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Not long to go until Biased BBC’s Question Time live and unleashed so hope you can come along for the trip. It’s been a bad week for Prudence so let’s see what the BBC serves up! Can they save him? The panel seems very left wing so we can expect some top commentary from the watching gang – make sure you are part of it!


Today marked the formal end of UK combat operations in Iraq. Now whether one was for or against the liberation of Iraq from the Saddamite tyranny (And I was totally in favour) I am sure we are all at least united in saluting the bravery of UK armed forces on the ground. Our fighting men and women always do us proud and sadly 179 lost their lives. What bothered me greatly about the BBC coverage of this today was the way in which Hugh Sykes kept referring to the 3000+ Iraqis who also died in the British controlled zone. He never explained how many of this number were Jihadists, or were killed by Jihadists. He simply lumped all the deaths together to obtain a handy soundbite figure that implied that the scale of UK deaths caused by the “invasion” were dwarfed by the huge losses to Iraqis. He ignored all context – the quagmire motif held to the end.


Anyone catch Justin’s love-in concerning Obama’s 100th glorious days? Truly nauseating stuff. Like the way Justin misleads on the polls as well. He seemed to miss the recent one that suggests that US confidence that it can win the war on terror has hit a low since Obama came to power or the fact that the US economy has slumped disastrously since Obama ascended to on-high. Just too in love to see the blemishes, I guess. (P.S Didn’t Churchill, whom Obama quotes to Justin’s delight , also believe that you had to utterly destroy your enemy to achieve peace?)


Hope you will come over to B-BBC liveblog on Question Time this evening. Here’s the panel – Frank Skinner, Hillary Benn, Norman Baker, Andrew Lansley and Leanne Woods. My advice? Have a drink handy. A large one.

0 OUT OF 10

I spotted this earlier, as I know others have, but this is the first chance I had to blog it. Have YOU seen the “report card” that the BBC thoughtfully commissioned on Obama’s first 100 days from Prof Iwan Morgan? It’s riddled from start to finish with extreme left-wing bias and no effort has been  made by the BBC to allow any commentator critical of The One to have their say on this report card. In truth, is it not fair to say that Morgan is simply expressing “the narrative” and is given carte blanche to reinforce this?


Wonder what planet  Nick Robinson lives on? Have you read his most recent blog post in which he relates how the news has just reached him that Gordo has lost the Commons vote over the Gurkhas. (The last time such a thing happened it was Sunny Jim in the death throes of his administration back in 1979) However Nick goes on to say “It is proof, if any were needed, that away from the economy the prime minister is consistently misjudging issues. “

Did I hear that right? Robinson is plainly implying that on the economy, the single biggest issue for most of the electorate, Brown is judging issues correctly! Is he mad?

Also even in this shameful defeat in the Commons, the BBC subtly tries to save their man by handing all the plaudits to Nick Clegg. So it was the even more left wing than Hard Labour Lib-Dem’s wot saved the day for the Gurkhas – were the Conservatives lost in action?


Great to see that PM Brown is going to unveil the government’s revised strategy for the war in Afghanistan, following his visit to the country. He is expected to say Pakistan – which was also on his tour – must be part of a solution to Afghanistan’s problems. Wow – now who would have figured that? Brown is simply acting as a cipher for Obama here and yet when Blair did the same for Bush, he was castigated for it by the BBC. However the BBC desire to keep HMS Brown afloat at all costs means a blind eye is turned to yet another UTTERLY worthless Brown “initiative”


The BBC’s coverage of the putative swine flu pandemic seems to have cranked up this mornin with the front news page explaining all the wonders that Government it doing to “inform” us as to what we need to do so civilisation does not come to an end. And great to see the NHS buying 32 million face masks – for their staff, just in case. More wise allocation of finite resources. My solution is not go to Mexico, but apparently the government has decided that would be a step too far. All this pandemic hype certainly keeps Mr Brown’s political woes away from the public, doesn’t it?


Anyone catch the tributes BBC TV was paying to the first 100 days of the era of Obama the 1st  this morning? Gushing, one-sided and the only watch-out note struck was that perhaps he had not gone far enough yet to “roll back the years of the Bush Presidency”. It’s not news, it’s propaganda.


Just a quick word to let you know that, behind the scene, the transformation of the Biased BBC website is almost complete and will be revealed to you all very shortly. I have seen the future look of it and it is a complete and radical change that I hope you will like it when we publish it!

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Racists Come Out!

It’s a pity being a racist has such a stigma attached. People go to any lengths to avoid being thought of as one. However, something unpleasant is being said by all these wonderfully innocent non-racist individuals who haven’t a racist bone in their bodies.Zionism equals racism, and Israel = Racist.

Despite the contortions they go through in order to get away with accusing other so-called racial groups of racism without looking a little tarred with the same abomination of a brush, that particular conjuring trick can never truly be pulled off. Even if they stand on their heads and don a burqa, they can’t avoid looking a tad hypocritical.

But, hey, what’s wrong with that? Don’t take that as a criticism. These days admitting to a bit of racism is almost the new honesty. Accepting antisemitism is already the new honesty, as in Dinner Party Antisemitism which I’m told is all the rage.

To be honest – as everyone seems to say so very frequently these days -Israel is, after all, the “Jewish” state; everyone hates Israel; why not just be honest and admit they hate Jews too?
Jews = Zionists and Zionists = racists. And, let’s all be honest, so are they!

Everyone knows that ‘To be honest’ is the new ‘Basically.’ Also popular, “If I’m being honest,” which is weaker as it begs the question, “Are you? Or not?”

Honesty is a virtue after all. Come on out, tell your granny, she’s probably one already.
Who cares what the EUMC has to say about antisemitism? Definition or no definition. Definition shmefinishon. Bring it on. Freedom! Throw off the shackles of P.C.! What a relief!
All together now. “We hate Jews. We’re out and we’re proud. Antisemites R us!”

That’s what the BBC + Jeremy Paxman would say if they were being honest.

But not Martin Jacques. He hasn’t quite come out yet. To him racism is still taboo!!!!

“No people like to admit to their own racism; the response is invariably one of denial. This makes the UN conferences on racism – and there have only been two this decade – important and worthwhile events. “

Time to get it off your chest Mr. Jacques, and come on out! You, the UN, and the BBC. The closet is overcrowded already.

And to pre-empt those waiting to pounce with allegations that this has a tenuous or spurious connection with BBC bias, I contend that it has very much to do with it. You reap what you sow. The BBC sows and we all reap.


Had to laugh at this interview given by Harriet Harman on her wonderfully Orwellian “Equality Act” being published today. Right the way through posh Harriet was allowed to waffle, claiming that her class war act will lead to a stronger economy. Just to end the item Harriet was also given the chance to add her support to the 50% tax rate debate, without interruption. Isn’t life grand when you’re a hard left gender warrior on the BBC?


The BBC just loves Sir Al Aynsley-Green, the children’s commissioner for England. Al was on Today this morning calling for an end to the arrest and detention of the children of failed ie illegal asylum seekers. When these illegals enter our country, Al would prefer a more “community based” solution be found ie. no effective action is taken. Once more – this item report is dripping in pro-illegal immigrant sentiment. The one solution Al seems oblivious of is that illegals should stay out of our country. Too radical, I guess.


The Stern Report on climate change, commissioned by the British Government under Blair, is seen by at least some people as being “a deeply flawed attempt to justify extraordinary new taxes and regulations on carbon dumping by quantifying future economic costs should we fail to impose them.” The alarmism that pervades Stern’s politicised climate change analysis would make at least some people wary of it or at perhaps offer a balancing view. But not the BBC. It holds the line that the Stern Report understates the actual climate change position – or as Professor David King puts it on this item, is “too conservative.” Listen to the sympathetic hearing King is given as he waxes lyrical on the need to impose action now – in order to save the planet. This climate change fascists are given a free ride each time they appear on the BBC.