Lobby in Hotel

200 people attended a glittering celebration at the Kensington Royal Garden Hotel the other day. Nearly forty of them were journalists, including senior journalists from the BBC. The function was laid on by Arab Media Watch, or the pro Palestinian lobby, as a fundraiser and a gesture of appreciation for sympathetic coverage of Gaza. This is a mirror image of the Jewish lobby, but, unlike that sinister satanic cabal, this one is obviously considered respectable and above board by the BBC. So for that reason I suggest we take some of the excellent advice they offer on their website since it has clearly been so effective. There is a handy list of contacts, hints on letter writing, tips on how to pressure the media to present your case, and a useful guide to ‘where journalism often goes wrong when dealing with violence’, entitled “Misrepresenting Violence.” That one should be forwarded to Jeremy Bowen immediately. It was published in 2002 but he might not have seen it.
There is also a page explaining some factual errors, for example the myth that Hamas is out to destroy Israel. They supply proof of this on two counts.

A) How could they do it with such inferior weaponry?
B) They have offered a ten-year hudna. What more could they do?

Please note amended figures. Not all 36 were from the BBC! Apologies. Everything else still stands, bilge or not.


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2 Responses to Lobby in Hotel

  1. Kensington says:

    It is tough for the BBC to decide what is based and not biased here.


  2. Ben@Clarion Inn says:

    nrg- Great question towards BJ. As for the BBC.. I always enjoy the programme.

    Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista