Sky Must Die

  If you have been listening to the BBC’s coverage of the latest football scandal you may have noticed a constant theme that gets slipped into the discussion…that of ‘TV money’, not actually naming Sky of course, corrupting the beautiful game. Is it just my imagination or is there an underlying line that the BBC is pushing…such as an attack on Sky? Perhaps we could check out what the BBC’s … Continue reading


The BBC is running stories sympathetic to transexuals on a virtually daily basis. “When lifelong Republican Jennifer Williams arrived at the party’s National Convention in Cleveland this summer, she felt nervous. Although she was excited to be an honorary delegate for New Jersey, she was worried about how others would respond to her. She had attended many political events before this, including both of President George W Bush’s inaugurations, but … Continue reading

Suit you sir

  Guido is listing the runners and riders he thinks could replace Shameless Milne as Labour’s Director of Communications.  Would have thought the obvious choice would be Nick Robinson, already offered such a role by Labour before and who is doing a fine job suppressing criticism of Corbyn on the BBC, or of course someone as equally shameless and off the wall as Milne, James O’Brien, now also doing a … Continue reading

The race-baiting BBC

    The BBC reports that Serena Williams ‘won’t stay silent’ about Blacks being shot by police…and we get a very exploitative video of a young girl talking about the killings…channelling only what misinformation her parents have fed her of course. She is probably unaware that the police officer who shot Keith Scott was himself black or that Scott had an illegal gun or that he abused his wife….then again … Continue reading

Tom Watson not get the BBC memo?

Emily Ashton Verified account ‏@elashton Corbyn’s reaction as Tom Watson points at a heckler and says “Jeremy, I don’t think she got the unity memo.”     Clearly Tom Watson didn’t get the BBC internal memo to be nice to Corbyn…the Telegraph reports: Ignore the talk of Labour unity – Tom Watson just humiliated Jeremy Corbyn On Monday Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctor, enraged a shadow minister by deliberately … Continue reading

The Great Circus

      Apparently Trump has trounced Clinton in the public polls but you’d be hard pushed to find that out from the they ask Who won the first debate? and yet you don’t get the answer in  a very long piece, or only the BBC answer…which, they tell us, is that Clinton won.    

An Honourable Man

  Apparently the media have to stop being nasty to Corbyn.  Can’t say I’ve noticed the BBC being nasty, being very restrained and grovelling yes, nasty? no. Is the BBC biased? draws our attention to an article by Newsnight’s James O’Brien, the man whose stock in trade is a hefty dose of deep unpleasantness combined with lies, outraged moral anger and smug self-righteousness but who thinks poor old Corbyn is … Continue reading


The BBC coverage of last evening’s first US presidential debate was as pro-Clinton as I expected. It reminds me so much of the run up to the EU referendum, the BBC is smugly confident that their side will win. I will delight when Trump prevails and they are forced to go into another bout if sustained denial. Your thoughts?

It’s The Mass Immigration Stupid

  Why is it that when Jon Pienaar admits that ‘a tough line on migration – the single greatest influence underlying the vote to leave the EU ‘ the BBC ran the Remain camp’s narrative throughout the referendum campaign that it was all about the economy…and even now their Director of News insists the economy was the main issue?…. ‘Inasmuch as the EU referendum was about the economy…’  

Bad Losers

    The Remain losers are out in force though you might never know there was an orchestrated campaign to undermine Brexit if you relied solely on the BBC’s ‘analysis’. Osborne came out declaring he was the voice of the liberal mainstream….that ‘mainstream’ that was so mainstream it couldn’t get a majority, he’s now claiming that there is no mandate for a ‘Hard Brexit’…but of course there is…the vote was … Continue reading


Rarely does a day go by without the BBC running one if its strange freak family stories. Take this one currently in the limelight. The transgender family where the father gave birth. (He didn’t – “he” is a she despite the BBC running with the nonsense. DV) Meet one of South America’s most high-profile transgender families. “We don’t have a name yet – or rather we do – we are just … Continue reading


You have to laugh at the shining bias of the BBC’s Norman Lamb. He was on the Today programme this morning to tell us all about that divided and strife torn political party. Labour? Oh no – the Conservatives! He was doing his level best to big up the allegations in the book by Tim Shipman that Theresa May she was “lily livered” over immigration. Meanwhile the all too obvious … Continue reading