Capital Slip

Israel/Capital   Mark Urban on Newsnight referred to Jerusalem as ‘Israel’s capital’….apparently this was cause for complaint and the BBC duly prostrated itself and issued forth with a correction… Newsnight, BBC2, 14 October 2015: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit Complaint A viewer complained that Mark Urban incorrectly referred to Jerusalem as “Israel’s capital”. Outcome His wording suggested that Jerusalem was the undisputed capital of Israel, which is not the … Continue reading

Asian Evasion

    There’s the Daily Mail’s reporting and then there’s the BBC’s…which is more honest and revealing? The Mail reports on the gang rape of a 16 year old girl by Somali men….did you even notice the BBC reporting on this? A private school girl, mothers who excuse gang rape and a terrifying culture clash no one dares talk about: How Somalian men are living by their own laws… and … Continue reading

The Red Menace

    Strange how the BBC gives Corbyn and Co such an easy ride when they all have well known extreme views and are hard left Marxist fanatics who have no interest in the good of the people but whose sole intent is to tear down the Establishment and rout the rich.  They want to level down rather than improve life for those less fortunate. How different if you are … Continue reading

Somebody, somewhere, please say you love refugees

  The BBC is continuing its pro-immigration propaganda with relentless messaging about the plight of Syrians fleeing Aleppo and now stranded in the cold, the mud and rain at the Turkish border….now of course everyone has sympathy with them and thinks we could help in someway….but the answer is not to import them all into Europe. That is not the BBC’s narrative and they are constantly trying to raise the … Continue reading

Where’s your privilege?

  The BBC gave huge amounts of sympathetic airtime to the family of terrorist trained Moazzam Begg to agitate for his release from Guantanamo, the BBC allowed the mother of gangster Mark Duggan to fill the airwaves with claims that the police executed and assassinated her blameless little boy, Doreen Lawrence is the new Mother Teresa, and of course anti-police campaigns such as Hillsborough are given huge amounts of favourable, … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from lovely Bradford. On the panel are Sir (only a matter of time now surely?) Nigel Farage of Ukip, ‘Conservative’ eco-loon and energy secretary Amber Rudd, Lib Dem President Baroness Brinton, journalist Isabel Oakeshott and Labour MP Shabana Mahmood.

Kick off tonight (Thursday) at 22.45

Chat here

Register here if necessary.

Poop Scoop

      The BBC has been blowing its own trumpet today with its ‘scoop’ about Assange, yet another of the BBC’s heroes along with the traitor and spy, Edward Snowden, and the self-admitted terror trained Moazzam Begg. It’s been telling us all day about the ‘arbitrary detention’ of Assange….and yet he hasn’t been detained, he has voluntarily chosen to remain in the Ecuadorian embassy as he hides from the … Continue reading


Alright then, Here’s a new Open Thread for you to detail the bias. I was on with Jon Gaunt this morning and we were discussing how the BBC emotes its coverage of “Syrian refugees”. They are using their massive media reach to convey THEIR opinion that we must “do” something to help Syrians. That’s not their job and its time we stopped seeing this alleged reporters hamming it up as … Continue reading

Hush it all up

  When Fox News announced that Birmingham was a Muslim only city [can’t be long now] the Left went into overdrive to deride and vilify the comments…how different their approach to Labour MP, Jess Phillips, who claimed that Birmingham’s Broad Street was subject to roaming gangs of native Brummie sex abusers and criminals on a scale similar to Cologne. Phillips was naturally called out on that nonsense  by most people … Continue reading


    5Live spoke to Bryan Cranston, (14:07) Breaking Bad actor and lead in ‘Trumbo‘, a film about McCarthyism. Trumbo was blacklisted and silenced as a Hollywood screenwriter for being a member of the American Communist Party.  The Left, and the BBC as here, has always been outraged at this example of ‘Gestapo’ tactics. After having gone through that ritual outrage the BBC presenter, Colin Paterson, moved on to the … Continue reading

Prevent Prevent

  ‘Our grandfathers smashed fascism – outlawed it, executed its leaders, suppressed its ideas – because they knew how seductive that stiff-armed salute can be to idiots with a grievance, once all the illusions start to burn.’  Paul Mason     There is a war being fought and it’s not just with guns, bullets and bombs.  The Media, far from being prejudiced against Muslims, is the weapon of choice for … Continue reading


Why did the BBC think it was a good idea to devote an entire episode of The Big Questions to the question “Do we need a British Islam”? The location was Bradford and the audience was overwhelmingly Muslim. Did you see it? How about we have an entire programme devoted to the question “Do we need Islam in Britain” and have an overwhelmingly non-muslim audience debate it? Here were just … Continue reading