Midweek Open Thread


A second referendum?  You’d think, listening to the BBC, that that was a perfectly reasonable and fair way to proceed.  You’d have no idea that it is a highly controversial, anti-democratic, unconstitutional, hugely dishonest and corrupt idea being peddled by pro-Remain politicians as they tour the BBC’s studios and get a warm welcome instead of an absolute roasting for their treachery and betrayal as they seek to ignore and toss out one of the most democratic votes in our history.

The BBC has long been telling us of the massive distrust of politicians and the breakdown of respect for the established order and yet make no comment about the lies, arrogant disregard, corruption and deceit that lie behind these manoeuvres to smash the referendum vote and keep the little people in their place.

Remember when the BBC trumpeted the socialist Occupy as they set about smashing the Establishment?…how different now when the revolution is perceived as a right-wing revolution.

Apparently the disillusionment of the masses can be safely ignored and the narrative that the old world order is in retreat from the forces of anti-politics and new insurgent People’s parties such as UKIP can be dismissed as dangerous talk that rouses and unleashes dark forces.  Want to smash capitalism, lynch the bankers and debag old Etonians, that’s fine…just don’t dare turn your back on the Empire.

The floor’s all yours….



  The BBC want to attack Trump.  Always.  It’s just that they can’t always find anything of substance to use.  So they make it up.   What’s so bad about being called a ‘bitch’? Donald Trump fans have been condemned for calling her one, while some of her supporters have urged her to be more of one. So why is Hillary Clinton so often associated with the word “bitch” – … Continue reading

“White Trash shouldn’t be allowed to vote!!”

  The Young are up in arms, disenfranchised (couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed), marginalised, ignored, demeaned and …and…ooohh…it’s soooooo unfair!!!! Rather than take to the streets with a Koran in one hand and an AK in the other they’ve taken en masse to modern liberal guerrilla fighter’s weapons of choice, Twitter, Facebook and the dread power of the online petition….but what might be familiar to any Jihadi … Continue reading


    As the BBC ramps up the scare stories about the post-referendum fallout, incites anger and discontent between generations and shape their ‘news’ so that it paints a picture of disaster brought to us by the ‘lies’ of the Brexit campaign leaders, it manages to somehow avoid talking about the massive exaggerations predicting apocalypse, plague, famine and war….or rather they ignore that hype and instead are busy telling us … Continue reading

Get a F***ing Grip!!!

    What is Cameron’s gameplan? He called a referendum knowing full well that he could lose it and when he did he ran for cover and is refusing to take responsibility for his actions allowing the country to fall into wild speculation, fear, bitterness and confusion. He is allowing the extremists to make all the running from the Scottish National Socialists to the IRA’s mouthpiece, various Neo-Nazi groups and … Continue reading

Open Thread

Looks like time for another of these as the BBC pushes hard for another referendum….we can expect many a lurid tale of apocalypse in the following weeks as the BBC tries to paint a picture of utter disaster and chaos ‘due to Brexit’ and the need for an emergency rethink in the interests of ‘peace and stability’.  The floor is yours.  

Referendum sabotaged!! Let’s have another.

  “There is not one story on any election anywhere in the UK that the BBC will not spin into a problem for me. It is obsessive beyond belief. They are obsessed with trying to damage the leadership of the Labour party and unfortunately there are people in the Labour party that play into that.” “How shallow, facile and ill-informed many of the supposed well-informed major commentators are in our … Continue reading

Civil War, Little Hitlers and Little Europeans

  Youth unemployment in the UK?  13.4% Youth unemployment in Europe..…from 6.9% in Germany, 24.6% in France, to 48.9% in Greece….mostly nearer the latter figure. So just how is the EU good for the Young? Or for anyone…… The Times quotes a senior EU diplomat on the imploding French economy….. “The beating heart of European integration is the Franco-German [not British?] relationship, but the situation in Paris raises the spectre … Continue reading


Well then, if you wondered where I have been since Thursday night, the answer is – RELISHING the sour faces of the BBC and the rest of our supine pro EU media. I sat up all night to watch the results in the Referendum come flowing. Much wine was consumed! What joy. At first the BBC were determined to suggest that Newcastle and Sunderland were “outlier” results, and that the … Continue reading