The BBC love to write off Donald Trump’s presidential bid and are openly hostile to everything he says and does. They are entirely in the Clinton back pocket and I find their bias “deplorable” as it means that many who use the BBC as a primary news source here in the UK simply do not realise the depth of the scandals that Hillary is mired in. Instead we get this … Continue reading


All day long the BBC has been to the fore in explaining why the Government decision to proceed with the plan to create a new runway at Heathrow Airport is a bad idea. I wonder were they quite this vociferous when Labour suggested the same in 2009? Also, it’s as if the BBC would prefer no more runways were built anywhere. The environmentalist lobby to which the BBC is in … Continue reading

Christmas voting for Turkey

One of the myths being spread by the Remain pro-EU partisans is that the Leave campaign was scaremongering about the likelihood of Turkey joining the EU and with that the possibility, likely possibility, of a massive influx of Turks into Europe. This letter from the Leave camp to No 10 sets out the case for their concerns….and illustrates how both the EU and Cameron were keen to fast forward Turkey’s … Continue reading

Nick Clegg…Liar

No single market access for UK after Brexit, Wolfgang Schäuble says Headline news June 10 Let’s be blunt…Nick Clegg led his party to ruination, a good deal of that was due to his lies about tuition fees…he seems to have learnt nothing as he slithers out from under his stone along with Miliband and Osborne to try and spread some poison about Brexit claiming as he does that the voters … Continue reading


    Just been watching the latest Minions film and somehow the Remainers just came into mind…. All hope seemed lost but they found sanctuary, the Minions were safe, they truly made a life for themselves, they forged their own civilisation but something wasn’t quite right.  They felt empty inside, without a master they had no purpose, they became aimless and depressed.  If this continued any longer the Minions would … Continue reading

Vote? What Vote?

    The ever more remarkable dishonesty and ‘management’ of the news by the BBC is astonishing and so blatant I’m unsure why the whole shebang isn’t just closed down. The BBC has been shilling for the anti-English racists of the SNP, promoting the breakup of the UK and the idea that this is legitimate because ‘Scotland’ voted to stay in the EU [Despite the vote not being a party, … Continue reading


A biased BBC reader writes… “BBC has two videos that symbolise the whole hollow and cynical rhetoric of Brexit. On the one side, is the genuine reason that most people wanted to leave. The BBC gets a dose of what many of the British people see with a pompous, aloof, arrogant dismissal by an overpaid, unelected autocratic in the shape of Mr Juncker. The very next video is a Polish woman on Question Time. Her … Continue reading

Giant Squid, Jews, Corbyn and the BBC

      The above video has Dave Rich, deputy director of communications at the Community Security Trust (CST), denounce Labour as institutionally anti-Semitic and he points the finger at Corbyn.  [Will his book be ‘Book of the Week’?  Surley of massive political interest at the moment] He also says that there is a new narrative driving anti-Semitism…no longer coming from the Far Right it is originating from the Left … Continue reading

Heads I win, tails you lose

  Got to admire the BBC’s complete and utter hypocrisy as it keeps Trump’s apparent refusal to accept a defeat as its top story….apparently this is a threat to the world… The president said that sowing the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about the legitimacy of US elections provided a boost to the country’s enemies. “You’re doing the work of our adversaries for them, because our democracy depends on … Continue reading

‘Poland Rules The World’

    Catching up with an old hard copy of the Mail from last Saturday and I see that Poles have been victims of racist abuse again…or not. Polish sisters who launched a savage attack on three British women after yelling ‘Oh do you want the English slut bitches?’ on a night out Two sisters who screamed ‘Poland rule the world’ and referred to three English women as ‘sl*t b*****s’ … Continue reading


A B-BBC reader observes… “The thing with the BBC is that their bias is always implicit rather than explicit. It isn’t easy to detect from close up, you have to look at the wider pattern in things and the hidden depths of bias that they aren’t even aware of themselves. The things people tweet are very revealing for instance. Now one tweet can be dismissed, but when people are tweeting … Continue reading


A Biased BBC reader notes… “Check out the five top stories on the BBC website as of right now (screen grab attached). Each one belittling, mocking and dismissing Trump.  You may as well be reading Clinton’s own website it is so skewed and biased. “Independent BBBC journalism” at its very worst”