Racist ‘Britain’

“Europe You’ll Come Crawling When Mujahedeen Come Roaring”   The BBC is indulging in a very dangerous and dishonest attack on British society and in particular white British people, pushing the narrative that they are all racist based purely on the fact that they are white and that other races, and the BBC inlcudes Islam as a race for some reason, are always victims of white peoples’ prejudice thus sowing … Continue reading

New Labour…Old Danger

  Interesting to see someone thinks as I do about New Labour.  I constantly hear on the BBC and elsewhere that Blair and Co were right-wing whilst I was always of the opinion that Blair was in fact extremely left-wing and smashed those left-wing  policies into the British Establishment, culture and society…yes he cosied up to the banks but even Lenin told us that Capitalism was a necessary part of … Continue reading

Subscription or Conscription?

  The BBC has always opposed a change to the licence fee funding model on the grounds that subscription would be technically too difficult and would cost too much…..not to mention of course that the licence fee is easy money at the moment and a guaranteed source of income regardless of what they produce and who watches. On the other hand it has decided that it is technically feasible and … Continue reading

Bleeding Heart Sunday

  The BBC’s ‘Sunday’ carries on as usual with its unusual world view that is at so odds with everyday folk. We had a piece on the pages of the Koran found at Birmingham University.  The BBC did ask some very awkward questions for Muslims that these Koran pages raise…such as the carbon dating may show that this Koran may show that ‘Islam’ may have been in existence before Muhammed, … Continue reading

Chopperboy…..Victim of an uncaring society

  The BBC was sure that Clockboy was the victim of  injustice, prejudice and misperceptions perpetrated by a society that has been polluted by an Islamophobic narrative driven by the right-wing press.  It seems that ‘Chopperboy’ in the UK may also be a victim of similar prejudice, his threats to behead and murder so many people merely an articulation of his rage against a society that doesn’t value or accept  … Continue reading


    Just a note to the BBC that seems entirely unaware that Corbyn is not Churchill……     Massed cheerleading from the hard-core believers is not the same as mass popularity.     On another note…try replacing Black Cabs (BC) with BBC in the narrative in this video and see if the sentiments are the same….a group that doesn’t want competition …’it’s just protectionism…the last closed shop’…and ‘is it … Continue reading

The Lost Boys

      Obama not also claiming these lost boys for his virtual family then?   The BBC is in a bit of a quandary….a mixed race killer who likes the IRA (one of the BBC’s favoured terror groups)…..they can’t avoid mentioning the IRA but perhaps, as with the Hispanic George Zimmerman, they can pass Harper off as purely white and settle for rolling their eyes in disgust at the … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents tonight’s fun and games from Cardiff. Joining him are Conservative secretary of state for Wales Stephen Crabb MP, Daily Telegraph columnist and Margaret Thatcher’s biographer Charles Moore, singer and campaigner Charlotte Church, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock (now where have I heard that name before?) and Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood AM.

Kick off tonight (Thursday) at 22.35

Chat here

Register here if necessary.


‘After years of trying to make sense of extremism, I want to understand the lives of ordinary Muslims, to go behind the walls and dispel the mystery and suspicion felt by non-Muslims on the outside’ The BBC has just broadcast what can only be described as a very provocative piece of pro-Muslim propaganda for the East London Mosque which has a well deserved reputation for extremist teachings (any search on … Continue reading


Well, the BBC did all they could to spin Corbyn’s “straight-talking” speech, didn’t they? I note they casually dismissed the fact that a section of it was written years ago for Neil Kinnoch. I note they overlooked he read out directional advice from the autocue. Straight-talking? Anyway, here’s a mid week open thread and the last one of this month!

Sinister Sinister

  ‘As a man he suffers from a fatal incoherence of the intellectual pretensions.  He has wonderful dramatic ideas, but doesn’t have the drive or grasp to make a team of them.  His politics seems to me to be founded in a real imagination, sinister and very odd…too much smiling insinuation….and a continuous impersonation of reality out of illusion and fantasy combines with dark sideswipes at the ‘evil’ Press in … Continue reading


A Biased BBC reader draws this nugget to my attention… http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34346621 I was particularly incensed by the following paragraph: “You may be familiar with the history of the 1967 Middle East War – a short, sharp conflict in which, Israel captured land from Egypt, Syria and Jordan in a series of lightning operations.” No mention of why Israel went to war or the threats of annihilation that the state was … Continue reading