Labour’s Ethnic Cleansing Of Britain

  We know that Labour’s mass immigration policy was a secret scheme to ‘brown Britain’, to rub the Right’s nose in diversity, and that it was to be done without alerting the working classes who would undoubtedly see it for what it was…a policy designed to eliminate them from their place in Britain…to be replaced by a compliant workforce who will work cheaply and come ready educated and trained….something Labour … Continue reading


This morning John Humphrys mentioned that there had been a backlash against Miliband’s ambush on Cameron at PMQs when Miliband tried to exploit the disabled as a political football. Unfortunately there was no sign of the man himself who cobbled together this tissue of lies…Miliband, as ‘Thoughtful‘ said in the comments, has lit the blue touch paper and disappeared like the proverbial Cheshhire Cat, grinning at the chaos that has … Continue reading

The Piffel Tower

  Paris has the Eiffel Tower, we have the Matthew Parris, a tower of Piffel. Matthew Parris, the wettest of wet Tories, the great mouldering tower of Piffel that he is, doesn’t like criticism….his critics, all rightwing fanatics….a bilious, bigoted, resentful underworld of fomenting Fascism given voice by the affable Nigel Farage….   Reading the comments on my Ukip columns, I finally understand the Nazis It’s these voters’ opinions about … Continue reading

The Rawanda Rewrite

    The BBC broadcast this recently… Rwanda’s Untold Story Twenty years on from the Rwandan genocide, This World reveals evidence that challenges the accepted story of one of the most horrifying events of the late 20th century. The current president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, has long been portrayed as the man who brought an end to the killing and rescued his country from oblivion. Now there are increasing questions … Continue reading

The BBC Liberal’s Burden

  Rudyard Kipling is described as an imperial racist by the BBC which can prove that contention by quoting to us Kipling’s poem ‘The White Man’s Burden’. This poem supposedly encourages Imperial conquest and obliges White people to go forth and civilize the more brutish and barbaric parts of the world….or you could interpret it as…if you are going to invade and turn a part of the world into a … Continue reading

Labour Skulduggery?

    The Today programme had a look at the Freud affair this morning but there was an essential element missing….Wallace himself .   John Humphrys at around 06:50 began by telling us what Freud had done ‘wrong’ and then we had a comedy sketch of Miliband ‘ambushing’ Cameron at PMQs. This didn’t enlighten us at all and could, if that was the sum total of the Today programme’s coverage, … Continue reading

Hurray For The European Empire

  The BBC announced that it, in the shape of The Media Show (13 mins), would investigate the ‘Media’s’ reporting of Europe…. A new report from the Reuters Institute of Journalism [John Lloyd] argues that the British media’s coverage of the EU is falling short. In spite of increased column inches and headlines since the Eurozone crisis hit, the study claims mainstream papers and broadcasters still struggle to distil and … Continue reading


Alan has already covered the BBC onslaught against Lord Freud today. I wish to point out two further thoughts. First, isn’t is SO convenient that the BBC blasted this on the same day that the Government announced the biggest fall in unemployment in YEARS and at the same time as Miliband was given heat for dismissing the concerns of English voters re “English votes for English laws”. Oh, and then … Continue reading

“Educating Rona Part 1: BBC Staff Admit BBC Leftwing Bias”

I commend this YOUTUBE post to you. Here is the background. “In the run-up to the BBC’s application for the renewal of its Royal Charter – i.e. the legal device by which the BBC has the right to demand a tax of £145.50 of every inhabitor of a U.K. dwelling with a colour TV – the BBC’s adherance to its present Charter’s conditions will come under scrutiny – in particular, … Continue reading

Love You Yusuf

    The singer Cat Stevens became a Muslim….I’m sure it had nothing to do with Islam. However his stated desire to kill Salman Rushdie had everything to do with Islam.   Shame that, present day events considered, the BBC thinks such a person is fit to star on their shows when DLT has been erased from history for squeezing a girl’s boobs.    

Freudian Slip

  Once again you have to ask serious questions about the BBC’s news bulletins which reduce a story to the very minimum in such a way that the facts are so distorted that they give the listener or viewer a very misleading idea of events. Welfare minister Lord Freud has been heard to say that ‘disabled people aren’t worth the minimum wage.’ I was listening in the car to the … Continue reading

Ebola Gay

          From 1976 to 2013 a total of 1,716 people died from Ebola.  Around 45 a year.  Kind of puts things into perspective.   Ebola is being treated as if it were a nuclear bomb ready to detonate and contaminate vast swathes of the world, a huge threat that the drugs industry has ignored despite having known about it for nearly 40 years. The BBC is … Continue reading

Unsettling Science

  Climate models, the tools used to carve up the economy to suit the socialist dreamers, aren’t as reliable as they told us they were. The BBC admits….. Climate change: Models ‘underplay plant CO2 absorption’   Remember that the BBC has in effect banned Lord Lawson from the BBC on the basis that ‘ Lord Lawson’s views on climate change: “are not supported by the evidence from computer modelling and … Continue reading