Middle of the week and the daily bias from the BBC keeps on coming. THIS is where you detail it!

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750 Responses to MID WEEK OPEN THREAD….

  1. Chilleden says:

    The media are a disgrace. At the press conference Trump is clearly focused on the job in hand: jobs; defeating ISIS; dealing with immigration; the need for strong law enforcement; deporting immigrant criminals; problems with Obamacare. All the stuff that matters to people, what leaders should deal with.

    “There are big problems abroad but we will take care of it folks.”

    What a leader! Calm, focused and authoritative. How can they try and make out he is unhinged or unfit to lead? He is rolling up his sleeves and applying the same skills that made him such a successful businessman to the matter of government. Most politicians have zero knowledge of the real world as they have never had a real job.

    Yet the media just ask pathetic questions and innuendo about Russia. Who gives a toss? They all make these pathetic attempts to smear him. They cannot challenge his policies so they just try and attack his character. It is a disgrace. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT RUSSIA, OR HIM BEING OFFENSIVE, ‘SEXIST’ OR WHATEVER? CAN HE KEEP US SAFE? WILL HE GET US A JOB? That is all that matters to people and all government should concern itself with.

    How have we let these bastards run things for so long? I am reminded of a scene in Wild Swans where the author sees Mao’s dead body and is astonished that one tiny man could have caused so much misery. All these clueless, spoiled brats have had the whip hand over normal working people for so long. Trump could go down as the greatest Western leader since Churchill. It is only in forty years’ time or so, perhaps, that people will realise quite how important it is what he is doing.


    • Wild says:

      BBC reporting on Trump is about as reliable as Maoist China’s reporting about the Great Famine.


    • gaxvil says:

      Yep, Donald Trump has made billions.
      He has created countless jobs.
      He has, against all odds, gone for and attained the most prestigious office of President.
      He will achieve a great deal more before he’s through.

      The BBC lives off the taxpayer – end of.


    • gaxvil says:

      Very well said.
      In particular, “How have we let these bastards run things for so long?”
      Things do need to change – we have indulged the ‘special’ people for too long.


    • Oaknash says:

      Chilleden well said – The bottom line should be will he protect us from our enemies not how will he kiss the arse of left wing MSM and globalist elite. (I now include the MSM and especially the BBC as our enemies)!

      I was listening to “The Liberal World at One” on R4 today.

      It was actually quite illuminating it was full of bile, sarcasm and mocking comments all aimed at Trump. I actually wondered whether the editor had been doing a few lines of charlie or speed as it seemed so maniacal in its Trump bashing. For those of you who have seen “Apocalypse Now” it reminded me of the unhinged photographer who attended the insane Colonel Kurtz as its commentary seemed to dissolve into tangential gibbering disguised as satirical comment.

      I must say I find it amusing that the BBC tries to suggest the Trump administration is chaotic or insane as most of the mouth foaming seems to currently originate from the BBC.

      Like all of the BBC posturing on “fake news” I suppose this all just goes to prove just because you say you dont do something does not mean you are not party to doing it bigtime.

      I guess with the BBC these days rational behavior is obviously “yesterdays news”
      as reality is just sooooooooo boring!


    • Scroblene says:

      Excellent points Chilleden.

      More and more, I find that the comments and posts here reflect my thinking – therefore saving me the typing skills (not), but are expressing an increasing disregard for the Beeb and other autocue-readers.

      I must try harder to say something original, but everyone here seems to beat me to it!

      And I ususally get up early…


  2. Guest Who says:

    BBC Complaints is justifiably derided and mocked in equal measure.

    One imagines after several foot in mouth then shoot efforts by various BBC market rate talents like Evan, J’Ob, etc, they will be pulling a long weekend.

    And I very much doubt most serious complaints will be on what the BBC says they are:

    Responses to recent complaints

    Radio 2 Logo16 FEBRUARY 2017
    Sounds of the 60s, BBC Radio 2
    We received complaints from some listeners who are unhappy that from 4 March 2017 the programme is moving in the schedule from 08.00-10.00 to 06.00-08.00 on Saturday mornings.

    BBC Logo3 FEBRUARY 2017
    BBC Online – Travel site
    Closure of the BBC Travel site.

    They really could be much sadder if they tried.


  3. GoingInNowDan says:

    Off topic perhaps, but whatever his politics are (I dunno) I read Len Deighton’s “Billion Dollar Brain” the other night.
    With the classic line from his boss “what will the socialists do about the public schools?” to which Deighton’s anti-hero (played wonderfully by Michael Caine in all the film adaptations) replied “send their sons to them?”



  4. quisquose says:

    Did anybody else hear PM on Radio 4 this evening?

    The first 25 mins of the programme was totally about Blair and his anti-Brexit speech. For 13 minutes, yes THIRTEEN minutes, as the main news headline no less, they played Blair speaking unedited and uninterrupted.

    Why, just why?


    • GCooper says:

      That was a rhetorical question, wasn’t it?


    • Sluff says:

      It was real sick bucket stuff but did you have the stamina to last to the end of the programme?
      For the last 15 minutes we had Eddie Socialist in subdued mood interviewing a man whose brother’s death, attributed to suicide 20+ years ago, was quite possibly a murder whitewashed by the police.
      Sounds pretty serious. If true, it is. But is it so important to us it requires 15 uncritical minutes on PM?
      I mean, it happened in Australia, not the UK. The Police in question were in Sydney. The surviving brother speaks with an American accent. Why is it a bBBC UK news priority?
      Oh wait. The guy who died was gay, and at the public spot where he died it was the norm to strip naked, fold your clothes, and wait to acquire a partner. And the surviving brother has two daughters who both just happen to be Lesbians. What an amazing set of co- incidences.
      Less news. More sucking up to Stonewall. Shock. Horror. Ozzy cops may have been homophobic in the 1980s.
      The BBC. Where news is what fits the diversity narrative. Except when it comes to diversity of opinion, of course. Then only left liberal luvvie diversity is permitted.


      • Dystopian says:

        “it was the norm to strip naked, fold your clothes, and wait to acquire a partner.”
        Sounds like some sort of BBC Christmas party dance game or something!


      • Al Shubtill says:

        Next Friday, Nice Guy Eddie shall be interviewing the mother of one of the victims of the Muslim child-rape gangs operating in Rotherham; exploring how the police, social services and local authority obfuscated the crimes being committed and evaded their legal responsibilities due to political correctness and fears of racism accusations…

        Oh no, wait..my mistake.

        He’ll be talking with the mother of a family of six from Eritrea, who have been provided with a council house in Hull and since an old lady looked at them in a funny way at a bus stop, don’t feel safe going out.
        They reported this to the police as a hate crime but as yet she hasn’t been tracked down and arrested, Eddie will be finding out how this sort of thing has become increasingly common since the referendum and why the police haven’t yet located this racist.


      • engineerdownunder says:

        Yes, heard that item. Truely nuts. 15 minutes of prime British radio time on a possible crime from the 1980s in which an American may have been murdered in Australia. Eddie in full-on, rather sickly, empathy mode all though. The only reason the item was on at all was even admitted at the end. It was that most awful of all crimes. A crime against a gay man.

        In part of the (very long) narrative we were told that the American man had gone to Australia to be with his male partner “for love”. Ah, bless, so sweet! And the cliff top where he got naked, and was maybe pushed to his death, was a place where gays would “make love” with someone they just met. Ah double sweet! So much love going around.


        • gaxvil says:

          FFS that is post watershed stuff when children are not listening OR is that all part of the BBC grooming and corrupting agenda?


        • StewGreen says:

          It’s as if people buy news-vert space within news progs
          #1 Team Blair
          #2 some rich or connected family whose son died in Australia.

          Pre the last election I’ve listened to a whole news show, but these days it’s a matter of minutes before the BS is too much.

          *”Blair makes a speech”
          Good for him and his friends but why waste resources reporting it.
          …it’s only 5 minutes ago that they told us Parliament is where it all happens
          But Blair is not in Parliament.


  5. gaxvil says:

    Can’t help but be envious as Trump motors on. While over here?
    Has Theresa done anything or going to do anything – just asking.


    • Arthurp says:

      If the ship of state is moving serenely along, why change direction? The main thing that Theresa has done is to aim to implement the decision on June 23rd 2016. Her economic/ social policies are broadly in line with Mr Cameron.

      With Trump is is the major change from a Democratled US Government to a Republican one. Cleaning out the Augean stables of all the shit inside will take quite a while.

      Note her net popularity is +5 and Corbyn’s is -45.


  6. Dover Sentry says:

    Things are moving in the right direction worldwide. Literally.


  7. Colboysigma says:

    Lots of posts this weekend and maybe it’s been seen already BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/159140



  8. Al Shubtill says:

    This is a VERY good article by Pat Buchanan, on the enemies arrayed against Trump and his administration.



  9. BRISSLES says:

    Channel 4 are at it now (well, apart from Channel 4 news)… Coming soon, SUPERMARKETS – Brexit and your shrinking shop ! If memory serves me right, long before Brexit it was an on-going problem in supermarkets that size and weights of produce were reduced but prices remained the same or increased – there was no Brexit to blame it on then !


    • gaxvil says:

      Times gone by and among Africans today, if you suffered misfortune it was blamed on witchcraft – simples!

      Nowadays, if you suffer misfortune you blame Brexit and that satisfies the same primitive mind-set – simples!


  10. GCooper says:

    BBC R4 news at 10 with an interviewer twisting and turning like a snake in a forked stick as he tries – almost pleads – with Bill Gates to say something anti-Trump in an interview.

    This is war.


  11. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Donald Trump: Unchained and unapologetic””
    Anthony Zurcher North America reporter

    “”Mr Trump has a habit of making statements that have, shall we say, a sometimes distant relationship with reality. He often couches the remarks in phrases like “I’ve heard”, “people are saying”, or “I guess”.””

    “”President Trump, like Candidate Trump, has seemed invulnerable to fact-checkers, perhaps in part because he’s moved on to a hundred different topics before the media watchdogs can catch up.””

    “”And he touted his immigration efforts – a key piece of which is currently suspended pending court review.””

    “”While the Trump administration has seemed to be in a flurry of activity, legislatively there has been relatively little accomplished. Within the first four weeks of his presidency, Mr Obama had signed into law a measure increasing protection for women’s wages in the workplace and a massive economic stimulus bill that included more than $800bn in new federal spending.””

    “”After four weeks, Mr Trump still has 98% of his presidency ahead of him. The start has been rocky, and less accomplished than he says, but the jury is still out.””



    • tomo says:


      that’d be projection, presumption slathered with his trademark snidery.

      What’s he earning £80K to £100K?

      What a bargain.


      • gaxvil says:

        Zurcher – how original, what a surprising take on the Trump Presidency!
        Well hardly. Seems to me journalist numbers could be seriously downsized as around ninety five percent of them write and say, EXACTLY THE SAME THING.
        Remember the programme, “What the Papers Say” – That just no longer works since they all say the same.


  12. Dave666 says:

    WTF? I just caught the end of the Tracy Dullman show. Some kind of Rupert Murdoch spoof with Dullman I assume being Jerry Hall and twerking with constant canned laughter. Pouring battery acid into my eyes would have been funnier. Followed by another sketch which I just couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. I do know one thing despite more canned laughter it wasn’t funny.


    • AaronD says:

      Amazing that she should risk throwing away over half of her audience in what I think was the show’s very first sketch. A boot-faced barrista (Dullman) is the subject of sexist behaviour from a coffee-house bore. The name she writes on the cup? “Voted for Brexit”. How I chuckled as I switched over to watch post-match analysis of Scarlets v Zebre. In Welsh. Which I don’t understand.


    • gaxvil says:

      About a hundred years ago in, ‘Three of a Kind’ she was ok but she married a rich American and soon after she was sending her dog to a psychiatrist and stuff that shallow people do with too much money.


  13. gaxvil says:

    When Obama was first elected it was unpopular with some people.
    Can you imagine, for briefest moment, the reaction if Obama had received one hundredth or even one thousandth of the insults and vitriol, not to mention protests, that Trump endures?


    • Number 7 says:

      The snowflakes are accumulating into a drift.

      When Trump’s actions, to date, start to take effect look forward to the thaw.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      gavil – That would never have happened to the Magic Negro.


    • maxincony says:

      Can you imagine, for briefest moment, the reaction if Obama had received one hundredth or even one thousandth of the insults and vitriol, not to mention protests, that Trump endures?





      • Nasty barsteward says:

        I agree that gaxvil may have over egged the pudding with his “hundredth or even thousandth” comment, however there is simply no denying that the vitriol against President Trump is far more widespread than a few placards from within his own country.
        Also just to burst your bubble a little, your third image shows Obamacare being protested. That particular bill didn’t get passed by Senate until Dec 24th 2009, over a year after Obama became president. So you are hardly comparing apples with apples, considering that Trump has been in the role for approximately 1 month. (Hmmm, using disimilar comparisons is a little like one of the BBC standard tricks 😉 )


        • maxincony says:

          Nasty barsteward, it’s amazing how easily people forget when ever it’s most convenient.

          a few placards…

          The Telegraph, 08 Nov 2008

          “The Republican vice presidential candidate [Sarah Palin] attracted criticism for accusing Mr Obama of “palling around with terrorists”, citing his association with the sixties radical William Ayers.

          The attacks provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling “terrorist” and “kill him” until the McCain campaign ordered her to tone down the rhetoric.”


          • Nasty barsteward says:

            And in this campaign when Hillary supporters came together with similar lynch Mob fervour, did her campaign also call for peace? Or, as seen by the undercover footage, did she have an active role in funding and promoting the discourse?
            My point is that gaxvil is basically right about the widespread vitriol. Whilst no campaign has been completely trouble free for many years, this one in particular is notable for the sheer volume of “smeer” that has been levied from an extremely biased MSM. And I say that as someone who was originally against Trump winning as I was concerned over his diplomacy. However, I now see that he is what is needed in many ways, and I am grown up enough to judge him on results.


            • gaxvil says:

              It’s the difference between sporadic skirmishes and total war and anyone can argue that till they’re blue in the face but just turn on your radio or TV or have a glance at newspaper – maybe the truth might dawn – though it will require a good degree of something called objectivity.


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    The One Show drops a Booby


    ‘Viewers of The One Show were left furious after Matt Baker dropped a bombshell about the death of a rare bird and didn’t seem to be taking the news too seriously’

    First Rule of Dumbed-Down BBC Sofa Broadcasting: Put on “Serious Face”


  15. Pullyourselftogether says:

    Did anyone research Open Britain that was on the board behind Blair yesterday at Bloomberg’s London Office:


    No surprises. So transparent and Bliar should behind bars.


  16. SupportOurLefty says:

    Friends! For the Progressive Left, the hated war criminal Bliar’s support for Our EU puts us in a bit of a dilemma!

    But this dilemma is – though I say so myself – resolved rather neatly in Saveed Miliband’s latest piece in the Far-Right Guardian, which can also be found in my Blog, here:



  17. BRISSLES says:

    Dateline London’s on now. Am off to walk the dog. Alongside Alibaba Brown, the other one I feel like slapping is Rachel Shabi. These rentagobs switch from Sky to the BBC with increasing regularity – what is it with these ‘migrants’ who feel they need to air their opinions – oh yes, the fee.


  18. Pullyourselftogether says:

    I meant to say Bliar should be behind bars but then I’m sure you knew what I meant!


  19. G says:

    Running my fingers over the calculator buttons, I conclude that all OAP’s from the UK should make haste for Sweden –


  20. Oaknash says:


    Not BBC story yet but I am sure they would approve.

    Message to Patrick – If you really do find us all truly that embarrassing why dont you just F###K OFF to Germany where I am sure Mutti Merkel will welcome you with open arms.

    Listen baldy – You are always saying how proud you are of your Yorkshire roots but it would seem that this pride in your heritage does not extend to Yorkshire men and women (unless of course possibly they are called Mohammed).

    Why you seem think you know better than the majority of people who voted in the referendum – I dont know for sure but I would hazard a guess that it might have something to do with the fact that that you live in a world surrounded by liberal sycophants and luvvies and I would suggest you have very little to do with real people who have to worry about getting a doctors appointment or decent housing.

    So please shut your smug sneering mouth and piss off back to the arms of your luvvie mates. To bathe in the glow of their out of touch irrelevance to which you seem to revel in!



    • richard D says:

      I am constantly amazed at how many of these alt-left luvvies feel empowered, despite never having been elected to any representative position by anyone other than their coterie of hangers-on, to pretend that they have the authority to speak for the UK, or even a part of the UK, or its population.

      But somehow, they feel they have the right to sneer at a person who actually has been legally and democratically elected leader of a country many times the size of our own.

      Arrogance and hubris beyond belief. And, as you suggest, Oaknash – far too often ably supported in their delusional state by the BBC.


      • Oaknash says:

        As they say Richard “The Devil always looks after his own!”


      • Tomi says:

        I am constantly amazed at how many of these alt-left luvvies feel empowered, despite never having been elected to any representative position by anyone other than their coterie of hangers-on, to pretend that they have the authority to speak for the UK, or even a part of the UK, or its population.

        Why? You only have to read some of the comments on Biased BBC every single day to see people do exactly the same thing from a very right wing point of view.

        Why is that alright, but you get amazed when people who don’t share your own views do exactly the same?

        Or are you saying you never read Biased BBC before commenting?


        • Nasty barsteward says:

          The majority of posters on this forum agree with Brexit. Therefore, as Brexit won the democratic referendum after being supported by the majority of voters, it is safe to assume that their views represent the country. On the other hand, Mr Stewart’s view and his “apology” represents the minority and cannot, by any measure, be deemed representative of our nation overall.
          I have sympathy for the people who were obviously passionate about remaining in the EU, however, the UK voted and we are leaving. Idiotic and meaningless comments from Patrick Stewart, (who claims to be patriotic but now lives in another country and even sold his UK residence last year), are not helpful, useful, or constructive.


          • Tomi says:

            “Therefore, as Brexit won the democratic referendum after being supported by the majority of voters, it is safe to assume that their views represent the country.”

            Yes, that’s exactly the sort of muddle-headed, falsely arrogant bullshit that I was talking about. Thanks so much for, in your stupidity, proving my point for me.

            Biased BBC is not representative of the people. It’s only representative of a subset of mostly white, mostly male, people who are living embodiments of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

            (who claims to be patriotic but now lives in another country and even sold his UK residence last year)

            There are several ex-pats who post regularly on here, but because they’re right wing nutters you ignore that.

            You’re a hypocrite.

            So thanks once again for proving my point so effectively. I’m most grateful.


            • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

              “…, mostly male, …”

              That is probably true but there are several regular female contributors: off the top of my head, and with apologies to any ladies that I have left out, here are the ones I know of:

              Alicia Sinclair, Brissles, Deborah, Deborah Another, Gillian, Helena Handbasket, KatieH, Mrs Kitty, Lucy Pevensey, Shelly, Stella2 and Thoughtful.

              I understand that two of these twelve do live abroad.


            • taffman says:

              What motivates you to visit this site ?
              Do you work for Al Beeb, are you simply a Troll, or other ?


            • Nasty barsteward says:

              And as usual, if someone like you doesn’t get their own way, they turn to abuse.
              Tomi, one day you may learn how intellectually inadequate that makes you appear, whether you really are or not.
              I could take your last post apart, however with your sweeping generalisation that ex-pats posting on here are right-wing nutters, you have successfully given your post a lack of credibility without assistance.


        • richard D says:

          And, of course, Tomi, you miss the point completely once more. I have never said that people cannot have their own point of view. I made the point that these luvvies, ably abetted by the BBC, are claiming to speak on behalf of the UK or some part of it. They do not – and neither should the BBC even allow them the pretence of doing so – unless the the taxpayer-funded BBC gives an evenly-balanced hearing to anyone, even from this web-site, who does not share their alt-left viewpoint. But, of course, that’s never going to happen.


          • Tomi says:

            You haven’t addressed my point that what you decry in people who you declare to be left wing is exactly the sort of thing you ignore on here, from the right.

            Are you deliberately being hypocritical, or is it a byproduct of your inability to engage your brain?


            • G.W.F. says:

              Tomi aka Zero, try to argue without the silly insult. Here is a tip that I gave you when you were Zero: if you want to make a point about someone not having enough brains, don’t state it, just show it in your brilliant refutation.
              Or is that beyond you?


              • taffman says:

                Notice all the Trolls and Al Beeb employees on this site are continuing to defend the Fake News Corporation but never, repeat Never, offer any example of Bias , not even any clam of right wing bias . At least I posted that they were giving Trump too much air time .
                What does that tell you ?


                • Tomi says:

                  It tells me that taffman, as someone who doesn’t understand the word “unanimous“, isn’t worth wasting time debating with, as he lacks the basic comprehension required.

                  Come back when you’ve been able to prove that you possess enough intelligence to be able to debate properly, and people may listen to you. As it is, there’s plenty of empirical evidence on this site to justify treating you as someone not worth engaging with.


              • Tomi says:

                I have never posted under the name “Zero”, so you’ve clearly tried out your “I’m a patronising twat” act on more than one person.

                Never mind: I’m sure you’ll try and claim that I’m wrong, without any facts to justify your let’s-be-kind-and-call-your-delusions-an-argument. Because, of course, you couldn’t possibly be expected to behave in the way you demand of others, could you?


            • richard D says:

              The art of debate, Tomi, is to stick to the point. Something you clearly fail miserably to do.

              Once again, for the hard of thinking like yourself (you see – ad-homs are really easy) – I am not criticising others for having different views. I am criticising their assumption that they have the right to broadcast their views on the likes of the BBC, and that their voices should be heard on a medium, paid for by taxpayers, which panders to their views and ignores opposite views.

              If Patrick Stewart, Lily Allen and the rest of the luvvies want to contribute to a blog-site, like this one – fine ! But they must not be allowed to vent their spleens on a publicly-funded, so-called ‘unbiased’ medium like the BBC, unless their political opponents are afforded the same time and publicity which they are.

              There, you see, sticking to the point, as opposed to trying to side-track the issue. However, I am glad you concede that I have a brain (whether or not you think I am using it) – I am not so sure, given your lack of debating skills so far, that many would concede the same level of confidence that you have one.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        “The white liberal is an unsavoury hybrid of Joseph Stalin and Mother Teresa. Too many rules mixing with too much righteousness. Too little to back everything up. Sensitivity by force. Understanding through indoctrination. Brotherhood at gun point.”

        ‘The Redneck Manifesto’ Jim Goad.


  21. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    The Mirror (on-line) on the separation of Jeremy Paxman and partner Elizabeth Clough:

    … …

    [Paxman’s] agent told the Daily Mail: “Jeremy Paxman and his partner separated last year. They retain a mutual respect for each other and a deep love for their children.”

    According to the newspaper, the divorce is a bitter blow for Elizabeth who made several sacrifices for the relationship.

    They report she gave up her job as a producer on a BBC show when it relocated from London to Glasgow.

    “When it was relocated by the BBC to Scotland, she spent some time bedding it in, but she couldn’t relocate,” someone close to the situation at the time said.

    Elizabeth joined the BBC as a trainee and worked on several shows including Panorama, Watchdog and Newsnight.

    It was on the BBC’s flagship political programme that she is said to have met Jeremy.

    As a presenter, Jeremy spent 25 years fronting the Newsnight, earning a reputation as a tough interviewer before leaving the show for good in 2014.

    After the show chose not to run an item linking Jimmy Saville [sic, as well as ‘sick’] with child abuse, Paxman said it was “time to move on” and he “should rather like to go to bed at much the same time as most people”.


  22. BRISSLES says:

    Message to Patrick – If you really do find us all truly that embarrassing why dont you just F###K OFF to Germany where I am sure Mutti Merkel will welcome you with open arms.

    Further message to Patrick…

    You are disgrace to Yorkshire ! If you are proud of your roots, where the hell were your comments when your fellow Yorkshire girls were being raped then ? I’m not on Twitter, but that would be my question to you. Dear God your arrogance is breathtaking – (and you cant act your way out of a paper bag !)


    • Oaknash says:

      Well said Brissles (apologies about my rather fruity language but this narcissistic prig really got my goat and put me into rant warp overdrive)

      I was wondering whether he is suffering from some sort of late life teen rebellion. I understand his father had a distinguished war record and was decorated for bravery. A true patriot (not a word I am sure the BBC likes) I understand he was somewhat absent and distant when Patrick was growing up but so were many other fathers and most people still seem to retain a sense of balance on things.

      I suspect Patrick has had “therapy” and now realises that to make his mark in the world he has to reject his past (including most things his father stood for probably including pride in ones country) and cut his own furrow. Even if this includes wearing make up and “air kissing” Emma Thompson and Jude Law.

      I bet his dad would be really proud!


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Stewart spends more time voicing-over a left-wing cartoon version of himself than actually acting these days.


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    The new US Secretary of State is in Europe to talk NATO – so who better for the BBC’s Lyse Ducet to select for comment than the non-NATO Swedish spokeswoman. And the reasoning seems to be that Sweden has a ‘feminist foreign policy’. It gets worse – our Nordic Mizz tells us that never mind if the US opts out of Climate Change stuff, apparently, the Chinese will step up. Vain hope over reality, you might think, but our Lyse was loving it. No push back on this tripe, just a little chumming of the waters in the hope that the Swedish woman might say something anti-Trump. Another PC boxing-ticking one-trick show pony.


    • NISA says:

      I didn’t see the end of that interview. It seemed that the Swede was pushing the EU line that they should be excused defence spending because they are sending money to Africa. I think I would be correct in assuming that Lyse did not respond to this crap by pointing out that Russian tanks would be little slowed when opposed by aid workers & bureaucrats.


  24. Tom_Kenny says:

    Tracey Ullman show last night.

    Bloke goes into a coffee bar and acts like a knob, but without saying anything political.

    Barista writes “Voted for Brexit” on his cup.

    Clever isn’t it? Bloke’s a knob, so he must have voted Brexit.

    Starts at 1:46:



    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Aaron D (see above, posted Friday 11:28) made the point that, at a stroke, Ullman has risked offending over half of her audience with this unfunny quip. To be picky, you could argue that it’s more like 3/8, i.e. the pro-Brexit 51.9% x turnout 72.2% =/~ 37.5% or 3/8; but the point still holds good. The BBC should NOT be insulting a large group of people who did not vote in the way that the BBC wanted them to. Of course, UKIP and Tory voters have been treated like this for years, so it’s sadly nothing new.


      • Tom_Kenny says:

        I quite enjoy being insulted, provided that it’s clever or funny, but this just wasn’t.


      • GCooper says:

        Then again, what Brexit supporter is likely to be watching a clapped-out old Left wing has-been like Tracey Ullman?

        Or, indeed, any of the BBC’s current crop of ‘comedians’.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        It just can’t have crossed her mind that anyone who matters would be offended by that. After all, no-one she knows voted for Brexit, and she hardly cares what the prole scum in places like Sunderland or Stoke think.


    • gaxvil says:

      And they say comedy is dead.

      No, just very, very sick.


  25. ScottishCalvin says:

    Here was my take on the week:

    Then Trump turned up at that press conferences and showed that it’s hard to out-crazy some things.


  26. Tom_Kenny says:

    More BBC “comedy”. I know, I should watch less telly…

    Last night’s “Not Going Out”. It beggars belief that this lamest of lame-fests is on its eighth series. New depths were plumbed in last night’s show, in a blatant rip off of a scene from “About a Boy” which culminates in a lad’s dad dropping his trousers, bending over and setting light to his own fart producing an uproariously large flame.

    I quite like Lee Mack as a stand-up comedian and game-show panellist, but NGO’s script is embarrassingly poor and beyond any actor’s skills to rescue. We should not be obliged to fund this utter dross. It’s not biased; it’s just absolute rubbish.

    For masochists only, the scene starts at 23:25



  27. peterthegreat says:

    So, BLiar wants to keep us in the EUSSR?
    Better hurry up Tone, there may not be a EU for much longer, after Dutch, French, German elections.
    But if you’re lucky, we’ll be (‘back’) in just in time to pour billions more to propping up Greece, Italy, Spain…


    • Al Shubtill says:

      Why doesn’t someone ask Blair how much he is being paid to front this anti-democratic campaign?

      I don’t care though really, it would be hard to find a politician less liked, less trusted and less believed than this creature.


  28. Tom_Kenny says:

    BBC1 News at Ten last night.

    Lead item = Tony Blair is launching a new initiative to undo Brexit. It got 6 minutes in a half hour show.

    Balance? Proportionality?

    No mention of who is funding it either.


  29. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Another Anti-Trump hate story from the BBC in their Venomous Hate Campaign against Donald Trump.

    In the “Explainers” section on the front page of the News Section of the BBC website – they have replaced the link to their “Mental Health of Donald Trump” fake story and replaced it with a link to the following fake article: “Enemies of the people’: Trump remark echoes history’s worst tyrants.” In this fake news article they compare Donald Trump to the murderous Dictators Stalin and Chairman Mao, both responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. They place images of Stalin and Chairman Mao in the link to their fake article.

    Clearly there are no bounds to the depths the BBC are prepared to go to in following their irrational hate campaign against Donald Trump. This organisation needs to be stopped and dismantled as a matter of some urgency:
    Link to the latest BBC propaganda: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39015559


  30. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From the BBC’s sister newspaper the Guardian (on-line):

    “The world’s first transgender doll is being unveiled at the New York toy fair this weekend, modelled on the US teenager and LGBTQ campaigner Jazz Jennings.

    Sixteen-year-old Jennings, who was born as a boy, was propelled to fame as one of the youngest people ever officially documented as transgender. She has signalled her personal approval of the doll, which she thinks sends out a positive message about being transgender.

    “Ever since I was little, I always loved playing with dolls,” she said in an interview with the New York Times ahead of the toy fair. “It was a great way to show my parents that I was a girl, because I could just express myself as I am. So this really resonates with me, because it was something so pivotal in my own journey.”

    … … … …”

    Ah, that word ‘journey’ again!


    • gaxvil says:

      Tony Blair and Bill Oddie – Who next I ask?
      Basil Brush? Surely not, but maybe Sooty and Andy Pandy? Always had my suspicions about them.


      • Iain Muir says:

        Never liked Andy Pandy. All that time ago I felt there was something not quite right about him. A sort of precursory Stephen Fry.

        I used to say so, or at least I think I did, or something like it. Fortunately, in the 1950s we didn’t live in constant fear of the thought police.

        Rag, Tag and Bobtail, and Billy Bean and his Funny Machine were good.


        • Oaknash says:

          Iain – I think Andy could well have been the first snowflake. As I remember it he seemed to prance around in a blue and white ” Onsie” and a very dodgy cap – I have my suspicions that our friend Zero probably wears something similar!


    • G says:

      Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi,
      ““Ever since I was little, I always loved playing with (ahem! what, Oh dolls you say, born a boy? I would have thought it something else……..”


  31. gaxvil says:

    You know not so long ago I could always identify some common ground between left an right – I really struggle now.
    eg: Interview with protestor by Neil Cavuto 17/02/17:-
    She looks ‘gone out’ but says,(I paraphrase) “I don’t like Trump’s demeanour, the way he speaks.
    The deaths in Chicago are due to years of oppression and military style Policing is not the answer. And Police brutality and racism.”
    Cavuto asks, “Well, why aren’t you protesting outside the Chicago Mayor’s Office?”
    She replies, “I don’t like the last fourty years of politics, any of it. I was brought up with a moral compass.”
    Cavuto, “You’re not saying they’re all immoral?”

    No, I didn’t take much from it other than, accusations, complaints, sound-bites but, above all, no solutions, nothing vaguely positive.


  32. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Remember the three BBC reporting methods: (1) omission, (2) misdirection and (3) falsification.

    Here’s an example of (2) from the BBC’s website:


    “Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders has launched his election campaign by calling Moroccans “scum” and promising to make the Netherlands “ours again”.

    Mr Wilders tops opinion polls ahead of the 15 March parliamentary vote, but has seen his lead fall in recent weeks.

    He has vowed to ban Muslim immigration and shut mosques if he wins.

    His latest comments come two months after he was convicted in a hate speech trial over his promise to reduce the number of Moroccans in the country.

    Mr Wilders addressed his supporters on Saturday amid tight security in his party’s stronghold of Spijkenisse, an ethnically-diverse area near Rotterdam.

    “There is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who make the streets unsafe,” he said. “If you want to regain your country, make the Netherlands for the people of the Netherlands again, then you can only vote for one party.”

    He emphasised that he thought “not all are scum”.

    According to the 2011 census, there were more than 167,000 Moroccan-born residents of the Netherlands, making up the third-largest group of non-EU residents, a figure that does not take into account second or third-generation Moroccans.”


    So we have to wait until the second to last paragraph to see that the headline “… calling Moroccans ‘scum'” is misdirection, since he emphasises that “not all are scum”. In the paragraph before that, he says “There is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland …”, and not that ALL or even most Moroccans are scum.

    The BBC – often omitting and misdirecting when not lying.


    • G says:

      We should have a site where we can record these sorts of details – detailing the Fake news and manipulations/massaging the BBC are renowned for with dates and times for the record.


  33. nogginator says:

    The world has gone mad, totally mad
    Ch4 News Alert – The Islamic Somali community do not recognise autism? … and so are turning to unorthodox methods in an effort to cope.?????

    “Another Beauty” for sure but is it news?

    … Do they recognise continuous 1st cousin marriages?
    … What the hell is this? if a throwback Islamic community are deliberately ignorant ITS THEIR OWN FAULT!
    and … this isn t our national news, AT ALL!

    We are even treated to a moronic weirdy beardy wailing away, from the Koran
    … I am unsure whether he had his camel urine handy.



    • gaxvil says:

      They, of course put such things down to, witchcraft and possession by evil spirits. Beating, burning and killing are the preferred treatments.


    • ID says:

      C4 were keen to point out that there was no word for autism in Somali. Woman also claimed that autism could not have anything to do with the “Somali community” as no one exhibited behaviour like her son’s in Somalia. The narrative is obviously that living in racist Britain can damage your brain and vast quantities of money will have to be extracted from the indigenous taxpayer by way of compensation for this hate crime/incident.


  34. G says:

    Is the Trump administration beginning to roll back the obummer nonsense? Our favourite BBC station would not want viewers/listeners to know this as it is likely to be contrary to their own policy on such matters. Question: does the BBC provide similar loo’s as depicted for transgenders and all the rest of the loonies? I feel a FoI Request coming on!


  35. chrisH says:

    Only the BBC would fail to link their torrent of abuse towards Americas newly-elected President with NATO possibly being in the US Governments firing line for failing to pay for their own defence. When you see Junkcer, Blair and the BBC libbies trashing Trump on one news story-and then condemn him for not paying Brussels the usual money for selfsame abuse-then Trump is right to force the EU to pay its share of its own defence.
    I myself would get the US Media pals of Trump to log the abuse-and fine the BBC grievously, with the money going to Juncker and his tin foil helmet.
    The BBC are beyond pastiche-let the EU pay for their own Tubeway Army, whilst we side with Donald, Putin and Lord Farage-only under HIS banner will the Peoples Army gather.


  36. taffman says:

    Why is Al Beeb continuing to bleat on to us about all the ‘Tariffs’ that the EU will impose upon us and our exports when we get independence ?
    Tariffs work both way – they sell far more to us = more money for us .
    We have the EU by the balls!
    Add to that, all the money that we don’t have to pay into their un accountable pot.


  37. gb123 says:

    I would like to live in a parallel universe where the below is a statement from Parliament about the BBC.

    Shame it was Singapore in 2011. The description,including the part about using public funds to finance a private corporation, seems so true. The BBC acts like it is above the public and is a private corporation in so many ways. Never mind. Back to reality, misinformation and omission.

    “He told Parliament that the licence fees were losing their relevance. Many users now watch TV and listen to radio on the Internet, bypassing the traditional channels, he also pointed out.
    The licence fees had been justified in the past as necessary to fund public broadcasting programmes made by free-to-air broadcaster Mediacorp as well as other TV programmes supported by the Media Development Authority. The government regulator collected S$132.5 million of licence fees in 2009.
    However, over the years, many users have asked if public funds should be used to prop up programmes made by Mediacorp, a private company. They have also questioned if the amount collected was more than what was needed to fund public programmes.
    It seems the authorities have finally got the point. Under the new measures, those who have already paid up their licence fees would get a refund from the government by April this year.”



    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The Nazis and Soviets would often make their victims dig their own graves, prior to murdering them. Making the public pay for the propaganda directed against them is in the same mould.


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