Muslim Propaganda

    This has a prominent position on the BBC Frontpage… #BBCtrending: The ‘Eid Pray Love’ movement The BBC tells us that ‘These Muslims are fasting…and its not Ramadan’ to show solidarity with Christians.’ Really?  In what way are they ‘fasting’? What are the big sacrifices they are making ‘in solidarity with Christians‘? Sweets, cheese, no online shopping, Instagram…and the man who organised it…he’s giving up sour cream and onion … Continue reading

Peston’s Productivity Puzzler

  Despite the major economic news being manufacturing is growing at its fastest rate in eight months the BBC was pretty much ignoring that and instead is blitzing us with stories about productivity, or the lack of, in the economy and are trying to present it as a result of ‘Austerity’….that’s despite the lack of productivity being a very old story.  Robert Peston was on the R4 news telling us … Continue reading

JI – we’ve been- HAD

A contribution by Graeme Thompson who posts as ‘hippiepooter’. “Picking up from Alan’s post here on the BBC’s (ahem) ‘under-reporting’ of recent facts emerging about the Commons appearance of the families of ‘jihadi brides’, Britain’s patron saint of counter-jihad Douglas Murray prompts further thought here. So let’s give this another spin with all that has now emerged. The father of one of the girls who went off to do Jihad … Continue reading


Wow, one of those mornings where I have received numerous emails from you folks mentioning the BBC Radio 4 Today programme hatchet job on the letter in the Daily Telegraph supporting Conservative economic policies. I also see it has been picked up on the Open Thread. I did hear Robert Peston in full “Save Ed” mode and the BBC was doing everything possible to push the Labour narrative that the … Continue reading

Think Pink

    The IFS, the BBC’s favourite economics thinktank…… Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.…..was at Oxford with Ed Balls… Johnson studied PPE at Oxford University between 1985 and 1988, when his tutorial partner at Keble College was Balls. Both got firsts. He also worked for the Labour government at the… Department for Education and had three years at the Treasury while Gordon Brown was chancellor. Just … Continue reading

Good News Blues

        One BBC correspondent tells us that ‘The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released two important sets of data today. The headlines have been grabbed by the better-than-expected GDP numbers and I have no doubt that growth will feature heavily in the political battle of the next few weeks.’ The rising GDP figures did make the headlines….here’s the Telegraph’s…‘UK economy grew at fastest rate for nine years … Continue reading


Each morning, just after 6.30am, the Today programme trails the political agenda for the rest of the day. I notice that this seems to be restricted to the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats. Given the UKIP are showing a poll rating double that of the LibDems, don’t you think this is unfair? It’s as if the BBC want to cut off any oxygen of supply to Farage and his colleagues.


You would need a heart of stone not to laugh. The UK’s economy grew at a faster pace than initially estimated last year, revised official figures show. The economy grew by 0.6% in the final three months of 2014, up from the previous estimate of 0.5%, the Office for National Statistics said. The unexpected increase meant growth for the year was 2.8%, higher than the earlier estimate of 2.6%. Then … Continue reading

Quite Right Too

      We’ve had Norman Smith declaring the Tory economy as ‘utterly terrifying’ and forecasting something of an Orwellian ‘Wigan Pier’ type future for the country and now we have Evan Davis declaring that Tory comments on Labour’s plans to raise £3000 worth of taxes from every family over 5 yearswere ‘ridiculous’. But are they?  The IFS within hours of the Tory claim leapt into action to denounce it … Continue reading

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

    What is the price of betrayal these days?  It used to be 30 pieces of silver when the religious took to persecuting a man they didn’t like. The Church Of England seems to have forgotten its origins, its history and its own religious principles when it makes completely spurious allegations about someone it wants to turn into a hate figure because of his politics. Simon Heffer defends his … Continue reading

Danczuk’s Booby

    Not BBC bias per se but evidence of the hypocrisy and attempts to use race as an issue to silence people that is so redolent of the left…..including the BBC….for example the BBC’s Phil Mackie trying to claim that the fuss over the Trojan Horse plot was all about racism, Islamophobia and paranoia.     Labour MP Simon Danczuk seems to be of like mind when votes are … Continue reading