcomed such eventualities.

The BBC wants you to believe that there is no threat to your way of life, culture and society from Muslim activists imposing their religion upon you and yours….and the BBC is prepared to tell you lies in order to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about.

The man at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot, Tahir Alam, was also the Muslim Council of Britain official who produced a document in 2007 with a similar intent to the Trojan Horse plot, that is the imposition of Islamic values upon non-Islamic schools.  The BBC has never published or linked to this document since the Trojan Horse scandal broke despite its high relevance to the credibility of the Trojan Horse letter’s contents.  The fact that the 2007 document provides evidence of intent along similar lines to the Trojan Horse plot and was produced by the same man completely undermines the BBC line, which is why they don’t mention it.

Curious when it seems  so relevant…

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, said: “Mr Alam … has been planning this for 15 years. He goes around making these schools religious by manipulating governors, and bringing in certain teachers. He was able to hone the [tactics] in Birmingham that he drafted in this report.”


Pretty damning no?  Not for the BBC.


And what of that claim in the latest BBC report that ‘A series of official investigations found the claims to be groundless.’?

Now that’s just not true…even the BBC itself has admitted the reports slammed the schools…

There is “disturbing” evidence that people with a “shared ideology” were trying to gain control of governing bodies in Birmingham, says Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

She was responding to the Trojan horse report from former counter-terror chief Peter Clarke into allegations of a hardline Muslim take-over of schools.

Mr Clarke found evidence of an “aggressive Islamist agenda”.

Ms Morgan highlighted “intolerant” messages between school staff.


Here is what Peter Clarke’s report said….

Firstly were claims of extremists trying to take over schools ‘groundless’? No….

The very clear evidence that young people are being encouraged to accept unquestioningly a particular hardline strand of Sunni Islam raises concerns about their vulnerability to radicalisation in the future. I have heard evidence to the effect that there are real fears that their current experiences will make it harder for them to question or challenge radical influences.


Secondly…did it matter if the letter was a hoax? (and there’s no proof it is…quite the opposite in fact)  No…the BBC is trying to distract you…

At the beginning of my investigation, I decided that it was not a priority to establish who wrote the letter or whether it was what it purported to be. It has been suggested that the letter is a hoax or a fake and the content therefore is irrelevant. This approach misses the point. The important issue is not who wrote it or whether it is a genuine extract from a letter between conspirators, but whether the events and behaviours described have actually happened.


Clarke goes on to say that it was evident that events as claimed in the Trojan Horse letter were known by the Council before the letter’s publication…..



It quickly became apparent to me that although there are some factual inaccuracies in the letter, there is also a great deal that is true, some of which had not previously been in the public domain.


There is incontrovertible evidence that both senior officers and elected members of Birmingham City Council were aware of concerns about activities that bear a striking resemblance to those described in the ‘Trojan Horse’ letter, many months before it surfaced.


As a result of the evidence gathered by my investigation, I can conclude that senior officers were aware of practices subsequently referred to in the ‘Trojan Horse’ letter as early as the end of 2012, and discussions on this issue took place between officers and elected members in May 2013. This is some six months prior to the ‘Trojan Horse’ letter being received by the Leader of the Council.


Thirdly…just to emphasise and confirm the evidence of extremist takeover of schools….


There is a disconcerting pattern reaching across a number of the schools I have looked at. This includes the following: the effective take-over of the governing body by like-minded people;  nepotism in staff appointments and appointments to the governing body; individuals associated with each other holding teaching posts or being members of the governing body (or both) at a small number of local schools;   rapid advancement of new or inexperienced governors to the role of chair; bullying and intimidation of senior teaching staff, and in particular headteachers; previously highly regarded headteachers made subject to criticism and complaint by governing bodies;  interference by the governing body in the curriculum and the day-to-day running of the school;   the reinforcement of Muslim identity to the exclusion or disparagement of others; the introduction of conservative Islamic practices into school life;   a strategy of harassment to oust the headteacher;   financial mismanagement; and inappropriate recruitment and promotion procedures for favoured staff.



There is ample evidence that individuals who hold or have held key positions in the schools have a shared ideological basis to their faith. During the investigation I took possession of the contents of a social media discussion between a group of teachers at Park View School that for much of 2013 was called the ‘Park View Brotherhood’. It was initiated and administered by Mr Monzoor Hussain, the Acting Principal, and was joined by influential teachers within the school. The evidence from more than 3,000 messages spread over 130 pages of transcript shows that this group either promoted or failed to challenge views that are grossly intolerant of beliefs and practices other than their own. The all-male group discussions include explicit homophobia; highly offensive comments about British service personnel; a stated ambition to increase segregation in the school; disparagement of strands of Islam; scepticism about the truth of reports of the murder of Lee Rigby and the Boston bombings; and a constant undercurrent of anti-Western, anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment. Some postings were challenged by the administrator, Mr Hussain, but generally only where criticism was made of other Muslim groups. The numerous endorsements of hyperlinks to extremist speakers betray a collective mind-set that can fairly be described as an intolerant Islamist approach that denies the validity of alternative beliefs, lifestyles and value systems, including within Islam itself.






I neither specifically looked for nor found evidence of terrorism, radicalisation or violent extremism in the schools of concern in Birmingham. However, by reference to the definition of extremism in the Prevent strand of the Government’s counter terrorist strategy, CONTEST, and the spectrum of extremism described by the Prime Minister in his Munich speech in February 2011, I found clear evidence that there are a number of people, associated with each other and in positions of influence in schools and governing bodies, who espouse, endorse or fail to challenge extremist views.



Finally do all the parents welcome the Islamisation of schools if they get good results as claimed by Easton?  No…..

It has been suggested to me that the ambition of those involved was only to create high achieving schools reflecting the communities they serve, following the wishes of the majority of parents. I do not agree. On the contrary, while the majority of parents welcome the good academic results that some of these schools produce, they do not demand that their children adhere to conservative religious behaviour at school. Indeed, I received evidence that this would be supported by only a minority of parents. I was told how some of those who claimed most loudly that they were acting for the community either protest alone or co-opt relatives to protest with them. I was also told by many witnesses that the majority do not have the confidence to argue against the articulate and forceful activists who seek to impose their views, for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community.


Once again the BBC cannot be trusted to report on Muslim issues with any integrity and honesty.







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Ancient Britons


The BBC, Mark Easton in particular, likes to dispel any idea that British people are British, that there is any such thing as a British identity….they tell us that we are a nation of immigrants…because of course it suits their narrative on immigration now, somehow, not sure how though, even if we were a nation of immigrants how could the UK carry on absorbing 300,000 new immigrants every year? The basic logistical difficulties alone would crush the country never mind the social and cultural problems that would ensue….are  ensuing.

The BBC takes an entirely different slant on a DNA study of the population of Britain to that taken by the Telegraph…

Here is the relevant part of the Telegraph’s report…

Geneticist Professor Sir Walter Bodmer of Oxford University said: “What it shows is the extraordinary stability of the British population. Britain hasn’t changed much since 600AD.

“When we plotted the genetics on a map we got this fantastic parallel between areas and genetic similarity.

“It was an extraordinary result, one which was much more than I expected. We see areas like Devon and Cornwall where the difference lies directly on the boundary.”

Professor Mark Robinson, of Oxford University’s department of archaeology added: “The genetic make-up we see is really one of perhaps 1400 years ago.”


Here is the Telegraph’s line on the Celts…

The findings also showed that there is not a single ‘Celtic’ genetic group. In fact the Celtic parts of the UK (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Cornwall) are among the most different from each other genetically.

That was it…literally a line whereas the BBC decided that that was to be the main thrust of their report…

DNA study shows Celts are not a unique genetic group


The BBC constantly tries to rewrite history and wipe out 1400 years of your cultural and social heritage, your national identity, in pursuit of their own multi-cultural and diversity based, pro-immigration agenda….which is one reason when they report on the cultural vandalism, the destruction of the Assyrian history by ISIS, which they tell us is so crucially important to the local’s identity, I always laugh at the BBC’s hypocrisy.  Labour’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Britain of its native population doesn’t bother the BBC at all.





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Bowen Attacks Israel



Funny how the BBC has lost interest in the Israeli election now that the Left has been crushed….oh..not quite lost interest…this is the story on the front page…

US concern over Israel poll rhetoric

The White House expresses “deep concern” over “divisive rhetoric” in Israel’s election, and reiterates US support for Palestinian statehood.


Those terrible ‘Nazi’ Israelis….and can’t go without a mention of the Palestinians.

And elsewhere…from before the election result was known…..Jeremy Bowen obviously doesn’t think that the BBC provides him with a suitably big enough audience for his talents…and so he peddles his genius at the New Statesman as well…

As Israel heads to the polls, peace in the region seems more distant than ever


The piece is as negative about Israel as you could be without doing a Mel Gibson and puts the blame for any and every breakdown in peace negotiations at Israel’s door.

Bowen paints Netanyahu as the nearest thing to a Nazi as you can get, relying on far right religious fanatics and racist Jews for his mandate….no doubt Bowen is kept up to date on the issues by his leftwing Israeli friends….

When I woke on the morning after the election [1996] everything had changed. The exit polls were wrong. Some of my leftist Israeli friends grumbled that they had gone to bed with Peres and woken up with Netanyahu.


Bowen’s leftist friends must have woken up with yet another grumble this morning.


Bowen’s article seems to be just one long attack on Israel trawling through history for any point, however small, that can be used to criticise Israel and portray them as the aggressors and Palestinians as the eternal victims.

Here is a map Bowen kindly provides us with…not bothering to mention why changes to areas of control have changed…such as a 70 year war against Israel by the Muslim countries that surround it resulting in Israel ‘winning’ those areas..whose fault is that?


Bowen uses a curious phrase…….

During the 1948 war that led to Israel’s independence…during Israel’s independence war (the Palestinians’ Naqba, or “catastrophe”)


Israel’s ‘war of independence’?  That sounds like Israel launched a war doesn’t it?  As I understand it, and I think the history books show, the Muslim countries surrounding Israel launched the war against Israel not the other way round….and then they did it again, and again, and again….and maintain support for the Palestinian war of terror against Israel.

Why would Bowen like to portray Israel as the war monger?  And why mention the so-called ‘Naqba’,  a Palestinian term that is designed to be highly loaded politically?

Bowen likes to think Israel is ‘merely shipping’…..that it will disappear back into the sands of the Middle East as it did once before…

In 1997, just before the state of Israel celebrated its 50th anniversary, I asked two elderly Palestinian men in Jerusalem for their view of the past half-century. They shrugged. Israel was strong. But look back at history, one of them said. The Crusaders were strong, too, and controlled Jerusalem for more than a century. But, he said, we got rid of them.


Shame the BBC doesn’t itself admit that that is the real aim of the Palestinians…the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Israel.





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Muslims? Bosnian Muslims? Or Just Bosnians?


The BBC on the news and on its web report refer to Bosnians killed at Sebrenica as ‘Muslims’.

Serbian police have arrested seven men accused of taking part in the slaughter of over 1,000 Muslims at a warehouse on the outskirts of Srebrenica.

The seven are among the first to be arrested by Serbia for carrying out the Srebrenica massacre in July 1995, Serbian and Bosnian prosecutors say.


Curious how eager the BBC is to mention the fact that the victims were Muslim.  More often than not the BBC goes to great lengths to avoid mentioning the fact that people are Muslim or any link to Islam…if they have committed a crime or terrorist act.

When Muslims are victims the BBC emphasises the religion despite it having nothing to do with the issue in this case….the people were killed not because they were Muslim but because they were Bosnian and not Serbian.

They were ‘Bosnians’.  Their religion was irrelevant.

The BBC yet again dances to the Muslim extremist’s tune by reporting this in a way that suggests the victims were killed because of their Muslim religion, a narratve that the extremists use to recruit more Muslims to their Cause.

The fact that the report later uses ‘Bosnian’ as the identifying description indicates the irrelevance of the ‘Muslim’ label.

About 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were killed in Srebrenica over three days, the worst atrocity on European soil since the Holocaust.


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