Anjem who?

  When the Law finally caught up with Anjem Choudary and after a decade of giving him prime-time platforms to spout his rhetoric with Mark Easton comparing him to Ghandi, Mandela and Churchill the BBC have decided that…. ‘It wasn’t a game. The evidence now shows that Anjem Choudary is one of the most dangerous men in Britain. Not a bomb-maker. Not a facilitator. But an ideologue, a thinker, who … Continue reading


I suppose it is just way too tempting for the BBC. They INSTANTLY pile on this report, with all kinds of race hustlers on the 10 news  -including some very chip on their shoulder Notting Hill “Carnival” types queuing up to inform us that Black and Etnic Minoritiess are …the most discriminated people ever in the history of the universe. Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a review into how ethnic … Continue reading


A B-BBC reader notes… “Following on from your latest post I decided to check out the Newsround website. Clicking on the ‘most popular’ section I found every one of the top 5 articles relates to Muslims. Every single one. This is worrying. Either children are taking a very active interest in all things Muslim or the bbc are manipulating the ‘most read’ section to suit their agenda. Scary stuff either way.” … Continue reading


Here’s a great guest post by a Biased BBC regular. I think it illuminates the essential point that the BBC’s bias is dangerous. Give this a read, well worth your time. “The BBC’s contemporary battle for hearts, minds and souls extends far beyond the purile petulance of its news outlets. Such is the BBC’s eagerness to produce the next generation of politically correct, self-loathing social justice dhimmis that they are now indoctrinating … Continue reading


I had to laugh. In the 6.30-7am slot reserved each morning for full on BBC regressive leftist nonsense on the Today programme on Radio 4, we were treated this morning to a paean to Marx! How the BBC love to show their communist roots.

Spinning The Revolution

      Whilst a real life political farce continues at the top of the Labour Party the BBC has decided that the real story is an anti-Farage fantasy, the sort of thing BBC producers have wet dreams about but couldn’t really do whilst Farage was in play politically.  Now he is ‘retired’ the BBC has sharpened the hatchet and is set to go to work on him… Nigel Farage’s … Continue reading


The BBC plaintively asks the question on all our lips; Austria’s migrant disaster: Why did 71 die? Might be because they chose to break the law and enter Europe illegally? Just putting it out there before the BBC’s consumes them?


Let’s see. He was a “Frenchman”. His name was Smail Ayad. He shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he stabbed Mia Ayliffe-Chung to death. The BBC does everything it can NOT to say the word that must not be said. He was a Muslim. It’s pathetic how the BBC dance on the head of a pin and refuse to give us the full picture. So those stabbing American tourists to death in London are … Continue reading

Keeping Corbyn on track

  The leader of the Opposition and possible Prime Minister makes up a story about not being able to get a seat on a train in order to press his case for nationalising the railways.  This is a man who trades on his integrity and honour and tells us that he is bringing a new, honest, more caring approach to politics.  The BBC thinks the fact that he has been … Continue reading

Brexit Bingo

  Is there any subject on earth that somehow, someway the BBC cannot connect to Brexit?  However remotely or not at all connected BBC presenters always manage to slip in a quick mention of the contagion that is ‘Brexit’.  Does help though if they compare notes or they might just end up as embarrassed as Jezza…though the BBC are covering for him today….apparently the lies he told in order to steal … Continue reading


I know, I know, I SHOULD know better but I tuned into the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning, between 6.30am and 7am. There were basically 3 items to concern early morning Comrades. Islamophobia in France. It’s a real concern, apparently. Homophobia in the NHS. They won’t hand out PrEP. Gender Pay inequality. More male oppression of women. That was 30minutes of one long sustained liberal MOAN. I … Continue reading


The BBC and Labour? The same thing, redux. “Former Labour Cabinet minister James Purnell is being lined up to run BBC radio – in a move that critics said ‘makes a mockery’ of the BBC’s duty to be impartial. BBC sources said the former culture secretary, who served under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, is set to be handed one of the corporation’s most sensitive editorial roles despite his … Continue reading