One man’s poison


Funny how the BBC turns a blind eye to the ‘Muhammedisation’ of Europe and yet expresses great concern about its ‘Putinisation’……

Poland accuses BBC of bias after broadcaster alleges country is being ‘Putinised’

Poland has launched a formal protest against the BBC in connection with a film suggesting that its current government was “Putinising” the country. A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the broadcaster of being biased in its portrayal.

The report in question was broadcast on the BBC’s current affairs program Newsnight, which featured interviews with a government official, as well as members of the Polish public who are against recently introduced changes affecting Poland’s judiciary and the media.

“In our opinion, the report Is Poland being ‘Putinised? presented the current political situation in Poland in a superficial and distorted manner, far from the journalistic merits expected from the BBC and in apparent contradiction to some of the broadcaster’s own editorial guidelines,” a statement from Artur Dmochowski, a spokesman for Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, read.


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Pegging Pegida…. “Wir sind das Volk”



Pegida UK Official


The official British branch of the Dresden-born PEGIDA movement. We stand against radical Islam to protect our national identity. Press:

The BBC likes to nail the likes of the EDL or Pegida by focussing on the few in those groups who express extreme views or use violence, the BBC ignoring the underlying motivation and rationale behind either movement.  In contrast they ignore the violence of the UAF who are often the actual cause of the violence at EDL rallies, and the BBC will tell us the EDL or Pegida are violent due to a few clashes as said usually instigated by the UAF, whilst telling us that Islam is the religion of peace….ignoring the fact that the Koran is very explicit in its sanctioning of violence to ensure the spread and reinforcement of Islam…an underlying violence to the religion…….a violence that even Tariq Ramadan admits is in the Koran.

‘I wouldn’t say Islam is a religion of peace…..People are naturally violent and religion channels that violence to serve its purpose…to get peace…it’s the way towards peace but it’s not the peaceful reality’

He then tries to turn it on its head….the problem, he says, is not the book but the reader….but the reader is reading a text that accepts people are violent and encourages people to use violence….so the problem is the text…non?

Use violence to move towards peace…but what is peace in Islam?….the domination of Islam over all other religions….with Islam on top there is no need for war…..‘They create a desert and call it peace’.

Back to Pegida……here is a look at Pegida UK that you won’t find at the BBC……the intrepid investigatiors can’t find anything racist about the group however they can’t resist levering in some suspicions…still, it’s far fairer than anything the BBC would do…the BBC being in league with the government to smear and undermine the EDL and no doubt Pegida UK now as well.

An Assessment of the PEGIDA UK rally

On a rainy Saturday 6th February, Pegida UK launched its inaugural demonstration in Birmingham, with similar rallies happening across Europe. An estimated 200 protesters attended the demonstration, which took place on a barren industrial estate miles from the city centre.

The march was peaceful and went smoothly without incident. No thugs, no fights, no Nazis, no inflammatory speeches. However, the rallies in other European countries did see some trouble with a fight in Dublin and some arrests in Calais. The new Pegida UK was keen to dispel allegations of racism or of being the EDL 2.0 but without the booze.  They placed warnings on pre-protest information, saying Neo Nazis would not be accepted at the demonstration. Likewise, Tommy Robinson in his speech talked about meeting a man with swastika tattoo on his finger on Friday night, and then said (in an obviously frustrated voice): “six years on and I’m still having to tell you: if you’re a Nazi, if you’re a racist, and you’re watching this – you’re not welcome on the streets in the UK with us.”

Moreover, the people who attended the demonstration were not a singular, unitary, monolithic bloc.  One protester NOTA Network interviewed said he came because he was worried about English identity and culture being threatened by Islam. Another one said he was not against “all immigration” but wanted “limited immigration”. And another protester said he was here to “defend free speech”. It would be slightly unwise to arrogantly dismiss them all as racists and xenophobes, though that doesn’t mean they were liberal democrats either.

There was not anything that struck me as worryingly racist in the interviews we did or at the rally generally. I say this as a black man who was with my friend Sam Sholli, who is of Iranian stock. We did not feel like we were in danger or anyone was racist towards us. They just seem to be people that are fed up with a status quo that is not working for them and their communities.

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Irish Whimsy


Craig at Is the BBC biased?  [hell yeah] brought this to the world’s attention…from the BBC’s Analysis programme….


The ‘island of Ireland’?  Does the BBC not recognise Northern Ireland then?  Does the BBC not understand there is already a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland?

And oh yes…we don’t want any of thise ‘divisive’ things called borders do we?  And ‘revive dangerous tensions’?  Do they not read the news?  Maybe they’ve missed the fact that the ‘war’ goes on.



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History Lesson


The BBC has been giving it both barrels today about the ‘teacher shortage’….a scandalous, never known before,  disaster that the Tories are responsible for apparently.

Curous that this ‘sudden’ disaster is one that is an ever recurring one, not just in the UK but around the world….

‘The attraction and retention of teachers is a problem faced by schools worldwide and possibly more so in the public sector.’

The BBC is banging on about teacher shortages, retention and teachers teaching subjects they are not fully qualified to teach and that there is an acute shortage of teachers in certain subjects such as maths and science.  So what’s new?

Let’s have a bit of perspective.  There’s nothing new about this. It was a huge problem under Labour, a problem they clearly didn’t fix, and indeed made worse by their immigration policies. For the BBC, as always, history begins, for political purposes, in 2010 with a mainly Tory government…..all was beautiful and bright pre-2010, the Dark Ages only began with Cameron and his Etonian cabal.

For the BBC’s Journalists’ sake let’s have a look at some headlines from Labour’s time in office…and they’re from the Guardian…..apart from this one in 2000…from the BBC…how soon they forget….

Tories attack on teacher shortages

Schools are facing a “catastrophic” teacher shortage, warns the Shadow Education Secretary, Theresa may.

According to figures which the Conservatives will quote in a debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday, there will be a shortage of over 30,000 teachers by 2004.


From the Guardian, 2004….

Variable pay could end teacher shortages

Targeted training and better pay for secondary school teachers working in deprived areas could significantly reduce teacher shortages, according to a Commons report published today.

The report, on teacher recruitment and retention published by the Commons education and skills committee, voices concern about the large number of staff teaching outside the subjects they originally qualified in and recommends that the government examines in more detail why up to a third of trainee teachers still quit before, or shortly after, entering the profession.


Report predicts ‘serious’ teacher shortage

Schools in England are going to be hit by a serious shortage of teachers over the next 10 years as nearly half of present staff retire, warns a report from the London School of Economics, which will make gloomy reading for the incoming education secretary, Ruth Kelly.

The report warns: “England has an ageing teaching profession, especially in primary schools – 40% of all teachers are aged 45-55, and those aged over 55 account for another 6% of the workforce. “Within the next 10 years, nearly 50% of the current workforce is likely to have retired. Since the number of pupils is not forecast to decrease significantly, at the current level of recruitment there is likely to be a large shortage of teachers.”


Class size crisis looms as more teachers quit

Britain’s education system is short of tens of thousands of teachers as staff fed-up with long hours and low pay quit, according to a new study. It warns that the problem of increasing class sizes will worsen over the next decade.


Low-attaining schools deprived of maths teachers, research shows

Pupils in low attaining schools are more likely to be being taught maths by teachers who are not qualified in the subject, according to research published today.

Just over one-fifth (21%) of maths teachers working in schools in England with the lowest GCSE results did not hold a post-A-level qualification in the subject.


Lack of PE teachers puts health drive in doubt

The government’s commitment to tackle childhood obesity has been thrown into doubt because Glasgow’s primary schools have only a handful of PE teachers.


Government ‘in denial’ of headteacher shortage

Headteachers today accused the government of being “in denial” over what they claim is a growing leadership crisis in England’s primary and secondary schools.

Their claims are based on new findings which reveal that there are now hundreds of schools without permanent senior staff to run them.


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Eyes wide shut



Had a little chuckle today when I heard a BBC presenter announce that…

‘Outside the corridors of power there is more support than you might imagine for David Cameron’s renegotiations with the EU’

Well yeah, fancy that, imagine that….The People are sick of the EU’s undemocratic impositions….just how long has she been asleep?  The BBC canvassed the views of a few Continentals and though the may have some warm feelings for the EU immigration is a big problem for them.  Bloody xenophobic Little Englanders Frenchies!

Later on (around 15:00 on 5Live) was treated to a lovie (Laurence Fox) telling us how awful nationalism is and what a shame we see borders going back up in Europe….we must have open borders and embrace the immigrant.  Wonder if he locks his house door when he leaves for work?  Bet he does.  What a Fascist.





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You don’t say



The BBC is utterly shameless in the way it shapes its news output to hide inconvenient facts that at other times would be headline news.

Last week we put up a post about the BBC hiding the fact that children in Kent who needed the care services were being transported around the country because the Council was forced to supply their care services to immigrant children in preference to local kids.  The BBC showed absolutely no interest in investigating this issue…because of course it would reflect badly upon their own narrative about the blessing that is immigration.

The very next day the BBC then spent the day running a story about mental health patients being forced to travel far away from their homes, familys and friends to get treatment…naturally this was a ‘scandal’.  Indeed today we have exactly the same thing as an offical report is published on that very subject…

Mental health beds search ‘a scandal’

The practice of sending mentally ill adults in England long distances for care is unacceptable and must end, a report by experts says.

The Independent Commission, chaired by ex-NHS chief executive Lord Crisp, said some cases were potentially dangerous.

Some 500 patients travel more than 50km (31 miles) to access care each month – as acute inpatient beds or services are unavailable in their areas, it said.

The government has asked the NHS to cut unnecessary out-of-area treatments.

The Today programme thought this story was so important that it gave it pride of place at 08:10 and 5Live continued discussing the subject all morning…and no doubt is still doing so now.

Incredible, or not, that when given the chance to put the boot into the government on the NHS the BBC is always there….except when it may also concern other subjects close to the BBC’s heart which override not only its antipathy towards the government but also its sense of duty and legal requirement to provide us with accurate, truthful and impartial news.

Clearly the children of Kent, and of course the women of Cologne, don’t figure too highly in the BBC’s concerns, they can go hang…what’s important is to keep up the narrative, the deception, that all immigrants are good and bring only benefits to Europe.

Shameless is probably not the most appropriate word for the BBC journalists who would rather see women raped and assaulted or children torn apart from their families at a time when they need them most than admit mass immigration will never work and will tear countries, Europe, apart.

Hope those BBC journalists are proud of their cheerleading for open borders and mass immigration regardless of the price that others have to pay for their moral grandstanding.



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Name and Blame


Had to laugh at this disingenuous report from the BBC that asks…

Do names make us think storms are worse?

Storm Imogen has battered Wales and the west and south-west of England, the latest in a line of such events across the UK over the winter. But are storms getting worse or is the new convention of naming them simply grabbing them more attention, asks Justin Parkinson.

It seems like large storms are becoming more frequent. But this winter is the first time the Met Office has given names to storms, so are they becoming more common or are people simply more aware of them?

“I don’t think it’s been particularly stormy,” says a Met Office spokeswoman. “I think what’s happened is that the names have given them extra profile.”

The BBC knows full well that the whole point of naming these storms was to increase awareness of them and to make them appear more frequent and then to associate that with climate change whilst pretending it’s all about public safety.

Just more climate propaganda intended to ‘nudge’ the Public into accepting climate change, or should I say more correctly, man-made climate change, as fact.






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Capital Slip


Map of jerusalem city


Mark Urban on Newsnight referred to Jerusalem as ‘Israel’s capital’….apparently this was cause for complaint and the BBC duly prostrated itself and issued forth with a correction…

Newsnight, BBC2, 14 October 2015: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit

A viewer complained that Mark Urban incorrectly referred to Jerusalem as “Israel’s capital”.

His wording suggested that Jerusalem was the undisputed capital of Israel, which is not the case. However, the programme-makers had acknowledged the inaccuracy and posted a correction on the BBC’s website and Twitter. In the Unit’s view, this sufficed to resolve the issue of complaint.


Why did the BBC ‘resolve’ the issue?  There is no issue…Jerusalem is the Israeli capital regardless of who else claims part of it…just as Israel is ‘Israel’ regardless of who wants to wipe it off the map.  Does the BBC ‘acknowledge the inaccuracy’ of calling Israel ‘Israel’?



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Asian Evasion



There’s the Daily Mail’s reporting and then there’s the BBC’s…which is more honest and revealing?

The Mail reports on the gang rape of a 16 year old girl by Somali men….did you even notice the BBC reporting on this?

A private school girl, mothers who excuse gang rape and a terrifying culture clash no one dares talk about: How Somalian men are living by their own laws… and causing devastating repercussions in Britain

There is something else you should know about her attackers. It is this: they were all from Manchester’s Somali community. The harrowing events that unfolded in court were also part of a much wider, and seemingly escalating, Somali crimewave taking place in many cities nationwide.

This is why the ethnic background of the rapists is central to this bigger picture.

Until recently, the culture of political correctness that undermined the investigations into the Asian sex grooming scandals in Rochdale, Rotherham and elsewhere, would have discouraged the reporting of this fact.


Then there is this from the Mail about the gang rape by Asian men of a 13 year old white girl…

‘It takes two to tango’: As 12 Asian men are jailed for 140 years for gang-raping a 13-year-old white girl, Muslim councillor admits some in community still think SHE was partly to blame

After the sentencing, Kris Hopkins, Conservative MP for Keighley spoke out against the ‘sick model of organised groups of Asian men grooming young white girls’, but said there are more women out there who need justice.

He said the sentenced were vindication for controversial comments he made during a parliamentary debate in 2012, claiming that organised groups of Asian men were ‘going around raping white girls’. 

However, he claims that even today he has been ‘lambasted’ for even mentioning that the men are Asian when talking about the sentences.

He told MailOnline: ‘There are sexual offenders who are white, but the fact is this particular model is all Asian men and all the victims were white.

‘I was attacked in 2012 and today, when these men were convicted, the community was silent. You have to ask yourself why these men get away with this behaviour.

‘There is broader issues around the way women are treated in that community, there are hundreds if not thousands of women who live behind that door and have no voice.’

In a Commons speech three years ago, Mr Hopkins caused controversy three years ago when he suggested Muslim men were ‘fundamentally’ sexist towards women.

The Mail looks closely at the race/religion aspect of the case…the BBC on the other hand shows hardly a flicker of interest in the case at all never mind race/religion…normally so high on its agenda when the victim is Muslim…

Keighley abuse: Twelve men jailed for sexually exploiting girl

The BBC gives us the bare bone facts, lists the defendents, not once referring to race or religion and then gives an entirely anodyne quote from Kris Hopkins which doesn’t reflect his views at all in the round…

Kris Hopkins, Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley, said: “Keighley’s proud name has been dragged through the mud too many times in recent years because of the heinous acts of sick men preying on vulnerable young girls.

“I appeal directly to members of the local community that if you know of any individual or groups of individuals who may be involved in these activities, you have an obligation to pass this information on.

“We must work together to rid ourselves of this cancer and we all have a part to play.”

Hardly a full and honest report from the BBC which seems to have forgotten the lessons of Rochdale, Rotherham and all the other towns where the Media were silenced by ‘political correctness’ and girls were left to be abused for years.


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The Red Menace



Strange how the BBC gives Corbyn and Co such an easy ride when they all have well known extreme views and are hard left Marxist fanatics who have no interest in the good of the people but whose sole intent is to tear down the Establishment and rout the rich.  They want to level down rather than improve life for those less fortunate.

How different if you are a from a Far Right group…then the BBC issues its ‘warnings from history’ and will do its level best to undermine and discredit you……of course you don’t have to be Far Right at all to be vilified…just say something negative about immigration and you’re a target….ala UKIP and Trump.

Why is Corbyn not labelled ‘hard -left’ or an extremist?  Why no warnings from history about Corbyn’s brand of politics and what they will bring to Britain should he manage to organise enough hard-left activists and at the same time fool enough middle of the road voters to vote for him?

We know ultimately what Corbyn’s brand of intolerant, one party Socialism brings to a country…the disastrous economics, the commissars enforcing social policies, the ‘terror’ the activists like to inflict as they try to embed their power…and ultimately the real terror of the political prisons and the erasing of opponents.

You may think the Corbyn bandwagon is a rickety old Trabant on the road to nowhere but it would be wrong to underestimate the power of a few fanatics to game the system and the gullibility of a few good men and women…especially when the BBC, one fo the world’s most powerful and influential broadcasters seeems to have gone missing from the debate about Corbyn….no doubt influenced by Nick Robinson’s tirade telling his colleagues to be nice to Corbyn.

Here is the real face of the Red Menace….the Corbyn bandwagon takes to the road…..


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Somebody, somewhere, please say you love refugees


The BBC is continuing its pro-immigration propaganda with relentless messaging about the plight of Syrians fleeing Aleppo and now stranded in the cold, the mud and rain at the Turkish border….now of course everyone has sympathy with them and thinks we could help in someway….but the answer is not to import them all into Europe.

That is not the BBC’s narrative and they are constantly trying to raise the question asking if we are doing enough to help….and shouldn’t we allow in more refugees?  By doing so, suggesting that we’re not doing enough.

The problem for the BBC is that they are finding it really hard to get callers on side with that narrative.  On Thursday Rachel Burden was asking that question and it took 45 minutes or so before they got anyone who was remotely interested in allowing in some refugees…and even he was dubious about it.  Then, joy of joys, they got what they wanted, a caller who was very definitely pro-immigration regardless of the consequences…he stated that numbers and figures meant nothing to him…unfortunately for the BBC he was a foam flecked fanatic who openly displayed his fanaticism…the BBC must have been rolling their eyes….he claimed it was inhumane, sick and insane to limit numbers due to financial or other fundamental reasons which meant that the country couldn’t cope with a large unflux…let ’em all in.

I think we had one more open the borders caller and that was about it…nearly everyone was against the idea…similarly when Anita Anand asked the same question on Any Answers? there was a distinct lack of callers saying we should bring them all here.  Have to say Anand seemed pretty fair here and uncontroversial….which seems pretty unusual for her judging by Is the BBC biased’s analysis of her performances.

Burden on  the other hand seemed intent on putting the pro argument a bit too strongly avoiding, dismissing, voices that reminded us that around one million migrants have already hit our shores in the last three years alone…and if it hadn’t been for that open door immigration policy perhaps ‘desperate’ (BBC’s favourite word) refugees could have found room here….Burden said that Worcester had only taken three refugees….but failed to list the number of immigrants that may have settled there putting increasing strain on infrastructure and resources….maybe 300 or 3000 refugees could have been homed had it not been for economic migrants.

Burden also told us of a small village in Germany that was ‘happily’ taking 80 refugees and giving them a big welcome…only that’s not true…there was a huge outcry about the imposition upon such a small village….why does the BBC insist in lying about that?

Why does she not mention this even worse reality?…

Refugee crisis: German village Sumte shows reality behind open door policy – with 102 residents and 750 refugees


Guess you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.  Thankfully.

The BBC is completely unconcerned about what you or I think, what the people not inside the Bubble think, they have an agenda and they push it remorselessly….they are openly campaigning against official government policy which is to help the refugees in-situ so that eventually they can return to Syrian and help rebuild the country and in the meantime remain in countries which have similar cultural and social makeups.

When the government is looking to stop charities from using money given by government to agitate against the government you might think they would take a similar stance with the BBC which uses money forcefully taken from the licence fee payers hands to peddle political and social ideas and policies that the majority don’t believe in.  The BBC is in effect stealing people’s money to use as it likes to work against the interests of the people who were forced to give them the money.  A very odd and iniquitous state of affairs.








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Where’s your privilege?


The BBC gave huge amounts of sympathetic airtime to the family of terrorist trained Moazzam Begg to agitate for his release from Guantanamo, the BBC allowed the mother of gangster Mark Duggan to fill the airwaves with claims that the police executed and assassinated her blameless little boy, Doreen Lawrence is the new Mother Teresa, and of course anti-police campaigns such as Hillsborough are given huge amounts of favourable, unquestioning coverage.

The BBC loves an ‘underdog’ regardless of whether it would tear your throat out as soon as look at you…and it hates the police and the security services….just look at its nonsense coverage of Assange and the adoring coverage of Snowden.

One of those ‘underdogs’ it has long held an affection for is the romantic IRA ‘rebels’ fighting for a united Ireland that was torn apart and occupied by the oppressive and tyrannical Brits.

This morning Julie Hambleton, (08:21) whose sister was killed in the Birmingham bombings in 1974, came onto the BBC to tell of her argument that the coroner’s inquest for the 21 victims (and 200 injured), which was abandoned on the conviction of the Birmingham Six, be re-opened.

She got pretty short shrift from the BBC’s Sam Walker who took a very negative approach to this and seemed as if she thought it was entirely wrong to be heading in that direction.  This of course is not the usual BBC approach which normally is very open and welcoming to those who have a grievance against the police, secuirty services or The State.

Of course Julie Hambleton is neither Black, Muslim nor a member of the IRA so why would the BBC be sympathetic to her cause?

The Birmingham Six were of course entirely innocent victims of a police fit-up, in the wrong place at the wrong time…the wrong place being the funeral of an IRA bomber killed as he planted a bomb in Coventry….a funeral 5 of them headed to from Birmingham on the night of the bombings.  They were cleared pretty much on a technicality….that residue left on the hands that may indicate the handling of exposives could have come from other items such as playng cards or soap…and of course they all played cards on the trip back to Ireland and no doubt were scrupulous about their personal hygiene.




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Poop Scoop




The BBC has been blowing its own trumpet today with its ‘scoop’ about Assange, yet another of the BBC’s heroes along with the traitor and spy, Edward Snowden, and the self-admitted terror trained Moazzam Begg.

It’s been telling us all day about the ‘arbitrary detention’ of Assange….and yet he hasn’t been detained, he has voluntarily chosen to remain in the Ecuadorian embassy as he hides from the due process of law in regard to an accusation of rape.  The BBC tells us that…‘Assange’s supporter and friend Vaughan Smith hopes he will now be freed’.

‘Freed‘?  He’s not incarcerated…he’s in hiding…from the Law.

Whilst the BBC article gives the vast bulk of its space to Assange and his supporters it grudgingly admits the government thinks the UN panel is wrong….

“We have been consistently clear that Mr Assange has never been arbitrarily detained by the UK but is, in fact, voluntarily avoiding lawful arrest by choosing to remain in the Ecuadorean embassy,” he added.

No sign from the BBC’s own analysis that Assange’s case at the UN is so much bunk and completely without any sound basis in reality.

The BBC also misleadingly says this…’Swedish prosecutors dropped two sex assault claims against Mr Assange last year. However, he still faces the more serious accusation of rape.’

That makes it sound as if there was no case to answer on those two sexual assault charges….but that’s not true…and again in the report the BBC link to that fact is once again underplayed telling us that…

Earlier, Swedish prosecutors dropped two sex assault claims against Mr Assange, who had denied the claims.

Mr Assange still faces the more serious accusation of rape, which he also denies.

Only way down the page do we find that this is the reality of why those cases were dropped…


  • August 2015 – Swedish prosecutors drop their investigation into two allegations – one of sexual molestation and one of unlawful coercion because they have run out of time to question him.


They dropped the case because the statute of limitations on the lesser charges has run out…it’s a legal technicality not proof of his innocence.

The Telegraph reminds us of what the BBC prefers you don’t know…

Assange chose to knock on the door of the Ecuadorian embassy of his own free will, begging to be allowed inside because he’d lost his case to avoid extradition to Sweden. It wasn’t just that he’d lost, either; he lost spectacularly at every English court he went to, including the Supreme Court. That’s the highest court in the land, and not known for being a patsy of the ‘dark forces’ supposedly conspiring to destroy the Australian campaigner for truth, transparency and international justice.

If Assange really is a campaigner for all those things, he needs to explain why the basic legal processes that apply to the rest of us should be waived for him.


Always the same with the BBC…if you’re a Muslim, an immigrant or one of the Left’s iconic figures you can get away with anything from terrorism to mass murder and rape.





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Hush it all up


When Fox News announced that Birmingham was a Muslim only city [can’t be long now] the Left went into overdrive to deride and vilify the comments…how different their approach to Labour MP, Jess Phillips, who claimed that Birmingham’s Broad Street was subject to roaming gangs of native Brummie sex abusers and criminals on a scale similar to Cologne.

Phillips was naturally called out on that nonsense  by most people but not by the BBC or the Guardian who both came out in support for her…though their real aim, as was Phillips’, was to pretend that this was not an issue about immigration or the culture of the immigrants in Cologne or indeed across Europe…just as they tried to dismiss the truth about the racial and religious aspects of the choice of victims in Rochdale and Rotherham and other cities across the UK.

The Guardian has come up with the idea that Phillips was only criticised because she was a woman….which is a curious take as she herself is betraying the women of Cologne, Europe, who are being attacked….Phillips, the BBC and the Guardian, would rather these women get attacked, raped and abused than deal with the causes of the abuse….the failure to control immigration and the importation of the very people who commit these crimes….how many women would still be alive, would still be able to walk the streets in safety, if it weren’t for the BBC’s et al’s undying, uncompromising, extremist support for mass, uncontrolled immigration regardless of the consequences?

Mishal Husain,(08:30) who is Muslim and so has an interest in downplaying the role of immigration and culture in this issue, tried  to back up Phillips’ claim and did so by suggesting that a pat on the backside of a woman in a pub was somehow the equivalent of anything that happened in Cologne…she was insistent that this was ‘sex abuse’ and that many such crimes must go unreported…therefore Birmingham is just like Cologne if we take all those unreported crimes into account…yep…raping women, gang raping women, ripping their clothes off, hunting them down in packs, thrusting hands into their vaginas, just like a pat on the backside in a pub.

Husain brought in Salma Yaqoob who is well known as an Islamist activist….clearly she was brought in to deny the ‘Islam connection’ and she didn’t fail to do as expected.

The BBC, having been happy to attack Fox News for its slandering of Birmingham, have spent a lot of effort to downplay what happend in Cologne, and across Europe, even going so far as to claim it was a right wing conspiracy, but curiously now they try to spin a pat on the backside in a Birmingham pub into the sex crime of the century and are quite happy to denounce Birmingham men as rapists and sex beasts and all because they have a narrative about immigration….nothing bad must ever be allowed to get on the air that might show immigrants to be less than wonderful and a delight.

Which brings us to this…..any sign of the BBC reporting this at all?  No….

German journalist claims the government tells its media what it can and cannot report on following outcry over Cologne sex attack news blackout

A former news boss in Germany has claimed the country’s media is told what to report on by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

His admission comes as the country grapples with accusations media ignored hundreds of sex attacks committed by migrants during Cologne’s New Year celebrations.

Dr Wolfgang Herles, the former head of a public broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), said journalists are instructed to write news reports that are to ‘Ms Merkel’s liking’.

Dr Herles labelled the situation a ‘scandal’ during a radio panel discussion on media and freedom of the press, Breitbart reported.

Asked if the media landscape had ‘got out of whack’, he replied: ‘Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees.


With all the BBC’s proud boasts about independence and the importance of free speech and a free press, they are strangely quiet about this very serious accusation…a government silencing the media on the subject of immigration and its fallout.  Then again the BBC has long been in cahoots with our government in how it reports on issues surrounding Islam and the EDL….pro-Islam, anti the EDL.

Here are some other news reports that the BBC won’t be highlighting…

Refugee crisis will cost Germany £38 BILLION by the end of 2017, new study claims


Six in ten migrants not entitled to asylum, says EU chief


Philip Hammond warns less than HALF of the million migrants flooding Europe are fleeing war in Syria

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5Live spoke to Bryan Cranston, (14:07) Breaking Bad actor and lead in ‘Trumbo‘, a film about McCarthyism.

Trumbo was blacklisted and silenced as a Hollywood screenwriter for being a member of the American Communist Party.  The Left, and the BBC as here, has always been outraged at this example of ‘Gestapo’ tactics.

After having gone through that ritual outrage the BBC presenter, Colin Paterson, moved on to the present day and asked ‘as so many actors are Democrats do they get looked down upon?‘…..which is a strange way of looking at life as it is the Republicans who are vilified and sneered at more often than not…and indeed we then got onto Trump.

Bryan Cranston said everyone’s voice was important, that when we lose respect for someone elses opinion, when we villify the different opinion, it is the slippery slope.

Cranston said Trump had the right to say what he wanted and it was his truth as he saw it….he said how Trump is treated was the exact example of the meaning of Trumbo….which probably wasn’t what Paterson was hoping for as the BBC has given over so much of its time and coverage to vilifying and insulting Trump rather than giving serious consideration to his politics.

The BBC acting like the Gestapo as it tries to smear and silence Trump as McCarthy tried to silence the Commies?  LOL.

Of course Farage knows all about that as even now he is treated with disdain and derision…when he comes up the BBC presenters all have a laugh together and don’t take his views seriously.

When he made a speech today about Cameron’s EU smoke and mirrors in which he went through the list of what is wrong with the proposed agreement all we got from Jon Pienaar was that Farage was ‘rubbishing’ it and that he was going to keep on rubbishing it….which is a completely dismissive take on Farage’s views and analysis…Pienaar is saying that Farage isn’t taking a reasoned and critical approach to Cameron’s trickery but is merely shouting it down regardless of what it says.

Pienaar told us that Farage only made one point…but he actually made many examining Cameron’s promises and claims one by one.

Pienaar’s own analsysis is as hopeless as always.

Laura Kuenssberg suggested that the Brexit campaigners were like ‘Rats in a sack’ this morning on the Today programme to hardly suppressed mirth from the other presenters in the background….there does seem to be an urge at the BBC to present the ‘out’ campaigners as disorganised and more set on infighting than anything else.

It is of course difficult to assess the BBC’s coverage of the EU at the moment because there is so much of it and they have a habit of splitting it up…In one news bulletin they will have only the pro-EU Chuka Umunna on to praise the EU with no opposing voice…later they may or may not have a Brexit supporter on as a critic of Cameron’s agreement…such a tactic makes it impossible to assess the BBC’s balance in reporting this subject as you can’t possibly see or hear all the voices the BBC brings on…perhaps that is by design….if you claim one interview is totally unbalanced they will counter with one in which there is only the opposite view put…but of course you have no way of knowing how many of the unbalanced interviews have been broadcast…is the ratio one to one or is there an imbalance in total?  Do we get 10 pro-EU interviews but only 5 pro-Brexit ones?  Hard to tell.

What you can see though is the tone of the reporting….such as how they talk about someone like Farage and his policies…Hush-puppied Ken Clarke comes on with his patronising, arrogant demeanour talking down to the little people who apparently just don’t understand about Europe….Farage and some Tory ministers, he tells us, ‘just don’t like foreigners’.

The BBC presenter said nothing….normally they will jump in when such comments are made but in this case not a word..quite happy to present Farage and ‘some Tories’as racist and Euro-sceptics as ignorant….never mind Farage is married to a German.

The BBC seems quite happy to let the pro side to be as abusive as they like and frequently joins in the game themselves.

There maybe a surface appearance of balance but there is also an undercurrent that subtly derides the Brexit campaigners and dismisses their views.

McCarthy lives on.





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