The Brand Wagon

    The Brand wagon keeps on rolling courtesy of the People’s BBC. Kind of ironic really, a multi-millionaire living the celebrity lifestyle complaining about the plebs not having a voice, excluded by the Establishment…and yet it is not Joe Bloggs from Peckham who is given the chance to air his views, it is that multi-millionaire celebrity who has decided we all want a revolution and has been given the … Continue reading

Standard Of Living and Standards Of Journalism

  The BBC has been hitting us hard in the last week with what is without any shadow of a doubt pure Labour Party propaganda about living standards, the minimum wage and ‘breadline Britain’….the central message at the heart of Labour’s election strategy More on that later but as a run up to a more indepth look at the BBC’s coverage in which we are presented with ‘Jason from Stockport’ … Continue reading

If You Can Have A ‘Just’ Terrorism Why Can’t You Have A ‘Just’ Torture?

  The BBC seems fatally drawn to outspoken, controversial and ultimately, mistaken, flawed characters, otherwise known as charlattans, whom they can rely upon either to make headlines and help them chase ratings, ala Russell Brand, or to ensure the schedules are filled with left wing drudgery ala Owen Jones or Giles Fraser. Giles Fraser, that turbulent priest with inclinations towards the radical, has some interesting thoughts.  Not all of them … Continue reading

The Russell Hustle

  What can I say? There isn’t much you can say about the BBC’s fawning submission to the unstoppable prophet of kooky pap, Russell Brand. What could say it all is that this, em, genuine, ‘exclusive extract’, from Brand’s new booky wooky, courtesy of Michael Deacon at the Telegraph, isn’t the authentic Brand revealing his deepest and most cherished, fantastical imaginings but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was……Katz must … Continue reading


None so totalitarian as the BBC; The BBC is using laws designed to catch terrorists and organised crime networks to track down people who dodge the licence fee, it emerged yesterday. The publicly-funded corporation uses the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), designed by the last Labour government to fight terrorism, to catch those who evade paying the £145.50 fee. Now, however, its ability to use sweeping surveillance powers could be … Continue reading

Blood On Its Hands

Racism is ‘embedded into our [white] culture but people don’t even think of themselves as racist.’  Peter Allen 5Live   I did laugh when I heard Jim Naughtie’s schoolboy crush on the Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee….   No-one took on the aura of the swashbuckling newspaperman with more style than Ben Bradlee, who became one of the great editors. He loved the life, but he was also a man … Continue reading


I got back from France late Monday evening and caught the BBC “Today” programme running a story about the “racist” song released by Mike Read in support of UKIP. The BBC oozes visceral contempt for UKIP and whether one supports them or not, this bias is self evidently wrong. Is it possible that UKIP’s views on our continued membership of the EU and its focus on enforcing immigration limits are … Continue reading

One Man’s Comedy Is Another Man’s Chance To Race Hustle

            Why is the BBC’s use of a West Indian tune for its Test Match cricket theme not racist?  Surely it is mocking Afro-Caribbean culture?  Is it not cultural theft and mis-appropriation?  Modern day slavery exploiting Black people and their work for white people’s profit and gain.   Mike Read has unfortunately caved in to the intimidation and bullyboy tactics of a few race hustlers … Continue reading

Wanting It All

BBC open to charging subscriptions for premium content, head of Corporation’s trust reveals The BBC would be open to charging subscriptions for premium content, the new head of the BBC Trust has revealed for the first time. Rona Fairhead, who took up her new role two weeks ago, said that subscriptions could be an “intelligent way” to generate extra money for the Corporation. Asked whether “niche” and “premium” programmes could … Continue reading

Girls On Top

    The BBC brings us a celebration of girl power:   Wonder Women: busting stereotypes across the world On 28 October the BBC will host a day of events focusing on the power of women – those who have changed the world around them and inspired others to do the same. Our keynote speakers include Joyce Banda, president of Malawi from 2012 to 2014 and named by Forbes magazine … Continue reading