Hi all! Well, it’s good to be BACK! As you may have gathered, the server that hosts this (and other) sites has experienced some nasty technical problems which has put us off-air! Thanks to the behind the scenes hard work of All Seeing Eye and Rob, we seem to back up and running. So, where to start? How about ROTHERHAM? BBC (along with much of the rest of the UK MSM) have been quick to condemn the dangers of Political Correctness whilst breathlessly informing us about “men of Pakistani origin”…the irony is cosmic.

This Is Not A Witch Hunt

    Yesterday we looked at the Left mobilising to close down all talk of race or religion in regard to Rotherham and it is pretty much all I heard today from the talking heads on the BBC. We’ve been told that those in authority didn’t really know what sex abuse was, they didn’t realise these girls were being abused…no, seriously. We were told the girls were reluctant to talk … Continue reading

Another Wagon Circled

    The BBC is slowly taking control of all the media, inculcating new recruits with the BBC ethos…another university succumbs: Former BBC news editor to lead new journalism degree A former Editor of the BBC Ten O’Clock News has joined the University of Essex as its founding Professor of Journalism. Jonathan Baker, who left the BBC earlier this year after more than 30 years in news, is the University’s … Continue reading

Sandbagging Sandhurst

    The BBC is very concerned…it has just learnt that Arab leaders are being trained in oppressive and tyrannical techniques for suppressing public discourse and debate by the dictator’s training establishment of choice…RMA Sandhurst: Sandhurst’s sheikhs: Why do so many Gulf royals receive military training in the UK? Generations of foreign royals – particularly from the Middle East – have learned to be military leaders at the UK’s Sandhurst … Continue reading

Also In White

    Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)   ‘From a political perspective, the approach of avoiding public discussion of the issues was ill-judged.’     You have to laugh at the cheek of the BBC as it moves quickly into damage limitation mode and attempts to downplay any racial or religious aspect to the various sex abuse scandals whilst at the same time claiming … Continue reading

Sold Out

    Two events that seem eminently pointless and one sided discussing BBC bias but only its ‘pro-Israeli’ bias…all the speakers being the ‘usual suspects’….’sold out’ indeed:   Wednesday 3 September 2014, 8:15 PM Fully Booked Due to high demand this event will be held at the Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2AJ. First Wednesday: Reporting the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict – Emotion, Bias and Objectivity The latest chapter in … Continue reading

What If?

Jeremy Bowen gives a fair assessment of the consequences of the vote not to help the FSA against Assad…..the FSA now has to fight both the ISIS and Assad and the West is caught between a rock and a hard place having been out-manoeuvred by Assad and the likes of the BBC:   What if the West had intervened in Syria? The BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen assesses the … Continue reading

Mehdi’s Muddle

    With ISIS and its British recruits dominating the news we are also bombarded with ‘messages’ that parcel out the blame for radicalisng these Jihadi warriors….Western foreign policy being the favoured, default, unthinking but sometimes Machiavellian option. The BBC has always accepted that assertion without challenge…thereby adding to the credibility of the cause for potential recruits to the Jihad…it after all fits in with the BBC’s own agenda about … Continue reading

Feral Haggis Sighted On Ben Nevis

  Actually no Haggis were spotted( rare and nocturnal) but this was: Glacier-like hazards found on Ben Nevis Hazards common in arctic and alpine areas but described as “extremely unusual” in the UK during the summer have been found on Ben Nevis. A team of climbers and scientists investigating the mountain’s North Face said snowfields remained in many gullies and upper scree slopes. On these fields, they have come across … Continue reading

Lawson Was Right, Bob Ward Was Wrong

‘There is no rise in the number of reported major floods events over the past 129 years……it is unclear if climate change is implicated in recent flooding.‘   This report demonstrates why the likes of Nigel Lawson should have a place in the debate, the so-called debate, on climate change and its effects. The BBC seems to have done a volte face and is not only reporting things that might … Continue reading

Believe, Unite, Fight

  The BBC, and most of the other media, use Ajmal Masroor as a Muslim spokesman asking his views on all the current issues concerning Muslims…..such as what would Sharia Britain look like, is it Islamic to punish people so cruelly ( he blames the Old Testament) and why are young Muslims being radicalised? We’ve had a look at him before in ‘Blowback’. Harry’s Place asks: Is Ajmal Masroor an … Continue reading


Tough one for the BBC. Hamas sources in Gaza say 18 people suspected of collaborating with Israel have been executed. The killings came after an Israeli air strike killed three senior Hamas leaders on Thursday. Two more Palestinians died in overnight strikes. Ah, that all important “context” and of course can one REALLY blame Hamas for MURDERING 18 Gazans when those Joooos are being beastly to Hamas? Note the use … Continue reading

Hogging The Headlines

    Good to hear the BBC raising important issues that prick the social conscience of the nation and remind us of the callous indifference that the Tories have for the suffering of the poorest in society. Last year Labour’s PCC, in Durham, Ron Hogg, launched a new scheme to help those forced into a life of crime by ‘Austerity Britain’: Police going easy on skint shoplifting mums in Austerity … Continue reading


The decapitation of US journalist James Foley has caused a stirring at the BBC. I was on BBC London this morning and asked if I though the fact that the man who murdered Mr Foley spoke with a London accent was shocking. I said no, and am surprised anyone could be surprised at this. Last year, in LONDON, we saw the virtual decapitation of Lee Rigby by two “British” Muslims … Continue reading