Getting The Story Right

          I’m still of the opinion that the BBC was leaning more towards Scottish independence than the Nats give them credit for…it would suit the BBC pro-Europe stance….divide and rule…splitting up the UK into small parts that are easy to pick off. Throughout the run up to the referendum Salmond and Co were given an easy ride without too much rigorous questioning whilst the pro-Union campaign … Continue reading

The BBC’s Virtual Blasphemy Law

  The BBC have been bombarding us with endless reports that Imams have signed a letter demanding the release of a British hostage by ISIS. Clear what the message is…British Muslims, decent, moderate Muslims, have no truck with ISIS and its extremist, distorted version of Isam. It’s an easy win for the Muslims….what can they lose?…they are saying nothing about their religion, making no objectionable criticisms of its tenets…but get … Continue reading

Bearing Witness

  Jon Snow  grandly, sententiously, told us he was ‘bearing witness’ to events in Gaza rather than reporting them in  a balanced and impartial manner.  Never mind the facts, the context, the causes of those events that Snow ‘bears witness’ to. The BBC’s Archive on 4, Media and the Middle East, programme opened with Snow’s words. And it went downhill from there as it explored how the Israel/Palestinian conflict has … Continue reading

From Fear To Sympathy

  We had this story earlier in the month: Illegal immigrant clung to axle of motorhome for more than 100 miles to get to Britain from Calais through the Channel Tunnel   Yesterday the BBC tackled it on 5 Live with Clare McDonnell, who, sad to say, could quite easily be mistaken for the much missed Victoria Derbyshire….who, you will be happy to know, brings her undoubted talents and take … Continue reading


    I can see why the BBC might find Islam attractive what with death for apostasy being a favoured way of dealing with critical ex-members of the cult. Paxman is famously grumpy as he slowly grinds to a halt, and Paul Mason shows a distinct lack of loyalty as well…from The Spectator: Former Newsnight correspondent Paul Mason seems rather happy to be free of Auntie, especially since the Scottish … Continue reading

UnIslamic Whadjamacallems

  Nicky Campbell investigated ISIS this morning and what needed to be done about them. First of all we have to think up a really uncool name for them…To call them the Islamic State is just addressing them in the manner they want to be addressed and gives them a legitimacy they don’t deserve. Naturally they are ‘unIslamic’ but also barbaric, murderous and cruel terrorists…yes that’s right, terrorists. Curious that … Continue reading


BBC coverage of all things Israel is always cutting edge bias! I am aware that a rally had been organised to PROTEST against this but I understand thus has been moved. See below. “Thank you to everyone who has contacted us about our rally to protest media bias against Israel. This is an incredibly important issue, especially in the wake of Operation Protective Edge. Unfortunately, the date proposed for the … Continue reading

Hoots Mon!

      The SNP’s Jim Sillars made some astonishing threats to companies that didn’t promote the SNP pro-independence line: The No camp fear mongering has had an effect on me – instead of retiring on 19th. September, I am staying in. This referendum is about power, and when we get a Yes majority, we will use that power for a day of reckoning with BP and the banks. The … Continue reading

Brass Tacks And Brass Plaques

        The BBC is biased…in favour of the United Kingdom…… Nationalists brand BBC’s Nick Robinson ‘a liar’ as thousands protest at corporation’s ‘biased’ coverage on referendum   Why?  Because the BBC’s Nick Robinson actually did his job and asked an awkward question…one that Alex Salmond avoided answering…….the spineless Robinson then fell into line and meekly stated that Salmond had answered the question about tax…and note, Robinson has … Continue reading


I’m just catching up on some emails and I thought this was one you may wish to engage with and help out on please. “This petition to the BBC and BBC Trust could really be quite significant if gains momentum.  I’m hoping for 10,000 signatures which will really make an impact even if the BBC doesn’t make the relatively small changes demanded/requested. ‘Change BBC boilerplate on Gaza casualties to reflect … Continue reading


Did you see that BBC stalwart Nick Robinson has been at the receiving end of Chairman Salmond’s tongue? I feel a bit sorry for Robinson but then again the BBC pander too much to demagogues like Salmond little realising that he will devour them just as easily as anyone else who dares question his ways, Alex Salmond has backed yes campaigners who staged an angry protest outside the BBC’s Scottish … Continue reading