Every day’s a good day to hide bad news

    The BBC trumpeted the IMF’s support for the EU during the referendum, making no mention of course that Lagarde owes her job, not once, but twice, to Osborne’s support, but now, now the BBC has decided all things IMF are not worth bothering about really. Way, way down on the World page, didn’t make it to the frontpage, we have this small story: Business IMF ‘overly optimistic’ of … Continue reading

Last month is so last year

  Remember when the PMI figures came out and the BBC screamed from the rooftops about a ‘dramatic deterioration’ in the economy since Brexit?… Brexit causes dramatic drop in UK economy, data suggests Britain’s decision to leave the EU has led to a “dramatic deterioration” in economic activity, not seen since the aftermath of the financial crisis. What is interesting about the BBC’s little report is that the IFS’s Paul … Continue reading


An enraged Biased BBC reader sent me this regarding the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning; 27/7/16 BBC Today programme. Discussing the murder of Father Jacques Hamel. “John Humphries played back a recorded interview he did with a French philosopher who blamed Israel for creating the motivation for the cowardly murder. Humphries had editorial discretion on airing this pre-recorded interview and by his doing so reinforced the deliberate political … Continue reading

Religious motivation?

  The BBC graciously admits there might be an Islamic angle to the murder of a priest in France today… President Francois Hollande said the men claimed to be from so-called Islamic State (IS). Speaking in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, he said the attackers had committed a “cowardly assassination” and France would fight IS “by all means”. Fraank Gardner isn’t 100% convinced… The selection of a church by the attackers, whatever their motives … Continue reading


I suppose this item on the BBC was inevitable. From the TODAY schedule earlier.. “The right wing German party Alternatif fur Deutschland says the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is responsible for bringing terror to Germany through her open door refugee policy. But most other German politicians have stopped short of linking the recent attacks to the Middle East. Dr Peter Ammon is the German Ambassador to the UK.” It’s really … Continue reading


Well then, last week saw the BBC sneer it’s way through the GOP conference in Cleveland. The Comrades were all over the event, seeking to emphasise division, flag up plagiarism and above all seek to damage Trump. This week sees the Democrat convention in Philly and the coronation of Hillary Clinton, the BBC’s preferred Presidential candidate. The problem is that she is PROFOUNDLY mired in scandal and loathed by those … Continue reading

BBC in complete denial

  The BBC’s Frank Gardner knows what is wrong in Germany…it doesn’t provide enough mental health services for people….. What drives individuals to commit mass killings? Even the headline is disingenuous and intentionally misleading because the real problem is Islamist terrorism and immigration not random, ‘senseless’, murders by individuals…Gardner is trying to claim there is no overarching problem, it is an individual issue compounded by German government neglect. Gardner has … Continue reading


Well, this is a tricky one for Al Beeb. A failed Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up and injured 12 other people with a backpack bomb near a festival in the south German town of Ansbach. How to sanitise? The state of Bavaria’s interior minister said the 27-year-old man had detonated the device after being refused entry to the music festival. If only he had been let it, right? … Continue reading

O Brother Where Art Thou?

  An Islamist Muslim, Obama’s half-brother no less, says he will vote for Donald Trump….. President Obama’s half-brother Malik announces he is voting for Donald Trump President Obama’s half-brother Malik has announced that he is voting for Donald Trump in the next election. In an interview with the New York Post from his home in Kenya, Malik said he was voting for the Republican candidate because ‘he speaks from the heart.’  … Continue reading


Kelvin McKenzie got himself into a lot of trouble in recent times by writing an eminently sensible column on the utter crassness of Channel 4 using a Hijab wearing news presenter to cover the slaughter of 84 innocents by a Jihadist on the promenade in Nice. The BBC has picked up on this and is running with the notion this is somehow “hate speech” because a bunch of bed wetting … Continue reading


The BBC really is wretched. In the past few days, Germany has been at the receiving end of two terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims. The BBC’s treatment of these attacks has appalled me. The Munich shopping centre massacre posed a few problems so initially the BBC postulated that the attacks was most likely carried out by some “far right neo Nazi” type, enraged about the wonderful multiculturalism Merkel has … Continue reading

Hot Stuff

  Record breaking weather? Monthly Outlook Summary Some midsummer heat for a time – fresher later on We’re half way through summer now, and so far for most places, the summer has been fairly underwhelming, with temperatures around average, limited amounts of sunshine, and quite a bit of rain. However, as we head towards the end of the month, things are starting to feel much more summer-like with a dose … Continue reading