Dominoes and Liberation


The people against the elite.


One of the reasons put forward for people not to vote for Brexit was that it could result in the disintegration of the EU as other countries would likely follow and demand a referendum for themselves.

Now isn’t that interesting?  Many people, the majority in most countries, would ask for a referendum on the EU and the likes of Cameron, and the Eurocrats who wish to stay in charge unelected though they are, want to deny that chance to all those Europeans.

Talk about an out of touch elite that arrogantly ignores the People, talk about a democratic deficit, talk about EU ‘fascism’….just not on the BBC….that other ‘out of touch’ elite.

From the Financial Times:

Brexit vote set to fuel more referendums

Britain’s referendum is widely expected to trigger a domino effect of similar votes on EU membership, with a significant majority of French and Italian voters wanting to take the issue to the ballot box.

An Ipsos poll in nine leading EU states found that almost half of people thought that next month’s Brexit vote posed a risk of contagion. In Germany, Italy, Sweden and Hungary, more than 50 per cent of voters agreed that other countries would follow Britain’s lead, if it voted to quit the 28-member bloc.

The poll also found that 58 per cent of Italians and 55 per cent of the French already wanted their own referendums on EU membership, regardless of the result on June 23.

 The potential repercussions of Brexit are a subject of intense concern for European officials, who fear that Britain’s departure would only exacerbate the increasingly acrimonious disunity witnessed during the eurozone and migration crises.

Also of note…whilst all of Dave’s chums and those with a vested interest in keeping the EU club going everyday folk in other countries aren’t so pessimistic…or rather don’t indulge in the scaremongering about the economy…

While 51 per cent feared a British departure would harm the EU economy, only 36 per cent thought that it would hobble Britain’s economy.
Only 26 per cent of Americans and Australians surveyed thought that Brexit would damage the UK economy.
To gauge the effect of a potential Brexit on Britain’s international standing, the pollsters also conducted surveys in Canada, the US, Australia, India and South Africa. A clear majority of respondents in those countries said that the UK’s departure from the EU would make no difference to diplomatic relations.

So vote ‘stay’ if you want to keep the unelected in power and to enable them to keep filling their bank accounts with Euro plunder and to keep their hands on the reins of power which they can use to crush all dissent.

The Grand EU Project must go on!



Britain ‘could liberate Europe again’ by voting for Brexit and sparking populist revolution

Britain could “liberate Europe” for a second time in a century by voting for Brexit on June 23, triggering a “patriotic spring” across the continent and an outpouring of populist discontent against Brussels, Geert Wilders, the right-wing Dutch populist, has claimed.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Wilders – a fiercely nationalist, anti-Islamic politician whose Party for Freedom is currently topping the polls in the Netherlands – said that the populist  “genie was now out of the bottle”, and could never be put back in.

“Like in the 1940’s, once again Britain could help liberate Europe from another totalitarian monster, this time called ‘Brussels’. Again, we could be saved by the British,” he said in his heavily fortified office in The Hague where an oil painting Winston Churchill and a Telegraph front page of Margaret Thatcher hang on the walls.

If people see that a country can leave, and the lights do not go out, there is not a war, and a country does not go bankrupt, but even flourishes. If Britain proves that this theory can become a reality, it would have an enormous effect.”


Not sure the BBC will be reporting enthusiastically on that subject.






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BeLeave in an Independent Britain


Labour’s Hugh Gaitskell in October 1962, predicted the truth five decades ago….

‘Of course, the Tories have been indulging in their usual double-talk. When they go to Brussels they show the greatest enthusiasm for political union.

‘When they speak in the House of Commons they are most anxious to aver that there is no commitment whatever to any political union.’

Shouldn’t the BBC be making far more of these statements whenever Osborne or Cameron make their apocalyptic claims?….

Reform EU or Britain quits – George Osborne lays down ultimatum

George Osborne will today deliver a stark warning to Britain’s European partners that the UK will leave the EU unless it embarks on whole-scale economic and political reform.


British PM Cameron lays out terms, warns Britain could still leave EU

Britain would “think again” over its EU membership if no deal is reached.


What of all those warnings from the IMF and the Bank Of England’s Mark Carney and the Treasury?

The Treasury is of course George Osborne’s own plaything…hardly likely to put out statements that the Boss doesn’t approve of…if Osborne wanted to Brexit you can be assured that the Treasury would parrot that line…its ‘analysis’, as the BBC likes to call it, would say whatever Osborne wanted it to say.

What about the Canadian Carney?  He is Osborne’s boy...hand-picked by him to take over the Bank of England..

Osborne personally rang leading City journalists to sell the appointment of the first foreigner to be picked to lead the Bank of England since its foundation in 1694….It is a susceptibility to hero worship that led Osborne to become the first western finance minister to back the appointment of the elegant former French finance minister Christine Lagarde as managing director of the International Monetary Fund in 2011.

And…from the lefty Huffington Post…

Labour MP Slams Mark Carney As George Osborne’s ‘Hand-Picked’ Bank Of England Governor

And the Lefty Guardian…

George Osborne got Mark Carney – at the cost of his principles

And the head of the IMF?  George Osborne backed her not once, but twice to lead the IMF….in 2011

George Osborne backs Christine Lagarde to lead IMF

And in January this year, 2016…

George Osborne backs Christine Lagarde for second term at IMF

Osborne’s backing for Lagarde in 2011 was considered a major coup by her supporters along with the support from German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble.

Carney and Lagarde owe Osborne and have paid him off handsomely in their support for the remain camp.  Obama’s support comes from a USA that has always backed a single Europe and has secretly funded and backed it from the start….in its own interest.

The BBC is quick to mention that Boris once supported Turkey’s accession into the EU (he is after all descended from Turks) and are not shy about repeating that…not so quick or insistent to tell us that Cameron and Osborne told us we could leave the EU if negotiations for reform didn’t go well (and they didn’t) and that many of the Remain supporters owe Osborne so much.

Any wonder that people suggest this referendum is rigged and will lack legitimacy on a stay vote?  The BBC though seems entirely unconcerned about pressing the issue of Cameron rigging the referendum.





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Remain Calm


The controversial Vote Leave campaign poster.



Interesting to see several ‘right-wing’ commentators suggest that the BBC is giving us a balanced view of the EU referendum…and yet it’s just not true.  Certainly there have been many debates and interviews that give the suggestion of balance but comparing them the Remain camp gets an easy ride and the underlying tone of the BBC narrative is pro-Remain…very uncritical of Remain’s claims…such as Brexit will cause a new world war, that Brexit is based on the racist hatred of foreigners or that the economy will plunge off a cliff on Brexit…where is the ‘Reality Check’ on the latest ‘Treasury’ claims?  The BBC pushes those claims as fact…the language used is intended to make them sound credible and authoritative…the ‘treasury analysis’ sounds scientific rather than the obedient regurgitation of the Treasury’s boss’s (ie Osborne) words and Osborne ‘warns’ rather than ‘claims’…altogether more dramatic and intense than a mere ‘claim’.

Charles Moore in the Telegraph suggests that the BBC white paper, or is that the white flag from the government?, was part of a deal, the quid pro quo being the BBC’s unstinting support for the pro-EU side…not sure that’s a good deal as such a stance from the BBC was pretty much guaranteed anyway.  He notes the BBC’s complete lack of interest in the leaked letter that reveals the collusion between Big Business and No10 on the pro-EU campaign….such collusion the right-on BBC would normally be desperate to expose….such as when Murdoch was supposed to be in cahoots with the politicians.  Not now though.

The BBC is though far more rigorous with the Out camp’s claims….such as on the NHS or immigration.  On the Today show we had Nick Robinson exploring the issues (08:08)…he starts off with some voices telling us that the Brexit camp’s claims about Turkey are racist, unrealistic and offensive.  No voices telling us how accurate the concerns really are.  In fact what we got was the BBC’s Chris Morris giving us a very aggressive, anti-Brexit campaign lecture on the ‘facts’ telling us that the claim that there are 76 million Turks is wrong, there are 79 million…the Out camp must check its facts.  Well, a minor point and hardly one of great importance but let’s check the facts with…the BBC…from May this year…

Republic of Turkey

Capital: Ankara

  • Population 74.5 million

Well, it’s not 76 million, but then again the BBC isn’t stating the correct figure of 79 million itself.  Maybe the BBC should check its facts and get its story right Chris.  Morris is stridently trying to imply the Out camp cannot be trusted and is a ramshackle shambles unable to check facts….therefore presumably we must conclude the same about the BBC..and that Morris is biased.

Morris went on to tell us in no uncertain terms that Turkey will never be allowed to join the EU….accept of course the way is being paved and the politicians like Cameron would be more than happy to open the door regardless of what the population of Europe thinks….and regardless of which with visa free travel Turkey may just come to Europe anyway….by the train, car and plane load regardless of what the official status of Turkey is….and in 2014 ‘The UK Foreign Office says it expects Turkey to be ready for membership “in a decade or so”.’

Robinson links it all to the Far Right and suggests that Turkey wouldn’t want to be in  Europe alongside Marie Le Pen…that’s a Turkey ruled by an Islamist dictator involved in violently suppressing the Kurds, who is accused of killing and locking up journalists and who has locked down the country so that any opposition to him his stamped ruthlessly out.  Yes, I can see he wouldn’t feel at home in a fascist Europe run by supposed extremists.

Robinson goes on to imply that the Brexit campaign is in fact empowering said extremists (as the BBC sees them) because it whips up a distrust of politicians and the supposed pillars of society….not something the BBC could ever be accused of as it cheerleads Islamist terrorism, the likes of Corbyn and his cabal of communists, the anti-Establishment Occupy and various anti-Establishment groups such as Cage and Stop the War.

So if we Brexit it is all a Far-Right plot and we’ll get fascism and war across Europe once again.   The BBC is great isn’t it as it totally ignores the rise of the extreme left and the Islamists?…well, not ignore, the BBC, as said, cheerleads for them whilst ignoring any threat from them to a stable, wealthy and peaceful society.

The likelihood is that Turkey will be allowed to join the EU eventually and that the conditions supposedy imposed will be ignored or met to a minimal standard deemed to be ‘acceptable’ and good enough for the politicians to claim they have been met.  Even if this takes a decade it is still an important part of the discussion on the EU…10 years flies by and then what?  We have a massive Muslim country that will have a big influence over how Europe is run and will have a large Muslim population already in place inside Europe to leverage that influence.  There are legitimate concerns over how a Christian, democratic, liberal and progressive Europe will be effected by such a large and influential Muslim population that is rapidly increasing now…in 10 years that may be massively larger due to immigration, not least from Turkey, and a higher Muslim birthrate combined with a very aggressive Islamist lobby that is not averse to using the threat of violence combined with claims of Muslims being victimised to press their own political advantage.

The BBC refuses to contemplate such things preferring instead to suggest, in line with Cameorn and Co, that Brexit will lead to societal collapse and war due to the rise of Fascism.

Balanced coverage?  Hardly.





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Memories are made of this



The BBC continues its long drawn out sneer at those on the political right as John Sergeant on Saturday dismissed Boris (leader of the Out campaign) as a ‘joke’…a joke who won two elections for the Mayor of London in what is essentially a Labour city…not to mention being voted in as an MP.  Some joke.

John Pienaar declared Trump was ‘the problem’ on Sunday  (39 mins) and when told Trump was ‘practical and focussed on the moment’ (and temperamentally much like JFK, Reagan and LBJ…so not the irrational ‘nut job’ the BBC like to portray him as) Pienaar suggested for some reason that ‘you could say the same about a professional assassin’.  Why on earth would you come up with such a comparison unless you were determined to just malign Trump?  Pienaar made sceptical sounds throughout the piece and knew he was doing so as he had to say ‘of course I have no opinion’….before telling us Trump insulted the ‘whole Muslim world’ and that he was ‘the best opponent Clinton could hope for’.   Hmm…apparently Trump leads the polls for the Presidency….so perhaps Pienaar is wrong….just as he was about Miliband ‘leading the political narrative’...

It’s not the headline, and it takes 219 words to get there, but a new Washington Post poll on the presidential race reveals that Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton among registered voters 46 percent to 44 percent.

Earlier in the week on the Today programme we had Mishal Husain urging the young voters to get out and vote telling us they will be an important influence in the EU referendum…being more likely to vote to stay in the EU.. she then mentioned the ex-pats who have fled the UK for sunnier climes and who are also likely to vote to stay, given the chance, to stay in the EU…though Husain hesitated and didn’t admit that…as it might seem too much like a pro-EU broadcast….just as the government launches its own campaign to get the same demographic to vote….knowing they are likely to be pro-EU.

Funnily enough the BBC is giving a lot of airtime to Labour man Eddie Izzard who is right now touring the country to get the young to vote…for the EU.  Izzard was on Marr and on Pienaar’s politics…so a double dose of him on Sunday…and no doubt elsewhere on the BBC as well.  Pienaar made no challenge to many of his claims about the benefits of the EU nor his claim that the Out campaign was extremist, racist and based on the hatred of immigrants.

Izzard describes himself as a radical moderate who seems to want a dictatorship…once a leader is elected he must be obeyed and his message strictly adhered to without debate.  Oddly this ‘new politician’ who wants to break the mould speaks the speak and comes up with the usual dodges when challenged..and to be fair to Pienaar he at least questioned Izzard’s one-man state.

Back to John Sergeant and it is interesting to see how fact and political commentator part company as he describes his part in Margaret Thatcher’s downfall.  On Saturday he related his dinner party tale (1min 50) of how Thatcher made him look a fool…telling us that he didn’t hear Peter Sissons’ warning that Thatcher was behind him…but looking at the video Sergeant has already turned around to see her approaching before we hear the warning from Sissons.  Sergeant tells us that the group coming towards him were shouting ‘where is the microphone’ and that they were pushing and shoving and that Bernard Ingham hit him.  Sergeant was baffled he tells us…because he had the microphone, despite the fact that there were the serried ranks of the world’s Press next to him and that he wanted a BBC exclusive.  He claimed that Thatcher knew nothing of the plan to talk to all the journalists…implying that there was plan to talk solely to him….evidence of that?  None.  He tells us Thatcher said she’d go on to the second ballot and then she ‘swept out’.

Well it’s a good dinner party story but as with most such stories it has been embellished and made more exciting in the telling over the years with Sergeant at the centre of things.  The truth is somewhat different as the video actually shows.  Sergeant knew Thatcher was coming out before Sissons warned him, there was no shouting. Ingham did ask ‘where is the microphone’ because there was an ‘official’ microphone on a stand that Thatcher was meant to speak into.  An official did gently move Sergeant aside but only because Sergeant was in the way of that microphone being positioned and Ingham did not ‘hit’ Sergeant merely moving his arm holding his microphone in the way of the official microphone.  Thatcher was quite amiable and did not make a ‘terse’ statement that she would take part in a second ballot before ‘sweeping out‘…she remained to answer several questions….there was no ‘fighting’ as Sergeant suggests.  All in all a very different and less exciting story than the one spun by Sergeant…see for yourself (3:10)…



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Lord Hall Hall’s Betrayal of Britain


Just as Lord Haw Haw betrayed Britain in favour of Hitler’s European dream it looks like the BBC’s Lord Hall Hall has similarly sold Britain down the river and betrayed the British people in favour of the EU empire as he looks to have stitiched up a deal with Cameron and the Remain campaign.

It looks more and more as if the BBC has done a deal with the government.  In return for a white paper on the BBC’s future that far from being radical and reforming in fact reinforced the BBC’s grip on the media world and allowed it to escape scot-free from any censure or control of its bias the BBC has taken to pumping out unalloyed pro-EU, anti-Brexit propaganda with unashamed regularity.

The BBC’s attacks on Boris Johnson, leader of the out campaign, have been ramped up substantially and little effort is made to explore the issues raised by the Brexit camp in any meaningful way….what for example will be the consequences of staying in the EU when the inevitable ever-closer union and the prospect of being forced into the Euro arise?  That is a major question, possibly the only one that counts, and yet the BBC ducks that awkward question all too often…and where is the BBC’s ‘shocked’ reporting on the stitch-up between Big Business and the Government to promote the Remain campaign….the same companies that are angling for big government contracts?

The BBC has consistently tried to dodge those issues, first by preferring to talk about the splits in the Brexit camp and the different groups pushing the same message.  Marr when interviewing Boris desperately tried to avoid talkng about Europe.  Then the BBC dismisses Boris Johnson’s part in the campaign as a mere stunt intended to put him in line for leadership of the Tory Party and that he doesn’t really want to Brexit and then they claim he is a racist (for quoting the Guardian’s opinion on Obama) and finally (at least up till now) they label him as some lunatic spouting on about Hitler….despite the fact he did not make a comparison between Hitler and the EU, merely saying they both aimed for a single authority over Europe that history proves will never work….he also mentioned in the same breath, the Romans and Napoleon….the BBC ignored that and headlined with ‘Hitler’.

The BBC continues the hatchet job today as it gives the patrician and arrogant Tory wet, Michael Heseltine, the top headline on the Frontpage…

Johnson ‘losing judgement’ – Heseltine

Why does the BBC lead with that insult when it is obviously a very subjective and partisan view from someone who is an ardent pro-EU fanatic?  It’s not news, it’s pure propaganda and the BBC is trumpeting it from the rooftops.

What does Heseltine have to say about Cameron’s wild claims about Brexit causing a third world war, or that Putin and ISIS would be cheerleading for Brexit, or the fact that Cameron only a couple of months ago was threatening to leave the EU himself if he didn’t get his substantial reforms (which he did not…in fact he surrendered to the EU, giving up more than he got in return)?

Laura Kuenssberg has always tried to push the ‘Boris wants to be leader’ line and claims he is being dishonest about his motives…on what proof?  None.  This is the BBC making stuff up.  Lying.  Boris has always been sceptical about the EU.

Kuenssberg doesn’t give us analysis, she merely relays Heseltine’s words to us as if they were fact…

This criticism will sting because even though Boris Johnson insists it is not the case, many of his Tory colleagues believe his calculation to join the Out campaign was entirely because he wants to be the next leader of his party.

For Lord Heseltine, who of course had similar ambitions but was thwarted in the end, to suggest his decision and subsequent behaviour will in fact kill his chances will really hurt.

That’s not journalism, that’s just gossip…and what about his ‘subsequent behaviour’?  Kuenssberg casually insinuates  that this behaviour is somehow wrong…and yet Boris has said and done nothing that any normal person without a vested interest in getting a Remain vote in the bag would suggest was wrong or incorrect….and indeed both the Guardian and the BBC have said exactly the same things in the past…and yet now, somehow, they are taboo.  Funny that.  Indeed in the programme mentioned below the BBC claims that a bloodthirsty Christian crusade into Eastern Euope was designed to create a united Europe… the BBC claiming that the EU is similar to a bloodthirsty crusade just as it claims Boris said the EU’s aims for a single Europe were somehow like Hitler’s?

The BBC treated us to the final part of its less than subtle pro-EU superstate programme, Europeans…the roots of identity…..

What’s really shaped Europeans’ identity? Historian Margaret MacMillan visits Estonia, exploring how a tiny Estonian nation has dramatised the question of where exactly Europe is…… And she’ll see how new kinds of history – through DNA analysis for example – are revealing why Europeans are such an extraordinary mix of languages, cultures, and migrations.

A blatant attempt to make you believe that there has always been a ‘common European identity’…not just geographic or say a loose one based upon Christianity but an actual pan -European identity that made us virtually into one big state…along with some pro-multiculturalism and migration patter…complete bollocks of course….and a complete misuse of licence fee payers’ money, used as it is to peddle a very one-sided view of history in order to promote the EU and the Remain campaign.

Lord Hall Hall is putting on a show for his political masters.  They are certainly getting their white paper’s worth.  Bet the BBC are glad they kept Whittingdale’s dalliances with a drug addicted prostitute under wraps for so long….such tact has paid off handsomely.







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Muslim Homophobia



Whilst the BBC has consistently attacked Donald Trump for his idea that there should be some control over which Muslims can be allowed into the US until it is worked out who poses a threat, and yesterday the BBC repeatedly quoted Cameron’s insults towards Trump on this subject (Cameron has a habit of being arrogant and sneering towards those he disagrees with, and whilst normally the BBC would rise up in horror at such ‘Flashman’ behaviour from the Eton educated hooray henry it show no sign of that here…nor when Cameron mocked Farage’s name at PMQs…imagine if he’d said the same about a Muslim).

The BBC (The very diverse and sensitive to others’ culture and lifestyle BBC) however hasn’t even bothered to report this so far…

Muslim states block 11 LGBT groups from attending UN Aids meeting

A group of 51 Muslim states has blocked 11 gay and transgender organizations from attending a high-level meeting at the United Nations next month on ending Aids, sparking a protest by the US, Canada and the EU.

Egypt wrote to the president of the 193-member general assembly on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to object to the participation of the 11 groups. It did not give a reason in the letter, which Reuters has seen.

Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, wrote to the general assembly president, Mogens Lykketoft, and said the groups appeared to have been blocked for involvement in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy.

“Given that transgender people are 49 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population, their exclusion from the high-level meeting will only impede global progress in combating the HIV/Aids pandemic,” Power wrote.


I’m sure the BBC are working in the story right now, just making sure they’ve got the facts right…or is it yet again another example of BBC ‘reporting’ where hiding Muslim intolerance trumps all other groups in the BBC pecking order?  Although Gays or Blacks are on the BBC ‘protected list’ their interests are always subject to being over-ridden by Muslim concerns.  Muslims can essentially be as racist or violent or intolerant as they like and get a free pass from the BBC…even if the victims are black or gay….Christians are of course way, way down the list….and don’t even mention Israelis.

I wonder what the new, Muslim, Emir of London has to say about this issue at the UN.  He had an awful lot to say about Trump…and yet nothing so far on this….then again his Twitter feed only became full of jolly pictures of him at synagogues and churches when he was on the election stump so can we really expect him to be genuinely concerned about such things…his Trump theatrics are just that…designed to get the cheap headlines and some ‘street-cred’ with the extremsists he knocks about with so often…in his role as ‘hooman rights lawyer’ of course…or is that a lawyer who uses human right’s legislation to his own advantage rather than to defend ‘human rights’ per se?  The latter I suspect….just how many white, non-Muslim, non ‘extremist’, human rights cases has he taken on?





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All you really need to know about remaining in the EU

This rubbish truck emblazoned with a huge Union Flag.



This pretty much answers the question about what will Britain’s place be in the EU should there be a ‘remain’ vote….The Union flag will be consigned to the rubbish bin and not allowed to be flown…apparently the flag is too much associated with the idea of an independent Britain for the Remain campaigners…which says a lot about their mindset…..this is not Britain but a region of the EU…..

A rubbish truck emblazoned with a Union Flag has been taken out of service – because it was deemed to be supporting Brexit.

Council bosses took the bright red, white and blue bin lorry out of service after being hit with a number of complaints saying the truck, which was painted to match the waste company’s logo, is a “Brexit battle bus.”

Earlier this month the 26-tonne lorry was used for its first rounds around Brighton, East Sussex, but union members quickly complained, suggesting it was making a political statement.

Britain will eventually be absorbed into the EU superstate and forced to take the Euro….about time the BBC started talking about the cost of staying in.

The words of John Stuart Mill ring true: ‘War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.’

Cameron and Co would rather cower in the EU bunker (no allusion to Hitler there I assure you) hoping it is safe, not innovating, not daring to risk all, not inspiring the troops of industry to take on the world.  Cameron is a coward and a bully, the two seem to go together, and he should be denounced for it loudly and repeatedly…the man who ducked Syria (the real, boots on the ground fight), the man who ducked Libya (the real, boots on the ground fight) and the man who uses every trick in the book to avoid a fair fight in the referendum.

The BBC is similarly ‘comfortable’ and unwilling to rock the boat and venture out into the high seas…this of course eventually leads to death as the complacent, who think things will go on for ever, are always overtaken by events that they haven’t prepared for and are unequipped to deal with as they have lost the fighting spirit and the will to do anything other than succumb to events such as the EU’s eventual takeover as politicians here work stealthily for ever closer union and Muslims take control of a society that is too afraid to stand up and say no.













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Lenny Henry is presumably doing a Stewart Lee and producing experimental comedy that is so existential that it is beyond funny.  Henry, now no longer a ‘comedian’, but funnier than ever as he struts his black stuff and gets into black culture, playing R&B and going all Black Panther on us working up a head of steam about racism and the way Balck people have been marginalised in society.  Can’t say I’ve noticed….Sir Lenny.

Here’s his latest…

‘Some black people stop being black – they become Will Smith’

Veteran comedian Sir Lenny Henry has slammed fellow black actor Will Smith for failing to stay true to his race and using his fame to help improve diversity on screen.

Speaking to the Sunday People, Sir Lenny, 57, said: ‘If a movie makes more than a hundred dollars, some black people stop being black – they ­become Will Smith.’

Not Sir Lenny though…he’s genuine ‘Black’…look he plays R&B….and sings with an American accent…coz he’s Black and can feel their pain.  He’s no sell out playing the fool to whitey anymore.

His claim about Will Smith is bizarre….and in line with other BBC ‘stars’ such as Alvin Hall who claimed the likes of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were sell-outs as they ‘sang white’.  Hall also said Rap was the ‘authentic voice of the black ghetto’ reflecting the real lives of Black people…and then complained that it was stereotyping Blacks and that Whites were perpetuating this lifestyle by buying the records…the racist bastards making black singers enormously rich.

Hall and Henry racist in reverse?  Seems like it.

Henry went on to attack the BBC, again…..

His comments were made as part of an interview in which he also slammed the BBC’s ‘very, very white’ culture.

The beloved entertainer, who received a knighthood last year for services to drama and charity, described the BBC as ‘an oppressive institution’ and said while moves were being made towards improving diversity on screen, there will be no real reform until there is change ‘behind the camera’.

He said: ‘I worked at the BBC for 35 years before I had a meeting with anyone who looks like me. The only people like me were cleaning the ­corridors and that is not right.

The reason few Black people were in positions high up the BBC was because they had only been in the UK for a few years relatively and were mostly working class….not racism but more likely ‘classism’ and lack of opportunity…how many whites from council estates were in the management seats at the BBC?

Amused to see this in the Guardian…..which trashes Henry’s claim about successful Blacks and a lack of success….

We’re in an amazing black cultural moment. Cue predictable white backlash

Black American culture is experiencing a kind of delicious dominance at the moment. It’s one that might seem odd given its contrast with the resurgence of racism embodied by some supporters of Donald Trump. But Trumpism, as my colleague Steven Thrasher has noted, is just the latest version of a pattern in America: black progress beckons white rage.

So Black culture is ‘experiencing a delicious dominance’….surely not?  But what of Trump?  Where does he fit in?  Can’t say he has said anything that smacks of being anti-Black.  Just an example of anti-Trump ‘racism’ I guess…make casual, aggressive assertions about him based on him being white…has he ever ‘raged’ against Black people?  No.  Have Whites ‘raged’ against ‘Black progress’?  ‘Blackism’,  just the latest version of a pattern of racism in America.

Oh, hang on, here’s the proof of Trump’s anti-Black racism….

When you, say, reject the birth certificate of the first black president, what you mean to say is that to be American is to be white.

Er…no…he’s not basing it on race but on legality and genuine questions about where Obama was born…the US constitution states that you have to be American to be President…so is the US constitution racist?  This is about politics and an attempt to undermine a Democratic Party’s President not about race.  Shame the Guardian peddles such trash about race and that Henry laps it all up and regurgitates it in his campaign…pity he can’t think for himself rather than rely on racist thugs like Malcolm X to inform himself.

Henry surfaced on the BBC a few weeks ago making the same complaints and plugging his new alter-ego as an ‘authentic’ black person…’coincidentally’ on the same day the BBC launched this…

BBC to quiz recruits on family background

Staff joining the BBC will be asked about their socio-economic background, as part of a bid to increase diversity at the corporation.  Candidates will be asked if they were entitled to free school meals, and if their parents attended university.  Anonymised job applications will also be extended for core roles.

The plans come after the BBC faced pressure from ministers to increase numbers of staff from under-represented backgrounds.  A BBC spokesperson said: “Almost half of our workforce is made up of women and the proportion of our workforce who are black, Asian and other ethnic minority is at an all-time high.”

In a 5Live radio interview Henry told us of his ‘journey’ to being ‘authentically’ Black…his mentors are unfortunately the ones you might expect some impressionable 13 year old to choose….Public Enemy, Malcolm X and #Blacklivesmatter…..hardly where you’d expect to get a rounded view of the world….which is how we end up with Henry berating Will Smith for ‘acting white’….if that’s not racism from Henry what is?

Henry of course rattles off the names of some Black men ‘assassinated’ by police in America…and includes Trayvon Martin, killed by a Hispanic man in self-defence…though the BBC controversially on Friday suggested that his clearance by jury was ‘controversial’.  Henry obviously doesn’t have a clue about the circumstances of the shootings and just recycles the myth that they were ‘executed’ by a racist police force…a narrative that the BBC itself has done much to promote, in an attempt to stir up racial wars presumably….because that would be the inevitable result…as we see even the affable Lenny Henry has been led by the nose down the ‘all Blacks are victims’ route and has chosen as his mentors racists, people who promote violence and those who use the deaths of Black youths to promote a racist anti-white agenda.

As for that video at the top of the post about ‘Public Enemy’…who made that?  The BBC’s James Hales…

Public Enemy: Prophets Of Rage

If, like me, you grew up in the 80s, loved loud music and winding up your parents, there’s a good chance you were into Public Enemy.

At one point they were the biggest thing in hip hop and were hugely popular in the UK with both indie kids and rock fans alike.

I was definitely one of the latter, mostly into hard rock and heavy metal. Hey, I was only 13.

Trouble is, he hasn’t grown up much as the video suggests….a very one-sided and overly benign telling of the background to his heroes, Public Enemy, missing out much of the controversial stuff and glossing over the anti-Semitism whilst the man at the centre of that still made the same claims on camera.

Did Public Enemy make a big impression in 1980’s Britain?  Doubt it.  Only a relatively small niche group would have heard them and an even smaller group would have latched on to any message in their music…no middle-class 13 year old, like Hales, would have bothered…they were just impressed by the ‘Blackness’, the guns, the military uniforms, and the aggressive, anti-Establishment stance…without knowing or really caring what any of it was supposed to mean.   It was exciting, different and out of the norm, it was show biz.  The politics?  Nahh…just turn it up loud.






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Popish Islamist Plots


The BBC once again uses historical allegories to try and explain, explain away, today…and why we are wrong to criticise Islam and the Jihadists…the war against the West is just a myth is the underlying, unspoken message……the stuff of nightmares…

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Titus Oates (1649-1705) who, with Israel Tonge, spread rumours of a Catholic plot to assassinate Charles II. From 1678, they went to great lengths to support their scheme, forging evidence and identifying the supposed conspirators. Fearing a second Gunpowder Plot, Oates’ supposed revelations caused uproar in London and across the British Isles, with many Catholics, particularly Jesuit priests, wrongly implicated by Oates and then executed. Anyone who doubted him had to keep quiet, to avoid being suspected a sympathiser and thrown in prison.

Nothing new here…the BBC tried to use the Fire of London to suggest that we are hysterical and paranoid about Muslims trying to bomb or shoot us….

Late summer, 1666: London was an emotional and physical tinderbox. Following decades of political and religious upheaval, the restoration in 1660 of the Protestant Charles II ensured that suspicion lingered around republicans and Catholics alike. With the country also at war with the French and Dutch, paranoid xenophobia – a familiar English trait of the period – was rife.

And of course the infamous ‘Power of Nightmares’ wove a tale of intrigue, paranoia and deceit and claimed the war on terror had been invented and that Al Qaeda didn’t exist…

Here is the BBC blurb for ‘The Power of Nightmares’:

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.  The most frightening of these is the threat of an international terror network. But just as the dreams were not true, neither are these nightmares.  In a new series, the Power of Nightmares explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion.  It is a myth that has spread unquestioned through politics, the security services and the international media. 

In the BBC we trust.



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In the BBC we trust


John Humphrys led the charge on Today (08:37) trying to separate fact from fiction in the EU debate…so-called debate.  Many claims have been made, but which if them have any basis in truth?

The first ‘fact’ examined was Leave stating that we send £350 million per week to the EU.  The BBC says we don’t…because we get a rebate and the EU graciously spends some of that money on UK projects….meaning that we actually ‘only’ send £190 million per week to the EU coffers to spend on themselves.

However this misses Leave’s point…as did Humphrys when interviewing Gisela Stuart recently about the NHS…that if we didn’t send any money to the EU we could decide how to spend that money ourselves…on the NHS for instance.  We could if we wished continue to spend that money on the same projects the EU spent our money on, or we could opt for some other project…but we would also have that other £190 million per week to spend.  The BBC entirely misses the point and makes no reference to it in this piece.

The next ‘fact’ was Remain’s claim that each household would be £4,300 worse off by 2030 if we Brexited.  Now the BBC did say this was an exaggeration…but made no attempt to examine whether the principle that we would lose money on Brexit stood up…the BBC just accepts Brexit means the UK economy will suffer long term as well as short term.

‘Fact’ three?  Leave says 88 million people will be eligible to come to the UK on accession of new countries to the EU…such as Turkey.  The BBC pooh-poohed this by saying it was ridiculous to suggest all 88 million would come here…and anyway it would be very difficult for these countries to meet the necessary criteria to join.  Leave of course didn’t suggest all 88 million would come…just that they would be eligible to do so if they wanted to….and with 88 million eligible even 4 or 5 million would be more than likely…and most would be Muslim Turks….not a consideration for the BBC.

The last claim examined was Remain’s claim that 3 million jobs would go…this was found not to be true….though 3 million jobs, maybe 4 million says the BBC, are connected to trade with the EU…and therefore subject to that trade continuing.  What the BBC doesn’t look at is a possibility that trade may increase, both with the EU and the rest of the world….how many jobs would we gain long term?  No answer.

Humphrys rounded the report off by saying none of the claims were true…but that isn’t true is it?  We do send £350 million per week to the EU and the EU decides how to spend it…not us.  The £4,300 figure?  The BBC just suggests an exaggeration but doesn’t dispute the ‘fact’ that families would lose out on Brexit.  The 88 million swarming over the border?  Not a claim made by Leave…but that didn’t stop the BBC suggesting that it was.  The 3 million jobs, or now 4 million as the BBC subtly suggests….would trade with the EU stop?  No.  Slow?  Maybe, but the EU would want to keep the deals going.  Increase?  Possibly…with freedom to act and the incentive to do so companies might ramp up their efforts to export both to the EU and the rest of the world.  Again no sign that the BBC will admit such a possibility here.

All in all pro-Remain…the BBC says Leave  on the face of it correct but the detail says not, conversely Remain are slightly exaggerating but on the while are correct that we are doomed on Brexit.  It looks like a genuine attempt to examine the claims but isn’t.





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Aaqil, You, and Islam Too






The BBC’s head of religious programming, a Muslim called Aaqil Ahmed, who was renowned for producing pro-Muslim programmes at C4, has finally struck.  He has made the case for lessening the amount of Christian programming on the BBC and is insisting on Islam, oh, and other religions of course, to have a higher profile on the BBC.

Not sure how Muslims and Islam could have a higher profile given that the BBC fills just about every programme with material designed to reassure us that Islam is peaceful and tolerant and that Muslims are marvellous people or to make excuses for them when they aren’t so marvellous.

In March Ahmed put out this programme…

The Battle For Christianity (Tuesday 22 March, BBC One, 10.45pm) examines the reasons behind a rise in popularity in Christianity in the UK in a documentary which shows how confident, assertive faith is replacing traditional churches in the UK.

Now you might think he was just putting out a programme on Christianity and that as a Muslim that shows he is tolerant and inclusive….but what is the reality behind that programme?  This gives the clue to his real motive…

Migration to Britain from Africa in particular has brought versions of Christianity that are more assertive than the Christianity that most Britons have grown up with. The assertiveness of these different forms of Christianity are often at odds with more liberal beliefs around issues such as same sex marriage and blasphemy.

Alongside this growth in a more muscular Pentecostalism, immigration from Eastern Europe and from Poland in particular has also seen an upsurge in Catholic numbers, with some Churches now offering services in a variety of languages.

What does this mean for the rest of society?

Well it means Christianity is not in terminal decline as many would have us believe, it’s just different now and it’s growing. It also means we have to confront two big issues. One is our chronic lack of religious literacy in society. If there are more diverse forms of Christianity growing alongside other faiths then can we continue with our blind ignorance and relegation of faith and believers?

Linked to this is the second point: if amongst this growth is a more assertive Christianity with conflicting views with society on homosexuality, for example, then how do we deal with this?

This battle between liberalism and orthodoxy is not just one confined to Christianity, it’s one that involves all faiths and because of that involves everyone whether you are a believer or not.

In other words Ahmed is in fact using Christianity, the advent of more muscular, fundamentalist Chrisitianity coming in with immigration, to lay out a case for the UK being more open to, and tolerant of, intolerant and oppressive religious regimes such as the one that Islam would impose upon you….we are being softened up to accept conservative Islam, an extreme ideology in a liberal, western democracy, as normal.

Warsi, insanely put in charge of ‘faith matters’ by the craven Tories, used the same tactic….supporting and campaigning for more tolerance of more hardline Christian beliefs in the knowledge that if that is taken up then no one can then object to fundamentalist Islam and its adherents being allowed to flourish openly in the UK.

Trojan Horse?  Just maybe.

The case might be made for more controls on immigration and the prevention of people with such views from coming here…maybe Trump was right…why allow your country to be overrun with religious fundamentalists who want a return to the Dark Ages?




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Merkel Uber Alles…The Same Old S**t?


Everyone knows that Frau Merkel pulls the strings in Europe…vote no and the pressure is turned on until you vote yes,  want a deal that will mean your country isn’t strangled by debt and can recover?….Frau Merkel won’t allow it. Want to control immigration?  Instead Frau Merkel will open the borders and invite the world in…in to your country.  Want help to fool the voters in the EU referendum?  Merkel volunteers her help to keep the jackboot on our necks.



Merkel runs Europe, the Germans run Europe, whatever the French may think.  And yet this BBC headline gives the impression that not only is such a thing unlikely but comparing the EU empire building and the crushing of democracies around Europe to Hitler’s empire building is extraordinarily assinine……so much so it is the frontpage’s top headline….

EU Referendum: Boris Johnson compares EU’s aims to Hitler’s

Curious they choose to make no mention in the heading of the Roman Empire or Napoleon who Boris also mentioned…but then that is typical cherrypicking by the BBC…they select a single word or phrase and give the impression that that is all one person said and that everything else he talks of hinges around that cherrypicked item…as when Boris laid out several reason for Obama not liking Britain…one of which, and he was merely quoting other’s suggestion, was that Obama was part Kenyan and his grandfather had been abused by the British.  The only bit of his speech that the BBC latched onto was the ‘part-Kenyan’ bit and went on to use that to accuse Boris of being a racist…never mind that many, many others, the Guardian amongst them, asked exactly the same question…would Obama’s part-Kenyan heritage effect his relationship with Britain?  John Humphrys disgracefully continued with that accusation of racism against Boris this week….despite Boris’ speech being based on ideas taken from the dog-whistling Guardian….

Could Obama’s dual colonial heritage spell the end of the special relationship?

The intriguing question of whether the president’s dual colonial inheritance – of Kenyan and Irish ancestry – is helping reshape America’s supposedly “special relationship” with Britain.

The BBC is pretty much a disgrace as it manipulates the news to attack Boris, leader of the Leave campaign…to label him a racist and to now try and paint him as some sort of loon who links everything to Hitler….never mind the BBC is itself constantly warning us of the rise of a new Fascism and frequently likes to link UKIP to the Nazis. The BBC is smearing Boris on behalf of its chums in Remain.  It did the same when it attacked Gove for suggesting the worthless Cameron EU ‘reforms’ were not legally enforceable…the BBC attacked him and then didn’t bother to report it when a ‘top Eurocrat’ actually said Cameron’s EU renegotiation is nothing more than a deal ‘hammered out down the local bazaar’ and isn’t legally binding.

The BBC cherry picker is very busy these days.

The BBC this week in fact used exactly the same tactic of using history to make your case by spinning us a tale of how wonderful the Roman Empire had been and how wonderfully multicultural Europe was….they didn’t of course mention the EU but you know what the real message was….

What has really shaped Europeans’ identity? In the first of a new series, historian Margaret MacMillan visits Rome to explore the idea of ‘universal’ Europe , and the constant tension between unity and diversity. From imperial ambition to local life, roads to religion, maps to food she discovers a continent and a way of life in constant creation.

Once again the BBC tries to undermine the notion of the nation state and a national or local identity.  Just more EU propaganda…and EU that wants to dismantle the UK and turn it into Regions 1, 2 and 3.

So just why did the BBC cherrypick ‘Hitler’ out of Boris’ speech when they could have chosen the Roman Empire or Napoleon?  Are they trying to give the impression that he is recklessly and hyperbolically scaremongering?  I think they are when the truth is he was, as with Obama, laying out a perfectly reasoned and historical analysis of the inevitable failure of a policy to force a ‘united’ Europe upon people who don’t really want it…it is after all a political project that is to proceed come what may, come whatever the economic cost…as Greece has found out.



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The Race Card Trumps Leftwing Solidarity



The BBC has never been enthusiastic about Corbyn but, as fellow travellers, has dutifully protected his back more by omitting to report the bad news about him and his cronies in any rigorous manner than by positive tales of his political genius.  Nick Robinson’s warning not to be nasty to him must have paid off.

That all changed on the election of Sadiq Khan to be London Mayor…suddenly the BBC saw someone they believed not only could be the next leader of the Labour Party but one who encapsulated everything they believed in…he was brown, Muslim, left-wing and a consummate politician able to spin a tale and win arguments, silencing opposition even if it was by playing the race card and using the ‘Hate not fear, unity not division’ holy hokum.

Corbyn out, Khan in.

You could feel the excitement in the BBC coverage and whilst not explicitly saying Corbyn must go that was the feeling you got from the BBC’s ‘analysis’…..helped along by the fact that Khan launched a scathing attack on Corbyn  giving the impression that he maybe has an eye on the leadership himself.

Curiously, rather than admit this is hardcore, lefty BBC positive discrimination at work,  there are some who think this is all a right-wing plot that has put pressure on the BBC to do away with Corbyn….

Sir Michael Lyons, who chaired the trust from 2007 to 2011 and is a former Labour councillor, claimed that there had been “some quite extraordinary attacks on the elected leader of the Labour party”.

He told the BBC’s The World at One: “I can understand why people are worried about whether some of the most senior editorial voices in the BBC have lost their impartiality on this.

“All I’m voicing is the anxiety that has been expressed publicly by others … We had here a charter review process which has been littered with wild kites flown which, we can’t see the string is held by the secretary of state, but the suspicion is that actually it’s people very close to him.

Perhaps Lyons, and he doesn’t have the decency to note the fact he, a Labour man, was the BBC Trust Chair, should wake up and note that most opposition to Corbyn comes from within the Labour Party itself…the Tories would love Corbyn to remain in-situ dragging the Labour Party more and more into the gutter with every day that passes.

I fail to see Lyons’ logic…..other than a frothy mouthed, eye-swivelling conspiracy theory I see no evidence of any government involvement…what has the Charter review got to do with how the BBC reports on Corbyn?  The BBC has been very careful not to dig too hard into Corbyn’s real political views and those of his looney-left chums that he has surrounded himself with.  Evidence surely, if anything of the very opposite of what Lyons accuses the BBC of doing.

It seems that, as with Maria Eagle, another Labourite has been thrown by the pro-BBC white paper and has had to root around in desperation to find a new stick to beat Whittingdale with however unconvincing and patently absurd it is in the hope that no one notices and that at least some mud will stick.

If he really wanted a conspiracy theory of merit he might ask why the BBC never published the story of Whittingdale and the drug addicted hooker that it knew about for so long, and how the much vaunted ‘evisceration’ of the BBC never came to pass.  The BBC knew of this tale of the politician, the Press and the prostitute from 2014 and yet said nothing despite Whittingdale being involved in Press regulation and subsequently in charge of the BBC Charter review.  Some might put two and two together and come up with an interesting question or two.

Not Mr Lyons though.






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Charter Review


The Government’s white paper on the future of the BBC was published today and the BBC is to be duly eviscerated…..oh, no, in fact not much will change in the end and the BBC is in fact pretty happy, as it should be, with the deal.

Let’s deal with Peter Kosminsky first…he’s a bit of a drama queen and wildly over the top in his attacks on Whittingdale and was entirely wrong about the whole process…Whittingdale was never going to ‘eviscerate’ the BBC and he made that quite clear in several speeches.

Kosminsky was on 5Live with Peter Allen and was raving about the Unitary Board that will replace the Trust…apparently this will be packed wiith political placemen who will control the editorial direction of the BBC, the Board will be stuffed with people who think just as the government does.  This is ‘really, really scary’.

Trouble is that’s complete bunk…8 of the Board’s members will be chosen by the BBC, 6 by the government…and it has no control over the editorial direction of the BBC…which Kosminsky would know if he had actually listened to the speech by Whittingdale…

So the new Charter will create a unitary board for the BBC that has a much clearer separation of governance and regulation. The board will be responsible for ensuring that the BBC’s strategy, activity and output are in the public interest and accord to the missions and purposes set out in the Charter.

Editorial decisions will remain the responsibility of the Director-General – and his editorial independence will be explicitly enshrined in the Charter – while the unitary board will consider any issues or complaints that arise post-transmission.

And for the first time, the BBC will have the ability to appoint a majority of its board independently of government. This is a major change, as previously the BBC Governors, and then the members of the BBC Trust, were all appointed by government.

Kosminsky went on to tell us the BBC’s role was to speak truth to power on behalf of the public…trouble is the BBC doesn’t represent the Great British Public, it represents a very small group that thinks of itself as an elite that should govern without the trouble of having to be elected….so much for representing the public.

Curiously I heard a BBC guest this morning talking on a different subject but by coincidence state that the BBC is not driven by public opinion and if it were it would be a very different BBC.  No kidding.

In contrast to the excitable Kosminksy there was the BBC’s very own James Purnell in the studio as well who was pretty much purring as he digested the fact that the BBC has got away with it, not just got away with it but come out on top with a very good deal.

Before Whittingdale’s speech Peter Allen had on one Professor Patrick Barwise from the London Business school whom you might have thought the BBC would have brought on to be an independent voice of reason and calm discussion.  Far from it.  He is very pro the BBC and was in fact employed by the BBC to run up an ‘independent’ report for them and in his own writing openly expresses support for the BBC…

Our research suggests that cutting the BBC licence fee would reduce consumer choice and value for money, as well as greatly damaging UK programme producers.

We believe that without the BBC, the UK television industry’s revenue would most likely be lower.

Our analysis suggests that although scaling back the BBC would not be as bad as abolishing it, it would still have a detrimental effect on UK viewers and producers. within a generation the BBC will be reduced to a minor sideshow, the UK equivalent of PBS (the Public Broadcasting Service) in the United States.

On the programme he ranted that we had ‘a secretary of state who was very hostile to the BBC and who was ideologically inclined to take it apart in the interests of commercial media companies’…he also dismissed DV as ‘The Blogger’, as did Peter Allen.   So over-the-top was Barwise that Allen actually had to step in and say Whittingdale was not here to defend himself.  Ian Hislop came on to give us his two penneth worth for what they were worth…not that much I should say.  Apparently the government had been publicly trumpeting a lot of very bad ideas that it then withdrew almost immediately…and he hoped, they will now bin them all.  So at least we know where the BBC stooge stands if we didn’t before.  Guaranteed another season of HIGNFY then.

So what is all the fuss about?  Is the BBC to be eviscerated?  Or has it been handed a lifeline that keeps it afloat and indeed launches it into a very secure future?

What are the onerous demands placed upon the BBC?

It must be impartial in its news and current affairs…yes, well, that is perhaps asking a lot…..’by making it clear in the organisation’s overall mission for the first time. This will make sure the BBC remains the most trusted provider of high quality news for audiences in the UK and abroad. ‘

It must support diversity…no problem there.

It must support the creative industries…and all programming, except news and current affairs, will be put out to tender…so Hall’s bluff about the BBC being the essential hub of a creative Britain has been called….’the BBC should proactively seek to enhance, bolster and work in partnership with the wider broadcasting and creative industries.’

The BBC must support local media in the interests of furthering democracy…not sure letting the BBC having influence over local media is in the interests of democracy.

The BBC must produce programming that has quality and innovation at its heart….programmes that are of ‘high public value’ and which are ‘distinctive’ in nature…..“Commissioning editors should ask consistently of new programming: ‘Is this idea sufficiently innovative and high quality?’ rather than simply ‘How will it do in the ratings?'”

The BBC has always been keen to hear the views of the National Audit Office and now it has a chance to feel the benefit up close and personal...’.The NAO will become the financial auditor of the BBC and have the power to conduct value for money investigations of the BBC’s activities, with appropriate safeguards for editorial matters.’

The good, and expert, Professor Barwise, in his ‘analysis’ after the speech, stated that the license fee would not go up….and yet Whittingdale quite clearly stated it would go up in line with inflation…

The licence fee has been frozen at £145.50 since 2010. We will end this freeze, and will increase the licence fee in line with inflation to 2021-22, at which point there will be a new settlement. In line with the other reforms to funding announced last July, this means that the BBC will have a flat-cash settlement to 2021-22.

This gives the BBC the certainty and funding levels it needs to deliver its updated mission and purposes. And it will ensure the BBC will remain one of the best-funded public service broadcasters in the world, receiving more than £18 billion from 2017-18 to 2021-22.

The Charter will last 11 years to take it out of the political cycle but will have a mid-term check.

The license fee funding system will also remain for 11 years at least and the iPlayer will now only be watchable with a licence.

Ofcom will also get a bigger role in regulating the BBC….

Ofcom has a proven track record as a regulator of media and telecoms. It is the right body to take on external regulation of the BBC.

We will require Ofcom to establish new operating licences for the BBC – with powers to ensure its findings are acted upon. Ofcom will also take charge of regulating the distribution framework and fair trading arrangements for the BBC. It will be a strong regulator to match a strong BBC.

At present Ofcom cannot hear complaints about BBC impartiality and accuracy and it is the BBC Trust that not only judges on editorial matters and complaints on them but also approves BBC editorial standards and so there is a conflict of interest as they sit on judgement on themselves.

Whittingdale doesn’t set out the exact process for complaints merely saying…‘The complaints system will undergo long overdue reform.’  However the Report by Sir David Clement on which this white paper is mostly based suggests a BBC first approach where the complaint goes to the BBC first and if not answered satisfactorily Ofcom can be appealed to or can itself step in if it thinks the case warrants early intervention in order to speed up the process.


Overall not much will really change as even the BBC admits….’For an exercise billed as a far-reaching reform, what’s striking about the white paper is how little will change fundamentally.’   The BBC has come out of this review rather well with guaranteed independence, a licence fee linked to inflation and more cash from the iPlayer and a more hands-off approach from the politicians with the Charter given an 11 year lease of life.  The new Unitary Board won’t rock the boat, especially with so many of the BBC’s own appointees on board, and Ofcom will be a minor fly in the ointment for the BBC.

On a final note, Labour’s Maria Eagle was entirely graceless, ill-judged and misinformed in her response to to Whittingdale’s speech loudly claiming that he was involved in some right-wing stitch up with the Press to do down the BBC…the echoing silence in the House said much about what the MPs thought of her conspiracy theory as they had just listened to the man himself lay out the very good terms of business he proposes for the BBC’s long term future.

Labour, as always, desperate to make some political point scoring and yet have had the rug pulled from under them as the much trumpeted ‘evisceration’ of the BBC has not happened leaving Labour high and dry with nothing to complain about as Whittingdale notes himself…

“[Eagle] rehearsed all her lines of attack only to wake up this morning to discover that all the concerns she expressed were based on ill-founded hysterical speculation by leftwing luvvies and others,” he said. “In actual fact what the government has proposed has been widely welcomed by, amongst others, the BBC.”







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Amused to hear the BBC dismiss DV as ‘The Blogger’ this morning.  They managed to avoid actually telling you what he blogged on and where to find it.  Funny that.  Wonder how such dismissive tones sits with the new duty to reflect the views of all people in the UK…presumably that will include those of a different political persuasion to those the BBC normally panders to in its news and programming.  Can we have a rightwing Kosminsky?

For your edification, education, delight and entertainment…



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