Did you catch Jeremy Al Bowen on Today this morning discussing the killing of senior Hamas terrorist
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by unknown people in a Dubai hotel?  Jeremy was quick off the mark to label this as Mossad killing but at no point did he, or indeed anyone else on the BBC, discuss the precise role this piece of Hamas filth played in the killing of innocent Israelis, nor for that matter did they enquire as to what he was doing in Dubai. Israel was in the frame and that is all that matters. Hamas are the victims here, nothing to see..move along.

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28 Responses to THAT DUBAI KILLING…

  1. Grant says:

    I certainly hope it was Mossad and there are many more to come !


  2. 1327 says:

    It certainly looks like Mossad with a team of 11 people using presumably false passports from 4 countries who stayed in Dubai 24 hours and never made a single phone call or used a credit card. You don’t get that level of professionalism anywhere else 🙂


  3. Umbongo says:

    I get the feeling that the BBC’s indignation is fuelled by the use of British passports by the supposed assassins: this feature of the assassination is front and centre in Bowen’s report.  Odd then that the BBC have always appeared very relaxed about Begg’s use of forged British documents.  But, of course, Begg is only an apologist for terrorism of innocent civilians.  Any possible justification for killing scum like Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is stumped in the BBC’s eyes by the fact that his intended victims were Israelis and thus, by extension, Jews.


    • 1327 says:

      Indeed Umbongo. I would be willing to bet that these British passports were real and not faked. Given the ease with which which British citizenship can now be obtained it would be easy for any intelligence agency to send in fake asylum seekers or the like. With the right story and a couple of years delay they would have a lovely fresh clean British passport. Your agent wouldn’t need to stay in the UK either just register then come and go every so often (on a different passport) so they generate a paper trail.


      • Grant says:

        If they were using British passports, it is because they are very easy to obtain , illegally, and very easy to forge.  I wonder how many current British passports there are in the world.  100-200 million ?  Maybe more. Who knows .


        • Robert Soul says:

          I agree they are easy enough to obtain illegally but I doubt you know much about forgery if you claim they are easy to forge. The older generation with the photograph on the rear page were fairly easy to photo-substitute, but they are nearly obsolete now and the ones shown have digital photos which are much more difficult to forge. The German documents are very good quality and forgeries of these are very rare. My feeling is that most of the people in this “plot” are completely innocent. I put more stock in arab incompetence than I do in Mossad involving a dozen people in a hit. In any event good riddance to a scumbag whoever did it.


          • Teddy Bear says:

            If it would have been Muslim terrorists eradcating somebody they didn’t like, they wouldn’t have needed fake British passports, they can easier get the real thing 🙁


          • Grant says:

            Actually, I know quite a lot about detecting forgery and can assure you that UK passports are very easy to forge.  Much easier than , say, Turkish, Gambian , Chinese, or Malaysian passports, for example.


        • George R says:

          Yes, it is a massive problem which the UK government has neglected for years.

          Now, because of this case, and because it’s Election time, and not because of mass immigration, Brown wants it to be looked into.

          The BBC dutifully reports this; but the BBC would be better employed doing some journalistic investigation into the problem of fake passports or has the BBC budget been spent on its Winter Olympics jaunt?

           Here’a a ‘People’ report of 3 years ago:

          “Fake Passport, Take Euro Pick!”


  4. John R Smith says:

    I wonder what the B-BBC report of Palestinian heroes/terrorists killing an Israeli would be…..oh, sorry, silly me, we get that everyday don’t we, it’s fully justified of course.


  5. Pounce says:

    Anybody else noticed the prominence the bBC is giving to the ‘Catch the killers of the innocent Hamas father.

    I mean the article headlines the bBC frontpage,bBC Middle East News, bBC UK news. You’d think it was the pope who had been slotted but actually it was a terrorist.
    Makes you wonder which side the bBC bats for.


  6. Jene says:

    Both Sides of this issue have problems with the killing of innocent people on the other side.  The BBC, if it truly wanted to be a respected news reporting outlet, should look at all sides of a news event and report on it factually.  But they don’t and so they won’t ever be respected. 


  7. The Omega Man says:

    BBC2 at 7.30 said “six of the murderers…”. Not killers, not suspects, not assassins. No surprise then they didn’t even characteristise the act as “audacious”. I’d like the BBC to call Palestinian terrorists murderers just ONCE.


  8. Mick says:

    Can we find these people and invite them over to the UK to dispose of a few of our own Hamas scarf wearing, leftie toe-rags, and other self confesssed ‘freedom fighter’ sympathisers?


  9. George R says:

    Daniel Silva writes novels like, ‘The Secret Servant’.

    Part of publisher’s synopsis:

    “..once in Amsterdam, Gabriel [Allom, ex-Mossad] soon discovers a conspiracy of terror festering in the city’s Islamic underground, a plot that is about to explode on the other side of the English Channel, in the middle of London. ”

    Daniel Silva doesn’t get the BBC treatment which John le Carre gets. I wonder why.) 


  10. George R says:

    A non-BBC, wide-ranging survey of the Dubai case, and the political issues involved:


  11. ltwf1964 says:

    kudos to whoever put the animal out of its misery

    and if it was Mossad….here’s to many more successful culls


  12. Hazel Stein says:

    Well the hypocrisy is as annoying as usual.  Only Iran and Hamas can be displeased that this individual is dead, all the other Arab countries will be gleeful.  But I’m sensing another dimension to this very public faking of British passports, with the  publicity and their real owners saying ‘why me?’.  Laws about travel and Britain, anyone………. is this ringing bells??  Laws concerning travel to Britain by Israelis and what happens when certain Israeli leaders get here…………..?  Why Tzipi Livni cancelled or didn’t cancel her trip last December …………?

    I think this is an ‘up yours’ gesture by Israel to Britain about Britain’s failure to amend that law whereby Livni could have been arrested by any magistrate.  And I hope that when the Israeli ambassador meets the Foreign Office tomorrow, that will be indicated.  Not that anything will be done about it.


    • Boris Godunoff says:

      And let’s not forget that Britain is the only EU country to have sent home-grown suicide bombers into Israel – Asif Hanif and his incompetent friend who blew up a Tel Aviv pub.

      Given that Britain is now a festering nest of Islamofascist yobs and Hamas spokesmen like Azzam ‘Kaboom’ Tamimi, I think an ‘up yours’ from Israel is very timely.


  13. Jimbob says:

    re: use of language ….”audacious ” etc

    let us not forget that old beeb favourite… “sophisticated“.

    As in  “…In a sophisticated attack in Downtown Baghdad today,  a truck bomb was driven into a crowded market and detonated. Shortly afterwards a second truck bomb exploded as emergency services arrived on the scene…”

    Woe betide any Beeboid who dares to describe the hit in Dubai as “sophisticated “….


  14. ltwf1964 says:

    let’s face it

    if it had been a HAMASS’ed attack on an Israeli,would it have made the news on al Beeb?

    course it wouldn’t