Hot Chicks And Guns…Welcome to BBTV

      Fed up with the PC pap that the millionaire comics of the BBC serve up to you?  Fed up being lectured on poverty and austerity by the Hampstead millionaire militants whose most traumatic life experience was finding out that Waitrose had run out of Houmous? Fed up with smart-arse middle-class righteous radicals whose whole comic routine consists solely of shouting ‘Trump’ and sniggering with a sneer at … Continue reading

Last Rites For The Last Whites

It has been brought to my attention that we have been wasting our time on this site.  BBC bias? Nonsense!  What bias?  We have been cherry-picking selective examples of bias whilst ignoring the proliferation of good, unbiased journalism and programming that the BBC broadcasts so regularly.  The most recent evidence for this is a controversial programme broadcast recently called ‘Last Whites of the East End’.  This programme was Alf Garnet, … Continue reading

Vote Leave and it’s War

    Cameron resorted to wild-eyed rhetoric exclaiming that voting to leave the EU will result in another world war and despite being widely ridiculed for his stupid, divisive and wrong hyperbole the BBC has quietly taken to promoting his pro-EU propaganda that war will be the inevitable result of a leave vote. A story about the Battle of Verdun in WWI has been hijacked by the BBC and has … Continue reading

Not the BBC News

  What doesn’t the BBC want you to know in the run up to the referendum? What is the one and only question that is the core of the EU referendum vote? The economy is important, immigration is important, red tape and bureaucracy are important but there is one factor that overrides and determines all those issues….Ever Closer Union, the creation of the EU superstate that, with it’s unelected government … Continue reading

Muslims under siege?

  Thanks to Guest Who for this… BBC Radio 4 18 hrs · Radio 4 is making a documentary about racial anxiety in a time of terror, called ‘Frightened of each other’s shadows’. Do you find yourself worrying about plane journeys and analysing the appearance of fellow passengers before take-off? Do people make stupid jokes about terrorism when you’re around or move away from you on the tube if you’re … Continue reading

Carry On Doctoring The News

Junior doctors are accused of risking patient’s lives in their “political game” as a leak of more than 1,000 pages of WhatsApp exchanges, dating back to November, reveal   Junior doctors put patient’s lives on the line so they could get more saturday overtime whilst all the time claiming the strikes were about patient safety.  And the interest from the BBC now?  Zilch. I have been looking hard, very hard, … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Ipswich.

On the panel: Conservative MP David Davis, Labour MP David sorry Ed Miliband, the Green Party’s former leader Caroline Lucas MP, novellist Dreda Say Mitchell and David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton.

Kick off tonight (Thursday) at 22.45

Chat here, register here if necessary.


I am aware of some comments made in recent times on other threads which are offensive to any balanced person. I have banned those who made them and erased the comments. It’s impossible for me to police every comment on every thread but let me spell it out; This is a place for polite debate, and I won’t tolerate vicious ad hominem if I am made aware of it. I … Continue reading

Dominoes and Liberation

  The people against the elite.   One of the reasons put forward for people not to vote for Brexit was that it could result in the disintegration of the EU as other countries would likely follow and demand a referendum for themselves. Now isn’t that interesting?  Many people, the majority in most countries, would ask for a referendum on the EU and the likes of Cameron, and the Eurocrats … Continue reading

BeLeave in an Independent Britain

  Labour’s Hugh Gaitskell in October 1962, predicted the truth five decades ago…. ‘Of course, the Tories have been indulging in their usual double-talk. When they go to Brussels they show the greatest enthusiasm for political union. ‘When they speak in the House of Commons they are most anxious to aver that there is no commitment whatever to any political union.’ Shouldn’t the BBC be making far more of these … Continue reading

Remain Calm

      Interesting to see several ‘right-wing’ commentators suggest that the BBC is giving us a balanced view of the EU referendum…and yet it’s just not true.  Certainly there have been many debates and interviews that give the suggestion of balance but comparing them the Remain camp gets an easy ride and the underlying tone of the BBC narrative is pro-Remain…very uncritical of Remain’s claims…such as Brexit will cause … Continue reading

Memories are made of this

    The BBC continues its long drawn out sneer at those on the political right as John Sergeant on Saturday dismissed Boris (leader of the Out campaign) as a ‘joke’…a joke who won two elections for the Mayor of London in what is essentially a Labour city…not to mention being voted in as an MP.  Some joke. John Pienaar declared Trump was ‘the problem’ on Sunday  (39 mins) and … Continue reading