Snowden Job

  The BBC still doing their bit to promote Snowden’s treachery as a good thing: Snowden spying leaks prompt millions to protect data   Never mind his spying has resulted in extremely serious difficulties for the intelligence services looking to combat islamic terrorists as they learn not just the intelligence gathering capabilities of the intelligence services but more importantly the techniques used. The fact that the intelligence services could monitor … Continue reading


BBC limbering up for a new bout of blackening the reputation of the British military today, ahead of the publication of the Al Sweady Inquiry report. I heard a BBC journalist intone this morning that on some occasions Iraqi combatants were…..gasp…SHOUTED at. Oh the horror. When you combine this with the BBC’s embrace of the partisan Democrat Senate report on the CIA, we see the remarkable sight of the State … Continue reading


Here you go, a new Open Thread. I see the BBC are virtually orgasmic about the latest UKIP “revelation” and I heard them discussing on the Today programme whether there was a core UKIP support that is indeed homophobic and racist. Plus ca change. Meanwhile, BBC doing all they can to suggest that a devout Muslim has been taken hostage by coffee extremists in Sydney! The floor is yours…


    Labour has issued a document that lays out its election strategy for dealing with UKIP…here they talk about how Labour should talk about immigration……essentially only talk about it in order to raise other issues that Labour would prefer to talk about…say the NHS or cuts…change the narrative not people’s minds…. As a political party, we are more effective at changing what is discussed and debated (the salience of … Continue reading

Our Man In Oz

‘Islamists’ take 20 hostages in Sydney cafe siege     Don Jonnison likes to play down the threat of Islamic extremism in Oz and play up the anti-Muslim vibe:   Here Donnison blames the war in Iraq for the rise of ISIS and the radicalisation of  Muslims…never mind that 9/11 happened before 2003.   No doubt he’s working on a line for this story…..   Let’s remember where his heart … Continue reading

No One Expected The Spanish Inquisition!

    When assesssing the BBC’s coverage of the Democratic Party’s hatchet job on the CIA consider this from Douglas Murray: ‘Torture is torture’ ignores the complex nature of intelligence gathering   Murray appeared on the BBC’s ‘This Week’ putting some of the points he raises in the article……but will any of his concerns be reflected in subsequent BBC reporting?  The BBC has a habit of having such discussions on … Continue reading

Self-indulgent BBC To Broadcast Thatcher ‘Assassination’ Fantasy

    Would have thought this was wrong at any time and is merely the BBC pandering to its own inner fantasies: BBC are ‘wrong’ and insensitive to broadcast book about Margaret Thatcher’s assassination, Tory MP says BBC bosses are under fire over plans to broadcast a controversial story imaging the assassination of Margaret Thatcher. Tory backbencher Nadine Dorries said the former prime minster’s family are still “grieving” from her … Continue reading

Bravo! Bravo!???

  Laughed long and loud this morning as Labour’s Keith Vaz came onto 5Live (11:40) and congratulated the BBC for its focus on immigration and the foreign national offenders being allowed to slip into the country by the chaos at Border Control as the BBC ‘discovers’ that one in seven people arrested in Britain today is a foreign national….and a listener involved in charity work stated that 75% of rough … Continue reading

John Simpson…Liberator Of Kabul

  John Simpson, no doubt grateful to be handed an extended employment contract with the Beeb, does his usual fawning pro-BBC, ‘it’s not biased’, shameless promotion:   John Simpson: “The BBC faces an existential crisis” It has always been an article of faith among a certain type of Conservative politician and in the right-wing press that the BBC is instinctively left-wing. It started as early as 1926, when the BBC … Continue reading

The Brand Experiment Continues

  The BBC’s flirtation with radical politics and ideologies continues…whilst still promoting radical Islam as an antidote to supposed Western hegemony the BBC also continues its experiment in promoting extremist left wing politics, having backed Occupy, student riots and recruited Giles Fraser to their ranks, as they put a great deal of time and effort into brand Brand. It looks like the BBC are trying to create and shape him … Continue reading


  The BBC is having a ball with the Senate committee’s report on interrogation……all too often forgetting to tell us that it is a partisan report produced by the Democratic party… A scathing Senate report two days earlier said “brutal” methods like waterboarding were ineffective. While he [John Brennan] was speaking, Senator Dianne Feinstein, who heads the committee that produced the report, was rejecting his arguments on Twitter.     … Continue reading