Christmas voting for Turkey

One of the myths being spread by the Remain pro-EU partisans is that the Leave campaign was scaremongering about the likelihood of Turkey joining the EU and with that the possibility, likely possibility, of a massive influx of Turks into Europe.

This letter from the Leave camp to No 10 sets out the case for their concerns….and illustrates how both the EU and Cameron were keen to fast forward Turkey’s accession despite claiming the opposite…..

Letter to the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary – Getting the facts clear on Turkey

Dear Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary,
We all agree that it is vital that everyone is clear about the facts in the European Union referendum. With a week to go before the public cast their votes on 23rd June, it is essential that voters are fully informed about Turkish accession to the EU.

The IN campaign maintains that there is no prospect of Turkey joining the EU. Some IN campaigners have claimed that Turkish accession will not happen ‘until the year 3000’. Others have asserted that Turkish accession is not ‘on the cards’. These claims are in conflict with official Government policy and that of the European Union. 

It is Government policy that Turkey should join the European Union and ‘to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels.’ It is Government policy that the United Kingdom is the ‘strongest possible advocate of Turkish accession’ and that Turkish accession will make the UK ‘more secure’ and ‘richer’, the same argument the Government makes for why the UK must remain in the European Union. That Government policy on Turkey remains the same was confirmed by the Minister for Europe to the House of Commons during the referendum campaign.

It is also the policy of the European Union that Turkey should join the EU. In March, the Heads of Government unanimously agreed that the EU should ‘re-energise the accession process’ and that Turkish acceleration should be ‘accelerated’. The European Commission has confirmed that this is its policy on several occasions since, most recently on 15 June. The new building in which the European Council will sit is specifically designed to accommodate more members of the European Union. There are enough translation booths to accommodate the five current candidate countries, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Official designs show that the European Council table itself will have a seat for the President of Turkey.

It is also a fact that both the European Union and the United Kingdom are paying billions to Turkey in order to facilitate its accession. The EU is paying €17.7 billion to Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia and Montenegro to join the EU. The UK is paying almost £1.8 billion to these five countries to join.

On Sunday it was revealed that the Government is actively considering granting approximately 1 million Turkish citizens visa-free travel to the UK. The Government admitted this was ‘a risk’. The Government also described the possibility of visa-free access for ‘1.8 million Kosovars’ to be ‘a drop in that larger ocean’ and noted the Commission was planning to ‘slipstream’ Kosovo ‘behind Turkey’.

Just this week, the United Kingdom Government dropped its objections to the opening of another chapter, on financial and budgetary issues. It is expected that formal talks could begin as early as 24 June 2016, the day after the public will vote on whether to remain in the European Union or to take back control. On 15 June, the Commission confirmed the accuracy of this report, stating talks could begin ‘by end of June’.

Despite the rapidly accelerating pace of accession negotiations, IN campaigners maintain that Turkey ‘is not an issue in this referendum and it shouldn’t be.’ Others assert that the UK has ‘a veto’ on Turkish accession. This claim is obviously artificial given the Government’s commitment to Turkish accession at the earliest possible opportunity. They also insist that this is the public’s last opportunity to have a say on Europe in our lifetimes.

In light of the above, voters will want to know the answer to two questions:

Is it Government policy 1) to veto the accession of Turkey to the European Union and the continuation of accession talks, and 2) to stop the extension of visa-free travel to Turkey, planned for this year?

If the Government cannot give this guarantee, the public will draw the reasonable conclusion that the only way to avoid having common borders with Turkey is to Vote Leave and take back control on 23 June.

Finally can you confirm whether it is Government policy not to seek any further reforms of EU ‘free movement’ laws and regulations?

Yours sincerely,

Michael Gove MP

Boris Johnson MP

Gisela Stuart MP



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Nick Clegg…Liar

No single market access for UK after Brexit, Wolfgang Schäuble says

Headline news June 10

Let’s be blunt…Nick Clegg led his party to ruination, a good deal of that was due to his lies about tuition fees…he seems to have learnt nothing as he slithers out from under his stone along with Miliband and Osborne to try and spread some poison about Brexit claiming as he does that the voters had no realisation, being so stupid, ignorant and ill-informed, that Brexit would mean leaving the Single Market.

The Daily Politics has, as you might expect, done due diligence and cut him off at the knees….showing him up for the lying charlattan he is…


The Daily Politics is of course somewhat an outlier at the BBC…it will be interesting to see just how far across the BBC this attitude goes and if they continue to challenge Clegg’s narrative and show it up for the lie that it is.

Let’s also remind ourselves that Clegg appeared previously on the Daily Politics pre the vote [April] discussing this very subject…so I fail to see how he can suggest it wasn’t a very high profile issue at the time..


Clegg also spoke in Parliament on the same subject…

I waited with bated breath for a cogent, coherent and practical economic analysis of why Britain’s economy would thrive out of the single market.

Interesting to see the real reason Clegg thinks we should stay in the EU..our massive debts….for which we should somehow seek protection from with the EU…

We now have a current account deficit which, at 7% of GDP, is historically and internationally very high and, in my view, unsustainable by historical standards in the long run. As the Governor of the Bank of England has said, if a country runs such a huge, unprecedented current deficit, it has to rely, as he put it, on the “kindness of strangers”.

So cap in hand to the EU?  Clegg, ever the lackey.

Oh….and just to confirm every household was informed of the ‘risk’ that we might have to leave the Single Market here’s a reminder that the government sent a leaflet to every house telling them just that…

A stronger economy
The EU is by far the UK’s biggest trading partner.
EU countries buy 44% of everything we sell abroad, from cars to insurance. Remaining inside the EU guarantees our full access to its Single Market. By contrast, leaving creates uncertainty and risk.
The EU’s Single Market has over 500 million customers and an economy over five times bigger than the UK’s. The Single Market makes it easier and cheaper for UK companies to sell their products outside the UK, creating jobs as a result.
Being inside the EU also makes it more attractive for companies to invest in the UK, meaning more jobs. Over the last decade, foreign companies have invested £540 billion in the UK, equivalent to £148 million every day.

What happens if we leave?
Voting to leave the EU would create years of uncertainty and potential economic disruption. This would reduce investment and cost jobs.
The Government judges it could result in 10 years or more of uncertainty as the UK unpicks our relationship with the EU and renegotiates new arrangements with the EU and over 50 other countries around the world.
Some argue that we could strike a good deal quickly with the EU because they want to keep access to our market.
But the Government’s judgement is that it would be much harder than that – less than 8% of EU exports come to the UK while 44% of UK exports go to the EU.
No other country has managed to secure significant access to the Single Market, without having to:
• follow EU rules over which they have no real say
• pay into the EU
• accept EU citizens living and working in their country

A more limited trade deal with the EU would give the UK less access to the Single Market than we have now – including for services, which make up almost 80% of the UK economy. For example, Canada’s deal with the EU will give limited access for services, it has so far been seven years in the making and is still not in force.


Can’t see any link to Clegg’s Single market comments on the BBC website at present….maybe they’ve realised he’s blowing smoke up our backsides and doing so blatantly, too blatantly to get away with it.  So applause to the Daily Politics….let’s see if the real journalism continues or will Clegg be allowed to resurface to peddle his lies?



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Image result for minions for europe


Just been watching the latest Minions film and somehow the Remainers just came into mind….

All hope seemed lost but they found sanctuary, the Minions were safe, they truly made a life for themselves, they forged their own civilisation but something wasn’t quite right.  They felt empty inside, without a master they had no purpose, they became aimless and depressed.  If this continued any longer the Minions would perish.

But all was not lost for one Minion had a plan…he would leave the cave and go out into the world and not return until he had found his tribe the biggest, baddest villain to serve…The EU Superstate.

Lickspittle remainers unable to cope with the world on their own without the comforting embrace of their EU masters.

Sounds about right….and here’s the latest recruits ready to serve……the EU storm troopers heading for the frontline to destroy Brexit….

Image result for minions for europe



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Vote? What Vote?




The ever more remarkable dishonesty and ‘management’ of the news by the BBC is astonishing and so blatant I’m unsure why the whole shebang isn’t just closed down.

The BBC has been shilling for the anti-English racists of the SNP, promoting the breakup of the UK and the idea that this is legitimate because ‘Scotland’ voted to stay in the EU [Despite the vote not being a party, regional nor national vote].  Even today we have a splendid piece of SNP propaganda masquerading as BBC journalism…Tartan blood and Scottish independence….compare the idolising of Scottish nationalism in that story with how the BBC treated UKIP [Nazis], or indeed how the BBC pandered to IRA terrorists whilst vilifying Unionists, and you can clearly see that the BBC has a pro-Scottish agenda….pro-Scottish independence, pro-the break up of Britian, pro-subservience to the EU.

The BBC has relentlessly pointed out that ‘Scotland’ voted to stay in the EU despite that being an irrelevance…

The majority of Scots voted to remain in the European Union, in contrast to the UK vote to leave.

Oddly the BBC is less keen to tell us that Wales voted for Brexit in the latest report that informs us that

UK must keep EU free movement, says Plaid’s Leanne Wood

You might think, considering how the BBC cannot but help mention the way the Scots voted, that when Wood says this...“Plaid Cymru will never sign off or endorse something that is bad for Wales. We cannot accept that a majority of people in this country would have wanted to do that.”  the BBC might mention this in the same breath…

EU referendum: Welsh voters back Brexit

Guess it’s one rule for those who want to stay in the EU and another for the Brexiteers.  The BBC not giving the Brexiteers the same respect it gives Remainers.


Oh yeah…you’ve got to laugh…or cry…Ms Woods speaks…..

“I consider myself to be a Welsh European but I am also a global citizen.”

Planet Earth calling Ms Woods…….



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Giant Squid, Jews, Corbyn and the BBC




The above video has Dave Rich, deputy director of communications at the Community Security Trust (CST), denounce Labour as institutionally anti-Semitic and he points the finger at Corbyn.  [Will his book be ‘Book of the Week’?  Surley of massive political interest at the moment]

He also says that there is a new narrative driving anti-Semitism…no longer coming from the Far Right it is originating from the Left and its Muslim fellow travellers….and it is a new narrative that says Jews in Europe are fair targets due to Israel’s actions.

Now where have we heard that narrative before?  On the BBC.  The same BBC which has seemingly based the vast majority of its reporting on a belief that the Jews in Israel are always acting badly and that the Palestinians can do no wrong…indeed many a BBC journalist seems inclined to report as if they themselves were Palestinian and wave the flag for Hamas…in one case literally as she put the Palestinian flag and gun waving Hamas terrorists as the banner photo for her Twitter account.

Let’s see what the Balen Report says?  Are BBC journalists guilty of anti-Semitism or anti-Israeli sentiment?  Does BBC News kill Jews?  Think we should know don’t you?

Such anti-Jewish sentiments are part and parcel of the Left these days…..they go even so far as to defend the once evil bankers Goldman Sachs in order to attack Nigel Farage….calling him a closet anti-Semite…

It is really hard to mock Nigel Farage: he is already a caricature of a little England neo-fascist, defending Trump’s pussy-grabbing one day, attacking Goldman Sachs without quite saying the words “Jewish conspiracy” the next.

The Left teaming up with Fascist Islamists and the Giant Face Eating Squid that is Goldman Sachs.  How times change.

Of course there is good reason Farage criticises Goldman Sachs, amongst many other bankers…they donated large sums of money to the Remain campaign and loudly voiced their opposition to Brexit.  Nowt to do with Jews, all to do with being in hock to the EU….and remember this is the Goldman Sachs that so wanted Greece to join the EU that it forged Greece’s application and massaged the figures about Greece’s debt…leading to the massive debt and political crisis that soon followed.

So let’s be clear…Goldman Sachs’ sole interest is Goldman Sachs…it will do whatever it can to make money regardless of how much harm it does.  Hope Remain voters were happy to vote to fill Goldman Sachs’ pockets with gold.

Where did that quote about Farage come from?  The Guardian of course, in an article that laments the apparent end of satire…however reading the piece you’d be hard pushed not to think Satire is alive and thriving…if unintentionally.

Is satire dead? Armando Iannucci and others on why there are so few laughs these days

If there is a lack of humour, and listening to the BBC’s very political ‘comedy’ you might have to agree, it is probably down to the likes of Iannucci and Co who have an ideology, political, social and cultural, and they want to ‘sell’ that to the audience whilst attacking the Right…and it is always the Right….the jokes are fitted around the message.

Just read the piece….who’s to blame for the end of sature?  No guesses….it’s far too easy…..The Daily Mail and its Little Englander readership, the horrible, uneducated vermin on the internet [er….massively dominated by the Left] and of course those ‘fuckers’ who voted to leave the EU….oh and those ‘Bumptious, puffed-up little dickheads demanding so-and-so is ‘sacked by the BBC’‘…presumably all those on the Left who religiously intoned that Jeremy Clarkson must be eviscerated….no?

Apparently only some people are allowed to make ‘offensive’ jokes…and you know who judges them of course….

Yet this new respect for offence-taking doesn’t touch the people who are actually offensive. Iannucci’s example is: “Donald Trump’s campaign manager said this morning, ‘This thing about locking Hillary up in prison, that was just a quip.’ Trump saying ‘if I were in charge, you’d be in jail’, doesn’t sound like a joke. There’s nothing to signify that it’s a joke. There’s no set up and no punchline. If it’s a bold statement that then takes 24 hours to clarify that it’s a joke …” – he has reached a beautiful crescendo, like a Gettysburg Address to the honour of the joke – “That’s not a joke!”

Trump’s not allowed to make jokes because ‘we’ don’t like them.

The whole piece is just Lefty jokesters whinging pathetically…..but have faith…the Left will rise again…..

We’re due a satire boom,” O’Farrell says optimistically. “We’ve got a rightwing government doing these appalling things; it’s time for satirists to gather under the flag.” Go on, then. “Oh, I’m too old now. I leave that to the younger satirists.”

You couldn’t make that up could you as Labour and the Left implode with anti-Semitism, political violence against their own MPs and ruinous Marxist ideology rampant again ready to bring poverty and misery to the workers….and all Iannucci and Co are interested in is attacking the Tories.

This last quote sums that wilful blindness up as it shows how they refuse to recognise the real Fascism is on the Left [and always has been…Nazis….National Socialists]……

Orwell was also wrong in thinking “we couldn’t have fascism here, because people would laugh at the goose-stepping. I don’t even think that’s true. Some people would have been sniggering behind their hands, but a couple of labour camps would solve that problem.

In their minds those ‘some people’ are of course on the Right, hence the ‘goose-stepping’ fascism, but it is the Left that likes a good Twitter storm to silence enemies and intimidate politicians, companies, academics and anyone else who steps away from the approved narrative, the BBC is quick with the ‘Nazi’ tag to smear people like Farage and Tommy Robinson, and then there’s the good old labour camp, the Gulags which if the threat of them was not enough to silence opponents the actuality did…..can’t help thinking that these would soon spring up if Comrade Corbyn gets his way sending round the Thought Police to re-educate you  or failing that remove your malign, poisonous influence from Society.









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Heads I win, tails you lose

Image result for bbc traitors


Got to admire the BBC’s complete and utter hypocrisy as it keeps Trump’s apparent refusal to accept a defeat as its top story….apparently this is a threat to the world…

The president said that sowing the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about the legitimacy of US elections provided a boost to the country’s enemies.

“You’re doing the work of our adversaries for them, because our democracy depends on people knowing that their vote matters,” said Mr Obama.

Isn’t it odd how the BBC not only refuses to challenge the Remoaners back home who refuse to accept the massive democratic mandate for Brexit but also actively works along side them to undermine that Brexit vote and to tie us to the sinking EU Über State….working hand in hand with those who would hog-tie us and hand us over to foreign rule.

The same BBC that cheerleads for the racist SNP as it seeks to break up the United Kingdom and overturn the democratic NO to Independence vote whilstironically proclaiming its democratic credentials and denouncing Leave voters as racist.

The same BBC that before the referendum told us that uncertainty caused by the referendum was ruining the economy as investment decisions were delayed and businesses packed up and fled the country.  Odd how the Remain campaign to destabilise the UK and stir up anger and discord, the SNP attempt to destroy the UK and create havoc by interfering in English politics goes almost unmentioned by a BBC intent on seeing the break up of the UK as it’s  guilty white cultural cringers and anti-western Lefties continue to dream of the destruction of the white British races, the neutering of British power and influence derived from its 300 years of unity and close partnerships, and the surrender to the EU’s regime.

Divide and rule.  It’s an old trick but the BBC knows it works…split the UK up and those allegedly proud and independent minded separate parts will go crawling to the EU for ‘protection’…ironically.

The BBC…a bastion of democracy, cohesion and civil society?  LOL.  One of the most dangerous organisations this side of ISIS you could justifiably argue as it works against government and the will of the British people at every turn….helping foreign powers to infiltrate Britain, helping terrorists by peddling their narratives and seeking to swamp Europe with people who, by numbers alone, will destroy the social and economic stability and with their completely alien cultures and ideologies will create massive tensions and conflict….Europe will implode and the immigrants and refugees will once again be immigrants and refugees…only this time there will be nowhere to go.

The BBC providing ‘a boost to this country’s enemies….doing the work of our adversaries.’






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‘Poland Rules The World’

Image result for don't mess with us polish girls



Catching up with an old hard copy of the Mail from last Saturday and I see that Poles have been victims of racist abuse again…or not.

Polish sisters who launched a savage attack on three British women after yelling ‘Oh do you want the English slut bitches?’ on a night out

Two sisters who screamed ‘Poland rule the world’ and referred to three English women as ‘sl*t b*****s’ on a night out have been spared jail.

Aleksandra Mut, 23, and her younger sibling Angelika, 20, turned violent when two men they had spent a night out with started flirting with three women outside a takeaway. 

When the women tried to laugh it off, the Mut siblings shouted: ‘Oh do you want the English sl*t b**ches?’

Aleksandra, a carer, told one of the girls: ‘Don’t mess with us Polish girls’. 

The defendants first tried to claim they were victims of racism.

They later pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault occasionally actual bodily harm.

Now I’m sure the BBC has covered this hate crime in depth it’s just that I can’t find their report….Google it and the BBC is nowhere to be seen.  Gone down the memory hole along with all the other uncomfortable truths that don’t fit the narrative of racist Brits and loveable others?

What the BBC doesn’t want you to see.

Always worth looking back at previous posts to remind ourselves just how untrustworthy the BBC is….ironically from a BBC ‘report’…

In parts of social media the idea of a “lying press” has taken root. [Wonder how that happened?]

The question for Germany is not just how to protect women without curtailing their lives but how to restore trust with ordinary Germans that they are being told the truth.

It is a question that resonates across Europe. It is hard to think of a series of events so likely to feed the narrative of Europe’s anti-establishment and populist parties that an elite is misleading the people.

Even as it ‘reports’ mistrust of the media it tries to make out this is all a right-wing plot, and of course, as is usual with the BBC, it only mentions the ‘Press’ and does not include itself amongst those who are not trusted.  It’s all a conspiracy theory whipped up by frothy mouthed, swivel eyed anti-establishment types.

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Child’s play

Smiles: The migrants arrived in London yesterday. They followed 14 who arrived on Monday



The BBC continues to be more an advocate for immigration than a reporter of fact as well as hiding uncomfortable truths.

It’s reporting of the conviction of 8 Asian men managed to miss out the vital revelation that they were violent racists [Funny how the BBC doesn’t want to report serious hate crimes by ethnic minorities…and yet crucifies Louis Smith for a prank]… the Mail reveals…

‘All white girls are good for is sex. They’re just sl*gs’: Eight members of ‘openly racist’ violent Asian sex gang raped and ‘sexually degraded’ three teena  ge girls in Rotherham 

Nothing new there of course…we’ve always known that the Muslim abusers were choosing white, non-Muslim girls to abuse because they saw them as white trash.  In a Trojan Horse school [denied by the BBC] they were teaching the pupils that white women were just prostitutes…and recently one Muslim faith school taught that gays should be killed and men should beat their wives….didn’t hear that from the ‘exciting talent’ that is Nihal yesterday as he discussed faith schools on 5Live.

The BBC has long been campaigning for children in the Calais Jungle to be brought to the UK…going sofar as to try to influence opinion by teaming up with a ‘celebrity’ in order to make an emotive, and dishonest, plea for migrants to come to the UK.

Questions are being raised about the obvious fact that many of these ‘children’ are not children at all…the government itself admits that 2/3rds are adults.

The BBC begs to differ and has decided not to publish the pictures of the men in question nor to admit that it is the government itself which has said they so many of these ‘children’ are adults.  The BBC rather than make a measured and reasoned investigation of the issues has gone on the attack and made a ‘sensationalist’ headline about dentists up in arms about a suggestion made by David Davies that migrants should have their teeth checked so as to judge their age.  The BBC of course packs the story with disclaimers and angry voices denying these are adults….when the evidence points to the fact most are as the Mail points out…as does Guido….





You just can’t trust the BBC on so many issues…..why should we pay for its lies?  It’s not the gold standard for journalism, it’s a political party pumping out propaganda…..perhaps we should have a referendum on whether to continue paying for this partisan drivel we get from them.

Robin Aitken suggests the BBC’s diversity drive is nothing of the sort based as it is on skin colour rather than diversity of opinion or political persuasion…

In BBC terms, “diversity” seems to be exclusively about ethnic origin. You do not get to hear articulated a socially conservative viewpoint by many (any?) BBC presenters. Black, white, male or female, British, Irish, African or Asian, all seem signed up to the same liberal dogmas about life, the universe and everything. So feminism is never challenged; atheism is celebrated; “human rights” trump all (unless it’s the right of the unborn) and so on and so forth.  What gets my goat is that the Corporation does precious little to ensure the whole spectrum of political opinion and worldview is represented.

The BBC corrals permitted opinions within a very tight boundary fence. Diversity is indeed what the Corporation should be seeking – but concentrating on skin colour is patronising tokenism. We need diverse thinking, not diversity for appearance’s sake. 




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Fantasy Brexit

Image result for fantasy football


Caught the ever smugger Nick Robinson talking about fantasy football’s Football Manager which plunges into the politics of Brexit as it presents players with different scenarios for Brexit in which to exercise their judgement when buying players from around the world.

Robinson told us ‘You heard it here first’…well no, the BBC is well behind the curve…it has been all over the internet for a while now.

Have to say Miles Jacobson who produces FM looks to be a Remain voter judging by his ‘impartial’ piece here in which he runs down his thoughts on the likely outcome of Brexit….he concentrates on attacking Leave mostly and painting an entirely negative picture.  He looks to be onto a win-win here with a lot of publicity for his game and pushing the Remain message…one that will go on and on as the game is adapted to acknowledge the changing politics as Brexit is negotiated over time.

The BBC will no doubt be following with interest and telling us of the disastrous effect on football [fantasy] and linking it to real life…never mind that BBC sports presenters have been urging more restrictions on foreign players so that more English players can be nurtured and fed into the game so as to increase England’s quality as a national team.  Funny how sport is different to other spheres in life when the BBC would normally be saying how racist that is…just ask Amber Rudd so recently pilloried for her ‘British jobs for British people’ comment.

Highly amused to hear Jacobson admit that the scenarios went from Hard Brexit [or just Brexit to most people not intent on sowing confusion] to Soft Brexit which he said was no Brexit at all really.   Robinson moved rapidly on as he wouldn’t want to upset some of the Remain mischief makers who want to make people think there is a ‘soft’ alternative in which we get everything we want and still remain in the EU.

Robinson and Jacobson laughed along as they spoke of the confusion and lack of decision making that was apparently now the situation with a government in meltdown.

This of course is another Remain narrative pushed relentlessly, and one that is entirely specious and misleading.  Article 50 has not even been enacted yet, there can be no negotiations until it has been and the word ‘negotiations’ tells you that there cannot be any certainty about what Brexit will finally be until those negotiations are finally over.

It is highly dishonest mischief making to keep on talking of confusion and lack of direction as a criticism when it is patently obvious that the government cannot in any shape or form say what Brexit will finally  look like…they can say what they hope it would look like [and give away their negotiating position] but that is just so much pie in the sky….we can say what we want, the EU can say what it wants and we’re none the clearer as to what the final outcome will be.

We know what Brexit means to the voters…control over the borders and no more free movement [a purely political ‘principle’]….amongst other things.  That is the red line for Leave voters and all else should be negotiated around that principle….even if it means not being in the much vaunted single market…being outside of which doesn’t seem to bother China or America in the slightest.

Robinson and Co seem quite happy peddling the Remain line about confusion and chaos knowing full well that is not the true picture…just as they avoid talking of what would happen if we stayed in the EU, the ever-closer union, the implosion of the EU’s economy and the EU’s open borders to anyone who can reach the beaches of Europe….all of which would drag us down with the EU.






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Nasty BBC


BBC journalist is suspended after calling the Tories ‘new Nazis’ in a Brexit Facebook rant and branding them ‘racist and xenophobic’

A BBC news presenter has been suspended for allegedly calling the Tory government ‘the new Nazis’ in an online social media rant.

BBC Look North’s Danny Carpenter reportedly accused the government of being ‘cynical, vicious, racist and xenophobic’ in a Facebook rant and has now been suspended by the corporation as they carry out an investigation.

Mr Carpenter is also said to have called for the Brexit to be ‘voted out’ by Parliament because of a ‘combination of dishonest fear-mongering and lies about the economy’

Carpenter looks to have failed the first test…don’t get caught.  His other colleagues, thankfully for the BBC as it might have to otherwise close down, aren’t quite so blatant.  His views are of course not at all unusual in the corridors of the BBC….and an irony really that he gets suspended as the BBC as a whole seem to have the editorial policy that Brexit and those who voted to leave be labelled as Racist and, as noted in the last post, the BBC’s presenters tell us that in no uncertain terms.

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Martin Hughes-Games, who claims he will be sidelined by the BBC


First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


Oh….there goes another one…the whiteys are being picked off….what will you do when they come for you?

You have to laugh…immigration is now impacting the BBC bubble and the good folk are having their lives, jobs and dreams put under threat…..welcome to the real world.

BBC Autumnwatch presenter ‘sidelined for being too white and middle class’

Martin Hughes-Games, the wildlife presenter, is to be sidelined from the BBC’s much-loved nature shows to make way for someone less white and middle class, he has suggested.

Hughes-Games, who joined “the Watches” in 2009, said Autumnwatch and Springwatch  needed a “more diverse team” to suit the agenda of modern television as he claims he has been shifted from the main line-up.

In April this year, the BBC introduced “tough” new diversity targets including an aim to have half the faces on screen be women by 2020, 15 per cent be black or minority ethnic, eight per cent disabled and a further eight per cent LGBT.

But that’s all just one gets a job because of their skin colour at the BBC.  How do I know..because Nihal Arthanayake says so.

Last week the BBC shamefully ‘crucified’ Louis Smith for his fooling about pretending to pray like a Muslim, immediately following, and no doubt deliberately placed, the Emma Barnett inquisition we had Nihal come on to discuss, tell us, about racist Britain…or rather to ask what has changed in Britain since the Brexit vote…..hate crimes have gone up and he put it that Britain has changed and become a nastier, more racist place.  He himself is not racist of course…despite stating that the South West is so ‘white’ and isolated that it is somewhat less progressive in its views….a bit like the South in the US no doubt.  White people are of course naturally inclined to be racist.

Nihal seemed to have a very big chip on his shoulder and told us that he was very upset about Tweets he had received…and dramatically that he feared for the future of his children in the new racist Britain.

Nihal Arthanayake


Apparently some Tweets had suggested he only got his job because of the colour of his skin.  He was very upset about that and denied it.  The Asian Nihal who had a job on the BBC’s ‘Asian Network’….I’m guessing skin colour and racial identity had absolutely nothing to do with that…but isn’t the ‘Asian Network’ a racist concept itself?  Does that not say the BBC thinks Asians are not ‘British’ and do not want to listen to the same radio that every other Brit listens to?

Nihal has moved on of course recently…

Nihal Arthanayake and Emma Barnett join BBC Radio 5 live line-up

The BBC tells us he is ‘one of the most exciting talents in British radio’ [I would beg to differ…he’s much the same as any other 5Live presenter with the same old left leaning opinions about everything…the same tendency to slap down callers with ‘controversial’, ie pro-Brexit or anti-immigration,  views whilst being very friendly to left leaning callers.] but any coincidence that he has been ‘promoted’ to the big time just as the BBC kicks off with its diversity agenda?  No recognition that white presenters are being sacked or sidelined to make way for a more ‘diverse’ presenting line up….such as him perhaps.

Listen to Nihal [from 8 mins on] as he says Britain is becoming a less tolerant society…..and it’s all because of…..Brexit…the racists have been empowered to come out from under their little rocks…and people who tweet him about his job and race are ‘oxygen thieves’…and so presumably shouldn’t be allowed to live.









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Mark This

I think you’ve really got to be careful about stereotyping Trump supporters in the same way I think in the UK, some commentators were guilty of stereotyping Brexit supporters as angry white working class racists


Mark Thompson may have fled to the US but he’s still making waves here as Guido notes:

Listen to former director-general Mark Thompson, in a Media Masters interview last week he said: “journalists as a group tend in their personal politics towards the Left.” That it would help “to have Conservatives, people who tend to think from a perspective that goes with the Right rather than the Left, across your newsroom.”

The full transcript is here.

Thompson is still panhandling for the BBC…here telling us how vital the BBC in a world where private companies cannot afford good journalism…

Do you think Tony Hall is doing a good job?
I do think he’s doing a good job, and I think Tony and his colleagues, it must be said, with the government have achieved I think a really strong royal charter. It’s going to guarantee the BBC is of real scale and scope, serving the British public for years to come, I hope with high quality programmes. The licensee settlement for the BBC is a tough one, by the way, it was it was tough in 2010 as well, and I think that all over the western world you can see governments and the commercial critics of public broadcasting tightening the purse strings and trying to limit the public broadcasters by reducing their spending. And I think that’s a bad thing. I think commercial media faces so many challenges that it’s a pity and a problem that the public’s source – not just in the UK but in many other countries – the public source of high quality, independent and free journalism is probably going to diminish over the coming years, at the very time when the commercial players are less able to pay for it.

But he then goes on to complain about C4 spending so much on Bake Off…though he ‘understands’ it…

I suppose essentially I’d need a bit of persuasion that it makes sense for Channel 4 to take a programme from the BBC and to spend what I think is going to be £25 million a year, which could be spent on new programming on an existing hit with existing talent.

He also goes on to make a plea for more public subsidy because only that will produce the creativity necessary to bring great programming to our screens….when the vast and successful range of US programmes is brought up he then dismisses that as the result of vast sums of money being spent to produce large numbers of shows out of which the winners are chosen and others go to the wall….so no shortage of money there then?

American TV is very commercial but it must be said, I mean, creativity in this country comes from an extraordinarily expensive process of making many pilots many which are… many millions of dollars go into, out of which then shows are selected.

What of James Purnell?  Apparently you need to have his ‘biased’ opinion so that you get a balance of perspectives…

James Purnell? So, look… I mean, it seems to me that, as a big media organisation, you know, and I think if Dean Baquet, the editor of the Times, was next to us, I think Dean would say, “You want a broad range of perspectives in your newsroom so that you can cover the news in a way which reflects the full range of opinions.”

How exactly does a left wing ex-politician bring balance to a left wing news organisation?   Interesting that he should be there to voice his political ideas and use them to influence how the news is reported….shouldn’t he just be reporting the news that happens and not from a ‘perspective’?  Surely the ‘perspective’ is just opinion…which all too often pervades BBC ‘analysis’.

I’ll finish with this comment from Thompson…

I think you’ve really got to be careful about stereotyping Trump supporters in the same way I think in the UK, some commentators were guilty of stereotyping Brexit supporters as angry white working class racists.

Take note BBC.




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Sheepe in Woolfe’s clothing


Steven Woolfe has apparently gone off bleating about a ‘rotten UKIP’ according to the BBC and the BBC is delighted enough to plaster it over its frontpage as the top story….really?  Not sure why the BBC thinks this merits top news status…

How the BBC must have loved writing that.  Curious Woolfe thinks UKIP so rotten when just a very short while ago he was aiming to be the leader of the very same ‘rotten’ party.

Hmmmm…why has the BBC chosen to use that supposed quote about a ‘rotten’ UKIP?….Woolfe doesn’t use it in a Telegraph [A very anti-UKIP paper] ‘exclusive’ interview and article…he says the same as what he said in a BBC interview…that the party is ‘ungovernable’ whilst there is an anti-Farage faction [Caerswell?] embedded within. Indeed that is his own title for his article…

Ukip is ungovernable. I hoped to be leader – instead, today I quit the party

So just why did the BBC go with ‘rotten UKIP’ when even in their own report they haven’t given us the clip of him saying that.

What he does say is that there will always be a place for UKIP in British politics, a vital place, as the elites will be trying to stop Brexit… there’s a headline.  Why did the BBC not go with that?

The BBC still doing its best to undermine and smear UKIP…suppose ‘rotten’ is better than ‘far right’ or ‘Nazi’….so often the BBC’s preferred smear…..never mind that Labour seems to be closer to the anti-Semitic Nazis than any other party just now.  Then again the LibDems aren’t far behind…speaking of which Guido notes this from Jenny Tonge…..

Subject: Tough on anti Semitism/ tough on the causes of anti Semitism?

Dear Sir,

The recent Select Committee Report on anti Semitism is to be welcomed, but it would have been more useful if it had investigated the causes of anti Semitism too. It is difficult to believe that a 75% increase in anti Semitism it reports, have been committed by people who simply hate Jewish people for no reason. It is surely the case that these incidents are reflecting the disgust amongst the general public of the way the government of Israel treats Palestinians and manipulates the USA and ourselves to take no action against that country’s blatant disregard of International Law and the Geneva Conventions…

Be tough on the causes of anti Semitism as well as the loathsome sentiment itself.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Jenny Tonge


As long as you’ve got a good enough reason to hate Jews it’s OK to do so.  Sounds familiar…One BBC journalist is of a similar frame of mind when he told French Jews that they should expect to be attacked because of what Israel does in Gaza…the BBC presuming that what Israel does is of course bad.  Naturally enough it is the BBC that has helped highlight the Israeli’s ‘inhumane’ behaviour and peddled the blood libel around the world, helping to spread anti-Semitism.  Just what does the Balen Report say?  BBC News kills Jews?  There must be some reason the BBC spent hundreds of thousands of pounds suppressing the report.

Bizarre that it is UKIP that is labelled ‘Far Right’ when the BBC, Labour and the LibDems are spreading the hatred so usually associated with the Far Right.


Oh hang on…it’s the Tories…as Guido reveals…

















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