Here is a guest post by B-BBC commentator Nibor! “Some societies in the world venerate their old  And some don’t . The BBC I would say is in the latter category judging by their news and analysis programmes and especially their ” comedies ” . I don’t think its because the over 75s don’t pay the telly tax , it’s more serious than that . They say the past is … Continue reading


Elections bring the bias out of the BBC. This General Election has certainly showed the BBC in its true colour – Red. Each day now we see the same thing. The Today programme on Radio 4 sets the agenda which is then ruthlessly followed the rest of the day and the narrative is clear. Miliband has proven himself as a capable leader; Labour can be trusted on the economy because … Continue reading


The BBC’s Peston has been pumping out article after article that strangely enough seem to favour the Labour Party…his latest effort doesn’t buck the trend… Tories’ curious message on work Reading it you get the impression that Peston is desperately looking for something to say that is negative about the Tory manifesto.  He is tortuously constructing a case against the Tory policy to take the lowest paid out of tax … Continue reading

Hack Attack

    Whilst as I said the BBC’s coverage of the Tory manifesto, that I saw, hasn’t been a bloodbath there have been a couple of moments when they let themselves down. I was disappointed that John Humphrys, from a grounded, working class background and supposedly an experienced and professional journalist with integrity, should allow himself to become the frontman for the Labour Party peddling cheap sensationalist left wing smears … Continue reading

Unfounded Premises

      As far as I can see the BBC’s coverage of the Tory manifesto launch hasn’t been a bloodbath though you could complain of the lack of a rounded journalism  in their reports, for instance when telling us about the right to buy from Housing Associations as if  this wasn’t already possible…the difference now is that the Tories are offering to subsidise that purchase….or indeed that many occupy … Continue reading

The Manifesto’s Manifest problems

  Just a few questions on the Manifesto for the BBC to ponder.  Miliband says of the Manifesto that… It does not do what most manifestos do. It doesn’t offer a list of promises. A shopping list of proposals. Just look below to see if that is true…a huge list of proposals…hardly any of them saying how they will be funded….Labour is going for a large measure of state control … Continue reading

Money Money Money

The BBC’s coverage of Labour’s Manifesto is extraordinary, the BBC is not just on a different page to everyone else but a different planet….what do we get from the BBC?  The Tories NHS plans are unfunded but Labour’s are fully costed and paid for…even when BBC interviews with Balls show that to be untrue…then we get the analysis of the Manifesto…well…mostly we get the ‘news’ that it is all about … Continue reading

Didn’t Last Long

  Paul Johnson of the IFS stated in an interview on the BBC’s ‘The World This Weekend’ that: I think both main parties are making up numbers here in terms of what they can get from tax avoidance and evasion. The Conservatives are committed to getting £5 billion a year extra;Labour are trumping that by saying £7.5 billion… It’s almost impossible to know upfront what you can achieve by cracking … Continue reading

The BBC…Poisoning The Well Of Democracy?

    Guest Who (and H/T Dover Sentry) brought this to our attention…from the lefty Huffingtion Post: Jeremy Hunt’s Woolly Answers Over The Tory £8bn NHS Promise Aren’t Going Down Very Well Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has been accused of “making stuff up” after he seemed unable to explain how the Tory party would meet today’s commitment to invest at least an extra £8 billion a year into the NHS … Continue reading

Pienaar’s Politics?….Perhaps He Should Make Clear What They Are.

  Caught a bit of Pienaar today and, well, nothing’s changed.  He always seemed to have a soft spot for young Miliband and it’s rare that he will utter a critical word against him. Now today’s snippet (around 11:20) may not be at all representative of the programme as a whole, I’m sure that the rest of it was a Tory propaganda fest, however there was a distinct narrative to … Continue reading


I watched the Marr Show on BBC1 this morning and couldn’t help notice the contrast with the vigour with which he attacked George Osborne and the lethargy of his interview with Harman. As this interminable election campaign continues the BBC is more and more overt in its pro-Labour pro Leftist “pact” colours. It has no shame because it can afford to be biased.