Midweek Open Thread

Actors are mumbling and muttering their way through SS-GB as the inconceivable consequences of Brexit are brought home to them by the plot-line, and the Luvvies are shocked and angry…so much so that they can hardly speak…no, really.  Badminton has seen its Olympic funding drop from £6 million to zero #becauseofBrexit…the exchange rate you know….no, really.  It was on the BBC so must be true.  Still, the BBC can find £30 million to provide the SNP with their own ‘independent’ state propaganda station.

The BBC, never knowingly ‘free, fair and impartial’…..unlike this new open thread which is all yours…..



Praise Allah and Pass The Compensation

    Rather sickening juxtaposition today as the BBC gives Jo Cox’s husband airtime to publicise his street party memorial for his wife, the killer of whom, Thomas Mair, was described as a Far-Right neo-Nazi extremist.  No mention of his well documented mental health problems whilst the BBC’s first reaction for a Muslim terrorist is to loudly blame ‘mental health’, and no interviews with any of his family or friends … Continue reading

Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition

  If there is a God I think he’s having a laugh as he reminds the BBC of the dangerous vanity and hubris of its ‘moral’ grandstanding.  Just as the BBC broadcasts a sententious piece on a Jihadi ‘bride’ who returns to the UK a former British inmate of Guantanamo, one of those the BBC so loves to celebrate and whose cause it loves to fight, has blown himself, and … Continue reading

Fraud Europe

The BBC is living in hope..it’s all a bad, bad dream soon to be over with ‘Frau Europe’ back in the driving seat…. Many Europeans eye the months ahead with foreboding. They see anti-establishment parties on the ascendancy. Angela Merkel – for so long Frau Europe – may lose power. And the financial markets are skittish over the possibility of a Marine Le Pen victory in France. Every edge up … Continue reading

Sympathy for the Devil

    This is on today at 14:15 on R4…. A World Elsewhere: The Return Rida, a Glasgow Asian teenager, was radicalised on the internet and travelled to Syria. Now eighteen months later she has returned and been arrested at Glasgow Airport. This drama explores what happens to Rida next. Will she be charged? Will she receive a custodial sentence? Whatever happens how will she deal with the past and … Continue reading

Faustian Pact

  Marr and Bragg sell themselves cheap as they allow their programmes to be hijacked to peddle the BBC’s political and cultural agendas. This week Marr told us that his programme would be about national identity and generational conflict [the BBC seemingly keen to promote that] and that next week’s programme would be about the compulsion to build walls….no surprises there as to the main ‘culprits’…Trump, Israel and Brexit…. On … Continue reading

Inconvenient Post-Truth Truths

The BBC spends its time sugar-coating La-La Land, infantilising its audience and refusing to face up to reality.  A classic case is Sweden and Trump’s comments for which he has been savagely attacked and mocked. The harsh reality is that Trump will have the last laugh because the concerns he has are about events that have happened, they are all too real as Sweden implodes, and are a future that … Continue reading

Check Hate

  The BBC is always keen to press the ‘Brexit what done it‘ button when it comes to finding a cause for hate crime…perhaps they should think again before spreading such politically motivated slurs ….[H/T Guido]… ESSEX Police has refused to blame the vote to leave the EU for the rise in hate crime despite reporting the biggest rise since comparable records began. The majority of the nation’s police forces … Continue reading

Northern Delights

What event was Trump referring to when he mentioned Sweden?  We don’t know [Trump has confirmed that he was referring to a report on Fox about the effects of migration on Swedish society…and note he never referred to ‘an attack’, terrorist or otherwise, in his speech…and yet all his critics say he did…just who is providing the fake news as well as burying their heads in the sand about migration?]. … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

Anyone who is concerned about mass, uncontrolled immigration, those of you whom the BBC suggests might be spiteful, drunken Far Right Nazis who want to gas immigrants in concentration camps, feel free to have your say about the BBC’s world view on the new open thread…. Oh..and don’t feel that the BBC is singling you out for special treatment…oh no…Trump and his supporters get tarred with the same brush as … Continue reading

Sopel Opera

    Who is more self-important, full of bluster and bull, the BBC’s Jon Sopel or The Donald?  Jon Sopel edges it I think. The BBC is very pleased with its boy after his rudeness to Trump at the impromptu press conference and has been replaying his ‘impartial, free and fair’ joust with the President throughout the day with glee.   The Today show naturally had a pop at Trump and … Continue reading

Golden Shower

  Why is the BBC spending taxpayers’ money to perpetuate the fairy tale of a golden age of Islam? Why is the Beeb peddling a PC myth that is skewed and reductionist at best and ideologically freighted and erroneous at worst? The BBC’s re-creation of the Middle Ages depicts Cordoba in Muslim Spain with ‘street lighting and running water.’ In contrast Londoners ‘lived in timber-framed houses and used the river … Continue reading

Pankaj Mischief

The Obligation of Jihad “Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) hath Allah promised good. But those who strive and fight hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,” Quran Chapter 4: The Women, verse 95 Graeme Wood’s The Way of the Strangers: Encounters … Continue reading

Incoming V Encumbants

As with Donald T. Trump anyone coming in to drain the swamp had better watch out…the inhabitants of the swamp won’t take it lying down. There’s going to be a new editor for the Today programme and already she’s shaking things up and disturbing the entrenched orthodox… BBC slaps down new Today programme editor over pledge to open Thought for the Day to humanists The new editor of the Today … Continue reading