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A couple of Tweets from Roger that shed new light on ‘science’ and certainty:





So Roger thinks ‘expert groups’ may be lying to us about just how certain they are about their projections…due to the politics…and Roger himself objects to claims of ‘certainty’ or over confidence in ‘the numbers’….though not when economist Stern tells us we are all going to die in 100 months or so….. but when ‘maverick’ Professor Tol (the green’s new hate figure) Tweets some ‘green’ figures about the costs of global warming suddenly certainty is a questionable virtue.


So the next time the climate lobby tell us global warming may not be scientifically proven beyond all doubt but the risks of not doing anything are just too great to ignore it…..think on…..they’re probably lying.



Nick Robinson Is An Arse


Sorry about the title but I think I can’t really take much more of his low brow, lightweight,  twaddle….considering the job he is supposed to do.

Thanks to Dave S who pointed out this from Robinson:

UKIP immigration policy – the wife test

On a day when Nigel Farage launched a nationwide poster campaign warning that millions of Europeans were waiting to take your job, I asked him why he employed a German as his secretary….to my amazement the UKIP leader told me “nobody else could do that job”.


But is that because she is German?


Robinson take a cheap shot at Farage:

NR: No British person could work for you as your secretary?

NF: Not at the moment.

NR: You don’t think anyone’s capable of doing that job?

NF: What, of marrying me?

NR: No. Of doing the job of your secretary.

NF: I don’t know anyone who would work those hours, no.

NR: So that’s it. It’s clear – UKIP do not believe that any British person is capable of being the secretary of their leader?

NF: That’s nonsense and you know it.

NR: You just said it!



The problem with Robinson’s line of questioning and his conclusion, that Farage says no British person could be his secretary, is its complete facetiousness.

What Farage is saying is that no one but his wife could do the job because of the hours worked….his wife just happens to be German…married to that well known xenophobe Nigel Farage.

What Farage  is not saying is that no British person could do that job….so when Robinson concludes….

NR: So that’s it. It’s clear – UKIP do not believe that any British person is capable of being the secretary of their leader?

NF: That’s nonsense and you know it.

NR: You just said it!


…he is, the BBC’s top political journo mind you, making shit up.


When asking Farage how many immigrants could be a fair number to let in Robinson reports this:

So, what numbers would be acceptable? Mr Farage was reluctant to say but eventually suggested that between 30,000 and 50,000 immigrants a year might be the right figure (compared with well over 100,000 net migration now).


Another little trick….’net’ migration or not?  Is Farage saying 50,000 net or gross?  Big difference.  Sure the BBC’s top political journo isn’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes…again?


Robinson states that ‘As for immigration – the key issue of his election campaign – Mr Farage is calling for a “sensible, open immigration policy” in which Britain would “re-claim control of her borders”.’


In other words Farage is not demanding zero immigration but ‘a sensible, managed immigration system’.

In other words Robinson is trying to use the fact he employs his ‘German’ wife against him and claim it is evidence of hypocrisy is highly misleading by Robinson.


Here Robinson tries to write off Farage as someone not to be taken seriously (though the intensive attempts to malign and undermine him might indicate he is a serious threat to ‘their’ world):

His point, apparently, was that only his wife Kirsten – who as he often reminds us is German – would be prepared to work unsociable hours, seven days a week, helping him at “midnight, one o’clock, two o’clock”.

As so often, the UKIP leader was trying to make me and all those listening smile along with him. He’s an amusing and likeable guy and often I’ve done just that, but on this occasion I was determined to press on.


Farage explained exactly why he employs his wife and why it would be difficult for anyone else to do the job other than his wife…Robinson decides that’s a joke….but being the professional, hardnosed reporter that he is he determines to press on and get the real story.


Thank God for BBC investigative journalism  at  its best bringing us the dirt they don’t want us to see!


Robinson’s conclusion is that:

Mr Farage’s decision to employ his wife at public expense highlights two important questions he and his party now face – about what their immigration policy means in practice and their attitude to public money.


Really?  In what way does employing his German wife highlight anything about his immigration policy except in Robinson’s own little concoction of a story trying to nail Farage for something, anything…’ll be passive smoking from Farage’s cigarettes poisoning next door’s ‘immigrant’ children next.

And what does this mean?

You employ a German woman to work in your office. She happens to be your wife. She happens to spend many hundreds of thousands of British taxpayers’ money. How do you justify that?


Perhaps Robinson might like to explain that fabrication.



We’ve also had Robinson’s sycophantic interview with Miliband.

We’ve had Robinson’s less than informative report on the Farage-Clegg debate….Farage v Clegg – the verdict.


Is there any point to Nick Robinson?    I suppose we learn a lot from the BBC’s decision to employ him at public expense which highlights two important questions he and the BBC must now face – what do any of Robinson’s reports actually tell us in practice, if anything, about the world of politics, and the BBC’s attitude to public money as they squander it on him.












Dear BBC Liberal…..




The racism of the white wolf who cried Islamophobia



There’s a bee in my bonnet. Let’s talk about the racism of the white wolf who cried Islamophobia.

I’m tired of a certain faction of Western liberals, especially white guys, Westsplaining about how anti-Muslim bigotry and Western colonialism and imperialism and international geopolitics provide *essential context* for understanding the sources of Muslim problems, which don’t come from a vacuum, how there are striking *parallels* between liberal critique of Islam and right-wing anti-Muslim bigotry.

Hey guy, I had no idea that you had such an adept understanding of what it’s like to live in a Muslim culture under the influence of the effects Western colonialism and international geopolitics. Please, tell me more, Westsplain to me, oh white man, how imperialism is responsible for me being forced to wear hijab for 15 years, suffering honor violence, and living a dangerous double life until my escape. Please condescendingly explain to me in the terms of your own culture where my oppression *really* comes from.

Look, I’m not denying that imperialism and geopolitics certainly help this ish along, often significantly. I’m not denying that anti-Muslim bigotry is a pervasive and significant problem. But those things are not an *explanation*. They are contributing factors at best that neither sufficiently explain nor excuse the blatant transgressions of Muslims and the horrible conditions in Muslim-majority countries. There is also an ironic lack of focus on Arab imperialism and the manner in which Islam has been reified, propagated, and been used to justify horrors in the Middle East and South Asia *far preceding* the West dipping its fingers into that mess. Sorry to strip you of credit for this, really, but it’s not the West that created the dehumanizing elements of Muslim cultures. There is also ironic lack of focus on the booming (essentially) slave trade disguised as a migrant worker system exploiting Africans and South and Southeast Asians that is utterly normalized in the Gulf and Levant. This isn’t some big bad monster wrought by the damning hand of Western imperialism and anti-Muslim bigotry. It has well transcended reasonable standards of the acceptable under those constraints, and the prevalence of normalized oppressive sentiment is not some fringe side effect of the injustices of white men. Growing up in Hezbollah culture, it was plain to see how Western-driven war and occupation helped fuel the return to fundamentalist Shia Islam, but it hardly exonerates us South Lebanese and Lebanese-Palestinian mashups from responsibility for the decisions we’ve made since then, for our violence and bigotry, for the culture of control and oppression and we’ve rooted ourselves into in response to these problems. Surely it doesn’t come from a vacuum, but you might have to live and be socialized in a Muslim country under the effects of such imperialism to recognize how fully much of it comes from ourselves, how essentialized scripture and deeply-rooted honor-shame codes fuel Islamism and the grave and rote dehumanization built into our cultures.

Sorry, but the West can’t take credit for this too.

And the supreme irony here? The blatant condescension of this PoV. It really is such a white-centric thing to try to explain the Muslim issue in those terms, to essentialize our problems in terms of your culture’s imperialism. It is also–and I’m not holding my breath for anyone to realize this anytime soon–buying into the same anti-brown racism to continually draw analogies between liberal critiques of Islam and right-wing anti-Muslim bigotries, to present eg the often-racist ignorant spewings of Dawkins and his ilk as the FACE of liberal and atheist discourse regarding the matter so you can self-righteously jump to condemn the obviously condemnable just as you raise it to the level of being representative of the entire liberal and atheist community, ironically completely drowning out and excluding the voices of Ex-Muslims and progressive Muslims, especially women, from the categories of ‘Western’ and ‘liberal’ and ‘atheist discourse’, othering us and contributing to our silence and marginalization. We don’t want Dawkins and Harris to be the driving voices of liberal discourse regarding Islam either. Stop excluding us. Stop alienating us. Stop reducing us to the norms of our home cultures, as if we’re incapable of engaging with them or transcending them, and stop creating a binary between us and our values and liberalism and its values.

Stop making our issues about you and your imperialism. By focusing so long and hard on your condemnation of anti-Muslim bigotry and white savior complexes, you are silencing us. You are othering us. You are explaining things about the very people whose marginalization you decry over and above their own voices and lived experiences. Cut that shit out.

And this is what I hear from you when you continually raise the flag of anti-imperialism above all other concerns regarding the Muslim issues. I hear that you do not think well enough of us as Muslims and Arabs and Persians and Kurds and Turks and South Asians and Africans to grapple with these imperialistic and geopolitical forces without being expected to refrain from falling into dehumanization and violence because of them.

That, because of imperialism, it is okay to hold us to standards that deplete to even the sub-human.

That we cannot or should not be responsible, strong, or aware enough to resist becoming aggressors ourselves because we have been aggressed against.

That Western imperialism is a greater driving force than anything we make, say, or do.

That you do not believe that Muslims and Ex-Muslims and people from Muslim-majority countries speaking on the matter–whether in affirming or critiquing ways–are powerful enough voices to speak to their own experiences, or to be taken as key or representative.

That it is okay for you to refuse to acknowledge our oppression as specifically non-white in source in order to avoid enabling the ‘save the brown women narrative’, because you somehow can’t see anything other than such a white-centric result being possible, as if we do not fucking exist as powerful critiquers of our own cultures, as if acknowledging the oppressive matters of fact of our existence suddenly renders us weak or incapable of engaging with it, as if your refusal to acknowledge our victimhood is anything more noble than a silencing mechanism, because you yourself somehow subscribe to some strange essentializing view that a victimized brown woman is a silent and passive one.

I hear you implying, too, that you have any real experiential knowledge from which to assess the horrors of Western imperialism vs the horrors of Islamist control and misogyny and decide which to decry. That in your transcending fear of enabling the right-wing bigotry that leads to further imperialist force, you can and will make judgments as to what is best for us regarding which of the damning powers contributing to our shitty lives should be enabled or discouraged, that you can and will make judgments as to which of the damning powers holding us down and controlling us is more or less serious or grave.

That, friend, is what is fucking racist.


Rats Leaving Sinking Ship


Derek Bateman


The Telegraph tells us about Derek Bateman who left BBC Scotland last year…..

Derek Bateman was a long-standing BBC Scotland presenter who now, set up with his own blog, feels free to offer his view of England and Tory policies which presumably made him to toast of the BBC canteen in Glasgow. Here’s a taste of his sarcasm:

  • Sorry for allowing your (English) policies to kill men in our biggest city in their mid-fifties – still it keeps pension costs down.
  • Sorry you (England) have so many shaven-headed louts with pit bulls on crime-ridden estates and have created one of the least equal societies on earth.
  • Sorry for thinking of you as stuck-up, effete, self-centred, unreliable t**ts when there is absolutely nothing in history to support such bigotry.



I can only assume Bateman suddenly had a look in the mirror and didn’t like what he found and decided to write a note to himself about being abusive:

I know this is a tiny proportion of public opinion but it does no harm to be reminded of just how airily ignorant and wilfully prejudiced some people are and how it can drive your desire to escape to create our new Scotland free from their contempt and hate.’


Ironically that is in fact his reply to the Telegraph’s article which mentioned him…as above….apparently the Telegraph’s article is ‘nauseating and dripping with racist poison’.

Mote/eye comes to mind.

Bateman is somewhat deluded and obviously blinded by his own prejudices continually referring to Scotland as a ‘colony’ of an imperial England….

‘……the confirmation of an historical truth, that Scotland is returning whence it came and that the game of empire is over. Rule Britannia.’

And all backed by the imperial propaganda of the ‘colonially-minded Telegraph.’

He needs to read some history books about the Union.


Whilst the BBC et al concentrate on ‘nasty, racist UKIP’ you have to ask why the SNP and its supporters get a free pass.


Bateman has left the BBC….and now spills the beans…….apparently the BBC is in thrall to Labour…..well jings…….though he himself has had his own pro SNP bias questioned…….





This might have been a give away on his own blog:

I’m a Scottish Nationalist


Bateman now hates the BBC….and like all good Nats he complains of their pro-union bias…now I’ve heard the coverage…and to me, from what I’ve heard, the bias is pro-independence…Salmond gets the benefit of the doubt and very often not just the last word but the only word in news bulletins.


But its interesting how so often a BBC employee will reveal all the dirty laundry only when they’ve left.


Here he is blasting the BBC’s close links to Labour last year……


The head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland has been accused of acting at the behest of a special advisor to the Scottish Labour party who it is claimed regularly complained about the political content of BBC Scotland programmes.
According to a former BBC broadcaster Derek Bateman, BBC Chief John Boothman questioned the political output of radio broadcasts after receiving complaints from Paul Sinclair.

Sinclair, who is the special advisor to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, is said to have had a special relationship with Mr Boothman through both men’s links with the Labour party, and regularly contacted the BBC man directly to complain about political coverage.

Writing on his blog, Mr Bateman claimed that Boothman was “famous for his unrivalled network of contacts in the Labour movement.” adding that, “…Sinclair had a name for trying to interfere in BBC news decisions to influence output.”

Such attempts at interference were, according to Mr Bateman, something all parties tried to do.  However, according to the former BBC presenter, Sinclair and Boothman developed an unhealthy relationship with the Labour advisor calling the shots.

He added: “But what I didn’t like about Sinclair-Boothman was the informal and insidious way it developed, so instead of old pals, it became almost one of master and servant.

“Sinclair seemed to assume the right to call the BBC head of news to account. It was going on right up to the final weeks before my departure.”



Another ‘Myth’ of Leftwingery at the BBC for Owen Jones to try and explain away I guess.




British Jobs For British Workers



National Front publication


UKIP are under fire….ironically by Labour…for their ‘racist’ advertisements:

UKIP poster



Not quite sure how that is racist….it is after all true…..even the first wave of East European immigrants complain about the next lot undercutting them in pay rates!


The BBC have been reporting it at length…strangely concentrating a fair bit on who funded the adverts….but also happily reporting the ‘furore’ about alleged racism.


Even stranger there is not a mention of Gordon Brown’s own demand for British jobs for British people…you might have thought that would be a perfect piece of ‘context’ for any reporter when Labour MPs are claiming UKIP is racist….and Dan Hodges claims they are worse than the BNP…..

……seeming to forget the similar ‘outrage over Brown’s remarks.


Of course this runs into at least two BBC ‘concerns’…European law and its dominance over the UK,  and immigration….neither of which they will report in a way that would suggest either has a negative effect on the UK.


Google It



Just a reminder of the fickle world of politics……


David Cameron has declared that “Britain is a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so”, in a speech to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

“The King James Bible is a book that has not just shaped our own country, but shaped the world,”


When did he declare that?  In 2011.


Cameron told Church of England clergy gathered in Oxford that a return to Christian values could counter the country’s “moral collapse” and blamed a “passive tolerance” of immoral behaviour for this summer’s riots, Islamic extremism, City excess and Westminster scandals.



Where were the 50 Humanists then?

The BBC doesn’t quote his previous statement but merely refers obliquely to it here:

Downing Street spokeswoman referred to a speech made three years ago by the prime minister where he said the UK was a Christian country and should not be afraid to say so.

“He has said on many occasions that he is incredibly proud that Britain is home to many different faith communities, who do so much to make the UK a stronger country.”


The BBC then slips in the suggestion that it might all just be a political ploy……

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said Mr Cameron’s comments could be politically “useful”, coming as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been “emphasising traditional values”


Wonder if Chris Mason has been nobbled in the BBC canteen by the BBC’s nemesis turned best mate, Alastair Campbell….

David Cameron faking Christian convictions, suggests Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s spin doctor, doubts sincerity of the Prime Minister’s Christian faith








Weak Start



This week’s Start the Week had ‘Anne McElvoy looking back at the life of the maverick scientist James Lovelock who pioneered the theory of Gaia, of a self-regulating Earth.’

Like that ‘maverick’ label.

Lovelock also looks to the future and the next evolution of Gaia which could lead to the extinction of human life, and a rise of Artificial Intelligence, but the writer and ecologist George Monbiot prefers his future world with wolves, wild boars and beavers living alongside humans.

And physicist Joanna Haigh explains how scientists from all disciplines are working together to measure the impact of solar activity on the Earth’s climate.


Lovelock has been having quite a bit of media attention for his change of heart about climate change, even getting an interview with Paxo on Newsnight.

Lovelock is famous, a scientist, and has a high credibility rating which can’t be easily dismissed.

Therefore when he criticises the climate change lobby people will take note….

‘Take this climate matter everybody is thinking about. They all talk, they pass laws, they do things, as if they knew what was happening. I don’t think anybody really knows what’s happening. They just guess. And a whole group of them meet together and encourage each other’s guesses.’

“The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books—mine included—because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn’t happened.”


I imagine the likes of Roger Harrabin have been tearing their hair out at this unwarranted intrusion by a renowned scientist into their carefully crafted world….and shaking it to the foundations.

Undoubtedly someone, possibly Harrabin, decided to undermine Lovelock…..Harrabin does have form after all when he organised the BBC party line to downplay a court decision that judged Al Gore’s scaremongering video to be just that.

Start the Week notably failed to either quote or get Lovelock to reprise his recent views….the closest they got to mentioning them was saying Lovelock has been a ‘bit dismissive’ of some of the IPCC’s conclusions….and asked ‘Is he wrong?’

And that was that.

We then had much of the rest of the programme not really talking about Lovelock, despite it ostensibly being about him, instead, naturally we got pro-AGW hype and George Monbiot peddling his free range zoo idea.

It was in essence a ploy to downplay Lovelock and big up climate change.

There were some of the usual claims but also some things of note that perhaps they wish they hadn’t said.


The first thing to come out was that we the Public are too ignorant to understand the science, the computer models, or the theories behind them.  We also can’t understand the risks associated with climate change…and that’s a problem for scientists who have to communicate that to us dummies.

Joanna Haigh says that…..

Scientific research produces results that are within a breadth of certainty…certain odds that the climate will do this or do the other and people don’t understand that.

As a scientist you’re not able to do any better than that.

The climate system is so wonderfully complex and complicated and interactive that actually predicting what it will do in a particular place and a particular time is pretty much impossible.


Er…hold on….predicting the climate is pretty much impossible!!!!


James Lovelock does get to slip in that we have been led up the creek by scientists and environmentalists by their use of ice core data…..there is no linear relationship between CO2 and temperature.…in the lab yes, in real life no…but a narrative still pushed by the BBC and the ‘Lobby’:

They tell us that it is a linear relationship…..the BBC’s Matt McGrath  pushing the point backed up by the Met. Office’s Peter Stott: ‘….and it is a clear linear relationship, so that the more you pump into the atmosphere, the more the temperature goes up, its… in a very complex system it is as simple as that?’

Stott: ‘There is this very clear linear relationship between the overall emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, and the global temperature rise, so the more we emit, the more the temperature increases.’


Except it’s not..…if CO2 has risen a massive 40% why is it that temperatures have risen a mere 0.85° C since 1880 and have now stalled even as CO2 increases ever faster?

Joanna Haigh then pipes up and says that the sun is the driver of climate and CO2 is a result of that….surely some mistake!

Monbiot jumps in later to say that we shouldn’t allow doubts and uncertainties about climate to stop us making decisions…don’t be passive and defeatist he says….as opposed to acting on uncertain information in a way that would definitely radically alter your life for the worse which would be the result of following his advise.

Monbiot goes onto claim Lovelock has a ‘profound and irrational prejudice against people who try to turn science into public policy.’

Guess he’s not happy about criticism of the consensus then.

He then says Lovelock suggested that politicians, as they are not scientists, should just shut up…Monbiot said that was ‘terribly unfair’.

Can we take it then that he thinks the BBC’s ‘medieval and ignorant’ approach to dealing with climate sceptics is also ‘terribly unfair’?

Haigh then clambers back on board the consensus and claims that we know the physics of CO2 and that CO2 levels are higher than ever….the resultant heat generated is ‘entirely due to human activity’.

Er…where’s the proof of that….and where’s the evidence about CO2?….all the evidence points the other way…she herself earlier in the programme admitted as much.


Haigh then says that we can’t rely on the ocean to suck up all the heat…it may go into the surface but, if it does mix into the depths, that will only happen over the very long term.

Er….didn’t Harrabin insist that the deep oceans were already sucking up all that excess heat and that was why we were having the ‘slowdown’ as he puts it?

‘We’ve been dumping our problems into the oceans’ and ‘global warming has paused on land but the oceans have continued to warm and we’re not going to get away with it forever.’

I’ll have to go with the scientist here…not the English graduate.


Monbiot ended with a plea that we must trust the scientists…..the subject is so complex that we can’t possibly begin to understand the science…therefore we must take on trust what the researchers tell us….despite him quoting the Royal Society motto…‘Take nothing on trust’.

He also said, in relation to the release of bears and wolves and other dangerous beasts to roam the UK freely in his grand plan for a free range zoo, that people have a strange idea about risk…they overestimate the risk when really there is no danger.

Do I need to fisk that?  Not really, I suspect you’re there already.


All in all an interesting programme…shame it wan’t really about Lovelock at all…. having on two climate change lobbyists regurgitating the propaganda is exceedingly boring….probably I just didn’t understand it.  Examing the life, thoughts and changing perspectives of ‘One of the world’s top public intellectuals, a titan of post-war science working outside mainstream scientific institutions coming up with some of the most original ideas of our time‘ without the interruption of two stooges might have been more interesting.





















Just listened to the whole of the Today programme interview with Jack Straw and an MCB rep (Talha Ahmed?)

The question raised by John Humphrys asked that as many schools now have Muslim pupils in the majority ‘How should schools cope with that?’…..also asking‘Do you see this as a problem?’


Ahmed naturally said no, no fact all the diversity (?) adds value to the wider society.

He said we couldn’t have a proper debate because it was taking place in a charged atmosphere about Muslims taking control.

Humphrys stepped in there and corrected him…it was surely ‘extremists’ taking control.

Ahmed changed ‘Muslims’ to militants and Humphrys gave a satisfied ‘yep’….nothing to see here about Islamic values and their possible ‘extremism’….couldn’t possibly be ‘real Muslims’ wanting to impose Islam upon schools!

Then Ahmed said something of note that Humphrys didn’t press despite his last intervention….there is no concrete definition of what is an extremist or an Islamist.

That’s very true but it suits the apologists for Islam and the likes of the MCB……if you define an extremist as someone who merely has strong religious beliefs then all devout Muslims are extremist and Islam itself is an extreme ideology.

Therefore dodging that question is essential for anyone who wants to protray Islam as ‘moderate’ and the Religion of Peace.

Humphrys did suggested that the debate is switching from talk of extremists to talk of Islamification of schools.

Straw came in and said yes, in the context that many schools have majority Muslim populations we have to understand that there are many tensions within the Muslim communities themselves…it is a power struggle.

Is there battle between ‘extremists’ and ‘moderates’…or just between different groups of Muslims, all similarly devout?  The BBC always says there is a battle….the Islamists are always ‘extreme’.

However Ahmed said that there is not a battle between extremists and moderate Muslims….so perhaps he is suggesting that there is no such thing as extreme and moderate Islam…there is just Islam?  Heard that before from the MCB.

If there is no battle between extremist and moderate Muslims why does the BBC portray the Islamification of schools as the imposition of the beliefs of Muslims with strongly held views upon Moderate Muslims?  That is…the majority of Muslims don’t really want to follow ‘Islam’….they want Islam Lite….and as such pose no ‘threat’ to a secular democratic state.

Once again the BBC tries to downplay the true values that Islam teaches…and how many people follow them…religiously.



Straw then states that we must accept that we live in the UK and alongside religious values there has to be a clear understanding that there are a set of values which permeate our sense of citizenship.

Ahmed says that Muslims accept that…he knows of no Muslims who disagree with that…however….people should respect the space that Muslims need to practice their religion.

That last of course is where the problems begin…just how much slack do you give a religion to go its own way in society?

As said before such claims from Muslims about accepting ‘one law for all’ overriding Islamic law and culture are questionable….when Tariq Ramadan (who has a large following among Muslim youth in the UK..says the BBC) states that there is no such thing as a Western culture you have to recognise what he means and the threat such language poses to that ‘non-existent’ Western culture:

“But we have to also ask our fellow citizens [to remove the ghettos] by recognising European society has changed. We have to get rid of this idea that there is this homogenous European culture that Islam threatens.”


Throughout the BBC interview Ahmed, from the MCB, repeatedly suggested he went along with everything….no extremists, one law for all, segregation is bad….but on the MCB Twitter feed we get the real views:





So essentially we get the message from the MCB…we listen to your views with interest and agree with them all….except…..


Why the BBC continues to give the MCB credibility and airtime without challenging its real views is a mystery.









Religious Appeasement



Islam has long been appeased, and now for different reasons, the Christians are having their turn as Cameron tries to smooth things over with the troublesome Bishops.

Cameron has decided to ‘Do God’….and Miliband, not a Christian, nor religious, also recently jumped on the band wagon with a trip to Israel and a sudden discovery that he is Jewish….making sure he got in the headlines at Easter when otherwise he had nothing to say.

But it is Cameron’s statement that Britain is a ‘Christian country’ that has stirred things up…so much so that 55 of our greatest and brightest have written to the Telegraph to tell him to shut up about religion in politics….

David Cameron fosters division by calling Britain a ‘Christian country’


All the more interesting because the lead signatory is the BBC’s Jim Al-Khalili who sounds Islamic but ‘doesn’t have a religious bone in his body’……..and good to see Prof. Steve Jones in there…considering he is a ‘believer’ in the new religion of climate change perhaps a bit of a cheek….though no surprise that he should seek to silence anybody he disagrees with.


SIR – We respect the Prime Minister’s right to his religious beliefs and the fact that they necessarily affect his own life as a politician. However, we object to his characterisation of Britain as a “Christian country” and the negative consequences for politics and society that this engenders.

Apart from in the narrow constitutional sense that we continue to have an established Church, Britain is not a “Christian country”. Repeated surveys, polls and studies show that most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities.

At a social level, Britain has been shaped for the better by many pre-Christian, non-Christian, and post-Christian forces. We are a plural society with citizens with a range of perspectives, and we are a largely non-religious society.

Constantly to claim otherwise fosters alienation and division in our society. Although it is right to recognise the contribution made by many Christians to social action, it is wrong to try to exceptionalise their contribution when it is equalled by British people of different beliefs. This needlessly fuels enervating sectarian debates that are by and large absent from the lives of most British people, who do not want religions or religious identities to be actively prioritised by their elected government.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, President of the BHA
Phillip Pullman, author
Dan Snow, historian and broadcaster
Tim Minchin, musician and writer
Dr Simon Singh, science writer
Ken Follett, novelist
Dr Adam Rutherford, broadcaster and science writer
Sir John Sulston FRS, Nobel Prize-winning scientist
Sir David Smith FRS FRSE, eminent botanist
Professor Jonathan Glover, philosopher
Professor Anthony Grayling, philosopher
Nick Ross, broadcaster
CJ De Mooi, actor and professional quizzer
Virginia Ironside, writer
Professor Steven Rose, scientist and writer
Natalie Haynes, comedian and writer
Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner
Professor Raymond Tallis FMedSci, physician, philosopher and author
Dr Iolo ap Gwynn FRMS, scientist and mountaineer
Stephen Volk, screenwriter and author
Professor Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics, science writer and broadcaster
Sir Terry Pratchett OBE, fantasy fiction author, satirist
Dr Evan Harris, former Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament and Vice President of the BHA
Dr Richard Bartle, Professor of Computer Game Design
Sian Berry, Green campaigner, politician and author
Professor John A Lee, consultant histopathologist and Professor of Pathology
Professor Richard Norman, philosopher
Zoe Margolis, author
Joan Smith, journalist and author
Michael Gore, CVO CBE
Derek McAuley, General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
Lorraine Barratt, former member of the Welsh Assembly
Dr Susan Blackmore, writer and broadcaster
Dr Harry Stopes-Roe, Vice President of the BHA
Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC (Hon), human rights lawyer
Adele Anderson, actor and singer
Dr Helena Cronin, co-director, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
Professor Alice Roberts, Professor of Public Engagement in Science, anatomist, author and broadcaster
Professor Chris French, Professor of Psychology, editor of The Skeptic
Sir Tom Blundell, scientist
Maureen Duffy, poet, playwright and novelist
Baroness Whitaker, Labour peer
Lord Avebury, Liberal Democrat peer
Richard Herring, writer and comedian
Martin Rowson, writer and cartoonist
Tony Hawks, comedian, writer, musician and philanthropist
Peter Cave, philosopher and author
Diane Munday, campaigner
Professor Norman MacLean, Emeritus Professor of Genetics, biologist
Sir Harold Kroto FRS, Nobel Prize winner, Professor of Chemistry
Sir Richard Dalton, former diplomat
Sir David Blatherwick, KCMG, OBE, diplomat and writer
Michael Rubenstein, writer and legal expert
Polly Toynbee, columnist and broadcaster
Lord O’Neill, Labour peer
Warren Lakin, entertainment producer and writer



I just caught the end of a Today programme interview (08:32) on this, quick off the mark when they want to be as the letter was only published last night. Jack Straw and a member from the MCB were the talking heads.

Straw told us that of course it was only a small minority (ala the BBC’s Phil Mackie) who held strong beliefs about Islam and wanted to practice them [!?]….he claimed that those who said non-Muslims were ‘infidels’ or didn’t think women were the equal of men were extremists and unacceptable…the MCB guy agreed wholeheartedly.

Problem…such beliefs are at the heart of Islam, and indeed many religions.  To have the MCB representative nod along and be allowed to get away with that was ridiculouos…the MCB is at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot…..they may not have written that letter but the values expressed in it are the values that the MCB wants to impose upon schools and society.

As shown before the MCB introduced its ‘guidance’ to schools in 2007:

Meeting the needs of Muslim pupils in state schools
Towards Greater Understanding

Essentially pleading that Muslims will only be able to integrate if they don’t actually have to integrate and are allowed to live by their own laws and practices.

It was readily taken up by local authorities….in other words the Islamic principles criticised by Straw and now creating such a furore in Birmingham were openly recommended by the MCB and taken up by the Establishment and recommended as ‘best practice’.

A weak establishment is letting Islamists threaten British freedoms

All Islamist schools of thought are hostile to democracy


It is odd that the BBC brings in the MCB, well known as ‘extremist’ in its views, as representative of the community…….which we heard was so ‘diverse’.

A contradiction there…..if extremists (those who actually follow their religion apparently)  are only a ‘small minority’ how is it that the ‘extremist’ MCB represents the whole Muslim community on the BBC?

Surely the ‘extremist’ MCB only represents ‘a small minority’ then... with er… ‘strongly held religious beliefs‘ and not any other Muslim.



As for the Humanist letter writers…Humanism is just an ideology the same as any religion….democracy, freedom of thought, expression and speech, tolerance and human rights……they want to impose those upon all……and yet deny others the right to differ.

In other words it’s OK to impose that for the common good but not Christianity…..depending on what you think the common good is…and they have decided their version of life is the best and should be triumphant.

In other words their claim that ‘We are a plural society with citizens with a range of perspectives, and we are a largely non-religious society.‘ is bunk….they pay lip service to that then impose their ‘one law for all’.

One law for all is their message regardless what others think…does that ‘ foster alienation and division in our society.‘?  Muslims constantly claim it does….insisting they can only ‘integrate’, ironically, by not integrating and living by their own rules.

Bit of a muddle from all……the letter writers are in fact expressing the BBC world view….and being equally confused….don’t impose one ideology in order to not alienate the ‘other’ but do impose the ‘others’ religion upon everyone else turning them into ‘virtual Muslims’ by default.


The letter says: ‘Although it is right to recognise the contribution made by many Christians to social action, it is wrong to try to exceptionalise their contribution when it is equalled by British people of different beliefs.’

So your own culture and values are worth no more than any other and therefore anyone coming into the country can live by their own rules?

That is the line taken by Islamists like Tariq Ramadan, a BBC favourite:

“But we have to also ask our fellow citizens [to remove the ghettos] by recognising European society has changed. We have to get rid of this idea that there is this homogenous European culture that Islam threatens.”


In other words there’s no such thing as ‘Western Society and culture’ that needs ‘defending’….

‘Ramadan does not see Muslim identity and European identity as mutually exclusive. He claims that today Muslims are already Europeans and calls indigenous people “just older immigrants,”


This from the man who utters prayers such as this:
“Allah we ask you because you are Allah, strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Allah strengthen their faith in Palestine and make them triumphant over the enemy, Your enemy, the enemy of the religion (Islam) with your mercy, oh, Generous one. Allah strengthen their faith in Palestine, in Chechnya, Afghanistan, in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, in Egypt, Sudan, Kashmir and in every land and on every battlefield. Allah, strike our enemies, Your enemies, the enemies of the religion (Islam). “



This is from the MCB …’In 2008, Mr Alam publicly argued “against advocating that desegregation [in schools] should be actively pursued” and stressed the “obligatory nature” of the hijab for Muslim women and girls.…written by Tahir Alam…one of the people  at the centre of the Trojan Horse allegations…..note his statements about the obligatory nature of Islamic practices….

Tahir Alam    Muslim Council of Britain   
Recommendation VI Para 1.
On desegregation strategies:  I would caution against advocating that desegregation should be  “actively pursued”. This in the main may not be possible nor desirable by minority communities or by indigenous majorities communities. Segregation in schools in the main results from segregational residential housing rather schooling choices. Such advocacy would therefore be not relevant in too many cases where it is impossible to relocate and or compel tens of thousands of people to move or be bussed to different schools!!!!

Recommendation VI  para 4.

Rephrase this as follows:

“In relation to the right to manifest religion in schools or educational institutions; Special instruments……between religious minorities and educational institutions that serve them with the view to better understanding  and accommodating their religious needs within schools.”

(The word “secular” should not be used as a category as this is inaccurate and incorrect for education systems in many country)

The word religious “preferences”  seems to diminish the obligatory nature of many religious practices such as wearing of head headscarfs, praying the five daily prayers or Modesty -values of covering ones body (dress code), fasting during Ramadan etc.

“Religious symbols”   Again wearing headscarf for example is not a symbolic act but a matter of  modesty, dignity, religious obligation and duty to God. Reducing it to “religious symbol” is to negate the obligatory nature of its importance to those that decide to wear it.



The ‘Cost of Living Peacefully’ Crisis



Chickens coming home to roost…thanks to George R:

The Frightened Arts

In the new edition of Standpoint, out this week, NCF director Peter Whittle writes that far from being cutting-edge, the British cultural establishment ignores the biggest threat to artistic freedom: radical Islam


It is indeed the increasing presence of Islam, and a fear of Islamism, which more than anything else has exposed the claims of the arts apologists to be seriously at the forefront of anything.

Over the past decade people in the arts have caved in and censored themselves at the prospect of Islamist reaction, sometimes out of fear of violence, other times a politically correct desire not to give offence, or because in some skewed way they feel their job is to stand up for those their dogma tells them are “victims”.

Grayson Perry should perhaps get the last word. In 2007 he declared in a statement which some admired for its honesty but others might have seen as depressing evidence of how meek our arts had become, that when it came to his own work, he had “not gone all out attacking Islamism because I feel the real fear that someone will slit my throat”.



All that time spent praising the Islamic ‘Golden Age’ and the ‘Religion of Peace’ and this is how they repay you….living in fear that uttering a wrong word will get your throat slit.


















That ‘Settled Science’…BBC’s Approach ‘Ignorant and Medieval’ To Debate


The long pause in global warming is known to be caused by…..what?  No one knows.

The recent floods….caused by a global warming that hasn’t happened for over 16 years?  No  one knows.

Extreme weather is increasing…due to global warming?  Actually it’s not increasing.

CO2 is driving global warming?  There’s absolutely no proof of that…the ‘proof’ in fact says any warming causes the release of CO2 rather than the other way round.

Global warming is man-made?  There’s no proof of that….no direct link at all.

Global warming is catastrophic?  Not so far…quite the opposite.

Islands sinking under rising seas?  Kiribati?  Maldives?  No.

Arctic ice loss will be disastrous?  Greenland is called Greenland because it wasn’t always covered in ice…and that wasn’t  so long ago.

The Medieval Warm Period was just as warm as today’s temperatures……did the world end?  No.

The Roman warm period ditto.

In 100 years time we know exactly what the climate will be?  Do me a favour.




So the ‘science’ is settled.

No, it is.  How do I know?  The BBC says conclusively that the debate is over...via Bishop Hill:

The BBC’s Feedback programme decided that environmentalist dismay at Lord Lawson’s appearance on the Today programme needed a bit of an airing. Alex Cull has prepared a transcript here.

Jamie Angus: The BBC’s reviewed its coverage of climate change and climate science, and it’s set out some admirably clear guidelines for us to follow. We are able to put on air people who take a differing view from the majority view of climate science. However, that coverage should be proportional, and I think that any reasonable listener who listened to Today’s coverage of climate change, across the past three months, would probably find that Lord Lawson was the only climate sceptic, if you like, who’d appeared in that period. And I think, you know, when Justin and I and the programme team discussed that interview, we thought we’d allowed it to drift too much into a straight yes-no argument about the science. And of course the settled view of the expert scientists is just that – settled, and I believe that our coverage reflects that, over the long term.



So the BBC has only had one climate sceptic on in 3 months?  The BBC has clearly decided that journalism is no longer required of it and will solely be providing hype, propaganda and free publicity for the climate lobbyists regardless of the science, or lack of.


Rather at odds with this:

The BBC’s great confidence trick

The Australian Attorney General George Brandis, a confirmed upholder of the climate change consensus, has lashed out at the large numbers of his fellow-travellers who seek to silence dissenters.

He said one of the main motivators for his passionate defence of free speech has been the “deplorable” way climate change has been debated and he was “really shocked by the sheer authoritarianism of those who would have excluded from the debate the point of view of people who were climate-change deniers”.

“One side [has] the orthodoxy on its side and delegitimises the views of those who disagree, rather than engaging with them intellectually and showing them why they are wrong,” he said.

He referred to [Opposition leader Penny Wong] as standing up in the Senate and saying the science is settled as an example of climate change believers trying to shut down the debate.

“In other words, ‘I am not even going to engage in a debate with you.’ It was ignorant, it was medieval, the approach of these true believers in climate change,” he said.

Blessed Relief


Happily we were spared the righteous sermons from the ‘Whispering Worthy’, Reverend Richard Coles,  this Saturday on ‘Saturday Live’.…in the hot seat instead were Anita Anand and Andrea Catherwood…..however not so different really in approach and values….plug and play, pop up priggishness and prurient prejudice.

That is a bit of a problem for the BBC, and an audience force fed a diet of sanitised, sermonising,  earnest and pious do-gooders educated at Oxbridge who get their news and views from the Guardian and Independent.


Time for some new blood?


Campaigner: Lenny Henry wants to see more diversity on television


Lenny Henry & Co are getting hot under the collar because there just aren’t enough Black faces on TV.


Lenny Henry calls for law to boost low numbers of black people in TV industry


Henry wants a boycott:

Lenny Henry has demanded the BBC improve its recruitment of people from culturally diverse background amid wider calls for a general boycott of the BBC licence fee.


What’s interesting is that Henry has instant access to the BBC’s DG, Tony Hall:

He is putting a proposal to BBC director general Tony Hall on Tuesday and to the regulator Ofcom intended to encourage more productions to use BAME actors and production staff.


‘When I met Tony Hall at the BBC he said “Let’s talk at the end of April”,’ he said. ‘Tony Hall wants to be seen as leading from the front and the BBC needs to lead from the front because they’re the main game in town. If the BBC decides they are going to do something everybody’s going to follow.’



I wonder if the same rapid show of concern would be coming from Hall if it wasn’t a Black man complaining about lack of representation for the ethnic ‘communtiy’ but someone who believes the BBC doesn’t represent the vast majority of people politically, socially and culturally in their coverage of Europe, immigration, climate, the economy, religion and Israel?

We already know the answer to that……far from responding positively to such critcism and trying to improve their political balance the BBC’s response is firstly to ridicule such a notion, then to indignantly deny it absolutely, then, years later, to admit well maybe we were a bit lacking in impartiality…but only to claim that that was all in the past…things are better now.


The BBC’s stonewalling of such complaints can be evidenced by this internal spat where the controller of Radio 1 refuses to acknowledge any criticism even from that great BBC Immortal, Jeremy Paxman:

Take the stairs, Paxo! Radio 1 chief hits back at Newsnight host who says lift music is ‘hell’

‘Dear Jeremy, I read with interest your views on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. I am Controller of both.

‘Clearly you are entitled to your view, but please consider who and what you effect [sic] when you express those views.’



Yes…‘I read with interest..’

Just before filing it in the trashbin.

And note that…‘you are entitled to your views but….’


That encapsulates the whole problem with the BBC…..don’t say anything that will offend certain sections of the community….which leads to the unofficial censoring and manipulation of the news by the BBC….the manufacturng of consent, the undermining of dissent.

…all the more important when you consider how powerful the BBC is….as Lenny Henry admits:

‘If the BBC decides they are going to do something everybody’s going to follow.’



Radio 1 Controller Ben Cooper did say something else of real note though:

‘If the licence fee is collected from everyone, then the BBC should represent the whole of society, not just certain parts of it.’


Shame the BBC fails completely in that task….much as I’m delighted to be treated to the ‘Whispering Worthys’ ‘, and his fellow travellers’,  asthetic and moral values perhaps we could have something more ‘diverse’…and I don’t just mean the same old BBC message but with a ‘Black face’  just as the BBC does when it employs ‘authentic’ working class voices…who are all carefully selected, screened and vetted to check they show the appropriate BBC values despite their ‘disadvantaged’…morally, socially and politically, exposed as they must have been to innate prejudices and ignorance of the white working class….lives.  Stacey Dooley is a prime example of this at work….Giles Fraser another prime case where showing the right ‘right-on’ credentials gets you a BBC meal ticket.

‘…..the more of her ‘investigative journalism’ (enjoyed that part in your review too, lmao) you watch, the more you realize that BBC must be paying her for each teardrop she produces. Her crying probably got good ratings in the first episode, so they told her to keep it up. That’s my theory at least.’













‘Blood Art’


The BBC loves the art world, the intelligentsia, the chatterati.  It loves especially garnering their views on the world, politics and everything and laps it all up with relish only to regurgitate their ruminations in the form of a ‘settled science’ for us lesser mortals to learn from,  just as they do with climate science…these guys are so intellgent, thoughtful, incisive, humane and caring that they just couldn’t be wrong…and anyway it all sounds as if it should be true.


Radio 4′s Zeitgeisters takes a look at:

Theaster Gates

BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz meets the cultural entrepreneurs whose aesthetic sense infects and influences our daily lives… who know what we want, even when we do not… the men and women whose impact goes beyond mere commerce, it shapes contemporary culture.

Will Gompertz travels to Chicago to meet the the artist who is using collectors’ desire for his artworks (they sell for anything upwards of several hundred thousand dollars each) to transform the rundown Southside where he now lives.


Now Theaster Gates is in fact no ‘pretender’, he literally puts the riches he earns where his mouth is…..unlike so many in the art/media world who take the millions and run.

Gates  sells his art for large sums of money and use that to renovate run down property in poor communities.


But what is interesting is what Gompertz says during the programme about artists and their ilk….made all the more apposite because of what another BBC employee, Michael Rosen, ranted about recently, castigating the new culture secretary for daring to have made a living from banking:

You’re an ex-banker who made millions during the fatal bubble of the early 21st century; you were at a bank that has been fined for rate-fixing. You know all about this kind of money. The fact that people like you got up to all sorts of greedy lending and fiddling is why we’re in the crisis.

… are someone who benefited from the false boom, the very same boom that caused the crash, and to continue the chain, which is what has given your party the excuse to slash public services and cut waged and unwaged people’s standard of living, and further enrich the mega-rich.



Gompertz, nail on the head, said that ‘Art is a hustle’.

Artists can flog their creations for millions…quite happy to take the dirty money off those self same gullible bankers that Rosen railed against.

We have ‘Blood Diamonds’ perhaps Rosen would like to pen a poem about ‘Blood Art’….art funded by money made by the ‘ greedy lending and fiddling‘ that ruined so many lives according to …Rosen.

Gompertz also said that ‘Artists are enormously privileged and are able to say things that others can’t.’

How true.

Part of that is of course because they have the other side of the Arts’ world, the Media, giving them easy access to a vast platform to spout their stuff which the man in the street doesn’t have….the artists bringing us their unique ‘aesthetic sense which infects and influences our daily lives.’ that us plebs just can’t possibly create for ourselves.








Axelrod…In pay of Energy Firms



When the Coalition held back on regulating cigarette packaging the BBC launched a broadside against the Tories with relentless suggestions that the Tory advisor, Lynton Crosby, was behind the reluctance to bring in plain packaging because he had links to tobacco firms.

How different, and lacking, is the BBC’s rigour and investigative ardour when Miliband’s new advisor is known to have had links to energy companies creating adverts that made spurious justifications for price rises…something the BBC has been rather energetic in investigating here in the UK…but not now.

The BBC has maintained radio silence about Axelrod’s ‘previous’…..all the more intriguing because it is in direct oppostion to his new master’s policy of price freezes.


From the Telegraph:

New Ed Miliband adviser David Axelrod helped campaign for energy price hikes

Mr Axelrod, known as one of the world’s best political strategists, ran ASK Public Strategies, which organised the advertising company for ComEd, the largest electricity company in Illinois.

The campaign in 2005 warned of an impending “energy crisis” in the state if electricity prices were not put up.

The disclosure could prove embarrassing for Mr Miliband, who has taken on the “Big Six” energy firms by pledging to freeze prices if he wins next year’s election.


So Miliband’s new guru was in the pay of ‘Big Energy’….hustling for higher prices….at odds with Miliband’s policy…and the BBC ignores the story.

And ignores that other embarrassment for Miliband that Axelrod is also at odds with his ‘heroic and brave’ stand on Syria….

After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the other way. Grave mistake. A targeted strike on their delivery systems is right, just and proportionate. Failure to act would be another tragic legacy of Iraq war.



Is there an election coming?

Champagne on ice, party hats at the ready at the BBC?





The Yanks Are Coming




The wheels must be coming off Miliband’s election campaign already….he’s got himself a new axle…well, an Axelrod, imported from the US of A.


The BBC has noticed….telling us that:

Mr Axelrod said he had been struck by the power of the Labour leader’s ideas

[It's not the six figure payment his political spin company gets paid to do this type of work then...a commercial decision?]

…….and are giving the new appointment quite a bit of airtime…unlike when Miliband’s last American at the court of the Marxist princeling was in the news…or not (via Guido):

Illegal Foreign Worker Inside Labour HQ


The BBC pretty much ignored this bad news stor fro Labour, only showing interest when Labour wanted to dismisss it all as Tory smears.


To be fair Justin Webb did give Labour’s wee Dougy a few awkward moments when questioning the need to import such a person…..such as…‘What if he asks Miliband to apologise for crashing the economy?’


Shame the BBC doesn’t actually explore that rather important question a bit more….Labour’s part in bringing us to the edge of ruin.

Wee Dougy’s answer….we can’t learn any lessons from looking back…the solution to our problems is ‘The Future’.

Very philosophical…and conveniently dodges all responsibility……from Miliband and Balls…treasury advisors to the last government.


Guido though has spotted soemthing that must be a major embarrassment for Miliband…what does his new guru thin about intervention in Syria?:

Axelrod Said Miliband Was Wrong on Syria

Last September after Assad used chemical weapons, Axelrod wrote

After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the other way. Grave mistake. A targeted strike on their delivery systems is right, just and proportionate. Failure to act would be another tragic legacy of Iraq war.



The Today programme had a look at how Syria has been forgotten and terrible things are happening there…mothers feeding their children boiled grass to survive etc……and yet made no link to Miliband’s decision to block any military intervention in Syria.

Surely that would have been a relevant and poignant question to put to Wee Dougy on the appointment of Axelrod who clearly supported such intervention when the Today prograamme is talking to him on the same day they highlight the disaster that is Syria….and important because Miliband trumpets his intervention as one of his major political achievements…bringing ‘peace’ to Syria!

 ”If you look at the decisions I have made as leader of the opposition on Libya, where I supported intervention, or on Syria where I opposed it, I think I have been consistent with those principles and they are principles that I would apply in government.


The Conservatives also appointed an Obama strategist, Jim Messina…but the BBC’s report was somewhat lacklustre and kept to the bare bones….this being the sole positive note for the Tories:

“I have long admired Prime Minister Cameron…….. While I will not be moving to London, nor will I be managing any type of day to day political operations, I will be offering strategic campaign advice leading up to 2015.”



Compare that with how they report the arrival of Axelrod and his thoughts on Miliband……

‘Huge asset’

Ed Miliband hailed the appointment as “excellent news” and predicted the strategist would be a “huge asset to our campaign as we work to show the British people how we can change our country for the better”.

Mr Axelrod said he had been struck by the power of the Labour leader’s ideas and the “strength of his vision”.

He drew a comparison between Mr Miliband’s economic policies and the arguments articulated by Mr Obama in 2008, saying both have at their core “the experience of everyday people”.

He said: “I think candidates who can win are candidates who articulate a vision that speaks to the lives and concerns of the people they are running to represent.

“Ed Miliband understands the struggle that people are going through in Britain to make a living wage, to support their families, to retire with some dignity.

“He understands that a growing economy demands that you have broad prosperity and not just prosperity that’s hoarded by a few. And so I think you can build a movement.”




Just how bad is Miliband if, when he has the support of one of the world’s biggest news broadcasters he can’t make any headway without employing the machiavellian skills of a US spin doctor to sprinkle the magical ‘Obama’ fairy dust upon him and his election stratagems?