The Arab Tweet

    The BBC seems more interested in what Arabs are Tweeting than what they are doing on the street.   Yahoo, along with many others, brings us the news… Egypt braces for new Islamist protest Egyptians are bracing for potential violence ahead of a planned major protest Friday by Islamists calling for the toppling of the government and the defense of their religion, with security forces vowing to confront … Continue reading

Come One, Come All

    Immigration is up.  Cameron has proved to be a liar once again.  He lied, and lied again, about an EU referendum and he lied about stopping immigration.  It is on an ever upward momentum, both EU and Non-EU.   Net migration to UK rises to 260,000 in year to June   Of course that doesn’t tell the real story….the number of net foreign immigrants to the UK is … Continue reading

Witch Hunt

          Andrew Mitchell is apparently guilty of calling a police officer a pleb….based on this simplistic reasoning… the Mail reports.… ‘I am satisfied at least on the balance of probabilities that Mr Mitchell did speak the words alleged or something so close to them as to amount to the same, including the politically toxic word pleb.’ He said PC Toby Rowland, one of four officers on … Continue reading

Up The Creek Without A Clue

  The scientifically and ethically corrupt Royal Society has spoken: Somerset flood spending ‘driven by politics’, say experts It’s nearly a year since TV screens were filled with furious locals protesting at the failure to drain the Somerset Levels. They enlisted the outspoken support of their MP, stirred a political crisis, and got local flood management priorities overturned. At the time, some warned that the Levels had attracted disproportionate attention … Continue reading

Jihadi Top Trumps

Listening in the car I was fascinated, and astonished, to hear that well known radical extremist Lord Lawson on 5Live…no only kidding….it was the loveable islamist rogues from Cage whom the BBC can’t seem to get enough of….wanting their opinion on the newly proposed terror legislation….couldn’t make it up! Then Frank Gardner came on and told us that the government must be severely embarrassed by the flight of Abu Rumaysah … Continue reading

Unarmed And Dangerous

  If you have been listening to the BBC’s reporting on events in Ferguson USA you will have heard the mantra ‘Unarmed Black teen shot dead by white police officer’ repeated ad nauseum. Not sure you could call a 6′ 4″, 300lb thug who is prepared to use violence ‘unarmed’…especially as he had just robbed a store using his physical size to intimidate the store owner..     ….and went … Continue reading

Desperate Dan

    Dan Hodges, as with many on the Left, loses his marbles when it comes to immigration and race issues…here’s his latest effort: Ukip and the hard-Left are both blinded by Tory hatred   He claims… The Left’s rhetoric has become as toxic as that of the hard-Right   Just before proving himself right with this rant…. I’m not going to lie. I think Ukip is a thoroughly racist, … Continue reading

Who Knew!

  Did enjoy Today’s Jihadi Radio….makes you wonder why we need a separate ‘Asian Network’ when the BBC as a whole pumps out a certain narrative…and now we hear that not only are MI5 evil torturers of innocent men they are too incompetent to catch such innocent men should they not be so innocent…however the lawyer representing them was asked at least one difficult question….is there any proof that what … Continue reading


Be still my aching sides. There was a wonderful moment just now on BBC Today, around 6.45am, when the BBC reporter covering the news that a US grand jury has decided not to charge a Missouri police officer over the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown had to moved for his safety from a rampaging mob. What made this hilarious was that the BBC reporter was providing the usual spin for shameful … Continue reading


I happened to listen to the Today programme on BBC R4 this morning around 6.45am. Jeremy Bowen was there to help “explain” what is happening with those “talks” with Iran. It was incredible stuff really, with Jeremy playing along with the line that Iran are the moderates in this one and Israel is being bellicose. Bowen never seeks to disappoint me in his unrelenting anti-Israel tone and this week started … Continue reading

Biased? Moi????

      Craig at Is the BBC biased? brings us the redoubtable Tom Gross who so often nails the Media’s failure to report impartially and who says that… I’m in touch which quite a lot of senior editors and I myself pointed out mistakes to them in private meetings and they kind of brushed them aside. They don’t care.   Much as I respect Tom Gross I have to … Continue reading


I did chuckle this morning whilst enduring the Today programme. Inventor James Dyson was on and the BBC were angling to get him to say that he supported the UK staying in the EU. To their horror, Dyson argued for the UK to LEAVE the EU. You can bet he won’t get such an easy ride from the comrades in the future. It made my day.


This interesting post was brought to my attention and I wanted to share with you. “Hi, you might want to write about this one: the new women bishops. The church that the religion correspondent decided to visit to hear people’s views was St Mary’s Newington, London. The Rev ( just happens to be that beacon of liberalness Canon Giles Fraser of St Pauls fame as well as a recipient of … Continue reading