Weekend Open Thread


On the same day that the BBC glorifies the terrorist murderer who was a commander in the IRA as it killed men, women and children, Martin McGuinness, and who is still proud and unrepentant for all that he did, it asks you if you are appalled and disgusted by Donald Trump. #BBCvalues.

A new open thread for the weekend…all yours….

Stonewall Jackass

  A sample of the BBC’s latest dignified, thoughtful and impartial examination of Brexit [H/T Craig at Is the BBC biased?]… Since the Brexit vote, Europeans suspect endearing eccentricity has morphed into unpredictable irrationality. The UK has become the tipsy, tweedy uncle, who after too much Christmas sherry has tipped over into drunkenly abusive bore. BBC Newswatch…The BBC holding itself to account…or not….of course. The above video is of Katy … Continue reading

Now You See Her: BBC Newsnight and The Vanishing Trump Advocate

A guest post by David Sedgwick, courtesy of www.davidsedgwick.co.uk. If you thought you had seen the worst of BBC petulance and spite in its coverage of the US election, then you’d be very wrong. On the day Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States, the state-funded broadcaster went into some kind of psychotic meltdown. Denial has finally given way to rage. Until Trump delivered his inauguration … Continue reading

Yet More BBC Fake News

  I was interested to hear from a BBC presenter that Russian hacking and fake news played an important part in Trump’s election…fact.  Also Trump was smeared by the BBC’s sly comment that he was endorsd by the KKK.  Well he may have been but so was Hillary Clinton…and indeed Ronald Reagan. Curiously the BBC for some reason doesn’t tell us that Clinton was so endorsed….   The Independent in … Continue reading

Retail Therapy

  You may remember the BBC almost totally ignored the remarkable recent PMI figures which suggested industry was on the up when previously, as the PMI dipped below the magic figure of 50, it loudly and repeatedly broadcast that fact and how terrible it was for the economy throughout the day.  Similarly the BBC has been gleefully trumpeting the ‘fact’ that December’s retail sales have been less than November’s this … Continue reading

Kill Trump

“This is a dark moment in American history.” The torrent of abuse, contemptuous mockery and sanctimonious lies continues to flood out of the BBC’s finest…including one senior ‘journalist’ who retweeted a joke about assassinating Trump. Even Trump’s abstinence from alcohol becomes a vehicle for the BBC to attack him…the chosen headline photo being of another President…Nixon….despite Nixon not being teetotal… We hear that….’ Mr Trump has eschewed alcohol his whole … Continue reading

Mid-Week Open Thread

Unemployment down, wages rising at 2.7%…but the BBC told us that that was ‘nothing to celebrate’…the jobs are all rubbish, low-skilled and low paid, part-time jobs[em…no they’re not] and wage inequality is a huge problem…that’ll be despite the ONS telling us the other day that wage inequality was continually reducing and was back to the levels of the 1980’s. [BBC ignores fact that the Rich are paying huge sums in … Continue reading

Hard Pounding

    It just wasn’t supposed to be like this….for the last few days we’ve been assured by the BBC that when May makes her big Brexit speech the Pound will crash.  Well it hasn’t…it’s gone up.  How long before we hear of the first business to stop trading because of the high pound caused by, em, Brexit?   Farron…what a prick, to be blunt….the guy is utterly, utterly delusional…..the … Continue reading

The Great Half-White Hope

  Interesting video from 1990…   Remember during the referendum campaign when Boris ran through the reasons people had suggested as to why Obama might not be a fan of the British,one reason being his Kenyan ancestry and that his grandfather was allegedly tortured by the British.  The BBC et al rounded on him shouting ‘racist’….and yet the BBC, the Guardian and senior diplomats had all said the same thing … Continue reading

Handy Andy

    Why is it always Andrew Neil, and only Andrew Neil? Guido has been revealing the darker secrets of the cabal in charge of Impress, however in two Today investigations of the issues that I have heard, including one with Max Mosley himself, none of the startling revelations that might suggest there should be serious concerns about Impress were aired at all despite them being prominently on display at … Continue reading

Not-The-Start The Week Open Thread

I’m sorry, we were going to have a new open thread to start the week off but we have just had an email [via Moscow curiously] from the BBC’s James Harding.  He tells us that in view of the fact that this site inconveniently shines a brutal light of truth upon BBC’s prejudiced and partisan reporting, exposing liars, charlattans and those who peddle misinformation as news, we unfortunately don’t match … Continue reading

Enemies of The Status Quo

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  Tristram Hunt has fled Corbyn’s car crash communism for the V&A Museum.  What will be one of its newest acquisitions to put on public display?  Perhaps the Labour Party now that its time has past and the rats are leaving the sinking ship abandoning all hope along with it.  I’m guessing all that champagne in the fridges at BBC HQ must be nearing its sell by date.   Better drink … Continue reading

Fool’s Gold

    Which is more credible, Trump, the Trump dossier or the BBC’s reporting of the dossier? The BBC has known of the dossier for a long time and could not  justify publishing it because it was completely unsubstantiated.  What the BBC needed was a Forlorn Hope, someone to sacrifice themselves for the cause, to publish what the BBC suspects is fake news knowing that this will open the door … Continue reading

Monkey Business

      The BBC and Buzzfeed, an  unholy alliance of the old media and the new clickbait monster…have they come together to take down Trump and overturn American democracy?  How many more times can the BBC ask if Trump will resign or be impeached?  Wishful thinking. The BBC once said of Buzzfeed “If that  that is the future of journalism, heaven help us all” Buzzfeed, on trying to explain … Continue reading