A reader sent me this a few days ago and I think the point remains pretty valid. “It’s 7am on Saturday morning, 27/06/2015. People, mostly Brits, were shot yesterday on the beach in Tunisia and the top stories in the carousel on the BBC web site home page are: BBC Now – Catch up with Friday’s best bits from Glastonbury Entertainment – Jay Z and Bey overtaken as richest celeb … Continue reading


Ok, here’s a curious one in which I defend the BBC against the Prime Minister. David Cameron has expressed frustration at the BBC over its use of the term Islamic State, saying it gives undue credibility to the “poisonous death cult” that is “seducing” young Britons to go and fight for the terrorist organisation in Syria and Iraq. He urged the broadcaster to refer to the terrorist group as “Isil” … Continue reading

Muslim Islamophobia

    Came across this… Muslim Council of Britain Condemns Sectarian Vandalism of Bradford Mosque   What could they mean by ‘sectarian violence’?  Had to investigate further as the BBC seems to have missed that particular story of Islamophobia. Turns out it was a Shia mosque…Shias, and Ahmadis, not being considered Muslims by Sunnis…ie the majority of UK Muslims.   Hence of course what the BBC tells us is the … Continue reading

Stop Making Excuses

      The BBC is at present very eager to get the stories of those caught up in the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France and to sympathise with the victims but we’ve already heard numerous declarations that Islam is the religion of peace, a French liberal politician attacking the Front National, so how long before a BBC ‘Tim Wilcox’ is pointing the finger of blame….not at the … Continue reading

Justifying Islamism?

      Ed Stourton is pretty religious, a Catholic, often suspected of having a Catholic agenda in the programmes he presents….Ed Stourton reveals his liberal Catholic bias again as he puts the boot into the Ordinariate Stourton has come out with this: David Cameron’s attack on Islamic extremism at this month’s Slovakia security conference included the charge that groups such as Islamic State believe “religious doctrine trumps the rule … Continue reading

Trust In Me

    The Government is reportedly set on removing the regulation of the BBC from the BBC Trust and handing it to Ofcom as the Telegraph reports: The BBC Trust will be axed and its powers handed to the communications regulator Ofcom, Westminster sources have revealed. For the first time in the broadcaster’s nearly century-long history, it will be governed by an external body, as part of the renegotiation of … Continue reading

Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents the show from Southampton. On the panel are Ukip deputy chairman Suzanne Evans, Conservative energy secretary Amber Rudd MP, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Labour health bungler Andy Burnham MP and token jock Spectator editor Fraser Nelson. There is no representation from the SNP tonight, which is surprising since support for them is at least as strong in Southampton as in High Wycombe.

Kick off Thursday at 22.35

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Lies, Damn Lies and Media Truth

  At least one media organisation checks those ‘explosive’ facts…….Channel 4’s ‘FactCheck’ : It’s true that around 13 per cent of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau. And yes, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Homicide is … Continue reading

The BBC Responsible For Murders In Charleston…Says BBC

          A man writes in a blog asking why the media ignores the race of those who kill white people but always mention the race of the killer if the killer is white and the victim black. The BBC thinks this man and his questions about the Media’s ‘disparity of response’ may be responsible for the killings in Charleston….. Disturbing message Was Charleston shooting suspect inspired … Continue reading

Funny Money

    Funny thing…pre-election millionaire revolutionary, Russell Brand, was constantly on the BBC giving us the benefit of his wisdom.  He was the voice of the people who’d all lost trust in politicians (and you know, the political system that meant no one party would ever take a majority again), then he was the man who interviewed Ed Miliband, and then the man who dumped the Revolution and said vote … Continue reading