Biased? Moi????

      Craig at Is the BBC biased? brings us the redoubtable Tom Gross who so often nails the Media’s failure to report impartially and who says that… I’m in touch which quite a lot of senior editors and I myself pointed out mistakes to them in private meetings and they kind of brushed them aside. They don’t care.   Much as I respect Tom Gross I have to … Continue reading


I did chuckle this morning whilst enduring the Today programme. Inventor James Dyson was on and the BBC were angling to get him to say that he supported the UK staying in the EU. To their horror, Dyson argued for the UK to LEAVE the EU. You can bet he won’t get such an easy ride from the comrades in the future. It made my day.


This interesting post was brought to my attention and I wanted to share with you. “Hi, you might want to write about this one: the new women bishops. The church that the religion correspondent decided to visit to hear people’s views was St Mary’s Newington, London. The Rev ( just happens to be that beacon of liberalness Canon Giles Fraser of St Pauls fame as well as a recipient of … Continue reading

The Lady’s Not For UKIPing

  Remember when Nigel Farage talked about having a gang of Romanians for neighbours and he was publicly disembowelled and the BBC hurried to offer James O’Brien a shift on Newsnight on the strength of the hatchet job? How different today when a Labour MP tweets a photo implying that people who fly the English flag and drive a white van will be voting UKIP and by implication must be … Continue reading

With Friends Like These….

  Nothing to do with BBC bias (that I can think of)…but an amusing illustration of the tangled web Labour weaves with its hypocrisy when we are told we must have a civilised, balanced debate on immigration…and then they label anyone, not themselves of course, who talks about it as racist….naturally not openly…using terms such as ‘a race to the bottom’ or tweets like the one below to cast aspersions. … Continue reading

The BBC…Please Give Us Your Money

    Interested to hear the BBC’s Ben Stephenson, Controller BBC Drama Commissioning tell us that: “Only the BBC supports the range of writers and ideas that these new announcements demonstrate. This massive investment signals the future direction of BBC drama. Once regarded as only the home of traditional period drama, I now believe we are the home of the best writers and the most ambitious modern drama. The point … Continue reading

Learn About Diversity And Tolerance…Visit A Mosque

Ofsted has downgraded a school …..for limiting pupils’ “first-hand experience” of modern society and….pupils’ cultural development was limited by a “lack of first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British society”.   Nicky Campbell was on the case this morning: A primary school in rural Lincolnshire didn’t get an “outstanding” status from Ofsted partly because its pupils’ lacked first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British … Continue reading


Remarkable, even by the BBC’s lousy standards. A report on the investigation of 10 South Yorkshire Police officers over the handling of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham without once mentioning that the victims of this sexual exploitation were all white girls and the culprits were all Asian and Muslim. Not deemed ‘relevant”?????

We Don’t Want To See

    BBC had wall to wall images of Palestinian casualties in Gaza, they even had a special slide show of them…so keen were they to show the Palestinian’s suffering they even made it up…this actually being a picture from Syria.…..   …..and yet they don’t want too many  images of Israeli casualties on the Television….   A BBC interviewer refused to allow Economy Minister Naftali Bennett to show a … Continue reading

Klass Act

        When you consider how ready the BBC is to plaster the thoughts of Chairman Brand all over the airwaves when he really hasn’t got anything of any originality or coherence to say it is surprising that when the Labour leader and his mansion tax policy is pretty much destroyed by another ‘celebrity’ we don’t hear a thing about it on the BBC….all the more surprising as … Continue reading

Bomb ‘Em, Bomb ‘Em All

  Yesterday the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner treated us to his big hope….he thought that the West and its allies may consider ISIS to be such a threat that they decide to put boots on the ground… Frank said ‘I really hope that’s not the case.’ Thanks Frank for your personal opinion. Today he continued the theme informing us that military actions just don’t work and that good policing … Continue reading


Well then, one can argue as to whether Kim Kardashian’s posterior “broke the internet” but last week saw our server “break” and cause a lot of hassle. My thanks to Rob and Geoff for fixing things but as you can see some posts vanished along with the comment threads which is VERY annoying. Anyway, let’s hope for a pain free week. And whilst I am at it, I had asked … Continue reading