Klass Act





When you consider how ready the BBC is to plaster the thoughts of Chairman Brand all over the airwaves when he really hasn’t got anything of any originality or coherence to say it is surprising that when the Labour leader and his mansion tax policy is pretty much destroyed by another ‘celebrity’ we don’t hear a thing about it on the BBC….all the more surprising as the mansion tax is one of Miliband’s major policies designed of course to show how he is taking from the rich to give to the poor…might have thought the BBC would show an interest especially as Myleene Klass is said to have done a ‘Paxman’…perhaps she could get a place on Newsnight.

From the Telegraph:

Singer Myleene Klass ‘wipes the floor’ with Ed Miliband over mansion tax

Miss Klass, a former singer with pop group Hear’Say and TV presenter, joined business leaders, celebrities and politicians in her condemnation of Labour’s pledge to impose a tax on homes worth more than £2 million, and tore into Mr Miliband on ITV’s The Agenda on Monday night.

The singer told the Labour leader: “For me, it’s so disturbing – the name in its own right: ‘mansion tax’. Immediately you conjure up an image of these Barbie-esque houses, but in London, which is where 80 per cent of the people who will be paying this tax actually live, have you seen what that amount of money can get you? It’s like a garage.

“When you do look at the people who will be suffering this tax, it’s true a lot of them are grannies who have had these houses in their families for a long, long time.

“The people who are the super-super rich buying their houses for £140 million, this is not necessarily going to affect them because they’ve got their tax rebates and amazing accountants. It’s going to be the little grannies who have lived in those houses for years and years.”

“You may as well just tax me on this glass of water. You can’t just point at things and tax them.

Mr Miliband replied: “I totally understand that people don’t like paying more in tax. The values of my government are going to be different to the values of this government.”


No, haven’t heard a peep out of the BBC on the radio…despite Klass going into action on ITV last night…and nothing on the website…however even the lefty Mirror isn’t hiding this…..


Watch Myleene Klass turn into Paxman during mansion tax row with Labour leader Ed Miliband


Even the Guardian…

Myleene Klass ‘goes full Paxman’ on Ed Miliband over mansion tax




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Bomb ‘Em, Bomb ‘Em All


Yesterday the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner treated us to his big hope….he thought that the West and its allies may consider ISIS to be such a threat that they decide to put boots on the ground…

Frank said ‘I really hope that’s not the case.’

Thanks Frank for your personal opinion.

Today he continued the theme informing us that military actions just don’t work and that good policing and political processes will defeat terrorism.

Well apart from the fact military action certainly does work in many cases just how does he propose Dixon of Arabia handle ISIS, will they come quietly’?  And what sort of negtotiations are you going to have with such terrorists?

Can they have part of Syria, part of Iraq, what about a bit of Turkey?  And what if they don’t want to stop there, their whole raison d’être being to create a world caliphate?


Simplistic, childish, very political dreams from the BBC.

One of the reasons ISIS popped up again was because the US withdrew its military and intelligence capability from Iraq…under pressure from people in the media and other commentators just like Frank.





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Pre-emptive Strike



This is from the Telegraph...so far the BBC has refrained from being drawn in….

2014 on track to be one of the wettest years on record

Unusually rainy November and December could make 2014 the wettest year since records began


The Telegraph is quoting the Met. Office and that old fraud Bob Ward (who isn’t a scientist) who tells us…..

Mr Ward said the trend for wetter weather was being caused by climate change.

“The very wet and warm year we are experiencing is part of a pattern, with the seven warmest years and four of the five wettest years on record so far have all occurred from 2000 onwards. Climate change means the UK is now about one degree warmer on average than in 1970, and the warmer atmosphere holds more water, leading to heavier rainfall,” he said.


However even the Met. Office says…

“As we head into December there are signs that rainfall amounts should become nearer normal.”



But what do the numbers say? Do they, as Bob Ward claims indicate one of the wettest years ever?  Do they indicate a trend towards wetter weather?

No. of course not.  You didn’t believe the paid up peddler of climate propaganda did you?

In the years 2000-2014 in England and Wales the wettest year was 2012 with 1244.4 mm.

That’ll be less than 1768 then, with 1247.3 mm…

or 1879 with 1284.9 mm.


The trend is definitely there then.


But surely 2014 is heading to be the second wettest on record….

Well so far there has been 900.1 mm…..and with December looking to be average, and even if it wasn’t, the rain would have to be totally extraordinary to be above the levels seen in the years quoted above.

Even if you add in Scotland and Northern Ireland there is no trend towards wetter weather…and you have to take into account records there only start in 1931 not 1766 as in England and Wales….

The wettest year in Scotland since 2000 being 2011 with 1668.2 mm…but 1990 had 1720.4 mm, 1954 had 1675.7 mm and 1948 had 1669.9 mm.

In NI in 2002 there was 1193.6 mm, but 1958 had 1197.1 mm, 1954 had 1315 mm and 1950 had 1238.2 mm.


That trend for wetter weather is shaping up nicely…but only in the mind of climate fraud Bob Ward.

Shame the newspapers, and all too often Roger Harrabin, give him any credence at all.




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The BBC Going Walkabout And Stepping On Toes


We have looked at the BBC’s ever growing commercial empire and massive influence in the media world that distorts the market for the genuinely commercial operators who haven’t got a tax payer funded safety net to cushion them in bad times and which allows the BBC to experiment and fail without penalty.

The Guardian is complaining bitterly about the BBC moving in on its territory in Australia…it shouldn’t worry if the BBC’s top Oz reporter is Jon Donnison…he’ll only be reporting on Gaza.

Guardian boss: BBC distorting news market in Australia, Google must face ‘editorial responsibilities’

Guardian Media Group chief executive Andrew Miller has attacked the BBC for following his company by expanding into Australia.

The Guardian launched an Australia-facing website eighteen months ago funded with a loan from businessman Graeme Wood. Mail Online launched in Australia earlier this year.

Earlier this month the BBC’s commercial wing, BBC World, said it was launching a dedicated Australian news service on BBC.com in response to the new launches.

Miller said: “The BBC claims this expansion is because it believes giving Australians what they value is a core part of its mission. I would respectfully disagree.

“The Guardian is one of a relatively small number of commercial British news organisations that is building on its existing base of Australian readers.

“We are investing significant resources in high-quality journalism that connects the views of Australians to global debates on a wide range of important issues from climate change to immigration.

“Contrary to the BBC’s assertions, this is a space that, both editorially and commercially, the Guardian very much shares with the BBC’s commercial activities.

“Australia is already a diverse and highly-competitive market. As such, the BBC’s expansion into Australia goes beyond its public service remit. More than that, it does not benefit UK licence fee payers or meet the requirement of the BBC to provide news in parts of the world where there are limited alternatives.

“It threatens a distortion that is not in the interests of audiences or other UK news providers.”


The BBC says:

 “The BBC’s commercial operations overseas are not funded by the licence fee and we are happy to compete on an equal footing with all other news providers.


But that’s not really true as much of the material broadcast, if not all,  comes from the BBC, such    as Top Gear and CeeBeebies, and BBC World benefits massively from the authority, credibility      and reputation of the BBC as a whole….and it ‘looks to grow the BBC brand.’

It is owned by the BBC….

BBC Worldwide Limited is the main commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). BBC Worldwide exists to support the BBC public service mission and to maximise profits on its behalf.


And ironically, and pobably impossibly, committed by the Charter to:

Comply with the BBC’s Fair Trading Guidelines and avoid distorting the market.




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Panorama Vs Rupert Murdoch


I don’t know the truth about this but it wouldn’t be the first time the BBC’s Panorama programme has cobbled together some very dodgy ‘evidence’ related to Murdoch and his businesses and using very suspect sources to beef up their story……

Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood has accused the BBC of giving “deeply misleading reasons” for postponing the broadcast if its Panorama Investigation Fake Sheikh: Exposed.

Mahmood failed last week in a bid to stop publication of recent images of himself (which he said would undermine his safety).

But last night the BBC pulled the programme less than hour before broadcast because it said it had received new information from Mahmood’s lawyers.

Mahmood said today that this new information was made available last week.

He also questioned the reliability of the testimony which he said the programme was based on.

Mahmood said in a statement: “The BBC Panorama programme ‘Fake Sheikh – Exposed’ has now been postponed twice. The reasons given by the BBC last night are deeply misleading and I am forced into making a statement to correct the impression they have given.

“The BBC approached me on 15th October and made a number of allegations against me relating to my career as an investigative journalist. As a result I instructed lawyers and they have provided detailed rebuttals and evidence showing that the allegations are unsustainable and wrong.

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Aqil Airhead



Must be something in the air…Is The BBC Biased notes that Muslim Aaqil Ahmed, in charge of the BBC’s religious programming, has decided to broaden the appeal of Songs of Praise and spread the joy around, broadcasting from many places of worship and denomination…but definitely will not be heading Mosqueward…until of course we hear of a lovely, joyous coming together of Christians and Muslims, evidence of the tolerance, mutual respect and friendship that exists between the two religions…and proof of that is that Christians are graciously allowed to visit a mosque…from which the BBC will broadcast the propaganda.


Noggin in the comments has coincidentally linked to the same fellow in a story from last year that will confirm much of what we have heard about the good Aaqil, his professional qualifications and his leanings.

Questions raised about the running of the BBC’s religious affairs department

These are trying times for Aaqil Ahmed, head of religion and ethics at the BBC.

As we revealed in the last Eye, some of his department’s commissions for Songs of Praise are now being scrutinised by the Beeb’s investigation unit, which has been told by Lord Patten that “if on investigation there is any suggestion that a criminal offence has been committed, the matter should be referred to the police.” Ahmed’s reaction to the story was to announce that he is launching a “witch hunt” (sic) to find our source.

Meanwhile, he has another hefty headache. The Ottomans, a three-part series in which Rageh Omar wanders through the lands of the former Ottoman Empire, is beset by problems and falling even further behind schedule. Although 18 weeks had been allotted for editing all three one-hour programmes, the first two have already taken 30 weeks, including delays for an expensive re-shoot in the Middle East. The main problem is Ahmed’s ignorance arrogance, which have resulted in hours wasted trying to persuade the contributors to give interviews backing his eccentric interpretations of religious history. At the last count he even omitted reference to the Crimean War.

As is his custom, Ahmed assigned the production not to experts in his department but to an old freelance chum, Faris Kermani, who made many programmes about Islam for C4 when Ahmed was head of religion at the channel and later followed him to the BBC to make The Life of Muhammad. The justification for engaging Kermani was that he could gain exclusive access to middle-eastern locations and contacts that were somehow out of the reach of the BBC. In the end, however, this was handled by department staff using a local fixer in the usual way.

As costs spiral out of control, the job of rescuing the production has gone back in-house, too, with the department’s main development executive – helped by a producer on attachment from BBC Bristol – striving to bring some order and intellectual rigour to the chaos.


Also good to hear a Labour MP this morning remind us, on the savage murder of Peter Kassig by ISIS, that Islam is a fine and peaceful religion.


I  note with interest the BBC insists on calling Peter Kassig by the Muslim name he chose to use under duress in an attempt to save his own life under threat from his Muslim captors….

US hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig ‘killed by IS’

A video posted online claims to show that Islamic State militants have killed the captured US aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig.


Apparently this is ‘A photograph of Abdul-Rahman with his father, Ed, fishing on the Ohio River in Indiana in 2011’…no, no it’s not.  It’s a photo of Peter Kassig.

Peter Kassig fishing with his father, Ed Kassig, near the Cannelton Dam on the Ohio River in Indiana - 2011




And that’s despite his captors giving him his real name in the video of his death…..

“This is Peter Edward Kassig, a U.S. citizen, of your country”



The Telegraph has the right idea…

Peter Kassig’s family call for restraint after beheading video




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Fatboy Slim


A little earlier listening to 5Live I was urged to keep listening as I would be treated to an investigation into the hidden child hunger epidemic sweeping the land.

Who knew?

It must have been very well hidden as I have always been led to believe that the problem was one of an epidemic of child obesity….sweeping the land….from the Telegraph…

Schoolchildren refused second helpings at lunch in obesity crackdown

Schoolchildren are being refused second helpings at lunchtime, it has emerged, as councils launch a crackdown on child obesity.

Education chiefs in parts of Wales have stopped kitchen staff giving out an extra portion to teach children sensible eating habits.

Some local authorities are also preventing pupils from having extra puddings because of their high sugar content.

Cardiff Council has started giving children slices of dry bread if they are still hungry after lunch.

It comes as figures showed children as young as 14 are undergoing obesity surgery on the NHS.



From the BBC:

Rise in child obesity-related hospital admissions

The UK has the highest rate of child obesity in Western Europe, which is estimated to cost the NHS about £4.2bn a year.


The paradox is of course that we are told that ‘poverty’ is the cause of the hunger epidemic, and ‘poverty’ is the cause of the obesity epidemic….and the very same class of children, the poor, are victims of both these epidemics.

Poverty driven by government policies on welfare of course.


Guess there must be an election coming.

The BBC had better be careful, if they keep churning out these scare stories, as they have been doing daily, they’ll run out before the election and will have to start looking for real news stories instead of feeding us press releases from charities, NGO’s, think tanks and the Labour Party.

As there are nearly 200,000 charities in the UK I am guessing the BBC thinks that won’t happen.


Was it Friday on the Today programme that I heard McDonalds was responsible for the breakdown of society, its cohesion and communal life?

Don’t know about fat kids, but certainly a lot of fatheads around.




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FIFA, Ho Hum, I Smell The Blood Of An Englishman


The BBC’s coverage of the FIFA world cup scandal has been woeful.

FIFA released a report that exonerated Russia and Qatar from accusations of corruption in the bidding process for the World Cup…however England and Australia were singled out for special attention.

The BBC failed completely to question FIFA’s decision and concentrated almost solely on England’s claimed abuses.

Now that might seem extraordinary considering the background to the story and the well known and substantial claims of corruption against Russia and Qatar.

TalkSport told us that the report was a farce, a disgrace and a whitewash….that Russia had managed to ‘lose’ all the data on its computers relating to the bid and that no emails or phone records were examined by FIFA.

In contrast the BBC took the report at face value.  Listening to their news bulletins it was all England, even their specialist sports reporters on 5Live, the ‘home of football’ apparently, failed to question the claims.

We had Peter Allen telling us England’s behaviour was ‘shocking news’ and he emphatically declared that ‘this was an independent inquiry’.

An ‘independent inquiry’?  This was FIFA investigating FIFA and finding itself not guilty and conveniently, the two countries who are going to hold World Cups are also innnocent, and therefore the bidding process won’t have to be reopened.

Very convenient.

However that all changed at 12:10 when the man who investigated the bids, Michael Garcia, but who didn’t provide the conclusions released to the world by FIFA, stated that the FIFA report “contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations”.

The BBC tells us thatGarcia’s statement, issued less than four hours after the report was published, has reopened the debate about the validity of the bidding process for both the 2018 and 2022 competitions.


‘Reopened the debate’?  Well, no it didn’t, or rather everyone else was already asking serious questions about the credibility of the report….everyone except the BBC.


Once again the BBC fails to do any work for itself and relies on press releases by organisations that can’t be trusted….and adds insult to injury by taking a distinct pleasure in laying into the England bid operation whose Chief Operating Officer, Simon Johnson, on the BBC, told us that it was ‘sad that the headlines are all about England.‘…when the real story is elsewhere…..the story “shouldn’t be about the conduct of England’s bid, it should be about the pre-ordained exoneration of Qatar… and this smells of a politically motivated whitewash”


Perhaps the below might explain the BBC’s haste to condemn the England bid, trying to excuse and justify their own actions in order to claim that the bid’s failure had nothing to do with their  badly timed stunt …from the Daily Mail 2010….


The BBC and other media organisations were last night blamed for England losing the bid.

The Sunday Times and BBC1’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama recently produced investigations into the controversial dealings of Fifa’s tight-knit executive committee.

Some within the England campaign had claimed the increased scrutiny of such a secretive body could harm the bid.

Japan’s Junji Ogura, understood to be the only non-English Fifa member who voted for the English bid, said: ‘England was eliminated in the first round, and they were maybe affected by the BBC and The Sunday Times’s reporting.

‘England has full facilities and they could hold the World Cup any time. I think England’s media reporting affected Fifa executive committee members.’





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Another Day, Same Old Bias


Yesterday the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) proclaimed that there was far too much hype by government ministers in favour of Fracking…the BBC was happy to oblige in giving them plenty of sympathetic coverage.

Jim Naughtie told us that the UKERC was completely independent and had no axe to grind.

That’ll be the UKERC, along with the pro-climate change propaganda organisation, the Grantham Institute, and the UEA’s CRU, that told the government in 2008, in the shape of Ed Miliband, to cut CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

The UK government announced yesterday that it will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent of 1990 levels by 2050.

The Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Ed Miliband, stated last night that the assessment was based on an independent scientific report from Lord Turner’s committee on climate change.

The decision comes just nine days after Lord Turner’s committee, which includes Professor Jim Skea, research director at the UK Energy Research Centre and Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, director of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College, published its interim advice to government recommending more stringent cuts.

This is not business as usual

The speed of the decision is not a surprise to Turner’s panel. Skea says, ‘The Prime Minister indicated at the Labour Party Conference that he was willing to respond quickly once we made a recommendation.’

But the scale of the changes will be challenging. ‘We have said in our letter to the government that this is not business as usual. The very obvious priority is decarbonising the electricity industry. Buildings and transport are also up there as priorities.’


So, far from being neutral in the debate on CO2, climate and fossil fuel use, the UKERC is deeply involved in agitating against coal and gas…and set us on the road to a ruinous and suicidal extermination of industry.


Bishop Hill takes a look….

Public relations, not research

The UK Energy Research Centre – a proud member of the green blob, and a taxpayer funded one to boot – has launched a pair of reports into shale gas today, with a big bash to be held at the Royal Institution. As far as I can see the reports themselves have not been made public, and everybody is reporting the press release. This is usually a sure sign that something dicky is going on.

The headline is that shale gas development in the UK will not make a difference to prices. I assume this meanst that they are just channelling previous reports on the subject, but without the reports it’s hard to say. I very much get the impression this is PR rather than research.


And Delingpole does also [H/T  George R]

Another Day, Another Worthless Report Trying to Kill Britain’s Shale Gas Industry

To suggest that the UK Energy Research Centre has an ideologically neutral position on fracking is a bit like saying that the North Korean Communist party remains open-minded on the role of the state in the economy.

There is a concerted effort to kill the UK fracking industry before it has even begun, which is being co-ordinated by a number of vested interests: green activists who think it’s eco-unfriendly; renewables companies who recognise that shale poses a massive threat to their government subsidies; natural gas producers from Russia to Qatar, who would prefer us to carry on importing from them than exploit our abundant native resources.

This report is part of that campaign. It doesn’t belong on the BBC or in our newspapers. It should have gone straight in the bin.

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No Such Thing As A Free Lunch



The BBC is spreading its influence…

Local papers cautious as BBC courts them with free content

They are traditionally the bitterest of rivals but now a BBC olive branch to regional newspapers has been given a cautious welcome by an industry whose sales have been in dizzying decline. James Harding, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, has looked to build bridges with beleaguered editors with the offer of free licence fee-funded content and the prospect of the corporation picking up the tab for local court reporting.

Largely through pilots and proposals at this stage, the BBC will look to ease the financial burden on local newspapers by sharing more of its content, as it did with video footage of this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Nigel Pickover, editor of the Archant-owned Norwich Evening News and Eastern Daily Press, said he hoped the BBC would go beyond words to take action.

“The BBC’s licence fee means the corporation gets a soft comfort blanket of subsidy to compete with local newspaper organisations, which themselves have to fight and scrap for revenues at every turn,” he said.

“This, in turn, protects the journalism which, ironically, the BBC and others often rely on for their daily agendas.”

A reflection of the tension often felt between local papers and the BBC’s own local outlets, which span TV, radio and online, Pickover said it was clearly in the BBC’s interests to see thriving local news businesses as “many corporation outlets would be lost without us”.

Bob Satchwell, executive director of the Society of Editors, said there had been a “good and positive” exchange of views between the BBC and local and regional editors. “There have been lots of times when we have talked in the past and it has come to nothing. It’s obviously not something that can happen overnight,” he said.

“The BBC, with its resources from, in effect, the taxation of the public through the licence fee, that can create an uneven playing field. But there is a genuine attempt here on the part of the BBC to meet the concern of local papers.

“Where difficulties can arise in a partnership is if you have a big and powerful partner, it is usually the big and powerful partner that benefits the most. But both sides of the partnership have to see the benefits.”



Incredible really what the publicly funded BBC gets up to in the commercial sphere, never mind the political sphere with BBC Worldwide and its Media Action arm.

Here are a couple of examples of what the BBC provides to the world…..

What is BBC Worldwide Showcase?

BBC Worldwide Showcase is a unique annual sales festival hosted by BBC Worldwide.

Our flagship four-day festival attracts more than 600 of the world’s top TV and digital executives to Britain, and is the nation’s biggest television export market.

Beloved by buyers for its special atmosphere, each year BBC Worldwide Showcase unveils a spectacular array of new shows – accompanied by our catalogue of over 50,000 hours of first-class content.



And the BBC’s facilities and expertise used to provide ‘Studios and Post Production’ to other companies.

Creating and preserving award-winning content

We work with media companies to create and manage award-winning content across all genres for a wide range of platforms and broadcasters, including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, as well as the BBC.


You could argue that this is the best use of the BBC’s resources and in providing them enables other media businesses to piggyback off them and grow.

or you could say this is a mega sized corporation dominating the business and smothering development of companies in their own right, killing off independent competitors.

And of course this makes the BBC the most dominant player in the market with huge power and influence to make or break other companies or competitors…..and if it is providing news content then we are also treated to the prospect of the BBC world view being disseminated through other outlets unable to compete with the BBC and unable to provide their own content and interpretation of news and events.




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You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down



The Brand wagon is still rolling strongly, promoting his book and revolution.

Apparently the BBC still think he has important things to say and that he ‘has the ear of the youth’…the worthy Giles Fraser not being the audience winner they had obviously hoped for….I’m sure yesterday’s Radio One’s Breakfast show audience were thrilled to once again have Brand shoved down their throats….never mind R1’s audience apparently being an average age of 32…




Back in 2008 Allison Pearson in the Mail declared……

The age of the over-sexed, overpaid moron should be declared over.

As someone who treasures the BBC and the great contribution it can make to the life of our country, I hope it turns out to be on the side of Us not Them.


I imagine she feels somewhat disappointed 6 years on that the BBC is very definitely on Their side.



You have to laugh…..the multi-millionaire Brand is worried that anti-Austerity protests will make him late for his trip to the theatre….but you know what….he’s there with ‘em on the barricades…….in spirit…..

Russell Brand has said he can see why “there is so much frustration” among protesters who took part in an anti-austerity march in London.

Thousands of activists marched through London on Bonfire Night to protest against the political establishment.

Brand told Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1’s Breakfast show he was worried the march might make him late for a West End show, which he later attended.







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The EU Pays Us To Be A Member…No Really



Did I really hear an EU apparatchik telling us on the Today show (08:34) that the UK has benefitted from the EU, receiving £70 billion in benefits from it, whilst the UK gives the EU a mere £6.7 billion?

Sure I did hear that.


What I didn’t hear was any challenge to that, quite obviously, misleading ‘Fact’.


Even the Guardian admits the UK pays in more than it receives:

The UK contributes much more than it receives too, about €4.7bn more.


The UK’s contribution…..£11.273 billion

The UK’s receipts from EU…..£6.570 billion


It’s all ‘a question of the definition’ as the apparatchik claimed.







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Viva La Berlin Wall


BBC journo’s seem to like the romance of the AK47 wielding terrorist



‘Today’ (08:40) brought us Steve Rosenberg, the BBC’s Moscow correspondent, who after a spell educating himself in Soviet Russia, pre the collapse of the Berlin Wall (No surprise there….a BBC journo studying in Moscow), and continuing to live there for the next 15 years (I’m sure he’s not gone native) tells us that the fall of the Berlin Wall was a disaster leading to war and conflict.  The Soviet Empire was a peace keeper that meant the world could relax in the knowledge that having a Soviet jackboot on your neck and AK47 toting insurgents murdering anyone who didn’t agree with their world view was in fact a welcome sign of a benevolent regime much preferable to the unconstrained freedoms that would allow an outbreak of the nightmares that come with democracy, free speech and liberty.

Russia invading the Ukraine isn’t a sign of Russian aggression trying to re-establish its old empire but a reaction to EU aggression led by NATO which has egregiously agreed to allow countries that ask to join its ranks.

It’s the old BBC meme…just as poor old Iran is only reacting to the aggression of the US and the enemies that surround it, Russia is similarly beset by sabre rattling enemies….yes…I can see his point…..



Poor old Russkies.  Just have to keep arming most of the world’s terrorist and insurgent groups to maintain world peace.



Wander what the BBC will make of the Israeli security barrier in 25 years…unlike the Berlin Wall which was designed to keep people inside the world’s biggest prison camp, the Israeli barrier is designed to keep out murderous terrorists.

But of course it is the Israeli barrier that is the target of the BBC’s provocatively misleading reporting.





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Question Time






To Justin Webb….

Justin, when interviewing people it helps if you actually interview them.  Part of that is an inconvenient requirement that you ask questions, any questions, but preferably ones that actually make the interviewee reveal something of relevance to the subject.

Unless a presenter is thrown into an interview without notice, they need to go in armed with good background knowledge.

Presumably Justin, this morning you were somewhat busy, too busy to do any research that would have allowed you to challenge Peter Hain’s furiously msileading rant about the economy and Public opinion.

Instead of keeping Hain on thread, talking about any challenge to Miliband’s leadership, Webb allowed Hain to bluster on for an extended period dodging the real point.

Judicious use of opinion polls may show that politicians are out of step with what the public wants

Webb instead of challenging Hain decided that he rather quite liked what he was hearing and when Hain raged that the economy was failing, other countries are doing so much better than us, people are disillusioned and angry with this government  Webb’s only quibble was to ask why, when people are so angry and disillusioned, Miliband isn’t profiting from that.

Basically it seemed that Webb accepted Hain’s premise about the economy and people’s beliefs.

It was the same Webb yesterday that when interviewing a LibDem accepted that ‘Tory’ policies such as the ‘Bedroom Tax’ were wrong and LibDems should possibly have resigned on principle in opposition to them.


Killer facts, produced at the right moment, can be a highly effective way of challenging a guest’s argument


Of course if you enter into an interview seemingly not intending to ask any questions I guess ‘Killer Facts’ are unnecessary when faced with a oleaginous politician who spouts lazy and fabricated tripe that suits your narrative.

peter haine carried by policemen

Peter Hain being lovingly carried to the interview by his loyal team of police manservants. Lazy sod.


Just business as usual for the BBC which has a habit of bringing in Labour politicians for a cosy chat that verge on ‘party political broadcast’ with a few questions chucked in for appearances sake.



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