Heeeeeeere’s Jeremy… PM Netanyahu told BBC that #Israel is in #Gaza to make Israelis safer. Other Israeli PMs said the same. History shows no military solution. — Jeremy Bowen (@BowenBBC) July 20, 2014 History shows that appeasing Hamas does not make Israel safer either but Mr Neutrality misses that. Bowen’s twitter line is astonishingly biased.

Old Boys Network At Work

    Apparently the new front runner for the job of BBC Trust Chairman is Nicholas Prettejohn…already a BBC Trustee…and yet another Oxbridge PPE graduate. The Guardian tells us he is a former ‘city Grandee’ and  advisor to George Osborne….but he is also a former trustee of the Royal Opera House working with the BBC’s DG, Lord Hall, who has already employed a former work mate from the ROH, Anne … Continue reading


Seen this? “A BBC journalist has been scolded by his employer after a tweet he wrote appeared to reference the conspiracy that a Jewish elite are puppet masters, gifted with vast control. Producer Anish Shaikh said: “Attacking David Ward is a strategy to divert focus from real issue #Gaza politicians have no soul as they can be bought & sold by u know who.” He had also been referring to Liberal Democrat … Continue reading

Things Not Linked To By BBC’s Jon Donnison

  After leaving Gaza Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati tweeted.     Hamas Spells it Out: Our Aim is the Extermination of the Jews As the 22nd day of the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza draws to a close, MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) has published a video in which a Hamas cleric lays out the organization’s “doctrine” in its fight against Israel: genocide. Speaking in a televised … Continue reading

Donnison Links to Propaganda About The ‘Jewish Lobby’

        The correct use of words and phrases is essential when trying to communicate your message accurately and clearly to an audience…Theresa May hopefully recognises this after her disastrous use of the phrase ‘The nasty party’ in reference to the Tories, a phrase that will now haunt the Tories forever more. The Israelis already know that the media will leap on any nuanced or mangled phrase and … Continue reading


BBC seems outraged this morning that HSBC have chosen to close some Muslim groups and other individual and organisations accounts. Given that the radical pro-Jihad Finsbury Park mosque is amongst these, this seems a prudent banking decision but the BBC are in their sniffing around to see if they can detect the Islamophobia that so deeply concerns them.

When The Lights Go Off

    Just a bit of context to that last post where fracking was mentioned. One of the questions that kept coming up during the programme was why do we need to frack and use gas when we have so many opportunities to use renewables.   One reason might be this: German Utilities Bail Out Electric Grid at Wind’s Mercy Germany’s push toward renewable energy is causing so many drops … Continue reading

Hijacking The Fracking

  R4 had a phone in on fracking today, Call You and Yours: Fracking, on which they asked ‘Would you welcome fracking near you?’ but we didn’t actually hear too much of that, the show being more a question and answer session with Francis Egan, Chief Executive of Cuadrilla, in the hot seat fending off the fanatics. One caller at 23 mins, a Jake White from London, as he was … Continue reading

Here’s Jonny!

    The BBC’s Jon Donnision is back in Gaza despite not having a very good reputation or track record when reporting from there previously…this is one of his efforts and is worthy of some scrutiny as he reported on the death of a friend and colleague Jihad Mashhrawic’s baby… Note although the man’s name is actually spelt ‘Jihad’ Donnison has changed the spelling to Jehad….for obviously ‘political’ reasons…….   … Continue reading

Iran: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House

    The BBC thinks the below is a major story judging by the coverage given over to it: England’s Moeen Ali warned over pro-Gaza Test wristbands     The BBC for some reason refrains from mentioning Moeen Ali is Muslim and yet it is an important part of his identity, symbolised by his beard apparently, and must play a major part in his support for Gaza: “It’s a very … Continue reading

Listen To The Children

    Lyse Doucet is fronting a programme tonight, ‘Children of Syria’ (BBC 2  21:00)  about the children in Syria, suffering because of the war.  In her write up about the programme she of course also manages to slip in plenty about the children of Gaza…..though she neglects  to mention the children in Israel under constant Palestinian bombardment. She tells us that ‘Over the past six months, I and director-cameraman … Continue reading


I was wading through this BBC item called “Gaza crisis: Toll of operations in Gaza” and was struck by a number of things. There is the usual refusal of the BBC to call Hamas terrorists for what they are –  ”terrorists”. There is the sickening adoption of Hamas supplied figures to the UN for casualties, suggesting that all the 76% of those killed are women and children. Yet this is … Continue reading