Stabbings, Sun and Cigarettes

    Donnison is quick on the draw when a non-White person is killed and he thinks he can blame it on some form of racism…note all the trigger words…’Moroccan’,  ‘Murdered’,  ‘Islamophobic attack’ with the link provided to the report:   Not so quick to label an attack on Jewish bus passengers as a terrorist attack by a Palestinian…and note no link to the news report in his Tweet and … Continue reading

Donnison At Rock Bottom

    The BBC’s Jon Donnison really can’t help himself…he’s a man who supports a terrorist organisation so one can hardly expect him to have a great deal of sense…indeed he demonstrates that lack of sense when he tweets something like this:     Scraping the bottom of the barrel there with an attempt to smear the Sun by association…never mind Jim’ll Fix It was a BBC programme and the … Continue reading

Peston’s Folly

    Matthew Parris quoting Samuel Johnson: Samuel Johnson never spoke truer than when he said that a man is never more innocently employed than in the pursuit of money. The pursuit of principle is an infinitely more corrupting thing.   Not saying Peston is corrupt or anything when he ‘reports’….   The BBC’s Robert Peston pushes Labour’s inequality narrative….along with the NHS, Labour’s central themes in its election campaign….so … Continue reading


    From ‘Spiked’ in 2008….. In an ugly world, we need ugly newsreaders Newsreaders should not be employed because they are pretty. They should be employed because they are intelligent and can read the news. This is why it was a scandal that Moira Stuart was forced to retire prematurely. She was deemed too old. Not enough eye candy. Women should become newsreaders regardless of their looks, not because … Continue reading

Times’ Crossword….Demeaning, Elitist and Divisive

  After a long campaign Murdoch’s Times Newspaper has bowed to pressure and decided not to print the Times’ Crossword in the paper any longer…a decision welcomed by campaigners from the ‘No More Times’ Elitist Crosswords’  campaign and MPs. In an age when intellectually challenging word games became more readily available on the internet, the Times crossword came to be regarded as more of an anachronism. The status of  the … Continue reading

No Surprise There Then

  Adrian Goldberg has a Jewish father and a Catholic mother…is he Jewish?  No idea…but he is married to a Muslim…..or rather someone who presumably was a Muslim as such marriages between a Muslim girl and a non-believer are forbidden in Islam…unless the non-believer converts to Islam.  So either Goldberg has converted or his wife has given up her faith for love. Why the family history? Goldberg himself has raised … Continue reading

D-Day On The BBC

  Tuesday was Democracy Day on the BBC…no doubt they are glad that’s all over and they can get back to ignoring the plebs and their ignorant, working class ideas that threaten the nice status quo of the liberallatti.   Today gave its last half hour over to the ever present Professor Michael Sandel, the BBC’s philosopher of choice. Not a huge amount of startling interest or originality….and a notable … Continue reading


As you may have guessed, our server crashed on Monday, again! This is so annoying and worse still, some posts and comments have yet to be retrieved and indeed some won’t be. Please bear with us, this is so frustrating for me. In the meantime, here is a new Open Thread, approved by Harriet Harman for being breast-free.

Islamic ‘Institutional’ Homophobia? Not On The BBC

        Have you seen the reports of ISIS executing people for being gay?  Not on the BBC….nor it might be added has the caring Media Hasan made any comment despite his opportunistic and disengenuous little tweet here:     And he is outraged at blood being spilled in the name of the prophet….   ….Just, it seems, not ‘gay blood’. Perhaps he’s not got over his youthful … Continue reading

Donnison Must Be Gutted

      The BBC has betrayed the boy blunder down under….he has long campaigned for Hamas denying that they had anything to do with the murder of three Israeli teens. Seems the BBC doesn’t agree in this report about the Israelis being dragged through the International Criminal Court….. The Palestinians’ starting point begins a day after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, who were subsequently murdered, by Hamas militants … Continue reading

Bury The Bad News

    The BBC looks to be letting bad news go under the radar where Labour is concerned. The Telegraph reports, it’s their top story just now, that Labour activists were told  ‘Don’t mention the economy’ on the doorstep when out campaigning….saying ‘It’s not our strong point.’ The revelation, made at a party conference addressed by Ed Miliband, will heap fresh pressure on the party following claims activists were told … Continue reading

Under The Shadow Of The Sword

      Nothing is written… are free to choose.   All the events surrounding Charlie Hebdo, the Danish cartoons and Salman Rushdie, Fitna and Theo Van Gogh, and many many more, relate to Islam, the Koran and Muhammed and many Muslims’ ferocious, frenzied and often barabaric refusal to accept any criticism or ridicule for their ideology.     They demand respect and a virtual obeyance to their religion from … Continue reading

First they came for……

  How many of these people were arrested as they peacefully protested in the heart of London?  How many were shot?       What if some small nosed Anglo-Saxon Freedom of Speech fundamentalists (h/t Media Hasan) had shot them all, and a couple of coppers who were protecting their right to free speech? Any thoughts on what the BBC headlines would be?  What would Tim Wilcox say?     … Continue reading