Mid-Week Open Thread

The ‘deep left’ Mary Riddell and someone from the Economist, the Economist which just printed a hatchet job on May, on the Today programme to discuss May, Brexit and ‘muddle’….no bias there then.  The BBC failing to challenge Corbyn as he says he is not wedded to freedom of movement but, oh, hang on, demands we remain members of the Single Market which entails keeping freedom of movement…so pretty much wedded to freedom of movement just not to the truth….Jon Pienaar calls Corbyn ‘deep Left’…sorry what? The extremist  ‘Far Left’ surely?  The BBC once again covering for Corbyn.  I’m sure there’s plenty more bias out there…..

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494 Responses to Mid-Week Open Thread

  1. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC’s favourite loony leftie again!


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Not sure whether I hate the infants of the left for their hypocrisy or whether I enjoy their ability to evade responsibility or accountability for any of the crap they have dumped on us over the last 100 years or so. Oh yes; I hate and despise them for all of those things and more.


    • Number 88 says:

      He was on at the back end of last year when Mason, the ‘Revolutionary Socialists’ was re-badged in the programme’s introduction, by Dimbleby, as a ‘Democratic Socialist’.

      (This, at the same time that the BBC is redefining anyone to the right of the Corporations, as Alt Right ‘fascists’)


  2. taffman says:

    Important ! Not to be missed ! Who said the BBC were biased ?
    Good News, Bad News….
    “Carney: Brexit risks now lower”.
    “Carney warns EU on risks of Brexit”

    Who employed that chap ? HYS running, some of them are ‘corkers’ – Go on, you know it makes sense.


  3. Marion says:

    I can’t think of a better immigration policy than this:

    Left Wing Vegan Denied Swiss Passport Because She’s ‘Too Annoying’



  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC Political Editor is astonished. Poor love.

    Maybe don’t work with a corporation and colleagues who claim to be interested in truth and impartiality but in practice are gutter dwellers with zero integrity?


  5. Cull the Badgers says:

    I think the BBC got a chance for a question. As soon as Mr Trump realised he swatted the question and the questioner in a matter of seconds. I think he also put down the BBC, in the process, linking it with the ‘failing’ Buzzfeed and indicating his disdain. Brilliant.


    • gb123 says:

      Saw it as well. CNN got the equivalent of two fingers. BBC produced the usual one question with umpty million extra points. Trump gave them an answer of about 3 words in under a second. The luvvies look as if they will be in for a hard time from now on to even get noticed.


  6. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Willful blindness on the part of the ‘PM’ programme (17:25 >) regarding the blessed NHS.

    We get the usual: the ageing population; the problem of sending treated patients home when they have nowhere to go and that of the interface between the NHS and social services; people’s increasing expectation of an instant response, which makes them phone emergency help lines and go to A&E rather than waiting to see a GP; demand is said to be up 4% and there’s no extra funding to cope.

    Nowhere in this is any mention of WHY demand might be increasing, aside from the short-term seasonal factor of Winter. Has there been a baby boom? Have pavements been very icy? Has there been an outbreak of bird-flu? What other factors might feed into growing demand?

    The BBC will never be able to answer these questions if it can’t accept that mass immigration will be having at least some role in all this, any more than it can explain why ‘Swedish’ males suddenly seem so much more likely to rape Swedish women than a decade or so ago, or why there might be an upsurge in anti-Jewish attacks in France or anywhere else in Europe.

    I am sick of BBC reporting that is partial in both senses (incomplete and biased too).


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Stop watching it. Its the only way to remain sane and open minded. Watching the BBC news is, I imagine, like being water boarded; eventually you have no choice but to give in and switch off.


    • Spacemonkey says:

      With net migration standing at 335,000 per year it is little wonder the NHS ( along with schools and housing ) are struggling to cope. That’s a city bigger than Cardiff each and every year. There are 10 hospitals in Cardiff, including a dental and specialist children’s hospital. Are the government building 10 hospitals a year to cope with the influx of migrants? No they are not, they are closing them, and this has been going on for years. In 1960 there were 10.7 hospital beds per 1000 population. In 2011 there were 2.7.

      Now before you accuse me of blaming migrants, I do not blame migrants. If I lived in a shit hole of a country with no economic prospects I would want to move to a country where they give you everything for free, including cash. No, it is not the migrant’s fault, it is the government’s fault and not just the present one but every government over the last 50 years.


  7. 60022Mallard says:

    Obama farewell speech soon apparently.

    Will he have the decency to hand back his Nobel prize for peace?


  8. Deborahanother says:

    What a fantastic press conference by Mr Trump.I haven’t laughed so much in years as he went after the media including the BBC. Its going to be an interesting few years.


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Yep, loved the way he stuck it to the CNN guy and the BBC got short shrift. They burnt their bridges some time ago and will find that they are reduced to third-rate commenting on second-hand news in the first instance 😉


      • Scroblene says:

        Absolutely marvellous put downs! The CNN person getting a clout, and the bBeeb bloke getting a backhand P45!

        What do these people do now, they’ll be at the back of the queue for news won’t they!

        I don’t know about CNN but the bBeeb will probably have to make it all up.

        So no change there.


  9. Grant says:

    BBC Website ” Brexit risks now lower “. Carney. So how come you got is so wrong ? This guy is a wanker and Treezer should sack him. Carney is totally useless.


  10. ToobiWan says:

    Just heard the Donald on RT News ripping into the false news reporters. Having refused to take a question from one from Buzzfeed, a reporter from the BBC stood up and announced his credentials, whereupon the Don said, “BBC, that’s another beauty”. Priceless. 🙂


  11. AsISeeIt says:

    Jon Sopel, BBC: “Donald Trump was distrustful of the press – we’d expect that…”

    Whoa there, Jon. Are you telling your audience that the President Elect has reason to be distrustful of the press implying the US media and by extention the BBC are set in opposition to him in some way that you have not previously explained?

    Of course we only have to watch the 6 o’clock tv news to know that the BBC see themselves not only as the UK unofficial opposition but as stand-ins for the US Democrat Party too.

    Still, nice to hear the admission from our Jon Sopel.


  12. BBCReject says:

    StewGreen et al.

    ‘BTW the other day Science In Action did a prog Little Ice Age, winter temperatures plummeted even lower in the extraordinary decade of 1430-1440″
    I notice they didn’t anywhere asking if it was worldwide …probably cos that would be too close to admitting the Medieval Warm Period was global.’

    Has anyone else been watching the BBC ‘Britain’s Ancient Capital’ with that annoying whelk Chris Packham on it… oh and ‘I hate the fecking English’ Neil Oliver, and some woman Engineer called Shini Somala, who just happens to tick at least two PC boxes… actually, she’s one of the better presenters there, she could even be good at what she does, but being the BBC you immediately assume she’s only there to tick all the required boxes – yet another example of how ‘positive discrimination’ is actually just good old ‘negative discrimination’ and poisons the water for all and sundry, including those supposedly being ‘postively discriminated’ for…

    Anyway, getting a bit off topic with that ‘mini rant’, the idea of this mini series is that they’re going to show how important the Orkneys were in the Neolithic era, mostly through some rather interesting archaeology. Great, my son and I love that sort of thing, although I have to admit I’m getting a bit pissed off with Mr Oliver constantly telling the camera how finding a cow bone PROVES that the Orkneys were capital of the universe and ESPECIALLY the ENTIRE BRITISH ISLES, you know BECAUSE IT’S SCOTLAND AND I HATE THE FECKING ENGLISH, when there are actually a thousand and one other possible explanations all just as reasonable (if not more so).

    At one point they were talking to an expert on ancient climate patterns and you could literally FEEL the intake of breath when she said ‘of course the climate was much warmer back then’ in a very matter of fact tone. The presenters VERY quickly moved the subject matter on at that point – move along now, nothing to see here, move along…

    Have read and seen various accounts of climate change throughout human history, some can be connected to very definite events (like the major eruptions StewGreen mentions), others we don’t know the reason why. What is clear though is that the climate can change rapidly and drastically, and has throughout human history (and before).

    Personally, I’m prepared to accept that we should try to reduce fossil fuel dependence, cut CO2 emissions and explore less polluting power sources, all very sensible, but as a scientist, I bitterly resent the way climate change over the last 50 years is portrayed as something so easy to define and pin point the causes of. Climatology is an incredibly complex science, a massive open system with hundreds of thousands of potential factors influencing it, many of which we don’t really understand, and it goes totally against the principles of science not to allow new theories, however ‘crackpot’, to be aired and properly explored. Global climate change has been politicised to the point where the science behind it is no longer significant, in fact it’s become a cult, a religion – the very opposite of what science is about!


    • Dogger Bank says:

      There are many ancient remains of habitation on Dartmoor and at school (prior to the AGW crisis) we were told that people could live there because the climate was so much warmer and benign 4000 years ago. At that time of course we were headed for an ice-age (pre-1970s), or so scientists claimed. I would welcome a bit of global warming, but as the average temps have not yet reached the levels of 4000 years ago, I can’t be bothered to believe the AGW evangelists. We know its just another stick to beat us with financially and politically. Personally I believe in living in harmony and balance with nature as far as is possible, but the green lobby really piss me off. Especially as the UN insist on increasing the burden on our beautiful earth by funding unsustainable population growth. Rant out.


      • ToobiWan says:

        Take a look at what a scion of possibly the greatest banking dynasty ever has to say on CC/AGW and why. This family, who own almost all the world’s national banks including the BoE have made a fortune out of every war and revolution over the past 250 plus years.
        “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
        Gutle Schnaper
        Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife



      • Up2snuff says:

        Carry on ranting! The sooner we get this millstone off our backs and our economy in the UK the better.

        If AGW/CC were a real threat, all sports would have to be played in daylight, FIFA would certainly have to cut the World Cup Finals to 16 teams (not expand the tournament to 48 teams) and matches would have to be played in empty stadiums with fans staying home to watch on TV.

        Sooner of later, the Government Minister responsible, together with the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the BBC are going to have to explain why it is not acceptable for me to drive 140 miles to see relatives once a year or go to the sun for two weeks holiday in Europe but it is OK to fly teams AND fans thousands of miles, fire up needless spotlights and pour electricity into TV cameras, studios and televisions for a couple of weeks or more.

        Either it is a problem or it isn’t.

        There is no halfway house for the privileged.


    • Philip_2 says:

      I should just like to confirm that thought. The total BBC commitment to Global Climate Change is well summed up by Christopher bookers detailed historical report (below) with a foreward by ex BBC presenter Sir Anthony Jay stating publically that the BBC cannot be trusted with Science. Its a very good read, also posted same on ‘In Their own Words’ section on this site. (PDF download).


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      You have an interesting point about the ethnic woman presenter, (I didn’t see the program by the way) and I’ve pondered myself why I find the whole ‘token minority’ thing so annoying.

      On one level it is about positive discrimination – or the prejudice of low expectations advanced by the establishment left. And with that I would have sympathy for the talented ones who might feel guilty that they got the job because their skin colour mattered.

      But I think what really grates is the sheer unlikelihood of it all, that the BBC have homed in on this particular expert as being a great oracle on history, science etc when you suspect that that person is probably from a demographic of 1 in their field.

      If I’m watching a history of India program for instance I wouldn’t expect to see a bunch of Australians, Peruvians or Gambians (!) popping up to tell me details about the Mughal Empire.


    • Spacemonkey says:

      There are non so blind as those who will not see.


  13. quisquose says:

    John Pienaar has just finished his report on the 6:00 News with “the blame for the situation at the NHS rests solely (or firmly) with Theresa May and her cabinet”.

    Is that the sort of statement we expect our supposed impartial state broadcaster to make, or more in keeping with something the father of somebody working for the Labour Party would make?

    Or is John Pienaar self employed, so it doesn’t matter?


    • AsISeeIt says:

      I caught on to John Pienaar’s Leftwing bias in the year 2012. May 2012 to be precise.

      On Thurday 3rd May Pienaar covered the London Mayoral Election for BBC 5 Live.
      Result: Boris 51.53% Ken 48.47% : Pienaars comment ‘very close… down to the wire’

      On 6th May Pienaar was in Paris for the BBC covering the French Presidential Run Off.
      Result: Hollande 51.64% Sarkozy 48.36% : Pienaar’s excited comment ‘ a landslide for the socialists’

      The man supports the Left like a football supporter supports his favourite team.


      • 60022Mallard says:

        The sort of undeniable detail that screws the BBC to the floor!

        Very close to the referendum outcome too. I wonder which of the two approaches he takes with that result?

        I think I can guess!


    • Grimer says:

      I wish the biography of Jeremy Bowen was available online. It was quite interesting and covered his time in Bosnia, etc. The action then moved to the Golan Heights. Bowen’s ‘fixer’ was blown up in his car by an Israeli tank shell as the Israelis withdrew from the Golan Heights. From the footage it did appear to be a pretty spiteful and unrevoked attack by a bitter enemy being forced to withdraw – but I very much doubt that tank shell was ordered by the Israeli government.

      Bowen stated that he ‘would never forgive the Israelis for that’. He is now their Middle Eastern correspondent. I can understand why he’d be bitter and hate the people that killed his friend, but why is posted to Israel, given his clear inability to be impartial.


      • ToobiWan says:

        Bowen’s perfect for the role, Grimer, the bBBC hasn’t done impartiality for years and the last thing they would want is anyone giving an impartial take on Israel and Israelis.


  14. GCooper says:

    Radio 4’s Fake News at 6 led with the smear campaign against Donald Trump, using just about every journalistic/linguistic trick in the book to make it clear there is something to the lurid claims, while grudgingly admitting the story was unsourced, save from the Buzzfeed smears published yesterday, which themselves came from a Democrat donor and disaffected ‘intelligence’ sources.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that during the referendum, the BBC refused to publish the news that Her Majesty supported Britain’s withdrawal, allegedly because they couldn’t double source the story but really, it is strongly suspected, because it would have greatly bolstered the Leave campaign.

    The gloves are now right off. The BBC has dispensed with even the risible pretence that it follows normal journalistic codes and standards. It is now a nakedly campaigning, political pressure group in its own right. It has to go.


    • Breitbart fan says:

      Just had to laugh out loud tonight , watched Trump’s press conference on RT . After demolishing the CNN piglet , someone from the BBC piped up . Trump’s response ? “That’s another beauty “. Truly priceless !


  15. AsISeeIt says:

    Donald Trump 2016: “I think the media is among the most dishonest groups of people I have ever met, they’re terrible… if I become President, oh do they have problems, they’re gonna have such problems”


  16. An English Gentleman says:

    Captain America

    My hero……..I won’t say who!!

    Why can’t the British have the same?

    Re bbc…’that’s another beauty’..brilliant


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Top notch. My wife doesn’t like the man, but I have new respect for the way he has handled himself recently, apart from some of his twits on Twatter which are certain to let him down. Anyway I think he would do well to put Twatter aside now he can take out whole countries from behind the desk in the Oval Office.


      • Grant says:


        I had no brief for Trump , except that he was not Hillary. But I am really impressed by the way he is calling the Lefty bullshitters out !


        • gaxvil says:

          I REALLY enjoyed him relaying details of his ‘secret’ intelligence meeting that proved it was their team, not his, who did the leaking. Bullseye!


          • Oaknash says:

            Oh dear smart arse BBC. Looks like you may have misjudged “The Donald” that buffoon!. Its no use now crywanking over Obama cos just like you he doesnt really care! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

            I have a feeling that if the Teezer is not sincere about brexit she may well find her meeting with Trump not much fun and certainly not the photo opportunity she may be hoping for.


        • GCooper says:

          So am I and delighted to see his dismissal of the BBC. At last – a politician who ‘tells it like it is’!


          • Scroblene says:

            Old Goat got the first link I saw, and even at 5:00 am, it’s a rousing discussion, capped of course by CNN’s dismissal, and a great put-down on the BBC squealer.

            What could be better, a hot cup of Assam and a peek at someone who’s going to make the bBeeb’s life a total misery!


  17. Dave666 says:

    Oh dear I jut turned the 6 o’clock news on. “A government judged daily on the performance of the institute it holds most dearly” or very close referring to the “pressure” on the NHS. Anyone noticed “pressure” is the phrase of the moment with BBc it used to be “the BBc has learned”
    Then on to a gushing report on the second coming of Jesus Christ. No sorry it wasn’t Jesus Christ it was Obamah in Chicago. Strange the Americans we know are not as keen on Obamah as the BBc is.
    Forget Amazon forget Netflix I player will be the King of media streaming. We are informed Sherlock was the biggest show over the Add to dictionary is not a show I watched due to the massive plot holes in every one that I did watch and the re-imagining of the Hound of the Baskervilles making no sense what so ever to me and yes I did realise it was down to gas. So hat’s what they will take on the Grand Tour as tedious and predictable as it is but somewhat more popular than the raised from the dead, where it should have stayed, top gear.
    Onto North West who lead with the “crisis” in the NHS complete with a Doctor who would appear to not be the present Governments biggest fan I think.


  18. seismicboy says:

    I would have given a considerable sum of money to see the bbc try and ask a question in the Trump news conference only to be told “I’m not going to give you a question – you’re fake news”


  19. GCooper says:

    Astonished by the BBC’s disgusting coverage of the latest Trump Press conference I’ve just watched the raw footage on C-Span.

    One thing in the BBC’s report that intrigued me was a claim by the BBC that Trump has large loans outstanding in Russia. The clear implication was that this was a point of vulnerability.

    Trump categorically and specifically denied that during his conference. The BBC did not broadcast that part of the speech, nor did they report it.

    One of them is lying. Can you guess which of the two I suspect?


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Of course, all the payments into the Clinton Foundation were purely philanthropic and those making them had no wish for, nor any expectation of, any quid pro quo whatsoever.


  20. So-Called BBC says:

    Trump BBC Transcript: http://www.npr.org/2017/01/11/509137239/watch-live-trump-holds-first-press-conference-as-president-elect


    As far as we understand, the intelligence community…

    Stand up please.

    From BBC news. Ian Pannell from BBC news.

    BBC news. That’s another beauty.

    Thank you. Thank you.

    As far as we understand it, the intelligence community are still looking at these allegations, this false news, as you describe it. If they come back with any kind of conclusion that any of it stands up, that any of it is true, will you consider your position…

    There’s nothing they could come back with.


  21. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Hugely enjoyable Trump conference.
    A masterclass in liberal confusion as he led them all around the pen by the nose-so the rest of the world could see what kind of reptiles have been licking Obamas ring since 2006 or so.
    Like a John Bull ringmaster sizing up the phonies and show ponies up for Fray Bentos.
    Hope he returns to ht BBC for a special takedown that we can all use.
    Until then-a joy to see his conference on ALL channels-no media pre-chewing possible as he address us all directly. THAT is going to hurth the BBC, CNN and all the fakirs who`ve presumed to interpret for us. It`s clear they`ve been lying, have no clue what WE need to know, just want to feather their nests.
    They are stuffed-can`t wait for Don to drill the swamps before he drains them-and he and Twitter have made a great start.


  22. Mice Height says:

    The Media Show on R4 earlier covered the ‘Fake News’ phenomenon, and had a CNN employee as the officianado, followed by representatives from all other MSM TV stations, who proceeded to have a collective sulk about Trump and Brexit, whilst telling us how trustworthy they all are.


    • Oaknash says:

      Tip for the BBC

      My mate Ginger down the pub said he heard that Nigel Farrage, David Davies, John Redwood, Mark Stein, and Katie Holmes have all been filmed by the KGB at “Space City” romping with aliens (from the planet Klingon) in a paddling pool filled with extra virgin intergalactic ectoplasm and dark matter.

      He said his mate (who used to work for MI6) Told him that as well as getting their sexual kicks the ectoplasm imparts information and alien orders to them via their rectums.

      Ginger said that Farage has been doing this for years and it is probably how he got the idea for brexit which will wreck our economies and thus make us more susceptible to alien invasion.

      By the way Ginger was the first bloke down our street to get a laser telly so he knows wot e is talking about.

      This is genuine information from a reliable source and if the BBC are not interested in buying Gingers story he said he will sell it to buzzfeed instead.

      Ginger hasnt seen the film himself but he said it has the ring of truth about it.


  23. Jeff says:

    More bad news for The Donald, I’m afraid. Welsh song bird, Charlotte Church, has told the media she has “refused to sing at his inauguration.” “He’s a tyrant!” she shrieked. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
    Lily Allen isn’t available. Bob Geldof apparently told him to “%$£& off” and Billy Bragg is busy entertaining commuters on the Northern Line.
    Can things get any worse…


    • Lobster says:

      And Jo Brand has refused to be funny – mind you, that wasn’t difficult.


      • GCooper says:

        And apparently ‘Baroness’ Warsi has resigned, too…


        • Justin Casey says:

          Warsi has resigned ??Damn !!! That`s really put things in perspective for me now, I was intending to email her in the morning to get the mobile number of `Dave the washing machine repair guy` Hopefully i can manage to find the new contact details for his office he now works from at the justice committee, if not it means i`ll have to go out in the searing heatwave temperatures (due to climate change)whilst at the same time avoiding the sky falling on my head (Thankx a lot BREXIT!!)and do my best not to get dragged into the (Trump conspiricy) in the hope that i can find a cocaine dealer who has his new mobile number…. I`m not even sure whether or not i`ll be able to buy myself a steaming hot cup of fair trade coffee en route to warm myself up with either now that all the staff have been deported!! How an earth am i meant to clean my Union Flag which has become spattered with all the s**t and destain the BBC has thrown at it over the last year??!!


        • taffman says:

          When ???


  24. Alex says:

    Good god. Both BBC and Sky ‘News’ coverage of President B.O’s narcissistic farewell speech was utterly nauseating. The most biased leftie crap I’ve ever witnessed. The sycophantic reporters were like excited sixth form pupils, unable to hide their teeny-like adulation for President B.O. The fake news is pathetic.


    • Mice Height says:

      B b b b b but he’s brown and a reasonably talented singer/dancer.
      What more could you ask for in a world leader.


    • Brett says:

      Itv news just as bad.


    • Justin Casey says:

      Well it`s well deserved…. He has been consistent in his leadership you know… That`s why he recieved a Nobel Prize (just pipping the EU for it too!!)at the beginning of his Presidency and only last week, a full eight years later he was awarded a top military medal for his leadership…. I`ve heard that the Vatican have already drawn up plans for his beatification when he finally ascends to his rightful place in heaven after removing the inherently racist current occupant that is…….


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        Plenty medals for that chest of his when he`s laid out in his glass coffin like Chernenko eh?
        Time was when the only keagcy people wanted was to have done a good job-and even if you disliked Callaghan and Wilson, they at least were honourable men who did not seek “legacies”-unlike great fakes on tour like Cameron, Blair and Obama.
        Eight Years-and all Obamas left us with is America in freefall and crisis. Thank the Lord for Trump. Hope he ensures that the eunuchs are gelded and shown to be ready for the mincers. The Left have GOT to go. As do their BBC!


        • Spacemonkey says:

          After eight years of Obamy the USA is more racially, culturally and economically divided than at any time since the civil war. Way to go!!


  25. Thoughtful says:


    The story that the evil triumvirate of Nu Liebour and Alistair Campbell bullied the BBC into becoming the far left bias factory we know today.


  26. Thoughtful says:


    And another Mulsim looking for Alans snackbar runs amok, this time in Spain.


  27. Flawedlogic says:

    BBC correspondent Paul Wood came forward Wednesday to reveal that there are multiple intelligence sources alleging Russia is in possession of potentially embarrassing or compromising material regarding President-elect Donald Trump. Formerly, only a single source was known to have been aware of the alleged material.

    “I saw the report, compiled by the former British intelligence officer, back in October,” Wood said. “He is not, and this is the crucial thing, the only source for this.” The Wall Street Journal alleges the British source is Christopher Steele, a director of the London-based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd.

    A member of the U.S. intelligence community also told Wood that “at least one East European intelligence service was aware ‘that the Russians had kompromat or compromising material on Mr. Trump,'” Raw Story reports. Wood said that he “got a message back” from the U.S. intelligence community member and that there is reportedly “more than one tape, not just video, but audio as well, on more than one date, in more than one place, in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.”

    Wood did add, however, that “nobody should believe something just because an intelligence agent says it.”


    Paul Wood has links to Steele due to their shared Libya backgrounds – a quick check on LinkedIn shows additional connections to the US State Dept… what a tangled web !


    • Gillian🇬🇧 says:

      I think it is quite sad that Obama plays a very convincing black man with great moves coupled with a very toned voice. He has been a good President but actually hasn’t achieved much. He’s a good guy though. Although he has always been a token. Sorry if I offend anyone but hopefully Trump will come up trumps and do a better job.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Good one. ‘A good President but actually hasn’t achieved much’ Depends what you mean by ‘good’.
        Rather like our good Prime Minister who is achieving bugger all.

        Good meaning Good intentions.
        I like the bit in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right where he says: ‘The laurels of mere willing are the dry sticks that never were green’.

        A fitting description of Obama, Cameron and Treezer.


        • Justin Casey says:

          I `hope` i will win the lottery in the next nine days and although i don`t actually participate like Obama i will sit on my hands with my eyes shut and talk bulls**t… Yet i still feel my target of achievement is more within reach than his tenure bringing about a single accomplishment when he finally disappears up his own ar$e or gets enveloped in a cloud of methane emanating from his latest flatulant remark…
          Right now he resembles the bowl of a toilet belonging to someone with ameobic dysentry that has a broken flush on it…..


        • Gillian🇬🇧 says:

          Ok ok I agree. Obama was a token black president who was crap at his job. Trump can certainly do no worse although the elites are out to get him. You couldn’t make it up really could you?


          • GoingInNowDan says:

            Gillian, a musicians’ website (Ultimate Guitar) had the question “so how do you view Obama’s presidency?” lot of Americans posting, was quite interesting to read.
            One comment that struck me was “he spent a lot of time talking but not much doing”. How true, unless you count racking up the air miles and improving his golf swing.

            One thing that those traitors at the so-called BBC seem to forget was the whole furore over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, where their hero made several speeches blaming “British Petroleum” with the accent on “British”. Bet you won’t hear about that in all the BBC’s ass-kissing summary of his tenure.


      • Thoughtful says:

        “He has been a good President”

        Sorry to disagree, but many people believe he has been the worst president the USA has had the misfortune to elect, including many academics.

        The fact you aren’t aware of this is probably down to the BBC not broadcasting any criticism about him at all, ever.

        You probably aren’t aware of the corruption scandals, or if I mentioned ‘Benghazi’ would you know what I was talking about?
        How about his support for Islamic terrorism which went so far that he refused to use the word Islam when an American citizen was beheaded by a knife wielding maniac screaming Allahu Akbar. Obama claimed it was no different to any other religion!

        He deleted the secret service records of suspects Muslim terrorists and forbade security services from ever blaming Islam or Muslims for anything. The Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim convert was described by Obama as ‘workplace violence’.

        He ran up US national debt faster than any US president, and achieved mass unemployment by exporting jobs to other countries.

        He created massive racial unrest by backing race hate groups like the Black panthers, and Black lives matter and encouraged their hate through the creation of victim groups. Racial disharmony has grown to almost unheard of levels, and the BBC has helpfully blamed white people for all this.

        He is the only President ever to bow to a foreign leader – his master the King of Saudi Arabia.

        The abandonment of the state of Israel while striking a nuclear deal with Iraq is a potential world class disaster in the making.

        He tried (but failed) to extend voting rights to illegal immigrants in an attempt to gerrymander the vote in favour of the Democrats.

        He allowed the countries infrastructure to fall into such repair that it is going to cost a fortune to repair all the structures which require attention.

        And then there was the disaster known as Obamacare which is going to be the first thing to be scrapped!

        And you thought he was a ‘good’ president ?


      • Spacemonkey says:

        Yeah, Obamy is just a well meaning under achiever. We’ll gloss over him spying on the entire world, all the civilians he has killed in drone strikes and making a basket case out of Libya and Syria.

        One of his most notable fails I’m actually very thankful for, he couldn’t get Hillary elected.


  28. StewGreen says:

    You’d have to be sure the second source didn’t actually justget their evidence from the first..

    And why sit on the claim and, then release it now ?


    • StewGreen says:

      If the BBC werent so sure of themselves Id say the news is just another news-vert for Team Hillary. Wood just reported on 10pm news.
      And wasnt backing down He said the dossier comes from the source named, who is not the CIA and then kept making out that the CIA had something
      “Oh I spoke to a CIA intermediary and they said the claims are credible”

      Yet is seems to me totally weird that there is something in the claims yet Team Hillary didn’t use them earlier. Wood said oh a Foreign source made the claims to me 6 months ago


    • StewGreen says:

      Wood seemed to deliberately mix up the 2 reports so he could push this narrative
      : “What is extraordinary is the gap between Trump and the US intelligence services, that he trusts the Russian intelligence services over the US”
      Hang on
      #1 Yes Trump disses the US intelligence report claiming their is proof that Russia controlled Podesta hack, cos the report is rubbish.
      #2 Trump disses the new golden shower allegations.
      What else would he do ?
      But that dossier has nothing to do with the CIA so he is not indirectly dissing them.


  29. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    A woman footballer (Kelly Smith – no, me neither) is retiring so bBBC Radio 5 is having a special phone-in on how influential she was.
    I think it is on from 10.30 to 10.31 this evening.


    • Oaknash says:


      Sorry to spoil everyones “Trump fun” – but I did think this story is worth a read – How the adherents of “The Religion of Peace” must be laughing at us ……………….

      Bit like a cow driving herself to the abbotoir and getting the nice sharp knife for the slaughterman and telling him where to cut. And the church wonders why people no longer respect its leaders and why congregations are getting smaller.

      I suppose this is as good as hoisting the white flag of surrender!


      • embolden says:

        Father Hamel recognised who he was dealing with……”Get away from me Satan” were his dying words.

        Don’t mistake soft Scottish episcopalians for the faithful.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        An absolute shocker Oaknash-but as good a picture of what the church has become in what once was a bulwark against Godless brainlessness.
        Glasgow Uni wants theology students not to be taught the Christian crucifixion in case it upsets those who see or hear of it. So Easter is going no doubt.
        Scotland is now Sturgeon shrink-wrapped and all ready for the Muslim butcher. A tragedy-if only they`d listened to Thatchers “Sermon On The Mound” in 1988. Too late now.


        • Oaknash says:

          Alicia/Embolden – According to R4 news – Apparently the cleric who invited this the muslim kiddy to read out this damnation of his own religion in the cathedral thought it had been a worthwhile exercise because it had encouraged relationships with muslims in the area. – Yeah I bet it did – nice one vicar!!!!!

          Perhaps this chap when he filled in his original job application got his vicar application for the Scottish church mixed up with his one for head of islamic studies at Bradford university – easily done.


          • Grant says:

            Alicia and Oak,

            Presumebly the little snowflakes will not be allowed to hear about the crucifiction of christians by muslims in the ME and N.Africa today ?


            Muslims will, of course, reciprocate by allowing christians to read from the Bible in mosques.


  30. Synchro gnome says:

    “Is the President-elect a Russian Agent Of Influence?” – A direct quote from the North American correspondent Paul Wood on BBC 10:00 So-called News just now.

    drip drip drip all the time.


  31. Kaiser says:

    news on now
    the bbc has dropped into the gutter with trump piss gate coverage

    ruskie genocide in aleppo lies regurgitated again again again show us any proof !!! any .. no .. fucking none whatsoever

    nhs funding blah blah every minute of every day

    more nhs blah

    and an advert for the kenyan race baiter

    ffs its as if the internet doesnt exist


    • Lobster says:

      The thing that really annoys me about this NHS business is the according to the NHS website it takes 10 years for a GP to qualify and 14 years for a surgeon. https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/about/faqs/faqs-doctors#How%20long%20is%20the%20training%20to%20become%20a%20doctor?
      So if the Tories had signed up 10000 people to train as doctors when they came to power in 2010, they would now be just over halfway through their training – therefore any shortages are down to the BBC’s beloved Labour party. No mention of the millions of newcomers to the country, many of whom have a lifetime of medical treatment to catch up on.


      • G.W.F. says:


        The thing that really annoys me about this NHS business is the according to the NHS website it takes 10 years for a GP to qualify and 14 years for a surgeon.

        And how long does it take to purchase the medical qualifications in Pakistan?


  32. StewGreen says:

    Coming up on Newsnight
    “And we talk to the psychologist fired for saying some transgender children don’t know their own minds”

    Beeb have lined up a prog
    #kennethzucker BBC2 Thurs, 9pm #transgender #children
    “The film presents evidence that most children with gender dysphoria eventually overcome the feelings without transitioning and questions the science behind the idea that a boy could somehow be born with a ‘female brain’ or vice versa. It also features ‘Lou’ – who was born female and had a double mastectomy as part of transitioning to a man. She now says it is a decision that ‘haunts’ her and feels that her gender dysphoria should have been treated as a mental health issue.”

    Bet the beebstitch him up


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Gramsci and the Left seem awful keen on getting their fingers into kiddies shorts don`t they?
      You know-just to check they`re sexualised, and not ruled by parents, common sense or any of that traditional “let them find out what they are when they grow up in a normal background” kind of way.
      PIE and Labour?…Savile and the BBC?….classic knickerpicking, but excused as ” pioneering, giving the kids a voice and sticking it to their dads”
      Truly evil, grooming kids as they`ve always done.


      • Philip_2 says:

        Agree. And the BBC has a large part in that… Conservative Woman reports”
        The Times Educational Supplement (TES) on January 7th carried this call to arms: “Teachers need to step up: they can help to fight the Donald Trump and Brexit reactionary revolution…In this post-truth era, it’s up to teachers to ensure that young people are being empowered and encouraged to challenge and question.”

        The author was Oliver Beach, former star of the BBC reality television show, Tough Young Teachers and an ‘ambassador’ for the esteemed, even revered, Teach First programme, which recruits bright new graduates into teaching. His regular pieces for the TES provide an interesting insight into the mindset of many teachers…Olly does not pull any punches in his distaste for what democracy has produced: “The success of the Right in gaining the highest political power with a narrative of pro-guns, anti-gays, limiting women’s reproductive rights and building physical national borders will give new momentum to those with similar views here and across Western democracies….Olly wants teachers to realise that the “next world leader … needs to be ‘on message’. This is how to make social change and revolution deep-rooted and permanent. Get the kids! Revolution starts in the classroom!

        A couple of years later young Olly has thrown in the towel!

        But the worst of it is this: Evening Standard reports (Dec 2016)
        Young children at schools up and down the country are to be told to stop using the terms ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. here

        An then what follows is this:
        ‘Largest transgender survey ever in U.S. reveals high rates of sexual assault, suicide, HIV, prostitution’. A success for the BBC means that they all end up on expensive NHS drugs, Health all gone, lonely, depressed and dead. here


  33. Mice Height says:

    I caught a trailer earlier, for a R4 programme called America Rewritten. Judging by this snippet, it’s simply giving another bunch of elitists a chance to tell us how lovely Obama was and how evil Trump will be.
    “It’s a very dark time for America” we’re told.
    The usual Far Left, BBC shite then.


  34. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Bad night for Emily Maitlis then?
    Trump getting a pasting from Glenn Greenwald was surely a liberal banker. Wasn`t it?
    Oh dear.
    Glenn Greenwald refuses to play ball with Emilys highlighted notes-catastrophic interview, but only shows how stupid and unrehearsed the BBC is.
    He savages them and their modus operandi-expect he`ll get no free pass NEXT time he smuggles Chelsea Manning CDs-he DEFINITELY shafted the BBCs lazy ignorance.
    And from their expected shill too-poor Emily!
    Transgender thing was bad too-the Canadian doctor puts her right(as well as the tranny who works with kids to chivvy them along to the dressing up box). The tranny says some outrageously stupid things about a doctor who was “fired for disputing the BBCs wish to have more boys becoming girls” agenda. And Emily has now laid the BBC open to suing I`d have thought.
    Poor Emily-everytime she wears those boots of hers, she seems to leave her brains in them.
    Is there a grave we can visit old programmes at? Newsnight will be lucky to survive Clive James at this rate.


    • StewGreen says:

      Well he tweeted 8 hours ago

      Glenn Greenwald‏ @ggreenwald
      The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Dems Cheer


      • KatieH says:

        He was on channel 4 earlier in the night and he wasnt playing snows game either. Kept bringing up wikileaks much to snows visible disapproval. Snow must have thought the trump bashing would flow from his mouth but it didnt come. A great day to see these rats get their arses handed to them by the new commander and chief. At the 6 o clock news less than hour after the press conference the beeb just continued the lies and smears but ignored the fact that their journo got trumped big time. CNN getting their comeuppance was the icing on the cake though.


      • Spacemonkey says:

        Greenwald has been on TV a lot these past couple of weeks concerning the “Russian” hacks and now pee gate so either the BBC and C4 had not done their homework and were thus unprepared for him calling out their bullshit or…..well that’s it really. They didn’t do their home work.


  35. Dave S says:

    It looks as if it has dawned on the BBC snowflakes that President Trump is going to treat them as if they did not exist. World class broadcaster ignored . Oh dear oh dear!
    So what do they do but go on what they think is the offensive but succeed only in being offensive and making sure that for years the BBC snowflakes will be personas non grata in spades.
    Watching the news on the BBC is laughable. But it is our money and the BBC declares itself to be the state broadcaster and the unaware in the world might assume it speaks for us.
    Now it speaks only for an increasingly discredited and hysterical elite that never expected events to go against them. For years and years this elite has confidently ignored reality and the unpredictability that most of us always experience. Money and influence flowed like a river that was never going to run low. Well it has and tough shit.
    This is a good time for many of us. We haven’t got much and don’t expect much but watching this bunch of snowflakes squirm is worth a great deal.


    • Scroblene says:

      Too true, Dave.

      There will undoubtedly come a time when one of our National Wireless Autocue-readers will do something that really will piss off President Trump, and when that’s translated into losing jobs and exports and a loss to British prosperity, even the thickest MPs will have to answer a lot of unpleasant questions, starting with ‘Why did you let the BBC off the hook’!


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Dead right DaveS.
      Al we now have is a daily ongoing menu of only four options
      1. The NHS
      2. Syria and migrants
      3. Brexit
      4. Trump.
      Russia crosses a couple of these once in a while-but these are all you`ll be getting for the foreseeable future.
      Sadly though, we don`t care enough, don`t want to know anymore, know what they`re saying is at variance with what WE know and care about-and they`re lying overpaid maggots eating at Leftist self-inflicted wounds.
      We`re not buying, we`re not helping them out of their holes and we`re storing trouble for them. Let them dangle. Must destroy them to have to keep recycling their idiocies every day-like Leveson once more.


  36. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Has anyone noticed the BBC seem to be mounting an all out campaign to destroy British Cycling? First it was technical director Shane Sutton and now it is head supremo Dave Brailsford. They have also been smashing into Bradley Wiggins and in the past they have been amplifying criticism of Chris Froome. Now they are using Chris Froome to undermine Dave Brailsford, because Chris Froome was critical of the TUE system. Remember also Chris Froome was not put on the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist of 16 for 2016 despite winning the Tour de France for the third time in 2016.

    I wonder whether the BBC vehemence in attacking all these people that have brought success to British Cycling is because they are all white and male?

    The BBC’s vehemence and single mindedness to destroy British Cycling seems to be on a par with their vehement attacks on Donald Trump and separately Nigel Farage.

    Maybe this is deserving of a separate article with its own thread.


    • Philip_2 says:

      In a word Sky Sport. According to the BBC its all about SKY sponsorship of cycling. So blame Sky for Bradley Wiggins wins. One of our sanest Cyclists we’ve had, now retired. The BBC hate competition. The BBC never take drugs (only the ‘recreational type’) of which the BBC would fail any random test.


      • KatieH says:

        Mark cavendish wasnt happy with a beeb droid either a few years back

        The beeb love cycling when its for their green mates but Its sky that is their target and they are willing to do anything to destroy the as we saw with the whole phone hacking crap with help from their mates in labour.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Philip 2 ……The BBC hate competition..

        Yes, when they can’t control it ! they DO love it when they can manoeuvre the outcome to their own agenda, particularly in their own programmes (ie Strictly and Bake Off – the final of the Gt Interior Design Challenge is next week and I’m not holding my breath !)


  37. taffman says:

    Is Trump melting the meeja ‘Snowflakes’?
    “Trump condemns spy agency ‘leak’ of ‘fake news”

    “Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, ‘terrified for his safety’ and went to ground before name released”
    Bet this ‘top SECRET’ agent’s real name was Bond – ‘Brooke Bond’.
    The meeja think that they are the opposition.


  38. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Trump press event a theatre of the absurd””
    (by Anthony Zurcher North America reporter).

    “”Candidate Trump would occasionally take questions in small media gaggles or offer one-on-one interviews – usually on Fox News – but the formal, free-for-all style press conferences were a thing of the past””

    “”..he (Trump) was punishing the press for what he saw as unfair treatment. On Wednesday, instead of punishing the press with his absence, he would punish them with his presence””

    “”The president-elect even took a swipe at BBC News. “That’s another beauty”, he said when BBC correspondent Ian Pannell introduced himself””

    “”Mr Trump also took a few questions from oft-overlooked conservative outlets, such as One America News Network and Breitbart, the alt-right media empire until recently headed by senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon””

    “”Part of the reason Mr Trump makes for such compelling viewing, is that when he goes off-script, there’s no telling where he’ll end up – and Wednesday was no different””

    “”Mr Pence played the disappointed dad.
    “You know, I have long been a supporter of a free and independent press, and I always will be,” he said. “But with freedom comes responsibility””


    There you have it. Perhaps the most biased of BBC articles to date. Gloves off even more so than in the past. The BBC now officially hate Trump.

    The author can now without doubt walk into any BBC latte bar across the world and be offered a free drink on the house. He’s edgy, dangerous and so very cool.


    • Dave S says:

      Really what do the BBC and the rest expect? Every second rate commedian on the BBC and every up themselves virtue signalling snowflake on the news side insulted and derided Trump and the deplorables continually. Now it is payback time and if the BBC think people like us care then dream on snowflakes, Further more the deplorables in the US love it. They don’t like the elite any more that we do. in fact a lot less.
      So Mrs May take note. Stitch us up over Brexit and your worst nightmare will come true.


    • Guest Who says:

      Throughout the election, Anthony and offsider would frequently appear on my Facebook Live timeline to ‘explain’ what was happening and should happen to meet BBC requirements.

      They were invariably flat out wrong.

      And were consistently lampooned for being so.

      Only with BBC unique funding could such useless partisan lightweights still be in a job.


  39. taffman says:

    “NHS England chief contradicts May over spending”
    OK spend more money on the NHS, but take it out of all the money we use/waste on foreign aid ! Too many overpaid trustees and administrators, not enough doctors and nurses.
    The meeja think that they are the opposition.
    Who will criticise the Meeja ? Trump & Farage.
    The ‘Meeja’ can’t handle it because they think they have more power than they have . Thanks to internet sites like this – well done biasedbbc !


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The NHS is our biggest employer.

      BBC/Labour have ‘weaponised’ the BBC to cause as much discomfort as possible to the Tories.

      I have no sympathy for the Tories, but I hate bias. Labour caused today’s problems through lack of investment in training.

      EU Human Rights (we have a Magna Carta which served us well for about 1,000 years), declares that ambulance crews can’t decline a caller with a broken nail. Hospitals can’t decline a patient with a broken nail. Waiting time therefore increase.

      Our population increases by 350,000 per year thanks to immigration. Does this count? The BBC haven’t mentioned it. Can’t they hear the stomping elephants?


      • taffman says:

        Dover Sentry
        “The NHS is our biggest employer.”
        Yes most of them are overpaid pen pushers and keyboard operators.
        We need doctors and nurses not NHS Trustees .


    • Philip_2 says:

      For a long time Taxpayes Alliance have pointed out that ‘foreign aid’ (Cameron 1% of our entire GDP) is a waste of money and that the NHS needs an urgent reform (not more money). The BBC will always demand more money for ‘expansion’ and the NHS is the largest single employer in the World already. The standards are amongst the lowest in Europe, and that has nothing to do with expenditure either. The only way to pay for it all, has to be a proper National insurance that (unlilke the TV license) pays for healthcare properly, and not given away for free to anybody who has no health insurance at all, pays no income tax and is a UK health visitor who has no intention of paying for anything. The NHS is very, very ineffeicient and has been since its last (Cameron) ‘cash-injection’ that cured nothing and prolonged the misery.



  40. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Minister hints at £1,000 fee for EU workers”
    Use the money raised to pay for any EU tariffs.
    The Libtards just ‘don’t like it up em’ !


    • Wild Bill says:

      “Companies could be charged to hire skilled workers from the European Union after Brexit, Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill has suggested.

      A £1,000 immigration “skills charge” is being brought in this April for firms recruiting workers from outside the EU.”

      So is the charge for EU workers on workers ‘outside the EU’ OR or both?


  41. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Trump pick Tillerson: ‘Fair assumption’ Putin behind hacks””


    Another destructive feature against the Trump team by our so called independent BBC.

    I can’t be bothered to itemise the bias again.


    • G says:

      It’s post-Brexit all over again. Everything is so similar even down to the percentage of the population that are pro-Trump. At least, for now, Nigel is having a breather.


  42. quisquose says:

    Well, the impression given by the BBC this morning (listening to the Today Programme) is very much hinting that the allegations against Trump are true. So the BBC are doubling down.

    Also, they keep repeating the lie that in Trump’s “shambles” of an opening Presidential Elect news conference the criticism he had for his own intelligence services for leaking the reports was “extraordinary “.

    Well, having actually listened to the news conference the only thing extraordinary was his criticism of the media, and the way the some media were ignored. (The BBC didn’t mention that). I didn’t hear any direct criticism of the intelligence services, I hear an “if”. If the intelligence services leaked the report, then .

    BBC now criticising Trump’s business plans, saying they do not match the standards of US presidents over the last 40 year. That will be presidents who did not have businesses.

    One must conclude that the BBC don’t like Trump, but I think we could do that some time ago.


    • Jud says:

      I see BBC’s Laura Bicker, reporting at 8am this morning on Donald Trumps’ press set yesterday described him as being typically bombastic in his responses to the press and questions on ‘those rumours Soviet’.

      Adjective BOMBASTIC — high-sounding but with little meaning; inflated:
      So she should know then

      The BBC then chooses to go on to interview an ex Russian aide in Moscow who attempts to reinforce the voracity of these rumours by validating method and insisting that they will not go away (this whilst showing clips of Trump at the press conference)
      Such contrived anti Trump bias and propaganda, well worthy of the Stasi


      • Scroblene says:

        Last night, Jud, R5Live just had to interview Clinton’s US Ambassador to Russia, to try and squeeze out some sort of smut, and really got nowhere, as old politicians, despite being appointed to the Clinton Fan Club (and had to be fair been a Bush appointment to the UN), but the old boy kept well out of the ‘trap’.

        (Although you can see any ‘trap’ being set by Rhod Sharp about three hours before he splutters the question, and just before his first Gaelic grunt…)

        I wonder why Sharp didn’t mention that the Clinchtowns had almost certainly been at the same hotel at some stage, probably in the same situation and nobody has asked them! (Well they might, of they could find out where they are)!

        It would have been nice to here the other side of the story, but it’s too late, R5Live have been taken for suckers just like CNN and the Sunday Times.


  43. thirdoption says:

    Announced on BBC 6 music this morning – Charlotte Church has turned down an invitation to sing at President Trump’s inauguration.

    Ha Ha Ha


  44. AsISeeIt says:

    Many of us will soon be experiencing freezing temperatures and snow – or what the BBC now terms “wintery weather”
    Our Charlie Stayt however is probably in the midst of a personal warm feeling of nostalgia for his youth this morning; it was just a week ago that he told us with regret “it was much colder when we were nippers”


  45. Foscari says:

    The BBC has absolutely no idea why the National Health A+E is struggling so badly.We hear it’s because it’s winter or lack of money. Have any of you reading this been to A+E over the last three or four years? I unfortunately have to go occasionaly because I have heart failure
    and being out of breath can be worrying.
    I arrive and there can be up to fifty folk queuing up to see administration! You can hear
    every languague being spoken under the sun from EASTERN EUROPE!! Romanian, Bulgarian,Lithuanian,Slovackian,Estonian, Polish, Czech, Latvian and a number of others from
    the ILLEGAL folk who come from countries outside the EEC.
    Most of them have not registered with a GP so thats why it’s A+E for them. As our Steff
    on the morning programme says to the doctor who is explaining about the dire straights of
    the NH , but not actually listening to anything he is saying ” How interesting.”
    The fascist liberals at the BBC know very well why the NHS is under such strain. It’s the million of immigrants that have descended on our shores over the last decade. BUT it’s a
    topic the BBC dare not mention. Because for the BBC it’s not politically correct!


    • Peter Grimes says:

      My two experiences of A&E in the last couple of years, neither for me but more worryingly for my daughter-in-law and her new child and for another son, were exactly the same. On the first occasion, very early in the morning, one drunken Eastern European who was not waiting for treatment came in and assaulted another with whom he had probably previously fought occasioning injuries requiring treatment. There were several other EE’s waiting, as there were on my second visit.

      As with under-recorded health tourism where doctors are not interested in checking the nationality of patients, administrators are not recording the nationality of A&E patients. No one will say it but the extra visits are highly likely to be related to our recent immigrants.

      As Guido’s PMQ sketch said yesterday –

      “What’s more, Corbyn’s proffered solution to “cancel the corporate tax cuts and spend the money where it is needed”, i.e chuck more cash into the pit of Sarlacc that is the NHS budget, would do little to solve the increased demand the PM identified as fuelling the crisis. In response Mrs. May could have shot Corbyn down in an instant by mentioning that the reason we’re in this mess is that his party decided to give free boob jobs and gender reassignment surgery (in some cases both at the same time) to every Tom, Dick and Harriet that landed at Heathrow with a sob story. But that would be mean.’

      He could have mentioned HIV or tuberculosis carriers.


    • jazznick1 says:

      My wife was a doctor’s receptionist who had a constant stream of ‘gimmiegrants’ signing on
      and giving an address. When checked, several of these addresses had 15-20 people registered
      as living in a 3 bed semi ! Many of these people were seen once, referrred to hospital and treated then they would vanish and do the trick somewhere else.

      Due to the ‘patient confidentiality’ clause she was unable to ‘blow the whistle’ on these bogus claims.

      The Doctors were aware of this but didn’t want to confront people in their surgeries or appear prejudiced – especially if an interpreter was needed. Too much hassle.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Another A & E horror story. My niece sat waiting patiently for almost 2 hours, then a Romanian entourage arrived. Another half an hour later an interpreter turned up, so guess who was seen first ? not my niece who was further up the queue, but the Romanians and the interpreter !! Little wonder animosity is growing by the day.


  46. Sluff says:

    How often do we hear health scare stories that either imply or explicitly state that ‘the poorest in our communities’ are worst affected? Obesity, diabetes, various cancers etc etc etc. Such situations use a lot of NHS resources.
    How much tax do these people pay? Hardly any, because by definition they are poor.

    Meanwhile middle class people, who have the brains to look after themselves, do not therefore use the NHS much, but pay an awful lot of tax.
    So what we have is the most pernicious, redistributive tax system.
    On Toady R4 this morning there was brief mention that Germany spends a third as much again than the UK does on healthcare. But you’ll find among other things (not of course mentioned by the bBBC) that in Gemany, as with most other states, people spend their own money on some of their healthcare. Less redistributive, and yet by all accounts a far better system than our ‘world class NHS’ .

    You can repeat this basic premise for health care in most other European countries.


  47. AsISeeIt says:

    Bargain bin Laura Kuesnssberg sound-a-like Laura Bicker calls Donald Trump “Bombastic”. Perhaps she was upset by the President Elect’s put down of her employer the BBC when her colleague Ian Pannell pops up for a pop at him at the press conference yesterday? Anyone who watched more than the quick sound bites will know this was a rather good performance by Trump. Ms Bicker, how about we make up a completely untrue salacious bit of fake news about you and then go around telling the world: well, it may not be true but it’s credible. Two choices Laura, go away and cry, or fight back and sound a bit… bombastic?


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC and fellow swamp dwellers have had free rein for so long, getting a serve returned seems a surprise they struggle to handle. And they don’t like it up them one bit.


      • jazznick1 says:

        Quite so. They don’t seem to be able to grasp the magnitude of their FAIL.

        General election – FAIL
        Brexit – FAIL – and still Failing but trying to get the ‘red card’ overturned.
        POTUS – FAIL – bigly.

        The BBC is part of the reason all this happened. The public have finally seen through the massaged-news, the omissions, the innuendo, the one sided reporting, the rigged ‘interview’.

        The BBC have their heads so far up their *rses that they cannot see the freight train coming.
        The same can be said about most US ‘news’ manipulators. It will be interesting to see if the Donald gives CNN (or BBC for that matter) accreditation for media access to the WH or puts them on the naughty step.


  48. Up2snuff says:

    Fake news or plain wrong news?


    There’s a world of difference between racing (on a closed circuit) and road rallying and stage rallying but the BBC either does not have enough competence to know or is happy to spread fake news or is even guilty on both counts.


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