Look Away

  Nothing so far on the BBC as this video is released by police….can’t imagine the same lack of, or similarly slow, reaction had the attackers been white and the victim Asian… Shocking video footage shows gang of Asian men launch vicious Tower Bridge attack on a lone 29-year-old man         And this….   Public anger after French sunbather beaten up by gang for wearing a bikini … Continue reading

Plugging The BBC

  The Guardian is frantically pushing every knob and pulling every string in order to promote the BBC.  Losing the BBC, not that that is going to happen, would be a body blow to the vast array of leftist cabals that rely upon it to plug their world view without question. The Guardian’s phone book is being well thumbed just now as they try to get all and sundry to … Continue reading

The Running Dog Of Communism

  Paul Mason is gone, but the memory lingers on…just why did the BBC think he was suitable candidate to be their economics editor on Newsnight? Forever it seems a running dog of Communism he’s rapidly becoming a running joke on this site at least. Today we bring you yet another example of his dodgy ideology that raises that question again about how he got his foot in the door … Continue reading


Noticed how coke-snorting prostitute loving Lord Sewel seems to have arrived in the House of Lords without any political assignation? Or at least that’s what BBC headlines would lead you to believe. Rather than point out that Sewel is a LABOUR peer, instead the comrades try to turn this into a moral victory for Labour by running the line “Labour MP John Mann said the 69-year-old should resign from the … Continue reading

Weather Tis Nobler To Nobble Or To Cobble

    The BBC has a reputation for being fairly untrustworthy in its climate reporting, guided as it is by the clever Roger Harrabin who admitted that he had been campaigning for climate change for over twenty years on the BBC… ‘I have spent much of the last two decades of my journalistic life warning about the potential dangers of climate change.’ It does its reputation no good with yet … Continue reading


The BBC’s admiration from Obama continues with its slabbering reports on his Kenyan tour. The BBC were bigging up Obama’s determination to push the gay rights agenda to Kenya – this seems a matter of great importance to the BBC hacks for some odd reason. When Kenyan President Kenyetta responds by tweeting “There are some things that we must admit we don’t share. It’s very difficult for us to impose on … Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witness?

  The BBC broadcast a programme about a new railway line that threads its way through Jerusalem.  The BBC thinks this line is somehow so controversial that it may be the catalyst for a new war, a new intifada…..started of course by the Palestinians…but we’ll gloss over that….‘ ….it has only deepened the sense of resentment on both sides. Travelling through the old city, he comes face to face with … Continue reading

Villainy Wears Many Masks

    ‘Jihad is a basic requirement of Islam and living in Britain or having British nationality by birth or naturalisation does not absolve the Muslim from his or her duty to participate in jihad: this participation can be active service in armed struggle abroad and/or the provision of material and moral support to those engaged in such struggle anywhere in the world.’  Muslim Parliament   The Guardian has printed … Continue reading

Live And Let Die

‘ We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely.’   Tony Hall: the BBC is like James Bond Of course Bond is world-renowned as a quintessential British cultural icon; an underappreciated force for good with his very special licence. Sound familiar?   Is the BBC like … Continue reading

Old Tricks

    Yolande Knell is up to her usual tricks…demonising the Israelis with this story of their apparent wickedness…Susiya: Palestinian West Bank village faces bleak end What she presents us with is a narrative designed to paint the Israelis in the worst possible light….she gives us the facts for sure…houses are being built without permits, but the whole spirit of the piece is to suggest it is all so unfair … Continue reading

Why does the BBC Hate England?

  John Redwood asks ‘Why does the BBC ignore England?’ and why does it instead seek to promote the European project of regionalising, and diminishing, the UK? Actually the web link says ‘Why does the BBC hate England?’, which is probably about right.   Here are his thoughts… When the Culture Secretary gave his statement on the future of the BBC, I spoke for England. I asked if we could … Continue reading

Lost Without You

‘The BBC Charter and Agreement expressly allows the acceptance of funding from the profits of BBC Worldwide and other BBC commercial services, funding from the Open University for appropriate programming and online services, and co-productions. ‘   The BBC’s main defence of its raison d’être is that it is a resource for all the creative industries of the UK without which that industry would wither and die…or at least wilt … Continue reading


Mike Cunningham, one of my fellow writers on A Tangled Web posted this review of the BBC Today programme this morning and I wanted to share. “This morning, courtesy of the BBC’s Toady (sorry) Today Programme; we were treated, if that is the appropriate term, to selective segments of propaganda disguised as news items; I term them ‘propaganda’ because only one side of an argument is given or portrayed; with … Continue reading