Middle of the week and the daily bias from the BBC keeps on coming. THIS is where you detail it!

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750 Responses to MID WEEK OPEN THREAD….

    • MartinW says:

      Thank you, Alicia Sinclair, for posting that Michelle Malkin link. It is an important reminder of the turmoil in the Obama regime – doubtless reported at the time very quietly by the BBC. I had forgotten about these conflicts of interest and semi-corruption of Obama nominees. Of course, John Sopel will not be mentioning the Obama regime’s difficulties, nor will anyone else in the BBC-Guardianistas bubble. Perhaps the Mail or Express would do a major feature?


    • SupportOurLefty says:

      Funny, I’ve never heard anything on the BBC about this. /sarc.


  1. BRISSLES says:

    If there isn’t any current news, just dig up the past. Paul Nuttall now the target headlines for an article written years ago that he didn’t write….. ‘but still’. A few words spoken in private by Trump when God was a boy creates worldwide protests, – (forget that American blokes in the past have called women, broads, chicks, dames, mouse,) oh and funny how there are no protesting women when black Rap music contains the word ‘bitch’ eh ?

    Its become tiring and boring now when most of the news has the word ‘allegedly’ attached to it. This makes the news services nothing more than a Scandal service with the journalists pouncing like vultures on a carcass.


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Yep. They’re all tabloids now.


  3. Dave666 says:

    BBc Breakfast / North West: Nuttall, Hillsborough repeat & repeat.


  4. TigerOC says:

    BBC Fake News.

    This morning there is plethora of claims on “hate crime” related to Brexit.
    Here in the West we have the headline 220 hate crimes in Devon and Cormwall;

    But going to the Police website and investigating we have a FOI on hate crimes related to EU, Referendum, Brexit listing just 3 cases; one under investigation, one no follow up due to unknown identity and one resolved at community level.
    So we have 217 cases of people making unsubstantiated claims to the Police and yet the BBC present this as fact.


  5. Gunner says:

    On the 29th of January Brussels Broadcasting informed us that the UK’s “mini-boom in living standards is over”. This was courtesy of our good friends at the entirely unbiased Resolution Foundation (Director Torsten Bell, previously Director of Policy for the Labour Party). Well the stats this morning from the Office of National Statistics suggest that this news of our economic demise is a wee bit premature. Indeed according to the ONS “Latest estimates show that average weekly earnings for employees in Great Britain in nominal terms (that is, not adjusted for price inflation) increased by 2.6%, both including and excluding bonuses, compared with a year earlier.” Bearing in mind that inflation is running at about 1.8% this means that wage increases are still outpacing inflation as indeed they have done for the past two years.

    Meanwhile today Brussels informs us that ” a third of UK lives on inadequate income”. This shocking news is based on something called “Minimum Income Standards” which sounds sort of official. It is nothing of the kind. This is a survey set up by “experts from Loughborough University, and is based on what members of the public think is a reasonable income to live on.” It also happens to be based on data/opinions which were collected in 2014/15, and as noted above real wages have actually increased over the past two years. In fact average weekly earnings have risen faster than CPI inflation every month since October 2014, according to the Office for National Statistics.
    This “research” comes from the entirely unbiased Joseph Roundtree Foundation led by Chief Executive Campbell Rob, once described by the Grauniad as “a New Labour insider” who Tony Blair called upon ” to make sure that the romance between charities and the government would blossom.”

    Never mind Brussels, keep the bad “news” coming.


    • gaxvil says:

      They do reckon that the inflation cycle is bound to rise Worldwide.
      Good for savers, bad for debtors.


    • Grant says:


      And even the BBC Website has to admit that UK “Wage growth outpaces inflation” and unemployment is down. It is the Brexit bonanza. How much better will it be once we are out of the EU !


    • EnglandExpects says:

      Nice bit of research Gunner. I keep pointing out that both the Resolution Foundation and The Joseph Rowntree Trust are NOT politically neutral, as the BBC would have us believe. Both organisations consistently get headline news on the BBC for their leftist liberal views with no opposing views given.


  6. AsISeeIt says:

    Strap on your sports bras, ladies, it could be a bumpy ride…


    ‘Football headers ‘linked to brain damage’ By Smitha Mundasad Health reporter’

    The BBC is today fretting about brain injury in footballers whilst simultaneously promoting female soccer, rugby and even women’s boxing.


  7. Thoughtful says:

    We are not alone in our views of the propaganda merchants.


    So many others wanting an end to the TV tax and a subscription model.


  8. peterthegreat says:

    Manna from heaven for Bibistan: racism AND sexism AND uglyism in one go, hallelujah!!

    “Female MP abuse ‘puts women off politics’ says Diane Abbott”

    But I think there’s a syntactical error in the above sentence, and it should read:

    “Female MP ‘puts women off politics'”

    Likewise the next sentence:

    Women may be deterred from entering politics because of abuse suffered by female MPs, Diane Abbott says.
    Surely: Women may be deterred from entering politics because of Diane Abbott.

    And how’s this for fake news: “I have had rape threats”. Relax Flabbott, they were just being polite.



  9. gaxvil says:

    The BBC:- Cakes, dancing, cars, historical dramas fronting soft porn, contemporary drama of the dark, squalid kind, filtered and biased news.
    All that for £145. I could better spend that money on manure for the garden – at least that shit is useful.


  10. EnglandExpects says:

    The BBC sends its intrepid reporter Jonathan Beale to the Arctic Circle where, on the Norway-Russia frontier, the Norwegian border force is being supplemented by NATO. This includes British troops, but also American forces, who are being trained in winter warfare techniques by the British. If I were Norwegian, I’d be grateful for the NATO defensive umbrella and particularly appreciative that American troops were getting more involved. This policy presumably was initiated by Obama but Trump has not reversed it, threatened to or, as far as I know, said anything about it. Yet..the BBC reporter asks locals leading questions such as are you more frightened of Trump or Putin. Sure enough, some are found who opt for Trump. Yes, there are enough lefty liberal Norwegians around if you look. Lets be clear, if Putin detects any weakness of NATO and in particular America in defending the Arctic frontier, he will undoubtedly begin incursions. The pattern set by Ukraine clearly shows his methods. The stakes are high – untold mineral wealth to be illegally annexed and the chance to neutralise an important Baltic NATO member, drawing it further away from the West. So there can be no doubt that Norwegians should favour America over Russia. So obvious but not to the BBC.


    • embolden says:

      Also on that report was the line that Russia may have access to oil reserves in the Russian Arctic that are larger than those of Saudi Arabia.

      Have to say I’d rather see a NATO pivot towards friendly relations with Russia than wahabbite Saudi and Qatar, perhaps there are elements
      In the US and U.K. “Deep states” that see it differently.
      Hence the new US presidents so called “problematic relations” with Russia.


    • MartinW says:

      I noticed that no mention was made in the piece for ‘Today’ of the large number (thousands) of African and Middle East migrants who have entered northern Norway from Russia, and that Norway have been forced to install high steel fencing in order to keep them out.


  11. Thoughtful says:

    No doubt the BBC will be running the fake news that ‘so called Hate Crime has increased since Brexit’.

    It has been pointed out that Hate Crime has also increased since Leicester City won the league! A meaningless statistic with no correlation between the two, but proof that news can easily be manufactured to fit the leftie liberal narrative.

    On top of that is this dialogue of a telephone call showing that the Political Correctness Enforcement Squad are manufacturing instances of so called hate crime.

    This incident concerns a damaged fence which needed a crime number for an insurance claim:

    A day later I get a call from a PC asking me about what had happened. I told him. He then said:

    PC: “Now, would you describe the incident as a hate crime?”

    Me: “No.”

    PC: “Are you sure?”

    Me: “Yes. It was probably just damaged by some kids playing football or messing around in general.

    PC: “Did you see who did the damage?”

    Me: “No”

    PC: “So it could’ve been a hate crime?”

    Me: “It wasn’t a hate crime.”


    • Doublethinker says:

      I think it almost certain that Hate Crime has increased and will continue to do so. The liberal left invented a new crime which , uniquely in British law ,and just about any other democracy’s law, requires no proof just an accusation , to be deemed true and recorded in the stats. So we can expect the rapid rise in the Hate Crime statistics to become exponential. The BBC and the disgusting Hope not Hate and Black Lives Matter mob will blame old whitey of course whilst knowing all the time that is a total fabricated stitch up.
      Sooner or later someone is going to hit on the idea that the mythical victims of these mythical crimes should be paid compensation by the state. We can then sit back and watch the stats reach astronomical numbers. Even Shiner may be reinstated to deal with the ever increasing work load.


    • gaxvil says:

      Other than creating statistics to fit a narrative and appease SJWs, what is the point of the ‘hate’ epithet?
      A crime is something that appears on the statute and I reckon we all know that a crime is a crime is a crime, when we see it regardless.
      Really I suppose we require a whole new set of crimes: Dancing crime, Beer Spilling crime, Looking Funny at Someone crime, Hurt Feelings crime and of course, Treading on the Cracks in the Pavement in a Racist, Anti Islamic way crime.


      • Thoughtful says:

        The whole concept of ‘hate crime’ is affront to democracy & freedom. A special favoured victim group is selected by politicians whilst other groups are omitted.
        If you are elderly you aren’t a victim group
        rich or poor
        etc etc

        And if someone sticks a knife in you is the motive for doing so really so important?
        It seems also that there is a great reluctance on the part of the authorities to record any crimes by Muslims as hate crime save in the circumstances where it cannot be avoided (which are very few).


    • Stella2 says:

      Joking apart, this is thoroughly sinister…inventing crimes that need no proof is straight out of the totalitarian handbook. Add in enforcers who incentivised by targets and we are in a very frightening Orwellian world.

      The “Hate crimes rise since Leicester won the league” is a brilliant shattering of so much agenda-based journalism.

      Where, apart from Andrew Neil, are the broadcasters with common sense and logic? We need them now to take on what is actually the biggest story of our time: how the Marxists colluded to seize power in our institutions, turning right into wrong.


      • gaxvil says:

        Next: Thought crime?


        • Stella2 says:

          Seems to me we already have Thought Crime, gaxvil, if silly Tweets can result in prosecution.

          If a Tweet is clearly libellous or slanderous, that may well be fair enough. The trouble is, definitions of offensiveness keep (deliberately) being changed. And we hear constantly that suspects have “Liked” certain people or organisations on social media, thereby presuming certain thoughts from these actions. Scary how often these tenuous links are hammered into a given narrative. A dangerous game. I “Like” the Guardian – which means I’m interested in seeing what it’s saying now, not that I usually agree with its conclusions.


          • Stella2 says:

            PS. Obviously, silly tweets that call for assassination attempts on President Trump are no crime at all. What is, and is not, a thought crime is entirely dependent on the political views of the tweeter.


      • Florian says:

        It appears to be “Hate Crime Day” across all BBC regions. On Look North we had an bearded , scruffy expert who stated that only 1 in 10 Hate Crimes are reported. FFS how can anyone know that ?? The assertion was not challenged.


    • StewGreen says:

      So basically you deny hate crime.
      You are a hate crime denier.

      Plod probably this thinks it should employ vast resources into tracking you down.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      Why do you think Plod was so keen for you to report the incident as a Hate Crime?

      Reason I ask is that in my experience the police discourage reporting of hard-to-solve crimes because it makes their clear-up stats look bad.

      A few years ago I used to work at the high street bookmakers’ trade association. The industry had a problem with losing punters smashing up Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) in frustration, then legging it. Bookies would report such incidents of criminal damage to the police, who seldom if ever managed to finger the perpetrators even though all the shops were wired for CCTV.

      Met Police’ solution? In return for Met Police agreeing not to oppose betting shop licence applications and renewals, bookies agreed to stop reporting criminal damage to FOBTs. The exception was when the perpetrator had been apprehended by betting shop staff i.e. minimal effort required by police to “solve” the crime.


      • gaxvil says:

        Not so many years ago, we’d watch film of foreigners being questioned by Western reporters in various repressive countries. We’d cringe or smile and say, “Yeah right mate”, and feel good that we had freedom of speech and didn’t live there.
        We knew, they knew, they were just spouting the party line or they were just too afraid to speak openly.
        Welcome to Great Britain 2017.


  12. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    When Wikileaks released Clinton’s activities and inner thoughts there was no outrage about the content, rather the means of acquisition.
    General Flynn situation, no outrage about the means of acquisition, all about the content.

    Simple Leftist MSM bias.


    • StewGreen says:



    • johnnythefish says:

      Also Watergate vs Climategate.

      Reporting of Watergate we are all familiar with – and what heroes those journalists were for exposing the truth about the neo-nazi slimeball Nixon!

      Climategate was reported by the BBC as a hacking crime against law-abiding scientists, which is how it was pursued by our diligent Stasi – sorry, I mean Noble Forces of Law and Order.


    • Colboysigma says:

      Read Breitbart’s book “Righteous Indignation”. More facts about the Clintons earlier activities. It WILL make your blood boil!


  13. Beltane says:

    Apparently the Guardian headlines Paul Nuttall’s peccadillos today. Oh dear, that means about 3,000 people might take the news seriously.


  14. Rick Bradford says:

    What we are seeing now is full-on war, at the cultural level.

    It must be war, as nothing short of war could possibly make me side with George Galloway (who ridiculed the BBC over its way of interviewing him about Brexit), or Piers Morgan (who was howled down for suggesting that Trump was right about many things).

    The BBC, CNN, the Grauniad have decided that their very existence depends on destroying Brexit and Trump, and as they say, “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

    Interesting times.


    • Dave S says:

      It looks this way now. Which explains the refusal of Victor Orban to give the BBC interviews. In a war never give succour to the enemy.
      I think if you watch Katya Adler’s interview with Marine Le Pen it looks suspiciouusly as if it was terminated quickly by Adler or cut. Marine was taking no prisoners.
      It will be the same with President Trump. He knows that the BBC is part of the enemy and will not allow it any interviews if he is wise.
      The present May government ( in my opinion a real authoritarian one in the making) is employing all it’s resources to counter RT and Breitbart . This government is a real part of the problem and we need to get this into our heads. It is not going to defend our ancient liberties. That will be up to us.


      • gaxvil says:

        True – our Government is trying so hard to please everyone, or rather not offend anyone.


      • SupportOurLefty says:

        Friend Dave! I can – literally – not believe that I am reading this! Ron has been telling me about your recent escapades … plainly, your recovery is taking longer than he intimated. Or are you a double agent?

        [Apologies if you’re a different “Dave S.”, btw – if so, please ignore this!]


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      Bit harsh on Galloway, that. Here he is…

      …demolishing the US Senate Committee (from 6:42):

      …and putting a sneering Paxman in his place:

      By contrast Piers Morgan is a puffed up controversialist, whose schtick is acting like an arse.


      • johnnythefish says:

        You can’t get more controverisal arse-wise than the licking of Saddam’s.


        • Al Shubtill says:

          True, but he was right about that f*****g war of Blair’s though.


          • Colboysigma says:

            The UN should have prosecuted the war as a result of Saddam’s failure to comply with inspections etc. However since they have not had any balls or real substance since about 1950, Blair thought he could do it for them…Probably a mistake for the region, in retrospect, although on the positive side, the wife did make a lot of dosh out of it!


      • Lurkio says:

        The second clip is worth a look for the post-interview race-hustling by ‘Mastermind’ David Lammy.


      • Colboysigma says:

        I’ve followed the career of the Gorgeous one (or GG as he is known) for many years and he is quite simply a total and utter flexi-opinionated, self seeking, narcissistic tosser. There is virtually nothing honest about the guy. DO NOT be sucked in (or is that off?) by the charm or that (seriously fake) pseudo-posh Scots accent…


  15. Alex says:

    I never understand this: why do all of these militant and professional gay rights ‘protestors’ (they’re basically the same motley crew who make-up every other leftie protest) never seek the same rights for gays, transgenders and lesbians within mosques and the religion of Islam? My answer is that if they turned up to the local mosque calling for Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve they’d get the sh*t kicked out of them and the police wouldn’t bat an eyelid.


    Also is anyone else getting sick and tired of the snooty, chattering classes on the BBC and Sky continually criticising Trump? More and more we are getting the opinions of BBC and Sky ‘experts’…. I am forced to watch Fox News and go to Breitbart/Express/Spectator etc for news as our mainstream media is so left-wing! BBC and Lie (Sky) news no perfectly well that it is the vociferous minority who protest against Trump and yet they push the fake news that these childish hypocrites represent the majority.


  16. Kaiser says:

    can anyone find this on the so called bbc

    JOBS for foreigners


  17. Guest Who says:

    That blank screen looks about right. The list of BBC QT non BDS panellists?


    • nogginator says:

      Is he wearing a burkha? … so he s possibly erm “transgender” no wonder the BBC are all over it 😀
      According to the BBC misleading the nation, it was the “far right” that was “denigrating Islam” that made him do it.

      BBC R4 – After a 9 yr old boy, gets into ISIS video s (with another 8 of his school friends)… Al BBC investigates
      1hr 40 mins http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08g0310
      A clever bright boy, who wanted answers says the BBC, watched “BBC – children of the caliphate”.
      This is Al BBC, so of course, he d seen a “far right” site … that “denigrated Islam” that of course made him get into ISIS … errr right!

      I hope this “clever, bright boy who wanted answers” didn t erm, look in the Koran the find the real Islam? (which I m sure he must have)
      … because he d find ISIS and Hezbollah (who he had already looked into), and indeed Hamas ARE the perfectly Islamic in their set up and methods.
      Anyway the chocolate fireguard of Prevent, says he s no problem anymore, despite knowing all of ISISs leadership structure etc.
      Sooooo! box ticked, nothing to see, move on.
      … the other eight schoolkids?, relaxxxx, no one asks.
      His “community” are showing him how to integrate properly so that’s alright

      This is interesting, exposes both BBCs overt bias and Islamophilia, along with the abject cluelessness of Prevent.


    • Northern Dreamer says:

      Nice one Guest Who. Oh for a bit of humour and joy on the bBBC……the programming is overtly and subliminally ‘on message’ all the time. I have finalised details of some more new programmes coming to the bBBC and bITV schedules soon……

      For the children we have..
      Ja Koran Ory
      Meher, Mubaraq and Mubid
      Deputy Daud
      Wacky Races
      New cutting edge comedy and gameshows..
      Indoctrination in the House
      Bombs On The Buses
      The Raghead Tirade
      Play Your Race Cards Right
      Who Wants to be a Muezzin?
      New drama for Spring..
      Danger UX IED
      Brideshead Reradicalised
      and satire..
      That Was The Wajib That Was
      The Arts..
      And I am just receiving news that Evan Davis, Graham Norton, Alan Carr and Julian Clary have signed up for a new series of ‘The Jump’.


  18. BRISSLES says:

    Sadly I cannot lay claim to the following, but its worth a chuckle !…

    “We could have solved the refugee problem on Bafta night by simply adding one to each of the goody bags given to the luvvies as they departed “


  19. Alex says:

    Yes, I know the link I share below is from Lie News, but the BBC are also reporting it…. these days I find Lie News and the BBC one-and-the-same, although mercifully we are not coerced into funding Lie News. Anyway, could you imagine Lie News or the BBC reporting a story that suggests refugees are getting a sense of entitlement due to endless charities cropping up? No, of course not. But because the story concerns our troops, who the left despise, it is fair reporting. I would never stop giving to our troops and believe that they are JUSTIFIED in having a sense of entitlement due to the way we treat them; unlike the criminal chancers and economic migrants who pose as refugees and take advantage of British charity and hospitality; and the vile leftie scum do all they can to assist economic migrants in their foul designs. I hate what this country is becoming; I’ve often thought of moving, but to where? Australia, New Zealand…. Canada even? The latter was once on my list of destinations but it’s being destroyed by the Left same as here. No escape, so we must stand and fight!



  20. Grant says:

    Great to see so many new posters on this site in the last few weeks and months. There must be a reason !


    • gaxvil says:

      1)Folks looking for a laugh. No one tells jokes anymore for fear of the PC police.
      2) People are often simply afraid to express an opinion which is not reflected on MSM.


      • Grant says:


        Good points. One of the great strengths of this site is the humour. Very few people here take themselves too seriously and enjoy taking the P when required. What a contrast with Lefties and the BBC who have had a sense of humour by-pass and take themselves so seriously. They just hate being laughed at. Keep up the good work !!


        • Alicia Sinclair says:

          Saul Alinskys “Rules For Radicals” does say that ridicule and comedy are to be used against the class enemy.
          That these lefty clowns have not had an enemy since Thatcher was felled, only shows that they`ve had the whole culture sealed up until now.
          Hence the reason that Jeremy Hardy and Sandi Toksvig get labels like “comedian”…but are not funny any more than Mark Thomas or Mark Stalin.
          basically all our comedy now is a by product of lefty bed wetting and endless prat falls as we do whatever they don`t want us to. Nuttall will get a landslide if he only talks crap even more and shamelessly clocks Michael Crick-and gives the fighters fee to charity.


          • Cranmer says:

            One comedian I have been listening to a lot lately is American stand-up Bill Burr. He is a little foul-mouthed for my taste, but he completely ‘gets it’ about the madness of modern PC society and makes intelligent jokes about ‘sacred’ subjects like feminism, immigration etc. He has a lot of material on Youtube, but I suspect he won’t be on the BBC very often.

            In this interview, he comes up against a breathless British ‘comedian’ I’ve never heard of, who seems a little flabberghasted at his heretical opinions about celebrities and Twitter storms.


  21. Rick Bradford says:

    The BBC love and support people who would destroy our country, and despise and belittle those who protect it.

    Where’s my dictionary? I need to look up the definition of ‘treason’ again.


  22. Dave666 says:

    Doctors has it’s fingers on the pulse as we hear about swastikas painted on the mosque wall whilst neighbour makes a plant trellis in the shape of the star of David.No I’m not making it up ..Click! Off. (“The story of the day is a somewhat bold venture into the stresses of multiculturalism. A Jewish man (Linal Haft) is constantly bickering with his Muslim neighbour (Adnan Rashed), who insists he would never cross a Jewish household’s threshold even if he were invited. The tension does nothing to help either man’s blood pressure, and there might be more to it than religious intolerance” Radio Times..

    Lots of adverts on for this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/realmarigolds2 Looks like a bunch of old lovees dick around in India at licence fee payers expense. Including BBc favourite Bill Oddie http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/11172446/Bill-Oddie-says-large-British-families-need-to-be-contained.html Sadly I imagine they will all return and not decide to stay there.


  23. nogginator says:

    Bill Oddie says large British families need to be ‘contained’, believes the answer to Britain’s over-population problem is restricting the size of British families rather than curbing immigration.

    Curb large immigrant heritage families,(not a problem for most) and immigration too, … oh, and “contain” Bill Oddie hopefully for an extended period in the Marigold Hotel


    • SteveHovis says:

      Bill Oddie must be wilfully ignorant of the demographic decline of the native population. Wish these people would participate in collective suicide I really do.


      • Colboysigma says:

        LOL!! Sounds more like he’s genuinely lost it… (he is getting on!)
        I seriously cannot imagine Bill Oddie hanging out with the like of Geldof, Rowling, Bono, Allen, et al!


  24. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Bill Oddie, What a self-flagellating idiot! His attitude is repulsive. I suppose it doesn’t occur to him that all the immigrant Mussies with multiple wives might be contributing to over-population.


    • gaxvil says:

      Has he recovered from his ‘depression’ and spent all the binocular and anorak sponsorship money then?


    • Beltane says:

      Oddie is a ‘personality’ almost entirely created by the BBC. As a deeply unpleasant little man – his behaviour on and off screen providing many examples – the ‘love of animals’ which currently provides an income is most likely based on a desire to heighten his attraction by association. Well, it’s an aspiration, but not one to show much success so far.


  25. johnnythefish says:

    Extracts from chapter 11, The Road to Wigan Pier.

    We need Orwell more than ever, a thinker well ahead of his time. He would be having a field day with our jet-setting, bubble-dwelling, virtue-signalling, tax-avoiding, multi-mansion-owning, Islam-loving, climate change-worshipping, hypocritical, shrieking, thick as pigshit, pseudo-socialist celebrity lefties.

    Whilst obviously a socialist himself, and to some degree having communist sympathies (until
    his eyes were finally opened by Joe Stalin years later), he was keen to analyse why socialism didn’t appeal as much as it should do to the poor, working class masses it was designed to help.

    These excerpts give the answer and it isn’t difficult to conclude what he would make of today’s violent, fascistic, priveleged Left in Britain. Sorry it’s a bit lengthy, but they are worth reading in full.

    The first thing that must strike any outside observer is that
    Socialism, in its developed form is a theory confined entirely to the
    middle classes. The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies
    imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous
    voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years’ time will
    quite probably have made a wealthy marriage ….. and, above all, with
    a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting……In addition to this
    there is the horrible–the really disquieting–prevalence of cranks
    wherever Socialists are gathered together. One sometimes gets the
    impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards
    them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer,
    sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England…..

    To this you have got to add the ugly fact that most middle-class
    Socialists, while theoretically pining for a class-less society, cling like
    glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige. I remember my
    sensations of horror on first attending an I.L.P. branch meeting in London…
    Are these mingy little beasts, I thought, the
    champions of the working class? For every person there, male and female,
    bore the worst stigmata of sniffish middle-class superiority. If a real
    working man, a miner dirty from the pit, for instance, had suddenly walked
    into their midst, they would have been embarrassed, angry, and disgusted;
    some, I should think, would have fled holding their noses…..

    But, so far as my experience goes, no genuine working man grasps the deeper implications
    of Socialism. Often, in my opinion, he is a truer Socialist than the
    orthodox Marxist, because he does remember, what the other so often
    forgets, that Socialism means justice and common decency. But what he does
    not grasp is that Socialism cannot be narrowed down to mere economic
    justice’ and that a reform of that magnitude is bound to work immense
    changes in our civilization and his own way of life…..

    They belong either to the type I mentioned
    in the last chapter, the type who squirms into the middle class via the
    literary intelligentsia, or the type who becomes a Labour M.P. or a high-up
    trade union official. This last type is one of the most desolating
    spectacles the world contains. He has been picked out to fight for his
    mates, and all it means to him is a soft job and the chance of ‘bettering’
    himself. Not merely while but by fighting the bourgeoisie he becomes a
    bourgeois himself……

    Sometimes I look at a Socialist–the intellectual, tract-
    writing type of Socialist, with his pullover, his fuzzy hair, and his
    Marxian quotation–and wonder what the devil his motive really is. It is
    often difficult to believe that it is a love of anybody, especially of the
    working class, from whom he is of all people the furthest removed. The
    underlying motive of many Socialists, I believe, is simply a hypertrophied
    sense of order. The present state of affairs offends them not because it
    causes misery, still less because it makes freedom impossible, but because
    it is untidy; what they desire, basically, is to reduce the world to
    something resembling a chessboard…..

    The truth is that, to many people calling themselves Socialists,
    revolution does not mean a movement of the masses with which they hope to
    associate themselves; it means a set of reforms which ‘we’, the clever
    ones, are going to impose upon ‘them’, the Lower Orders



    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Strangely enough, George Orwell never met Jeremy Corbyn, Dianne Abbott or John McDonnell, yet he managed to describe them to a T. What a writer he was.


    • Grant says:


      40 years since I read that book. ” Mingy little beasts” ! LOL ! Orwell had it sussed and wrote beautiful english too.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Probably a bit more for me Grant (at least 50) and only just come back to it. What an eye-opener – he saw true, grinding poverty including families of seven living in what were loosely called ‘caravans’ but were little more than sheds offering hardly any protection from the wet or cold and measuring in some cases no bigger than 15ft x 9ft. Fresh water was one tap for the whole mud-filled site and they had to dig their own ‘lavatories’. Then the Joseph Rowntree Foundation/BBC go on about ‘poverty’?!

        He was a great exponent of plain English, writing eloquently and fluently in a style which most people with a reasonable education could understand.


        • Grant says:


          Orwell was a true , original , english, genius. As a Scot , I have to point out that he wrote 1984 on the Isle of Jura, probably fortified by the splendid malt whisky there.

          In his writing, there was no bullshit, just clear plain english. The only Scottish equivalent I can think of is RLS in “Weir Of Hermiston”.

          But, Orwell wrote the 2 greatest books of insight into the human condition.


          • Grant says:

            PS, Oh , did I say that Orwell was english ? Eric Blair was a Scot !


            • StewGreen says:

              born Eric Arthur Blair in Motihari, Bengal, India, to Richard and Ida Mabel Blair. He had an older sister and a younger sister. His father was a minor customs official in the Indian Civil Service. When Orwell was four years old, his family returned to England, where they settled at Henley, a village near London, England. His father soon returned to India.
              Educated at Eton.

              Read more: http://www.notablebiographies.com/Ni-Pe/Orwell-George.html#ixzz4YmnMEfvH


              • Al Shubtill says:

                Thanks for the quote from Orwell, here is one on a similar topic though not by him.

                ‘What we are trying to get at in discussing leftism is not so much a movement or an ideology as a psychological type, or rather of related types.
                Those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller , Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but minority activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society.

                Leftists claim that their activism is motivated by compassion or by moral principles but compassion and moral principle cannot be the main motives for leftist activism.
                Hostility is too prominent a component of leftist behaviour; so is the drive for power.
                If our society had no social problems at all, the leftists would have to INVENT problems in order to provide themselves with an excuse for making a fuss.’

                “Industrial Society & Its Future” F.C.


  26. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Last nights Newsnight featured an op-ed by Graeme Wood that says that IS is merely that much-wanted Islamic Reformation that we`ve all been seeking.
    Arguable, but a few points worth noting.
    Evan Davis however was quick to point out that tonights show would feature an “opposing view”-that of Tariq Ramadan. Ramadan is very much Taqqiyya Merchant #1 for the BBC and the effete elite who worship him-so well worth a watch to see how the land lies.
    Wood certainly made more sense that the “Age Of Anger” that I heard on the radio this morning-confused, Brexit bashing and endless lefty victimhood in a strangled accent.
    Got a new word or two though-analate…think he meant annihilate but who knows?


    • gaxvil says:

      Could it have been, ‘anal hate’?
      ie: The process of excreting divisive, anti Western, anti British, Lefty, filth?


    • nogginator says:

      Ahh! Brother Tariq 😀 the erm “reformer” everything from Taqiya, to doublespeak, equivocation to euphemism and lies by omission. his grandad founded the Muslim Brotherhood … one slippery snake oil salesman.
      To get a straight answer out of him, is like platting fog.
      If the art of duplicity, encompassing an entire repertoire of rhetorical subterfuge is what you like, give him a listen, if you re at all objective
      … I recommend
      “Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan”
      Caroline Fourest


  27. Jeff says:

    A couple of people have mentioned that unpleasant little turd, Bill Oddie. He gets an awful lot of air time and kudos from the BBC. I wonder why? Hmmm, let’s see…
    He’s a member of the Green Party. He lives in lovely leafy Hampstead. Whilst he believe native Brits shouldn’t be allowed to breed this grotesque creature has three daughters. Unbelievable, isn’t it! He holds those traditional lefty views on his own people; he hates us. Apparently “The British are a loathsome race.” Cheers Bill!
    I’ve heard him say that British workers are lazy and that he much prefers those hard working eastern Europeans.
    Bearing in mind all Bill’s gripes and grudges I’ve got a rather succinct suggestion for this deeply unpleasant, ugly little oik.
    Only two words.
    The second one’s off…


  28. taffman says:

    “The Grammys aren’t racist, according to the head of the Grammys”
    The ‘Luvvies’ are open for your opinion on HYS, get yours in know…..


  29. gaxvil says:

    Excliding tales of victimhood – Do Hindus, Sikhs, Poles etc., have any opinions or have I just missed them?


  30. EUTV says:

    Dear BBC,

    WHY WHY WHY can’t you just stop using that bloody ‘Eurosceptics’ phrase?

    We won the argument, the majority view in this country is that we don’t like what the EU is and that’s why we voted to leave it.

    The reason I’m annoyed is that you tell me climate change is the majority view. But you don’t call them pollution sceptics do you.

    If you must use the word sceptic why not append it to ‘self governing’ and every time Farron, Clark, Clegg appear label them as ‘self governing sceptics’.

    If you want to know what caused this request its the following article on your website today. See third paragraph, where I think you could have simply said ‘the British goverment’ or Britain.

    ######### extract starts######
    There is a theory in politics that times of upheaval and uncertainty present opportunities as well as problems.
    It’s best summed up in the saying that you should never let a good crisis go to waste – an aphorism so seductive that it has been attributed to all the usual historical suspects, from Machiavelli to Winston Churchill.
    It is perhaps in this spirit that the European Parliament has been debating how the EU is going to work in future, in the looming shadow of Brexit.

    The UK’s vote to leave the EU, last June, came as a seismic shock to most MEPs. And many are quite open in their view that it amounts to a self-destructive decision by the British to uncouple themselves from one of modern history’s primary drivers of peace and prosperity.

    British Eurosceptics of course would cast the Brexit vote in an entirely different light, and now foresee a future in which the UK will be free to make its fortune – and make its own new global trading relationships – unfettered from the dead hand of stifling Brussels bureaucracy…………….




    • Cranmer says:

      ‘…one of modern history’s primary drivers of peace and prosperity.’

      All work ceases in Greece as the entire population falls down to the floor in uncontrollable laughter.


    • embolden says:

      “Sceptic” implies doubt…. but there`s no doubt about being anti-EU, which is what the leave vote was an expression of.

      Anti-EU….without doubt.

      Love the way they also imply that the EU represents “certainty”………… Ha ha ha ha! too funny for words. Watch the next member state elections, Holland, France, Germany.


    • johnnythefish says:

      And many are quite open in their view that it amounts to a self-destructive decision by the British to uncouple themselves from one of modern history’s primary drivers of peace and prosperity.

      According to the IMF the combined economies of the current 28 members declined from 36% of world GDP in 1973 to 17% in 2015.

      The EU is the world’s slowest growing economic bloc.

      The EU is hopeless at agreeing trade deals with the rest of the world because of the vested interests of its 27 member countries – it has free trade deals with < 10% of the world economy and most of those are with minor countries.

      The Southern EU states are not looking too prosperous, to say the least.

      Arguably the greatest driver of peace has been NATO.

      In other words, BBC, you just reported FAKE NEWS.


  31. matahari says:

    i just bought lots of popcorn for when trump’s new executive order on vetting is going to be issued. i cannot wait to see the bbc tripe readers’ faces all concerned whilst repeating mainly muslim countries. The other interesting thing is that the pm is off to copeland whilst corbyn has cancelled his visit


  32. Scroblene says:

    Wheee Haaaaaah….

    Punch the air, sit down on the edge of your seat, pour a large one and enjoy five minutes of marvellous energising stuff from Fox!


    Fake News over the Big Pond ruthlessly torn apart like a paper bag!

    Really uplifting reporting!

    Are you listening Jon Sopel?


  33. Loobyloo says:

    bBBC omitting a key fact in the following report:


    Enrique Martinez was a convert to Islam, presumably persuaded by his murderous friend Farook.


    • Loobyloo says:

      In fact I’ve just read through the report again, and the I word isn’t mentioned once. So maybe they left out that fact so that they didn’t have to mention the word ISLAM.


  34. Scroblene says:

    Jon Sopel dribbling and squeaking in a treble – even falsetto voice now, and getting faster and faster! (fake news on in the other room, so quite safe sitting here)!

    Have his balls dropped?


  35. peterthegreat says:

    More stats the bibistan won’t tell you.
    By the heroic freedom-fighter Paul Joseph Watson.


  36. Gunner says:

    Methinks Al Beeb are not very happy with the US/Israel rapprochement signified by the Trump/Netanyahu press conference today. Shame really, Obama’s “legacy” will be pretty much polished off by the end their brilliantly unbiased 100 Days.


  37. david01 says:

    Nearly a month ago French TV had a rather graphic illustration of pollution levels in France, caused, they suggested, by a south-easterly airflow bringing weather and pollution from outwith France. This had caused pollution levels in Paris to be significantly higher than normal. The South Easterly airflow continued for nearly a week and inevitably approached the UK . It seems possible that the highlighted pollution levels in London ( trumpeted by the BBC as being subject to a “Final warning” from the EU)were caused by air and weather movements from the continent. It would be interesting to see whether the air movements in a strong south-westerly airflow have the effect of reducing London pollution levels.
    It would be a novel idea for the European continent to be the source of pollution in London and the EU to blame the UK.


  38. Thoughtful says:

    What the BBC isn’t telling about todays fall in unemployment

    Nearly 450,000 more migrants are working in the UK while the number of British-born people in work has fallen by 120,000, according to new figures.

    The Office for National Statistics disclosed that the number of migrants working in Britain has increased by 431,000 to 5.4 million over the past year.

    Over the same period the number of British people in work has fallen to 26.37 million.

    It’s a pretty bleak picture for British people as craven employers simply don’t want to employ them.



  39. davylars says:

    Womens football.
    Tonight on the six o’clock news another scoop about the best player in the world, joining Man City’s women’s team.
    Not only have very few people ever heard of her or for that matter take interest in women’s football.
    Does anyone else feel that the BBC have the need to force us to be interested in this, just like the Paralympic Games. Whilst I appreciate that the participants are totally committed and fully enjoy these sports I have no problems whatsoever.
    What I do object to is the fact that to be politically correct, we are all told that we must enjoy and endorse these. Any negativity is frowned upon
    In reality it reminds me of my kids doing sports at school. Whether it be a junior school football final, or a gymnastics competition, we were all so proud of our kids and rightly so. Anyway, apart from us parents, a few of our close friends and family plus the school, no one else gave a toss.
    Am I being a bit harsh ?


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Davylars, What! you sexist. Man City played Brondby in the Champions League last 16 and drew an attendance of ….(roll of drums) …just over a thousand people. Oh. Perhaps people were busy that night.


      Accrington Stanley are 24th, bottom of the Sky Bet League 2 and draw an attendance of nearly 2000. Which is the lowest average crowd in the league.

      Why do the soft left pretend things that just arent so?


  40. Al Shubtill says:

    This is an interesting view, by a former Democrat congressman, of what is behind the resignation of General Flynn and President Trump is up against.


  41. quisquose says:

    It seems that widespread suburban rioting that has been going on for days has now spilled into central Paris:


    To think that the BBC ran a well publicised programme recently, presented by Jane Corbin, pretty much accusing the travel companies of negligence for failing to warn travellers of the dangers of going to Tunisia, whilst now themselves failing to report on the dangers of going to Paris.


  42. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat. (I haven’t seen if anyone else has posted this)


  43. taffman says:

    “UK wage growth outpaces inflation”
    But there is a down side – “The number of non-UK nationals working in the UK increased by 233,000 to 3.48 million compared with a year ago.”
    Now that explains to the sceptics the need for houses , doctors , schools , hospital beds etc.
    Ps there is an interesting HYS running , Which just goes to show that there are a lot of angry Anti Al Beeboids out there , not just here .


  44. Lucy Pevensey says:

    This rubbish from the London Evening Standard:
    “Suspected Right-wing extremists now make up a quarter of people referred to the Government’s flagship counter-radicalisation programme, the terror watchdog has revealed.
    David Anderson, QC, said the large numbers being identified as far-Right sympathisers illustrated the scale of the sector’s growing danger to Britain and the potentially lethal consequences should not be underestimated.
    “He added that Right-wing extremists were also “increasingly” seeking to “feed off the tension” caused by Islamist terror to plan violence of their own.

    You see. “Right Wing sympathisers”. And the left have their own definitions of ” extreme right wing” which are incorrect. That’s how they view anyone whose opinion doesn’t fall into line. You can see how the ultimate plan is to weed us out of existence. Grrr! We must wrest back control of our media & stop allowing the loony left to redefine everything.

    In that ES piece they have classed RW extremism as the worst effect of Islamic terror, not the Islamic atrocities themselves. And anyone who resists Islam or fights back can be categorised as Extreme right in their twisted version of reality.


    • Dystopian says:

      Mmm.. growing danger to Britain and the potentially lethal consequences should not be underestimated….the ultimate plan is to weed us out of existence.

      Not sure it’s RW extremism or an extract from jihadwatch.


  45. nogginator says:

    BBC News Clangs the chime of doom – US President Donald Trump has dropped decades of US policy that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be resolved by a two-state solution.
    … GOOD! but that does not a happy Al BBC make … they add, “US heading for constitutional crisis”? and in big letters “Embassy issue”
    The BBC stance is pro Islam, things have changed, times are a changing baby.
    The Muslim imposter is gone, he tried to finance more anti Jew terror just before he left
    … the cheque got stopped, get over it. At a news conference with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr Trump promised to deliver a “great” peace deal, but he said both sides MUST compromise.
    If one side I could mention doesn t it will be … ahem Trump-eted so loud everyone will have to hear.
    Note a change of emphasis
    BBC – “The Palestinian militant group Hamas has elected a hardline commander of its armed wing as the movement’s overall leader in the Gaza Strip”.
    Militant??? … Commander??? these are Jew hating terrorist killers
    Apologies all … I ll translate that for you the terrorist group that is ruining Gaza
    poisoning children s minds, and glorifying mass murderer suicide bombers … the boss bomber is now absolute ruler


    • Sluff says:

      Oh the irony!
      Al Beeb and fellow luvvies berate Trump, in this case for being amateurishly undiplomatic aka daring to be different about the Israel/Palestine issue.
      Just remind me. How much progress did Obama make? Jack shit, as I recall.
      A fact that Al Beeb seem to have strangely forgottem.


  46. Thoughtful says:


    Strange indeed that the BBC can report every time Donald Trump emits a mildly malodorous fart, but cannot report that Saudi has rid itself of 40,000 Pakis in just four months, nor the reason why.

    Abdullah Al-Sadoun, chairman of the security committee in the Saudi Arabian Shura Council, urged for tougher screening process of Pakistani nationals before they are allowed entry into the country.

    “Pakistan itself is plagued with terrorism due to its close proximity with Afghanistan. The Taliban extremist movement was itself born in Pakistan,” he warned.

    Al-Sadoun stressed that the religious and political beliefs of Pakistani nationals must be known to Saudi authorities before they are granted work or given entry into the kingdom

    So basically Saudi has banned entry to Paki nationals until they can put in place stricter vetting – exactly what Donald Trump has done, so why aren’t the BBC running this as headline news?


  47. Thoughtful says:

    Paris is on fire again after rioting tolerant loving lefties and their effnik mates go on a trashing & looting spree.


    • king crimson says:

      Thoughtful – Cannot remember which website but ‘Paris on fire’ has been going on for a couple of days now. Fake news and all… but apparently a ‘youth worker’ was involved- no doubt a promising career with QPR (seemingly the go-to club for ‘disenfranchised victims of this, that and t’other’. I’m just feeling a bit disenfranchised myself…….but in sleepy East Anglia cannot think of anything that needs torching. If the sugarbeet factory in Bury St Edmunds blows up….nothing to do with me gov.


    • peterthegreat says:

      They call it shopping.


  48. Sluff says:

    Proportionality versus absolutism.
    For too lomg, we have been too tolerant of the absolutists. From the political correctness of the early 2000s to the anowflakes of today, minority issues and minority situations have been allowed to rule the roost.
    Today’s example. We know from marriage statistics that about 2% of the population are gay and we can be pretty sure the transgender ‘community’ is a small fraction of that. Which makes 97% plus are straight.
    Now consider the debate on allowing gays to marry in church. Exactly why should this small group be allowed to disrupt and overturn a tradition of 500 years? Tolerance yes. Equality at all costs, irrespective of the downside and disruption caused?
    This proportionality idea can be applied to many situations. The obsession with safeguarding in schools in answer to statistically tiny numbers of paedos. The focus last week on allowing unmarried partners to enjoy the same pension rights as the married (why not just get married if you want those benefits?). The new paperwork known as Deprivation of Liberty for every dementia patient in every care home. The costs of all this is massive and goes completely unreported. Readers who may not support my examples will in all probability have different but equally valid ones of their own.
    The authorities have totally lost the plot and sadly many of the public have been cowed into silence. Let’s hope Brexit and Trump have shown us that there are alternatives to the status quo.


    • peterthegreat says:

      Agreed Sluff, except the Church tearing itself apart over gays is good news if it hastens the demise of that useless hand-wringing lefty institution.


      • PeterT says:

        Yes, but the Church of England has been infiltrated by wishy washy liberals who believe they have a divine right to rule over us, just like many other organisations in this country; but it’s a bit hard to wish for the demise of this organisation which is, in many ways, responsible for the traditions of decency, fairness and tolerance in our nation. Many of its adherents are decent, honest people and it’s not their fault that the organisation they love has been hijacked and is often under attack from those who wish to change its core values. I was brought up in the church but very rarely attend now. When I do, I see a very much smaller congregation than in my youth made up mainly of the elderly – but they are lovely, friendly people who have been greatly let down by the leaders of the Church.


    • G says:

      “why should this small group be allowed to disrupt and overturn a tradition of 500 years?”
      The answer: Brilliant and persistent lobbying.
      “The authorities have totally lost the plot…..” That’s what being able to tap into taxpayers money with relative ease does.


  49. nogginator says:

    Still awaiting Al BBC on this one …
    Muslim convert carried axe to meeting with father over ‘religious differences
    The 22-year-old gave a series of “confused and contradictory” explanations when he was stopped by the police, including saying he was on his way to his father’s “to ask him to bow down to me” – a statement he now rejects.
    … “an axe” to rectify “religious differences”
    Hmmm … obviously the religion of peace.


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