A man was shot dead in republican west Belfast yesterday. He was an alleged “dissident terrorist” who had fallen out with other “dissident” terrorists. Dogs and fleas. This morning, on BBC Radio 4 today, I heard the most cringing interview possible with a Sinn Fein/IRA spokesperson on this topic. She was allied to claim that these dissident republican terrorists  are criminals with little support. The IRA were also criminals but … Continue reading


Did you catch this interview with the father of Abdullah Deghayes – the jihadist who met his death in Syria. It is amazing how gentle the softball questions are as Mr Deghayes dissembles for all he is worth on the subject of the jihad. Two of his other boys are out in Syria, also presumably fighting the Jihad. Great to see British exports going so well.

The Yanks Are Coming

      The wheels must be coming off Miliband’s election campaign already….he’s got himself a new axle…well, an Axelrod, imported from the US of A.   The BBC has noticed….telling us that: Mr Axelrod said he had been struck by the power of the Labour leader’s ideas [It's not the six figure payment his political spin company gets paid to do this type of work then...a commercial decision?] …….and … Continue reading


Can I take this moment to express my sincere thanks to ALL those very kind and generous Biased BBC readers who have contributed towards the costs of the server for this site. Following the recent appeal I can advise that we are sorted out financially and that all will continue as normal. As ever, you all prove one thing to me – YOU are the greatest asset this site has … Continue reading

The Trussell Hustle And the Mirror’s ‘Starving Child’ Fraud

  The Trussell Trust no doubt started off with good intentions when it began its food bank operations 12 years ago but it has now become a highly politicised campaigning organisation that seems no more than a Labour Party front….not helped of course by the fact that its Chair, Chris Mould, is in fact a Labour Party member….and one who receives a very good income from the Trust….we looked at … Continue reading

Shredding Carefully

  Remember this when the BBC went to town over police corruption and the shredding of the evidence? New details about the mass shredding of documents relating to a corruption inquiry in the Metropolitan Police have been uncovered by BBC News. It is understood the inquiry produced a “lorry-load” of material and that the shredding took place over two days.     Ah well…seems…they may have got that wrong. … Continue reading

All The News

    Victoria Derbyshire proudly read out an email today praising 5Live’s coverage of Cyril Smith’s activities. The emailer said that listening to the revelations was  ‘Chilling…but why I listen to 5Live.’   Can only assume the listener was happy with the BBC’s more leisurely approach to reporting the Mail’s revelations about Labour’s Harriet Harman and Co at the NCCL and their relationship with the Paedophile Information Exchange.     … Continue reading

Trojan Horse, Spartan Facts

  We are hearing a great deal about the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to Islamise secular schools…there are two issues here…one the ‘Islamisation’ and second how that is achieved. The ‘Islamisation’ attempts have long been an open ‘secret’….the MCB, in 2007, produced this document to ‘advise’ schools on how to treat Muslim pupils and be respectful of their culture and background…to help them integrate you understand….it’s definitely not a case of … Continue reading

Wishing You Well

    The BBC has dismissed a complaint that a joke based upon Mrs Thatcher’s Alzheimers and wishing death upon her was offensive…justifying the dismissal on the basis that she was a ‘divisive and controversial figure who aroused strong opposition‘……it is therefore OK to make such jokes if people on the Left hate her apparently….oh and the show is well known for its edgy comedy….so again anything goes then. Similar … Continue reading

Not Big And Not Clever

  Have to laugh at this from the New Statesman, and the fact that it comes so soon after wee Owen Jones demands the Left defend the BBC:   Is the BBC’s “The Big Questions” the worst thing on television? It’s one of the broadcaster’s flagship religious programmes, yet it makes religious people look unfairly crazy. I’m sure you’re familiar with BBC’s The Big Questions. It’s that dreadful “ethics” show … Continue reading

Religion Lite

    The Daily Mail reports that the BBC’s favourite turbulent priest, Giles Fraser, is unhappy with politicians who merely pay lip service to the real meaning and demands of Christianity : Here’s the problem: no-one was ever crucified for kindness. Jesus was not strung up on a hideous Roman instrument of torture because of his good deeds. If Jesus is just a remarkably good person whose example we ought … Continue reading