The BBC Continues To Peddle The Terrorist Narrative

Although outwardly more liberal than the Saudis, the Qataris have surpassed them as financiers of extremism and terrorism. U.S. officials reckon that Qatar has now replaced Saudi Arabia as the source of the largest private donations to the Islamic State and other al-Qaeda affiliates. Qatar, the world’s wealthiest country per capita, also has the unsavory reputation for the mistreatment and effective slavery of much of its workforce. Leaders of Western … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

This week the show comes from the mythical city of Aberdeen, on the sainted shores of Scotland, and is unspoilt by people from anywhere else in the world. Join us if you will to gaze in awe at these fantastic people, as a mere hobbit may gaze upon an elf.

Note: turn on subtitles to understand what they’re talking about.

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Note that this is not the last program before the summer break as was stated originally.

The Leftwing Fascist Thugs That The BBC Chooses To Ignore

  Sandi Toksvig makes Hitler jibe about Nigel Farage Sandi Toksvig disclosed last month that she has given up her role on Radio 4′s The News Quiz in order to focus on launching the Women’s Equality Party. Toksvig saved her most cutting remarks for Nigel Farage. ‘I watched the count for South Thanet and I found myself cheering for the Tory candidate,’ she told the audience. ‘I hate Farage for … Continue reading

Roy FitzPatrick And Patrick FitzRoy

    It must be nice to have the abundant resources of the BBC available to you to promote your own personal agendas…such as gay marriage. In 2013 when we had a vote to legalise gay marriage the BBC broadcast an epsiode of Mrs Brown’s Boys which involved a gay marriage the night before the vote in Parliament ….the intention clearly to persuade people of the correct way to think … Continue reading

Poverty Porn Alert

  The BBC are going overboard on one of their ‘special’ investigations that has uncovered a shocking figure….500,000 people have been ‘forced’ to have pre-payment meters installed over the last 5 years. No other news outlet seems in the slightest bit concerned, not even the Guardian as far as I can see.  Only the BBC has blitzed us all day with this revelation…..never mind that their own graph shows that … Continue reading

“#White Lives Matter”

    The BBC is feeding the Black grievance industry and victimhood narrative, and worse, promoting the idea that all whites are racist, and blacks the victims of that racism….a very dangerous and destructive line that sets one group against another. Justin Webb demonstrates what is so often wrong with BBC interviewers…they go in with preconceived notions that any interviewee has to then defend themselves against rather than the BBC … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

The Question Time circus travels to Derby tonight. Ring-master Dimbo the Magnificent controls the wild beasts (Labour MP Stella Creasy, Conservative MP Nicky Morgan and entrepreneur Hilary Devey) with his whip and chair, whilst the clown duo of professional communist Owen Jones and Lib Dem MP Tim Farron amuse us with their childish antics. Join us and be shocked and awed.

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The BBC were working themselves into quite a state of euphoria over that handshake between IRA godfather Gerry Adams and Prince Charles in Galway yesterday. What sickened me MOST about a pretty revolting situation was the way in which the BBC coyly referenced Adams as leader of ..cough…”the Republican movement” without making it clear that he commanded the IRA terrorist campaign and would assuredly have been involved in the signoff … Continue reading


I am always disappointed but not surprised to read this sort of idiocy. B-BBC reader Dave Ward responds… “I am about to send a letter to the editor, but from past experience, this probably won’t get printed! Dear Editor, I assume that Steve Downes is trying his hand at comedy writing (EDP Opinion & Comment, 16th May), as I can’t believe his defence of the BBC is meant to be … Continue reading

Parish Hilton

    The BBC has a new celebrity left winger to flood the airwaves with their views….Steve Hilton, a one time David Cameron advisor….which could explain a lot when you listen to his thoughts. ‘Parish’ Hilton is all about the ‘local’ now, anti-big business, anti-capitalist and confusingly seemingly also anti-communist bu he just doesn’t realise it.  He has a very confused message and a very naive one.  The BBC likes … Continue reading


A biased BBC reader writes ‘Just in case you missed it, Sarah Monatgue interviewing a prospective labour leader candidate on Radio 4’s Today (16/05/15) does a Naughtie and says “the reason why we, er you lost the election………”. The relevant section starts around 51 mins in.`’